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Only a month away! Anybody attending this year? What are you excited about? What are your plans?

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What is everyone's cosplay plans?

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>Anybody attending this year?
Well, a few of my friends I made there are going to Momocon. But I'm a AZ loyalist

>What are you excited about?
Yes. I just wanna be at the con. I love being there even tho the con has gotten "stale"

>What are your plans?

Just havin' fun. be a AZ bee, cosplaying, eating ramen, spending money on needless stuff. etc

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I notice people are skipping AZ for momo. But I honestly really love AZ even though its the only con I have been to.

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Yeah, AZ has that Japanese cultural part to it is what I like about it. even though I skip them, I'm glad we have them.

People just want a more mainstream-type convention.

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it's hard to plan my weekend when they only release the schedule like literally the day before the con

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I didn't mention what I would be cosplaying as, its pic related. Idk for some reason I just want to dress as a plague doctor.

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I never understood why they do that.

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they didn't used to do that. it's only been that way for the past 4-5 years. not sure what changed

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Remember to bathe you guys.

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Especially during the melee tournaments

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I live 30 minutes from the convention center so it's hard to not go to it even if momo is getting more interesting guests. I don't have any plans for cosplay. A friend is finishing a costume that I want to have ready for otakon. Will probably just do my usual walking around, hit up some panels and try to see if anyone wants me to take pictures of them.

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I wished the con had a bigger social media presence.

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I hope the initial d arcade machines work this time for vs races.

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I was thinking about the anime today

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16 days left are you guys ready?

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No one cares anymore. Only little kids attend. It's so shitty now. I'm going Saturday just to people watch and drink at the bar. Not worth anything else

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I went to momo last year and it's so weird seeing AZ regulars so far out of state. It's bigger for sure, but it's also smack dab in the middle of Atlanta at least Raleigh has a more relaxed hipster vibe

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>relaxed hipster vibe

fuck you

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more and more of my friends are going to Momo.


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Guidebook/Schedule just got released now: https://guidebook.com/guide/158955/

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Guidebook/Schedule just got released: https://guidebook.com/guide/158955/

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How do you guys feel about people who go but don't cosplay? I want to check out AZ but im not confident enough to cosplay. I feel like it would be harder to start a conversation with anyone.

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I went one day without cosplay and met/talked to a lot lot of people while playing the gundam versus next plus arcade cabinet.

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Does anyone want to be my friend? All my cosplay friends stopped cosplaying and going to cons. I'm going as Hobo Eren.

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Just 10 days till Animazment! what is everyone's plans.

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why is the guest list so shit

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There’s lots of people who go and don’t cosplay. Don’t worry, it won’t be weird and you won’t stick out or anything.

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Eat my ass hick

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4 days till animazment! is everybody ready?

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Im rdy kero kero

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I'm a fucking moron who forgot that this was coming up. I unfortunately do not have the skill to create a cosplay. What would be the quickest way of getting a cosplay on the interwebs before the event starts? I live in Raleigh if that helps.

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Hey bros i made a shitty samuri ronald,mcdonald cosplay. Should i use it or not look like a tool and just go as a normal character?

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Go as L from death note kero. All you need is a white longsleeve t-shirt, jeans, and a black eyeliner to bring out your inner weeb.

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Samurai banzai. Who knows you might meet a Wendy, a Burger Queen, or the new Arbys waifu. Theyve got the meats kero.

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While I enjoyed DN, I dont think I could pull that off sadly

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Sure fren. What days will you be there?

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go as a bar of soap.

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So update. I was thinking about doing something eva related. However the only cosplay stuff with 2 day shipping on Amazon was a Evangelion 3.0 rei zentai. Still bought it and planning on doing a "makes lemons into lemonade" thing with it.

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looking forward to all the 18+ panels this year & drinking at the Marriot bar! ready to party!

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Oh, I'm going as Kaworu this year in a zentai too, what days are you gonna be around in your cos for con? If anyone else wants to meet I'm game, always up to find more folks

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I'll be in it but I'm also Having to improvise by integrating it with a space station 13 cosplay (The depressed janitorial staff of SS13) because to be quite honest I don't think I can pull off cross play and I dont even have a wig. I can assure you though that you easily spot me out.

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I'm also having to hastily go shopping at the Walmart In the Garner area to get more supplies to make this work if it gives you any indication on how improvised this is and a very short time frame

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To answer your original question, all be there all 4 days for the most part since I work nearby

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most of my friends are going to momo. I'm thinking about it myself. May stop by sunday but probably not.

