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What are your unpopular cosplay opinions? From wigs to makeup to sewing and everything in between.

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darkening your skin shouldn't be as big a deal as it is. people lighten their skin with makeup all the time for it, so why not darken it with makeup?

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The answer to your question is because of the history of blackface.

I do agree that most folks don’t care as much about it as they act, and are just hopping on an opportunity to sjw better than their peers.

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Body positivity is bullshit. If you're morbidly obese no one wants yo see you dressed as sailor Mars. Use the desire to cosplay as a means to better yourself and lose weight. Also, wigs are better than natural hair. That's just a fact.

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The cosplay community is better than the lolita community. I'm active in both I've heard waaaaay more people bullied out of the lolita community than cosplay.

Most people don't care, just the people who have too much time on their hands and need something to feel outraged over.
There is nothing wrong with darkening your skin as long as you aren't doing blackface or any other racist stereotype costume.

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Yeah if you're doing it to be more accurate to the cosplay and aren't doing other elements of blackface, I don't see the problem with it and I'm really tired of the SJW shit about it.

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judging from what i see on cgl, these aren't unpopular opinions

it really bothers me when people do glamour makeup for characters that clearly don't need it or use it. Main example: tharja. Every Tharja cosplayer I've ever seen puts on 10 pounds of mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner. To me, that's super tacky and unnecessary. We get it, it's a hoe outfit, but you don't have to pretend like she's supposed to be this "baddie" - she's supposed to be a weirdo that no one likes lol. Makes me feel like they never played the game..

Also; I don't care for cosplayers that recreate the same makeup style for every character. I don't expect god-tier transformations like Alyson Tabbitha, but the tumblr nose, freckles, and thick liner/falsies is super overdone and doesn't translate from 2D to 3D well at all.

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Stop using Instagram brows and gigantic lashes for every cosplay look holy shit

Especially when you're cosplaying fresh faced young anime girls

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The artstyle in Jojo is ugly as hell and all of the cosplays from it are as well

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Not sure how unpopular an opinion this is, but I can’t stand when Jojo cosplayers draw lines on their faces. It’s definitely a trend that took off when the anime started airing, and it bothers the hell out of me because it never looks good. Bonus points if it’s just the lines and no other makeup.

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people need to stop putting glitter on for literally every cosplay. sometimes it makes sense but sometimes it’s just fuckin weird

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I really hate cartoony-styled wigs.
It doesn't matter how much effort and styling-expertise it took or how it looks 1:1 to the anime.
If it looks like a stiff mess, it's a shitty wig.

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A lot of cosplayers are turning to sex work without realizing the actual consequences of it. Even with a successful Patreon, your success won’t last longer than 10 years at the absolute most unless you transition into actual porn. I think the whole “popular costhot uwu” dream is gonna die for a lot of people within the next couple of years and hopefully the community will be better for it.

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Sailor moon is a classic

But god damn there are other mahou shoujo series out theres

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what does it matter? with the pseudonyms and amount of shoop utilized in costhottery, these girls will never be recognized after ducking out in their mid twenties

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I think a lot of it is that girls tend to age out of sex work quickly. You only have so many years in your prime before newer, younger, hotter girls start cropping up. As long as they’re careful they shouldn’t have any issue transitioning to real life but expecting this to be your career until you’re able to retire at 65 is unrealistic.

GOD this is my biggest pet peeve, you’re cosplaying a 14-year-old not a 45-year-old hooker.

Kind of contribution, but Imo a big reason cosplay minorities (black/POC, plus size) don’t get shared as much or as often is that their cosplays literally look like shit. I don’t know if it’s just my feed but the percentage of black cosplayers whose cosplays are visibly falling apart, look glued together, ill-fitted, have stringy shit hanging off, compared to whites/Asians whose cosplays look super clean and ironed and nicely tailored, is a huge difference. Maybe that’s why your shit isn’t getting shared.

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I completely agree. If we’re being honest, a good portion of black cosplayers are shit tier. They don’t do character makeup, don’t care for accuracy, and generally look mediocre. And the few that are actually good get shared. It’s just the fact is that black cosplay pool is already small and most of them are bad, so there’s like less than 50 good popularish (more than 5k followers) black cosplayers.

