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I can't contain my excitement. I just swiped a lodge room this afternoon.

Drink recipes?

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How th fuck do I get a room

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Keep looking. It's about that time where people begin dropping. Best of luck, anon.

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Where does one look? FB or discord or what? Sorry I have never not just booked a room at a con a month in advance.

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I got my room from the booking site. I've been checking 3 times a day every day for the past month. All luck

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For some reason I thought if rooms got dropped the Kalahari staff was going to be reverting to the weird lottery system to sell them out. Was that only during the active booking period? Does that mean if we just keep calling we might get lucky buying up dropped rooms?

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Pretty much what you have to do. Just keep calling.

Either that or check some of the ride and room share groups on fb. Typically people around now will start posting that spots opened up in their rooms. Sometimes people will mention if they're dropping, and are looking to sell it to someone else.

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How awful is it to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge?

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Dropped rooms are removed from the convention block and no longer have the con rate.

Depends on how highly you value staying at the Kalahari. It's a good alternative, in my opinion. Be mindful of when the shuttle stops running.

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Awesome thanks! My group will keep our fingers crossed for getting lucky with a room. It's fine if it's not convention rate - it's mostly the distance that we're after and the pool passes.

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I always hear half the fun of colossal is the shit show of drunk weebs which you can't really experience staying off site.

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Is anyone else still waiting for a response on Photoshoot submissions?

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What’s everyone’s lineup? This is mine

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>tfw hideri crossplayer from last year was hot af
A-are you him

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Nah, I just started cosplaying him this year.

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Agreed. Plus everyone in our group has really different sleeping schedules, so staying off-site for a convention is difficult to coordinate. I'm gonna keep checking for a dropped Kalahari room since it'd make things so much easier regarding sleeping, drinking, and not having to arrange a driver. (plus waterpark passes!) Thankfully I was able to snag the last room at the Comfort Inn a mile away, so we won't be far away if worst comes to worst. Good luck to you all too!

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A friend who doesn't drink is comfortable with driving in each day from Toledo so that's what I'll probably end up doing.
I'm definitely going to try to get a room next year though. I'll be sharing a suite with a big group at East which will be fun.

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Can't wait for panel acceptance/rejection emails!

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that reminds me, when are they going to announce the panels?

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I wish I knew. I checked their website and it says panel acceptances are closed and emails should go out soon, but no given time frame.

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going to colossal for the first time
can someone gimme the rundown?
especially the weird, the lewd, and the stuff to avoid

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I've only been once and for the day, but things seemed normal until it got late.
I've heard people say it's super easy to get laid but I can't really speak for that.

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Add to this two ~concepts~ I've created (one raver, one pirate). I am absurdly excited for this con! My first time going for the whole weekend.

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So my boyfriend had his PTO for thursday and friday turned down, and I'm an autistic fuck who can barely hold a conversation with a stranger. Is it worth getting the 4 day pass and driving the 45 minutes from home thursday/friday, or should I just do Saturday/maybe Sunday?
what would a sperg troon even do alone on friday without a place to stay the night (besides hit up grindr and suck a dick for a bed for the night)

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How long does it usually take for the Photoshoot schedule to be finalized? I’ve been waiting to even get a reply about it but there’s no word.

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It's worth it! I'm autistic too, and I went alone to my first con years ago! It was a fun experience, even without communicating much! I'll hang out with you anon!

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I'm one of the most extroverted people out there & the one time I went to a con alone was a nightmare. But I'm also not a die hard fan of any particular anime - at least not enough to talk to a stranger about it. That's where you could make a connection & find a group of like-minded people to pal around with!

On Friday you could get a lay of the land, explore the dealers room, go to the panels that YOU want to go to & then try to strike up conversations with people who like the same stuff as you. Worst comes to worst, you blew a few dollars. Best case scenario, you found a group of new friends & your entire weekend experience will be made better.

I say do it!

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Where my waluigi time boiz at? My roommate runs the panel so I'm the guy who's chosen to lose the games every year because I'm not allowed to win. Was I think... Wirt from over the garden wall last year?

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Depressing lack of drink recipes so here are mine.
Caribou Lou:
151 rum 1.5 Oz
Malibu rum 1.5 Oz
Pineapple juice 5 Oz

Scooby Snack:
Midori 1/3 Oz
Malibu rum 1/3 Oz
Banana Liqueur 1/3 Oz
Whipped cream
Dash pineapple juice
shake all of these with ice and strain into a shot glass. top with whipped cream.

Liquid Cocaine:
Jaggermeister .75 Oz
Goldschlager .75 Oz
shake over ice and strain into shot glass. Add a dash of 151 if you're a heavy weight.

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also my first time going for the whole weekend, ithilien ranger may or may not happen depending on time and resources.

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This thread is boring. Let’s get some discussion topics.

>who are you cosplaying?
>did you get a room at the Kalahari?
>what are you excited for?
>anything you aren’t excited for?
>what’s going to be the big cosplay this con?
>how is your cosplay progress going?
>what do you think of the water park rave?
>will Photoshoot acceptance emails ever be sent?

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Anyone get a panel email yet?

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Nope. According to fb memories, I got a few panel acceptances on this day last year.

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>who are you cosplaying?
Orochimaru (Naruto) Marko (saga) and Shiroe (log horizon)
>did you get a room at the Kalahari?
13 people in an african queen suite, ready to die
>what are you excited for?
I just dig wheb strangers take pictures of my cosplays
>anything you aren’t excited for?
The last two weeks vefore con when I rush all my cosplays
>what’s going to be the big cosplay this con?
I'm betting on some meme stealing the show as always
>how is your cosplay progress going?
I have half a sword done? I'm in school so life sucks
>what do you think of the water park rave?
Never been...
>will Photoshoot acceptance emails ever be sent?
Same time as panel acceptances, so may 31st.

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Yeah, I got mine today last year too.

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>>who are you cosplaying?
Miruko, Baku, Dabi (mha) Dice (hypmic)
>>did you get a room at the Kalahari?
yup, nabbed a desert room in the lottery
>>what are you excited for?
seeing friends, comfy swim cosplays, checking out on monday, numerous strawberry long islands
>>anything you aren’t excited for?
the 8 hour drive
>>what’s going to be the big cosplay this con?
mha still, probably swim kda?
>>how is your cosplay progress going?
2 of the 4 pretty much done so better than I usually am at this point
>>what do you think of the water park rave?
it'll be a mess but I'll still check it out
>>will Photoshoot acceptance emails ever be sent?
one can hope

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May 31st? That's literally during the con, and April has 30 days..

Hoping I get an acceptance soon. Most of my panel presentations are done for the most part.

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>13 people in African Queen
>I also have 13 people in African Queen

A-Are you rooming with a waluigi?

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Yeah man, are you >>10146050?

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Yup that’s me. Is this another roommate? Or are you the one who posted the Waluigi?

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I've never started on my stuff this early, I might actually finish everything in time. I'll probably die of a heatstroke once i'm there though.

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Yeah I'm waluigi's roommate, like, I live with him. I just don't wanna say our names lol

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>Who are you cosplaying?
Pic related. Uh, I like Fate.
>Did you get a room at the Kalahari?
No luck and I'm bummed, had like seven people in our group enter the lottery and not a thing. We'll be at the Great Wolf, hopefully works out alright.
>What are you excited for?
Drinking, Fate meetups, going to be doing some Ribbon Game collecting/passing out.
>Anything you aren’t excited for?
Having to drive/shuttle in and out constantly, and those waterpark prices. Kms.
>What’s going to be the big cosplay this con?
So many KDA Akalis. Lots of Jojos and MHA.
>How is your cosplay progress going?
Stuff is ordered at least lol, should hopefully have lots of time.
>What do you think of the water park rave?
I'm... hesitant. I've had a good time at the late night waterpark events, but low lighting + fucked up weebs + water seems like a bad ship. We'll see how it goes.
>Will Photoshoot acceptance emails ever be sent?
Fingers crossed, not that my lineup is very diverse but I'd like to plan my days out a bit.

