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Last thread >>10116637

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HAHAHA That's me! <3 - Ryan. Yeah yeah some of you might not like me or whatever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyone have a tutorial or tips on how to do eyeliner? I literally have no idea what I'm doing. My girlfriend laughed and said "You did your best."

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I got a tip. Never out/defend yourself on 4chan. Try to sit out and not reply to the incoming onslaught.

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Yes, you are right that it's dumb to try and argue with people on the internet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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>thinking that’s actually Ryan who posted that

cgl, forever the easiest to bait

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didn’t you get kicked out of the lolita event lol

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(if you're actually him) Don't know who you are but I'm sorry you got posted, don't take it at heart, people don't have anything better to do and just completely waste their time/life laughing at others.

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I don’t usually like calling newfag but I’ve never seen a newer fag

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Seriously, most sheltered and retarded board.

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So, which lolita amino has secrets on it?

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60 has the secrets about her (3 and 10) and 59 has the secret she commented on (3 I think). Don't judge me, I only know this because I fucking plunged the depths of amino's absolutely awful format to look for them. I think someone posted a picture of her original post that got capped for the secrets anyways.

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My bad I completely misread. They're on Lolita Amino's Lolita Confessions.

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I’m in that amino for the secrets only . Look forward to them every Friday

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Also just search the confessions tag , all these in one place if you search it.

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How do I into amino? I want to read confessions but I don't get the app

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You have to download it, join the lolita amino, and then you're good to go. Or you can join on your computer.

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Is it even good? Amino seems like such a terrible, clunky non-user friendly designed app. And I was on LJ.

Is it worth using? Are there good things on there? Is it a better algorithm than insta or FB?

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I don’t think you have to join perse, I believe all the post on Lolita Amino are public.

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I personally like the setup along with the chat rooms . What makes it suck for amino as a whole is the target audience being 12 yr olds. And all the posts are in order unless you are featured. The lolita amino is prob the best one I’m in desu. I’d compare it to Instagram with the posts, but instead can make blog posts like tumblr ?

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its bad. if you like looking at bad, then have at it. the UI sucks, the content is pretty lackluster, i dont think you're missing anything that's not posted on fb or here.

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This, the app sucks and so does the desktop version, most posts (that aren't cringeworthy enough to be reposted here) are just the same people and images you'd see scrolling through the instagram tag but in a more eye-searing format, and it exclusively panders to literal middle schoolers.

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What did I miss?

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Someone must’ve opressed him.

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Wait so what exactly happened? Ryan Kopf went to the Moitie teaparty? Does he even wear EGL?

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why is drama full of these ugly fuckin neckbeard men? cant they fuck off to a different point of interest?

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It's probably the only way they can get multiple young women to pay any attention to them. Bonus for starting communities or organizing events because then they can exercise some semblance of control over them. I wish everyone would just ignore these fucks.

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Why cant there be handsome, clean shaven and athletic men in lolita?

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You're asking for too much im afraid

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well, they can have a beard, I suppose.

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big agree anon, I dont like facebook but the average age of people on amino seems to be 11 years old which is like.... concerning? why do so many kids have smartphones, I was terrified of strangers on the internet when I was that age.

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>why do so many kids have smartphones
Because their parents only have them for a tax break. I see more brats at restaurants staring at screens than actually eating now.

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hes not even a lolita. why is he forcing himself into our community? men are so fucking creepy

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The fuck is this shit

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I follow some personal finance gurus that occasionally pitch this idea that you can make a lot of passive income by "selling your experience" in ebooks and online classes. That emphasize you can do it for almost everything. I guarantee that's what's happening here, she took a get rich course and this is the skill she decided to sell.

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I like the fact that posts are in order. I can easily catch up to what I've already read. Instead of trying to find something new in a mess of a feed.

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I lived on the internet 24/7 when I was 11 rping and other cringy stuff. It’s not that odd.

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Same. Neopets was my shit.
The big difference though is that I could only access it from the desktop in the living room when my parents allowed it, and that I’d had it drilled into me to never post any kind of personal information online whatsoever, especially photos.

Aren’t there 18+ Jfash groups on Amino anyway? Are those any good, or are they dead?

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not like there's a plethora of beautiful, clean shaven and athletic women either kek

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On the menhera-chan creator from the last thread, don't feel bad for him, he's an ass.

The full story...

So the menhera community has been annoyed with him for a while since he keeps spreading lies about menhera. We also had suspected he had copyrighted the most common japanese spelling of yamikawaii and was issuing takedowns when anyone else used the word (for context this would be like someone copyrighting 'goth').

Wellll a gal youtuber does a haul video of some cheap stuff she got and it ends up one of the things is a bootleg menhera-chan thing. the gal didn't know of menhera-chan so didn't realize it was a bootleg. menhera-chan's creator then sent his fans after her (not the bootleggers for some reason) and the video got taken down. The gal retaliates by finding the documentation that proves the menhera-chan creator did indeed copyright yamikawaii and was issuing take-downs.

menhera-chan creator then pretends that he is the victim when he dug himself into this hole all by himself.

I might attempt to do an english write-up on it with all the links when I have some free time as currently all the articles about it are in japanese.

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Kopf went to try and schmooze Mana to get him to come to his sketchy cons, R who manages Mana was having none of that and kicked him out. Kopf decide that it was LC's fault even though LC wasn't even there and made a big whiney post attacking the owner of LC.

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lol at lexi making the notres dame cathedral fire about her in RC yesterday
>b-but muh photoshoot

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I thought Lolita amino was all about being lovelies and no bully and not wearing brand. Is it worth checking out?

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>R who manages Mana
I wish you'd taken your opportunity to say "Mana's Mana-geR" when you had it.

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Why does this shit stay up on lacemarket

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i dont know. i reported it seconds after it was posted

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Truly I have shamed my family for missing that

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Got that sex pest look and sex pest whine. Also, how are frills fucking oppressive lmao

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Please. I need links to all of this

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It was only a matter of time until some dumb bitch in the online lolita comms did that.

