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Alright bitches, one of the most meh of summer cons is next month. What are your cosplay plans? Are you traveling from out of state to attend? Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to? Are you an oldfag that is absolutely jaded by this convention but use it as an excuse to do molly and drink nonstop with total strangers for 4 days? Let’s discuss!

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Got my badge and my time off approved! Not traveling out of state, this will be my 4th time. I heard they fixed the lines so after 3 years off I'll see how it goes. Going to be one of the 1,000 Links there.

Looking forward to some gatherings, most of the panels on the forums seem kinda meh, but maybe something will pique my interest. I do wish they hadn't moved the ball from the Fairmont Hotel. It was beautiful there. The hall next to that museum is ugly and still overcrowded. Also not sure if I should crossplay at the ball. Prince style or poofy ball gown? Hard to choose...

How is everyone else feeling about this Fanime?

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I’m pretty excited, not necessarily for the con itself, but because I’ll be spending my 4 days off with my partner, doing weeb shit. I’m hoping to attend the ball but seeing as it’s not really my partner’s thing, I’ll probably be going by myself. I’m also looking forward to the j-fashion show.

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Yeah the con is alright, but there's lots of stuff to check out which makes it fun for me. It's nice you get to go with your partner, I've gone solo the past 2 times. The ball is one of my highlights, but man sometimes you get some awkward dance partners. One guy was just reeeeeeally sweaty. I always miss the j-fashion show, maybe I'll actually make it for once!

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The two times I’ve been to the fashion show were really fun, so I definitely recommend going!

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probably the funnest weekend of my life annually desu.

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tfw new job and my days off are only part of the con
it's been a long time since i haven't been able to go to all of fanime

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I hope I can make it! Why are fashion shows usually early, ugh.

What do you usually like to do? Are you cosplaying or showing off some new coords?

I got lucky with the holiday and was able to get the rest of my time off approved. I asked way in advance, a lot of people want it off, some for Fanime as well!

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Hopefully you can go! I need to take some time to plan out a coord.

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i'm still going to be on probation for a few months
so no vacation. working the holiday but i get double pay for that and vacation time in the bank

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Anyone know any decent cosplay photographers who typically attend fanime? We're traveling and don't know who's worth paying/etc. For a Photoshoot.

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If it's around the same time as a meetup I'm going to I may end up there in cosplay. So I don't have to tote around a coord and one or two cosplays. I'm just imagining the baggage... Multiple petticoats.

Extra holiday pay is good at least. I was on a year probation awhile back. It sucked, missed pretty much all the events that year. Still hope you have a good time!

Unfortunately no, but maybe there are some people on the forums who have had good photoshoots done. But I wouldn't know how reliable that info is.

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>oldfag that is absolutely jaded by this convention

I thought I was the only one.

But seriously, I've been going since '05 and this year is probably the last year that I'm going for a full weekend. It's been interesting to see how the con has changed over the years (and how normie-passive it's become), but the novelty has definitely worn off. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy myself nonetheless, but to nowhere near the same degree I once did.

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I’ve been going on and off since 2005, and I think this will also be my last year going for the full weekend. It’s the only con I’ve gone to and I realize that I need to branch out and try out other ones. Fanime will always have a special place in my heart.

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If you go to Fanime, hit up CWF

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Any guests seem interesting? I usually pass on guest panels and whatnot because I have no idea who anyone is. If I have time I might go to a panel, but the lineup seems meh.

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I was thinking of buying one of those 160 dollar pikachu costumes to cosplay for the first time. I've never cosplayed before and I'm too old and ugly to be doing face cosplay.

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Oh like a mascot? I think you need a handler if you have visibility issues in your cosplay. Still, sounds awesome.

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>I'm too old and ugly to be doing face cosplay
fuck I know that feeling all too well anon

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This is my first time coming to Fanime, anyone have opinions on the food situation? Should I grocery shop before the con?

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It's gonna be my 12th year. I'm excited for CWF, and a little miffed the panel my roommates and I put on got waitlisted but it's whatever. I hope the game room has some good stuff this year and lots of table space for board games/card games. Last year it felt like they really downsized that stuff.

