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Previous thread: >>10136338

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This would get ripped so hard in the CoF thread. It only looks good because it's well photographed

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nah, kera's photography is shit. it would look better if it was by someone who posts to cof.

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Anyone know where this bag is from?

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putumayo probably
everything from that museum was bought from second hand websites

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Does anyone here know a discord user "guts", I lost contact with them and I figured they might see this or someone here might know them...

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Venus killed her channel to become a vtuber.
This is cgl related because she wears the KradxMoitie collab in her channel suicide video and because it's venus.

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i'm not helping you stalk some random discord user

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no, I'm not stalking them. we dont share any servers or friends on discord, and they've got it set to reject random adds, I think I must have bumped something on my phone and unfriended them at some point now I have to have them add me back manually.

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They probably unfriendly you. Stop being creepy.

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If this was posted to CoF:
>Weird mushroom hair, invest in a wig
>Come back when you've got a decent petti
>Dress looks super normie
>Accessories are lacking
>Shoes are ugly

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I don't go to the CoF thread because you all have massive sticks in your butt and the only way to releave the pain is to shit on others. When I see a bad coord, I prefer to let it inspire me. Try to think about how you would style that dress instead of giving concrit nobody ever reads.

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people read the concrit in that thread all the time. At least once a thread, someone pops in to thank people for their suggestions

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only the blouse is a nitpick for me. I think the chiffon is too lightweight for this i m o
the short hair is cute.

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that's a very recent trend that so many people are responding to crit outside of anon coord help thread...because it's fricking weird to come on anon and identify/defend yourself.

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It’s not at all a recent trend, newfag.

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people have been identifying themselves in the draw thread for years. and no one normal "defends" themselves when they acknowledge it's them. they just say "thanks! I'll work on it!" and move on. it's only the spergs who start getting pissy

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I think what you meant to say is "concrit no one asked for"
Even if they ask for it on fb, they're not asking for anon opinions.

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>it's only the spergs who start getting pissy
Outside of this site people find the reaction to unnecessary criticism to be normal actually.

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But those things are all true, anon.

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I know this is a meme but I don't know where its from. Sorry.

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it's from MUA communities where people post their looks for everyone to see then get angry when concrit is given.

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Ohh. Yea I wouldn't know. I only follow lolitas.

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Kazuko Ogawa, it says so in the Twitter post

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I came across some photos of the newest Tulle

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This JSK is pretty cute, reminds me of their old designs. Not sure about the tulle lace but I may keep an eye out for when it's out all the same.

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Woahhh it’s getting a rerelease? Or looks like a revamp if anything...fuck IW coming back for my heart

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Yeah that was weird. Also she couldn’t tied the damn waist ties? And how did she get a hold of it so early? She barely wears Lolita let alone gothic Lolita.

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How often does Baby release shoes? I need some by June in the rarer size LL but they always seem to be sold out when I check.

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You won’t get them by then.

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Try looking secondhand anon. I've seen some on fril and other secondhand sites.

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Ah good to know. Are shoe released rare?

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You should ask the stupid questions thread newfag.

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what's the original you think this is?

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The new series from IW is on their online shop now: http://innocent-w.jp/onlineshop/No439_kokuti.html

I've been waiting so long for them to release something like this again. Choosing a color and cut is going to be tough

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I keep seeing these socks around but they're always just called "BTSSB Bird OTKs." Do they have an official name? I tried the Lolibrary tags but didn't come up with anything

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Nayrt but are you sure? I was around when that shop was still open and I don't think she sold bags

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You don't have to ask every question in the stupid questions thread. That thread was made for "do I have to wear a blouse with this?" type of questions

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It’s a pretty fucking stupid question that anyone who’s been in the fashion for any real amount of time would know the answer to stupid fuck

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I love how angry this makes you and will ask all of my questions here from now on

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Are there any physical shops in Harajuku or Shinjuku that VM sells through?

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minus the sleeves

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It’s near identical to the Rococo Tulle OP from 2005

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There are also KO bags on furima applis but I haven’t seen that particular one. Lapis is the one who held the G&L Museum event so I expect she knows her old stuff.
MILK and JM have also released similar items iirc

Are you Tamie? I don’t know many lolitas who have been around for that long of a time.

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I must be blind. Thanks anon!

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No lmao. I know a bunch of lolitas who have been around since then, but none of us are very active online. A couple of my friends left lolita a long time ago but came back to it in the past year and they didn't take to Facebook and instagram well.

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Probably definitely a dumbass question, but what's the best SS for mercari? You can't get it through buyee can you?
Can you send it to tenso? So many questions...

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....kazuko ogawa had quite a few bags though, especially the black feather rucksack that was actually listed on mercari several months back, but of course I can't find it now.

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I'm sure you can ask your SS to have the things you win shipped to your tenso address. buyee does not work with mercari.

As for SS's, I've used Kairai, ChibiTenshi, and Japonica. I personally go back and forth between Kairai and Tenshi, don't have a favorite. I can't get into Japonica's communication style...responses are always so late and/or incomplete in my experience

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Sorry you're mad? I have been around, but only recently have the money to buy items new.
I suppose I could have gone back and traced releases, but most lolitas are actually kind and helpful so I figured I would talk to people. Not like asking on topic questions is going to hurt this slow, slow board.

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>ask a seller, politely, about cheaper shipping options
>they don't even bother to check
>get snippy at me in a reply as if I shouldn't even have asked
Jesus christ.
Am I wrong for feeling a little bitter about this transaction?

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If they have a set price for their shipping yeah, you were in the wrong. If they have a flexible shipping option like “ask me for such and such” then it would be okay.

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Their reaction is a bit over the top, she could have just said "sorry I can't ".
Cheaper shipping usually is more unsafe so that could be the reason they don't want to offer cheaper options.
Some people insist you ship cheap without tracking and bicker about having to pay like 5 bucks extra for a safer, faster shipping method.
Whatever her reasons are, she could have worded it a bit nicer though.

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This happened to me before too. I wonder if it's the same user? I don't think it's unreasonable considering so many people overcharge for shipping because they are lazy and want to use the USPS flat rate box. But maybe they don't like the implication that they are being lazy.

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A lot of American sellers are extremely lazy and don't want to consider cheaper shipping options because it would require them to think.

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They have every right to do so, but me paying $15 shipping for a blouse is absurd.
I shipped a blouse in a box with added packaging for $3.50 in the states with shipping.
I am not against paying more than that, but a flat rate box is really dumb for a lot of light cloth items.

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Sorry I meant with tracking.

>> No.10142513

I wish more sellers knew about the USPS padded flat rate envelopes, shipping is $8 and can fit most things. Good for if you’re lazy and doesn’t cost the buyer $15 shipping. USPS first class package rates are going up anyways, last time I shipped a blouse with that it cost around $5

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Oh, I didn't know they had a padded envelope one. That is a reasonable price, too.