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It's unpopular for /cgl/ only I guess, but I don't actually mind seeing people, especially if they're kids, in bad/mediocre cosplay at cons as long as they don't expect a lot of attention for being the millionth aliexpress Deku I've seen that day.

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Agree, I wanted to get into lolita about a year ago so I started browsing the threads here but the barrier to entry is so high and too many of them are so nasty. I’ve seen so many more unironic “go kill yourself”’s out of lolitas than cosplayers. Although cosplayers I feel like are more likely to be dramatic irl.
This. Looking at you angelic days, I know you lurk here. Your LL cosplays would improve immensely if you’d cut the normie date night makeup.
I like early JoJo but from like part 5 on its so sameface, regardless of gender, and I hate how everyone praises Araki as a god.
Here’s an actual hot take from me: the term “sex worker” gives too much dignity. I know the whole female exploiting males and feminist meme over it but I just don’t agree. It’s gross dude. Especially if it’s your full time income. What’s gonna explain that big empty period of time on your resume?

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That's my sentiment.
I don't care if your cosplay is shitty or simple or slightly inaccurate or bought online or obscure, just don't expect to get your ass kissed.

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The worst part is that this girl is actually super pretty. I don't even know what happened here; like >>10147312 said, she looks 45 because of the makeup. But the photos of her out of cosplay have really fresh looking makeup and she's very pretty. So she understands makeup very well, in which case why choose makeup like this for a tomboyish 15 year old like Rin?

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A lot of the cosplayers who jumped on the 'don't blackface' bandwagon have done yellowface before, trying to make their eyes look more asian with extreme makeup and facetaping but no one has called them out on it. I understand the message, I just wish they wouldn't be hypocritical and own up to their shit.

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Counter the social justice jews by being social justice jews on them when they lighten their skin to something they're not.

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American cosplayers are ugly af compared to their asian counter parts

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I know this board is dense af but please don’t take this bait.

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Lightening your skin doesn't have any historical baggage like the whole history of blackface, so you really can't counter them with SJW shit here. The most you could try for is that you're enforcing racist notions of beauty by saying light skin is more attractive and that's a weak argument I'm not sure even SJW types would buy in terms of cosplay.

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It does, just not in Murrica. Who knew discrimination was unqiue to cultures?

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whiteface gets called out on occasion (not often, NEVER high profile) and that is exactly the argument used

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If there’s even a semi logical argument against a callout, you can’t get sjw points. Therefore no one is going to attempt a skin-lightening call out.
You gotta remember these kids don’t actually know anything about oppression and are just making waves to look cool in the eyes of their e-friends.

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The alternative would be much worse. I'd take a stiff cartoony wig or a limp, unimpressive, and lifeless one any day

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There's a line between out-of-the-bag wigs and a stiff foamcore mess, that's really where I like wigs to be.

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Well even if the character is a loner who no one likes who probably wouldn’t wear makeup in real life, she’s drawn very glamorously. Most characters are, hence the heavy makeup.

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because a big ass country have a shit load of racial issues so the rest of the whole world don't have the right to do it

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>Lightening your skin doesn't have any historical baggage
Neither does darkening your skin.
relating darkening your skin to blackface is no different than relating cosplay to blackface.

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I mean, I personally don't care, but you really don't see how other folks can look at white people darkening their skin to perform a character and relate it to a tradition of white people darkening their skin to perform a character?

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I understand what you're saying and agree to an extent but the sentiment behind blackface and the sentiment behind "I want to cosplay this racially ambiguous tanned skin anime character" are very different.

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I tried to explain that to someone. They posted on Facebook how trans/POC are not getting as much attention. His brilliant idea was to only pose for pictures if the photographer had taken pictures of either blacks or trans. I committed to God awful sin of suggesting maybe their cosplay isn’t that great, or they just didn’t want to shoot another “what’s hot right now” cosplay. (How many Tony Stark in sunglasses and Black Sabbath shirts can there be?) Big surprise, he blocked me.

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>only pose for pictures if the photographer had taken pictures of either blacks or trans
How would you even know that though? I don't know the history of every person that holds a camera at me, not to mention you can't always tell by looking at someone if they're trans.
Facebook logic is some next-level shit.

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Honestly, are you going to ask every photog who stops you what their handle is, go to their page while they stand there, and check and see who they’ve shot? If I were that photog I’d walk away.

