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Do post comfy fabrics, don't post normal toned-down coords

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Why did zozo stop selling ahcahcum muchacha? Are they closing down?

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I may be a bit off but here's some coordinates i think look comfy and nice enough to go to school in

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Man, I got this in pink and I wish I had the funds to buy it in red too. It is so cute and wonderful for casual stuff.

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Nayrt but why post coords you think may be off? OP specifically asked not to just post toned-down coords and this isn't the ita thread. You could just post coords you're sure about since these threads are for inspiration.

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sorry baby. You can contribute too.

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I didn't say you shouldn't contribute, just don't contribute coords that you're unsure about yourself unless you have a specific question about them. I don't get the confusion people have about casual lolita desu. Just ask yourself if it's different from a normal, perhaps toned-down lolita coord, and if it's not it's not casual lolita. Lolitas just love abusing the term casual because they think it will make others less critical of the coord.

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This is the opposite of casual

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I've read this exact comment 100 times now and I still don't care.

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What exactly were you unsure about? If you want to post coords that OP obviously doesn't want in this thread, you can just make a new thread.


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She has tons of casual coords that I like but I don't want to keep posting the same person

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Why the pink shoes??

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Where can I find shoes like these?

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Sometimes casual is too toned down. What makes this a lolita coordinate anymore?

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Who’s this and where’s the top from?

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Mte, I'd say this is too toned down to be lolita, looks more like general girly style.

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You're not supposed to reply to someone else's dump to start your own dump lol

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Oops sorry

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What makes them not casual? Bright colours?

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I agree, but I do prefer seeing too casual kind of coords over normal lolita coords with a cardigan on top.

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slapping on a cutsew or a cardigan doesn't make a coordinate casual? Cutsews and cardigans are more business casual than *actual* casual. And toned down lolita coords is just a basic ass coord not an actual casual coord.

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It’s probably some normie who thinks anything other than jeans and a hoodie is black tie attire

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That jacket is so cute

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dont speak for other people

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don't you guys ever get bored of the same tired tired argument every casual thread?

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It's just really annoying seeing things labeled wrong? like BRB gunna go call some moitie coords sweet lolita since we're labeling things wrong rn

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Read the description of the thread and post what the thread is for.

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May be off about what?

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Something isn’t automatically casual because it features no blouse or a cutsew. Take into account the whole coordinate, the accessories, the footwear, the level of poof, the makeup and hairstyling or if the person is wearing a wig or not.

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exactly! like a lot of these are still very "properly" put together outfits. they're just not OTT outfits, and because OTT took over anything that isn't costume tier outfits are considered "casual" when they're just nice, normal outfits. Casual lolita is less of everything so it's comfortable and draws less attention. the left girl is a good example of this

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I can't relate to your strictness

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You could have this argument in previous threads where people posted a ton of normal coords with blouses, but don't come in here arguing >>10148375 isn't casual lolita.

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honey you're in a very nitpicky, strict mindset fashion community what do you expect

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she's literally wearing a wig

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People wear wigs all the time in America

>> No.10148528

and? i live in america, i would never wear a wig with a casual outfit because it's a hassle to take care of. most of my friends (who are lolitas) don't wear wigs with their casual outfits? what's your point

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Normies wear wigs casually all the time. For a lot of people, it's less maintenance then actually wearing your hair out, especially if you only need to go out for a bit or your in a rush.

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I agree with you and I think the problem in these threads is conflating “casual” by lolita standards and “casual” by normie standards. When I got into lolita in the 2007 livejournal era, it was the latter, and most people did use “casual” to post their less than stellar coords, without a petti, with limp hair, with no accesories.

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And she did decide to wear a wig with her casual coord, what's your point?

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Most coords posted at that time were less than stellar regardless of them being casual or not

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Did she say it was casual?

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It's 2019 now and girls don't usually post pictures of themselves with limp hair these days. If you want to see recent casual lolita coords with limp hair and no petticoat you're free to post them yourself.

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On Facebook and in the comments section of her insta

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I love cutsew dresses but can never seen to find many worn photos if them

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you don't have to double post anon

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not that it matters but

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I want to follow this insta, i love it. Anyone know who she is? Thanks

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this is cute, the braids really make this and those sleeve ruffles on the cutsew are adorable

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Am I the only one who likes having discussions in these threads?