Lots of good places to eat 1-3 blocks from the con center, plus street dog vendors right outside at all hours. If you don't mind paying 10-20 per meal at those places and a wait you'll be fine. There is also a safeway about 2 blocks from the con center so you don't have to worry about packing a bunch of groceries in the car before getting there.

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I’m a vegetarian so I can only comment on the meatless options but my god does downtown SJ have the hookup when it comes to food. The restaurants are pretty decently priced overall, and like >>10152059
mentioned, there’s also that Safeway. It’s a godsend to have a grocery within walking distance from the hotels.

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>usual con group goes to AX for the past 6-7 years
>getting bored of AX, we all decide on Fanime
>don't have money for both cons
did we make a mistake?

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Depends? What did you like about AX? It seems more industry, but has lots of exclusive merch. That seems to be the main reason many people go. (And concerts)
Fanime is more chill, like a hang out con. They finally fixed the line problem for badge pickup, but the lines for panels are still long. It's also hot last weekend of May, but there's plenty of shade and a nice nearby parks. There are lots of good restaurants nearby as well.
The con is kind of spread out at nearby hotels, the con center itself, and its connecting hotels. So there is some walking, but not too bad. Shuttle lines can be long. The meetups for different shows/games are awesome and always fun for me. The masquerade is meh and I usually skip. But that's just me.
Idk about the guests much, they seem okay. There's dances and a ball, gaming, panels of course, and tons of awesome cosplay.
I do hope you have fun!

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Our group all loves AX, hut we're just super tired of the large crowds. I realize Fanime still has a lot of people but not as much as AX so we can live with that. Thanks for the tips about the area.

>> No.10152847

No prob! If AX's numbers are true, fanime is like a third? of the size. Some spots are of course crowded, but everyone is spread out enough that you aren't suffocated the whole con.

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Definitely looking forward to the convention, but I'm for sure at the jaded oldfag state. Fanime has always been a sort of reunion since I've lived away from most of my long time friends for the past decade, but I live close to all those people now so it's a bit less special seeing them. I know it will still be a great weekend but it'll be hard to feel that magic I once felt. That said it's my 10th fanime so I'm hoping I can get something real special out of it.

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I recommend oversteep (look that name up on IG). I've liked their work for a while.

>> No.10156066

Panel listings are up
And we're also a little over a month away!

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>checking reviews for the hotel I booked for fanime
>a lot of reviews mention not having not water in the hotel

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*hot water

>> No.10156524

The j-fashion show is during multiple big gatherings. Guess I'm gonna miss it, someone take photos please!

That sucks anon. Any way to boil water to make food/pour into the tub?

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Oh boy can't wait to do another shitty tv head playing anime again. This time I'll have fans in it so I don't die from heat

>> No.10156761

That's cool! If I have time I was going to try to turn a crt monitor I have into a non functional tv head. Did you follow a specific tutorial to make yours?

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Food situation is good overall. Thanks to the nearby college, there are many chain restaurants, snack places, bars, coffee shops, and a Safeway within walking distance. You might want to check out the trendy "food court" type places, of which there are two. One is called San Pedro Square, the other is called SoFA Market (don't remember what that stands for). It will be crowded, but you can count on getting good food.

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did anyone attend last year's auction?

>> No.10156901

I didn't follow any tutorials because my thing was just a box over my head with a screen cut on one side, hence the shit part. Good luck on your TV head though.

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I'll probably go for a day or two. I'm a jaded oldfag.

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How old are all the jaded oldfags out there? I'm 30 and feel like most con-goers are 12-20ish. Hard to find a group of older folks at any con, but Fanime especially.

>> No.10158621

I’m the op, I turn 28 this year. I’m also slowly turning into the spinster aunt stereotype in lolita fashion.

>> No.10158634

Eyyy I'm an oldlita. Waving my parasol at kids these days with their Kpop and polyester.