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>my redeeming qualities are that I make my payments on time and don't creep around dressing rooms

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Ellejay's back

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Newfag here, but what is the general deal with this Ryan guy?

>> No.10150866

Anyone know this story?

>> No.10150923

boo go back to the glittery rock you were living under

>> No.10150947

tldr he raped someone and is generally creepy around the lolitas

>> No.10150960

her IG account is devoid of lolita fashion

why would she put forth the effort in contacting lolitas from a Comm she was banned from and not even wear the fashion?

>> No.10150989

He seems like the kind of guy who goes up to young girls he barely knows, says “Don’t I get a hug?” and then plays the victim when they say no or run away.

>> No.10151767

Isn't that the same ElleJay from back in livejournal? I kinda thought she was semi popular at the time? I don't remember any drama, so sauce?

>> No.10151774

Because male only interests don't exist anymore. And he can just claim to be trans and now any attempt to remove him gets you removed.

>> No.10151797

You’re the second person to ask. I’m suspicious that you’re trying to beat a dead horse. No.

>> No.10151823

It is the same person, but if you weren't involved there's nothing you really need to know. >>10151797 is correct about it being a dead horse. If you insist on knowing anyway, you'll have to check out the archives/farm. Funny enough, googling results in lots of missing links thanks to DCMA takedowns.

>> No.10152225

I am asking because>>10150829 literally posted about it. It is not as if I brought it up. I just knew her from LJ but didn't know of any drama

>> No.10152279

Stop being dumb.

>> No.10152393

Why are you white-knighting her tho?

>> No.10154510

well we are mostly female, it's in our genes

>> No.10154511

>being nice
the state of this board.

>> No.10154518

Sure you are bucko

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>Anyone have a tutorial or tips on how to do eyeliner?

Look straight ahead and take note of where your iris intersects with your upper lid.
That is where your eyeliner will start.
Put a thin line right over the place mentioned earlier.
Gradually draw that line out to the outer edge of your eye.
Thicken the line at the half way point of the line you previously drew.
Lower eyeliner should generally be very light and only 1/4 of the way towards the center of the eye.
Not everyone looks good with lower liner so if you find you don't like the look then skip it and only have the upper liner.

Try looking up "No make up looks for men" to help.

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Please stop coddling creeps.

>> No.10154674

The main lolita Amino, no it's not. It's actually pretty nice because the mods don't give a shit about making itas/ pervs/ sissies comfortable. In fact, the other empty lolita aminos were made by the people couldn't handle the concrit. I'm talking about you Vermont and lolita "safe space".

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am cry

>> No.10155022

oof, I was coming here to post that. I had to do a triple take to realize this poor girl wasnt joking around.

I just.... I just want to know what she did. Did she just take a lighter to it all and decide this was the best that could be done?

>> No.10155024

What am I looking at here?

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A bottle cap.

>> No.10155253

At first I thought she was trolling, then I looked at her profile and realised she was just a massive ita.

Trust CK to say she also makes things out of trash. I'd love to see her 'creations'.

>> No.10155318

poop brooch 2.0

>> No.10155455

I honestly think she was trying to subtly humblebrag

>> No.10155491

the frillymemes account is tryhard and not funny. only poorfags and people with something to prove try to flex this hard.

>> No.10155492

I think she's funny but not knowing what she looks like makes me take her less seriously

>> No.10155524

Nothing about the account is funny, it’s just bad cgl on an insta

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>must be sold with skirt in the list
You're holding the kumya hostage in the hopes that someone will give you more money for that shitty skirt? Just sell your kumya and give the skirt to goodwill or something! What the fuck kind of sales tactic is this?

>> No.10155836

wtf? What sort of sales tactics is that? Are they just making someone else do their work? how ridiculous.

>> No.10155843

uhhhhh well i didn't know any of that and am going to unfollow that page

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the tags for the skirt. I fucking hate this shit. tagging everything doesn't help anyone.

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>>10155818 #
the tags for the skirt. I fucking hate this shit. tagging everything doesn't help anyone.

>> No.10155980

Men with eyeliner are hot so if dude isn't creepy, shut up and let him be sexy.
Signed, a gigantic lolemo faggot

>> No.10155984

I saw this and choked on my shit.
I couldn't answer, I was laughing so hard

>> No.10155990

I'm disgusted at this listing....

>> No.10156015

I could understand if it was like a usakumya themed skirt and wanting to keep the two together...but it's not even a BTSSB skirt?

>> No.10156023

Because no one's going to buy a general release at $100+ the price

>> No.10156068

You think the guy in the OP pic is hot? Anon, love yourself.

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>someone not replying to my message gave me severe anxiety!
>also my friend died

>> No.10156113

where is this?

>> No.10156125


Is this bitch for real? God why is she trying to get pity points so badly??

>> No.10156151

Bro what the fuyuuxk

>> No.10156153

>and then my friend died
sounds like the downer version of
>and then everybody clapped

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did this get posted yet lmao

>> No.10156211


The thread itself was a pity party magnet since it’s about whether or not you’ve ever cried over lolita before.

>so do I get compensated?
>so do I get compensated?
>so do I get compensated?
No means no, you dumb bitch.

>> No.10156240

Posted in the Paradiso thread.
What else kind of attitude would you expect from MB?

>> No.10156245

>It was a dream dress and a close friend, just gone.

Honestly, this cracks me up.

>> No.10156351

Did anyone catch pics of the girl going off on her in comments? I was popcorn.jpg but I went to bed and it was deleted by mods this morning

>> No.10156588

I fucking hate her. I'm only fbook friends with her for the lulz. she needs to chill.

>> No.10157543

Did I say OP?
He looks like he takes it up the ass regularly, so no.
Trust me I have more self respect than that.

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>> No.10160164

Does she not know how long the era was? I'm cringing.

>> No.10160256

her whole refusing to wear makeup but "I want to model" thing is hilarious

>> No.10160314

oh Shanice.... where is your epic illustration to go along with this??