What do you guys think of cutsew OPs?

I know some people think they're not lolita, but imo it's how casual lolita evolved. While normal releases became more OTT (not just prints, but solids too), casual lolita became more casual, perhaps as a reaction. At least when it comes to sweet lolita. Wearing a printed JSK or skirt with a cardigan feels like a full coord you could wear to a meet. But when I think of the purpose of causal lolita, I think of days spend at home or in a situation where a full lolita coord is inappropriate, and cutsew OPs are perfect for that.

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Dropped pic

>> No.10149997

I think they're adorable, lolita or no. Some have enough skirt space to accomodate a petti, which (with the correct accessories) makes them lolita enough in my book.

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Ia. Even cutsew OPs like Mallorca which wouldn't be very casual by normie standards. I wouldn't wear it to a meet-up but I can wear it when I go to a restaurant with my parents without making them feel embarrassed, and I can still wear a petticoat with it which is my favourite thing about lolita.

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How much was this originally? I want it so bad but it's 15000 JPY on Wunderwelt and that seems like a lot for a casual ETC piece.

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Love this

>> No.10150073

>one wrong move and the bear gets it!

>> No.10150850

Is it me or is casual lolita more popular lately?

>> No.10151064

Thanks anon!

>> No.10151615

I feel like it is too anon. There's been a lot of inspiration floating around lately.

>> No.10151617

I think the turtleneck+jsk combo was definitely more popular this winter than ever before

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floor bag?

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> uses a styled wig and heavy makeup with multiple accessories
A fucking split colour wig with multiple head bow piling and decora-type accessorising
more fairy kei than lolita, suffers from the same problems as above
wig, layered leg wear, wristcuffs and accessorising doubling up, heavy makeup with fucking jewels on her face and false eyelashes
> If you need to spend 5 minutes in a mirror applying gemstones to your face and arranging 4 bows on the top of your head it is probably no longer casual.

I'll give a lot of leeway to everything else posted but these just stood out to me, how can anyone think this is a casual outfit? Casual should mean the outfit is easy to put together and put on, accessible for daily wear. The lolita equivalent of jeans and a T-shirt. Split colour wigs, 4 headbows and face gems are so far from casual ya'll need your eyes checked.

>> No.10153573

she looks so trashy and dirty here, I usually like her coords, but wow. Take a shower.

>> No.10153607

Asian household = no shoes on the floor.

>> No.10153693

Any tips for wearing tshirts with casual and not looking like a scummy ita?

>> No.10153704

Same in Europe. Tbh I don't understand why it's associated with Asian households because my Korean friends don't take their shoes off in my house, they don't even bother to ask, and I have to remind them every time.

>> No.10153705

As long as you know how to match colours and patterns, you'll be fine.

>> No.10153706

>limiting yourself this much with a street fashion

Just look at coords you like and do it like them?

>> No.10153707

None of this fits well...

>> No.10153710

In some countries it's common to wear a wig so it's not associated with costumes/OTT like you seem to do. If you previously styled the wig, it obviously takes less time and effort to use that instead of doing your natural hair.

>> No.10153712

Maybe I just think it looks bad on me.. maybe I should try shirts that are more fitted? they just look bad to me, on me, though I don't think any of the tshirts in coords here look bad.. I'll keep experimenting, thanks anon.

>> No.10153734

no problem, you probably look fine and you're just not used to it. i do agree with more fitted shirts though

>> No.10153769

I love this so much!

>> No.10153778

Anon isn't saying they shouldn't wear those things. Those girls can wear whatever they want, it's just not casual.

>> No.10153821

Does anyone know which dress this is?

>> No.10153881

god are we really going to have the same conversation we have everytime there's a casual thread? Don't you get tired of this shit?

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>> No.10156309
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>> No.10156323

flying fuuck!

>> No.10156345

I love the big 80s blouse with this.

>> No.10158666

isn't she an ageplayer?
even if she's not, she looks gross. please shower.

>> No.10158668


>> No.10158674

She is.

>> No.10164145

I'm so sad Putumayo went out of business, they were my favourite for casual.

>> No.10164150
File: 86 KB, 480x800, dd423f0178219bc20ca7baa9174d5583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10164168

I want this coord, bc I love the way grey x pink looks!