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Ah alas, as long as you have fun. For some small tips i would recommend doubling up on underwear since i doubt you have a dance belt. That and shaving your body hair if its an issue.

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I just put an order for a dance belt just a bit ago. That should be in on Friday. But yeah, this should be interesting. If you are up for it, we can still meet up.

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Sgt frog reporting for duty. Kero kero

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why is the schedule and guest list so shit
why are there so many gay panels

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Yeah I'm certainly game, I'll be around as Kaworu on Fri/Sat. You can spot me as Overhaul on Thurs and Kotaro Tatsumi on Sunday. Ill be lugging around a big ass prop so it shouldn't be too hard to find me

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To each their own, I guess. I've gone for a few years and checked out quite a few panels. The guests usually stay consistent save for a few surprises. The panels are roughly the same, except its up to the public to apply for and host their panels. Third impact anime is a consistent panel group I know. The schedule isn't half bad this year either, iirc. Most events on Fri/Sat with the typical schedule on Sunday.

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Hitting it up for just Saturday and paying door price. Seems like the convention is mediocre at best. Lucky I'm only 50 miles away. I would go to momocon but that's a 6 hour drive. Screw that.

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i mainly go for the Gunpla panel during animazment and that one popular jojo panel.

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I won't be in costume today or tomorrow since I have work until 7pm. I'll say hi if I see you.

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momocon always gets sucked off but looking at its website it seems like it's more general shit rather than japanese stuff which is dumb
that's why I didn't want to go to supercon either, especially when most of the guests charge fucking $30+ to write their name on something which is completely ludicrous

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AZ has gone downhill as the people who run it refuse to listen to any con issues. I am so tired of JTrap, and the same guests....they refuse to get new guests, and because they "cater" to family fun and basically dis any of the older con goers who actually have money to spend on the con~ it has pushed the better cosplayers away and older crowd also, forcing them to go to Momocon.
I dont feel like driving to Atlanta, so I am going in cosplay but refuse to pay for an overpriced badge when they refuse to get better guests. They keep raising the badge prices, and not raising the quality of the con itself. I went last year and it was a bunch of shit tier cosplayers, panels and guests. It was actually really boring. SO SAD. I live 20 mins away and so I will visit this year in cosplay, but man I wish they would get their shit together and make the con better! Most of my friends go to Atlanta now~~~~

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O wait Sorry Forgot Rachel & Jun, Jez Roth again...more repeat guests.

And wtf cares about "Cherry Tea Girl" as a guest....a no name cosplayer.
How about Yayahan, JNig, I mean at least a million other actual legit good cosplayers and they find some no one to pay to come to the con

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I see the skill level is so hard for this cosplay. Totally worth getting her as a guest

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Yea. AZ has some real winners at this con.

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so edgy. Midday Enchantments photos are so awesome....and people like her charge for these shoots at AZ.

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when do the dealer rooms close?

>> No.10176435

Friday 5/24/2019 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Saturday 5/25/2019 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday 5/26/2019 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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AZ $55 for saturday only is okay. Momocon is larger and has more people, larger venue, but cheaper for some odd reason. Why does AZ keep raising prices? Are they trying to lose their fanbase?

>> No.10176479

How is the pre-reg line looking right now? Long and slow? Or is it going pretty fast?

>> No.10176481

you can just have them scan the QR code for your ticket off your phone right

>> No.10176488

They have lost their fanbase. Everyone goes to Momocon now or waits for Colossalcon. Notice their wiki has not show attendance for the past couple years... because it has dropped.

>> No.10176539

So I have registered and am inside. Blue shirt khaki slacks, grocery bag cutting off hand circulation with cos stuff and the deadest look on my face

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So for obvious reasons me and mine decided to go to Momo this year. Hope it's worth hype. Anything is better than AZ at this point

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When's the merch room close?

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All my cosplays have ended up getting ruined but will be out front of it working though so there is that.

>> No.10176662


Is there anyone on the con premise that would do suit repairs? I seem to have made a hole appear below the zipper of my rei zentai while trying to put it on (damn invisible zippers)

>> No.10176663

Didn't mean to mention in that last post.

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They keep raising the prices to make up for the money they lose by having a shitty con.

Conventions that are confident in having enough quality programming for attendees to feel like they weren’t ripped off will have 1 day passes or better full weekend discounts. So many people have jumped ship for momo at this point that they’re really only pulling local people who couldn’t go to momo but really want to do something and have to settle.