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Shut the fuck up, you're not even a Lolita. Not every fashion has to be revealing.

>> No.10161562

>where are the short skirts!!!!
In other fashion styles, idiot. If you want to see "hoe-litas" you're looking at the wrong fashion and should preferably gtfo.

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Tf? Is it just me or has this chick posted herself in rufflechat like 3 times after being told not to????? She needs to stop spamming the same coord in every group jfc

>> No.10161648

She never listens. If she keeps it up she'll probably get kicked.

>> No.10161652

She is so entitled

>> No.10161656

She doesn't want blouse advice, she wants asspats

>> No.10161659

Lmao isn’t this that idiot who said she was “bragging” about owning bodyline?

>> No.10161662

Yep lol

>> No.10161666

Y'all shoulda seen her bitch fit in bsolf

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>> No.10161709

wow normies need to gtfo

>> No.10161753

It's awful that RC is not really friendly to PoC lolitas

>> No.10161754

i don't think it was her skin color that made people upset with her lol she was breaking the rules of ruffflechat and getting mad at people for giving her good advice in the big sister's group

>> No.10161755

Toshi is hardly normie, but that doesn't mean her comment isn't retarded.

>> No.10161756

nice b8

>> No.10161762

yes, but this will make less PoC lolitas to step forward and post in the future on RC. i know a PoC lolita that doesn't post because she's afraid to. you have to pretend to be a cis-white/bi/lesbian to post in RC.

clearly you never been in the shoes of a black lolita before

>> No.10161763

She was told MULTIPLE TIMES not to post "me" threads in RC and proceeded to anyways

>> No.10161767

you're a fucking fool if you think her skin color, and not her disgusting attitude, is the reason people don't like her.

>> No.10161768

she was told down MULTIPLE TIMES by the white admins on RC. look at the admins on RC. they're all white af.

>> No.10161772

Shut up FJ quit pulling the race card on everything.
Signed, another PoC Lolita.

>> No.10161773

So? That admins are enforcing the rules? If they sounded snippity it was because a)she was snippity too and b) she had ALREADY broken the SAME rule for the SAME kind of post in the past

>> No.10161775

What, do you think black chicks should get a free pass on breaking the rules or something?

>> No.10161776

define "disgusting attitude" in the sphere of a white lolitas and PoC lolitas

maybe if the RC admin team were more diverse, we wouldn't be having this argument

>> No.10161779

Tf? She was breaking the rules, they told her not to.

>> No.10161781

If you think just bc the mods are white that's the main problem, and not her literally being told by various people, even on BsoL (she got called out lol) that she has a shit attitude... you clearly don't know how to read

>> No.10161782

she wasn't breaking the rules. i'm angry that was told down by everyone on Big Sisters and RC. hell Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion is more vicious than /cgl/

>> No.10161784

As another PoC lolita, it irks me when people use the race card for everything.

>> No.10161785

Or they're clearly baiting and you're all falling for it.

>> No.10161787
File: 93 KB, 300x700, 59391084_648061648969618_114395204093476864_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the rules tho

>> No.10161788

bahaha I feel like they wrote that in because of her

>> No.10161789

i think your problem is that you treat black lolitas as "these people". you're beyond rude and focus on the blouse instead of the entire coord.

i understand. we all have to "act white" in public. it's worse in lolita

>> No.10161806 [DELETED] 

?? matcha you're spiraling into incomprehensible word vomit at this point. isnt it nap time?

>> No.10161839

Go back to tumblr

>> No.10161851 [DELETED] 

Shut up FJ

>> No.10161858

The way she wears her beret is triggering af

>> No.10161859

Oh yes it is. Don't go there.

>> No.10161860

everyone who breaks the rules on rufflechat gets told off by the mods, regardless of race. do you not notice all the posts by non black people with the comments locked for rule breaking?

that’s been in the rules for years

>> No.10161869 [DELETED] 

Whichever one of you retards who is new to lolcow that keeps talking about how ~fascinating~ this discord POC drama girl is, provide screen caps of it or fuck off.

>> No.10161888

She asked for blouse advice in BSoLF, got blouse advice there, and then cried to RC that no one gave her any blouse advice at all. She deserves to be kicked from both groups for lying.

>> No.10161914

anyone got screenshots of that?

>> No.10161992

Ive seen her personal instagram and she has solid looks but still seems pretty new to the community as a whole. At first i found her funny but then her personal responses like how lolita isnt SUPPOSED to be comfortable and how she really thinks there’s elitism in the community really killed it for me. Shes just an edgy teen trying to gain popularity i think

>> No.10162022 [DELETED] 

honestly the fact that you're so invested in people not talking/mad about it speaks volumes lol

>> No.10162023
File: 1.83 MB, 1242x2048, Screenshot_20190501-082327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She also blog posts and does shout outs when she's not posting shitty memes.

>> No.10162024

>~wasting time and money on LM~
you're supposedly a lolita what the fuck

>> No.10162249

Lol next time don't fuck up the order

>> No.10162297

I am in her community and she was totally feedback evading. Idk if she asked the mods to delete her old profile that had the negative feedback, but then she went ahead and created a completely new one and started selling things on LM again. This is the third time she creates an account, she is always on and off LM, so it makes sense that the mods are no longer deleting her account, because then her bad feedback will be lost.

>> No.10162306

>during the time that my account was gone, I was given negative review

Girl, if your account was gone then no one would have been able to give you feedback, clearly your account was never deleted, stop lying.

She probably asked mods to delete her account during the bad transaction so that she could avoid the buyer all together, but they didn't do it and she created a new one the next day.

>> No.10162308

What are her lacemarket handle(s)? Please tell so people can be aware

>> No.10162309

This. Short skirts are fine for other things, but it just ain't lolita aesthetic for your ass to hang out.

>> No.10162377

It is ass-thetic tho

>> No.10162409

White defenders coming in to protect poor unfortunate brownies who can't speak for themselves! thanks girls!