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First time going lads, give me tips so I don’t die in some resort in Ohio

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Just don't do heroin and you'll be good dude. Everyone at this con is here to get drunk, smoke weed, fuck, or stroke their egos

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>diversity panel (out of likely dozen of other diversity panels that applied) doesn't get approved
>"Colossalcon is SILENCING me"

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Got my panel approved!! I’m glad I banked on it and didn’t pre-reg.

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This line up just depends on how many of my friends are going or if I want to sweat my balls off in a suit.

This is the first year I'll be able to go to the bar, is it worth it?

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>every con now has 50 diversity and lgbtq in _____ fandom

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Got my photoshoot submissions back! All were approved!

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I'm planning to go as shirtless Inuyasha since this place is pool themed. How likely would I be able to get laid with a girl at this con?

>> No.10154312

very likely if you get her trashed

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Probably a stupid question but are metal or plastic flasks allowed.

>> No.10154445

God this reeks of desperate virgin.

>> No.10154453

Pretty sure the Kalahari doesn't like outside drinks. Friends of mine have never had a problem having a flask or drink on them, even openly in their hand, but I'd still be a little discreet around employees.

>> No.10154480

I just save my coke, sprite, and any other soda bottles before hand and then pre make all my drinks and pack them in a cooler in the car. no one questions drinking a soda.

>> No.10154527

Same! I earn a free badge this year!

>> No.10154560

Why would you want to drink out of a flask when you can carry around the giant drink cups from the resort and drink openly

>> No.10154616

This! Just buy one of those & drink openly all weekend for super cheap.

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Have sex

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I'm not falling for it cup shills, those drinks are watered down and way too expensive.

>> No.10154672

I was gonna explain it but I changed my mind. Yup you're right don't buy a Kalahari drink

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Anyone have photographer suggestions?

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Darling, since I'm bored I'll explain it simply as possible
> Purchase ONE overpriced very large souvenir cup
> Drink from your own booze openly the rest of the con b/c reusing the resorts own cup
> No one from the resort gives you shit because it's a Kalahari cup, must be something you bought from the Kalahari
> ???
> Profit

> Bonus, impress your friends at a later date by pouring AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE in the cup

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bruh u don’t even have to buy it
just find one lying around, wash it and boom

>> No.10154924

my friendgroup played a game where we went around collecting discarded Kalahari cups, whoever had the most at the end of the con won
(I won with 12 cups)

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I just saw this. lol

ManaKnight shared it.

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get rekt

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I really need to get a room at the Kalahari at some point, it's starting to get exhausting to not be staying there. Have any of you had any decent experiences being in a room with strangers before? I've never done it but given how flaky my normal group is I think just staying with randos couldn't be any more stressful. Best case scenario I end up with a group for the next year.

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>Fat nigger that lives in Detroit
o I am laffin

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>if you;re looking for a can dedicated to social issues, I think they made on called Dashcon. Maybe check the out.

damn dude

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I could give a shit about that panel (or any other panel for that matter), but the great part about those posts is that I can use them to further convince everyone of what a giant faggot Donnell (con chair) is. The con chair must approve of those posts and the decision, right?
I also see that Todd Haberkorn is on the guest list, I think maybe I'll remind everyone of that to get people riled up.
God, SJWs are so fucking easy to manipulate.

>> No.10155261


Bitch overreacted, glad she got her ass rejected! Focus on using her time to improve her personality now.

>> No.10155262

>Focus on using her time to improve her personality now.
Check out the FB thread, she won't.

>> No.10155275

I know her, she's a super sweet person and is trying to help people through her panel. However, I don't understand how she could think saying something as dramatic as 'please share, I will not be silenced' could be taken as just simply 'expressing sadness.' It's a clear call to action...

>> No.10155374

Jesus can we go like one year without someone doing stupid race based shit?
Wasn’t someone point blanking photographers last year asking them “why they were racist b/c they didn’t shoot enough black people” and expecting people to actually respond to that with anything other than “get out of my face!”
Do they really think this kind of temper tantrums and public attempts at humiliation are actually going to work instead of deepening the divide? I saw an activist earlier this year who said “Dr. King is dead, and so are his methods.” I’m sorry but MLK actually got shit done, you just scream at people and expect that it will work.
To anyone who actually wants to make a positive change, respect other people, see the humanity common to all of us, rather than the petty things that separate us.

>> No.10155383

Where is it posted?

>> No.10155390

It's over in the main colossalcon group in the discussion (or community, don't remember what the ta was called t b h) tab, shouldn't have to scroll down too far to find it.

>> No.10155423

Fun fact: it was the same person last year.

>> No.10155450

Wait so as in the person who just got their panel denied was the same person running around accusing random photogs of being racists last year?

>> No.10155474

It wasn't the person who got the panel denied but the friend running around blowing shit up in her name that was doing the accusing last year from what I recall.

>> No.10155551

I do think this comment was very unprofessional, but the panel hosts were making a big deal about this prior to the comment. Now it’s just gotten worse.

>> No.10155553

The official Facebook page is a shitshow right now

>> No.10155554

The comment was unprofessional, but Colossal has no obligation to host every single panel that applies. I've gotten turned down in the past and you have to just move on, try applying at a different con.

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Why Colossalcon has the right to reject any panel for any reason holy shit how unprofessional. Racism aside, where’s y’alls PR person?

>> No.10155608

Wow I sound drunk. What I meant to say was.
>Colossalcon has the right to reject any panels for any reason. But holy shit their comment was unprofesssional. Racism aside, where’s y’alls PR person?

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Absolutely based

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File: 1.35 MB, 2880x3840, 6FCBEC21-1B78-4A2D-A692-E5C0E3AF3D56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m not cosplaying in lolita all 4 days. Still deciding which one I want to wear to the tea party!

>> No.10155679

Not the greatest response to give but still funny as shit.

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Oh shit

>> No.10155681

pro tip: none of them

>> No.10155682

nice b8

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The build up to this con keeps getting better and better

>> No.10155715

Who is this person that they removed from said position?
It's both hilarious and pathetic how they've altered their apology a few times now, after being told their previous apologies weren't good enough. Everyone wanted this person to be "fired", and they initially ignored all those comments. They finally caved.

>> No.10155722

The Carls......hope you guys find the shot fairy again

>> No.10155728

I hope that the people who have a genuine issue with the con being “racist” decide to boycott it. More roomspace and parking spots for everyone else.

>> No.10155746

>Colossalcon is racist!!!!

Yeah sure go off.

>> No.10155749

Yeah I'm totally sure people would have taken time out of their day at Colossalcon away from friends, parties, and a waterpark to attend a social justice panel.

If you're defending this panel and claim you would have been there to support it - you're lying out your ass.

>> No.10155758

Would you mind dropping a link to that if you can? I’d love to be able to document that.

>> No.10155763

It was hilarious, get over it. Black female cosplayers are just using this angle to get popularity, it has nothing to do with racism. Dat patreon game strong.

>> No.10155777

Jesus this situation is cringy from all directions.

I do think the original panelist should have waited to see what other diversity panels existed before talking about being silenced. I see a few diversity panels at each big convention, and although I've never gone myself, public opinion seems to be that they're a positive place to show cosplayers that don't always get a chance to shine and to talk about problems unique to that particular community. I think they have a place at an anime convention, since "nerd culture" and its associated events still isn't always the most inviting place for all people. If Colossal is hosting a few diversity panels like they said they were, it's not so much a case of silencing minorities as it is "not being able to fit several of the same type of panel in a limited space". Someone's gotta lose in that type of competition.

That being said, Colossalcon's first response was dumb as hell from a professional standpoint. Old meme about a dead convention, plus the implication that social issues don't have a place for discussion there. Not a good look for people who are part of those minority groups, who can't always just "turn off" their problems and party for a weekend. It also kind of lent some power to the anti-SJW types, as evidenced in the comments in that post.

Their apology seemed thoughtful and well-worded though. By that time the focus had shifted from "should this one panel be allowed" to "how welcoming is the convention going to be to those of color/LGBT/other minorities?" I think that's why the apology was warranted, and they seemed to be honestly looking for ways to reassure everyone that they were welcome without harassment or discrimination. I saw it as more of an attempt to de-escalate rather than bend over for the SJW side, but it seems comments had to be locked anyway. A big cringy mess all around, like I said.