At this point, unless they decide to rework the con and make it a con people actually want to go to, which they’re not gonna do because they like having a mid 90s con atmosphere (which very few attendees were around for to have nostalgia for it), it’s not actually worth their effort to try. They can raise prices and put less money into the con and it will basically stay at the level it is now.

Their con was created before momo was a factor so before that, they could just coast. They’re still trying to coast but now it’s at the extra expense of local idiots like me who still support the con despite it sucking.

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wow there's no one here lol

>> No.10176908

Give me the intel on the game room. Where's Tekken at?

>> No.10176931

Is the dealers room large or like the size of a empty KFC?

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yea...I'm telling you AZ attendance has dropped significantly.
Friday is slower anyways, but it has way less people attending now. $70 is not worth it

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Reason asking is that I dont know how to sew personally and I dont want to fuck it up more

>> No.10177025

What if I go to momo next year and didn't like it?

>> No.10177153

Improvised costume person here. I'll be at the repair station in like 20ish minutes if anyone wants to meet

>> No.10177200

Dealers room is pretty big.But AZ is the only con iv been to.Thinking about going to momocon next year because of reasons mentioned above.

>> No.10177236

I was honestly shocked when I saw the two main hotels still have rooms. I remember when they used to be booked solid.

Meanwhile every hotel in the area except the Red Roof Inn is booked solid for Raleigh Supercon.

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>tfw I wanted to go just to shop and hang out but then I wound up with 5 cats in the span of 48 hours

Eat some melon bread for me, friends. Also share tales of how Animazement is dying but they still won't lower the badge cost even though the guest list is shrinking fast enough to justify lowering costs.

>> No.10177390

Improv costume person here. So I've basically got everything ready for tomorrow, would I need to change into my outfit at the rcc if the inner part is a zentai+dancer belt? I'm like a 10 min drive from the parking deck below the Red Hat building if that helps.Also, would it be weird to have someone zip my zentai up? I can only get it zipped like 2/3 by myself

>> No.10177405

how do I pick up chunky con girls

>> No.10177419

I got you mate. Just put the belt on and zentai before going, its pretty comfortable. Look out for a Kaworu around the afternoon tomorrow, like 12 or 1, ill havr a lance prop

>> No.10177424


I'm not going to be able to get the Zentai fully on before I leave plus there is a Tyvek coverall along with it. I might need to change there.

>> No.10177425


I'll probably be getting around there around 10am.

>> No.10177427

Is it worth the $55 at the door to go?

>> No.10177565

friday is slow now because you can't get a friday day pass anymore without paying full con door price. it's true that attendance numbers are down but i don't think friday can represent con attendance anymore because everyone who is here on friday had a weekend pass, instead of a solid split between day pass holders and weekenders

>> No.10177640

there's actually a lot of stuff today I'm interested in seeing panel wise but most of it overlaps
it seems like this happens every year

>> No.10177650

To make it easy for you to spot me. I have a blue bestbuy bag around my left wrist

>> No.10177653

Well $70 for a Friday pass? What the fuck were they thinking, no wonder nobody showed. You can't treat a struggling con like it's in high demand as if people would pay ridiculous a la carte prices.

I'm going today. This is probably the only day where turnout will be worth a damn.

>> No.10177711

Anyone wanna hookup? Am girl

>> No.10177714


>> No.10177718

I’ll be there later to go to the bar.

>> No.10177729


Improv person here, did you have a picture of your cosplay that I can go off of, I've been walking a good bit looking for ya.Or if you want to meet at top of artist alley

>> No.10177750

if anyone catches FGO Taiga/Jaguar Warrior's friend code can you post it here? i forgot it and left

>> No.10177751

how much do you weigh

>> No.10177753

Do you like thick or thin cut?

>> No.10177754

please answer the question

>> No.10177760

"girl" (male)?

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File: 2.06 MB, 3264x1836, 20190525_142319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arm too short to get my prop in the pic

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File: 2.46 MB, 4032x3024, 20190525_171919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We ditch the Christian's early but get stuck with this retard?

>> No.10178036

I'm not sure if just try-hard 'funny' cosplay or actually serious..

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jesus fucking christ
where do these faggots come from and how do we send them back

>> No.10178475

this seems so unlikely

and it's equally unlikely that the con would just fire a lucrative vendor without first talking to them about their employee's behavior

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>wearing chastity cage to the con

>> No.10178538

I started doubted this scenario the moment the husband wanted to "try one on but was worried about cultural appropriation" when this is a convention that is all about embracing Japanese culture and learning about it from tea ceremonies to how to wear yukata/kimono.

