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No momocon thread? Here's the momocon thread.

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Just posted to the fb page about the momo initial D group. Going to be drunk driving around the con again this year! Come on out.

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What’s with the panels this year? They all seem to be one of three things:

Quirky Game Show
Analysis/Psychology of X
Obscure Sewing Etiquette and You

How do these keep getting approved? I couldn’t imagine panels so bland they didn’t even get considered.

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Would you mind if my drift tanks tagged along :x?
In sad my Girls und Panzer panel didn't get accepted :( I had a ton of merch to do a trivia or military moe costume contest as well.

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Yeah fuck your panel but 600 different photo shoots is alright amirite

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The photoshoots are their own seperate thing and don't take up panel room space.

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Ok then fuck your panel but it’s alright to have 600 sewing panels amirite

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Feeling you. Was going to do my FGO panel again, but revamped and with a whole quiz show with prizes at the end. I was going to import nice prize figures, charms, Japan event exclusives... rejected. First time I've ever had a panel rejected in the 4 years I've been submitting them.

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No Momocon thread because no one actually likes Momocon

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Tell that to the thousands of people who attend

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I mean, You've already done it before, so maybe they wanted fresh stuff?

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The glut of poc in 'x' nerd thing panels and panels about 'accessability' suggests that 'freshness' isn't a factor. Im going to make a point of going to these and seeing how many people actually sit in on these cringe fests.

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eek, I see. I'd rather sit in on panels I have seen 500 times before than SJW stuff.

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What are my parking options for momocon? Am I going to have to reserve some parking or are there any lots close by that I can park for free?

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>are there any lots close by that I can park for free?
I got a hotel a mile away that has free parking, so i'm going to walk between the hotel and con. Thats the closet you'll get to free parking. You'll want to reserve some parking somewhere as soon as you can.

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>a mile away
God damn RIP. Thanks for the heads up, guess it's time to start looking for parking.

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Just doing photoshoots all weekend. No cosplay planned for the year due to financial changes.

No really exciting panels or guest... This may or not be my last Momocon.

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The dance battle sounds cool, I guess. There was one last year?

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is monster prom really an indie finalist AGAIN? geeze...

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Red Parking Deck. $16 a day, unlimited in and out for the whole weekend.

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I actually just booked there not 30 minutes ago. Thanks friendo. Side question, does anyone know when they mail out the badges if you did the mailed badge option?

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Momocon is for people who live near Atlanta who think Dragon Con is overpriced and overcrowded.

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It was going to be entirely new content, not old stuff from the last time. I made that clear in my app too. Considering that FGO was the #1 most tweeted about game in 2018 (beating Fortnite!), you'd think they'd let us do another one :/ It had pretty good turnout last year too.

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I mean, it is though.

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Agreed. I am one of those people.

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I know plenty of people that drive out for Momocon when they live 20 mins from Animazement which happens at the same time

Also if you live in Atlanta Momocon is about the same price as Dragoncon... I think Dragoncon costs what $70-80 a year in advance and Momocon costs like $55? Not much that much of a difference.

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Momo is more anime focused though. Dragon con is more comic book.

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The true cost is not in the badges but rather the costs of staying in host hotels. Rooms go quickly and the host hotels charge accordingly. Getting to Dragon Con from the burbs is more of a hassle since you also have the college football crowds in Atlanta too during the Labor Day weekend. Having a hotel room for Dragon Con is almost a necessity if you want to get the most out of your experience, especially if you plan on partying hard.

I'll still recommend a hotel room for Momocon but driving to and from the GWCC is still tolerable in comparison to driving to Dragon Con.

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Momocon is barely anime related anymore. It’s mostly gaming and stupid American cartoons now

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>stupid American cartoons

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Dragon is shit

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How many fucking political discussion panels do we need

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last time i went to this con and walked in on some of these sjw panels i shit you not everyone on the panel was a white dude in his 30's

have some fucking self respect people

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>Momocon is about the same price as Dragoncon
No it's not wtf. Those prices are completely off. DC's $115 right now, and I paid $65 for my Momocon ticket a couple weeks ago( it's about $70-75 at the door).

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Anyone still trying to fill spots in their rooms? I'm a female cosplayer btw

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I do but I need to know that you shower properly and will keep your acid trips to yourself.

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I have an extra bed, but only if you plan to go to sleep at around 11pm or earlier. I'm in artist alley so I have to get up early and can't have a roommate who wants to stay up until 2am or whatever.

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