The $3.50 was a low end price for sure since I had a very small box from a hard drive I ordered and it was a 5-day shipping option.

I believe 2-day would have been around $7-8, which again isn't unreasonable at all.

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Why do Americans always use flat rate? Is that cheaper?

>> No.10142532

Only if it is heavy. So in the case of a blouse or accessories it is often way more expensive.

>> No.10142541

I use to use those padded flat rate envelopes but they stopped carrying them a few years back and they won’t restock them so I’ve been stuck using the other priority envelopes but they still only cost 8-15 depending on weight. I tend to just charge 10 flat for shipping and if it goes over I eat the cost.

>> No.10142543

Why? Because they are lazy and the boxes are free. You have to find your own packaging material otherwise. It's not like they don't have 20 Amazon boxes or envelopes sitting in their trash or anything.

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Anyone else hype for Carole and Tuesday? Premieres April 10.

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Oh! I haven't heard about this at all. It looks pretty cute judging by the preview, I hope it's actually good.

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You can order the padded envelopes on the usps site for free, they’re priority 1-3 days depending on location

It’s rarely cheaper in my experience except for the padded flat rate envelopes. But it’s more convenient for sellers who don’t want to buy their own packaging

>> No.10142560

There are people who buy their own packaging? I re-use bags and boxes I got when I bought something

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Lolita girl and tomboy girl? Sooooo Kamikaze Girls??

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Try not wanting to ship uninsured internationally and lose out when you make a PayPal claim because the buyers's country's corrupt, shitty post stole the package. You can either pay for insured and tracked priority international or just buy from someone else. You aren't entitled to cheap international shipping, it puts sellers at risk of losing both a dress and the money

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Are handheld steamers better than an iron? It's so time consuming ironing ruffles.

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Yeah no. You can get your money back through your creditcard company and paypal sides with American creditcard companies over my shitty country. I've talked with enough American lolitas to know it's just laziness and not wanting to inform themselves about other shipping options.

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So I left my bloomers at my friend's house last week. She lives about 50 minutes away.
I have an event I'm wearing lolita to next week. I'm highly considering buying just some bandaid bloomers from amazon with prime shipping if I can't meet up with her by then.
Any suggestions? I'm thinking about these ones.
I'm pretty skelly and most reviews seem to be from people complaining about the sizing. (Fave is the girl with a 29 BMI thinking she's small)

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Cherry is selling related pic as being in "good condition". look at how fucking stretched and damaged that shirring is. what a scammer

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i love that they have pockets

>> No.10142611

I'm amused by that too, honestly.
They're cotton with cotton lace and look similar to the meta ones I left at my friends.
They don't seem to be the best quality ever, but they look decent to me? They're just bloomers and it's not like most people are going to see them, anyway. They're being worn just in case something happens. (IE Little kid or strange adult flips my skirt. Or I happened to bend down weird)

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Double post, but saw this posted in the answered questions.
I can taste the salt from the highlighted part.
A sign of a true lolita.

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>Credit card company

What the fuck are you talking about? PayPal operates based on you linking it with a bank account but the transactions as a seller on LM are run through PayPal not any kind of card or bank directly. PayPal is notorious for siding with buyers even when sellers take pictures of goods and packaging.

As a seller if a buyer makes a claim all you can do is respond to the PayPal messages. There is no bank or credit card

>> No.10142624

it's nice that you never had to worry about it to the point you are completely unaware of how it works in reality

>> No.10142626

You can link your creditcard with your PayPal account and you can cancel payments (made to PayPal) through your creditcard.

>> No.10142631

They mean a chargeback with the (american) credit card company itself. Even if the payment is made through paypal, they can just call the cc company and tell them to chargeback. Paypal is trash and i seek for the day another service will finally take over.

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They were part of BtSSB's new year happy pack 3 years ago, I believe? Little Rabbit's Sparkly Droplet Rendezvous. They're the matching socks to the jsk.

>> No.10142653

No one was talking about international shipping.

>> No.10142666

absolutely. i love my steamer and use it more than I ever used my iron. and you don't have to set up an ironing board so it takes less time

>> No.10142683

They're loads better! I bought a steamer last month and it's been a huge time saver, it's way more convenient to store plus the temperature of the steam on most good steamers is high enough to sanitize clothing. Also irons often damage delicate fibers over time, so I'd try to avoid them unless you're working with pleated pieces.

>> No.10142684

So why isn't ap releasing any socks or headwear for the Fruity Lemon series? Very disappointing.

>> No.10142687

Right but they are demanding Americans sell to them with cheaper shipping and ignoring the risk of chargebacks. My point is exactly what you are saying, the buyer is the one with protections. As a seller you can't chargeback

>> No.10142694

They normally release them a week or two later anon.

>> No.10142729

They probably have a reason for their shipping prices. Personally I usually look it up but I totally hate this question. USPS is just shit and the people you're buying from have lives. It's a bit crap when you can't print the label off PayPal and pop it in your mailbox. Also who even has shipping materials just lying about? Those cost money too. But maybe I don't mind paying for shipping because I'm considerate of other people's time and money I guess.

Imagine keeping garbage of varying sizes around just in case someone is a cheapass about shipping a luxury fashion.

The seller can't do a chargeback. You don't receive funds through your credit card, only PayPal.

>> No.10142741


Also, >>10142397
You should inquire prior to buying the item, but regardless of what shipping they prefer to use, if they have a listed hard shipping price, you should stop pestering them to change.

>> No.10142743

>Imagine keeping garbage of varying sizes around just in case someone is a cheapass about shipping a luxury fashion
Because you forgot you were selling something? What are you trying to say. You must be the lazy ass who does this. It's not being cheap, it's literally overpaying for shipping simply because the seller finds reusing a box "too difficult".

And you literally can print the label off Paypal. Or USPS website.

>> No.10142744

The fact to you’re making such a big deal over slightly inflated shipping costs is insane. Chill dude. Maybe you need to take a cgl break.

>> No.10142752

I live in a tiny apartment and I hate clutter. I’m not going to hoard boxes in various sizes just in case I decide to sell something down the road and the buyer is throwing a shit fit over $2-3 price difference for shipping.

>> No.10142754

Your place sounds like a mess, having used cardboard boxes just strung around.

>> No.10142777

>Lolita girl and tomboy girl?
>so Kamikaze Girls?
>totally missing that one of said girls is black
Kamikaze Girls didn't have a black girl.

>> No.10142798

But it’s a Japanese animu. Other then “muh representation” do you think there’s going to be anything related to her being black in there? It’s probably just thrown in there to look cool and “interesting.”