But it's nice to know there's others around my age. Feels weird when you're surrounded by kids half your age at various cons/events. Makes me just want to cosplay in my backyard where only my weird old neighbor will judge me.

I feel like at the gatherings at Fanime have a decent amount of older people. Then they mysteriously vanish.

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27. I spent the last few years reveling with a lot of the younger crowd and I sorely regret it. I just want a chill con with chill people.

>> No.10158770

Same, I just want to hang out and relax. I was on a con hiatus for years, but from 22-25 I would get stuck with a bunch of random kids. Felt like I was babysitting.

>> No.10158771

I stick out like a sore thumb when I am around other lolitas because they are so young and it makes me feel so out of place. I’m okay with being a lonelita nowadays desu. It would be nice to meet other oldfags though.

>> No.10158842

Lonelita has always been the way to go for me. But I'm not much of a people person anyway. I get bored sometimes at events, don't dress lolita at cons cause I'm cosplaying, and almost never see any in the wild. The few I have seen outside tend to actually be in their 20's or older. At events everyone seems pretty young.

Could always form the 25+ or Lolitas Who Are Old AF and Tired of Yo Shit Brigade.

>> No.10158855

I'm 22 but have been attending cons for nearly a decade now and have been cosplaying for just as long. Ngl even though I'm the average con-goer age, I feel super old and jaded because I watched as the cos comm went from fans who painstakingly crafted their costumes to a fight for internet fame. I don't fit in with the Instagram cosplayer crowd that most people who are my age are a part of and yet I'm too young to really fit in with the true oldfag crowd. It's a weird position to be in.

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been going since 2008 (15 and 10th grade)
for once this year im sticking with my usual 2 friends but i want to make new friends and meet girls as well. but fuck it all im gonna be staffing and im cosplaying as goro majima. im doing my own shit for once.

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Just moved to the west coast, does /cgl/ usually meet up for Fanime?

>> No.10159221

I started going one year before, but that's still crazy. Its been so long.
Yeah there is normally a meet up. I've never been but I have met a few other people who browse here at con and they're pretty cool

>> No.10159226

Neat. I’ve met people from /cgl/ canada and they were cool

>> No.10159471


>>10143389 here. 31. The main reason I've even been going these past few years at all was to spend a weekend with close friends and have an excuse to do weeb shit. Otherwise, the magic is long gone.

>> No.10160136

FUCK I still haven't gotten a hotel. Do people usually drop out of their reservations by now?

>> No.10160149


I remember one year where I got pulled from the waitlist about 2 weeks out from Day 1 and put into my preferred hotel. That was definitely an "exception to the rule" kinda thing, though.

I would tell you not to hold your breath if you haven't put in for a room by now, much as I hate to say it. That said, I'd still try to contact housing just for any off-chance that someone might be able to find something for you.

>> No.10160331

There might be people on the forums giving away extra rooms they have. Good luck anon.

>> No.10160365

San Jose also has a lot of really nice air bnb nearby the area. Some folks are starting to rent out their places in time for the con.

>> No.10161021

>using it as an excuse to do molly and drink with strangers

OP i feel attacked

honestly though yes i am an old-ish fag, this will be my 10th year going. My other two friends have been going just as long or longer than me.
Im stoked though because im bringing my bf this year, it will be his first con and his first time cosplaying (we are doing a group thing). I know he's going to love it so im pumped to show him around.

>> No.10161022

there are food options because san jose is a big city but you will save a lot of money if you bring your own food and limit eating out to once a day or less

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15 more days to go!

>> No.10166616

How's everyone doing? Are you ready for Fanime? I know I'm not!

>> No.10166779

Definitely not... Honestly I thought I had way more time than I did and now that finals are over I realize that Fanime is in less than two weeks and I still have two cosplays to make. If stuff doesn’t get done it’s nbd, there’s other cons, but damn if this one didn’t sneak up on me while I was buried in last semester schoolwork.

>> No.10167113

Haha it snuck up on me, too. Been busy with work and now I'm like welp... no fancy cosplay for the ball. Still working on a diff cosplay, but at least I have some older ones to fall back on.

