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In this thread we try to post the best (most good-looking) examples of something we collectively agree is bad, or at least undesirable.

For instance, stuff like a fat lolita with clothes that actually fit and aren't stretched, a bizarrely well-dressed sissy, a fursuit that is so well made you can wear clothes over it, a Yaya Han-esque big titty cosplay thot in an outfit that stands on more merit than the wearer, renaissance fair-goers in fully historically accurate costumes that are somehow not dripping with so much sweat you can smell it through the screen, you get the idea

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I remember this girl from years ago, but I haven't seen her lately. Does anyone know if she's still active?

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she died bc a heart attack

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I really like this thread so far. it's like the "unpopular opinion" thread in photo format (and not full of baito desu ne)

those tights are so pretty

yeah same. not sure, I always thought she was cute tho.

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I love her in and out of lolita. She was a huge inspiration to me that I can still wear cute non lolita clothes and dye my hair pink and dress for my body type.

People can hate on her all they want but this is a million times better than obese people wearing leggings and tshirts, etc. She was also losing weight too. Id love to see her current pics.

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This pic is adorable! Gosh, I don't even do kigu, but I would die for one of those cyclops heads.

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Is this your first time seeing it? Woah

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People tend to hate short skirts in Lolita, but on this girl I think it looks really nice. She has enough style to pull it off and make it look elegant.

Also, cool thread OP! I Like the idea.

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Some really nice fursuits. I know that it was for a brand advert so naturally the production level is going to be high, but I still think it's a good example of how to incorporate fursuits more smoothly into lolita.

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Visible underwear in lolita

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Facial piercings and a corset on the outside. I think it works well here.

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Blouseless lolita. Perhaps a qualm reserved for the more conservative lolita as opposed to something widely seen as bad.

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Kigurumi, actually looks non-terrifying for once.

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Some people might hate this but I think it's quite funny

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Experimental makeup

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up that vein of kinky gay lolitas

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Overly busy patterns

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I always adored this girl, she did a really good job and genuinely looks beautiful. I hope she's doing well, curious if she still wears the fashion.

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I’m not a furry but I adore this idea and honestly want to try it out. It gives off Peter rabbit or calico critters vibes. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about making a good face in the photo, or messy wigs and makeup.

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Cringe af ... are they trannies? Dude in pink is horrifying, yikes.

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no anon they're just japanese girls

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Short hair in lolita

Oh wow...that sure is something

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Last one. I know it's terrible, but in a way I like it because it makes me nostalgic

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D-does she have an Instagram??

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She is still about! Her handle is usually cupcakesclothes or cupcakesloveme, I follow her on insta and she posts regularly there. Not much lolita stuff but a lot of fairy kei/general pastel clothes.
She had a really rough time last year but she seems to have really picked herself up!

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I.... I kind of love that outfit, ngl.

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this is legit nostalgia, my 13 year old dream self

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I don't think pink is even a tranny or brolita, just a guy in a poorly fitting dress. Black makes the photo with her expression and actually styled hair.

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Does anybody have the photo of a fox head ouji kabedonning like. a cat or a rabbit in lolita, I don't entirely remember.. but I know I have it on my hardrive so maybe I'll post it eventually

I have this pic saved for inspo/nostalgia purposes too :')

now this is just a bad coord. I've seen it posted on here a bunch and while I appreciate experimentation, the execution is still off. the blouse isn't loliable, the cotton skirt clashes with the rest of the outfit being light, sheer materials, and the shoes + socks combo looks clunky and unflattering.

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I dont know, i agree all of those things are at odds with eachother, but the coord doesnt bother me. I think it looks cute for casual. i would say its "off" but I dont feel like its "bad"

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This is boring and basic. I wouldn't call it best of anything but an average outfit with slightly unusual makeup.

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Not even the best of this example lol. Try the ones using the bustier bras outfits

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it's not that this is bad, but i don't see how this is even close to the best... It's just a pretty normal outfit with a shitting normie blouse and her bra showing. Shes also wearing those cheap ugly socks... I'm all for experimentation but i feel like the only real thing this outfit has going for it is that it's worn by a very beautiful girl (also that swimmer bag is dope)

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ero in itself could be an example, but
1. no blouse
2. long gloves
3. open toed shoes
4. short skirt

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I haven’t kept up with this girl since the chin debacle but it looks like she’s shooping even harder nowdays.

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I love everything but the shoes. Open toed shoes and stockings just makes me cringe. That bustier top is goddamn beautiful though.

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animal ears

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cosplay + lolita

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hand made lolita

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That cheap corset is shit though. It's not doing anything for her figure and is actively making her hips look narrow.

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Petti showing not a good look. There are much better examples of girls in short dresses/skirts.

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She's so pretty.... She reminds me of Pearl from Steven Universe

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nayrt but those might be bloomers? Hard to see, honestly.

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more hand made

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Child in frills

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Tattoos in lolita

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obligatory dude in a dress

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That pic is old, she’s shooping less in recent posts and looks the same in videos. Much prettier this way imo.

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Peeking bloomers with modern styling (not old school)

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the only time this set has ever looked good

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I love peeking bloomers, but this would look way cuter with lace topped otks.

>> No.10145458

Has she done anything about her terrible attitude though? That’s what really needs to change.

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I love this look. I handmade a jsk set with matching long bloomers on purpose. I hate my knees.

>> No.10145474

I was going to ask if this was shoop-chan. Does she still have that girlfriend that she never shoops?

