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I love the print but I don't wear sweet, what should I do. I don't think I could coord the black colourway with a gothic blouse

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>Silent Moon rerelease when

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Out Now - Fruity Lemon:
>Baby Chicks
>Eyelet Lace as part of print
>White, Mint, Yellow

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God I am so ready for that white OP

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pls be normal print quality
pls let them release the long cut too

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i'm looking at shoe nails to repair my baby shoes (i've tried everything to fix them) and was curious if anyone had suggestions for what types of nails to use? For reference it's a pair of heart buckles and a pair of old school wooden platforms (not rhs)

Between nails and glue it should secure them properly right?

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Anon, lately, that's the only thing I've been able to think about.

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Not sure why you would think it wouldn’t be? Neo Gothic arch only got better in the rerelease

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I want the white and the Black x Blue. Hoping it's not a very limited release as I wouldnt be able to pay for two at the same time.

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yes senpai, we got a skirt cut!

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It should. But why not just take it to a cobbler in the first place?

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Baby has been making cuter prints than ap recently.

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Everyone has been making cuter prints than AP recently

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Baby always makes cuter prints than AP.

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Especially when bears are involved

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i'm stubborn and would prefer fixing it myself

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Subjective. What isn't is the fact that gulls love to be the niche of nichest group to talk about how they just don't care for overly popular AP.

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Does ww ever restock their petticoats?

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Yeah but they go fast

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Do they announce the restocks on fb? Or are there specific times when they restock?

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Not that I’ve seen, I just check back every couple of days and check what’s been added

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Bruh Neo Gothic arch was rereleased in glitter and the fucking glitter gets everywhere when you wash it.

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What taobao brand is this?

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fuck that's cute

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Oh god, now i'm scared for when i have to wash mine. I hope all the glitter doesn't completely vanish.

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Hand wash or inside out on the delicate cycle. I’ve worn and washed mine a ton since I bought it when it was first released and it still looks like new.

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I want to buy a new usakumya, is there a certain time when baby restocks them?

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Thank you!

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>Ordered Violet Fane dress from Spain on the 21st
>No shipping updates since departing country of origin on the 26th
>Ask her how long it usually takes to Canada
>7 business days
I think it's lost...

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Barbie the Stairs Were Polished Luminously

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Except Baby isn't niche at all by lolita standards. It's mainstream.

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Not really. Just follow their social media, they usually post all their releases. Baby SF recently posted about taking orders for the black Usa phone pouch.

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So is AP.

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Someone sounds bitter.

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That's excess glitter

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All those AP is taobao meme posts are fine, but someone saying something about baby makes them bitter?

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That doesn’t mean it’s bad, as stated it’s excess glitter that wasn’t sticking. As long as you take care of your garments it should be fine. It’s like you never owned a print before.

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Hey does anyone know if the Cross OP by Moitie measurements are accurate? I'm probably 95 cm in the bust but it says its bust is 93 cm. I'm only asking because I saw someone who's bust is huge fit and wear the dress pretty well. Is the material stretchy at all, or should I just save myself the money and hassle and avoid until i lose a little weight?

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And >>10146143

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No stretch at all. My bust is 90, and I loaf hard in it.

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Holy fuck, everything is so bright I didn't even notice the chickens until now. Tought they were lemons too

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Nah my other glitter prints from AP never shed so badly and my other Moitie prints are matte.

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>>10145910 >>10146442
Here are close-ups of the material from the international website... It looks like a printed chiffon maybe with glittery "swissdot" like details?

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>be me, lolita
>go grocery shopping
>want to buy lemons for my tea
>pick up a lemon
>it's furry and twitches
>it's a chicken?!

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No stretch, 93cm is the absolute max and it hits super high, so it’s best for petite people overall. I have a 90cm bust and it cut my tits in half- very bad look. Maybe the person with the huge bust was stuffing under the bust line.

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Holy Stained Glass was done in glitter and it’s literally the same and not a big issue at all. Very mild shed if you take care of it, definitely not a re-release problem. But like another anon said, it’s just a little excess, the print itself doesn’t dull/lose the glitter.

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I hate print chiffon

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This along with meta

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So tired of lolitas trying to sell their worn clothes for the same price they paid or more, and then complaining nobody buys it

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I sometimes see listings of items I sold to the seller and I have to shake my head at the price. I saw one person sell a dress I sold her for $100 more and neglect to say it had some damage. And this was after the dress was re-released and lost a lot of value as many similar dresses had appeared in the meantime. She ended up selling it for slightly less than she paid for it and I had given her a great deal.

Some people assume that all dresses go up in value.

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It's artificially inflating the prices of the market and is so retarded to do like how does inflating the price of a dress barely anyone wants except a niche section of the community benefit anyone other than the seller?
>gemgem selling an ugly ass old dress for $140 when she paid $70 for it
>have seen said dress sell regularly for under $40 in other places

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I'm not talking about scalpers. I'm talking about people who owned a skirt for a couple of years but claim they've never worn it and try to sell it for 200 euro even though you can buy it for 6000 JPY elsewhere.

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Same, it really makes me miss the old egl comm sales rules (no re-posts unless you give a discount). I keep seeing the same stuff on our local comm sales group for the same prices re-posted or bumped for months. Then at meets the sellers complain about how slow the secondhand market is now.

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>I'm talking about people who owned a skirt for a couple of years but claim they've never worn it

Do you really think that doesn’t happen? I’ve had lots of pieces Ive bought but never ended up wearing and saved them for years thinking I would only to eventually realize I wouldn’t and sell. A lot of the items were NWT/NWOT too.

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The one that gets me is when I'm sold something in "good condition" but there are a dozen undisclosed tiny problems with it when it arrives; so if / when I have complained about it the seller and LM mods are dismissive because it's "otherwise not in bad condition".

example; I once got a clean (smelled like fresh soap) cotton dress that was covered in cat hair and it was faded. Neither of these points were disclosed and were both waved off as minor / "it's still wearable". If all of this had been disclosed as "wearable dress, but will need to be laundered" then I still probably would have bought it, but advertising it as "good condition and ready to wear" vs. what it was actually like made me feel mislead. It's that weird grey zone of technically not ripping you off but leaving a sour taste in the mouth that really gets me; because there's no grounds then for you to do anything about it.