>> No.10167117

Normie passive?

>> No.10167267

I wanted to cosplay but had a terrible breakout and now all I want to do is wear a paper bag over my head at the con

>> No.10167340

I just need to pack my lolita coordinates and some normie clothes and I’m good to go. It does take me a while to figure out what to wear so I don’t end up looking ita af

>> No.10167361

Anyone down to party or fuck?

>> No.10167368

I was very close to bailing on Fanime, but I really think (for me personally) cosplaying adds something extra to the experience. I don't want to miss out. I do hope you end up cosplaying, it's always nice to see everyone dressed up. =)

I wish I was good to go! I only have 1 day off until con, it's crunch time!

>> No.10167375

Either :)
I have a hotel room too

>> No.10167420

Good luck! I bet you’ll do great!

>> No.10167556

Second year going, pretty excited, anyone down to fuck or jack off together? I met a couple who let me fuck both of them, but they aren’t going this year unfortunately. Serious offer.

>> No.10167636


>> No.10167644

I’m down to fuck too. I’m a dude btw, gonna be in cosplay. What about you ppl?

>> No.10168007

You got a discord?

>> No.10168080

Yeah, marvel#4614

>> No.10168947

gf doesn't want to go to any cons this year but I have the weekend off and nothing to do. I was thinking about putting on some weeb clothes and doing some doordash to pick up some extra cash. Do people that go to fanime tip well?

>> No.10168952

post pics

I always tip around 15% but I know a lot of people don't bc they're trying to save money for merch, drinks, etc.

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This is me.

>> No.10169578

Are you cute and how tall are you? This will determine whether I bang you or not.

>> No.10169642

Yeah I’m Asian, 5’9”.

>> No.10169645

So that's a no on both accounts anon RIP.

>> No.10169710

Does anyone have any experience with the speed dating?

>> No.10169738


>> No.10169762

Eh if your face is cute, I’d fuck you. You have nice pecs.

>> No.10169786

Nice! You can touch my pecs all you want. :3

>> No.10169791

shitty buff Asian fuckboys stealing pale pawgs from me reeee

>> No.10169799

No fucking way, the housing is closed now? I thought people would cancel and I'd be able to get one days before. Shit, what's the best option for me now?

>> No.10169828

Drop a face pic, anon. I wanna touch your pecs.

>> No.10169832

Ok let's discuss.
Im going on a lean bulk cycle. Yes. Roids. I am 5'5, look like a boy, lean (have definition in torso and chest and back) and I can rock the most anime bowlcut/undercut ever. Give me characters to cosplay as. I have wide shoulders too. Round face but idc

>> No.10169840


>> No.10169843


>> No.10169878

Omg didn’t know my pecs were in high demand. ^_^;

>> No.10169902

Idk about other anons but guys with noticeable pecs is my fetish so...

>> No.10170019

Damn looks like I should be doing shirtless cosplays then haha

>> No.10170026


>> No.10170067

Sorry you can't get laid namefag

>> No.10170296

its okay, i dont ever get laid at cons either but i still go

>> No.10170311

Namefags are way more cringe than the faggots trying to hookup with each other

>> No.10170342

I have a gf.
I’ll beat you up if I see you at Fanime

>> No.10170345

I have a gf.
I’m sorry that wasn’t meant for you we cool

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File: 58 KB, 500x500, 1F312040-44DF-49C7-9DED-CCB4F47CA141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’d love to see you try, faggot

>> No.10170354

Alright nerd a week from now don’t pussy out

>> No.10170369

Meet me outside of the girl’s bathroom @ 7 pm

>> No.10170503
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I hope it doesn't rain during Fanime

>> No.10170719

Wait a sec. Are you a girl girl or are you a girl with a dick because I’m okay with throwing hands with one of those option

>> No.10170938


>> No.10170953

Wouldn’t mind licking my first pussy at this con if a girl is willing for it.