>> No.10155779

Wasted digits. Exaggerated bullshit “minority issues” aren’t so bad they can’t be turned off for a weekend.

>> No.10155785


Difference of opinion, I guess. Since those issues that they want to discuss directly relate to the cosplay and anime community, it makes sense to push for a space at an anime convention for them. I also don't see them as exaggerated, but again that's just my own view. Point I'm trying to make is, if there's room in the schedule, the diversity panels have just cause to be there, but if there's a lot of diversity panels competing for the same schedule, some have to lose, and she really jumped the gun on implying her panel rejection was racially motivated. It caused the issue to evolve into a much bigger discussion we see currently playing out.

(Sorry for all the wordiness, I just have a strong interest in the intersection of social media/nerd culture/political issues, so I like seeing and participating in these kinds of discussions.)

>> No.10155803

The people saying they are never coming back because of this, but still demanding an apology, why? Either you are too sensitive to attend the con and good riddance or you were just a lobby conner who wasn't buying a ticket anyway.

PS, other event sales matter, not buying a ticket but still showing up dropping money at the Kalahari isn't "boycotting" shit.

>> No.10155809

The last time I was in a room with randos someones friend came in and pissed all over everything and threw up everywhere and I just ended up leaving.

>> No.10155810 [DELETED] 

Yeah, the girl that got her panel waitlisted just made the original post, the friend of hers who originally shared it in the group is the same one who was complaining about photographers last year.

I don't get why people keep bringing that up in the comments either, like it's Colossal's fault. There are definitely photogs who purposely ignore or are completely inexperiened with shooting black cosplayers, I don't doubt that.

But to say that means the con has a history of racism because they "refuse to deal with it"? What do you want to them to do? You want con ops to go up to the photographer who hasn't taken your picture yet and make them? I just don't understand.

They already removed the guy who made the Dashcon comment from his spot, I don't really get what else people want. I wish people were genuinely going to stop attending so there might be a bit more elbow room at this goddamn con, but let's be realistic. They're not going to stop coming.

>> No.10155813

Yeah, the girl that got her panel waitlisted just made the original post, the friend of hers who originally shared it in the group is the same one who was complaining about photographers last year.

I don't get why people keep bringing that up in the comments either, like it's Colossal's fault. There are definitely photogs who purposely ignore or are completely inexperienced with shooting black cosplayers, I don't doubt that.
But to say that means the con has a history of racism because they "refuse to deal with it"? What do you want to them to do? You want con ops to go up to the photographer who hasn't taken your picture yet and make them? I just don't understand.

They already removed the guy who made the Dashcon comment from his spot, I don't really get what else people want.
I wish people were genuinely going to stop attending so there might be a bit more elbow room at this goddamn con, but let's be realistic. They're not going to stop coming.

>> No.10155815

I hope they didn't even fire the guy, and just said they did OMEGALUL

>> No.10155860 [DELETED] 

Why are niggers so awful?

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The panel runners didn't even wait for a response to the email, they sent the email and immediately took it to Twitter. That was wrong.

The social media person acted unprofessional and compared them to ball pit pissing SuperWhoLocks. That was wrong.

Colossalcon reacted to outlash by firing the person who made the comment and issuing an apology and an olive branch to make things right. That was good.


Everyone's fighting, I'm out groups for East as well because everyone's like "Oh fuck that!!!!" well after an apology was issued, it's a fucking mess. Also, if you go to Colossalcon for the though provoking panels, you probably also watch porn for the riveting plot. Yeah, PR acted wrong but they're right that it is a "party con." The response should have been "Hey, waitlist is not a rejection, you're probably gonna get it if someone drops, also there's 8 other people who submitted the same fucking panel". Only, you know, more articular and without dropping the F-word.

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i truly don’t think the conrunners are racist but what one person said was incredibly unprofessional and demeaning, whether it was funny or not. Remember, this is a COMPANY. You just can’t be spouting shit.
the person has been “fired” so hopefully everything will go back to normal now.

>> No.10155963

It’s a conspiracy to thin the faggots out making the con less crowded and more enjoyable for the true patrons

>> No.10156079


Why can't people chill the fuck out.

>> No.10156082

Well said, I agree with pretty much all of that.
Personally, one thing I'd add to the "that was wrong/bad" list was it took Colossal like 3 posts to get to a full, proper apology with some transparency on their action ("firing" the person who made those posts).
Colossal taking way too long to properly address shit on social media is nothing new though. I mean, it took them like 3 or 4 FUCKING MONTHS to formerly address what happened on the last day of Colossal East.
And when they did it was "Kalahari management is so sorry!". So sorry that they're "going to discuss" stopping cosplay & photography at the water park in the early afternoon again this year, meaning Kalahari management basically approved of what happened last year.
And a bunch of stupid fucking lemmings in the FB group actually 'liked' that post.

>> No.10156094

I work for a certain hated company
That is 100% what they do. let's not and say we did

>> No.10156141

If people cancel hotels because of this, I'm grabbing a room
In the initial email it says that they are waitlisted and that doesn't mean rejection because other people have to confirm their panels. Anyone who runs panels knows this shit. They're just entitled brats, and the cosplay community wants a lolcow at any given point because most of them are lowlifes that won't make it out of a povertized bracket alone.
Denise is that you? Hope John doesn't get arrested for that Lolita shit LUL.

>> No.10156143

Imo these people should be tankies. If they put this much energy canceling capitalism, we might actually end the systematic oppression they speak of since it comes from capitalist structures currently.
No wage gap.
No problems with job seeking or loan seeking.
Marx rests easy.

>> No.10156161

We always find the shot fairy

>> No.10156165

Why can't everyone ban together to get that annoying longboarding girl to stop posting every single day in every single group instead? A worthy cause.

>> No.10156220
File: 288 KB, 497x393, 2019 lineup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Who are you cosplaying?
Leon (RE2'19), Homecoming spider-man, and either shadman because i basically have all the pieces in my wardrobe already, or Adult Jack (RDR).
>did you get a room at kalahari?
no, but my friend's got a seasonal spot at the campsite roughly fifteen minutes from the con so we're just going to set up camp there
>what are you excited for
photoshoots, meeting fellow cosplayers and gamers, and taking photos with weebs who like my costumes
>anything you aren't excited for?
The raves, probably. My friends will want to go and i'll join them, but they've not been my scene in the past
>What's going to be the big cosplay this con
jojo, spiderman, deadpool maybe? I don't keep up with anime well enough to know if there's anything taking the community by storm
>how is your cosplay progress going?
pretty well. Just need to order my leon stuff and sew on some patches. Have to make a new hood for spiderman though. It's mostly earning money and waiting for materials to ship atm.
>What do you think of the water park rave?
never went, but i might this year. Depends on the cost and if I know anyone else going
>will photoshoot acceptance emails ever be sent?

>> No.10156260

Because the convention itself had anything to do with the decisions made by the venue staff. Why would the convention ask the kalahari staff to listen to some screaming, paranoid soccer mom?

It's a different venue, different manager, like those people probably didn't grasp it. There might have been a lot of going back and forth to get anywhere.

It sounds like you assume dealing with company management / hierarchy is a simple matter and things can be dealt with quickly with simple answers. It's not always the case.

>> No.10156272 [DELETED] 

Why are niggers so awful?

>> No.10156284

The whole thing should have ended before it began. Someone presents the idea for a panel - the panel schedule is full, so they should agree to put them on the wait list, agree to let them know if/when space opens up & even extend a cordial "thank you" for bringing the idea forward & wishing to spread more light on an important issue. That fixes any weird blowback they would have gotten.

Done. That's it. Any additional "you have room for hentai but not for us" will look childish on behalf of the panel host. Keep it as simple & civil as possible. Don't leave loose threads for people to pull & go crazy over.

Colossalcon has an entire convention to run. This person only has their panel & social media presence to worry about.

And, at the end of the day, this is all SO trivial. Life will go on.

>> No.10156296

which one?

>> No.10156313
File: 102 KB, 499x669, 50's supetruth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The chair of any con can only do so much. There is quite a lot of work that is done by others under the convention employ. The chair needs to trust those below them to do their individual jobs with humility and grace. In the case of the Colossal posts, whomever made them broke the trust of those above them and will be summarily dealt with accordingly.