>> No.10178877

So she basically made it up.

>> No.10179029

Why do I keep seeing people post that AZ needs to move out of Raleigh? I’ve seen Cary, Knightdale, and Rolesville all suggested but where tf are you gonna hold a con with 10k+ people in Rolesville??

One chick also said she thinks it needs to move because the part of Raleigh with the RCC is getting too dangerous. Have these people never been in a city before?

>> No.10179054

Downtown Raleigh is pretty safe.

>> No.10179108

Finished my first con weekend and had a great time. Only big problem was them putting the popular panels in the small conference rooms on Saturday when the most people were there. Missed a few panels I really wanted to see.

>> No.10179126

yeah they seem to put the really big panels into overlapping timeslots

>> No.10179166


This was my first year at Animazement and things were okay for the most part. I had to walk alone in Downtown Raleigh during the evening and was fine- I did run into a homeless guy who started catcalling me on my way to my car in the afternoon today. Other than that, the area is generally safe. I don't really see a reason to move over safety concerns, unless that person was referring to the Christians and that one dude with the capitalism poster outside the con. Weird people like that are always a given, though.

>> No.10179218

We still enjoyed our time there. Bought tickets for galaxycon on the drive home so we will see how the venue handles twice as many people as they had Saturday lol

>> No.10179266

Yeah, the con was really small this year. Back in 2013/2014, the place was packed so full you could barely walk through the stairs on the inside.

>> No.10179288

What happened? I remember the year they brought Studio Trigger over and people were slamming Tumblr with cool pics from the con.

>> No.10179299

2 theories:

1) In 2014, the staff seemed super condescending anytime they interacted with one of the attendees. I don't know if that trend continued in later years, but maybe its finally caught up.

2) Cons in general just aren't as fun anymore. Not to get political, but people are legitimately way too sensitive now. Doesn't really seem fun to talk about anime with people who interpret every joke as an insult. Forget getting drunk in such a setting.

>> No.10179526

I went last year and had fun and cosplayed this year as Schrodinger. Definitely didn't seem like there were as many interesting panels as last year, but the Third Impact ones were really solid. Interesting to hear y'all discuss the con who've been there more years.

>> No.10179529

i really liked the third impact juji ito panel though i didnt get the chance to go to the horror panel before that one. I used to go to the jojo panel but i couldnt find it this year in schedule. The intro to gunpla and gunpla building panel is the one i always go back to. But now the third impact panels will be one will revist next year.

>> No.10179553

>go into ito panel
>the girl presenting it only brings up lovecraft to virtue signal about him being a dirty old racist and completely disregards his works
fuck that dumb cunt
the old black woman who did the ito panel last year was a million times better

>> No.10179556

yeah that was just the breaking point for me a bit but i stilled stayed since my friend are there as well.

>> No.10179584

You sound bothered?

Was there an Ito panel last year, though? I really don’t remember see that anywhere on the schedule.

>> No.10179590

DAE virtue signaling means anything I disagree with

>> No.10179613

but then again, i still enjoyed the panel regardless
of that.

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Raleigh Supercon (now GalaxyCon) is PACKED. I went last year for Saturday only and the dealers room/artist alley/autograph room was so packed I couldn't browse at all. Less cosplayers though so you stand out more instead of being #53 of X character.

Don't forget Momocon changing its dates to the same weekend and Raleigh Supercon/Galaxycon now being a direct competitor. A lot of the weebs can only afford one or the other in the span of two months.

Just for relevance, the left photo is Animazement as of the Monday before the convention. The right photo is Galaxycon as of two months before the convention.

>> No.10179719

Forgot to mention, the red dots means the hotel is completely booked with no vacancy.

>> No.10179723

Momocon is not changing it's dates that's literally untrue. Its May 21-24 next year.

>> No.10179760

Are you illiterate??? Momo and AZ both changed dates awhile ago and are now the same weekend. No one said they were changing next year dumbass.

>> No.10179767

I think that poster meant that momocon changed its dates TO what they are now. Momocon used to be a different weekend. Shit, I remember a friend asking me if I was going back when it was a one day college con, so it really exploded in size at some point. Maybe it will die, too, or it won’t live up to the hype, but I really am going to try to go to momo next year instead of AZ. Even if the con sucks ass, more of my friends are going to that one so at least I’ll be able to see more of them.