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She's lying about shooping even though she could of kept her mouth shut so No

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Fiancee not girlfriend. And yes

>> No.10145479

>I don’t use beauty cameras or liquify or war my features/body

Kek. She really should have just kept quiet instead of put out such a blatant lie for all to see.

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Chin debacle? I dont remember that

>> No.10145482

Look it up in the archives newfag.

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this is still terrifying to me, reminds me of those agp men who do "female masking"

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Anons called her out for shooping because her chin looks much larger in some pictures than others, either her or her gf/fiancé/whatever came in to defend her, anons called her out for only shooping herself in photos she’s in with other people, one anon as a joke shooped her chin much larger than her shooped pics, and she/her gf/whatever got even more upset and couldn’t handle the situation gracefully.

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>Being so new that assuming that tulle layer is a petti

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>being so blind you can't see the petti right underneath the tulle

NAYRT but this is what they're talking about.

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There's shooping your waist and then there's apparently just apparently erasing the waistband. What.

>> No.10145531

As >>10145503 showed, you can see her petti. It wouldn't have been bad if she would have used a black petticoat. But white with black on top and beneath is going to be an eyesore.

>> No.10145550

how can they have such a nice looking head and such messy paws?

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Best of sweet ouji and handmade (usually looks ageplay and weird)

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I think this is sweet ouji done better than that

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What are you talking about she literally looks like a fat baby in a diaper

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Best of brolita

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This is several different kinds of horrible.

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Best of Lolita Moms and Daughters

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Best of old lolitas

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No one in their right mind thinks this looks good.

>> No.10145583

yeah this doesn't look ouji, there's no elegance to it.

that's the face of intense constipation, i hope she got some miralax or metamucil in her life now

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I wish my grammy wasn’t chubby...

>> No.10145585 [DELETED] 

I wish my nana wasn't dead...

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My fave plus size lolita

>> No.10145594

i'm not 100% into it but the flowers in the shoes are a cute touch. A different hair/headware situation might sell me on it.

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Best older trans female lolita

>> No.10145599

is she retarded?

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Best hijabi lolita

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Best wa lolita

>> No.10145609

who is that?

>> No.10145615 [DELETED] 

I’m not one of those people who thinks hijabs are empowering (they’re obviously just as oppressive as everything else societies make women do and wear, and the countries where hijab, burka etc. are law should be bombed) but idk why hijabi lolita is usually frowned upon. It makes sense to blend two modest fashions, and they always keep the something-on-your head rule. I especially like some Indonesian hijabi lolitas.

>> No.10145619

I wanted to post a best of steampunk lolita but I can't find anything good at all

>> No.10145634


>> No.10145636

i wished i could see his IG acct for his recent coords, but it's set to private

>> No.10145641 [DELETED] 

Imo it's probably because lolita is seen as modest because we want it to be, not because someone (a man) told us to. There's nothing wrong with it but it contradicts the whole thing. Also the having something on your head rule is to balance the outfit, not to cover your hair for modesty.
Also, you know, people who hate Islam are around

>> No.10145654

Nayrt but it's not that noticeable.

>> No.10145659

She isn't using it as actual shapewear here tho so its fine.

>> No.10145664 [DELETED] 

>those eyebrows

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A lot of the outfits either fall flat on accessorizing or miss out on the silhouette of lolita. Pic related is one of the better ones.

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Not technically steam, but still an interesting concept

>> No.10145676 [DELETED] 

"Modesty" in religion is not just about not showing skin, but also about not calling attention to yourself. Therefore hijab lolita is usually (clearly not always) a conflict of interests. Pretty sure that is why there is not more.

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punk lolita

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more punk

>> No.10145698 [DELETED] 


You should get your eyes checked at the very least every two years. More often if you notice considerable changes in your vision.

>> No.10145708 [DELETED] 

Same anon. Same.

>> No.10145709

imo this isn't really lolita, just girly fashion.

>> No.10145722

this isnt a lolita dress though

>> No.10145726

Looks pretty lolita too me.

>> No.10145732

I suddenly remember the olden days when girls tried to cross fashions all the time
10/10 lolemo

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I love it

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This is the photo i was talking about in >>10145215
this dress is stunning. is it brand or handmade?

this reads as more dolly kei than steampunk to me, personally

it's not really punk lolita either
rider jackets do not make a coord punk

>> No.10145776 [DELETED] 

Funny enough she did this for her husband and now after making such a stink she doesn't wear it anymore

>> No.10145782

that's such a cute dress, i've never seen it before. what brand?

>> No.10145783

Do you not know how to read? It’s right fucking there. Jesus.

>> No.10145784

ngl i love furry heads that are done to look somewhat realistic. the shitty furrys that end up in the ita thread are almost always the cartoonish ones, which doesn't go with lolita at all.

>> No.10145787

sage for offtopic sadposting, but I've always wished I could wear a mask like this with lolita as the final fuck it, hide my wretched form from society

>> No.10145792

her wa coords were such an inspiration

>> No.10145796

Isn't it moitie?

>> No.10145801

Fucking incredible. I know nothing about ouji since every example I see is ita honestly but if this were available to buy I would in a heartbeat. My curvy figure would probably look terrible though lol.

>> No.10145805

>those bigass shoes

>> No.10145813

Fuck no, those animal ears are hideous and so out of place because of how ugly they are

>> No.10145814

what's her name?

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>> No.10145906

i love her. she always looks so elegant.

>> No.10145912 [DELETED] 

>wearing lolita for a man
Disgusting. A repulsive soul.