>> No.10142799

If you're asking someone to lower the price, at best you're a cheapass who's wasting their time just to save a couple bucks, and at worst you're a scammer who will pester them into untracked shipping then claim the package was lost. Not worth the time. (Especially considering 90% of people who make special inquiries on a listing flake out anyways)

>> No.10142801

I didn't realise she was supposed to be black either, considering the lolita girl's skin is literally white, the other girl's skin tone is fairly average, or so I thought.

>> No.10142803

Since when did socks stop coming out alongside the print series?

>> No.10142811

Years and years and years back.

>> No.10142822

It's already doing miles better than most anime by having a black/dark-skinned girl as a main at all.
>If you read the summaries that were out so far you'd see that too
But that's ok, keep on being racist

>"fairly average"
>obviously dark skin despite the premise
>"Carole" (not a Japanese name)
>likes R&B, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin
>her hair

>> No.10142824

Got any links to kairai? I'm trying to find them and coming up empty. I'd use chibitenshi but her quote doubled the price of my item with her fees.

>> No.10142826

>the video

>> No.10142827

>It's already doing miles better than most anime by having a black/dark-skinned girl as a main at all.

I mean, that shouldn’t make any difference. Also it’ll probably get criticism since japs don’t give a fuck about muh racial oppression. The Pokémon series in Japan got massive backlash when they had a black girl as Ash’s tag on, for reference on how they treat black MCs

>> No.10142850

>Imagine keeping garbage of varying sizes around just in case someone is a cheapass about shipping a luxury fashion.
Tfw that’s exactly what I’ve been doing because I was anxious to be a good seller but people are still too stingy to pay €20 to ship a €200 dress to the other side of the planet. I’ve had almost a dozen interested people ghost me after I told them how much it will cost to ship to their country, even though it’s in the item description too. I wish they’d at least have the decency to tell me they’re no longer interested.

>> No.10142859

Quite excited for this - I hope the fashion and music is as nice as it appears to be in the trailers.

>> No.10142861

>that shouldn't make any difference
her voice actress (and singer) is black and Jamaican.
>"Also it’ll probably get criticism since japs don’t give a fuck about muh racial oppression"
>nice racism there too
>comparing this to Pokemon
Iris was how many years ago by now, anyhow?
and she is much more well received by Western fans nowadays especially by POC. Even on the Japanese side she gets gorgeous fanarts especially of her in her BW2 outfit.
but sure anon keep acting like this series isn't a step in a good direction and also keep acting like representation "shouldn't make any difference".
There's an animated trailer out too and the girl is very clearly black.

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One time I requested a "set with accessories" from chibi. Good thing she's excellent at keeping track, out of the blue one day she emails me that she got the matching necklace from AP for a dress that came out like a month or two before, I'd have missed it entirely since I've even received the dress already, and I'd given up on the necklace as something they made only for the photo shoot.

Sometimes I wonder if they're doing it to milk a series, or maybe they look at how well the release is doing and then decide whether or not to release the full accessories (DDC was one where the accessories were spread out so far apart, I think the crew socks came out months later and then a year later there was suddenly a DDC umbrella).

Or maybe they're just bad with logistics and put everything that comes in on their shelves at once and let the buyers sort out which one goes with which series.

>> No.10142890

Several people are arguing about it.. I'm grateful I live in Europe and everyone just re-uses envelopes and bags instead of charging the buyer for shipping material, and we don't have the problem of flat rates. Money wise it doesn't matter much but it just seems rude to overcharge people out of laziness and bad for the environment not to re-use shipping material.

>> No.10142897

I think spacing out the main pieces & accessories might be a strategy to get customers to come back to the store regularly. Their business model seems to prioritize in-person shopping over online sales (they regularly have tons of stock in stores and very little online), and every time a customer sets foot in the store, they have a chance to upsell them on additional items.

At least, that makes sense for me when you see accessories coming out a few weeks after the main items - those pieces would have already been produced, so they're not a response to strong sales, they were already planned and in their release stream. Stuff like the DDC umbrella & socks that came out months later feel more like "hey, this design sold really well, let's release some more" to me.

Then again, there's lots of stuff about lolita brand strategy that's weird, so who really knows?

>> No.10142915

Flat rate isn't overcharging. If I live in Ohio and ship a jsk to California or Arizona: first class isn't available because jsks are too heavy. Priority would cost 9-12 depending on weight of jsk material. Priority flat rate envelope is $8 unless you add additional insurance to protect yourself as a seller. The envelope and $14.40 flat rate box are recyclable depending on where you live. If I am shipping that same jsk to someone else in Ohio it will still cost around $6.80 priority or more because non flat rate goes up in price every year along with everything else. The ignorance of people who never sell is amazing.

>> No.10142922

My unpopular opinion is that otome can be used as a synonym for lolita. Yeah I read those articles before, and it does look different from lolita, but otome is also used by lolitas and people like Takemoto Novala, and Otome no Sewing exists, which is obviously lolita and not vintage/olive fashion.

>> No.10142933

Every dress I've gotten from release during the past 3 years had socks and hair accessories released at the same time as the dress.

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New from Meta:
Floral Bouquet Yoke Switched dress
>3 colourways
>Matching hair clips ¥3200

>> No.10142938
File: 218 KB, 720x1018, 12091021-web2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Carnelina Frill Jsk
>6 colourways
>Matching Bonnet ¥12800

>> No.10142941

Kinda wish that Floral Bouquet came in an ivory or a cream....
But I am LIVING for that white Carnelina.
The black and pink are also really nice but something about the white is just wonderful.

>> No.10142942
File: 416 KB, 480x640, P15JS202-g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so tired of this sick sad green. Baby recently rereleased the Miranda JSK in the same color. Why couldn't they do a nice rich jewel tone? I want to look like a lush rainforest, not a bowl of peas.

>> No.10142944

This is well known :/

>> No.10142959

I think it is pretty....like spring-y.

>> No.10142960

Most people don't do this though. They shove the jsk in the $15 flat rate box to ship it a state over. Or blouse in a medium flat rate. You don't notice that people do this?

>> No.10142962

Why do people think buyers need to tell them they aren't interested? No other shop or sales platform operates like this. Imagine if shop people agonized over walk inside that said "I'll think about it" and never came back. Or eBay buyers that ask a question. Why do lolitas think asking a question is some hot lead? I've even see people refuse to sell something to me because someone else asked a question and dropped off the face of the Earth and the dumbass seller thought they might still be interested. It's completely idiotic and no one else does this.
It's not "ghosting". It's completely normal customer behavior literally everywhere else on the planet.