>> No.10156322

>be a /pol/ fag
>Live every day saying dumb shit on the internet
>Eventually that dumb shit leaks to real-life situations
>"Ha. Got em!" quickly turns into "oh shit oh fuck"
>Face repercussions for said dumb shit

I'm not really keeping up with this, but I bet there's a handful of people going "muh free speech!" on discords and shit.

>> No.10156335

Coonlossalcon 2k19

>> No.10156337

Looking forward to seeing those cosplays as someone else who likes Fate too much.

>> No.10156341
File: 2.64 MB, 1440x2686, Screenshot_2019-04-24-10-59-44-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just in case you thought she would shut the fuck up about this.
Why do the admins even allow it when it has nothing to actually do with Colossalcon?

>> No.10156342

Suddenly this makes more sense.

>> No.10156343

Idk. It's pretty cool if true

>> No.10156350

Nah the chair of the con is a douchebag and is fine with having assholes running stuff. I think in this case he realized it was going to cost them badge sales so it was time to back pedal

>> No.10156356

she's the one who got butthurt about her panel? that sorta sucks she seemed cool as fuck

>> No.10156360
File: 624 KB, 2880x2369, 9940644D-E532-47E4-961E-B6DBA5814417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Its obvious that you just joined this group to start drama
>Your retardo posts aren’t funny
>Being a troll isn’t going to make people subscribe to your patreon

>> No.10156367

she's crazy. also super cringey with comments & dms on insta

>> No.10156379

Please name.drop so I can block her and all her social media pages

>> No.10156380

I hope this person has other skills other than managing what events go on at conventions. That door might be closed for a while.

>> No.10156400

anybody know what the cosfit competiton is like?

>> No.10156417

is the cosplay competition only for people competing for a company or can anyone compete.

>> No.10156421

I'm glad I'm not the only one that realizes this.
List of known Colossalfags:
Donnell, Chris Gary, Fang Fox
Chris even managed to dig their hole even deeper when he started replying to comments on the thread just to antagonize a few select people.
An unholy trio of Colossal faggots indeed.

>> No.10156427

I for one would show up to the POC panel after I've finished buttchugging a bottle of everclear.

>> No.10156440

Don't sign up unless you're at 1/2/3/4 for reps

>> No.10156479

I was really hoping the drama would open up some rooms but alas it didn't.

A little over a month away, how's everyone cosplays coming along?

>> No.10156499

2 out of six are done. The rest of mine are easy to do though so I’m not concerned. The rest of my group is a bit ambitious in what they want to do and I’m worried they’ll end up rushing their stuff.

>> No.10156501

Costhots on Twitter are trying to promote another con the same weekend as Colossal that is supposed to be more diverse. Not that any of them will actually go to it.

>> No.10156507
File: 52 KB, 500x500, F2BB5722-426A-4EB9-B7A1-EF287BAFE09B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hell yeah, Waluigi is my fucking boy. Love that panel

>> No.10156508

Revenge conventions NEVER work out, look at Godaikocon.

>> No.10156519

This is a whole issue that should have never happened. The people/person who made the original posts should have let Colossalcon reply to their email first and handled it over email. Them bringing it to a group and essentially blasting the con was uncalled for. Waitlisted does not always equal rejection. The con staff is a fucking mess, this is a known fact. The staff member who commented was unprofessional and needs to be replaced(I don’t know if they have truly been fired or not). It created drama that didn’t need to be there. The people who keep demanding to know what diversity panels are on the schedule need to calm the fuck down. The schedule isn’t finalized and out yet. One panel being wait listed doesn’t mean shit about the final schedule.
Yeah Colossalcon is a party con, but I don’t think it’s bad to have panels about social issues within the community there. I think it’s a good thing. They just blew the entire thing out of proportion and it’s all a mess now.

>> No.10156520

>Don't sign up unless you're at 1/2/3/4 for reps
>tfw ive made it
praise zyzz. were all gonna make it

>> No.10156529

Everyone's bitching but will still be there plastered all 5 days lol

>> No.10156536
File: 1.40 MB, 1920x2560, 19-04-24-16-40-52-077_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one.

I wish someone would tell her to stop. It's neat once but it's obvious now she just posts for the attention of it and it's obnoxious as hell.

Nah, different girls.

I think it's a neat idea, with how focused people get on working out for Colossal. Seems kinda nice. I worry that the people running it are going to be biased towards their friends/patrons but I admire them starting something new at a con that encourages healthy behaviors. I loved the ~fatshaming~ drama that came from it too lol.

>> No.10156552
File: 355 KB, 828x1115, 2D2DD9EF-E8E5-4A9B-BBA5-8A41804B72CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m not ready

>> No.10156553

Can you post the name of said con? I'd like to 'ave a giggle.
But yeah I'm sure this will work out as well as Monica Rial's out-of Kamehacon autograph signing she had to "stick it to them" for having Vic there.
In reality people give zero fucks about programming at Colossalcon, and will have nearly zero impact on attendance. Someone went full retard on social media, and it's the job of every good SJW to virtue signal to pretend they give a fuck.

>> No.10156557

If you happen to see me wandering about or are going to the photoshoot please say hi anon! I love meeting other Fate folks and I'll have gacha hell ribbons!

>> No.10156564

Post cosplay lineup & body

>> No.10156635
File: 652 KB, 2000x2000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.10156718

Yes. They have years of treating people like shit under their belts. Wouldn’t be shocked if no one actually got fired. I’ve seen so many people and guests sever ties with them.

>> No.10156750

With promo like this, the target demographic seems to be sleezy blacks.

>> No.10156757
File: 236 KB, 609x730, 1556155090659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10156789

What the hell is that suppose to be?

>> No.10156941
File: 80 KB, 1080x1195, 54511815_1288995197921058_3809719070057386993_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you think I stand a chance? Should I sign up for this cosfit competition?

>> No.10156970

My friend is bigger and is putting in a better scorpion cosplay. If you ain't pushin 4 plate squats, you might as well stop now and try next year.

>> No.10156971

how are you diverse if you're an only black con?

>> No.10157040

The schedule isn't out yet but I know someone who got a FGO panel approved, I'm excited!! There were a lot of Fate people at colossal last year too

>> No.10157091


>> No.10157094

Yea go set up melty on the lazy river and cry about it. I love gacha

>> No.10157126

I used to hate the idea of gacha games... but now I haven't missed a single log in day bonus in girls frontline since release day

>> No.10157503

I (a male Mai Valentine from yugioh) met a straight couple cosplaying Joey and Kaiba last year (the girl was Kaiba) and ended up hanging out with them a medium amount and also literally doing a shot of vodka out of Kaiba's mouth (or maybe she did it out of mine; you understand why I don't exactly remember) and they were all like "yooooo you should come to colossal east!"

should I? Female Kaiba are you in this thread?

>> No.10157516

getting them away from Colossal seems like a best case scenario tbqh.

>> No.10157533

Ew, did she just spit it into your mouth like a bird regurgitating food to its young?

>> No.10157618
File: 92 KB, 701x305, B466ED27-9FA9-4AD9-BDB9-D7F1CE69E69B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Version 1 of the schedule is out


>> No.10157668

we were outside their hotel (this was Otakon 2018 in DC last year) and she sorta kissed me

they seemed slightly swingery but we had also just come from the rave so like it was partymode. chill couple.

>> No.10157700
File: 345 KB, 1074x1002, 20190425_235908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So cgl meetup when

>> No.10157742

whiteys keep walkin

>> No.10157794 [DELETED] 

That's the only way you nigplayers will meet anyone anyway

>> No.10157830

Ignoring this particular drama colossalcon staff is still terrible. This is still the same staff that used con staff to make sure plebs didn't get into cosfamous parties. This is still the same staff that couldn't even be bothered to scold photogs that put electrical equipment near pools. The cosfamous treated a step above at colossal bc they like it that way. There are literally two different worlds at colossalcon, bc they make it that way.

>> No.10157883

Staff needs to go through their internal shit. They seem to care too much about being a party and getting money than about the convention being fun for everyone.