>> No.10145916

Nice self-post. Get the metal out of your face and learn how to wear the fashion

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I feel like this is experimental makeup executed better

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The whole outfit for reference

>> No.10145926

I love this outfit but it's not punk, more casual

>> No.10145927

She used to go by VanillaBlitz iirc, you might still be able to find her posts on daily_lolita. She doesn't wear the fashion anymore these days, unfortunately.

>> No.10145937

There was that guy from Canada that closed his Instagram last year because of some shit here in CGL. I really loved his coords and kinda miss seeing them. Too bad I can't remember his username. Was something to do with Aphrodisiacs, I think .

>> No.10145940

Atelier Pierrot

>> No.10145942 [DELETED] 
File: 45 KB, 900x674, 1547469766877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

YUCK nevermind everything I said

>> No.10145947

Did it though? I think the skirt with the bloomers and mismatched socks still looks weird desu

>> No.10145948


>> No.10145950 [DELETED] 


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No just no

>> No.10145954

We could still have best...
Bald Lolita
Mexican Lolita
Handmade Lolita
Corset in Lolita
Trans Lolita
Off brand Lolita
No socks Lolita
No blouse Lolita
Holo lolita

>> No.10145965

adorable, she looks like the girl from hairspray.

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File: 124 KB, 960x960, 1541129009563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best Mexican Lolita

>> No.10145968
File: 79 KB, 345x750, tumblr_nwsg98OD941s0jc3no1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best Trans Lolita

>> No.10145969

oof, both are very nice, anon! The dress of the Mexican lolita works surprisingly well with the theme

>> No.10145970

Bag is a cute idea. Makeup is embarrassing and th outfit is bad. >>10145149 this is a far better look, although I wouldn’t say it’s that experimental

>> No.10145972

When is lolita mom and daughter ever not adorable?

>> No.10146001

I love that the skirt is stars, incorporating nautical navigation into the whole pirate thing.

I remember this getting ripped on originally, but I think it's very pretty.

>> No.10146003 [DELETED] 

I can see it but it's not that noticeable. You're nitpicking.

>> No.10146007

/r/-ing best wigless/natural hair lolita
or best no bangs lolita

>> No.10146010

Only scrubs think wigless lolita is undesirable

>> No.10146011

just say Fannie already

>> No.10146035

The best lolitas already use natural hair. There's tons of examples.

>> No.10146037

Like who? Only Fanny is worth mentioning

>> No.10146041


>> No.10146049 [DELETED] 

This joke is not kawai

>> No.10146058

It's old moitie. I have the skirt version.

>> No.10146063 [DELETED] 


If you think a muslim girl wearing hijab does not want attention you are wrong, muslim girls are just like every girl and try to look best at the same time covering the hair, sometimes hijab wearing girls are less modest than your average girl. It is just a tradition this rule with the head scarf, I wear hijab also when I have to, in places where I should wear I wear, but in other places where nobody knows me I don't, it helps living in an European country

>> No.10146117 [DELETED] 

Poor girl.

>> No.10146130 [DELETED] 

Ewwwww so grossu

>> No.10146133 [DELETED] 

Sorry not Lolita
The hijab. Which is worse imho since she made a big fuss of being a Hijabi Lolita and being Muslim. She dropped the religion when it wasn't convenient/requirement for her marriage anymore.

>> No.10146134 [DELETED] 

Not any of those anons, but the theme of the thread is best, and if your petticoat is showing, it's not that great. the moitie example is much better.

>> No.10146154 [DELETED] 

How is someone explaining themselves having a terrible attitude?

>> No.10146159

Yea, cow punk.

>> No.10146415

Misako Aoki?

>> No.10147082 [DELETED] 

>zooming in that much to proof your stupid vendetta
It’s not even that noticeable bitch

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Best off brand/BL lolita

>> No.10147094

kek, if they've got a death wish

>> No.10147104

@anaphrodisiacs/Tim I miss him and hope he's doing alright.

>> No.10147107
File: 71 KB, 388x474, 1dbe47a6aea22461f5e0ffae1f193214--japan-fashion-kawaii-fashion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10147124

That is Bodyline? Nice.

>> No.10147130

she doesn't wear her hijab anymore

>> No.10147182

That's fair.

>> No.10147206 [DELETED] 

kek she’s back to defend herself

>> No.10147223

who was she ? She look like dentelleetruban but I dont think she did wa lolita ...

>> No.10147224 [DELETED] 

my favorite thing about you guys is how you decide that anyone who doesn't share your opinion **must** be the person in question getting defensive

>> No.10147249 [DELETED] 

It's a stupid cgl meme. Just like the "sorry you got posted" nonsense.
You can always spot the idiots posting when they default to just saying the same repetitive shit that you always see posted here.

>> No.10147253 [DELETED] 

This isn’t my lane but I’m gonna bet a lot of Muslim women wear hijabs because of men. So it can’t possibly be worse than wearing lolita for a man.

>> No.10147254 [DELETED] 

>She dropped the religion when it wasn't convenient/requirement for her marriage anymore
Sounds like she found freedom.

>> No.10147258 [DELETED] 

>equating oppressive religious wear to an alternative fashion style commonly made by and worn by women for their own enjoyment

>> No.10147263

are you being sarcastic?

>> No.10147265

needs a little mascara on her lower lashes

>> No.10147383

blouse is meh and tights could be swapped for lace topped OTKs. she's just cute.. and I thought this thread was supposed to be about good coordinates, not just cute girls getting a pass

>> No.10147386

I was wondering the same thing.