>> No.10162423

She lives in the same area as me and she made the same post in our comm’s facebook page and members of my comm are giving her asspats.

>> No.10162474

Ain't b8 gr8?

>> No.10162493
File: 149 KB, 1000x1250, FB_IMG_1556898165298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you mean? she literally just posted this photo of herself wearing makeup.

>> No.10162502

Wow that makeup is mega yikes.

>> No.10162726

Is a bit 90's but she looks OK?

>> No.10162749


>> No.10162750

I wanted to believe that people were exaggerating how bad she was but yikes that -3 feedback.

>> No.10162754 [DELETED] 

Hear me out.

Adult women have no souls though they once did.

Females are born with souls. Little girls have souls and they express their good nature all the time. They're loving and caring and beautiful. But at some point in teenage years when that little girl turns into a woman, her soul escapes her. The soul rises to heaven yet leaves behind the rotting corpse, the physical flesh that we perceive as adult women.

Women are not living beings, they're walking corpses without morality or any kind of complex thought. You can see this in their behaviour, in how they think and their interests. There is no soul in their body.

The sad reality is that females die before they hit adulthood, only having an incredibly brief life before leaving us and leaving nothing but their corpse to pester and haunt us.

>> No.10162769 [DELETED] 

Unlike males who have no soul at all

>> No.10162786

I don't know her but there are a load of normies getting into lolita lately.

>> No.10162791

Unfortunately true.

>> No.10162792

She identifies as a living doll and is mostly known for her makeup and elaborate outfits. She takes inspiration from Jfash hence why she's often involved in Jfash events, which is fine imo but she clearly doesn't know anything about lolita.

>> No.10162795 [DELETED] 


>> No.10162798 [DELETED] 

All women are normies, idiot.

>> No.10162827

>those negative reviews
why am i not surprised that the unfunny attentionwhore is a poor, unclean lolcow

>> No.10163718

that wasnt me but im flattered youre thinking of me:D

>> No.10163727

you should really just go away.

>> No.10163750

hurrrr i'm being retarded on purpose

>> No.10163766

No wonder why your comm hates you. I’d hate you if you were in my comm too.

>> No.10163790 [DELETED] 

>believing that's her
/cgl/ really is the most gullible board

>> No.10163792

>believing that's her
/cgl/ really is the most gullible board

>> No.10163793

Nice deflecting. You’re easy to spot because it’s not your first time “tolling lawls” on cgl or discord

>> No.10163802
File: 645 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20190505-232134_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok retard.

>> No.10163840

Imagine trying this hard to create a racial issue out of the mods doing their job, go cry for reparations or something

>> No.10163871

it's seriously someone trying to be a SJW and obviously not succeeding lol

>> No.10164031

Stop taking the bait

>> No.10164221

taking the bait gives them an excuse to yell about sjws

>> No.10167643

Thoughts on the Jameela Jamil shitshow on RC?

>> No.10167647

She's misinformed as most normies are but the retaliation is too much imo.

>> No.10167661

This community is full of out of touch, psychotic idiots. We all know how normies are, we all know who she is and how she reacts, so why did anyone think they would be able to inform her what this niche japanese fashion actually is? She won't even listen to people in her own communities about her problematic behavior and speech. A lot of radfems also like to demonize this fashion because they literally don't know anything about it beyond the name and the fact we have poofy dressss

>> No.10167675

what happened? i'm not on rc

>> No.10167680 [DELETED] 
File: 247 KB, 445x749, Image_27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i looked at the profiles of some of the people who replied to her and they're not even lolitas... why can't people think of how they're making their community look before they do stuff like this

poster also edited to included a long disclaimer that she origianlly replied to jameela's story that was unrelated to lolita.

>> No.10167691
File: 1011 KB, 900x1618, Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 2.51.39 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10167692
File: 152 KB, 902x640, Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 2.51.51 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

people messaging jameela are embarassing and are making lolitas as a whole look bad.

>> No.10167723

I'm heartbroken, honestly. I thought that put of all the celebs around she'd be able to get it. I understand her reacting strongly, but not even trying to hear us out? Not doing even a tiny bit of research? It's sad and embarrassing.

>> No.10167742

Sad and embarrassing though it is, it's hardly surprising. Lolita is still highly misunderstood and there are plenty of people who hear/read the name, jump to conclusions and refuse to hear anything else because they've already made up their minds. I don't know who she is but imo she's not very different than any rando who would assume shit about the fashion without listening to anyone but themselves.

>> No.10167744

Yeah, you're right. It's sad though, she seemed like one of the ones who was better than that. But normies gonna normie I guess

>> No.10167776

You mean the woman who thinks any opinion she has is law and won't even listen to other feminists when they tell her she's wrong and over the top?

>> No.10167782 [DELETED] 

That's me too for sure. <3 Oh shit! <3 It's okay, Ryan! If we're not going to talk about it again, I hope it's okay. You aren't in any way wrong about us! <3 It's okay. It's your fault. I'm sorry! Ryan... <3 - Oh, yeah, I'm sorry! <3 Oh! Don't worry, we got our shit together! We just need to calm down and talk for a bit. See you tomorrow. <3 Oh my god... I did... I did... <3 You... you ruined me! *scream* God I'm so so so sorry! *screams* <3 You... you ruined me! <3 Oh fuck... Ryan, you're still so hot for me...<3 *scream* I hope you don't think my body is ruined because of all this fucking, you're hot for me. <3 I'm so sorry... <3 I hope you don't think my body is ruined because of all this fucking, I'm fucking hot for you. <3 Oh fuck, just wait... fuck, just wait! Just hang in there for me... oh god just hang in there for me...<3 - Oh, fuck... Ryan... <3 Oh shit, fuck! I'm cumming!

>> No.10167823

I don't really buy that Jameela looked at OP's private profile and that's what triggered all this. OP seems to be assigning a LOT of importance to herself. The nymphet community is hugely active on insta and very likely specifically what Jameela is referencing even if she got the name mixed up.