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Yep. I'm pretty color blind as far as race when it comes to cosplay. But if your costume is shitty, it's shitty. I feel like a lot of POC cosplayers don't get the attention they want and then bitch about, blaming it on their race.
News flash: it's not your race, it's your shitty costume. No one is going to give you attention just for being a race other than white.

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sorry for off topic but do you or someone know some good POC cosplayer ?

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Not personally, I usually see a lot of the good POC cosplayers I follow during 28 days of black cosplay; try looking through the tag, I tend to share or follow ones whose photos reflect good craftsmanship.

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off the top of my head

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This is straight up wrong and you know it.

Only on 4chan, folks!

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the problem is cute white girls with awful construction absolutely DO get undeserved attention and people are way more critical of cosplay quality when it’s a black or latino cosplayer

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This, desu. I've seen more than enough white girls and ~boiz~ with shitty closet costumes, a wig slapped on some photoshop and a bikini and wrinkled, ill-fitting low quality aliexpress "costests" still be popular. You can look through basically any popular character tag on Instagram for evidence.

I don't personally care about popularity, but its disingenuous to say it's only due to low quality construction. People drown manic pixie waifs like Ahripop in fame for basically nothing other than being cute white girls in storebought, unironed cosplays.

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I hate the jojo lines people draw too. It’s always ugly and makes the entire cosplay look like a mess. I’ve seen so many people have it ruined by bad rain weather which gets a good chuckle out of me

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>99.9% of Ochako cosplayers

>> No.10148539

This. I hate when people claim to be shoujo fans without watching more than one series. Being a fan of (1) shoujo and being a shoujo fan are very different.

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I love how you emphasized costests. They're never fucking costests. These assholes are just too lazy to put in effort and never do shit beyond getting the wig.

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thank you for confirming my unpopular opinion lol

another topic: I think it's okay for people that make great cosplays to not be cosplayers after that. happened to my bf; he spent 4 months making one big armor cosplay and people were constantly pressuring him about when the next one was coming up, is he gonna make a social media page, etc. but he just made it for himself and he didnt enjoy it anymore after he'd worn it 4 or 5 times. I think the cosplay community can be overly invasive too, like your life doesn't have to revolve around it 1000%.

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Anyone who publicly complains about meme cosplay is a gate keeping faggot who hates fun and should immediately be gassed.

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>I think the cosplay community can be overly invasive too, like your life doesn't have to revolve around it 1000%.
Oh fucking hell, absolutely.
People act like it's a sin if you're not obsessed with becoming cosplay famous.

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What's your favorite meme cosplay? Mine was a dude wearing a runescape "looking for gf" costume. He walked by so fast I couldn't give a compliment or get a picture.

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If black girls are cute they will get the same attention.

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What did I say that you think is wrong?

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nah. even the most popular black costhots pale in comparison (lel) to popular white costhots

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Ugh, I feel this so hard with Tharja. Not even just the makeup, but Tharja’s personality is in direct contrast with her outfit, she’s reserved and awkward and not at all like the thotty way most cosplayers portray her.

Along those same lines, just HATE how every character has to be lewded these days. Especially characters that are minors, even if the cosplayer is an adult. Just feels gross to me.

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I never would've guess that about her character. I know nothing about her beyond the way cosplayers portray her, but I absolutely thought she was a confident, sassy, and domineering woman.

I saw a lewded Platelet cosplayer once and felt a little piece of hope die inside of me

>> No.10148807

Exactly my point. Tharja's actually a really well-written and interesting morally ambiguous character, she was actually one of my favourite the first time I played Awakening (and that was without influence from the fanbase since I wasn't involved with it yet, and I'm also a straight woman). It pisses me off so much that she ended up with an outfit like that, not because I don't think it's cute, but because it's led to the total bastardisation of her character by outsiders. I cringe every time I see those all those "sexy Tharja" cosplays, because they obviously haven't played the game, or if they have, they're just looking to lewd whatever they can.

>lewded Platelet
Dear god I need eye bleach just from reading that.

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People can’t help their preferences and the sad fact is a pretty white girl is more desirable than a pretty black girl in a majority white and Asian hobby.

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Cosplay in general is in such a boring state as all we care about is static glamor shots in interchangeable backgrounds.