>> No.10142966

Also personally I will ask shipping charges if I am strongly considering something. This isn't to make a final decision but it's because of I decide later to buy it, I can but it right away and not get slapped with a huge surprise shipping fee. It seems when I don't ask for shipping beforehand, the shipping costs are mysteriously higher.

>> No.10142967

It's stupid that they didn't read the description, but I wouldn't want to receive any more messages from people who aren't interested than I have to. If they send me a message just to say they're not buying it, it wastes both of our time.

>> No.10142973

You didn't even read what I said. You don't need to hoard boxes. The only way you'd be caught without one is if your item sold instantly and you hadn't bought anything recently. Even then that means you have to run to the post office to get your "free" box.
>what are closets, what are garages, what is storage
Not that I box the things I sell anyway. Envelope mailers are smaller and store flat.

>> No.10142986

On their old blog posts they used to mention the socks weren't ready from the factory yet, or even different cuts of the dress weren't ready. It could also be partially that?

>> No.10142992

It's not like you need multiple sizes anyway. There's this one box Amazon uses all the time that's medium ish that's perfect. People are just lazy and want to make excuses.
Ironically it's actually a lot more time to go to the post office
>Be me
>Small one bedroom
>Sell thing
>Have folded up box ready
>Small $15 postage weight scale
>Print label at work
>Drop package in apartment office or work drop off
>If small drop in post box
Sometimes I am so lazy I don't even use the scale and just guess the weight. If it's a small thing you can just put 13 oz and you're probably right. Not like they care if you are over
My way is actually lazier than most of these girls because there is no post office trip

>> No.10142999

True. I use plastic envelopes or bubble mailers and weigh them on my food scale. Just print the label and stick it in my mailbox and my mailman just picks it up. I don't see how flat rate boxes are easier unless you have a stockpile of those at your house. But that defeats the purpose of anons argument "I don't want clutter".

>> No.10143001

I use my own envelopes, but for flat rate USPS can’t you just bring the sold things to the post office and package them/have the labels made there? That way you don’t actually have to keep anything in your house. It’s lazy but if anon hates clutter I get it

>> No.10143003

I hate clutter too and am actually kind of a minimalist. But honestly the boxes and scale aren't a big deal if you sell online even semi frequently. I think girls are just just making excuses why they can't try something that other people can do no problem.
Also, it's a little more expensive to buy postage at the post office. And they don't even always have the box you are looking for. Then you're locked into buying a "free" larger priority box you might not need.

>> No.10143005

Interesting! Yeah, production delays are likely a factor, especially when talking about items like shoes, jewelry and socks that are all coming from different manufacturers than the dresses & skirts.

>> No.10143012

Stop chimping out

>> No.10143017


Idk i found the cheapest way for smaller dresses and skirts is usually the flat rate padded envelope.

I only use boxes for international shipping, so I keep a few around. It's not enough to take up even a corner and I usually put them in my closet in the back. It's not as big a deal as some of you are making it out to be.

>> No.10143101

If you went up to a shop assistant to ask a question and then turned around and left without even acknowledging that they answered you, that would be pretty rude.

>> No.10143102

International shipping is worse for the environment but go off I guess.

How often do you buy crap online that you've always got a box?

Honestly the shipping is cheaper when you print the label from PayPal.

>> No.10143124
File: 135 KB, 750x834, 4920E627-2BCE-4AD9-8ACD-40AE85C1CB6D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know of any other Lolita related enamel pin makers or artists other then StarglazedDelight? I’m tired of seeing everyone and their mom wearing the same old 2 designs they have.

I came across these on IG last night and wondered if there were any more.

>> No.10143126
File: 112 KB, 750x831, 1B8571A6-0609-4AF2-A6D4-6856A5ECFC7E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And these, but I’ve been having a hard time finding more that we’re specifically Lolita related.

>> No.10143128 [DELETED] 

These too I guess, but I’m less interested in stickers, I just thought they were cute.

>> No.10143130
File: 619 KB, 750x847, 3E612D47-C4E1-4893-8464-B0C782652551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These too I guess, but I’m less interested in stickers, I just thought they were cute.

>> No.10143156

some anon just posted their etsy shop here the other day with beautiful deer pins. turns out they even sell /cgl/ pins but im not a virgin so i'd never wear that in public


use the code SEAGULL for like 10% off or some shit.

>> No.10143172

Be honest about posting your own shop here. When you pretend to be some "interested" anon, it's uncomfortable and I don't want to buy from you.

>> No.10143174

Dude, the shop owner posted the information in another thread when people asked about their milky-chan accessories. Calm down.

>> No.10143230
File: 47 KB, 345x437, 191903-m-01-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where do gulls get their cute ankle socks? Ali and similar places seem like their's would be too cheap looking, is brand the way to go? Normally I have no problem shelling out for patterned OTKs but to pay ~$25 for ankle socks...

>> No.10143233

I have both brand and Ali, and then a couple Taobao. The brand ones are great, Ali and Tb range from okay to unusable

>> No.10143234

Honestly, I get mine from kohls. I'm small enough to fit kid's socks and their chiffon and eyelet ones aren't bad.
Otherwise- i just get brand

>> No.10143249

Is Meta trying to make Gathered Chiffon? Someone call Baby's lawyer

>> No.10143256

>reaching this damn hard
Yeah because Baby has a patent on asymmetrical skirt shapes. Better sue AtPie and EE while they’re at it, right?

>> No.10143262

It was a joke nonny
But imo this release feels more like gathered chiffon than any other asymmetric release I've seen. Tho the bodice looks better on this one

>> No.10143270

>watch trailer
>hope to see different dresses
>same dress always covered by a guitar
Disappointed as always by anime.

>> No.10143275

Nah, it’s probably them. DC is always hawking their shop all over this board.

>> No.10143311

I mean, she kinda caters to fatties so....

>> No.10143322

I know

As someone who has been slated on the CoF thread before and also praised, it's really not that deep.

>> No.10143408


It's not always that they assume it's a hot lead, it's simply noticeable.

It's like with people who always ask "what's the MAX size of this dress". You immediately know it's a fatty chan with very, very low odds of fitting in, even lower odds still they actually buy anything. But it's still noticeable when everything you post that has even a hint of shirring gets a "what's the MAX size" comment, they vanish, then come back a month later and ask you again "what's the MAX size".

Sure, they're not buying. But still noticeable.

>> No.10143446

Fuck this is cute tho

>> No.10143481

I'm going to Seoul in about a month, any recommendations for lolita shops? I tried to google but came up with nothing.
I assume Lief has a store at least

>> No.10143495

I hope someone gives us a summary or recording of Kawaiikon's Q&A with Mana. Ask better questions than at Helsinki kids

>> No.10143536

I don’t even care I just want to see the new release from the fashion show.