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I don't think it never happens, but it doesn't happen as often as people claim. Either way, if it was in your closet for several years it isn't really new anymore and we can get it cheaper from Japan. I also some people claim their clothes are "second-hand but never worn by me or the previous owner" when it's more like.. Fifth-hand according to the items' history that you can easily find on lacemarket.

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She literally does that with some pieces tho

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>Either way, if it was in your closet for several years it isn't really new anymore and we can get it cheaper from Japan

If it still has the tags yes it is, and if it doesn’t because a Japanese SS removes them but has never been worn not even to try on yes it is. And you have no idea how I personally price my items. You sound delusional.

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I once received an OP without the underdress and the seller said she didn't know there was supposed to be an underdress. Which would be reasonable, if the OP wasn't somewhat see-through. But the person she bought it from also didn't tell her so nothing to be done.

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If your clothes aren't over-priced, why do you act like this is about you

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I've also owned unworn pieces for years, but i have a big wardrobe and if i don't like something i'm really lazy about selling it.

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Just to be clear, you can price your worn or new clothes however you like, but I am tired of people complaining about their shit not selling and spamming the search results with re-posts like >>10146525 mentions

>> No.10146538

Anon was acting like people don’t buy shit and let it sit in their closet without wearing it ever. And then they went and said stupid shit like NWT and NWOT items aren’t new.

>> No.10146541

I think most girls with large wardrobes do this to some extent. I have to think people like >>10146521 just have small wardrobes.

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Nobody said that sweaty, she said it's not really new anymore and you can't sell it for the same price as when it was a new release because you can buy it secondhand cheaper now. There's no point blaming buyers for that as some people like to do.

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>how slow the secondhand market is now.
I just tried to buy an AP skirt on lacemarket, thought about it for 10 minutes, and now it's sold to somebody else. It wasn't even a very good deal.

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I’m currently selling a whole bunch of NWOT/tried on once pieces after keeping them in storage (separately from my active wardrobe) for 2+ years because I’m a huge wuss about selling online, and I’m kind of worried people think I’m lying even (especially?) if I’m only asking like half of retail...

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Suya suya toys and I think that flower egg garden have the same chiffon as this. Here's a close up pic of my suya suya toys, it's hard to describe but they're like raised shiny dots made out of tiny strands of slightly stiffer material very much like swiss dots. It has quite a nice effect.

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>being a newfag

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The fashion show models both look a million times better then Fanny. She looks great in classic but terrible in Moitie. For the love of Mana please stop letting Fanny model for you!!!

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It really depends on the type of item and the price range. Of course there's still going to be items that sell well and items that hang around for a long time.
I personally have been surprised by how fast the stuff I put up on lacemarket has sold lately. I've sold five items in the past few months, three of which being main pieces, and I've only had to relist one of them.
That being said my stuff was very low-priced so with cheap items where it's not as big a commitment to buy it makes sense that it'd move faster.

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If you're not spamming the search results you have nothing to worry about

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Sometime says that every single time fanny wears Moitie, but I don't see it. I think she looks good and should wear gothic more often.

>> No.10146592

Except she did. Anon mentioned having NWT and NWOT items and then the other anon said they weren’t new anymore. Get some fucking reading comprehension

>> No.10146593

Someone says that every single time Fanny wears Moitie, but I don't see it. I think she looks good and should wear gothic more often.

>> No.10146594

I read it as "not really new anymore" as in it used to be a new purchase but now it's several years old. She didn't say you're not allowed to list it as NWT anymore or something like that.

>> No.10146595

That’s dumb as shit given the context of lolita.

>> No.10146596

That doesn’t make sense because old releases can go for higher than newer ones depending on what it is, so it not being “new” in that way means literally nothing in the lolita market.

>> No.10146600

It makes sense if you read the original comment. This argument is about sellers who re-list/re-post their clothes for months without lowering the price, and complain it doesn't sell. If you're selling something that's never been worn, that doesn't automatically mean it has the same market value as when it was just released.

>> No.10146602

See >>10146596. Literally nobody said it would have the same market value either.

>> No.10146603

I agree, the show models looked nice and so does she- I especially love this set on her.

>> No.10146604

That doesn't look even remotely gothic though...
I agree with ayrt, I'm all for Moitie being worn in different ways, but when it comes to their models the brand calls for a certain aesthetic and FR doesn't fit it.

>> No.10146607

My theory is that re-posting it to lacemarket/facebook all the time lowers the market value, because it makes people feel like it will always be available

And nobody said it's not NWT or NWOT, just that it isn't "really" new anymore and you can buy it cheaper secondhand.

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I don't subscribe to the notion that EGL has to look like ~true goth~, I was referring to gothic lolita

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>And nobody said it's not NWT or NWOT

Except they did.>>10146531 >>10146526. Learn to read dumbass.

>> No.10146611

Fuck me it posted before I was finished.

>anon states items are NWT
>someone says they aren’t new anymore
>retards backtrack and say they meant they aren’t new releases even though that’s obvious to anyone with a brain

>> No.10146612

If you bought something 3 years ago it's not new. It may be unworn and you can list it as NWT but it is still 3 years old.

>> No.10146613

Do you not know what NWT means? It means NEW with tag

>> No.10146614

Holy shit are you really this stupid? “New” in lolita 9 out of 10 times refers to the condition, and that is what the original anon was talking about, not the date an item was released. Anyone who’s in the fashion should know that. Stop being so autistic.

>> No.10146615

You're the only one who read it that way lol

>> No.10146618

No they aren’t.

>> No.10146620

I'm starting to think you're one of those people who keeps re-posting their stuff for the same price with 1 shitty picture over and over again and things it will automatically sell because it's brand

>> No.10146621

>I don’t understand common lolita terms so you must be someone I don’t like!!