Last year Mike Sparks was being an ass to panelists and accepting awful shit. He was apparently fired. This year Karen was too busy to work on photoshoots but not too busy to share random shit all over Facebook. And now whatever staff member this is instigated and caused for drama than there needed to be over this panel.

They need a staff change, people who actually care about the con and not just about the cosfamous or just partying.

>> No.10157908
File: 988 KB, 500x235, 1515382607530[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed, and no one bothers to hide it. So curious to see who has magically happened to end up with a villa this year - I mean, this was the first time using a lottery system, so it's completely possible some randos will be staying there this year, right? Right??

>> No.10157909

It looks like it's gonna be 11am (oof) on Saturday! There's a couple Fate panels going on it looks like, I'm real stoked.

>> No.10157927

I'm sure it's gonna be the same people lmao. I have no faith that the con staff didn't pull strings to make sure they kept their party spots.

>> No.10157992

The issue isn't they need to get their shit together, it's that they are who they are. This is what they want colossalcon to be. They love that's it's a drunken orgy where the cosfamous get to swing their dicks around. They have never given a shit about panels, or cultivating a welcoming community, or doing something for the kids. This is their ego driven party and the senior staff isn't going to apologize for that fact since they cultivated what it has become. The most they will give is lip service to prevent losing badge sales but hell will freeze before Donnell would favor the opinions on the masses over this cosfamous guests.

I haven't tried to book for the longest time but I doubt the villas are included in the lottery.

>> No.10158007

Will do!

>> No.10158009

Is that the photoshoot? I see a FGO panel on Thursday at 4 and another on Saturday at 4, unless they're changing the schedule around.

>> No.10158010

Forgot to add, I don't know what all I'll cosplay and on what days but no matter what I'll have a fgo lanyard holding the badge.

>> No.10158011

Pretty much this. I've heard that the villas get booked for the con through someone with a connection to the hotel and they're never actually available to the general public.

>> No.10158028

At the same time, you forget.

If it wasn't for the cosfamous, it'd still be a little tiny piddly ass con in Cleveland Ohio. It wasn't until it was moved to the Kalahari AND cosfamous started promoting it did it grow beyond 3k attendees.

>> No.10158030

The waterpark is the big draw. I don't think anyone cares about the cosplayers, they mostly stay on their own doing photoshoots anyway so they might as well not even be there. People go because they want to party, get their own photos, and go to the waterpark, not because they want to catch a glimpse of some patreon cosplayer in a moss covered thong

>> No.10158040

Not really saying people go for the cosfamous, but the cosfamous are basically free advertising bringing other people in. It would be ridiculous not to cater to them at least a ~little~.

>> No.10158046
File: 561 KB, 1280x1707, 1536313289264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it really that hard to get a room at the Kalahari? This is the second year I'm not going but I've been offered room spaces both years.

>> No.10158091

Yeah, from what I can tell the actual photoshoot's at 11, then there's the two panels you mentioned, and one general gacha panel happening?

I don't know if anyone's posted it yet but here's the latest photoshoot schedule! More might be added:

Good deal, I'll keep an eye out anon!

Also I know it's probably earlier than we usually plan but is anyone interested in a cgl meetup? It's been a few years since I've met up with you guys.

It's definitely tougher than it used to be. A couple years ago they were making people line up Sunday of the con for hours at a time (outside too, there were a lot of sunburn complaints) for even a chance. And ofc this year they did the lottery. I don't know their attendance numbers but I know lots of people with no luck. Getting a single spot in a room is easy enough since everyone wants to offset the cost, but as a group it's rough. Went to East for the first time last year though and was able to book no problem, I miss that.

>> No.10158114

They grew enough to get to the kalihari would out the cosfamous. They don't get credit for getting them there. Now I think once they got into the kalihari that it's growth among normies and casual party attendees would be inevitable, with or without the cosfamous. But >>10158030 is correct there are basically two colossalcons happening at the same time. >>10158040 is also correct in so far that the cosfamous are there whole image. Where I have to disagree is there is difference in being deferential and and tripping over yourself for the cosfamous. Even Katsu had the spin to remove j nig and her friends when they broke hotel policy and showed up basically naked. Colossal staff seems just as star struck as some dumb Kotaku reader

>> No.10158140

so came for the waterpark
stayed for titties?

>> No.10158145

>They grew enough to get to the kalihari would out the cosfamous.
Assuming you meant "The grew enough to get to the KALAHARI WITHOUT THE COSFAMOUS"

Not really. Been going to this con since the first when it was a tiny half-day, cosplay and get in for free shindig.

When the con moved to the Kalahari, it was around 3-4k, 5k at tops. Ohayocon at this time was larger, maybe around 10-12k. It was on the level of small con.

The event space wasn't even that large, so it was likely a lot less costly to host it there.

People didn't even know about the con until Ackson started posting videos and gradually the attendance started to increase until maybe 2014, 2015 when room booking started to become an issue. Don't remember exact year but it definitely wasn't the case in 2009 when the con was first at this venue.

>> No.10158199

Yep, this exactly. My first Colossal was back in 2012 and even then attendance wasn't anything like it is now.
Booking was no issue, there was plenty of elbow room on the floor, they weren't charging out the ass for waterpark tickets.

Ackson and JNig going a couple years in a row brought in a lot of publicity, for better or for worse, and Colossal's cashing in on it.
I wish the numbers would split a little more between Prime, East and Daishocon but it's not looking that way.

>> No.10158311

East last year was starting to feel like Colossal maybe 2012, 2013, just starting to get the party con feel. The first year felt identical to the first year Colossal went to the Kalahari.

I imagine once the convention space is done expanding and especially South in Texas starts, some of the draw might die down.

Problem with East is that early September in the Poconos is a little too chilly for the outdoor waterpark. No idea what time of year South will be.

>> No.10158526
File: 432 KB, 1920x2560, 173980A5-BBC5-4D0D-A361-2CBEE79FF487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10158528

Yeah I've heard very good things about east. Looking forward to it.
Should be sharing a suite with a group this year if everything goes as planned.

>> No.10158728

The villas were not a part of the lottery system (not an option on the form), nor were they available for non-lottery booking. Before the lottery I called the con to ask when the villas would be available for booking (they were publicly available last time I checked a few years ago). The phone rep to me that they were part of Colossalcon's block and could not be booked.

Sean was also showing his ass in a Katsu thread a while back, and confirmed that the con gives them booking privileges for two villas every year in exchange for bringing in "pro" media coverage. I will be shocked if this didn't happen again this year.

>> No.10158766
File: 18 KB, 615x362, D8D6DA38-49BD-42EF-ACAB-F8ECD98B30C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watch party when?

>> No.10159168

How can I sneak feet pics through the whole weekend
Pls respond bros

>> No.10159185

>No idea what time of year South will be.

I'm fairly certain it'll be a winter month if they're going to fall on a pattern of every 3-4 months. I'm betting it'll be between December and February which will be dead times to fill in when it's slow there.

>> No.10159304

this better be a fucking joke.

>> No.10159360

Of course it's a joke jesus fucking Christ

>> No.10159388

She better be back with more jello shots

>> No.10159421


No shit it's a joke

>> No.10159559
File: 42 KB, 640x501, IMG_20190405_002608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10159699

Very good outcome, based colossal staff.
Hope they never fired the original poster.

>> No.10159905

Are we doing a Meetup this year?

>> No.10159906

East has been decent, but people should be aware that it's likely going to become essentially a 2-day con this year. They already said they're considering ending cosplay and photography at the water park in the early afternoon on Sunday. And I'm sure "considering" means the Kalahari will TELL them when it's gonna be over (probably around noontime).
I say this makes it a 2-day con because let's face it, no one gives a fuck about the convention itself.

>> No.10160057

does anyone know when the checkin time is?

>> No.10160075

I mean they said they removed him from that position, and given it was Easter they probably had a temporary fill in for the day who was going to hand it back to the usual manager on Monday sooooo....

>> No.10160304

Just a month away now!

>> No.10160366

>we are all inclusive!!


>> No.10160532

the cost of waterpark and return trips via uber/lyft when the shuttle ends absurdly early because 'who's awake in ohio' are gross.

I'm having chill days at wolf and a few days a kalahari where I can get absolutely rekt.