>> No.10164175 [DELETED] 

It really irks me how the skirt is grey and how the jewelry is gold and the yellow on the socks.

>> No.10164591

I miss BPN more than Putumayo, a lot of their cutsews are good for casual and easier to coordinate in a comfy elegant way.

>> No.10164595

Man, I just really love casual lolita.

>> No.10164627

I am too tall for brand cutsews. Anyone have a lead on where I could get custom made or off brand ones?

>> No.10164713
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What style do you wear? I have one of those printed Chantilly dresses that I sometimes wear under a solid skirt.

>> No.10164766

How tall are you? I’m slightly above American average and too tall for AP and Baby cutsews, but Axes Femme ones fit well.

>> No.10164811

Solid colored sweet, but I dabble in classic so I will look into it! Thank you.
5'9". I will give them a shot. I had one of their blouses awhile back that I could make work, but I had to wear it under a jsk or high waisted skirt as it was just barely too short.

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>> No.10166177

I feel like the belt would be a little more flattering if it was thinner and gave her more shape. idk, it looks uncomfortable.

>> No.10166486

I actually like it with that belt - I find wider belts way more comfortable and easier to wear, they don't move around and need as much readjusting as a narrower belt.

>> No.10169009
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Miho Matsuda often styles their stuff in a wearable, comfy-looking way

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>> No.10169037

>don't post normal toned-down coords

>> No.10169040

Not that poster but that seems like a pretty fine line. Looks comfy to me. I assume OP just didn't want people to fight over if it is "casual" enough.

>> No.10169584

what skirt is this?

>> No.10169655

90% of lolita coords look comfy to me

>> No.10169659

Do you even wear lolita?

>> No.10169724

>implying lolita isn't comfy
Maybe consider wearing shit that fits you, then you'll be comfy in lolita too.

>> No.10169733

I assumed she wants to see comfy fabrics but no normal toned-down coords

>> No.10169809

nayrt but, "comfy" isnt the first word i think of when I think of wearing lolita. By the end of the day, it's the usual rip-everything-off-and-throw-it-in-a-pile kinda thing for me. Lolita shoes arent the most comfortable, plus wearing otks + bloomers +1 to 2 petticoats + a bra + blouse + JSK that I've laced up + waist tie + (for me usually) wig cap + wig + KC + makeup + usually contacts = not that comfortable after ~4 to 5 hours. Not to mention the materials-- polyester, even stiff cotton, lace, organza, elastics, lacings, buttoned up collars... Do I do it anyways and love it? of course. But no, lolita is not always "comfy".

>> No.10169818

I think to me lolita can be comfortable,but you have a good point.
>>otks + bloomers +1 to 2 petticoats + a bra + blouse + JSK that I've laced up + waist tie + (for me usually) wig cap + wig + KC + makeup + usually contacts

When I wear it just around, like not to a meet up, I can wear more comfortable shoes, like oxfords or flat tea party shoes. I might lace my JSK less tight. I do wear bloomers and a petti but I don't find those uncomfortable. No wig usually or circle lenses. Like you can make it as comfortable as you want to. Just don't post online.

>> No.10169824

Why not post online? You don't have to wear a circle lenses and a wig to make a nice coord, wtf

>> No.10169826

>lolita shoes aren't the most comfortable
Get better shoes
You can also wear ankle socks or tights if that's such an issue for you
Bloomers are very comfy. Don't see how this is an issue unless you live somewhere really hot. In which case, no one is going to judge you for wearing bike shorts, because ideally no one will see them anyway.
>1-2 petticoats
If you're just wearing it daily you should only be wearing one. I'd recommend a hoop skirt if you want nice poof without all the layers.
>a bra
Yeah no shit.
Yeah no shit. You can also wear cutsews if you don't have comfy blouses. Or OPs.
>JSK that I've laced up
OPs and skirts exist. As someone who wears lolita almost daily, cutsews and skirts are the best. Bonus for skirts with a built in petti so you get one less layer.
>Waist tie
Not all dresses have them, and most waist ties are detachable. Just take them off if you hate them so much lol.
>wig cap + wig + usually contacts
What the fuck. If you're just out living your life this is really too much. Go all out for meetups or tea parties or whatever, but I can't imagine this on a daily basis. No wonder you don't find lolita comfy.
If you're wearing your natural hair this shouldn't be an issue.
Yeah no shit. You should wear makeup with your normie clothes too.

