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So well do you eat a con and how would you rate your local con's food options? Just the chains or are there trendy places you went with outsiders wondering what the hell is going on.

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food at nearly every con is severely overpriced. good cons will give you a wristband or something so you can come back in. Just leave, go to maccas and return.

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The nachos at AX are pretty good

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I try to bring outside food if I can, otherwise you end up in line for 45 minutes to pay outrageous prices for shitty food. Some cons have a better food situation than others but you can't go wrong with a sandwich.

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I always hit up a nearby store and buy pre packaged salads and sandwiches, fresh fruit, a bin of croissants, sometimes some instant cook noodles or mashed potatoes (you can use hot water from the coffee maker for these), a couple frozen dinners. It's kinda lame being the one who ducks out of going out to eat to go back to the hotel and microwave a pot pie, but I spend about $50 for good food the whole weekend, have plenty to share with my friends, and can keep track of my calories a lot easier since I'm a fattychan trying to become healthier.

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When i attended SDCC, i brought like 2 paperbags of Chik Fil A and Smart Water inside

A Few weeks ago in WC Anaheim they had like 20 local food trucks lined up near the entrance

I dont buy food from inside the con because its the worst kind of greasy, salty and HFCS charged fast food

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For specific cons in Texas I have had an okay time with food. I am a little older now so I can valet my car and drive to things in the area if needed.
If you have that option Akon and Afest have had really good options.
A-fest is connected to a huge food court which is great.
This year they are near Deep Ellum so there will be good options if you want more "hip" options. I haven't looked into cheap or fast food in the area.

Other than that I usually just go and stock up before hand so I can splurge on one nice meal a day and have food in the room like everyone else is saying.

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