>> No.10143543

>cutest one unlocks at highest stretch goal
Impeccable businesswoman

>> No.10143556

You can buy them from brand on sale. I get mine from innocent world. It's not as expensive as you say.

>> No.10143588

Calling it now it will just be Silent Moon again

>> No.10143591

It better be. I’ve been waiting months for any more news.

>> No.10143595
File: 82 KB, 500x333, 1552794021935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My main problem is they are always sold out by the time I even look, wallet in hand.
Baby, release more neutral socks, gdi.

>> No.10143610

You should try though an in-store SS

>> No.10143620

Just email baby. They'll do stock checks for in-store items so you can buy it. Same with IW and Meta.

>> No.10143650

IW has neutral lace ankle socks in stock right now.

>> No.10143751
File: 102 KB, 640x800, 2648E83D-6D60-472F-921B-F4704B6E595C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know Kaya’s IG name? I remember some anon posted it awhile ago and I can’t seem to find it anymore because I was dumb and didn’t save it.

>> No.10143808
File: 354 KB, 750x994, 93C531FE-267A-4727-80A3-C3803C1CEC80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just checked it looks like both stretch goals have been met already.

>> No.10143948

I spent the day cataloging my lolita shit on my computer.
Aside from 3 blouses and some off brand jewlery, I managed to find it all, I'm quite proud of myself. A couple of blouses I got second hand were the hardest to find.
Somehow, 86% of what I own is brand. I never even noticed how much I have.
Annd about half of it all is meta.

>> No.10143963

I love doing this. I have a massive photoshop document where I've cut out the pieces from their stock photos that I can use to drag to another document to make coords.

>> No.10143972

I've thought about doing that, too.
And scratch what I'm missing. I also couldn't find a pair of shoes from meta, either. I DID find a Magic Tea Party Blouse of the three I couldn't find. What threw me off is the original owner removed the buttons for the waist ties entirely. (why, though?)
Which leaves the shoes and the two blouses. All from meta.

>> No.10143973
File: 178 KB, 800x1200, 97ace0253ceb80baf153a4bfe7daab48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have this dress or anything from the brand? Any reviews exist? I really like the design, but I've never heard of it and am suspicious of the quality.

>> No.10143974

Did CTP release yet? It Slater this month, isn’t it?

>> No.10143981


>> No.10143984

Damn it I just saw these and now I've spent $40 on pins anon. How dare.

In other news, I actually found a dream dress in the colourway and style I want AND it's in a full set with the OTK and head bow. I'm so excited <3

>> No.10143986

May, irc. Just a little bit longer anon!

>> No.10143991

What's the likelihood I can snag one on the secondhand market?

I decided at the time I only wanted them for the prestige and the status, and I was above dumping $600 on a dress I didn't really love solely to lord over people as an elitist tier item.

I've changed my mind. I want the damn prestige ok!?

>> No.10143993


>> No.10143994

The prestige is gone with the rerelease anon. I’ve seen it up on Mercari for around $250. It’s just another dress now.

>> No.10144011


>removed the buttons for the waist ties

If it's a blouse, the owner might only own/wear it with jsks, in which case the waist ties and waist tie buttons never get used. It might just be removed so there isn't a bump on the outside of the jsk.

For skirts and dresses, I've received secondhand dresses that have waist tie buttons but no waist ties, in which case i always remove the button since there's not much use for them. It would be kinda weird if you received waist ties without the buttons though.

>> No.10144017

It didn't, cause yeah, that'd be weird.
One of the Meta blouses I'm having trouble identifying is also missing waist ties but has the buttons.
For the Magic Tea Party one, I may just remake them with simple buttons, they looked plain enough.
I'm salty because I could find the I Do Declare blouse on lace market, but not the meta blouses.
As a metafag, I feel somewhat offended.

>> No.10144019

It's cheaper if it's going overseas and you want tracking

>> No.10144020

Well Crud. At least there's that then. Thanks anon, now I can sleep better with the money in my pocket and if it grows on me I'll just go on Mercari.

No sh*t it's cringe, that's why I'm posting here on anon and not rufflechat. Judge all you want, but it's fun being the "rich brandwhore" at teaparties. That's why there's a bunch of novelty pins and accessories that have it emblazoned in gold enamel on all over them. Or do you think the people buying those are pinning it to their bodyline?

>> No.10144022


It's worse than >>10143994 says, girls who paid $400 for the MTO likely won't sell it for $250 straightaway. So you're still looking at paying around $400-600 for one of the new dresses, the prestige is gone and people still assume you're on the hype train. Your best bet for a cheaper dress is to try and find an older one now that's already a bit worn, then it'll go for slightly cheap.

On the other hand, even with the prestige being gone it's a highly hyped up, highly anticipated MTO. You'll get a lot of girls looking for coord inspo commenting and liking stuff, the way Holy Lantern was everywhere for a while after the first release. So for $600 you can at least get some eyeballs on you, if that's up your alley.

>> No.10144024

>Judge all you want, but it's fun being the "rich brandwhore" at teaparties

Spot the newfag.

>> No.10144026


Well, a lot of people are complaining the IDD blouse looks good but feels cheap and stiff irl, so having more of them on the secondhand market speaks to me of disillusioned owners whereas the meta blouses are better than they expected so they get hoarded. I'd say it's a compliment to Meta that their blouses are so good it's difficult to find them secondhand.

That's what I think anyway.

>> No.10144028
File: 51 KB, 570x760, IDD- White Summer Bishop Blouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I said lace market but I meant lolibrary. It's been a long day.
I actually bought the IDD one from her at otakon years back. It's one of her nicer ones, pretty flowey. It's probably because it's more simple of why it's less crap. It's pic related.

>> No.10144029

>Judge all you want, but it's fun being the "rich brandwhore" at teaparties

Bless your heart.

>> No.10144032


Ah, that does change things. Although Meta does put a lot of blouses on the market. Up until a couple of years back their special sets sometimes included random blouses that I've never seen on their webshop, maybe you got one of those luckypack blouses that were never properly documented?

Your IDD blouse looks better than the one other anons are commenting about, good to hear it's good quality.

>> No.10144037

Is Moitie about to release a variant of the Cape Collar OP? I just saw some pics from the fashion show on IG.

I only saw it in fairly long cuts, though. Hoping for a shorter one...

>> No.10144046

DESU I want the hype only for local comm prestige. Idc as much about the "me first me first" ability because I know people in japan and China and the USA with bigger/better wardrobes than mine will probably do more with it, and sooner, at bigger events. I'm just trying to be a big fish in a little pond.

Not new, it just never gets old. People who are actually part of the community get over it, but the endless line of people discovering and trying out the fashion, then leaving after a few months, never cease to be amazed when they see rare prints and pieces.