Seconding. Not wearing OTT doesn't make a coord bad and it's 100% okay to post casual/daily stuff online.

>> No.10169835

Nayrt but I think the biggest factor is that you have to wear a petticoat which always gets in the way and feels less comfy for me. Stuff like >>10147501 and >>10147499 look great though. Tbh the only outfit I’d really consider comfy are pajamas with no other layers. Thankfully cutsew dresses are a thing

>> No.10169837

omg autist anon chill tf out. I was giving an example of how lolita can "not be comfy" even when everything fits. I didnt say I hated it, I even said I love it and continue to do it.

hell, even when im not in lolita i'm wearing heels/tights/business clothes/makeup/styled hair, its just as much effort.

you need to chill. I wear lolita very frequently and wear casual coords as well, I was making a point that "comfy coords" might be interesting to see because not all coords are comfy! I'm not even going to reply to all your weird callouts bc I dont need to one up your sperg.

>> No.10169925

I 100% agree, but you can't deny people are going to be shitty about it here.
Anything I have posted online doesn't have wigs or contacts, but if I am just wearing a simple cutsew something super casual I don't bother. It isn't worth the negative attention you end up with.

>> No.10169937

this. it is online. on my IG. that's good enough for me. no rush to get my self esteem shat on just to quell some gull

>> No.10170056

I mean, that's the thing. Lolita is usually fitted and has a particular silhouette which requires multiple layers of clothing. Even when it's relatively comfortable, it's not comfy like wearing a kigu or giant hoodie is unless you're in a cutsew dress without a petticoat.

>> No.10170087

wearing a petticoat is all it takes for some of us to be uncomfortable. in "comfy" clothes i feel like i can move my body however i want. i don't feel that way in a petti at all because i'm worried about crushing it, exposed it, hitting things with it, being careful with it while using the bathroom, etc. not to mention that having to constantly worry about a headpiece/headband is also uncomfy. headbands give me headaches and other shit needs to be bobbypinned.

obviously i enjoy it but "comfy" is relative

>> No.10170089

why are you worried about crushing a petti? nothing is going to happen to it unless you mean slamming it in a door then walking away and tearing it.

>> No.10170095

Anyone else just not wear makeup anymore?
Takes me ten minutes to get ready now, life changing

>> No.10170098

I haven’t let myself go so no, I still wear it

>> No.10170101

it doesn't take that long to slap on eyeliner and blush, it takes like a minute. the options aren't between "full face" and nothing.

>> No.10170103

Well good for you then

>> No.10170110

I would bet money you’re going to get fat. The first sign is not putting on makeup any more, then it’s an extra 5lbs, and then 10, then 20. Then you’re showering once a week since it hurts your back to stand in the shower because you’re obese.

>> No.10170112

You say this but I've often stayed dressed in lolita after coming home just because I felt too cute and comfortable to take it off. Lolita is fitted, yes, but unless you're suffocating yourself with your back lacing or waist ties, it's not comparable to something like a tightly laced corset. Maybe it's just me but properly fitting lolita clothing usually just feel like a soft hug around my torso; if you feel constrained when you're dressed up then you might be doing something wrong.

>> No.10170114

i just don't see why you can't still get ready in 10-12 minutes. what exactly were you doing for makeup before? how long do you normally take to apply mascara and blush?

>> No.10170118

Nice projection lmfao
I have skincare and exercise routines because I'd rather /actually/ look good than layer cake on until I look presentable, unlike you

>> No.10170120

Okay well I'm slow at makeup then, fuck me for dropping a line

>> No.10170142

i'm just asking what you do for makeup, no need to get defensive. i'm not the same person calling you fat or whatever.

>> No.10170147

You can’t even be bothered to put on mascara, blush, and a lip product. I really doubt you can be bothered to look after yourself in other areas.

>> No.10170151

please just ignore bait. have some self restraint.

>> No.10170197

Anon is it that hard to imagine that not everyone has the same physical sensations about clothing/fabric/etc as you? My lolita fits. Wearing essentially three waistbands of bloomers tights and petti is enough to make my stomach ache after a long day, and no, I’m not a landwhale. I take my work clothes off the second I get home. No one is “doing something wrong” for changing out of lolita...