Stupid confirmed.

>> No.10146623

I'm not that anon, I just think you didn't see the word "really" in her comment and now your brain is breaking

>> No.10146625

>now your brain is breaking
>I’m totally not her!!!!

Sure Jan.

>> No.10146626

If you follow AP, that's not true at all. NWT obviously refers to the condition, but the original anon meant no longer a new release. AP follows trends so there's less value in older releases (unless it was a bloodbath on release and even then not always).

>> No.10146627

Where did >>10146526 say it was AP though?

>> No.10146630

If they didn't know the meaning of NWT why did they reply with its not really new and then went on to mention the value went down? Unless you felt called out by the original comments about over-priced listings Idk why you're shitting up the thread

>> No.10146631

>because I’m a huge wuss about selling online
I don't blame you for feeling that way. I'm almost starting to think I'm going to move to a model of buying non-main piece items through LM and buying/selling main piece items through eBay so I can take advantage of their policies, which are more in-line with pay pals policies.
LM's rules do not line up with pay pals, with the understanding that if you don't like their rules then that kind of defeats using their service. Which I get, completely, and in a perfect world I think LMs rules are nicer for everyone. But there are too many people at this point taking advantage of their attempt to make a more community friendly platform.

>> No.10146635

>You must have felt called out!
>continuing to strawman

Retards not knowing what NWT means or misreading and then backtracking, that’s why.

>> No.10146636

You should take a deep breath and re-read the thread later

>> No.10146638

>/cgl/ is now triggered over people relisting items to sell

I thought I’d seen it all but this is truly a new level of dumb unlocked.

>> No.10146639

You first dumbass.

>> No.10146640

You'd have to be painfully new to the fashion to read it any other way.

>> No.10146642

That was an example.

>> No.10146646

You should try considering context, like the other words in a comment

I'm only triggered by people who keep re-posting and bumping the same stuff and drowning out actual new posts

>> No.10146649

The context of it still doesn’t make reading it as it’s not new any more because it was released a while back any less retarded.

>> No.10146650

You know that there is a way to specifically only look at new listings, right? All of your autismposting could have been avoided if you’d use your brain for a second. Your new is showing like crazy.

>> No.10146651

Let's be honest 90% of lolitas only cares about AP

>> No.10146652

Nayrt, but some users delete their old listing and make a new one. It's frustrating especially if you're interested in the item and want to save it.

>> No.10146653

Nayrt but how can I make it differentiate between new posts and re-posts? And how can I stop seeing their over-priced things things on my feed because someone "left a comment"?

>> No.10146656

She should wear gothic more often, but I wish she could style it on her own way. I love her fashion sense and it matches her, but this Moitie way of styling her is so bad.

>> No.10146662

Don't even try to pin that on context. It was clear because complaining about release date newness is literally not something anyone in the fashion would reference on a nwt listing which the op comment you sperged out on clearly stated. Sorry, but if op had bought something nwt and it sat in their closet FOREVER before they decided to sell it, it really is still REALLY new.

>> No.10146666

So you think a non-lolita came here to complain about lolitas complaining about their "new" clothes not selling?

>> No.10146667

Ugh this model is so beautiful in that dress

>> No.10146671

Nayrt but it’s probably a larping crossboarder. They don’t seem to actually know lolita terms.

>> No.10146738

I think she looks beautiful

>> No.10146749

her hair looks so stringy and unkempt here. Otherwise very pretty.

>> No.10146751

How is any of this lolita?

>> No.10146770

She doesn't call herself lolita and kera isn't strictly lolita how new are you

>> No.10146771

Does Jane marple ever have sales? With GW coming up I’m hesitant to buy now if they may have a sale soon

>> No.10146789

She looks really lovely. I’ve been following fr for almost 10 years and this moitie gig is so nice to see.

>> No.10146796

I did this to a dress that I got for a steal cause the original owner didn't attempt to clean it.
Listed it as major damage but everything washed out with cold water. Held on to it for a couple months then sold it because it didn't suit me after all. Tacked on cleaning costs for my work and the dry cleaners. Was still about 100 under retail and I regret selling it because I loved the cut.

>> No.10146807

Only twice a year in January and July

>> No.10146815

What are the best shoes for roris with small feet? US 2.5 JP 21.5 here, I don't mind having bigger shoes though.

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File: 31 KB, 500x600, 9DDC036A-55A3-49C3-A786-E5BFCADA0890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This may belong in a stupid question thread, but I’m looking to purchase a dress on LM, and I can’t find any information on it. The picture on the listing is from AP’s website, but when I reverse image search it, nothing shows up on lolibrary or the AP website. I wanted to know when it was released and do a bit more research on it but it seems impossible.

>pic related

>> No.10146830

You won't find anything on lolibrary because they barely update it. AFAIK that dress was released last year

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Automatic Honey announced a new collection. This time it's going to be a pre-order instead of a limited run. I wonder what changed their mind, was it all the hate that got thrown their way for being "exclusive" or did they just realize they'd make more money this way?

>> No.10146838

Kill yourself ASAP

>> No.10146839

It's called Unicorn Mermaid. It was released in May of 2018. The OP was about 33k yen and included the choker.

>> No.10146853

I do that when the condition changes and it needs new pics. If things don't sell I'll often wear them and then it needs all new pictures and description. It would be lying to use the old listing after wearing it

>> No.10146863


Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it hasn't been updated. There's tons of drafts ready, just unpublished. We're waiting for more admin fixes.

>> No.10146864

Then just edit the old listing.

>> No.10146865

You guys are slow as shit. My 90 year old grandfather with dementia could do a quicker job.

>> No.10146869

>expecting things to be trackable in canada with your postal service

>> No.10146889

I just got the email that my nekokumya pre-order is on its way. I’m so gd excited!

>> No.10146912

Uhhhhh I'm JP 22.5 and I'm a 5.5 US. Do you mean mens sizes there?

>> No.10146921
File: 483 KB, 1210x521, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she really wants $20+ for a postcard that was free from AP....whack

>> No.10146934

Not gonna lie I once spent $150 on a set of four postcards. Not gonna lie, that was a dark time.

