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finland thread again.

Got accepted to Nekocon Kuopio artist alley. is this con even worth going to? I know nothing about it.

What cons have you done so far this year? What do you have planned?

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Why would you apply to an artist alley at a con you've never been to and aren't even sure if you're actually willing to go to in the first place? Just give your place to someone who actually wants to go, jeez.

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because i love doing artist alleys and i'm going to every one that i possibly can. also i will still go even if i find out it's shite, as long as i can break even i'll be happy and just enjoy the experience.

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Oh my... Am I old or are you just a newbie? Who doesn't know about Nekocon?

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IIRC isn't this years Nekocon organized by a different group than the previous ones? Or that's at least what I remember hearing, could be wrong though since I've never been that interested in it.

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I suspect this thread will die soon since nothing is happening in the Finnish scene right now, but let’s try to keep this alive for a while at least.

Anyway, any predictions for most cosplayed series for this summer? Apart from the usual stuff like Heroaca and Fate.
I think Sarazanmai might attract lazy fujos to cosplay, the designs are easy and the show panders to them. Maybe some cosplays from Kaguya-sama too.

>What cons have you done so far this year? What do you have planned?
Went to Frosti, will be attending Desu, Neko and Tracon.

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I havo no idea where people got this idea that Nekocon is orginized by different people than before? Nekocon is orginized by same people as before, with some new faces. And it is not orginized by Suomen Con Tapahtumat.

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I recall there was a person who used to work with SCT that made a facebook post about their experience with the whole mess, who then moved on to work with Nekocon, so maybe that's what got people confused about Nekocons relation to SCT.
Pretty much all "news" in the Finnish con scene are bits and pieces put together from social media and what you've heard from a friend who knows a person who knows what's going on etc., so it's not that unusual that there's always a lot of misinformation being spread around because it's hard to fact check unless you're personally talking with the people in question.

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when are we gonna find out who got into Desucon AA

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nvm, it just came, i'm in B]

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Not cosplay, but there's also a lolita event called 'Witches' Follies' coming up. Crazy expensive tickets. Anyone going?

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post your art

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My guesses: Promised Neverland and HypMic, at least. Maybe Sarazanmai too, depends.

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I am going to fight for the weekend ticket, even though it is way too expensive...

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nah, my style is pretty recognizable and i dont want yall to track me down either online or at desu

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anyone going to popcult

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Yeah, looking forward to it. Unfortunately my friend had to cancel, but the program looks great so maybe I won't get too bored.

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Yes. Lmao @ the "secret special guests" who were just Youtubers, but I love Antti Pääkkönen.

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Is there a site or a list with all the upcoming anime and general fandom conventions? I'm really out of the loop.

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Bless you.

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is the new she-ra popular in finland at all? i want to make merch but i'm not sure if it'll sell

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Are you the same anon that's been talking about getting accepted into AA's in this thread? I assumed you'd done some before but in case you haven't: whether or not a series is popular doesn't mean it'll sell well and vice versa. What's more important is the general quality of your art and/or nice composition and original ideas (i.e. not just copying the default poses from official media). It's actually a lot harder to sell from super popular series because you'll most likely have more competition and obviously people will only buy from the one they think is best or just downright stick to official merch only. With less popular series, people who like it are happy just to see merch from it at all and will most likely buy it even if you aren't the best artist out there.
Even then, it's literally impossible to tell beforehand what will sell and how well, so you might as well just make what you personally feel motivated to, instead of trying to read the market beforehand.

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they tend to have good guests and it seems like they're also delivering this year, so I might go for saturday if I remember to get a ticket tomorrow. thankfully I won't have to pay out of my ass for hotel.

I wish I had access to a sewing machine and motivation, zzzz

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Just make merch from the series you like, if you like She-ra then make some. I don't think it's very popular, but surely someone will be happy to see some and buy it. My friend who frequently goes to AAs has a lot of obscure merch (along with more popular stuff) and while the obscure merch doesn't sell as well, she always has the best interactions with the people who are into less popular series.

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who here got into tracon? i didn't :( bummer cause i was feeling pretty confident after getting into every other con i applied for so far, but oh well

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Don't feel too bad, they had like 170 applicants. I don't do AA, but I have some friends who have tried to get in for couple years now. They're pretty good artists too, but Tracon just has that much competition and it's pretty much luck-based if you happen to have similar style to some other artist.