>> No.10144056

well for sure i’ll selling one on lm. i bought two to see which color i want to keep.

>> No.10144067

plus that sad bow just plopped on top of her head like no one gave a shit

>> No.10144068 [DELETED] 

Maybe, maybe not. They seem to enjoy padding their fashion shows with old Moitie because why sell it on WW when you can keep it, use it in fashion shows, and force Moitiefags to buy new shit.

>> No.10144152

>wishlist dress appears on wunderwelt a few months ago
>in shitty condition and ridiculously priced but have not seen it in this cut+colorway anywhere else in the past few years
>resist the urge to buy every day because of the damage + high price
>same dress appears on cc at half the price including shipping

finally not shilling out for wunderwelts scalpy pricing for d-rank goods pays off

>> No.10144160

Yeah that was like one listing. Noone will sell their MTO CTP under retail.

>> No.10144162

Just saw Silent Moon in a story made on Moitie`s fashion show

>> No.10144165


>> No.10144168

One of their models posted in her story that she bought that dress and also an apron she wore on the catwalk so hopefully. Mostly I'm super into the apron but with two models wearing the cape collar OP (navy and black) I think it's very likely.

>> No.10144169

Where? It just looks like the models brought their own brand.

>> No.10144175 [DELETED] 

wasn't she doing pretty okay after leaving her mum?

>> No.10144193
File: 348 KB, 1205x1599, 859874BE-9486-49E2-8088-758EB4A72B66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10144196
File: 18 KB, 275x82, 1554109907348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not anymore, unfortunately she's becoming Margo 2.0

>> No.10144202
File: 219 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190408_073551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, just saw it here

>> No.10144210

Isn't that just their own clothing

>> No.10144211

what are thoooooose

>> No.10144221

No, the cape collar op model said that she bought the dress and apron after the show. Cant speak for silent moon, though

>> No.10144235
File: 306 KB, 1138x1744, C85AD22A-2CA4-42C1-AD62-F416045D2DCB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are the fashion show outfits they wore. See black on right.

>> No.10144243

Where is the apron from?

>> No.10144247

The models are pretty but that dress is so unflattering. Was it top of anyone's rerelease wishlist? Disappointed

>> No.10144252

it looks pretty generic and bad quality to me. just get any goth dress from BPN or h.NAOTO or whatever and wear it with cheap leather harnesses, fishnets and dollskill shoes like all the other edgy thots :^)

>> No.10144253

Only one secret last week? BtB might as well close up shop. Sad.

>> No.10144257

Its been dead for awhile now.

>> No.10144259

I like both dresses, but they seem like peasant clothes. I'd wear them to rp in.

>> No.10144261

Also Moitie

>> No.10144271

A. Gato Designs does a bunch, but they are simpler, Puvithel's doing a LWLN collab, Samantha Rei's got a couple of cute magical girl sewing ones that aren't explicitly lolita but might be something you like anyways, Marchen Maiden had these cute little dress pins but I don't know if they still stock them.

I also see them around at artist alleys, a lot of artists will do one or two lolita things. (though typically acrylic pins and not enamel)

It does seem like there's not a lot of lolita enamel pins specifically.

I love cherry! Maybe we can convince her to do acrylics of them at least.

>> No.10144274
File: 132 KB, 960x786, 39805017_1513856815381682_2129191313566859264_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh whoops forgot to mention Fluffy Tori's done some too

>> No.10144287

daily reminder to all of you gulls to go back to the listing that you bought and leave the goddamn feedback, it's my 9th selling on lacemarket and I've only got like 4

>end rant

>> No.10144299

Well it’s on mercari for like 149,000yen...

>> No.10144300

This, my last five transactions (mix of sales and purchases) and nobody left feedback even when I politely reminded them and mentioned that I'd left feedback.

>> No.10144303

Is there any reason I Do Declare doesn't say exactly what she's putting in a shop update? The last update was in the middle of the night for me and I didn't manage to get anything.
I know it's fastest person first for stock on release and that's okay, but she's always so cryptic until items are actually listed.

>> No.10144305

And leave feedback for buyers too!

>> No.10144317
File: 365 KB, 1242x787, 0A52D246-2D1E-4240-B465-7C7837A8311E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She does tho? Posts in stories and posts on ig. I see more on stories so keep watch.

>> No.10144335

I usually check if the person is new or doesn't have a lot of feedback and then I'll go out of my way. Especially if I'm selling a lot of things, I'm already taking time out of my day to go to the post office, respond to messages, etc.

On the contrary, I love looking at my feedback and seeing such positive messages, love when I get handmade letters or gifts in my packages, I've kept them all. If I ever get less than 5 stars and a glowing review it will fuck up my utopian fantasy~

>> No.10144342

I'm so sick of rereleases, not even early 2000s ones can excite me. Moitie is almost a mockery of itself at this point and the owners are just stabbing around in the dark taking advantage of nostalgia and devotees. They need a fucking designer that cares.

>> No.10144348

Maybe it's generic to you but I like this specific design a lot. I don't like the generic goth thot dresses from those brands

>> No.10144349

What is her quality like these days?

>> No.10144359

wow i really like this, do you have a link?

>> No.10144365
File: 10 KB, 511x177, tempsnip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know what this is about?

>> No.10144368

that flimsy bodice.
this doesn't even look lined, anon. also, unless you are built just like this model, you won't have the slightest room for a petti and the bodice is going to look like shit.
I don't think it's worth it, I'd do like other people suggested and build a similar coord with brand pieces. Boz and Naoto are great, and there are many more goth J brands that can supply quality accessories.

>> No.10144370

wow, this person must have fucked up royally

>> No.10144375

That doesn’t even look ok with the heavy ps taobao does. Pls get better taste

>> No.10144407

I'm extremely jealous that she was able to buy the apron. I might even consider modelling now.

>> No.10144432
File: 1.27 MB, 1080x2492, 20190408_131102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you Hawaii lolitas for kicking out Kopf from the KawaiiKon tea party - anyone can confirm?

>> No.10144434

The og long cape collar op had the same apron, it might really be a rerelease.

>> No.10144446

Did they come together or do you have to buy the apron seperately?

>> No.10144450

Does Baby regularly restock older pieces/releases? When I check the page sometimes I see those in new arrivals, I want to know if they always do this and how often. Sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm relatively new. Want to know since Im' looking for an old school dress I never see at second-hand market.

>> No.10144454
File: 39 KB, 232x313, 6790d36e-9fd7-4e82-be1d-a3ecad36e531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk, I just remembered this picture from an old moitie catalogue.

>> No.10144455

Yes, they call it classical releases instead of old-school. You should follow their twitter account to know beforehand when something will be in stock.