>> No.10146937

Different hobby (video games) but I have absolutely sold and traded pre-order or event freebies. If you can’t get it for free any more, and you want it, you’re going to have to buy it from someone who managed to get it.

>> No.10146938

People are more chill in other hobbies about this kind of thing

>> No.10146940

Stuff is usually trackable here...

>> No.10146942

Nayrt but I brought Baby heart buckets to a cobbler before and they fell right apart again after an hour or so of wear.

>> No.10146951

Would you say a mixture of glue and nails would work? I feel like the nails will for sure work best on the wooden platform ones but since the heart buckles have that platform it's harder to tell. Are the platforms hollow?

>> No.10146957

why wouldn't you return to the cobbler that fixed them and complain? with any luck they would at least attempt a better fix, possibly for free.

>> No.10146959

It literally says lolita singer

>> No.10146961

You need to stop calling everyone new all the time lol how embarrassing

>> No.10146962

This is why I never use her as an ss. I'm afraid she might just snatch a good deal that is linked to her and then tells her customers it's sold out.

>> No.10146963

nayrt but if you think it's one person going around calling everyone new then you probably are new to cgl. it's our favorite meme

>> No.10146973

Either scalp it or keep it for herself

>> No.10146975

Yes I thought there is only 1 anon calling people new in every thread several times a day, you got me! I feel so hurt you called me new!

>> No.10146992
File: 109 KB, 1427x1252, 53921550_10214344908279330_9035391690654875648_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Imagine being this booty bothered over being new

>> No.10147000

>it's our favorite meme
Speak for yourself. And if anyone is new here it's the anon who didn't recognise ロリィタ in the title of the article.

>> No.10147009

Pretty sure they were sarcastic. The "u r new" shitposting only got really bad in the past 1-3 years when many people who didn't and still don't understand how to use 4chan lingo joined.

>> No.10147019

This. Theres a dedicated group of morons who come here to just repeat memes.

>> No.10147021

Ah, sorry about the misconception then. I hope you guys get the fixes soon, keep up the good work!

>> No.10147022

Thanks so much!

>> No.10147075

As someone who collects these: this is a normal price for a new AP postcard. Only really really old ones are rather cheap when they are in a set.
Also, I think it’s ok for a ss to sell the freebies. The ss fees are barely worth the trouble, so getting a few extra bucks are just fair.

>> No.10147080

Her hair looks messy as fuck but at least the fringe suits the look more.
Still looks more classic on her than anything, I prefer the styling of the fashion show models more too.

>> No.10147101

Seriously? Why don't people just go to the shop and get them for free or ask the SS for them to be included with their order? I have so many AatP and JetJ postcards I don't even know where they are.

>> No.10147112

AP doesn't have free postcards you can only get them if you spend 30,000 yen or something so if you don't like the newest releases you're out of luck

>> No.10147121

who frickin cares

>> No.10147139

Tried to buy the fancy crepe accessories and before it was even 2:00, they were all sold out - how even? I looked at my phone and computer clock, it was only 1:59

>> No.10147142

Omg same. I kept refreshing like crazy. They were gone by 12:02. Fucking how???

My levels of salt are insane.

>> No.10147146

Ah, precious newfags. Little do you realize how common this was just a few years back.

>> No.10147147

I understand everything being gone by 12:02 - I don't understand how stuff was gone before it was even able to be purchased
>probably been wearing lolita longer than you but go off I guess

>> No.10147149

If you’ve really worn it for longer than me you wouldn’t be surprised and you’d know why that happened but okay. We all know it was babbys first bloodbath for you.

>> No.10147150

>probably been wearing lolita longer than you but go off I guess
> I don't understand how stuff was gone before it was even able to be purchased

these two things directly contradict each other nonny

>> No.10147156

The add to cart buttons were up before 12:00 this time around, which is why they sold out quickly. When they go up ranges, because the AP USA Strawberry Doll release had the add to cart button not appearing until 12:03. It's best to refresh 1-5 minutes prior to the release time and just be vigilant the next time.

>> No.10147158

I've also been around forever but was not interested in AP releases back then. There hasn't been a dress bloodbath in a long time and the new lemon dress as well as the solids are still up and probably will be up for weeks. I wasn't expecting this with accessories.

>> No.10147160

I did, the buy button never appeared for me and it was sold out by a minute before 12. I guess I'm just unlucky
I bought something from the original dream sky release and just remember the site crashing moreso than stuff already being sold before the actual release but that was 8 years ago...
>holy shit that was 8 years ago

>> No.10147161

Fully QQ over the fruity lemon bloodbath, what is the US stores strategy for what gets ticketed or not?

>> No.10147168

> There hasn't been a dress bloodbath in a long time

This isn’t true.

Sure Jan.

>> No.10147200

Maybe something went wrong with the production in Myanmar so they only had a handful to sell

>> No.10147236

You have to spend a certain amount AND it has to be the print that’s on the postcard to get it. Also, it’s just one per person, so if a SS has more than one customer only one gets it. I know because I asked Muuh and they give it to the customer who spends most for the release.

>> No.10147238

>AND it has to be the print that’s on the postcard to get it.

This is wrong. I’ve gotten postcards from them that weren’t for a print I got. Even from AP USA.

>> No.10147273

I got a postcard just for buying a cardigan but it was AP paris

>> No.10147314

It's just weird because baby is much more consistent with their designs and this print especially looks like they could have released a few years ago too. It's very recognisable and on brand for them.

>> No.10147317

It’s a joke you autist. You’re overthinking it.

>> No.10147387
File: 56 KB, 689x786, Loliltapinideashelookslikesai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried. But I kinda like it. So I might make it into an actual pin.

>> No.10147398

Also AP/Baby onlt give away "free stuff" when you hit there $200 dollar sales marker. So...it's not REALLY free then, is it? I'll admit I've been roped into that myself. "If you only spend $36 more, you can get this fan!" and then I ended up with a notebook set and pen. I'm silly like that.