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This year Tracon even emphasized that they'd wish there were more than one applicant per table, and that all artists would have different styles. It was most likely in response to having a lot of applicants each year and trying to accommodate as many as possible, but obviously there are still limits to how many people can get accepted. I think Tracon is pretty notorious about being harder to get into compared to other cons?
To be fair you're obviously going to get rejected eventually. Most artist alleys can only fit in 20 people per day so it's only normal for conventions to try and pick different artists every time. Attendees would get bored if every con they go to only had the same artists with the same stock.

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rip yukicon

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What's up?

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I heard from somewhere that people got tired of organizing the event but I'm not sure if that's true

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Oh, that's a shame if it's true. There's already a really small amount of conventions being organized, and if new ones can't survive then that's a bad sign I think. Although I can definitely understand why they'd be tired, since people who don't go to Yukicon like trashing it and those that do go seem like a pretty thankless bunch what with every year attendees seemingly causing some sort of problems to the staff and each other.
What other cons have there been that just died out eventually? SCT need not apply.
My first con ever was a Bakacon, and I went every year until they stopped organizing it. A shame, since for some reason young weeb me really loved it.

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That's what I heard too. Nothing dramatic, just that organizers were no longer interested in doing it. Maybe they're looking for people to continue it since there hasn't been any official announcement?

I'm going to be honest here, not going to mourn it. It was always a very mediocre con for me. I wonder if Popcult is going to take it's spot, so to speak. There's still Ropecon left in Helsinki but anime kiddies don't go there.

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I somewhat liked it, the only thing ruining it for me was kids who didn’t know how to behave. Neither Popcult or Ropecon have any anime focus so I’m not interested in them at all.

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>Neither Popcult or Ropecon have any anime focus so I’m not interested in them at all.
I feel you. I've only been to Yukicon twice but the con itself was pretty chill, my main problem with it has always been the attendees. It's genuinely unbelievable how badly some of them behave. And not just the dreaded "pikkuernut" either, but some of my own worst experiences were with attendees well over 18 years old who probably thought they were so cool for being older than the average attendee and thus thought it was ok to be a rude fuck to everyone around.
I will forever have a soft spot for Yukicon for inviting Hato Moa and Damurushi as GoH's though. Such a good choice.

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There weren’t that many attendees in popcult, which was a shame because the Marina Congress Center was a decent place for con.

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yeah, i'm hoping it keeps growing. it seems like a cool enough con, though I didn't get to go to any panels as I was tabling the whole weekend. lots of cool cosplay at least.

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It's not surprising that these events are dying out. There aren't any new organizers because the new generation doesn't want to provide anything for the community and improve things. You see it in cosplay too since all you need to do is to buy a a costume from Ebay and you're ready to cosplay, there's no sense of development as there used to be for old-school cosplayers.

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Am I wrong though, my phone posting friend?

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has anyone ever tried a full weekend crafter table at desucon? is it worth it? I got accepted into the artist alley but i'm wondering if i should have gone for the crafter's table instead....

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If you think that you can make back the cost of the table and are popular enough to actually benefit from the extra day of sales then sure? But if you're not doing well at the AA sales wise then there's no reason you'd do any better with a full weekend table. Tabling for two days instead of one won't automatically double your sales unless you're one of those who sell a lot in the first place.

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Don't forget the older generation who complains about everything. Especially desufags in any other con.

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Or maybe it's the result of the younger generation and the older generation both being unnecessarily childish and refusing to work with each other and thus old conventions die off and new ones can't survive. Just a thought.

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Who are these ”desufags”? Usually people just complain about younger con goers who can’t behave and then the con gets a reputation of trash con.

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It’s not necessary to work together. Desucon started as a fuck you to the older generation of that time. Every generation has a vision of how things should be done differently but people just seem impatient with new cons. Tracon started as a ghetto con and now it’s getting all the visitors.

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So it's official now. Surprised they didn't tell the reason.

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>It’s not necessary to work together
See, that's where you're wrong. Pretty much all of Finnish cons share resources between each other and have a lot of the same people working on them. The one time someone thought they could do it all by themselves (SCT) and not play ball, things did not work out and cons were cancelled and Animecon's name tarnished completely. I'm not too into Desucon lore, but I bet my ass it wasn't just a bunch of people with zero experience and zero help from veterans from other conventions organizing an event from the scratch.