>> No.10147390

I thought the same thing anon. As a "best of bodyline" coord, that one is pretty boring and basic and nothing new or done well. It's just okay.

>> No.10147392 [DELETED] 


Who the fuck does that. All I hear is endless complaining of “my bf hates lolita”

>> No.10147395 [DELETED] 

Within the context of the post, previous anon said “she was wearing a hijab for her man, not lolita, which is worse.”
Begetting the response “I think wearing a hijab for a man is not worse than wearing lolita for a man”
In truth neither are related whatsoever, it just became a relevant comparison because of how the conservation shook out.

>> No.10147451 [DELETED] 

That's weird, it's almost like hijab isn't an empowering, progressive choice for women
More seriously I really hate hijabi advocates like this. They put on an act for the Western world when it's not a choice for so many women. They act like it's a fashion accessory.. fuck these disingenuous cunts

>> No.10147452
File: 71 KB, 960x960, 1527520108144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss him too

>> No.10147745

I hate this pic because it is so overused and not even genuine.

>> No.10147748 [DELETED] 

He does not wear lolita now.

>> No.10147758
File: 577 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Abiba has gorgeous natural hair.

>> No.10147759
File: 235 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_7444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also onlyeasy

>> No.10147761

pictures like this is why putting stickers over your face is a thing

>> No.10147762
File: 78 KB, 960x960, 1506226857280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that stinks, but fortunate there are other Russian male lolitas out there.

i miss him too.

>> No.10147763 [DELETED] 

I don’t, I remember the tantrum he threw when he took a pic next to girls and people pointed out how next to them he looked nothing like his COF pics and that he did in fact look male.

>> No.10147789 [DELETED] 

I remember when that happened but it didn't seem like a tantrum. More like he just didn't enjoy that happening.
So many gulls feel like they got some kind of victory out of pointing out something obvious.

>> No.10147796 [DELETED] 

He bawwleeted his socials and reeed about people finally calling out his heavy shooping. I’d say that’s a tantrum.

>> No.10147830 [DELETED] 

your experience in the lolita community or really any fashion community will be much better if all you do is look at the pretty pictures and just ignore everything that people say

>> No.10147861 [DELETED] 


Personally I feel like him deleting stuff over something really obvious is kind of weak? We girls get called men all the time and worse names. He had a not great attitude as well and was really tryhard at the whole sassy gay thing, so I find it satisfying he got called out.

>> No.10147865 [DELETED] 

It was weak. Wasn’t the first time he got upset over such a mild insult, and yes, he had a bad attitude. His true colors showed really quickly as soon as he got the gentlest of what /cgl/ has to offer.

>> No.10147872 [DELETED] 
File: 463 KB, 500x281, 83ce948166a598c00b08fb558b07f224.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's a pity because he was a good classic lolita and we don't have many of those anymore, but on the other hand considering above, pic related.

>> No.10147874

It's handmade, it's a pattern from gosurori 1.

>> No.10147875 [DELETED] 

His coords were boring and middle of the road. The only reason people liked them is because there are so few brolitas who manage to be decent. Also he shoops his pics to make him look thinner, the pic that got revealed made him look 20-30lbs heavier than in his heavily edited ones.

>> No.10147878 [DELETED] 

Would you do the same? I have deleted my social media to avoid harassment from people but I don't think I was doing it to throw a tantrum. I was doing it to no longer have to hear shit from annoying assholes.
More power to him if he doesn't want anonymous fucktards to say annoying shit about him.

You're probably just mad because now you can't say it to where he will see it.

>> No.10147884 [DELETED] 

>We girls get called men all the time
speak for yourself, this has never happened to me.

>> No.10147886 [DELETED] 

He got a few comments then threw a shitfit. If it was such a simple thing, no. I wouldn’t delete my socials. If I got actual harassment then I would, but he didn’t.

>> No.10147891 [DELETED] 

really? To me it looked like he had a normal guys body. He fit into a lot of brand just fine too.

And why do gulls preach this fucking "shoop is a sin" shit so damn hard? Where are all of the unshooped anon pics?
Oh that's right.

>> No.10147892 [DELETED] 

Hey look, he’s back.

>> No.10147895 [DELETED] 

proof of the shitfit outside of deleting accounts?
also proof that he stopped wearing lolita entirely? He probably just moved accounts to avoid unwanted followers.

A shitfit would be him self posting here to defend himself and there would still need to be hard evidence which there never is.

>> No.10147896 [DELETED] 

Spot the newfag.

>> No.10147897 [DELETED] 

>self post meme
I'm definitely not him, stupid. But keep trolling. Lord knows you'll say whatever repetitive shit you need to get more (you)'s

>> No.10147899 [DELETED] 

This happened just last year, how new are you?

>> No.10147900 [DELETED] 

No, I was in the thread when that picture got posted of him with Voldie and the other two girls.
Keep meme spouting though. You can't hold up the argument so you have to resort to memes.

>> No.10147901 [DELETED] 

If this was true you would know how to use the archives to get yourself proof. So many newfags asking to be spoon fed lately.

>> No.10147902 [DELETED] 

again, hard evidence where?
All that happened was account deletion.

>> No.10147903 [DELETED] 

Yup, just dodging with memes.

>> No.10147904 [DELETED] 

Archives, look it up you dumb fuck.

>doesn’t want to admit to being new so keeps posting the same shit


>> No.10147944 [DELETED] 

this anon knows the truth of it.