>> No.10167859

Unless two users are mutuals their DMs always end up in the “other” folder, if Jameela really read her message, she’d know. But she has a million followers, I doubt she has the time to look at every message she gets and check their profile.

>> No.10167959

>message her telling her shes wrong
>omg i never said to message her guys

what a fucking tard.

>> No.10167965

i'm not taking any opinions from a forgotten "celebrity" preaching fake feminism to appeal to the "woke" crowd who wears 10$ ebay wigs and does a duck face.

>> No.10168016

literally who?

>> No.10168035
File: 454 KB, 1506x1024, PhotoEditor_20190513_120957668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did anyone notice this comment in the Jameela Jamil thread on RC? Reeks of sissy, creeped me out

>> No.10168039
File: 504 KB, 720x1164, PhotoEditor_20190513_121019127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10168053

She’s clearly addressing nymphet under the name ‘lolita’, none of what she’s saying refers to lolita fashion. No idea why this is so unclear to everyone in RC clutching at their pearls.

>> No.10168056

Normies would not know that she's "using the wrong term". All they see is lolita equals shlchoolgirl kinky shit and we don't want that association.

>> No.10168060

Oh no, I recognize that person. They told a story on RC once about their skirt falling down in public at a meetup and said they didn't notice for several minutes. Shades of sissy fantasy for sure.

>> No.10168067
File: 80 KB, 600x800, 1492794848099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, yuck. Hopefully they'll get booted soon?

>> No.10168072
File: 70 KB, 431x493, computerburn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't care what random celebrity said but this person is nightmare fuel

>> No.10168073

Who even cares? We're not going to change anyone's mind and she's probably not talking about our lolita fashion anyway


>> No.10168079

this. op is reaching hard to think this is any way about her. nymphets tag themselves with lolita all the time on instagram its obvious shes not talking about us.

the community reaction is cringe as fuck and reminded me why i stay a lonelita. anyone who took the time to message the celebrity about it is socially inept. everyone needs to put there i wanna speak to the manager wigs back in there bag and calm down

>> No.10168086

>Who even cares?
I guess some girls are ruffled by the thought that she is broadcasting this opinion to millions of people and it may influence others to harass lolitas. I mean yes she is probably thinking of "nymphet" fashion but she did just say lolita. I don't think people are crazy to be a little upset over this, but the thread in RC is out of hand.

>> No.10168088

jameela tagged what looks like a podcast in her story so that's probably what she was talking about not the delusional op.
i agree with >>10168086 its fine to be mad but it got way out of hand

>> No.10168090

What was the podcast about?

>> No.10168112

Her posts were never about lolita fashion. They were about the song she mentions in her pic. Here are some choice lyrics:
>Only sixteen, thick as fuck
>Gigantic size tits, big ass butt

>Nothin' worth relevant, let's talk about the sixteen year old
>Sexy and seducitve, quite impressive
>I macked on baby when she least expected it
>Designer clothes at the neighborhood laundry
Yikes. Imo Jameela Jamil probably never saw the OP's message but that song is exactly the kind of thing that would get her angry. Though I'll admit the words she wrote do seem more pointed to the fashion.

>> No.10168134 [DELETED] 
File: 1.92 MB, 400x224, 7F3D5991-3ED7-4324-807F-727A0AA8DED7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you’re a lolita that is also radfem
I wish my fellow gc sisters would get over the name but like all “fringe” groups it’s a fucking echo chamber and they’ll never listen.

>> No.10168171

The posts were never about lolita fashion like anon I'm replying to says-- and Jameela isn't even vagueposting about that message she got from the RC thread OP.
A few days ago, Jameela was on twitter blasting a pedophile, and now she's talking about the "nymphet" style that's rampant in fashion tags. When she says "message," she's not referencing the RC OP, she's referencing how nymphet style signals the sexualization of traditional pre-teen style and aesthetic. RC OP over-reacted and now Jameela has an inbox full of confusing messages.

>> No.10168181

This person is probably Chinese. It’s a very common tactic in the Chinese lolita secondhand market. Fucking annoying

>> No.10168205 [DELETED] 

your backwards views aren't wanted here either, get the fuck out radfem scum

>> No.10168222 [DELETED] 

Fuck off back to plebbit you ridiculous tranny

>> No.10168226

Is that one of the sissies called Colin? He needs to be straight up banned with his forced feminization fetish.

Honestly, I just want Hans to get the flammenwerfer whenever these sissy freaks show up. Jameela should have a look at them, but is probably too much of a chicken shit to provoke the AGP hivemind, it's always easier to attack other women.

>> No.10168227 [DELETED] 

Same here. Upvoting all GC posts apart from the crazy ones ranting about fashion and pop culture, really the least of our problems.

>> No.10168229 [DELETED] 

Don't overdo it on the testosterone posturing, Ayden, your chest might rip through your binder.

>> No.10168239 [DELETED] 

>xd everybody disagreeing with me is a tranny troontroon!!
kys this is why nobody likes radfems, you're psychotic bitches

>> No.10168241

i wish sissies would die already. this "thing" has no right to call someone a toad while looking like this

>> No.10168244

That's just the ig music player you can add to posts.

>> No.10168252
File: 51 KB, 640x1327, FB_IMG_1557752606840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did y'all even see the second part of her story? She was not discussing the song, it was just added for an effect. She was definitely talking about fashion, be it lolita or nymphette. The point is she used the word lolita whether she meant something else or not, now it's broadcast to her large following. She is spreading misinformation and pushing her "" "fememist" "" views on inptessionable followers.
Now that the "problematic" Lolitas have messaged her, she is doubling down on her views.

>> No.10168255


>> No.10168257 [DELETED] 


>> No.10168262

I think they are out of touch and don't realise nymphets use lolita tags too, wear shirts that have LOLITA written on it and constantly refer to lolita when talking about their style. It's not Jameela's fault she called nymphet fashion lolita lol.