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>refusing to work with each other
You couldn't be more wrong. Pretty much all Finnish cons work in co-operation in some way or another and share resources.

As someone who's been on the orgaizers' side for a while now, not getting new people is a genuine issue. Especially people who are willing to develop practices further and stick around for couple years at least. I don't know the details with Yukicon's case, but it just seems that there's no new people willing to organize it (might be also completely their fault, if they didn't make the effort to train and recruit new people). Lot of twentysomething people I've tried to get on board seems terrified of taking any responsibilities when it comes to cons. I think lot of that is also related to higher quality of cons in general, you don't get a practice round where you can comfortably mess up. Some tumbles in organization didn't use to matter when cons weren't such a big deal.

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>I'm not too into Desucon lore, but I bet my ass it wasn't just a bunch of people with zero experience and zero help from veterans from other conventions organizing an event from the scratch.
Back when Finnish cons sucked the people behind first Desucon were complaining about the shitty quality of Finncon and then they were told why won't you do your own better con then. And they did.

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You must be young.

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And certain people did their best to sabotage early Desucons. For example trying to discourage security guards to volunteer at Desucon

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Do you gulls think the overall high(ish) quality of Finnish cons is one of the reasons why new people don't want to get into organizing? I mean that if their new con doesn't meet the standards of Desu etc. they are afraid they'll be trashed to filth?

SCT deserved all the shit they got for their absolute trainwreck cons, but I feel like smaller cons sometimes get shit too for stupid reasons. The general opinon about smaller cons seems to be "oh well, it's gonna be shit but at least it's a con", even if the con itself runs smooth. Nitpicking on twitter is so common that I feel like people just want to nitpick for the fun of it.

I've been going to cons since 2007 and I'm in my mid-twenties, but getting into organizing feels like a waste since people seem so ungrateful. Maybe I just follow all the super cynical people on twitter or something, but when the general opinion about smaller cons is very lukewarm it kinda dampens the enthusiasm to get into organizing.

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The people nitpicking don't know how good they have it too.

Cons in other countries are drasticaly different, and in many cases utter horseshit so it makes me sad whenever someone shits on the Finnish ones.

We've had it too good for too long and the people have become spoiled.

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That could be one reason, but mostly I think it's because Finland is big country with small population. It takes time and effort to go to smaller conventions, and hotel prices can be insane.

The other reason is that cons are bad at marketing. Desucon's marketing was very strong when it started: it had a clear image of what it wanted to be, and that brand made people interested. It helped that the internet culture was on its peak back then.

I remember when Yukicon started and it had lot vidya program, so I assumed it was a con for people who like Japanese games. But people denied this at first, so I wasn't sure who it was made for. In the end it seemed to have this brand of "replacement con for Desucon if you're underage", so it's no wonder it got that kind of image.

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This is what I've been thinking about too.

Holy shit, now that you mention the branding it makes a lot of sense actually. A lot of smaller cons just seem to go with "a fun con from city X!" -mentality and nothing else. Obviously some cons have themes (like horror etc.), but I've always felt like they're a bit forced and don't really show in the con, or reach the con-goer in any way.

How could smaller cons brand themselves better? What could be a good brand for small con? I'm really genuinely interested in this topic despite not being a con-organizer. Superficial things like decorations and having a cute mascot don't mean jack shit if the overall brand isn't though out.

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>How could smaller cons brand themselves better?
At least this:

>Don't use shitty pikkuernu-tier art on banners, posters, ads etc.

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Dude, Desucon's current art is at "pikkuernu" level skill wise. It's a massive downgrade from the original, but obviously doesn't affect their popularity. I've never heard someone say they're not interested in a con because the art they use isn't good.

I think the most important aspect to branding is deciding a direction for the con in the first place. Even something simple like anime and japanese culture is enough, as long as it's properly marketed as so. Having a GoH that fits the theme (or even none at all is better than say, a game youtuber at an anime con), specifically requesting for programs related to the theme, and small things like prioritizing artist alley and dealer's hall vendors who offer related merch all helps to make people think oh, this is a con specifically about this thing. And then focus on these aspects when marketing the con. Don't just say Xcon at Ytown, say Zthemed Xcon at Ytown, so even before checking it out people know what to expect.

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Whatever you do, for the love of god do not focus your marketing only on Facebook. Young people don't use it anymore and it's very inconvenient for people who do not have an account there.

