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Decided to make a Faun cos for Easterish upcoming events, there know for their exadurated features figured it fits my body and what most people say are my "ridiculous" size implants.

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Great comment....

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No offense honey, but I think you might be a little too plump to pull off that look. Leave the cosplay for skinny girls~

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You made a huge mistake somewhere along the way. Those are bigger than your head.
Reminds me of this chick on socialneko who had some that exploded. Big gore.

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>reads this while feeling my pronounced ribs under my chest
To each there own, exploded???

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my my my, someone's got a little self denial going on! Listen, since I'm such a good person let me try and get this through your dumb little bimbo wannabe skull. Your beta circlers might call you "pretty" and "cute" but honey, you've gotta lay off the doughnuts and frosting ;)
Nothing worse than a fat girl with a complex!

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>dumb little bimbo wannabe skull
Now your really fetishizing me lol.. I should go throw up

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>I should go throw up

That's a start you cow

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Can you stop fucking talking to yourself thanks.

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LOL im just laughing at the thought of you thinking im actually anorexic(I dont blame you I just really have a hard time gaining weight).

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>I just really have a hard time gaining weight
could have fooled me

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Im not...
Really? Because the biggest bags of fat on me are like 90% silicone lol.

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Silicone isn't fat, sweetie.
Gosh, did you even go to school? Or did your parents just drop you off at the waffle house everyday?

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Right...thats the idea...
It works

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y'all can't see what a fuckin' obvious photoshop job this is?

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rp’ing with shopped pics of starbuxx isn’t very nice anon

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>has never seen massive plastic filled boobies bare

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Holy fuck so many people took this bait.

Summer has come early, boys!

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>Has never heard of trollplaying
>Calls other people out on summerfagging

Man, did school get out early?

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post the others

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