>> No.10144460

He got kicked out because he was clearly there to try to get Moitie as a guest for his con. Fakestar reps Moitie and Baby, and because he screwed up with Baby their rep knows who he is and why he was there. He's now publicly posting on FB blaming the girl who runs the Lolita Collective even though they weren't even at the con, because he can't imagine any of this is his own fault.

>> No.10144494

They are sold separately.

>> No.10144499

You're probably right anon. I just like the design a lot and was hoping someone who has actually bought it had some advice. I don't even necessarily want to wear it in a Lolita coord. I just like the dress.
People might think I'm new because I'm asking about a random taobao dress, but I'm not. If you have some specific brand dresses in mind that are like this I would like to see because it doesn't really look like any dress I have seen from those brands.

>> No.10144500

To be a little more clear about specific design elements, I like the use of dark grey, I like the leather strap, and I like the apron thing in the front. I'm not just looking for something black with leather straps. I'm aware there are 1000000 dresses with that.

>> No.10144501



>> No.10144520

Man these would be so cute if she was just better at typography... The font is bad but also the kerning and tilting of the letters. It's killing me. I totally would have bought these otherwise.

>> No.10144553

The dresses and aprons were there to buy at the booth, she’s not the only one who was able to get them.

>> No.10144560

Lmao at him trying to blame it on lolita collective when they weren't even there. R probably kicked him out.

Good job kawaiikon!

>> No.10144561

Only the long cut?

>> No.10144571

So I ended up ordering those bloomers.
My thighs are about 15" around and they're weirdly snug, but not uncomfortably so.
The lace is torchon lace. Kinda meh quality but it could be worse. (Or a worse kind of lace).
The material is just a basic, medium thickness cotton seems breathable and durable.
They can reach just above my knees if I pull them down, but if I squat, they go back up mid thigh.
They fit fine around my waist, which is 23". IDK the measurements of the other people who bought them, but I"m assuming bigger (One girl had 32" I think?)
The pockets are still amusing. I have no idea how I can make use of them other than a discrete pocket for emergency money or pads/tampons.
If you're skinny enough to wear them, I'd recommend them for just basic bloomers.
I still prefer my meta ones.

>> No.10144575

I was told there is only one cut.

>> No.10144591
File: 137 KB, 323x454, 1369512586648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who even demanded the long cut? I just remember that some anons from the dd thread submitted the (short) cape collar op.

>> No.10144606
File: 2.86 MB, 4032x2268, 20190408_173959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Catalouge anon from last night.
If anyone can help me ID my last three items, Id be grateful. Ill try and be as descriptive as possible. Yes I know theres wrinkles and/or link on my blouses. Theyll be taken care of when I wear them.
First is this blouse. Simple round buttons, shirring in the back, daisy pattern on the collar.
Closest I could find on lolibrary was yoke switching short sleeve blouse. However, this blouse has no spots for corset lacing in the back (that I could find) and has different buttons.
I got it in a pack off LM

>> No.10144608
File: 3.66 MB, 4032x2268, 20190408_174250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second up is this cutsew. This one I bought directly from meta and maybe 2015 ish? Give or take a year. I couldn't find anything similar on Lolibrary.
The lace on the collar has Meta's twin Swan logo. Faux Diamond buttons and nothing on the back shirring or waist bow wise.

>> No.10144609

Looks like Meta to me, not sure what it's actually called or whether it has a name at all. I think they've had a similar design of blouse in their LPs/special sets in the last few years.

>> No.10144612

You sound very entitled to be honest, I wasn’t aware that brands release things now based on randos “demanding” them.

>> No.10144613
File: 3.24 MB, 4032x2268, 20190408_174416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And finally are these shoes. I had to got them off of CC or WW. I'm inclined to say that they are they ribbon strap shoes missing the detachable bows. However, I can't find any stock pictures of this color to be sure. I do have the original box that they came in with the product number. I'm not sure if it's just a generic product number for shoes or not.
The number on the shoebox is 17012001.

>> No.10144614

Yeah, all the items are meta. Which is why it's kind of frustrating that I can't find a stock photos or item names anywhere. I am inclined to think that it was a blouse in a lucky pack or a special set. Especially with how similar it is to the other one.

>> No.10144629

>thinking only the lolita collective hates him and wants him out of cons in general
>was caught defending himself against lolitas less than a year ago on this board
wew buddy you sure are reaching for some sympathy points there aren't ya

>> No.10144653

>You sound very entitled
I've been reading that too much lately in the completely wrong context. Please don't overdo calling people entitled like it happened with salty/jelly/larper/rper etc.

I simply don't understand the business decision behind it and was talking about the poll moitie held when wunderwelts company took the brand over. They let people vote which items they would like to see rereleased and left an option to submit items that werent included in the list.

>> No.10144659
File: 1.33 MB, 2000x1000, 2934723476927538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not enamel, but Dreamcathedral has some. She said she was going to do more of these animal crossing villagers in different substyles but hasn't put any up yet. There are some /cgl/ related pins too.

>> No.10144663

This is the second time you've shilled yourself in this thread and pretended to be some anon. Just be honest when you hawk your shop.

>> No.10144665

Oops didn't see the other post but I'm not the shop owner.

>> No.10144670

Nice, thank you Anon!

>> No.10144828

I'm actually excited about this release (less so if there really will only be one cut...) but otherwise I feel this. I immediately bought tickets to AWA at the beginning of January when they announced Mana was attending but the consistent complaints about quality and lackluster releases have all but snuffed out my enthusiasm. If I could sell my tickets now I probably would.

>> No.10144855

When do model applications for Moitie for AWA open? I keep checking the page but there's nothing yet.

>> No.10144963

Wasn't there only one cut of the original as well?

>> No.10145027

Is lacemarket slow lately for anyone else? It's been noticeably slower for me the past few days.

>> No.10145029

It's been extremely slow ever since I switched from sweet to gothic

>> No.10145032
File: 39 KB, 232x313, a9632f94-607c-5566-9b82-e33d46190bb2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10145033

That collar looks different from >>10144454

>> No.10145035

If this gets a re-release would it be hard to find it secondhand later? I don't see much Moitie on lacemarket but if it gets a re-release soon, I won't be able to buy it because I'm travelling for a long period of time and won't have a real address until later this year.

>> No.10145038

Hard to say. You can still get sleeping garden and Neo gothic, but Catherine op sold out quickly with not a word of if they will restock it.

>> No.10145058

The collar of the OP the models wore looks more like >>10145032 though.

>> No.10145119

How much does this usually go for secondhand?

>> No.10145197

Shouldn't Haenuli's fourth round of reservations be up by now? There's nothing on her Facebook about a delay...