>> No.10170201

Nayrt and this is OT but mascara and blush can go a long way and take 2 seconds.

>> No.10170202

This is such an insane conclusion to jump to. Ntayrt but that should go without saying- I don't wear make up daily but I do still wear it.

I'm also in the midst of losing a lot of weight - 15lbs n counting. So explain this wild middle aged woman stereotype you've come up with.

>> No.10170204

>not everyone has the same physical sensations about clothing/fabric/etc as you
Yea but I feel like those people are just special snowflakes. Who the fuck has this as a common complaint about clothing in general. Think about it.

>> No.10170206

Nobody cares about what a fatty has to say

>> No.10170210

>doesn’t wear makeup

You’re kinda proving anons point

>> No.10170228


>> No.10170230

No one's saying that you can't be relatively comfortable, but what I'm pointing out is that I, like many others, don't find full lolita fits into what I would call "comfy". Obviously it's not as restrictive as tightlacing but that's not usually something that is a huge part of lolita, so I don't see why it being less uncomfortable than that will somehow make it comfy for everyone. It's like how some people are happy to wear tights all day and won't take them off when they get home, and others find it constricting even if they're loose enough for the waistband to need pulling up all day. If I'm wearing lolita when I come home, I usually take my legweear and petticoat off to be comfortable, but it's not like I'm going to call that a lolita outfit. Something like an AP A-line cutsew OP with a cardigan or hoodie in similar fabric, socks, and no petti is what I would actually consider comfy and still recognisable as lolita.

>> No.10170251

Did you even read what I said? I do wear make up, just not daily.

>> No.10170403

>cares enough about cleanliness to have a routine
>doesn't put something on skin that literally by design makes your skin dirtier

So does summer vacation start early for special needs schools?

>> No.10170437

Why do you have to drag special needs kids into this?

>> No.10170504

My god, this salt. Why do all of you care so much about what other people do with their face or find comfortable?
I wear makeup and lolita almost every day and I find that it doesn't take me more than 20-25 minutes to get ready. Admittedly the only makeup I wear regularly is mascara and eyeliner and my daily lolita coords tend to be toned down without a ton of jewelry or wigs.
While I find my personal style of lolita perfectly comfortable whenever I go to a con or tea party I take the opportunity to dress in an elaborate coord with a lot of poof using my more OTT dresses, and if that's the only kind of lolita you wear I can absolutely see how you want to take it off after a day of wearing it.
So maybe consider that all types of lolita are not alike and some people prefer looks that tend to be more uncomfortable.

>> No.10170505
File: 158 KB, 690x1031, 2E0DE433-A12A-4327-8C0B-DE0DA5FECF87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m the other “not always comfy” anon and I feel like >>10170204 is just trying to bait or be contrairian. Why would someone be so aggressive about this? Let’s all shut up and post comfy coords

>> No.10170587

They don't care they just want to argue with someone, anyone

>> No.10170759

I'm not baiting or being contrarian but I can see why you jumped to that conclusion.

I just hate hearing girls at meets talk about how they can't wait to get home and take off everything. Maybe they have sensory overload issues but that's not really common whether it effects you directly or not.

I get that they still want to wear the fashion but maybe they should make different fabric choices. My dresses are all different kinds of fabric as well as my blouses and petties. So it's silly to group the entire fashion into "its uncomfy for me tho!!"
Sounds like a personal problem.

>> No.10170762

Wearing clothing that makes it difficult to do something as basic as using the restroom isn’t generally comfortable for most people

>> No.10170769

Again. That is a personal problem.

I have never had an issue using the bathroom regardless of what I was wearing.

>> No.10170770

>they can't wait to get home and take off everything
Wtf? I've never heard this. Do you live in the tropics?

>> No.10171097

My comm is 300 or so members. Of all the girls I heard say this, only one still attends meets.

Let's not forget that dumb Lor video where she couldn't handle wearing it for a full day.

>> No.10178915

Is there somewhere I can find the history of lolita style?