>> No.10147401
File: 302 KB, 2048x1634, 57006269_872403126455618_8132503051509432320_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Tekko Angelic Pretty fashion show. I'm used to the models looking so much cuter. Bad styling?

>> No.10147403

wtf at that perspective, bruh.

>> No.10147404
File: 118 KB, 960x720, 52769489_844774922551772_8163921033632415744_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a photo from their Canadian con not too long ago. Everyone looks better. Some of the Tekko show girls look rough.

>> No.10147405

the only ones not really cure in some way are the purple girl in the front, the yellow head bow girl and the top right girl who has suitcases for eyebags.

>> No.10147407

The one in black looks like a soccer mom, the coord on back right is not good, the red strawberry bag with the cream and pink coord looks out of place. The general styling is sort of off.

>> No.10147409

Sorry, coord on back left. Back right is well coorded.

>> No.10147421

?? Meaning?

>> No.10147425

This looks like shit.

>> No.10147429

That's just awful.

>> No.10147434

Anyone getting the Gardenia OP? I'm hesitating, the back bow is putting me off.

>> No.10147435

I wish it was a shorter cut, so I'll skip it. I think I'm going to get the apron.

>> No.10147438

I like the pony, but without the grown up trailer park girl from ed edd and eddy

>> No.10147445
File: 462 KB, 595x842, 16F7D8A9-008F-46AB-B208-664813A0F1C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was just nice from them then or they had left over ones from unpopular releases.

When they announce them they always say it’s for „purchases from xy series“. I know this was the case with Horror Candy Shop.

>> No.10147447

It's low effort just like everything else AP is doing.

>> No.10147456

the girl looks like shit. like her back is facing us, her arms are.. in a weird position, her face is.. I don't even know. The horse looks good but that's it.

>> No.10147466

K8 styling is dumb, I hope she gets over that bang soon. Otherwise the few in the back look old but if you hide their faces the outfits are fine. Front is all cute

>> No.10147470

Baby gives postcards with anything, even if you only by an accessory or pair of socks. Postcards are promotional material, not rare collectors items.

>> No.10147504

Now I know why top-right’s photos always look like they’ve been taken with a vaseline smeared lens

>> No.10147516

>We get a lot of requests for interior and home goods,
Who requests it?

>> No.10147520

This is honestly the number one thing I want from them. Also other brands to be fair, but I'm mainly a moitiefag. Gotta live the lifestyle, you know?

>> No.10147521
File: 201 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20190413_142429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm honestly starting to like the long version better so I'll probably get it

>> No.10147524 [DELETED] 

>Favourite Moitie prints are Silent Moon and Ruins Cathedral
>Favourite Moitie item is Velveteen Rose Headdress
I love this woman so much

>> No.10147526

What back bow? The waist-ties?

>> No.10147532

Did Moitie mention anywhere what sizes the models for the Gardenia OP are wearing?

>> No.10147543

No, but I’m sure they both have the 9, Fanny is very slim and so is WW. Honestly it’s only a bit bigger to get the 13.

>> No.10147545

Combination of AP having a hideous season and bad lighting. Overhead florescent lighting is the devil

>> No.10147558

Who approved that wig and sperm brows for k8? This whole lot just needs to be thrown out and just start over.

>> No.10147562

hey anon since no one else is giving you crit let me help out a little
*you should probably have the girl facing the other direction, show her face and her whole body. The perspective is all off since she's facing the other direction from her body and the neck is a teeny but too long. She's also hovering a little over the horse.
*Add motion to the dress, make it swirl in the proverbial wind. When you ride a carasol it's not a standstill motion, and her bows should also reflect she is on a ride and moving.
*The bow is also very static and basic. Add some texture to it to show it's fabric because bows are usually softer and not as perfect (that now reminds me of a present wrap bow than a dress now, if that makes sense)
* the horse is probably the better thing on here! But where the back leg is connected to the body is a little too forward. Bring that line back a little. The other leg is a little too far down, but also it would look fine if the back legs matched
*The pole is also too thin and it just looks like it's behind the horse. Look at a carasol pony photo and add the extras that secure the pole in place! You can do a lot with a pole, like adding vines, flowers, or different colors. If you need to, trace some real horses to get the jist of their anatomy
*Carasol ponies also have lots of decorations! Make sure you have the proper harnesses and the (if not shown, but implied) saddle

This is a great base, and i would like to see you continue to work on it. dont let cgl make u stop working on yourself

>> No.10147564

Sorry about spelling errors, autocorrect is a fucking bitch

>> No.10147569


>> No.10147594


>> No.10147639

Sperm is white you virgin.

>> No.10147643

Only cute one is the one in the taobao astrology print, the others all look like soccer moms or busted somehow. K8 looks especially vile.

>> No.10147648

not that anon, but a single sperm is tadpole shaped, which anon is referring to when speaking of her sperm brows. You sound like you need to go to school

>> No.10147665

Is it me or is K8te letting that weird goth friend of hers influence her too much? Fuck she looks terrible. White girls hated the chola sperm look and now they’re copying it

>> No.10147668

Yes. The goth triangle bangs on the wigs are so fugly. They throw off everything

>> No.10147670

I always think she’s a man until I realize who it is. Obviously she’s cant help her face but damn.

I also was wondering about that wig. It didn’t really fit the coordinate at all.

Overall, the show was underwhelming, which is sad because it’s AP. Some of the other brands were more interesting and had more energy.

>> No.10147737

Yea but they're never brown. Shit comparison and obviously anon was trying to say the edgiest thing possible.

>> No.10147738

Spot the underagefag

>> No.10147741

It’s a thing, google it retard.

>> No.10147747

The fuck. I know they are tadpole shaped. They are still never brown. Ya'll are fucking reaching and defending being edgy little tools.

>> No.10147749

Condolences on being a literal retard.


>> No.10147757

Nearly every pair of lolita shoes I own is peeling and I don’t know what to do or how to fix it.