>> No.10170971

fuck i've been looking at that too. thankfully its clear at the latest update but a week is enough to change once more

>> No.10170995

I'm surprised that we're getting rain this late in the year. The world is definitely coming to an end.

Post pics or gtfo

>> No.10171024

A girl girl, so don’t pussy out

>> No.10171105

Yes, Will smoke you anyone out.

>> No.10171119

Ite cool, as long as you’re not a trap because traps need to be protected and loved.

>> No.10171245

I plan on bringing around $200 to pay a trap to be my date for the con

>> No.10171278
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The absolute state of this board

>> No.10171341

I usually go with my high school friends to fanime but literally nobody is going this year so I'm tryna make friends. Anyone want to hang out platonically? Under 22 please since I'm young and wanna stay safe

>> No.10171351

>men need to be protected and loved

>> No.10171362


>> No.10171366

I’m fucking lonely man

post yours

>> No.10171368

I respect both your honesty and realistic approach. God Speed, anon.

>> No.10171370

Traps and regular men are two fucking different things. Protect and love traps.

>> No.10171427


>> No.10171484

They are both men tho

>> No.10171531

It was a joke nigga you gay

>> No.10171560

Can you beat me up too?

>> No.10171612

Traps are superior

>> No.10171668
File: 2.07 MB, 445x250, 7182D634-1EF6-418F-8B25-C51DF841B425.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not unless you pay me first

>> No.10171679

Hey anon sorry you're going to miss the fashion show, but this year there is also a "trunk show" at 5pm in the Atherton room of the fairmont. They're going to be vending most of the participating brands in the show so you'll probably get to see most of the looks on the rack.

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People like this are the reason why I stopped wasting money on going to Fanime.

>> No.10171716

ehh I just don't trust some of the incelly types who come here and I've never met up with anons before :/

>> No.10171731

>Asking to hang out with people from this fucking board platonically and with the expectation of safety

I can't even tell what's ironic and what's just stupid anymore

>> No.10171750

ITT: Dumbass teenagers and Soup getting his ass beat

>> No.10171791

Nice! Thanks for letting me know about it!

>> No.10171836

how old are you?

>> No.10171863

Man, what the fuck are you stupid assholes talking about. Go to more cons. There's TONS of people in the 25-35 age groups that go to a lot of cons in this state. Maybe have more than just one childish interest and you'll meet more adults. Fucking weebs i swear.

>> No.10171919

I just turned 18 and Jesus Christ I just don't wanna get raped aight

>> No.10172089

>everyone is out to rape and kill me
back to tumblr

>> No.10172091
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I've got a double at the Marriot that some of my pals dropped out of last minute like the FLAKES they are. Thurs-Mon.

Anyone still looking for last minute convenient room for them or their pals? Email me for some DEETS

>> No.10172193

No one is kicking my ass stfu or I’ll beat you up too

>> No.10172274

Don't even go to a con, you'll probably wind up at a shitty room party with a bunch of awkward fucks and get raped within an hour

>> No.10172283

All this rain is fucking up my cosplay building process because I do most of it outside.

>> No.10172327
File: 978 KB, 244x300, tenor (12).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, but will you care if I wear my baseball team uniform and call you Coach C during?

>> No.10172440

Fanime is actually a con for rapists. It’d be better if you don’t go.

>> No.10172442

I’m going to make sure someone films me whooping your ass outside of the girl’s bathroom

>> No.10172448
File: 2.14 MB, 460x276, tumblr_inline_pbzy1y16dX1uz7t6q_540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10173115
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Finally, it's time to break out the good ol' Mega Milk shirt again.

>> No.10173333

I'd recommend LA Victoria if you like burritos, both in walking distance. Get the orange sauce. Iguanas is good too right next to La Vix!

>> No.10173334

34 here, I don't quite feel like an oldfag yet, definitely see people older than me hanging out at the con, too.

I'm mostly friends with similar aged people as me, some a little younger, so my perspective might be warped since I mostly hang out with people who are around 30. But I never felt out of place or anything.