>> No.10160534

poor guy didn't realize he was on the corporate account lmfao

>> No.10160535

how would anyone know pfff

>> No.10160765


There's some weird stuff going on with my room so I might not go. Anyway

>who are you cosplaying?
Probably gonna recycle Musashi from Mob Psycho 100, might do Xehanort and then just wear regular clothes as well
>what are you excited for?
Fighting game tournies, drinks with friends, night swim
>what’s going to be the big cosplay this con?
Anything from MHA
>what do you think of the water park rave?
If you're referring to the night swim, it is one of the best things about this convention for sure, even if it costs a little extra

>> No.10160767


Gonna save these

>> No.10160791
File: 580 KB, 280x211, 1508420985387.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She sucks, but that group is fucking cancer dude

I ultimately decided to leave it last year when some chick was like "ugh this group is so full of thirsty guys there's no threads for lesbian or bi girls"

She posted this right below three different threads of girls acting like thirsty guys but toward other girls, one of them posting herself in bondage and straight up propositioning other girls

>> No.10160916

>friend's sister whose room i'm staying in upped the price to $50 a night
now this is nbd, but I'm not intended on staying saturday night, so I was just looking at $50 for a bed for a night
but now shes saying that i need to pay for both nights or i cant stay any
anybody got room I can shower and change in so i can just sleep in my fucking car instead of spending $150 for a night

>> No.10160944

people who only want to pay for 1 night are the worst. it makes room splitting overly complicated and means everyone else has to either pay more for your empty bed or find someone else to stay in it. either way its a pain and I don't blame her at all

>> No.10160954

eat my whole ass

>> No.10161168

shit dawg, can i take ur spot? fiddy a night is cheap.

>> No.10161199

Happy to help.

>> No.10161546

kys my main man

>> No.10161614

Your passing up on a good offer, anon. Quit whining and just pay it or go stay at a cheap hotel somewhere else.

>> No.10161633

Goddamn I don't blame her

She probably upped the price and changed the room rules hoping to force you out, if that's how you interact with people

>> No.10161673

>actually thinking shitposts on 4chan is how I interact with people irl

>> No.10161727

>"I'm not actually an awful person, I'm just pretending to be!"

Just saying, it's clearly in there. Why do you think you're getting gently nudged out of your hotel room?

>> No.10161761

Nayrt but agreeing with original ass eaten anon.
Who would actually scream NIGGERS or tell trannies to kill themselves irl at a con?

>> No.10161844

same people who dont shower and try to take up skirt shots?

>> No.10161847

Ah i remember that, I knew a guy who was thirsty for her. I find it so annoying how many attention seeking girls there are.

>> No.10162061

Plenty of people. It happens a lot unfortunately.

>> No.10162392

Dont jew them into paying for you bc you’re too fucking poor for this con

>> No.10162394

Instead of shooting them with a camera, you shoot yourself with a 9mm

>> No.10162397

Came \in\ the waterpark

>> No.10162407

That's a pretty unflattering focal length man

>> No.10162448
File: 131 KB, 798x475, 20190503_151751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude, literally why. No one wants to go to your retarded BDSM meetup

>> No.10162453

No wonder your roommates raised the fee, it's to kick you out because you're a cunty trouble maker .

>> No.10162471

They actually have a FetLife page for this, good lord.

>> No.10162812
File: 301 KB, 813x973, 4AA7B05A-6323-4E8F-9BC2-9E7FB9FB79E7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

26 days left! How’s everyone doing?

>> No.10162989
File: 518 KB, 900x900, Colossalcon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently the plans for Colossalcon. Who knows if I wind up changing as it gets closer.

>> No.10163082


Yeah a lot of them are total cunts, at least online

>> No.10163978

Has anyone eaten at the restaurants at the kalahari? Are they any good?

>> No.10163985

It's okay but everything costs about twice what its worth, since it's a resort. The food is on par with what you'd get at like buffalo wild wings or a chain place like that. The desserts in the little cafe off the lobby are pretty good.

>> No.10164138

Ivory Coast is about on par as far as cost and contents with most chain restaurants like Friday's. Maybe a little pricier but I don't mind the cost. Heard some complaints when it came to food allergies especially during a busy weekend.

B-lux is new for this year and the Pocono location's was pretty good. But it's standard burger, fries, shakes, etc.

They took out the more expensive sit down regular dining resturant. The only really pricey option is the buffet.

Otherwise there's the marketplaces and other little stands throughout including in the waterpark that serve pizza. DESU I rarely eat at those but I might get a small treat at the bakery or candy/ice cream place while I'm there.

>> No.10164288
File: 879 KB, 1080x1775, 20190506_192319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now colossal is posting for her trip isn't this like her 4th trip or some shit? And I remember her posting about it a fair bit too

>> No.10164293

I’m so sick of hearing about this. It was cool the first time, but now it’s annoying.

>> No.10164318

that doesn't even sound healthy at all. Long distance athletes of any sort get injuries over time, let alone something as jarring as skateboarding. There's a reason people choose bikes

>> No.10164363
File: 139 KB, 1440x677, 7537242786782572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I am so sick of seeing this and I don't understand why everyone is enabling them to keep posting about it. Agreed that it was cool the first time, but spamming it and clogging up the Colossalcon page is incredibly annoying.

>> No.10164395

Yeah that's my issue with it like if it was she did a post and colossal did a post thatd be fine but she's done what feels like at least once a week and colossal did one

>> No.10164399

of course it's a nonbinary femme demi boy wiccan

>> No.10164499
File: 296 KB, 411x412, 1556217956348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10164652

>attention whoring to the MAX

>> No.10164696

Thanks! I have a large amount of people in my room and only one mini fridge so I’m thinking I’ll have to eat out a lot.

>> No.10164798

Unrelated but this app pisses me off since I can't get the widget to work on my screen. I had a countdown going for Colossalcon too but it won't update, so every time I see an updated countdown I shit a little bit

>> No.10164849


Green Drink:
4 ounces vodka
4 ounces Blue Powerade Zero
4 ounces Rockstar Energy (sugar free if you're about that life)

You'll stay hyper, hydrated & drunk! It looks cool & actually tastes good.

The Suntan Lotion Margarita:
2 ounces 1800 Coconut Tequila
2 ounces coconut aloe vera drink
1.5 ounces triple sec
Splash of sour mix (what is this, Auschwitz?)

The Baby Russian:
1.5 ounces vodka
1.5 ounces Kahlua
4 ounces breast milk from friend who just gave birth

>> No.10164924

I still haven't gotten a decent answer.

>> No.10165031

Fuck off.

>> No.10165101


Get some help dude. Premeditating this kind of shit isn't normal.

>> No.10165145


Water proof your phone and take pics under the water

>> No.10165245

Shes reposted this event twice to the no rulez page and no one has said anything. Shes not getting the hint that no one wants to go to her event, except her boyfriend I think. I believe that's the other person going.

>> No.10165379


Everyone knows by now the only people that go to those events are weird homunculus-looking bags of flesh that also populate the the polyamory circles

>> No.10165622

Is anyone doing the craft fair?What is it like? I’ve been thinking about trying it out.

>> No.10165655

I did a few years ago, I made a little bit of money (mainly with stickers) however be mindful, not a lot of people are going to spend money because the craft fair is on a thursday, the first technical day of the convention. So if you don't make a lot don't be too disappointed, I made maybe $50 that day

>> No.10166222
File: 32 KB, 657x527, 02E2AF9F-F1CC-41FE-B9E1-BF7CA24C6C45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any reoccurring memes I should know about since it’s my first year. Like for example the fire alarm pulling at acen.

>> No.10166274

i'm going to be keeping an eye out for you.

>> No.10166279

I'm gonna "accidentally" trip and dump my drink on your camera if I catch you taking sneaky foot pics, you degenerate

>> No.10166312
File: 2.99 MB, 4032x3024, 107399E7-2920-4744-9890-0815ACB7D4E4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck me side ways.

>> No.10166323

>not just calling them out

>> No.10166368

Dont pull the fire alarm assholes
I will smack the shit out of you if i see it happen
Every fucking year it happens and im tired of it

>> No.10166376

What's on everyone's colossalcon playlist? Driving up from the south and we have some kpop, Disney, and popular tiktok songs

>> No.10166404
File: 47 KB, 520x960, 1555720401523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Holy shit, that's some incredible armor.

