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Why its called cosplay & egl if the whole board is about lolita stuff?

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I agree, i feel like the majority of this 4chan is lolita than cosplay

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but it's not


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Board seems pretty dead for me sniff time to say bye

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You guys always complain about this but the majority of the board is usually cosplay/convention threads

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maybe because lolitas are actively more involved in their community and care more about accessing and preserving new and old information. There's a huge database of lolita history and cosplay well... cosplay really got "good" less than 10 years ago and now it's peaked and mostly involves ethots, conlitas, and incels looking to bang said ethots. Maybe start a collection of cosplay history? Idfk

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also if you're so concerned about how slow the cosplay side is compared to the lolita side maybe get the cosplay community more involved in something? like sorry your online comm sucks but at least lolitas still try to bond over *something*

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But lolitas suck

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Cosplay is mostly just an extension of anime culture, and most talk about anime is on other boards. Instead of making a pokemon cosplay thread here, someone would make it on the pokemon board, for example.
All lolita is contained here.

there just isn't much to talk about with cosplay.

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Go cry about it more faggot

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cosplay 'discussion' stopped when vendetta posting was banned.

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I'd argue there is alot to discuss about cosplay, but its not allowed. Anything thats not a general thread usually gets told to go to the help thread or "a thread died for this". Meanwhile we have multiple threads about lolita hairstyles, several split threads for the rich lolitas and the poor, and even one about tea parties.

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sucks to suck, faggot

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>I'd argue there is alot to discuss about cosplay
like what?

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because talking about buying cosplays isn't fun

sewing/making shit is harder than buying lolita and at MOST you'll have a "cosplay help thread" and that's it

the board is stupidly vindictive so nobody wants to post what they make out of fear of being shit on

it sucks because I just want to talk about sewing and i like 4chin's format the most for discussion, but the board culture is dummy vendetta-y which prevents beginners from posting (which obviously makes sense)

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fun fact...the gl in 'egl' stands for 'gothic lolita'
imagine coming to a board with lolita in the name and then bitching because there are lolitas here.

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But i didnt bitch jesus , i just want to read about more stuff than ugly girls dressing like kids for unknown reasons thats all

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there's always reddit

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I just counted and there are 92 non jfashion specific related threads in this board.
Youre literally crying over nothing.

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And thats out of 151 threads total. Jfashion specific threads take up less than half the board and not even all of them are lolita.

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There are 35 lolita threads total. Pardon the same fagging, Im on mobile.
But thats less than a quarter of the board is lolita related.

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Cosplay used to way outweigh the lolita stuff.
When the great drama ban happened we lost a lot of people for better or worse.
We used to have trips and stuff which lead to a lot of self posting and such which was good for sparking discussion about what people were making.
Like it or not talking about con drama and stuff really helped make more cosplay discussion.
It killed our board culture.
It can be good or bad depending on how you look at it, but the lolitas filled the lull and took over.
If you want to talk about cosplay make some cosplay threads. People will still come out of the wood work if you have a good topic.

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>like sorry your online comm sucks but at least lolitas still try to bond over *something*
Fucking this. I want so badly to bond with cosplayers and have a comm the way that lolitas do, but the fact of the matter is cosplayers are way more catty. If you aren’t cosplaying from the same fandom, other cosplayers have no interest in you, and even when you are doing the same series, sometimes people will still be stuck up bitches to you. If their cosplay is better than yours, they’ll look down on you. If your cosplay is better, they’ll get jealous and treat you like shit. If your cosplay is average, they won’t see you as something they can use to climb the social ladder and they’ll ignore you. You can’t fucking win. I love cosplay, but 90% of our community fucking sucks

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Because this board became a hive of dykes and mentally damaged roasties who actively drive out anybody else who isn't a dyke or roastie. Women ruin everything.

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>being this mad
found the incel

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I wonder if like cosplay work group comms could be a thing?
Might be harder because people would have to host at their house. Maybe at a local library or something?

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Cope roastie

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I counted 36 lolita specific threads. I might have missed a few, but the total count comes out to around less than 20% of the board. I'm a cosplayer so there's no reason for me to defend lolitas.

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Make more cosplay related threads then.

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>implying that this is a bad thing

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I love cosplay work parties, I always feel so productive. Part of the problem I see is that it takes a lot of effort to move everything you’re working on to someone’s house and being confined to one small area for a couple of hours versus spreading your shit out in your own place and not having to lug machines and bunches of fabrics around. We have a local con clubhouse that hosts gatherings every so often (that I last heard), I wish it was easier to utilize something like that.

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I'd prefer if Lolita got it's own board to be honest. Hardly has anything to do with cosplay, outside of community stuff.

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I’m into both cosplay and lolita and this is my experience too. The lolitas in the region have built a pretty tight-knit community that meets up multiple times a month, even though the only thing they really have in common is the clothes they like to wear sometimes. The cosplay community on the other hand is so fractured it can’t even be considered a community at all. It’s really a number of cliques who have no interest in meeting anyone else outside of that clique, even at conventions. I’ve actually had people get annoyed with me for trying to introduce two of my friends to each other when they were wearing the same cosplay at a con, because “just because we’re cosplaying the same character doesn’t mean we have anything in common”. I mean... what??

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