>> No.10147955 [DELETED] 


me neither, but a dude being called a dude shouldn't be so fucking butthurt over it.

>> No.10147960 [DELETED] 


I'm >>10147872 but I would disagree with you. Not a lot of people do 'boring middle of the road' but well balanced classic anymore, with FR doing whatever the fuck she's doing and everyone else becoming more and more OTT or going sweet over time to get more IG likes.

>> No.10147964 [DELETED] 

I've met him in person, and he does look like his pictures. Obviously, the pictures he posts on insta are going to look more polished than candids, but it's not like he shooped himself unrecognizably à la Frank Wolf.

>> No.10147965 [DELETED] 

There’s a pic floating around that proves his shoops, I don’t know what you have to gain from lying.

>> No.10147981 [DELETED] 

Nothing, hence I’m not lying lmao. Haven’t you had ugly candids before? Camera distortion is a thing.

>> No.10147995
File: 77 KB, 1080x1349, marietunotar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And let's not forget marietuonetar!

>> No.10148106 [DELETED] 

>Archives, look it up you dumb fuck.
I was in the fucking thread and none of what you're claiming happened.

>> No.10148114 [DELETED] 

>dude butthurt lmao
Yeesh.. you sound fucking unbearable.

>> No.10148130 [DELETED] 

Can you guys stop derailing about some ugly brolita?

>> No.10148427 [DELETED] 

I don't know I'm really drawn to it's simplicity. Also while there are some other good bodyline coords they often use brand accessories so fully offbrand good coords are actually rarer than most people think.

I agree, I really loved his casual coords and I think he had a great eye for balance. It is embarrassing that gulls are throwing a fit over an unflattering candid.

>> No.10148428 [DELETED] 


As do you if you're that triggered over two commonly used terms.

>> No.10148429 [DELETED] 


IMO it would have gone relatively unnoticed if some people didn't escalate that shit.

>> No.10148432 [DELETED] 

>It is embarrassing that gulls are throwing a fit over an unflattering candid.
It's embarrassing that HE is. Deleting all your shit and being a manbaby because someone said a guy looked like a guy when he was standing by women. What a child.

>> No.10148435 [DELETED] 

>Deleting all your shit
Is not being a "manbaby"

>> No.10148440 [DELETED] 


You would have to be pants on head retarded not to delete your accounts after the comments I saw from obviously trolling anons.

>> No.10148483 [DELETED] 

He didn't quit lolita.
He wore it yesterday for fucks sakes.
You didnt destroy him cgl. You didn't do anything of value; anons all seem to think you effect these people's lives but you're the ones sitting around in stained pajamas constantly refreshing the screen while people like Tim are going out in lolita and having meet ups and actually living.
Stay mad ihop chan.

>> No.10148544 [DELETED] 


I haven't visited this place in a bit, where can I find the thread that had said pic? I'm curious now.

>> No.10148564 [DELETED] 


you're exactly who i'm referring to in escalating situations

also if you think ihop chan makes all the posts shitting on him i've got news for you

>> No.10148656

I hate that cgl never understands that lolitas are actually doing you a service by posting their pics online and you are shitting on your own feet by talking shit about them. Do they actually want everyone to stop posting pics? Because that's the only thing you'll achieve acting like this.

Idk man. I just feel genuinely sad when good lolitas like milkyfawn or anaphrodisiacs stop posting.

>> No.10148660


milkyfawn was an entirely different situation though. Almost the opposite, in fact.

>> No.10148666

I know she had stalker problems but people talking shit was also a big part of the reason why she left.

>> No.10148670

This is why no one wants Instagram threads.

>> No.10148676

>lolitas are actually doing you a service by posting their pics online
Wow, this sounds super self-aggrandizing. Lolitas post pictures because they want others to see them, not because they're doing the world some huge favor by gracing it with their presence.

>> No.10148682

So you don't care if there are any lolitas online or not? I am really thankful they do t b h. Especially since I'm a lonelita and I don't have much chance to see any lolitas irl.

>> No.10148683

I know there was some salt but were they outright banned or what?

>> No.10148689


i mean thanks but i don't do it out of some noble obligation wtf. i like it when people like my pics that's all

>> No.10148715 [DELETED] 
File: 1.36 MB, 750x1334, 865ECC94-4428-4019-8347-0F90101C2E96.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

YEp. People don’t want to see everyone’s stories OUtside of lolita

>> No.10148725 [DELETED] 


yeah no one wanted to see that.

>> No.10148742 [DELETED] 

I did, she's chubby sure, but cute

>> No.10148747 [DELETED] 

fucking disgusting

>> No.10148754 [DELETED] 

I had no idea that’s what she was hiding under there. Yikes.

>> No.10148792 [DELETED] 

and of course, I'm completely unphased by this and honestly would bone but she's into dudes.

>> No.10148826 [DELETED] 

I bet 90% or higher of the people dissing her for being chubby are fat themselves. Like that IHOP girl posting fatties to the ita thread a while back.

>> No.10148839 [DELETED] 

Wtf's with those comments, I think she's super attractive

>> No.10148852 [DELETED] 

right? She's very cute.

>> No.10148864 [DELETED] 

Holy shit I’m dying right now. And people tried to say she wasn’t fat.

>> No.10148873 [DELETED] 

Idgaf, this is real to me. She can turn it on/off. She can be cute but also has an average (American) body.