I think the main problem with AZ is that they know they’re dying so they’ve stopped putting in any effort. Every friend I’ve talked to (all of whom are local) basically said the same thing, that the con really sucked and wasn’t even worth commuting to. Even if I can’t get to momo, I probably won’t bother with AZ next year.

>> No.10179783

Man this is sad to hear. It's a nice close con to me and I've loved it the past couple years. My group is just getting our con groove

>> No.10179798

Unpopular opinion I guess, but I have zero interest in Momocon. AZ isn’t anywhere near the biggest con I go to, but I always have fun at it and it’s super affordable compared to my bigger cons.

I don’t fault people for wanting to try out a different con, but Jesus, people are so fucking whiny about AZ. Just go to another con already.

I like AZ for what it is. It’s chill, I have a ton of friends who go, I can get into most of the events I want to, everything is included in the badge price, the elevators aren’t a nightmare, parking is dirt cheap, etc.

As far as Galaxy, I go every year and I want to like it, but I don’t care about guests and the rest of their programming is super weak.

>> No.10179812
File: 544 KB, 500x281, 1381974251238.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In regards to cost, y'all need to tell me if I'm privileged, but $50 for a weekend seems really cheap to me? Early bird price, and I don't go to many cons in a year, but still

>> No.10179881

$50 + Hotel room (few hundred dollars depending on how busy it is)

>> No.10179926
File: 3.12 MB, 6000x3376, DSC03059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only went Sat and Sun this year. I'm a local so its not a big deal for me to attend but this year felt lacking to me personally. The last few years have had some big interest point for me. The year trigger people came, last year's Idol Concert, and felt like there was more industry presence like the one year Crunchyroll had a booth there drumming things up. One year Sekai Project was there showing off things to come. I made it to very few panels this year but it didn't feel like there was much going on to get excited about. I think the most I hears as at the Maruyama panel was that there is some project in the works to show off some material for Kon's Dream Machine before the project died.

Pic was the front of the center around midnight. Felt more dead than it should've been. This used to the the unofficial dance block until the cops break it up.

>> No.10179929

Momocon wasn't always the same weekend as Animazement. If I remember correctly the year they changed to AZ's weekend is the year that AZ had Studio Trigger and their attendance exploded.
AZ won the battle but it looks like Momocon has won the war.

I think the main issue with Animazement is the mixed combination of upping badge prices to cover breakdown expenses (escalators mostly, plus any damages like the year someone grafitti'd the walls) but still clinging to Japanese cultural guests and multi-year guests instead of big-names that can draw people in for those increased badge prices.

Animazement is a cultural convention but I think they're sticking far too close to that. Just look at the guests this year, literally you don't know 75% of them and wouldn't pay $70 to see them either. Some Japanese vloggers, some traditional art people that are literal nobodies in the weeb world, and some random cosplayer no one has heard of along with the same voice actors that have been there for 10+ years.

>> No.10179932

This is seriously Saturday night at midnight? I can't believe it's that dead. Usually it's packed full of people and a DJ booth.

>> No.10179934

I saw some of that action going down around 10 or 11 but was doing other things at the time. By the time I came back this is what I saw before I went home around 1 or so.

>> No.10179962

what year did they have trigger?

>> No.10180150

Kik me? For real.

>> No.10180155

I'm going to need more details first

>> No.10180157

AZ lost the snob cosplay crowd. Those people only thrive at big events. Networking. Pictures. Social media content. The few cosplay snobs that came last year really felt bummed the overall attendance was down. So the more friends that said "I'm going to Momo" the more they lost.

Plus big con prices on a small con. Plus Momo which is run by the same folks as dragoncon. They know their shit.

Supercon is the final nail though. They poor younger kids aren't going to both. And super on gets the big voice actors and stars.

AZ will be dead in two years if not moved.

Cons are big franchise business now. Medium cons like AZ will die out as the smart ones gobble up people time and money you may see super small cons but those will all be cringey high school kids.

>> No.10180160

Ask away ...I'msure you're the same anon. Lol

>> No.10180213

I'm asking what to expect exactly
or really what you expect

>> No.10180223

Oh idk. A waifu boi?

>> No.10180249

It's not just the snob crowd, but there's a reason why a lot of anime cons go multi-genre - normies and the like there for panels and industry crap. I don't recall any big industry guests after Studio Trigger showed up.

And to be fair, there's merit in small uni/high school ones - but I'm biased, because the NorCal con scene has a LOT of small cons that thrive because SF and Oakland are actively hostile to any and all conventions not about business.