>> No.10149013

speak for yourself, there are tons of people who really care about quality of the craft and taking artful photos

>> No.10149116

That's true, but that's unfortunately a smaller portion of the cosplay community at large.

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I tend to enjoy groups doing Russians in Adidas clothes blasting Tripaloski and squatting.

>> No.10149188

I unironically like that too although I haven't seen it much at anime conventions

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Fujoshits need to fucking stop. They’re making some creepy fetishistic over sexualized and exaggerated mockery of gay men under the guise of being “LGBT”. Imagine if men dressed as tsuyu and ochako to makeout and act as slutty and ooc as possible to satisfy their creepy lust. Fujos are just as bad as dudes that fetishize lesbians.

>> No.10149257

I completely agree with this, fujos are disgusting. But every cosplayer doing a gay ship isn’t a fujo.

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I’d say MHA fans and jojos are the worst about it, at least in recent years.

>> No.10149352

two women making out for their own gratification is inherently lgbt though? unless you want to argue that they each see themselves as female and the other as male or something

>> No.10149489

>under the guise of being “LGBT”
What does that even mean.
Two women kissing seem fairly gay to me.
I'm not sure what even bothers you about it. How is it any different than non-cosplay straight couples?

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Cherry picked that part and ignored the rest. Fujo, have a seat.

>> No.10149514

you can say whatever bs about women you want as long as you put ‘fujo’ or ‘straight’ in front of it, apparently

>> No.10149536

exactly; even now im still struggling with a former friend talking shit about me 5 years later and i don't even cosplay much, like a couple of times a year. i don't understand the people that are that obsessed, outside of the community you're just any average joe lol. but fuck me, people think they are celebrities so they can treat people who actually do it for fun like shit

>> No.10149546

Fujos are wierd, but they are nowhere near as bad as men who sexualise lesbians since at least they get their gratification from fictional characters and each other.

>> No.10149547

>Fujos are just as bad as dudes that fetishize lesbians.
Nah there's a huge difference. You sound like someone who'd say people who say "I hate men" are sexist

>> No.10149549

>at least they get their gratification from fictional characters
Generally that's true but there are some that get off on shipping real people like actors, k-pop band members, youtubers, etc.

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to sum it up, she is textbook yandere when she links up with whatever character you pair her with; but otherwise she is cold/threatening to the other characters, to the point that she is disliked by most. so yeah, it is very jarring to see her interpreted as a thot by cosplayers who clearly never played the game.

>> No.10149562

I didn't ignore the rest. That part specifically is what made the least sense and wasn't answered by the rest of the comment.

>people who say "I hate men" are sexist
but thats literally true. What else does the word sexist mean to you if not the unequal treatment of men and women?

>> No.10149627

Fucking this. I am so sick of people pretending that racism against black people is the only racism that exists

>> No.10149641

>that they each see themselves as female and the other as male or something
Pretty much.
Gay shit is LGBT, yes, but yaoi is just straight porn where they both have dicks.
If you look at a lot of yaoi art made by women, one dude is made to be overly feminine, representing the girl in the relationship.
They're getting better about legitimately showing two guys, in the west anyway. Japanese fujos haven't really changed.

>> No.10149702

wait, so to be clear, if I, a man, have sex with a feminine looking man, thats straight?

>> No.10149720

no, no, you have to be a crossdressing woman having sex with a woman dressed as a crossdressing man. THAT’S straight

>> No.10149735

isn't the whole appeal of yaoi to depict men as feminine instead of their typical toxic masculine self like a form of escapism

>> No.10149750


idk as a confused teenage girl i felt that yaoi helped me a lot with accepting i liked grils, interestingly enough. granted there was a lot of actual misogyny in the community with hating on girl characters and fanfics hilariously offed them or wrote them out, but in a way they normalized a lot of lgbt to teenage girls, even if it wasn't in a very kosher way at first.

eventually i grew away from that, but i'm still searching for that written lesbian romance that isn't about coded lesbianism or being LGBT and just about two people who love each other.

>> No.10149785

Thanks for the summary. I feel bad that's she been done so dirty like this.

>> No.10149790

No. Feminine men are one class of yaoi archetype, but it's not the main appeal. The main appeal is to watch men get it on and get together. That's like saying there's only 1 category of straight porn.