>> No.10166417
File: 2.96 MB, 4032x3024, 3380A0F8-0D66-410B-934E-A7A151E83E31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Work is keeping me busy so i can only do Colossalcon on Saturday. Although I don’t think the charge blade is going to sit properly in the car.

I personally don’t fucking bother with the Kalahari anymore because both the staff and how it’s booked in general is terrible. Like imagine having money to throw at people for a room, but the people in every room are so anal or so fucking shady, it makes it retarded to even bother trying.

So I’m going to be level with you here. About two years ago, I had some booking drama with a friend, where I had too many people in, and the person booking miscommunicated with me. I’ll admit it was my fault, but that’s just the start of it. We room swap with this Dalek cosplaying asshole who promised us a suite, but room stuffed us 7 boys into a room with 12 other people. It was bullshit, and I swear to fucking god the only reason we were able to get two double bed rooms was because I made up some sob story about how we were PR, and my camera crew needed the rooms. I’m also not a fan of security gates being installed pool side since it makes people like me, almost impossible to hang out where all the photogs are.

But I need a con to test this monster hunter armor at before AX and Otakon. So I don’t mind making the drive up, and enjoying a beer and a mudslide.

Honesty, if this Saturday ends up being alright, I’ll probably just book off site. Idk.

>> No.10166510

>So I’m going to be level with you here. About two years ago, I had some booking drama with a friend, where I had too many people in, and the person booking miscommunicated with me. I’ll admit it was my fault, but that’s just the start of it. We room swap with this Dalek cosplaying asshole who promised us a suite, but room stuffed us 7 boys into a room with 12 other people. It was bullshit, and I swear to fucking god the only reason we were able to get two double bed rooms was because I made up some sob story about how we were PR, and my camera crew needed the rooms. I’m also not a fan of security gates being installed pool side since it makes people like me, almost impossible to hang out where all the photogs are.

We don't want you here for more than Saturday. You sound like an absolute mess.

>> No.10166522

Been thinking about putting together a swimsuit leon from Resident evil 2, but this would be my first time doing a swimsuit cosplay. Where do I wear this, and is there any point wearing it if i'm not going to get a photographer to take pictures? I would consider getting a photo spot, but I might feel weird about it since the only people I've seen get photographed in swimsuit cos' are women.


>> No.10166526
File: 162 KB, 620x349, C3A36897-EDFB-4F44-8F60-010BEC6FB7CB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Relax. It’s just a convention.

>> No.10166529

Does anyone else feel like they shouldnt bother doing more obscure cosplay? I have cosplayed william from nioh and my girlfriend has cosplayed okatsu before and nobody said anything about it. I worked pretty hard making this these costumes and it just feels like i shouldnt bother hauling an extra suit pf armor and putting on the makeup because nobody cares. I mean if i cosplay someone more mainstream or just wear my big suit of armor a lot of people chat with me about it. I like william and feel as though its a good cosplay but the most ive gotten was "hey did you play for honor? you look like a for honor character"

>> No.10166535

I know it can be disheartening to work on something, put a lot of effort into it, and then not get recognized for all the work. What kind of experience you want should dictate what you make though. If you want to cos as a character you like because you'll feel good on your own then do whatever, but if you're looking for discussions/ validation/ people taking pictures, then you'll want to do something more recognizable or withing a larger fanbase.

I had a lot of luck with that last year as homecoming spider-man. I wanted to dress up as him just because (also I was broke), and I was lucky enough to be the only one at the con because it wasn't the go-to outfit to make apparently. Still was recognizable enough because MCU tho that I got a lot of compliments, photo opportunities and discussion out of it. I'd say bring William and for sure dress as him, but then also have something that's a little more recognizable. that way you get to experience both sides.

>> No.10166536 [DELETED] 

You sound like that guy that gets banned from Ohio cons for being an insufferable prick, incredible that you even still attempt to attend

>> No.10166553

The best answer! If your value is derived from bringing your fave character to life, then eff the people who don't notice. The few that do notice will mean the world & they'll appreciate it DEEPLY.

My friend did Xavier Renegade Angel. Maybe 8 people got it, but GOD DAMN they were stoked. I was Rosemary from Impact wrestling - only 5 people noticed, but fuck, those conversations after were great.

Do it for yourself - whatever that means to you!

>> No.10166563

>My friend did Xavier Renegade Angel.

>> No.10166575

I guess i am bringing william. I will probably wear it on thursday or friday. So far my lineup is william on thurs or fri, samurai geralt on thurs or fri (if i can finish it) my samurai armor on sat, and kimono and hakama on sunday
The samurai geralt was a lest minute decision because i have most everything for it. Its mostly getting my hair and beard grey and rigging something to carry swords on my back like a witcher.

>> No.10166777

villa parties hosted by security always have some drama and the same nigger posts about how racist the staff of con are by pointing out some attendees/photogs are racist.

>> No.10166780

I'm gunna beat the shit out of you if I see you doing that shit. Idc if its to guys or girls. It's invasive and fucking disgusting and I want people like you to starve in their incel basements.

>> No.10166797

ive brought a bunch of stuff to make my cosplay but i haven't even made a single outfit yet. one of my brought cosplay came in but the top is way too small. people are slowly starting to drop out of cosplay groups and rooms

>> No.10166804
File: 91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>who are you cosplaying?
mainly menat and mermaid espeon with some love live cosplays and moa from show by rock. im not sure if i will be able to bring my tsuyu on-time so im probably going to bring my maid coconut as backup

>>did you get a room at the Kalahari?
luckily yes but its mainly because of my friend. another good thing is that our room isnt over stuffed

>>what are you excited for?
the waterpark, the new drinks i get to try out, meeting friends that ive been wanting to meet for over a year, going to my first con party and staying in a hotel for a con for the first time.

>>anything you aren’t excited for?
drama happening, being hit on and ending up having no one to hang out with....

>>what’s going to be the big cosplay this con?
something MHA or FGO related....
>>how is your cosplay progress going?
absolutely nowhere, though im not panicking because I got backups and i just need to make 3 mostly simple outfits, a bikini, a mermaid top and tail and a mummy like outfit

>>what do you think of the water park rave?
sound lit, i always hear pretty good stuff about the raves and after hours waterpark so it will be an interesting combination to witness

>> No.10166853

Pre-beak, arm snake, loin cloth & shoulder pad installation, my dude was in an all-brown body suit & doing his face makeup. That's the exact moment a black girl I met on Tinder walked into the room for the first time & was like ... hmm ... hahaha.

>> No.10166858


>> No.10166873

>room drama

Yup it's San

Bro why do you insist on going to ColossalCon knowing what you know about what people know about you?

Save your money and do something else before people who recognize you try to blacklist you from the con. It can happen even if you don't do shit this time.

>> No.10166897

Hey at least he's not trying to squeeze into a room this year. Everyone who's shared a room with him in the past has horror stories about him and his various odors. If he's only coming Saturday this year, the better for everyone else.

>> No.10166971 [DELETED] 

Oh my God was it fucking San the one upthread bitching about having to pay $50 for one night in a room

Everything makes sense now

>> No.10166972

>>10166897 #
Oh my God was it fucking San upthread bitching about having to pay $50 for one night in a room

Everything makes sense now

>> No.10167024

>san has the audacity to post with his shit armour and complain.

LOL YO YOU POOR THING just quit while you're ahead no one likes you.

>> No.10167039

Honestly, the audience that goes to Colossal is more into swim cosplays/partying/waterslides/etc. I personally would not bother wearing it to Colossal and would stick to a more traditional anime or gaming con that may be more interested in it. I learned that before at Colossal

>> No.10167242

Yeah that tracks. Bitching about not being able to sneak into the outdoor waterpark too. Hey San, just stay home

>> No.10167328

Glad to know that John "Let's Cram As Many People Into A Room To Turn a Profit" Wetzel is coming back despite being banned

>> No.10167560

Are you also San?
Kill yourself and fuck off.

>> No.10167571

If it was, I'm going to feel incredibly vindicated about posting >>10161633
and >>10161727 and being able to sniff out a shit awful personality in a few posts.