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I think you're onto something. People from the southern part of Finland rarely bother to go to the cons in the north unless they have friends that live there they can stay over at. Oulu has at least 2 or 3 conventions.

Also I think people are getting discouraged because the expectations are too high for attendance, quality etc. Like it was said above, Tracon started as a smaller event in a university campus and Desucon didn't sell all of their tickets on their first year. The beginnings can be humble, but what those cons have in common is longevity and a brand that people remember and associate with then. I think Popcult might be gaining traction, but they might need to step up their marketing somewhat.

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What exactly does this have to do with anime, or even japanese culture? I could get behind say, a lecture about muslim culture and how it's represented in anime and other japanese media, but at least from the description this seems to be strictly about muslim culture and that's all. How is Desucon the place for this and how on earth did it get accepted?

>> No.10181852

Could be that this program was offered with a slightly different pitch or maybe the description itself doesn't represent what its really gonna be like.

Kinda hope it's something like that because this doesn't seem to have anything to do with anime.

>> No.10181991

I'm guessing the "drawing" part is the one making anime-related, maybe it's meant for artists who draw fanart/manga/etc. so that they could draw more accurately. Still seems really far fetched and doesn't fit the theme of the con.

Usually (at least during previous years) ohjelmavastaava checks the pitches and the descriptions to see that they are okay. That description has gone through the check too. There probably isn't anything related to anime in that particular program, since ohjelmavastaava would have probably encouraged to mention it in the description if there were.

A weird choice for program.

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>> No.10182298

I'd really love to know the reasoning behind accepting this program. If the description is accurate, then it really has nothing to do with anime or japanese culture (quite the opposite, it's to do with a totally different culture), so it really doesn't belong in an anime convention in the first place, but even more odd is that it's held at Desucon which is pretty notorious for trying to keep their program anime related.
Is it possible they just didn't have enough submissions for programs this time and had to take whatever just to fill the spot?

>> No.10182300

Would be interesting to hear why this particular pitch was chosen. I've always had the impression that Desucon had enough offers to pick the best ones or at the very least the ones that have something to do with con's theme.

>> No.10182318

>Is it possible they just didn't have enough submissions for programs this time and had to take whatever just to fill the spot?
Not sure if this is the case since it's just a workshop and the person who's responsible for organizing the program could ask several people if they'd like to run a more anime or cosplay related workshop (assuming there's not enough offers in the first place).

The escape room in Frostbite had nothing to do with anime/manga either, so I assume these workshops are less about anime/manga and more about some kind of activities.

>> No.10182321

I’m massive SJW and have studied this subject in uni but it still feels out of place.
Did they swap programs with Maailma kylässä festival?

If I had to held this lecture I’d make it about hijabis in J-Fashion.

>> No.10182322

Maybe there wasn't enough programs submitted and they just had to roll with it. When I was talking with one of the previous ohjelmavastaava a couple years back, he said that he had to contact people who were known to make good programs and ask if they could come and do program at Desu. I don't remember if there wasn't enough programs submitted and he had to fill the gaps, or if the overall quality would have been too low without well known speakers. I don't know if that is still done nowadays, but at least back then (2015 or 2016) it was. Sometimes there might be too little program submitted, so maybe that was the case this time too.

>> No.10182327

I figured the escape room was thematically tied to anime, manga or japanese culture but it's true I never actually visited it myself so maybe I assumed wrong.

I know that in the past there have been all sorts of Line mascot workshops and whatnot but it always felt like there was at least a loose tie to the core themes of Desucon.

>> No.10182330

Does Koivu need to have some kind of program all the time, though? There's lot of empty gaps for both Koivu and Honka, which are workshops spaces. Feels more like a statement choice to be honest but that's just me.

The escape room was linked to the murder mystery they showed in the opening ceremony, which also had nothing to do with anime except for the fact that it was portrayed as a visual novel and there was a maid character.

To me the workshops have always felt like activities for people who don't really care about Desucon being anime themed event, but they don't cosplay either so they need something to pass time. But the muslim thing sounds very niche and weird. Oh well, who am I to judge.