I think people are judging mainly because of who she is. This is what people who aren't fit or naturally thin/petite look like. My proportions used to be like this before I had to get serious about calorie counting and if I ever slip, this is what I'll easily return to.

>> No.10149041

Request: best high waisted cut not on an ana-chan

>> No.10149044 [DELETED] 

>if you think ihop chan makes all the posts shitting on him i've got news for you
Not the anon you replied to but why did you take that part seriously?

>> No.10149093 [DELETED] 

No just the general concept of anyone saying anything mean to you specifically must be whatever overused meme insult you can think of, same as the whole samefag/crossboarder/role player memes these days

It was funny when ihop chan got outed but using this as some kind of lazy “joke” has become tiresome.

>> No.10149095 [DELETED] 


The American average should not be something we strive for. 2/3 of Americans are overweight.

>> No.10149932 [DELETED] 

Wtf is wrong with Americans? How do you not naturally remain at a healthy weight? Sorry you can't stop stuffing your face with all that sugary shit, eat a vegetable like everyone else, for fuck's sake.

>> No.10150021 [DELETED] 

I'm not sure why you're referring to me specifically, I don't completely disagree with you... yes those are memes but so is yelling selfpost/sorry you got posted/fatty fat fat
Like anything that easily derails the thread is just meme trash.
Still tho other anon was clearly joking but you couldn't get that cause you seem to be scared by what happened with ihop chan

>> No.10150037 [DELETED] 


Your logic makes no sense, because if I was really that scared I’d probably pretend to be ihop chan, but whatever, you don’t seem to be that bright anyways.

>like anything that derails the thread is just meme trash

Such as announcing off topic posts for the sake of stirring drama or proving something to a bunch of anons? Ok sure.

>> No.10150040 [DELETED] 

Not a fatty, but living in places where walking to work and such isn't really doable for a lot of people did us in.
If you look in the cities that you do that in people tend to be thinner. Even the people who feel like they are not eatting much don't realize they are hardly moving at all compaired to other people around the world. Then even if they realize people won't take the extra step.

>> No.10150054 [DELETED] 

Yeah she's chubby but I think she's really cute. I like that body type, ana chans aren't nice to cuddle with. She still looks great in her coords too so

>> No.10150077 [DELETED] 

She's Canadian.

>> No.10150079 [DELETED] 

People eat garbage in all of North America so I don't think it really matters.

>> No.10150080 [DELETED] 

Eurofag here. This would be considered fat for a person her age in the country i live in.

>> No.10150088 [DELETED] 

When it comes to weight, it’s easier to compare yourself to someone heavier than you and say “I’m not fat, at least I’m not THAT fat!” Especially when it’s practically muscle memory to placate women irl about their weight. Americans have a lot of obese people to compare themselves to, so weighing 130 pounds doesn’t seem like a big deal when your sister weighs 195, and your mother weighs 225.

Man this was a good thread until it got derailed huh

>> No.10150091 [DELETED] 

You really think she weighs 130 pounds? Not to mention thinking that 130 pounds would be fat for anyone who isn’t extremely, extremely short?

>> No.10150095 [DELETED] 

I’m 130 lb and 5’6” and I’m right in the middle of healthy weight. I don’t look anything like that underwear photo...

>> No.10150096 [DELETED] 

Alright I will confess that last bit got somewhat bloggy.
I’m 5’2’’ and trying to get back to my college weight of 100 lbs. Not sure how the past few years got away from me like that.

What I’m saying is it’s easy to think you’re “not fat” when everyone around you is fatter.

>> No.10150103

Reminds me of BJDs. Do you know their @? I wanna see more of them

>> No.10150143 [DELETED] 

How much do you weigh? 100lbs at 5’2 can be healthy if you have a small frame or are asian but if you’re an nomadism adult woman whose done growing and has a mature body, it’s probably not going to happen for you again. I’m also 5’2 and would love to go back to 100lbs when I was a preteen, but I’m probably going to be stuck around 120 with healthy diet and exercise/lifting unless I severely restrict anachan style.

You aren’t fat just because you aren’t as thin as you can possibly be before being underweight.

>> No.10150144 [DELETED] 


I meant non-asian, damn it

>> No.10150154 [DELETED] 

she's confident and honestly she has a really cute face. She's chubby but it's not horrific or anything. would cuddle

>> No.10150155 [DELETED] 

as a Canadian, we aren't much skinnier overall than Americans, statistically. There's a weight problem here too.

>> No.10150159

the bag and the skirt are really the only loliable things in the image
maybe the cat too?

>> No.10150161

first of all its not a lolita dress and second blouses werent worn too much back when it started, new fag
theres brands that are totally fine without blouses like JeJ

>> No.10150188 [DELETED] 

Please don't speak for all races.

>> No.10150283 [DELETED] 

why do you want to be 100lbs though? strictly for the number?

>> No.10150341
File: 609 KB, 1242x1379, EEA3D331-22AF-462A-85AC-938642823F62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like they don’t do lolita or ouji anymore. This was from 2016

>> No.10150352

don't care about the drama or his non shooped face
His coords were always so perfect and classy, greats taste.
I miss seeing him in cof

>> No.10150354

I wish my hair would grow this long. Sadly my terminal length seems to be at my waist

>> No.10150364

and each one of us can bring something different. it is a loss but so many immature, likely underageb& or hateful folks think none of us have value and are replaceable. like, gtfo the community if you feel that way.
annaphrodesiacs turned out lovely coords, especially some cute blouseless/opera-length gloves combos I really liked

>> No.10150369 [DELETED] 
File: 19 KB, 404x472, 29249442_1212102008893306_6728314587013185536_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 5'6" and 100 lbs

>> No.10150383 [DELETED] 

Same anon. Everyone is built differently. I eat normally, don't gain weight and my doctor has never said anything about it.