(There's also tiny sci-fi cons, but that's another story)

>> No.10180357


>> No.10180377

are you a boy or girl

>> No.10180726
File: 423 KB, 539x831, fluffy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lets talk about the shit show surrounding these cosplayers who got kicked out for their "lewd
"cosplay" KEK
AZ is such an asshole to cosplayers....most cons have women walking around in less than this

>> No.10180805

Can I kik you too? I’m a girl I have no expectations beyond you being in a chastity cage

>> No.10180810

This was so fucking stupid. Even moreso because I saw people walking around in less than this. The staff at AZ is so dumb it still surprises me. What the fuck?

>> No.10180820

based AZ stuff culling the whales
imagine being that fat and still not having any tits lmao

>> No.10180847

why this over something like discord

>> No.10180854

you gotta discord or something?

>> No.10180857

Okay then discord or kik I literally don’t care

>> No.10181006

For what it’s worth, there were posts complaining about the same exact thing on Momocon’s FB group and I’ve seen it happen at AWA in the past too. Fat cosplayers are just way more likely to get called out for spillover than skinny cosplayers.

>> No.10181014


>> No.10181021


>> No.10181084

A daddy

>> No.10181096

Yeah there were hotter girls there wearing bunny outfits during Saturday daytime and no one was saying A thing. I was tempted to take pictures and put them on the forum but there's no way to ask for a butt pic without being seen as a creep. I just wanted to stir the shit pot that is the AZ facebook group

>> No.10181546

Anybody has some cosplay pics ? I works post but I used film so I have to take those to be developed.

>> No.10181663

Anything in particular? I took quite a few and posted them on my insta, or were you just looking for raws?

>> No.10181984

nothing really particular just want to see what anons had during the convention.

>> No.10182063
File: 163 KB, 1080x459, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm happy all these unhealthy people won't do anything to improve themselves

>> No.10182129


>> No.10182148

For future reference, was there a particular vendor that you would recommend buying zentai from?

>> No.10182152

why are you pretending to be me

>> No.10182159

Confused as hell you people don't think their guest list included "big names" when they had some super prominent Japanese guests.

>> No.10182171

most people who go to cons are supremely surface level ironic weebs who are going for the social aspect only

>> No.10182370

Animazement has become the de-facto local con for the area. Nobody really cares about Animazement anymore because Animazement doesn't care about itself anymore either. They don't really try to change or improve they just remain the same and stagnate.

That in its own is a death sentence for an anime con. They can continue to play third fiddle and be content with their panels, programs and guest and being a third-rate con but eventually the favoritism and the support from the locals will disappear when they feel like its something that no longer intrigues or interest them.

Animazement's primary failure is to adapt to the new breed of attendees that attend anime conventions and cons in general. They all want that experience similar to the big name ones like Anime Expo, SDCC, Dragoncon and so forth. For a lot of attendees this is meant as a means to socialize and meet people. If their friends aren't coming to this con or people they are interest aren't here. Neither will they.

This con does not have long and eventually will succumb to its own mediocrity

>> No.10182437

Every convention doesn't need to grow and be huge and horrible to attend in order to be "good". Comparing this con to AX (which is very frustrating to attend, over crowded and absolutely does NOT care about their attendees) or Dragoncon (where you might get a beer bottle thrown on you from the balcony of a hotel room and is absolutely not family friendly) is dumb. Allow conventions to have their own flavor.

>> No.10183375

I saw an Elfen Lied girl walking around with her pancake butt slogging out in the bandage Lucy getup. Whether or not she got stopped eventually is a mystery but I saw her in the dealer's room Saturday. She wasn't fat, but wasn't appealing either.

Normally I don't whiteknight butthurt fatties but it's pretty obvious to me that they were stopped first just because they're "endowed" fatties. And regardless if you don't like fatties that's still bullshit since gross albeit thinner bodies were able to tramp around the convention unabetted.

>> No.10183943

Not particularly? Most of the zentai I browsed for my buy only seemed to differ in design or pricing. Unless you go big balling, AliExpress should be fine. Most of them look about the same anyways. I don't recommend Amazon vendors, but anywhere you can get them to make it custom to your size.

>> No.10183947

Kaworu cosplayer this year, I saw a lot of Boku no Hero Academia cosplayers from the younger crowd, quite a few league of legends ones, some animated shows I don't follow (think CN/Nick/Streaming Services), Fate series (Grand Order/extra material). Most are on my insta but idk how to feel about putting it here.

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