>> No.10173671

You won’t need to find anyone for that. You’ll be catching that smoke while I record with my selfie stick. Idiot

>> No.10173774


>> No.10174397

I went to fanime as my first con last year and drove to and from on the same day since I only live about an hour away from SJ. Now i'm staying 3 days/2 nights and got an airbnb like >>10160365 said. I can do the con thing, still mingle with folks and go back to crash or quickly change as needed. One of the biggest regrets about going last year was not being able to visit the rooms of friends I had made for terribly long because I worked the next day.

>> No.10174459

/o/ here.
A handful of us are attending again this year and we have open invitation for cosplay gfs.

Jk we’re going to be there partying.

Yell if you see the fat Wario with a harem of white/asian boys.

>> No.10174461
File: 75 KB, 465x733, mako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>muscular cause gym, but not like ultra muscular, defo not andogynous(5ft9 170lbs)
>cosplaying as felix for the lols

Should I really go tryhard on the shaving/makeup and look pretty? or do I just beardmode it and play it off for laughs?

>> No.10174462

by that I mean my body is not androgynous in the least. Im a hapa so I can look pretty feminine with cos makeup and wigs in the face department tho.

but that might be too weird of a contrast, body and face

>> No.10174744
File: 1.27 MB, 5000x5000, 1548163648931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Rain on Saturday
Pack it up guys. It's over

>> No.10174772

Weather says nothing until Tuesday though?

>> No.10175153

Pretend to be a musclegirl, anon. Someone will hit on you.

>> No.10175160

why is fanime "meh"

>> No.10175170

Does anyone know what happened to the Banzai Arcade guys? I know they’ve not been active since 2015, and their videos have been deleted for quite some time.

>> No.10175172

Usually boring guests, no industry presence unlike AX or the big capeshit cons, staff drama, panels being all over the place. The big draw is the dance, but if you’re an introvert, who cares?

>> No.10175183

what do extroverts do?

>> No.10175190

drink and blast music in their hotel rooms

>> No.10175191

anyone doin that? this yr

>> No.10175200

part of the reason I'm going is to play FGs with irl folk. I've been wanting to play under night and cross tag with people now that they're having the late night game rooms. (completely unsure if that was a thing before hand)

>> No.10175494

They might have just parted ways Anon. It sucks.

>> No.10175673

the dances, especially the one Saturday night

>> No.10175716

new to this board do we have meetups

>> No.10175743

looks like rain on sunday instead of saturday

>> No.10175772

Anyone staying in the Fairmont?

>> No.10175775


>> No.10175785

Looking to hire a bodyguard. Must be 6’ + and look really intimidating. I will buy you food plus pay for your time.

>> No.10175797

I can do that. Did you expect to encounter any threats? Why?

>> No.10175815

Nah I ain’t scared of nuthin. I just thought it would be cool to pretend to be famous and have a bodyguard. You don’t have any problems with beating up girls do you? Let me make a throwaway discord when I get off work

>> No.10175818
File: 22 KB, 600x608, 14634574382345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ain't doing that shit senpai

>> No.10175830

What do you mean bruh it’s just hypothetically

>> No.10175834

anyone else excited for vidya tournaments?

>> No.10175842
File: 2.99 MB, 426x671, tumblr_ozj3nzYbUx1sk73bqo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me too! I'm excited

absolutely not. we do not do human contact. sorry anon

>> No.10175853

The staff is the worst out of all the cons I've ever attended. They're all rude as fuck and give you the wrong information or outright harass the attendees. I'd put up with that shit if Fanime had better guests or concerts like they did 5+ years ago. The Artist Alley had a slow decline into shit, too.

>> No.10175874

There is usually a cgl Meetup at every major con. Tends to be a group between 7 and 40 people depending.last one I went to for fanime was 2 years ago and only 7 people came out but the previous year there were around 30 people.

>> No.10175987
File: 307 KB, 630x420, Dudley Girls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See you all there~

Cosplayin' SFV Cody, Incineroar Gijinka, and Midoriya.