>> No.10168266

The person who started this shitshow even said "there are 2 types of lolita"

>> No.10168307 [DELETED] 

This. I swear some salty bitch recently found out about GC and is flinging her shit everywhere as if this were female /pol/. Any connections to lolita are weak and superficial because she desperately wants to bait and reee about trans shit.
>inb4 "but it is basically female /pol/"
>no. it's a board for cosplay and lolita fashion
>take your shitty politics to the gc reddit or crystal café

>> No.10168331 [DELETED] 

calm your autism handmaiden-chan

>> No.10168405
File: 725 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190513-171923_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's still going on about it lmao girl stoppp

>> No.10168456 [DELETED] 

Kek she thinks it's right just because the website is a ".edu". How many website did she have to look at before cherry picking this one?

>> No.10168466

I understand feeling upset when people don't understand the fashion and have wild misconceptions about it. I get it, I feel upset when it happens too. But it's better to just take a deep breath and close the tab, do something else, just accept that some people won't understand it because they don't want to and there's no point in throwing a fit about it. Sometimes I wish more lolitas cared less about what people thought about our fashion, at least enough to realize this, because this is pretty embarrassing to see.

>> No.10168467

...not censoring her name huh

>> No.10168492

she needs to relax, this seems too upsetting for her. Even if you try to educate them, most normies will never understand. Their preconceived notions are too powerful.

>> No.10168511

Why does lolita attract the most obnoxious screaming retards. The entitlement and narcissism is astounding in some people.

>> No.10168563

the lolitas who don't care about what other people think are not posting all over rufflechat and social media

>> No.10168829

I feel bad for blaming her, but this is why it's important to have seperate accounts for your interests. If she had messaged her with a general non-lolita account, this shitshow could've been avoided.
It sucks to have to keep a low profile like this, but the name is the name and the kneejerk negative connotations aren't going away anytime soon, especially with ddlg taking over the tags. It was naive of her to expect anything otherwise.

>> No.10169318 [DELETED] 
File: 434 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190514-222611_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's going on? What happened?

>> No.10169324
File: 370 KB, 1080x1727, 20190514_223526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do anyone have any more details on this?

>> No.10169336
File: 16 KB, 286x400, stretch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is the lolita from The Advent Store right? Jfc Russia is scary

>> No.10170843

She is already released but not allowed to leave the country anymore so they can't go to Traumerei. Why tf was she arrested?

>> No.10171739

lol at
Anyone not willing to put up with SJW bullshit and their disgusting kinks is now a monster, okay. Just get it over with and call us all Hitler. Will he cry if we tell him to change his own diapers?

>> No.10171740

>R who manages Mana was having none of that and kicked him out.
Based af.

>> No.10171742

Diet and exercise, a wash and a shave. Otherwise neckhangs till exhaustion.

>> No.10171748

Creepers gonna creep. Probably a malicious cluster B personality disorder situation where she cannot will not ever let go of a grudge.

>> No.10171749

>mfw safe space is a space where adult male perverts can creep on underage female members

>> No.10171751

Same. Wtf.
>goodbye old friend
>you meant aboot as much to me as a frilly dress

>> No.10171753

Not really. Big Sisters tolerates fetishists for one.

>> No.10171775

I think Yoru and Lisa said in a insta story that they would release more details on their instagram Kaneko

>> No.10171870

jfc stop posting every little thought you have for stuff from a month ago

>> No.10173044
File: 305 KB, 1440x937, Screenshot_20190520-000335_mh1558307158973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here we go again

>> No.10173059
File: 496 KB, 1440x1221, senpailolita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one is worse

>> No.10173152

sounds like unsolicited advice

>> No.10173175

>senpai lolita
>crying about newbies doing what they want
>muh expertise
I don't know who this is but this reads like someone who genuinely doesn't know what they're talking about, on all accounts. Embarrassing.

>> No.10173187

What do clothes have to do with sexuality again?

>> No.10173306

I never look at RC anymore but I actually had to go check if this was the creepy, sexually inappropriate "sapphic femme enby UwU" in my comm. OP isn't her but she'll probably be all up in the comments sooner or later whining about >tfw no qt loli gf

When you make your sexuality or gender into your entire personality, everything you do and wear centers around that.

>> No.10173312

The fact that you can't seem to tell that post was a joke hurts me deeply

>> No.10173570
File: 83 KB, 828x315, F0A8EA90-B493-4C04-A6F4-FA8839D90EE3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one is saying that but ok. I wish telling people off on dumb comments like this one would be socially acceptable.

>> No.10173572

I will admit that after seeing countless completely genuine inane posts for years, sometimes I can't really tell.

>> No.10173634

I love how she made herself a special folder in the group for all of her "creations"

>> No.10173663

I love sewing and handmade lolita but the biggest thing stopping me from actively participating in online lolita sewing groups is the annoying attitude that so many handmade lolitas have. Circle skirts often don’t give the ideal lolita silhouette, are harder to finish nicely than rectangle skirts and don’t work with the directional prints people like to use for lolita, so we suggest that newbies don’t attempt them until they have more experience with both sewing and the fashion. This doesn’t mean circle skirts (or in this case, partial circle skirts) are completely off limits and anyone who makes one is a rebellious maverick for breaking the rules. Nobody said that circle skirts can never work in lolita at all, just that they’re harder to pull off.

Likewise, no one says lolitas must only wear brand and handmade is inherently ita, just that it’s simpler to start your wardrobe with pieces from established brands that have the aesthetic down vs. handmade or altered pieces that are more likely to miss the mark when made by a beginner. Yet many handmade lolitas claim that everyone says handmade is always ita.

In my comm well done handmade is absolutely fawned over and every time I wear a handmade main piece people ask me if I take commissions, even though I’m nowhere near the skill level of a professional seamstress and still rely on OnS patterns. Other local sewing lolitas see this happen firsthand, then online still whine that all handmade is frowned upon. It’s such bullshit.

>> No.10175101


Anyone willing to dump some photos? I'm not on FB and I'm really curious what she made that she thinks is so earth-shatteringly good that it deserves this kind of post.