>> No.10145228

Last one on Y!JA went for around 45,000 yen I think

>> No.10145233

Otome just means maiden, anon. The reason people use it in Japan is because it’s literally just a word, it has nothing to do with the fashion. Otome No Sewing just means “Maiden’s Sewing.”

>> No.10145240

How often do you normally use Maiden irl?

>> No.10145241

nayrt but how often do you use the term otome outside of jfashion

maiden sounds adorable

>> No.10145243

Her third just closed, and that delay probably pushed it all back

>> No.10145244

>This is my favorite fashion! it’s called Woman. I love wearing Woman style :)

>> No.10145245

I only use it for some games and media based on those games

>> No.10145310


>> No.10145375
File: 44 KB, 960x764, FB_IMG_1554845818805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man I'm just really legitimately sad to see what AP is slowly becoming...

They are such an iconic brand but pretty much every single release this year has been a miss for me. None of the upcoming ones look particularly good either. I know change is just the nature of fashion but their old stuff both print and non print was just so full of ideas and feelings and idk. It just truly inspired me. It felt like they were leading the pack rather than following.

>> No.10145388

I love it.

>> No.10145391

Man, feels good to be a metafag.

>> No.10145513


is this real lmao

>> No.10145533
File: 136 KB, 738x441, 2019sailor-eslide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile Meta's Sailor Collection is announced.
>Pre-Order Starts: around 5 p.m. on April 12th 2019 (JST)

>> No.10145534
File: 268 KB, 720x1018, 15091009-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And yes the hat is available for purchase

>> No.10145536
File: 239 KB, 720x1018, 12091010-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tucked Dress

>> No.10145537

it might be yet another meta sailor release but fuck is it better than any of the garbage ap has released this year

>> No.10145538

And I reiterate
I was hoping for a black/white colorway or an olive with wine and antique white.
A well. Maybe next year.

>> No.10145539
File: 277 KB, 720x1018, 12091011-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Flare Dress

>> No.10145541
File: 261 KB, 720x1018, 12091012-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Shirt Dress

>> No.10145545
File: 246 KB, 720x1018, 13091002-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blouse also available

Anon you're in luck. I forgot to list colourways so I'll do it here.
>>10145536 comes in Offwhite x Navy, Offwhite x Grey, and Offwhite x Offwhite
>>10145539 comes in Black, Aegean Blue, Green
>>10145541 comes in Black, Offwhite, Navy, Bordeaux
>Pic related comes in Navy, Grey, Green

>> No.10145549

Yeah but the tucked dress doesn't come in any of my preferred colorways.
Maybe I'll wind up getting the flare dress...
That tucked dress is everything, though.

>> No.10145552 [DELETED] 

For a hot second, I thought this was a rerelease of last year's.

>> No.10145557

Boring but consistent. I don't care about sailor but this is nicer than APs messes recently

>> No.10145600

>>10145534 Captain Cap
>>10145536 Sailor Tuck OP
>>10145539 Sailor Flare OP
>>10145541 Sailor Shirt OP
>>10145545 Sailor Skirt with Shoulder Straps

Please at least label them correctly if you insist on posting them individually.

>> No.10145606

those are 400 dollar fluevogs

>> No.10145621

They are proof that money can't buy taste

>> No.10145626
File: 612 KB, 1154x820, scalpy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The bidding already started for more then the dress + shipping cost is to most countries. If you see taobao stuff on Lacemarket reverse image search on taobao is your friend folks!

>> No.10145675
File: 186 KB, 405x766, 7C77FEE5-936E-41E9-AFFE-2D05ABE40123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There’s a lot of bullshit going on LM

>> No.10145677
File: 1.71 MB, 750x1334, 301797D1-88BB-432A-B419-D9724DBA85A0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kickstarter has gone live and most of the stretch goals have been met. The old school bear will be the final design to be unlocked.

>> No.10145680

I want all of them!

>> No.10145681

So I'm an enamel pin maker. What kind of lolita-ish thing do people want? I hear a lot of people always say "do what you like lol". I did that in the other fandom I'm in and it sold really nicely cause I was doing something different. I wasn't pandering to the masses, who I'm sure, already owned like the same character that was chibi and smiling, etc. But that was like a HUGE fandom. We're so small, that it's really either a huge hit or a fucking huge miss. Not much in between. I always order 50 pins, and if I sell 20, I even out. So my little side making gig has been working out pretty well.

Like these are cute. I would get the bunny or lamb or dog myself. Do people want stuff like this? Or more human?

Just brainstorming. A pin of a coord? That sounds cool but also boring. It's like a metal .jpg. lol. Something funny/stupid? Like Holy Lantern dress gold chained linked to a trashcan?

>> No.10145697
File: 23 KB, 500x290, 00c33429071eba6103e45e13933e703b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A pin of a coord? That sounds cool but also boring.

Disney does that with their Princess dresses. They even have pins of just a shoe because they are so iconic.

>> No.10145701


florals that aren't roses, mushrooms that aren't inky cap and fly agaric. birds that are not generic birds but identifiable species. anatomically correct organs.

i tend towards forest and gothic so those would be great

>> No.10145703

Maybe pins inspired by different prints? Melting ice creams to match milky planet, carousel ponies similar to Sugary Carnival? I’m always looking for cute stuff to match to my dresses.

>> No.10145710


I second the bird idea. Something not cute, but dramatic. Like a hawk, but...cute?
??? Wait.

This is why I'm not in the art world. But do NOT put those stupid banners with words on your things. It's SO over done. I hate them so much.

>> No.10145728

Yo I need that bird

>> No.10145766

>Serged seams fully visible on headbow

>> No.10145767

Hell yes, I missed out on the navy one on auctions and regretted it for months.

>> No.10145768

>i-it's just the pictures that make it look low quality!

>> No.10145771

This looks like a sad taobao replica of something Haenuli made. I can't believe this is AP!

>> No.10145774 [DELETED] 
File: 153 KB, 400x560, f7f4ce66-6836-5866-8680-bb384591e76e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, Haenuli had a much better concept

>> No.10145777

Oh man couldn’t even be bothered to double up on the fabric in a design where the wrong side would clearly be showing...

>> No.10145823

Making lolita out of bed sheets is tots okay now right guys?

>> No.10145946

the OP looks so dang cute, but the material looks like it will constantly require steaming

>> No.10145960

I don't get why people are hating on these fine-ass coffin heel shoes!

>> No.10146005

>>10145866 new thread

>> No.10146394


Honestly though the pic doesn't seem that awful of quality. The chiffon at least has good drape and seems to be both sheer but substantial (usually if it's sheer it starts to look like stiff plastic). The net lace on the bodice at least seems halfway decent and the bow looks substantial too.

Designs is godawful and the colours makes me want to bash in the head of both the person who designed this and the person who even okayed it into production. That's not the same thing as quality, though.

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