>> No.10150384 [DELETED] 

That’s extremely underweight, even more underweight than your average dying runway model. I hope you’re in recovery, but either way there’s no way you look as cute or ought to be as smug as that cat.

>> No.10150407 [DELETED] 

I mean I’m sure she is ugly but she probably just doesn’t have any boobs or hips, which is how she weighs so little. Tits alone can add like 15 pounds to a person.

>> No.10150419 [DELETED] 

Canada is part of north America.

Canada is part of north America.

Seriously. More than one person failed to know this and one of them was in the fucking country...

>> No.10150421 [DELETED] 

I didn't mean scared like afraid, but it doesn't appear you grasped that. Why did you bring up ihop chan if it didn't leave an obvious lasting impression on you.

>> No.10150441 [DELETED] 

Good for you guys. I’m not saying no adult woman can be 100lbs, but it’s not a moral failing if you aren’t. In the jfashion community your body is the ideal.

>> No.10150472 [DELETED] 

You did imply that. I get called ana all the time by gulls almost every time I self post. It gets old.

>> No.10150479 [DELETED] 

>Tits alone can add like 15 pounds to a person.

> talking about boobs as a good thing.
You probab eon't understand this fashion, anon.

>> No.10150483 [DELETED] 

you know that generally america just means USA right? I mean, obviously you know, since you pointed it out. Silly.

>> No.10150525 [DELETED] 

getting called ana is practically a compliment in this community. if you're tired about getting called names then don't self post?

>> No.10150530 [DELETED] 

imagine being this fat and in denial hahaha

just stop eating so much it really isn’t that hard

>> No.10150550 [DELETED] 

This already almost killed the Instagram thread, can we not with the fatty wank here too

>> No.10150569 [DELETED] 

Damn, I'm 5'6" and struggle to get below 140. I wish I was that thin.

>> No.10150581 [DELETED] 

I liked his coords but it made me question what they really looked like to realize how shooped the pics were. A lot of what I like in a classic coord is the small details like just the right color, or perfect fit.

>> No.10150584

Wish I could self post, most of the time I hate high waisted cuts but I found 2 dresses that look great on me

>> No.10150585 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 750x909, 4E8502E2-3715-49A7-BA11-6209F3B086B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Do people really think that you have to be 100lbs to be skinny and cute?? I’m 144lbs (5’9”) and Although I’d like to be back at 120lbs I still don’t think I’m fat (pic related is what I look like now)

>> No.10150586 [DELETED] 

Didn’t someone call you fat last time you self posted? I agree with them

>> No.10150609 [DELETED] 

That height and weight isn't fat though? It's about 21.3. Well within the healthy bmi range. 120 lbs would make you 17.7, or in the underweight category.

I feel like people throw around weight related terms without really caring about accuracy.

>> No.10150610 [DELETED] 

Well I used to have a 17 BMI and I really miss it, that was my lowest weight though

>> No.10150614 [DELETED] 

Yeah you’re fucking 5’9” you retard. That is essentially the same as an average height person in the 100-110 range.

That aside yeah you could still stand to lose a few, you still look stocky

>> No.10150616 [DELETED] 

another hilarious anon with retardly high standards

>> No.10150617 [DELETED] 

What’s hilarious is posting your big ol body on an anonymous image board trying to prove some point but just looking like a big dumb fat cow anyway

>> No.10150620 [DELETED] 

Your thighs are really fat for that weight. Do you just not work out at all? You can see a lot of cellulite.

>> No.10150621 [DELETED] 

Ntayrt but I’m the girl in the picture, I mean I know I’m not super skinny but I’m on the lower side of normal, I think you’re exaggerating because even my rexxy friends don’t think I’m a fat cow

>> No.10150622 [DELETED] 

I work out (a couple days a week) and diet but all of my weight goes to my thighs, I mean my ribs are visible when I’m in a resting stance so I just assume I have weird fat proportions

>> No.10150624 [DELETED] 

You should go on a diet. Contrary to what modern western society would have you believe it’s actually normal to have your ribs show a bit at a resting position. What’s not normal is those thunder thighs. Also you should try wearing a bra your tits are saggy.

>> No.10150629 [DELETED] 

Nayrt but I’m so excited to see your self post.
Cuz you’re totally not role playing right now.

>> No.10150630 [DELETED] 

>your tits are saggy.
I’m literally an A cup, had to wear a strapless bra for this shoot and it was falling down cause I don’t have enough tits to keep it there

>> No.10150631 [DELETED] 

Don't listen to these people, you look fine anon. You look healthy for your height.

>> No.10150632 [DELETED] 

That’s just sad then, I didn’t know it was possible to have saggy A cups.

Selfposting on 4chan is never a good idea and is a huge red flag for having the same amount of self esteem as a crackwhore

>> No.10150637 [DELETED] 
File: 1.72 MB, 640x362, 313024B0-A758-4B0A-8B01-68E6DFA3979F.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dat backpedaling
Sure Jan

>> No.10150639 [DELETED] 

>doesn’t even know what backpedaling means

Backpedaling is when you go back on something you’ve said before. I did not do that. If you’re going to shitpost using buzzwords at least know what they mean, you look like you’re even lower on the intelligence spectrum than the average downie when you don’t.