>> No.10149804

>to watch men get it on and get together
And that's bad because...?

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If you're a dedicated enough cosplayer to have a cosplay social media page, you should be making cosplays instead of buying them. Otherwise, you're not showing off anything but your shit-tier modeling abilities. Worst of all, some of them think they deserve to be paid for their shitty modeling career. The amount of times I asked to take a photo with some rando character from the series I'm cosplaying, only for them to give me their insta business card? Way too many damn times. And every time, it's someone who's got a shitty cosplay that's obviously bought, and I just laugh in "made my cosplay head to toe". If you're this self-absorbed, get bent.

I'll add that I assumed the hobby would be a lot more focused on making cosplays rather than buying them (before I got into it), but seeing the vast amount of people in it that think they've "made it" in the scene without actually making anything is insane.

I know it's gatekeepy.

>> No.10149849

I didn't say it was bad, I said that was the main appeal.

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oh please, the figure itself portrays her as a thot. please stop virtue signaling

>> No.10149893

Not calling you a Nazi, but blackface is kind of like the toothbrush mustache - in a vacuum it's probably fine, but it's not quite far enough back in history to escape the really negative connotations it held.

>> No.10149899

That’s the problem. Her outfit + IS’s sexualixation of her in promo stuff is why people have such a warped perception of her character. I’m not virtue signaling, I’m just defending a character I like.

Even if the game sexualizes her (biggest boobs in the army, etc), Tharja is NOT an overtly sexual character at all in personality. Her sprites convey that well, with her pulled back and hugging a book, shadows over her eyes. She’s withdrawn, dark, cold, and awkward around others. So the portrayal of her as a super thotty goth gf dominatrix just makes me roll my eyes.
Like I said, it’s not the literal outfit I have a problem with, as I actually think it’s cute. It’s that it’s lead to such bastardization of her character.

>> No.10150020

There’s a person in my comm that’s constantly spamming photos of her version of Tharja that annoys me to no end. She wears a curly/wavy wig with it, a heavily embellished crown, a crap of body jewellery and even string lights sewn into every possible part of the fabric and still calls her cosplay ‘Tharja’. At that point, you’re just a goth belly dancer! That’s not in line with Tharja’s character at all anymore. If she posted it without the caption, I doubt anyone would’ve recognized her character. She still gets likes though.

I can’t even man....

>> No.10150065

Maybe I can explain, Ive seen multiple cosplayer who are trans/nonbinary,bi, etc saying their doing " lgbt content" instead of ship . Some even say that straight women who like and make yaoi content are the one fetishising gay men.
I personally find it rather ironic that lesbian enjoying this content is not seen as badly as straight women and you rarely see cis gay men talking about this subject .

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Cosplay and lolita and whatnot should be about having fun, not necessarily being the most accurate or ornate, and shouldn't be used as a vehicle to indulge in petty passive-aggressive bitching.

>> No.10150712

Bi guy here. Fujo stuff just makes me uncomfortable when other people try to wrap me up in it, especially cause they tend to all be into that sort of "uwu softboy" crap.

If they want to do it on their own, that's fine, but it annoys the hell out of me when they try to pull actual gay/bi guys into it.

>> No.10153773

It honestly just looks like shit every time. I don't care about the political correctness aspect of the issue, I just think face paint to make your skin look darker looks horrible no matter how well it's done. Get a tan or something.

>> No.10153816

People who vague post about getting bullied and how they're not going to accept it/how strong they are/what a shame the community is tend to always be the worst bullies themselves.

>> No.10153878

Yeah but men are way creepier and they tend to do more awful things.

>> No.10153891

>saying their doing " lgbt content" instead of ship . Some even say that straight women who like and make yaoi content are the one fetishising gay men.
I don't understand the significance of this.

>> No.10153918

It kind of grosses me out when girls that cosplay have untoned, hanging asses.

I never noticed it before working out, but now I can spot it everywhere.

>> No.10154207

seeing 5'6 women crossplay tall ojis or buffmen is honestly laughable
you're a pudgy short woman without a v frame, it's just embarissing

>> No.10154208

What’s your routine, friendo

>> No.10154362

>references the figure, which is clearly made to make money
>does not reference the game

you can be gone, thot. go cry to your patrons about how the mean internet people don't care to associate slutty clothing with slutty behavior necessarily.