I've gotten to the point where I rarely hang out in lolita sewing groups anymore, even just posting lolita in regular non-lolita sewing groups feels more pleasant. It's not worth arguing with the stubborn newbies who think if they win an argument their dress will somehow turn out better, like lmao that's not how sewing works.

I'm petty enough to keep posting my handmade just to rub it in that my handmade is better than theirs, though.

>> No.10175195
File: 587 KB, 1500x578, lsc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The purple dress at the end is the one with the caption about circle skirts. You can see from the front photo that the skirt is lopsided, probably because she didn't let it hang before hemming it.

>> No.10175305

.... are we allowed to say OP is really aesthetically unpleasant and we have that in common?

>> No.10175316

It upsets me that she's obviously a very talented seamstress but she has no idea on style or design at all.

>> No.10175319

she's got an unattracitve/chubby body though, sadly.

>> No.10175359

Same. Her construction looks good (lopsidedness aside - which is one reason why we generally recommend against circle skirts) but those material choices are Dolldelight-tier. It's a shame.

That's the great thing about handmade imo, that you can learn to flatter your own body instead of squeezing into one-size-flatters-few burando.

>> No.10175576
File: 654 KB, 1560x1560, 2161D6C3-0B17-44AF-AFFB-65A9C12024B3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The quality in Lolita Sewing Collective is either decently good or really bad. Bad photos are a constant though.

>> No.10175581


this is nice but looks much more like a 1950s dress i'd find on etsy than a lolita dress. needs a lot more details.

>> No.10175582

She said it’s a 50’s dress that she “lolified”

>> No.10175584


Sigh. Vintage dresses are nice by themselves, stop trying to make them lolita.

>t. vintage enthusiast

>> No.10175688

Really? Then she's ruined a nice vintage dress. I love the top half.
Yes! I was trying to think of what it reminded me of when posting my reply but couldn't figure it out. You've hit the nail on the head.

>> No.10175733

when you would rather blur the background than clean your room

>> No.10176062
File: 675 KB, 1280x1726, tumblr_pf5rvlkwEp1wwgx1io1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You know, I don't even think she's fat or ugly. It looks like her clothes genuinely don't really fit her. Her bust looks boobloafed and the waist on the orange dress seems to be riding up. I think she doesn't know how to draft patterns and might be using a dress size that's too small, maybe someone should point her to a basic bodice block?

Oddly enough, the yellow dress on the far left looks to be a circle skirt gone wrong, looks like it's a partial circle so it makes a cone shape that's too tight. I'm starting to think circle skirts are just entirely her own problems altogether. If she'd just asked I'm sure someone would have pointed her to the couple of circle skirt patterns in OnS.

>> No.10176073

I recently joined a comm and I've been sitting on my hands in order to not make "unlikeable" comments. Granted I've only attended two meetups I'm still new, and I want to make good impressions until I've made friends here.

But I'm at my limit. There are two resident itas (at least in online manners) who treat the comments of each thread like a chatbox. They continuously ask stupid questions, go on tangents on their day to day life and reply to one another. It gives me a sense of horror and fascination to see them go off, and therefore I'm hesitant to mute them. However, they bring out the worst in me, and I write long vivid replies to their dumb questions in my head. I don't feel I have the established authority to post any of this, of course... But it's starting to get really tempting. Advice?

>> No.10176284

Don't respond to them. You'll look like a bitch. Ignore them like the rest of your comm does.

>> No.10176722

post them here

>> No.10177244

Thank you anon. I'll stay strong for my own sake, strengthened by your words.

ESL europoor here, so posting them would need translations and completely outing myself as to which comm I am in. Not worth it, obviously.

>> No.10177489

post them as is. Google can translate it enough.

>> No.10177557

Just block them and forget about them, that's what I did to the annoying people of my comm. I'm suspecting were in the same comm..

>> No.10178103
File: 558 KB, 732x543, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I find it hilarious she posted this given that she's an ageplayer herself.

>> No.10178113

whaaaaat for real??

>> No.10179470

LGBT person here please fuck off with using your sexuality/gender as your whole identity you're making all of us look like special snowflakes and you're an embarassment

>> No.10179693
File: 234 KB, 750x1334, received_2158385107572499_mh1558993260670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone fucked up

>> No.10179694
File: 1.59 MB, 1440x2557, Screenshot_20190527-223635_mh1558993286147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Inevitable non-apology

>> No.10179708
File: 1.08 MB, 1439x2549, Screenshot_20190527-230341_mh1558994748203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10179718


She should take some 'retarded' photos and meme herself instead of begging for material from other people.

>> No.10179720

if you're reading this - try to apologise again. this time sincerely. you hurt a lot of people and you did something wrong. maybe research why it's wrong and learn from that. take a week or two off and then come back and try again.

if you keep going like this, you will just anger more people and there will be legitimate threats - some people may go even further to try and ruin you and no one wants that. you're young and these mistakes are a part of growing up, but don't let it ruin your future.

please try to understand what you did wrong before it's too late.

>> No.10179724

Can't apologise sincerely if she doesn't think she's wrong tho

>> No.10179726

Only apologizing bc she received threats. Saying she’s sorry other people are upset. What an immature apology.

>> No.10179734

I think this account is a pile of cringe over all but my god if you people aren’t being overly sensitive and blowing it out of proportion. Get over it. Words can only hurt you if you choose to let them, and these weren’t even being targeted at you.

>> No.10179737

alright if lowbrow shock comics are your style, then support the page

imho shock comedy is built on exploitation and "punching down" and im pretty damn sure you dont like having people kick you while youre down.

we should be lifting each other up instead of using words that mean horrible and painful things to a large group of people.

>> No.10179741

Nice strawman. I just said I thought it was cringe, why would I support the page? You’re just overly sensitive and need to stop acting like a whiny little retard. This place is not where you should be if you get offended by that word.

