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Post coords with RHS

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these will never not be atrocious

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To each their own. I love them.

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Waiting for my first pair of these in the mail, how hard are they to walk in?

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honestly, the height of the platform is harder to adjust to than the... rounded part in the front? It's weird, but desu i think you'll have no trouble

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Thanks! I'm going to be wearing them to a con but I think I'll be fine if it's like a normal platform.

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Anyone have any recs for RHS for 10.5-11 US? I tried ordering from taobao a couple times but it took months for them to tell me the soles were not in stock and suggest heeled soles instead, yeah no.

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I'm really shit with high heels and generally not a really balanced walker if I'm honest, but rocking horse shoes never gave me any trouble. I've had several pairs from different manufacturers, some comfier than others, and all were fine to walk in.

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This is a great thread idea anon. RHS need more love.

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Requesting coords with the Melissa collab RHS in red or white, they're my faves

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first day I wore them, I took my usual shortcut to the bus stop which had me on very grassy paths on uneven hilly terrain. fell twice within the first five minutes. that was about 3 yrs ago. once you get your brain trained to never lean with your ankles and keep your feet straight you can even run in these. just remember they are platforms and take it easy at first. not hard to stay upright after that.

I am a us11 and I have Antaina and angelic imprint RHS. Antaina is awesome because they ask for complete foot measurements so your shoes are made truly to your size.
they ship direct and international so you should try emailing them with the models you want
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