>> No.10150641 [DELETED] 
File: 1.61 MB, 640x362, 0450329B-6AFD-458A-8A40-0C96F44207A1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still no self post
Seething, huh?

>> No.10150642 [DELETED] 

Nobody on cgl or any anonymous forum poisoned by weebshit has any semblance of healthy body image. We are all poisoned by anime, and japanese fashion magazines, and idolrus like yukapon and anzujamu who are all extremely skinny.

Your body is fine but you need to get off here if you're seeking validation, it will only hurt you.

>> No.10150650 [DELETED] 

Only the insane or retarded selfpost here

>> No.10150653 [DELETED] 

No one is saying you have to be 100 lbs to look cute. (In fact, I'm one of the original 100 lbs anons above, and yeah, I do have anorexia lol. It sucks.)

But what isn't cute is you posting a legitimate photo of yourself in order to prove a point. You look retarded an cringe-worthy. Anyone with eyes can see you aren't fat but instead have a relatively normal body.

It's common knowledge that muscle weighs more than fat, and you can look extremely fit at a higher weight. It's also common knowledge that taller people are able to weigh more than shorter people without seeming "heavy."

The "100 lbs" thing, or getting under 100 lbs, is one of those stupid pro-ana goals.

>> No.10150656 [DELETED] 

Wow, either a major troll or a major anachan. Just.... wow.

Eurofags are all broke and starving anyway. They want everyone to think that the dying waif look is "normal" and "healthy." Have fun being toothless by 50.

>> No.10150658 [DELETED] 

Confirmed fatty
Have fun at ihop

>> No.10150659 [DELETED] 

>thinking that’s all one person

Spot the fatty!

>> No.10150660 [DELETED] 


I was anorexic for almost 3 years, I was never like about to die skinny but as before mentioned I had a BMI of 17, and yeah I agree that it sucks and I’m sorry, I mean I just relapsed a couple months ago after recovering well for almost a year

And I wanted to be under 100 too but of course I would literally be dead if I was.

Yeah it’s pretty retarded to self post anywhere on 4chan but I’m kinda retarded and I needed meanspo to be honest.

I’ve tried so hard lately to go back and the fact that I feel I don’t have the willpower to do it anymore just makes me want it more, I got a second job though so It’s easier to avoid eating now

>> No.10150663 [DELETED] 

Anon, you are not mentally healthy and you still have the anachan mindset. Get help.

>> No.10150668 [DELETED] 

>literal actual anachans
Like I’m laughing but also get help and stop posting about your weight as if it’s anything to be proud of.

>> No.10150670 [DELETED] 

I think I gave up on having a healthy mindset, it’s bean almost two years since I actively starved myself and I still think about it every fucking day

>> No.10150675 [DELETED] 

>laughing at people with a serious mental illness

You’re disgusting.

>> No.10150702 [DELETED] 

Strange. I was happy to break 100 in my last year of high school, yet I still continue to bounce around it. It's been 10 years and it hasn't changed.

>> No.10150710 [DELETED] 
File: 208 KB, 323x221, 1545807254513.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminder to hide/report

>> No.10150776 [DELETED] 

>Eurofags are all broke and starving anyway

Not living off shitty food is not starving fatty

>> No.10150843

What dresses? I requested because I want to convince myself I can look ok in a high-waisted cut I’m eyeing up

>> No.10150883 [DELETED] 

big boobs aren't a bad thing either.
with enough effort and skill anyone can wear this fashion.
>t. 180cm tallita with 117cm bust, wearing lolita for 5 yrs now

>> No.10150888 [DELETED] 

You look fine lmao why tf are you self posting

>> No.10150963 [DELETED] 

I weigh 120 at 5'6 and wish my arms and calves were as skinny as yours. What the fuck this isn't fair.

>> No.10151011 [DELETED] 

stop beating yourself up, everyone's body is different. your more rounded limbs are probably super cute.

>> No.10151071 [DELETED] 

weighing 130 isn't bad depending on your height though

>> No.10151719 [DELETED] 

who dis?... also, is there a fursuiting board / thread? is this the closest thing to it??!?... there's hardly _any_ fursuiting here! (and also no fursuiting on /trash/.... life is hard)

>> No.10151731 [DELETED] 

nvm, I found it! tashiro yu / tetetoroort

>> No.10151732

That’s not even fitting her properly. Look at the armpits

>> No.10151763

This looks like terrible drag.

>> No.10151904 [DELETED] 

What everyone forgets about iHop Chan is that she wasn’t laughing about fatties being fat. She’s was calling very obvious itas what they were: itas. If you go back and read it, you’d probably agree with her on that. She was an ugly fat piece of shit but the people she was ridiculing also deserved it.

>> No.10155055

Best of homemade?

>> No.10155060

Anything that Lily of the Valley girl makes

>> No.10155106
File: 436 KB, 533x648, tumblr_pnzilmYcTk1rb0h8ao1_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was trying to work out what the dress was reminding me of, and well.

>> No.10155131

I tried to find nice looking worn photos on thicker girls and wasn't having much luck, the one is baby's twin horoscope jsk (cute cat Halloween print, long name I don't remember) and the other is APs dreamy planetarium jsk.

>> No.10155151
File: 268 KB, 660x990, 1436985566542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dreamy planetarium
I agree with this a lot. I'm thicker and I think the JSK suits me better. This came out right when I really started getting into lolita. I messed up and got the sailor cut jsk only to sell it to get the JSK.

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