>> No.10147773

Praying for the black x gold short op. I know they'll put out a short op but after making the cape collar op long and promoting their classic styling with Fanny I'm getting irrationally anxious.

Does anyone think there's any hope they'll do a shorter cut for both the op and apron?

>> No.10147795

You got owned

>> No.10147806

I really doubt they'll release a shorter cut for the Gardenia OP but I wish they would so badly. Wondering if I should get it and just get it shortened by a seamstress.

>> No.10147825
File: 284 KB, 1200x1200, D4BZA8_W4AANy-s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a slightly better quality image https://twitter.com/AP_Candy_/status/1116990605136158721

>> No.10147833

Holy hell, k8 pointing to her fugly chin is cracking me up

>> No.10147837

Only better because they put a heavy filter on it. Soccer mom in black still looks old, far back right looks like an alien, K8 looks like shit, front middle's coord still sucks and she looks exhausted, and lemon dress is looks like a hag. This is under their usual quality, coords and models.

>> No.10147898
File: 765 KB, 2048x2048, D4BZBv3W0AARout (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There was also this one.

>> No.10147906

is it fucking 2008?

>> No.10147909

K8 looks so bad.

>> No.10147911

God, I wish

>> No.10147921

lara looks cute, the girl in the pink and blue dress with the blonde hair is really fucking beautiful, who is it?

>> No.10147924

also strawberry bag girl is cute
idk the only one that looks bad is kate, and I usually defend her, but that wig looks gross

>> No.10147929

lmfao my comm nicknamed her lizard face or something, I forgot
to each their own I guess

>> No.10147931 [DELETED] 

There's an ambulance at the Courtyard Marriott for someone on my floor. I hear someone gagging? Anyone have details?

>> No.10147934

The one on the far right? Molly Ann

>> No.10147941

Reminder that none of these posts should have been deleted

>> No.10147945

If this is the shit tier show ap usa puts on.... i expect nothing from paradickso.

>> No.10147978

...what is k8's wig supposed to look like? I am confused.
Does she have it pinned up weird?

>> No.10147984

Has she ever had a good wig? I remember her sperging out in some yt video about an AP haul with a dead persian cat on her head. Oh wait, that was a wig.

>> No.10147987

That's so fucking weird? why were those deleted?

>> No.10148029

You should see the Japanese COF thread

>> No.10148052
File: 54 KB, 500x713, 1423c060a77de23712ca71145c9a81a2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like this.

>> No.10148060

god, this is like the least flattering bang style possible for someone with a prominent, pointy chin like hers. plus they're just impractical in general, they aren't gonna stay put in that nice shape no matter if you hairsprayed it to hell and back

>> No.10148061


Jesus she looks like she's about to kill someone. Those crazy eyes.

>> No.10148062

ive had these bangs before, they're definitely a pain in the ass but with enough work you can get them to stay in place without looking stiff. cute though.
that being said, not a good choice for people who already have sharp features, looks a bit bird-like.

>> No.10148065

I like the black lolita in the bg that looks totally disinterested and is checking her phone.
Also, why tf is k8 in the middle front if she is so god damn tall? The pose looks very awkward, especially since she is wearing those chunky boots. Which, with the socks, are another can of worms imo.

>> No.10148068
File: 855 KB, 300x200, Blank+_8f73cb2c2621d85e915590247ccf1893.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Also, why tf is k8 in the middle front if she is so god damn tall?

Yes why would she indeed.

>> No.10148102

That girl looks fine with it??

>> No.10148104

Maybe they were self deleted.

>> No.10148105

Samefag defending being edgy. Urbandictionary is for morons.

>> No.10148124

You can't delete posts that old yourself

>> No.10148249

If you watched her IG stories, she wasn't feeling well that day.

>> No.10148251

K8 stop trying for sympathy. No one here cares about how you weren’t feeling well. You are in the front because you need everything to be about you, and whenever you aren’t the center of attention you aren’t feeling well or somehow the new victim of something.

>> No.10148262

Not feeling well doesn't mean you get to jam yourself in the middle of the photo. You could tell she didn't feel great by her terrible stage presence as well, wobbling down the runway.

>> No.10148266

yikes cropping out the black girl

>> No.10148268

Well she's not one of the AP models, so it doesn't matter. Fuck off sjw

>> No.10148269

I have had bangs like this and i have had friends with them too, and it's not as hard to take care of as you think????? just gotta comb it out every once in a while. Why would you hairspray your bangs to a crisp? k8s looks bad bc she used a shitty cheap wig, and didn't thin the hair out before attempting to style it. i don't care about the k8 dramu but damn those bangs are rough on her wig

>> No.10148290

In the future try spraying them with water repellent or scotch guard to protect the material

>> No.10148293

Like the regular couch kind or is there a shoe specific one?
I just got some BTSSB shoes I want to take care of.

>> No.10148295

Nah, that’s just her in a good day. She’s always that terrible, whether she feels good or not.

>> No.10148315

Anyone ever bought a Milianda skirt for lolita? Any reviews?

>> No.10148324

There is a fabric and upholstery scotch guard. I use an Apple brand one that comes in a blue can that's specifically for shoes, leather and suede but works fine on everything else. I'm going to use it again tonight on some cotton candy feet shoes tonight so I'll report back on how it goes

>> No.10148338

She always doesn’t feel well, when is she going to expire?

>> No.10148350

wow, your comm sounds like some real lovely people

>> No.10148355


She should probably prioritize her meds and doctor visits over brand if she always doesn’t feel well. At her age, the most likely cause of her chronic conditions that disable her the most is poor control of type 1 diabetes.

>> No.10148455

You're telling that to the person who also didn't start her taxes until yesterday.

>> No.10148500

She also extorts from others and then claim they try to take advantage of her. She hasn’t changed at all from before the LACE debacle, she’s just better at hiding it. She turns in the waterworks at a moment’s drop if it gets her sympathy. She purposefully sabotages her health to be some victim. There isn’t a generous or honest bone in her body. Her poor health is only a focus when it is convenient for her. She sells clothes that she pooped on, lies to others to distract from what a fuck up cunt she is. She’s better at exploiting others than when she was more of a nobody. Now she’s gotten better. All that matters to her is money, attention, and victimhood. Don’t fall for it.