>> No.10178918


>> No.10179471


>> No.10179497

Nayrt but the idea that lolita is inherently uncomfortable is very prevalent, to the point where girls truly believe the fashion *has* to be uncomfortable because supposedly beautiful clothes can't be comfortable. It makes them sound like toddlers that complain and cry when dressed in pretty dresses for events.

>> No.10179578


As much as I love lolita, the tights, the petticoat and the waist bands sometimes create a lot of pressure on my waist and give me a stomach ache (and yes, they all fit well) and some dresses, in combination with running around all day, make my shoulders cramp. False lashes and wigs are uncomfortable and most pretty shoes are too.
I love lolita and have worn it for 10 years, but it really isn't the most comfy thing you could wear. Sure, there are some dresses and cuts that feel like a pajama, but for the big events I just grit my teeth and deal with the discomfort for a few hours. And yes, ripping everything off when I get home feels incredible.
I think most people who complain about the discomfort mean something similar.

>> No.10179616
File: 25 KB, 315x465, image003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10179624

That's not a very good article

>> No.10179696
File: 407 KB, 166x166, ahahaha hrnngh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10179711

>asks for article
>gets an article from 2005 talking about early lolita history since everything after 2005 is well known and easily accessible via google
>wtf anon that's not what i asked for
Are you actually retarded

>> No.10179730

I didn't ask for that article. I'm saying some of the information is not very good/incomplete. I already forgot most of the article and I'm not going to read it again, but one example is that lolita brands were started by people who wore lolita and made their own clothes at their home or a tiny room in a shopping street, not mass produced.

>> No.10179938

I'm not even sure what you're trying to say here, but do tell me more if you know so much about the history yourself. Both handmade and factory-made items were a thing back then, and some lolita brands were already non-lolita brands prior to becoming lolita ones (e.g. Pretty becoming Angelic Pretty in 2001) so were already getting things made in factories...

>> No.10189895
File: 310 KB, 750x750, 15_000000001815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was restocked http://emilytemplecute-shop.com/shopdetail/000000001815/opnop/page4/order/

>> No.10190520

I've been slapping on a tinted lip balm because my lips aren't super pigmented but other than that, no make up! I'm not a daily makeup wearer anyways and have worked really hard to get good skin so I can rock it without any makeup.

>> No.10190535

Love this! Her fluffy sweater makes me wanna cuddle~

>> No.10190536

I have rosacea and literally everything I've tried made it worse. I have to wear foundation so random strangers at work don't ask me why my face is so red.

>> No.10190543

I don’t wear it much either anymore, also just tinted lip balm, maybe a glossier undereye concealer if I’m tired. The American standard of “normal” makeup has gotten so out of hand with contouring, full coverage foundation, false eyelashes, etc and I think a reaction to that is a lot of people are going for a natural look now, hence the rise of brands like Glossier. Even the major fashion houses are doing no-makeup looks. And by never being into foundation I have the best skin of anyone I know. Why spend time doing a 10 step Korean beauty regime just to slather chemicals and oils on it?

>> No.10191154

I'd have a hard time getting past the "why do you look so tired? Are you sick?" Phase

>> No.10191193

I feel you on this so much, anon. Rosacea is often the bane of my existence when it comes to deciding on doing social activities but I’ve found some really great things that’ve worked out well for me recently.

For skincare, I use Thomas Peter Roth Acne System or Fresh. Onions Face Cleanser. Then Algenist ALIVE Prebiotic Balancing Mask every maybe twice a week and of course always moisturise with something mild that isn’t greasy.

For makeup, I’ve really latched onto using K-Beauty products that are lightweight and aren’t drying to the skin. I absolutely love using Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die For Complexion Perfecter for primer in combination with MISSHA Signature Essence Cushion and IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer for any areas where I know red patches tend to show through. Then just a light dusting of whatever translucent powder I’m feeling at the time. Oh, and some type of anxiety medication could help as well, especially if you get the redness on your chest and neck. Hope this helps, fellow Rosacea-chan.

>> No.10191195
File: 71 KB, 1040x748, 3B8CB77D-B7C5-4A94-87F5-576B7C091406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10191259
File: 187 KB, 411x600, best cas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

obligatory posting of my fav casual coord ever

>> No.10191370

I stopped wearing a full face because my acne got better and I felt like I didn't need it, but I still do eyebrows and concealer. I also starting getting lash extensions which helps me look "put together" even when I'm not.

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