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so you have a nice ass and make fun of the rest of us? hidoi....

>> No.10154441

Toned asses are better than saggy ones? Wow anon, such an unpopular opinion. So brave of you to say

>> No.10154442

My unpopular opinion is that demonizing sex work reeks of puritanical nerdiness and there is nothing inherently “undignified” about it. Costhots don’t do much worse than the lame shit actors and actresses have to do to get famous. Jobs involving fame (costhots) shouldn’t be lumped together with all sex work because wannabe famous people are always desperate.

And I’d disagree about it all being unskilled. Maybe some. But for anyone to make good money, you need the skills of a salesman. Just a pretty face or body is a dime a dozen. But people like you get so angry at the thought of attractive women having money thrown at them that you refuse to see the actual social/customer service skills inherently required in such a job, same as any cashier would need.

>> No.10154443

How do they pull you into it?

>> No.10154447

Ok but literally only hitler and Chaplin are famous for having those. Dark skin is commonplace and if you have a functioning brain, you should be able to discern ridicule from cosplay. Just look at the damn thing and ask yourself “is this person trying to be true to a character or trying to be a caricature?” It’s not that hard unless you’re a child.

>> No.10154450

There’s just no way for it to look natural. That shit always winds up looking like mud.

>> No.10154461

Ok but bitch, how are you going to put those skills on a resume? What’s going to explain that gap in your working life when someone younger and hotter than you inevitably comes along?

Also too much porn is just bad for society. You’re going to laugh at me for this but think about it: the easier it is to get porn, the less people have to work to form relationships, the easier they are to become complacent with mediocrity (especially with men seeking women). Im convinced the world would have less antisocial gamer boys if there were less porn around. And from personal experience, some of them are so smart...could have made nice advancements in society. I never wanna be a supporter of saturating the already saturated porn market with camwhore thots. Call me a nerd or prude, I don’t care.

Their excuse is usually “but the cosplayers can just take the makeup off at the end of the day and black people cant” which I think is some alarmist shit but whatever

>> No.10154463

komando is literally free headshots

>> No.10154504 [DELETED] 

>hide objective on open area
>spawn peek
>kill two left most on cams
>somehow .05 ms micro adjust on last 2 for a double headshot
shit i need to figure out how to make webms

>> No.10154515

Hello fellow radfem lol

>> No.10154519
File: 193 KB, 758x943, beautiful-black-ladies-in-victorian-era-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imo a big reason cosplay minorities (black/POC, plus size) don’t get shared as much or as often is that their cosplays literally look like shit.

Good POC cosplayer here.
I fly under the radar on purpose.
My shit is tailored, ironed, with clean AF sewing techniques.

But I do not share my stuff.
Because a not unlarge portion of fuckfaces out there think they are badasses for pointing out Ochako isn't brown, Lunafreya isn't a *igger, I'd be cute if I wasn't black, Dante doesn't have a nose like a black girl....

If those people could shut the hell up and enjoy the beautiful workmanship over shit people can't change then you would see more good POC cosplay.

>> No.10154521

Ahistorical take.jpeg

>> No.10154597

That really sucks

>> No.10154598

The same way you market any other interpersonal skills, duh.

And honestly, I also thinks porn as it is is bad for society but blaming the exploited workers in the industry isn’t logical. The racist sexist marketing shit doesn’t come from them, especially when they’re part of a larger popular porn company

>> No.10154619

“Where do you have experience with these skills? Where are the receipts for these skills?”

>> No.10154647


>If those people could shut the hell up and enjoy the beautiful workmanship over shit people can't change

You and I both know people are too busy throwing attention at girls who tape their eyes back and meitu their eyelid creases into the sun while they throw on shitty aliexpress seifukus to actually praise someone's craftsmanship.

>> No.10154769

Anon, you realize some sex workers can have bosses and references right? And being able to hold a job for years without descending into poverty is common for self-employed people. You’re acting like you’ve never seen a resume before.

>> No.10154795

>some sex workers


You’re right. SOME. If you happen to be one that doesn’t, what do you do as far as references go??

>> No.10155074
File: 87 KB, 746x950, DgBKiKsV4AAFQMM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can't believe this is an actual unpopular opinion and people are defending against it, holy fuck.

>> No.10155109

Are you actually concerned or nah

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