>> No.10148502

>pooped on clothes
What? More details, please.

>> No.10148503

Take it to lolcow

>> No.10148542

Fucking newfag, learn to search the archives. So many of you who ask for spoon feeding lately and cry that there is no proof when you’re called out on being new

>> No.10148549


I don't know about poop but she frequently does not clean her clothes or inspect them before selling, which has led to many reports of undisclosed damages.

If nothing else, she should be on the same level as Gemgem for the amount of shit she does as a seller considering she still sells prolifically. Her wk have a bit of an argument considering she's hidden most of her unsavory traits since LACE, but for god's sake don't buy from her.

>> No.10148603

the girl wearing fruity lemon looks like she can't be bothered

>> No.10148633

Just read on twitter about the Q&A on Moitie this last weekend and I'm genuinely excited for the release of a patterned yukata!

Hoping to get more info on that soon!

>> No.10148704

theyre lying and cant back it up.

>> No.10148771

How long should I give a seller on LM to send me an invoice or message after purchasing a listing? Nothing says anything about them being gone, and I've sent 2 messages now, but still nothing.

>> No.10148784

Like three days imo

>> No.10148809

What? Link?!

>> No.10148820
File: 403 KB, 590x305, 1356815559216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been 4 years since the LACE shit already anon, it's no use anymore. This board is 90% newfags leading newfags now.

>> No.10148824

Thanks, it's been 2, and the weekend, so I'll give it a bit longer.

>> No.10148831

Has anyone here taken a piece with shirring to have it replaced before? Did it turn out okay? I bought a jsk off of Mercari that had some stains which I was fine with because they looked like they could be removed easily but when it got here the shirring was totally stretched out and it hangs terribly on me.

>> No.10148838

Shirring is generally pretty easily replaced by a professional because it ends up being bunched anyway. If you really like the dress you should give it a try!

>> No.10148841

Thanks. I was really upset when it came in, it even hangs super loose on my dress form which has 5 more cm to the bust than I do.

>> No.10148871

it's really easy to replace shirring yourself, even with little sewing skills, so a tailor should have literally no issue.

>> No.10148891

>being this stupid
even I, who barely know or care about this girl, fucking know about all the shit she's done and all the stained clothes from the reviews on her LM alone lmao

>> No.10148898

what happens if it's longer? is it fair game to just say 'listen it's been 2 weeks, etc. and I needed this dress and got it elsewhere, I won't leave a review but I ain't buying'?

>> No.10148899

Fucking newfag.

>> No.10148925

I was here when it all started, and anon... it's been a long time. I remember the secrets on BtB and the screenshots from LACE, and I remember all the drama surrounding K8's bathroom mishaps. I don't recall all the details though, because again, it's been a long time. I think it's time to let the dead horse die and simply warn people away from her shitty sales behavior.

Also, at what point is someone no longer considered a newfag? If it's about two years, I certainly wouldn't call someone who doesn't know about K8 a newfag. She's old news.

>> No.10148933

>Also, at what point is someone no longer considered a newfag? If it's about two years, I certainly wouldn't call someone who doesn't know about K8 a newfag. She's old news.

Fair enough, someone not knowing about k8 is odd since she is brought up here all the time but not knowing all the details to her drama? Sure. But if you are so uninformed you can’t check the farm or the archives? Absolute 100% newfag.

>> No.10148944
File: 9 KB, 174x225, facts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>newfags leading newfags now
truer words could not have been typed

>> No.10149048

>when you’re called out on being new
It would help if people actually backed up what they were claiming instead or just screeching newfag anytime someone disagrees with you.
I've been here since 2014 but at least I know that newfags are a fucking diamond dozen at this point. You better get used to 4channel. Do you realize how many new people are posting at this point?

Learn to back up your claims. Otherwise you just look like a liar who spouts memes.

>> No.10149053

>diamond dozen
It's 2019, google is just a few keystrokes away. Just why?

>> No.10149057

An old joke on 4chan is that people can say they started on here a few years ago and are still new. But yes if you don’t know who K8 is despite her being brought up semi regularly in here, you are new. The poo joke was a secret, talked about a lot here and on lc, etc. Also if you don’t know pt and Kota you are new, so good luck guys.

If you don’t know the drama, look it up. It’s pathetic to see people not bothering to do 10 sec of research.

>> No.10149062 [DELETED] 

>this place is full of newfags, get used to it
>spoonfeed them so they never learn or adapt and depend

>> No.10149065

>this place is full of newfags, get used to it
>spoonfeed them so they never learn or adapt and demand spoonfeeding everytime they are too retarded to use google or the archives

>> No.10149074

Calling people new is such a weak insult. It's nothing to be proud of to have been on cgl for a long time lol. I hate this shithole and I'm only here because social anxiety is keeping me from posting to the comm page.

>> No.10149076

They've given up on selling to young girls and are going for the thirty and up crowd? Bold move, polyester, let's see if it pays off. Girl on top right looks as if she has five kids under three and sleeps an average of 2.5 hours a night. Top left looks like she should be starring in a Jos Whedon show. Pretty but not pretty enough to intimidate nerds. Bottom second from right looks as if bottom first from right has sucked all the fat out of her. Good thing we know k8 isn't a tranny, would fit right in on drag race.

>> No.10149089

I'm the original anon was asked for deets, and while I knew about the bathroom "scandal" and bad feedback (sad to say but I use lc more than /cgl/), I've never heard of her selling poop clothes. My mistake for missing a joke.

It's obnoxious and on every thread. I think it's sort of sad that maybe someone wants to spark discussion by asking for more information but they'll just get called a newfag, be it a meme or not. I stopped coming to /cgl/ for a year and now I know why. Gets saltier each year.

>> No.10149097

Clearly you were at the con based on your comments (AP talked about catering to an older crowd and moving from cotton to polyester). Hilarious that you're so salty about people you personally saw.