>> No.10179743 [DELETED] 

people getting offended over the use of retarded are retarded sjws but she's one herself tbqh

>> No.10179745

she's a tard but people getting offended over the use of retarded are even bigger retards.
Fucking oversensitive sjws

>> No.10179746


>> No.10179747

But anon! That word is bad! Bad words make them upset!!! Nobody should say bad words so they won’t get upset! Uwu

>> No.10179748

you're retarded if you think her using one stupid word and dumb humor is going to escalate to legitimate death threats

>> No.10179750

People in the lolita community have gotten them over much less. You sound new and retarded.

>> No.10179751

She's a retard for using that word publicly. Everyone knows there's tons of SJWs in lolita and that you should try to be PC in public so you don't get crucified.

>> No.10179754

Can someone confirm if the OP of the meme account is an ageplayer?

>> No.10179756

fuck being "PC" for the sake of it, too many snowflakes are trying to impose their policy by threats they're just as bad as poltards

>> No.10179757

legitimate death threats or just creepy messages? Literally no lolitas would be able to create a case that they need protection from another individual in the community

>> No.10179761

Can someone just post pic of the girl who runs frillymemes? I want to know who she is.

>> No.10179763

Check lolcow

>> No.10179765

As if anyone actually threatened her. Come on

>> No.10179766

Any message threatening death is a legitimate death threat, and yes, girls in this community have gotten them.

>> No.10179768

This girl didn't get any. The worst she probably got was "I'll report your post." She was trying to get sympathy

>> No.10179769

I didn’t say she has, but people in this community have gotten them over much less. Learn how to fucking read.

>> No.10179775

No. A legally legitimate death threat is one that can reasonably shown to pose imminent and real danger. It would lead to a police report and potentially a restraining order. Some rando messaging you on the internet is not a real death threat.

>> No.10179779

You can get a restraining order by just proving someone sent you death threats dumbass.

>> No.10179891

Ironic, since she thinks that lolitas should be ~*~lovelies~*~

>> No.10180126
File: 347 KB, 720x760, 20190527_230340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10180222

My gut reaction: this person is lonely and bored and couldn't come up with a real topic so they are posting bait.

>> No.10180327

How do you know though, DMs are a thing

>> No.10181214
File: 399 KB, 489x1061, screenshot1-vert.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this post on RC

>> No.10181215

Ughhhhh. I agree that the culture around the fashion can have a negative impact on self-worth, but what a stupid, boring way to start that discussion. Why do people do this?

>> No.10181249

I kind of get her point, but I agree that there was a better way to bring this dicussion up. Plus most of it can really just be solved by not wearing lolita if you don't like it or think it's not the "real" you, or by not joining the community since that's where most problems seem to lie. It's completely possible to wear the fashion without having to deal with the toxic parts of the community but these people want attention so bad they can't just enjoy it and keep it to themselves.

All the people going "tl;dr" and "what's the point" in the comments sound uneducated and trashy as fuck though, just don't reply if you're going to make such a useless comment.

>> No.10181258
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this comment. omfg

>> No.10181398

the men who talk about oppressive whatevers certainly are creepy fucks

>> No.10181441

I know I'm going to get eaten alive for this but I really don't fucking care how "difficult" being a lolita is for trannys.

>> No.10181450

This. Also, it’s sad that we get “eaten alive” over being honest about our feelings towards trannies. The absolute state of cgl.

And no, it isn’t my or anyone else’s job to make anyone feel good about themselves or to validate their uwu transness or their sexual degeneracy.

>> No.10181455

It's gross how coddled trannies are on 4chan of all places. Of course it's going to be hard for an ugly mutilated man to look good in lolita.

>> No.10181460

>lolita is toxic because it makes me/other people of various identities feel bad
Then don't wear it? wtf. Why is this an issue at all? Who's holding a gun to these people's heads and forcing them to participate in a luxury fashion subculture they don't even enjoy?

>> No.10181469

I don't give a damn how "difficult" wearing lolita is for ANYONE because >>10181460
If it hurts your feelings, don't wear it. Save your money or wear something that does make you feel good. If they like to fantasize about being kawaii uguu anime girls and their image in the mirror doesn't match this, it's not the fashion or the community's fault. Use the money you'd spend on lolita to go see a therapist.

>> No.10181822


>> No.10181826

that's all I ask to be honest

>> No.10182043

They are mentally ill. When they speak, it's literally always best to just ignore them.

>> No.10184378

istg why does our fashion attract these kind of people so much? You know, the turboautists who do something stupid and then, instead of simply owning up to it, make it ten times worse by being defensive or passive aggressive. I think SJWs are annoying too, but language like this is for imageboards, anonymous places and your friends only. You aren't supposed to carry that edgyness to your rl or social media profiles.

>> No.10184460

I roll my eyes when I see feminists act like wearing lolita is something groundbreaking and revolutionary. I see lolita as a luxury fahsion for rich girls who like to dress up.

And I think it's annoying how people act like lolita is "modest" fashion. It's not modest, it's just not sexualized. Lolita isn't about modesty at all.

>> No.10184550

I'm a feminist and I agree with you completely on both points. Modesty is about not calling attention to yourself. Lolita is roughly as modest as punk was in the 70s. And roughly as feminist. It doesn't matter what someone wears, as long as they are doing it for themselves. Rufflechat in particular is full of girls in their late teens and early 20s who fervently believe they are having new and revolutionary ideas. Eventually (one can hope) they will read books other than "So Pretty Very Rotten" and perhaps even learn some things.

>> No.10184629
File: 1.74 MB, 981x4480, only-old-school-i-like-is-valid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so tired of edgy oldschool trenders

>> No.10184651

It wouldn't be as bad if they wouldn't pull so much shit out of their ass, pretending to be experts purely based on pictures they saw in a magazine and making up "facts" about a time 1-2 decades before they joined lolita.

>> No.10184672

new thread >>10184669

>> No.10185027

How can anyone even argue if *hospitality doll* of all things, is lolita? Newbs gtfo lolita, your sack dress is less lolita than HD.