>> No.10167983
File: 314 KB, 1280x1112, 1491233395635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Since no one else is taking the inncative I will plan the meet ups for this year.

Current question: Are people willing to meet up off site? I was thinking that maybe we could met up for dinner at the few of the places close by before we all get our drink on.

Other than that THERE WILL BE 100% a final good bye lunch at the local Sonics on Sunday.

>> No.10168000

im ok meeting off site, but that really depends on where, what day and at what time.

Totally on board for sonic Sunday, count me in

>> No.10168223

I'd be down for a Meetup but I wouldn't have much to talk about cuz I'm reeeel shy

>> No.10168238

No one's shy after a few drinks, anon...

>> No.10168256

NAYRT I still am.
Even drunk I still end up saying the most neutral, boring shit since I dont want to offend anyone.
I also try not getting close to blacking out since I'm scared of losing control and spouting 4chan autism bullshit.

>> No.10168276

>spouting 4chan autism bullshit
>at a 4chan meet up

Dont worry anon, we're all a little socially awkward! You'll be in very like company.

>> No.10168403
File: 103 KB, 960x540, 60340881_2291654174226257_5471919112563195904_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you see me around say hey!

>> No.10168457


Current idea is 4-5 pm at a few,of the close by joints. For Friday we would,be doinf pizza, so I'm not sure if people would like to meet up at pizza hut or if if it would be better,to just get a ton,of hot n readys and eat,on site.

>> No.10168521
File: 86 KB, 714x960, received_981424515388115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll say hi to you if you say hi to us

>> No.10168647

Hell yeah!

>> No.10168665

i think hot and readies on site might be better. That way anyone who's a little shy doesn't feel like they're trapped and have to make an awkward exit.

>> No.10168701


Alright well the last few times we did meet ups at CC I can't say they where that big so as of now I ain't planing for to many people so here is alpha 1 of meet ups:

CoLlAsAl FaGoT cOn SuPeR gAy MeAt Up

>Discord to keep in touch and better outlet for suggestions, news and changes.


>All reservations will be under the name Moot.


Samurai Japanese Steak House
5500 Milan Rd #350, Sandusky, OH 44870
Located in: Park Place Shopping Center
Pay for your own meal.


Kalahair bridge on the side closer to the parking lots.
Will get Hot N readys.
Need volentiers to bring plates and napkins.
Tips appreciated.


Lunch at Danny Boy's
9000, 6207 Milan Rd, Sandusky, OH 44870
Pay for your own meal


Good bye lunch at Sonic Drive-In
5606 Milan Rd, Sandusky, OH 44870
Pay for your own meal

>> No.10168703
File: 57 KB, 720x960, 30dollarsapop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just gonna be All Might again
I have other costumes..Maybe Kira with Killer Queen but I just love being All Might.

Bring on the liquor..Bring on the hot tubs..

>> No.10168809

A bunch of people got skin infections from the hot tubs last year. I avoid them after thursday

>> No.10168869


I remember you guys from 2017

We sucked whiskey off of some incredibly busty girl's rack

>> No.10168934

First time going for my wife and I and not really seeing how much is "too little" for cosplay & swimwear. I assume general rule of keep nipples (female), coochie, asshole and junk covered?

>> No.10168956

Damn, an actual ducking schedule the one year I decide not to go. Damn.

>> No.10169020

I don't remember that but let's do it again this year.

>> No.10169056
File: 177 KB, 1200x873, D6AE8K3XoAA3Bbk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I am spoken for now so I cannot

But I hope yall find her again

>> No.10169098

That's what I've experienced at least.
People get away with a lot less than you'd expect.

>> No.10169104

Is a common occurance?
I know colossal has a, uh, "reputation", but I didn't experience any of that last year.
That said I was only there for a day and didn't leave the hall much either.

>> No.10169137


ColossalCon is Sodom and Gomorrah

>> No.10169149
File: 619 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190514_103347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saddam and gamorra, got it

>> No.10169165

Geezus, I'm trying not to be a spaz and go with the goal of getting laid but desu this sounds like a lot of fun. Where and how?

>> No.10169168

You won't get laid. But if you don't act like a complete idiot, you can have fun partying.

>> No.10169215
File: 15 KB, 400x400, 1503623652585.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Something like that is a combination of luck, knowing people, and being super buff hot and charismatic

Just focus on having fun, talk to chicks/dudes like normal, etc.

>> No.10169303
File: 938 KB, 1080x1989, 20190514_155936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awww man progress update! /s

>> No.10169377
File: 27 KB, 446x414, 1552577088240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10169379

Male here, if a grill is dtf but she's fairly drunk/tipsy do I go for it

>> No.10169394

Obviously not. You know the answer to this.

>> No.10169395

Tipsy is ok, but if she's sloshed/ slurring/ cant keep her eyes open/ cant keep her balance then that's a big NO from me. Sex is great, but I'm sure you wouldnt want to accidentally make a girl feel violated or taken advantage of. Having had drunk sex before, it is can be a toss up.
>tipsy college party sex = not bad
> coerced after mixing alcohol and pain killer to try and kill myself while crying = worst night of my life and feeling dirty and betrayed for months after

>> No.10169536

There's a huge difference between "tipsy" and "fairly drunk" and the fact that you used those two interchangeably already tells me you're trying to justify it to yourself. If she's fairly drunk, don't chance it. You don't know if she's truly down with you, or if the alcohol is blurring her judgement. If she's truly too drunk to consent, it's a crime, and if she gives you dubious consent because she's drunk and then realizes the next day she wasn't actually into it, your life can be ruined. If she's tipsy and genuinely wants to bang, then take your chances, but be smart. Anything other than clear-minded enthusiastic desire should be a no, not only to protect the other person, but to legally protect your ass. It's literally not worth the risk.

>> No.10169636

Pretty much, yeah. You'll probably see a bit more than you're used to at most cons - thongs (flattering or not), dudes in speedos, smaller swimsuits/cosplays in general. It's a bit wild to see at first, but to me the environment is very comfortable so you'll get used to it quickly.

Listen to what the other anons said and use your best, genuine judgement. If you think a girl isn't completely 150% for it, if you sense even the smallest hint of hesitation on her side, don't ignore it and tell yourself it's fine. It's truly not worth it for some sloppy con sex, if for nothing else but to keep yourself safe. Con predators are getting called out more and more frequently, you really don't want to find yourself on that list.

>> No.10170003

mirin your manga collection

>> No.10170083

You can't have it.

>> No.10170615

if i've made swimsuit cosplay
1. where do I wear it?
B. should I shave my legs?
I'm a dude

>> No.10170743

Isn't any quantity of alcohol technically unable to provide consent?
All I remember is what was drilled into my skull in uni orientation and I'm not sure if that's the letter of the law or just campus policy.

>> No.10171798

Damn, that sounds promising as I think my dad threw away my glass from last year.
Fuck that thing was handy when I had to use it to vomit in. Stood by my side for so long, was always where I stashed it behind bushes :(

>> No.10171807

I mean, if you're trying to go full trap, yes, shave your fucking legs.
Who was the nier cosplayer(girl?????) who's one naked leg was not shaved, her butt was pimpley 3 feet from my face at the nier photoshoot last year.
She kept being loud and obnoxious till some villa man screamed at her ironically and she got thrown into a panic attack and had to be calmed by her lesbian lover.

>> No.10171914
File: 61 KB, 800x450, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now this is the kinda stuff i wanna see at the con

>> No.10171918

Not going trap mode, my cosplay is a jet ski hot-cop leon Kennedy from re2 remake. Basically ne in a police vest with gloves, a holster with a water gun and navy knee length jammers.

>> No.10175115

buddy you probably shouldnt post the same thing on both 4chan and the FB group connected to your full name and all

>> No.10175137

I'm looking forward to those DnD panels again, saw the ad on Facebook and excited to see him coming back! There are some competitors squeaking in to try and make some headway, but the panelist has been going for a long time and all of them are just as entertaining as they were the first time I saw them. Almost bought the guy a drink last year, but I chickened out afterward.

What are you guys looking forward to seeing?

>> No.10175737

Goin as the sky cooper gang again this year, say hi if you can find us

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