>> No.10149124

>AP talked about catering to an older crowd and moving from cotton to polyester

Can you give more info for those of us that weren't there? This is pretty encouraging to us oldfags that have been in the fashion forever. Ew to polyester though...

>> No.10149141

I hope I can remember correctly.. Any other Tekko anons, please help me out - I've forgotten a lot already.

One girl asked a question about the influx of more casual pieces (a la Petite Hearts), and Honoka said it was because they are catering to girls who have grown up with AP and now are adults.

Someone else asked about the switch from cotton to poly. It's because of storage space, as polyester is much more easily packed/compact, whereas cotton is harder to store. Also, costs.

There are about 30 employees at the AP office. They do wear lolita to the office.

Honoka loves unicorns. In terms of designs, she mostly picks out the colorways (versus designing prints).

They also went around and asked us what prints we'd like to see from AP. Lots of small dogs/animals, cats, and food. One girl brought up the Honey Cake petition, and Honoka said they do take into consideration the popularity/wants of fans (though didn't say it would be rereleased).

>> No.10149143

You can tell the people getting butthurt over ‘newfag’ are itas fresh from Facebook. Come on it’s not like this is /b/

>> No.10149176

They are.
>Come on it’s not like this is /b/
Wish it was desu, then they would at least learn to fucking lurk when being called a newfag instead of getting in a shitfit because of it.

>> No.10149186

Lipless wonder looks great here! I'm happy that her makeup had improved

>> No.10149194

i'm sick of k8 and her cronies, as well as MA being in every fashion show. imo it's really pathetic how much they travel just to model for free and look horrible doing it. they're too old to chase their ~pro moderu~ dreams.
>inb4 jelly
i've modeled alongside them when it was convenient for me and they're all nightmares. more cute girls please apply to these shows so they get booted.

>> No.10149199

I never said she doesn't sell stained clothes, but you guys are seriously trying to say she shits on her clothing, literally defecates on it, that's not true. at least be honest

>> No.10149203

It's just constant. People spouting newfag like a hivemind. Newfags calling people newfags. Wish we could have actual discussion or something but that's too much to ask of the basic beckys of cgl. I've been in lolita 8 years and sometimes come on /cgl/ and it's constantly getting worse. Kinda wish we could go back 5 years when the board was somewhat decent and people were sometimes actually nice and helpful, even with all the crossboarders.

>> No.10149212

The translator was a little off sometimes, but I was sitting too far back to hear everything. Kira Imai mentioned it too, that many of AP's fans have grown older along with the brand, and specifically they mentioned releasing the longer length pieces because those are popular with the older Lolitas. They didn't say they would stop making styles for younger girls.
Regarding polyester they said when they started using it, it was really popular, and that it's easier to store and takes up less space.

>> No.10149214

Oh, thanks anon.

I missed Kira Imai's QA! I only got to meet her at the booth. Do you mind rehashing anything interesting she said?

>> No.10149223

Regarding prints, she's a lot more interested in doing something new than in rehashing old ones. I think she searches on social media for people wearing her prints though, and she said her favorite to see people wearing was Charlotte's Bear, because they always look like an adorable doll in the picture.
As far as what print design she's going to do for AP, she has pretty much total freedom. They tell her what themes they are doing so she's only restricted into not overlapping with what AP already has planned. The cuts for her dresses are designed by Maki (I think it was Maki. Or is it Asuka? sorry), and she trusts them completely with that part. So she doesn't decide what the cut of the dress will look like.
When she's doing her initial pencil drawings, she has to do them at midnight, with no noise or interruptions, with caffeinated tea. Once she moves onto working on the computer, lately she's been putting on 'criminal minds' to help her learn English.
She is interested in creating more dark and scary designs and she said something like there were religious motifs that she'd like to use but she doesn't because people overseas take religion more seriously and wouldn't like it.

>> No.10149233

It makes me happy to hear they are thinking about what westerners would like.

Also picturing an office full of lolitas doing OL stuff is great.

>> No.10149234

This is really interesting, thank you anon!

>> No.10149236

Which girl is MA? I only know k8 and the girls that were following her around. It's sad that AP picks them, the model pool must have been pretty bad.

>> No.10149240

I'm laughing that girlyhoot had to be so in center she's blocking a girl who is much shorter than her.

>> No.10149242

Lipless wonder posted Kira Imai on IG even after the translator specifically said no pictures or recordings were allowed. Kira Imai had a fan after the panel to cover her face for girls who did want a picture with her.

>> No.10149250

She’s such an entitled cunt

>> No.10149252

She looks like a whore

>> No.10149253

MA is the lizard face with the suitcases for eyebags

>> No.10149255

Your mother is a whore

>> No.10149305

you're really saying old people shouldn't model?

>> No.10149308

old people who look good? sure! but k8, lara, and MA are aging like milk and don't belong on the stage.

>> No.10149324

New bread >>10149323

>> No.10149560
File: 37 KB, 311x296, 1548537741061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>diamond dozen

>> No.10149585

>One girl brought up the Honey Cake petition
I can't believe someone actually brought up this embarrassing petition. I hope it was the idiot spamming it here and not a separate idiot

>> No.10149592

Frillyberry was the girl who brought it up at the con.

>> No.10150285
File: 1.73 MB, 4032x1960, 20190412_174307_1555116218279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure if this is the right place to ask . I have quite a few dresses I want to sell preferred to someone with more sewing experience than I have. I got them as gifts from a friend many have damage that I have no chance of fixing from "altering" stains that I know how to fix in theory but have no idea how to do. T.T do you think its appropriate to sell them in a haul for 40 each for the damage ? They are still wearable just in need of TLC. I wish she would have cared for her dresses the way I did my own but can't be helped now.

>> No.10150435

>not knowing the meme
>siding with calling people new fags when you're a new fag yourself

>> No.10150438

And now you know, Constanza. I'm not a newfriend.

>> No.10150513

What exactly are you asking? You can list them on lacemarket with major damage.