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Only a month away! Anybody attending this year? What are you excited about? What are your plans?

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What is everyone's cosplay plans?

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>Anybody attending this year?
Well, a few of my friends I made there are going to Momocon. But I'm a AZ loyalist

>What are you excited about?
Yes. I just wanna be at the con. I love being there even tho the con has gotten "stale"

>What are your plans?

Just havin' fun. be a AZ bee, cosplaying, eating ramen, spending money on needless stuff. etc

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I notice people are skipping AZ for momo. But I honestly really love AZ even though its the only con I have been to.

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Yeah, AZ has that Japanese cultural part to it is what I like about it. even though I skip them, I'm glad we have them.

People just want a more mainstream-type convention.

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it's hard to plan my weekend when they only release the schedule like literally the day before the con

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I didn't mention what I would be cosplaying as, its pic related. Idk for some reason I just want to dress as a plague doctor.

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I never understood why they do that.

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they didn't used to do that. it's only been that way for the past 4-5 years. not sure what changed

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Remember to bathe you guys.

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Especially during the melee tournaments

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