>> No.10182341

>To me the workshops have always felt like activities for people who don't really care about Desucon being anime themed event, but they don't cosplay either so they need something to pass time.
While I can understand the reasoning behind this, is it really necessary to cater to these types of people? Desucon (at least in the past) has said that they want to cater to a specific crowd and that it should reflect on their program, so it really doesn't make sense to me to then cater to someone who simply doesn't care for the convention itself. I'm honestly more inclined to believe that they either just did not have enough program submissions this time around (but then again is it better to have less program that fits the theme and is good quality instead of accepting anything just to fill the gaps?), or that it's more of a statement as you said, since I know at least some people working with Desucon are quite far in left. Although I'd like to believe that the organizers are smart enough to realize that there's a time and place for everything, regardless of their individual views.

>> No.10182348

I agree but every Desucon changes its policy a little bit depending of the organizers, since it's not the same people every year. Not sure if I'm disappointed or just don't give a shit, I've always thought that Finnish scene is rather liberal and easy-going by its nature and doesn't really need any woke bullshit.

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In my opinion it's a good thing the con tries new things and doesn't get stuck in the loop where everything's always done the exact same way.

This particular desur's list of programs has both those I'm really looking forward to as those I'll be fine skipping. "Näin piirrät päähuivin" definitely isn't the type of workshop I like seeing in an anime con, as it really doesn't fit the theme, but it's probably just them exploring different types of stuff.

>> No.10182705

Does anyone know what happened to the lolita forum Enfant Terrible? I tried to join a long time ago, never heard an answer back, and tried to look it up. Can’t find anything on it. It was a good one, if a bit outdated/inactive.

>> No.10182723

The site closed down back in 2016. Apparently it was no use to keep it going and pay for the site since it was so inactive. Maybe a former mod will answer for this question better.

>> No.10182737

Damn! It had some excellent sewing tuto’s for what is now old school(?).

>> No.10182742

Yeah there was a lot of good stuff in there and I wish the threads would still be somewhere to be found but no can do. It would have been too big of a job to transfer all that info elsewhere.

>> No.10182781

Agreed. It’s a pity! I wonder if its admins still hang around, as the other anon mentioned... Also, do any wayback machines/archives have it, even parts of it? Maybe I’ve been using them wrong, but can’t find anything.

>> No.10183020

FB groups became more active and almost everyone left the forums. They officially informed their clousure at some point.

>> No.10183134

Most of the admins and moderators who I remember have stopped lolita by now.

>> No.10183140

I see. Facebook’s not my thing, and I’m fine with /cgl/.
Also, a pity. Would’ve liked to see what they’re up to with lolita these days.

>> No.10183879

so animecon and SCT in general exploded? animecon said to be cancelled until 2021 and SCT's head is allegedly in complete burnout.

at least I'm glad there'll be less shitty spamcons, but it is an unfortunate situation

>> No.10183884

Surprising there are still people left who dare to organize anything under the name "Animecon". Yeah it's very generic name and it has had several different people behind it through the years, but SCT tarnished it completely.

>> No.10184804

based on the info provided, it seems messukeskus is going to take the animecon name and make something with it. I smell another gamexpo coming, since the people at messukeskus don't really have any idea when it comes to cons.

>> No.10185920

Is anyone going to Hypecon?

>> No.10186385

I wanted to but I found out about it existing too late to apply to the artist alley and i can't really afford to do cons without tabling to make the travel costs back. Want to check it out next year though.

>> No.10186958

The threads are archived - not gone completely but on someone's own computer. You will have to ask around if you want to read something particular. It would have been stupid to delete all that valuable information and content and fortunately it didn't happen. Afaik galleries are gone though.

>> No.10187099

I wish they (desucon) didn't pick sexual harassers as con security every year

>> No.10187267

You mean actual ones or just memetoo for attention?

Maybe those types gravitate there for some added personal benefit.

>> No.10187272


>> No.10187412

Maybe if you actually tell the organizers about harassment instead of shitposting on anonymous imageboards they would do something about it.

>> No.10187611

Let's put it somewhere between memetoo and real stuff

>> No.10190387

how's desucon prep going lads?

>> No.10191466

I hate my life

>> No.10191907

whats up?

>> No.10193986

how’s desucon going?

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Narcpark was the best thing about convention. Free booze and free drugs everywhere, but I really don't like this party at möysä. Too middle class to my taste.

Also Aiko was the fucking cutest maid ever. As a pervert I had never had easier time picking my favorite maid. Holy hell I thought I fell in love at that point when I saw her face.

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