Hostin' the Monster Hunter Challenge a 2nd year. Entering Skullgirls Tournament and made a championship prize for it.

Let's get this bread, kids!

>> No.10176023

If anything, literally AA has been better than the time they forced everyone into South Tent.

I staffed PC Gaming back in 2014, right after pullout. I was lucky to have late shifts, because I always missed being dragged into shout matches between gaming and PC.

>> No.10176118

when is this? id love to meet people

>> No.10176237

Can we pickup badges Thursday? Also are they having the swap meet today and Friday still?

>> No.10176288

Yeah, they are doing it again this year

>> No.10176398

I’d like to know too. Meeting people is lots of fun.

>> No.10176410

I have never been to a con where they have official staff assholes literally lurking trying "catch" people doing small infractions just to yank their badges. I fucking HATE them for it. Last year someone got their badge yanked for staggering bc she twisted her ankle and they thought she looked "drunk". The staff are assholes trufax

>> No.10176426

Fanime staff wouldn't let me into the black and white ball for 2 years in a row because one year my skirt was about 1" above my knees and the other year, the staff member bent down and looked up my skirt and turned me away when i told them to fuck off.

>> No.10176444

Heading out soon I’ll be in my very casual reaper outfit. Let’s meet in the gaming hall at 8:30pm by the arcade games.

>> No.10176458


Meetups usually take place outside the front of the convention center on the stairs between 8 and 10 pm

>> No.10176459

Sorry forgot to mention it's usually Friday night, sometimes Saturday.

>> No.10176548

Why would you lick a cat?

>> No.10176589

You guys ok with people from other boards going to the meetup too?

>> No.10176611

Sending /o/tists with Itasha Wraps to crash the party. :^)

>> No.10176613

crossboarders always come to /cgl/ during cons and i doubt that'd change anytime soon. don't be a flaming autist and you should be fine

>> No.10176636

why is momocon 10x better than fanime

>> No.10176640

Cosplaying a dumb pun based on comments in Avengers and a certain Coen Brothers film. I wonder if all the young'uns will get who the fuck I am.

>> No.10176672

Is the joke "inside llewyn davis" but "inside thanos anus"

>> No.10176673

yanno, i wish i had thought of that
no, it's just a stupid Lebowski-Thor thing

>> No.10176680
File: 1.53 MB, 502x270, giphy(5).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only thing avengers related lebowski joke that comes to mind is spreading Donnie's ashes post snap.

>> No.10176705

what happens to the cosplay meetups? has there ever been rain this late in the year before?

>> No.10176713

any group cool enough to let quiet asian guy hang out with you

>> No.10176733


>> No.10176736

just go to the area below the trees on the left of the entrance and stand around like you're part of a group
no one will question your presence

>> No.10176751

what’s everyone doing on day 0?

>> No.10176916


>> No.10177018

Day of con. Dead thread. See you all at the souls meet up tomorrow

>> No.10177086

Just checked in and got my badge, heading to artist alley now. If you see a guy with a "day off" sweater say hai hai

>> No.10177099

In bar if anyone wants to meetup

>> No.10177103

Meetup tonight in front of convention center under white sculpture

>> No.10177105

Forgot to mention 8 pm

>> No.10177176

Idk if it's too late but which bar

>> No.10177184

Who /phoneposting from the con/ here

>> No.10177187

Do you plan on doing anything that will require tickets to the con? I’m getting my ticket tomorrow (assuming they’re not sold out)

>> No.10177188


>> No.10177214

Does artist alley feel especially cramped this year? At least before you could move. I'd find myself at full stop constantly. Couldn't even get to some tables without raising my voice to get people to wake up to their surroundings

>> No.10177229

It was very crowded. I was barely able to look at artwork.

>> No.10177231

What seems to be the most popular series in AA this year?

>> No.10177233

Anons meeting up tonight add me: fpg1541#5682

>> No.10177260

Yeah I left there a while ago
You can buy them up till 8pm, but I like to meet people. Was more focused in seeing if anyone wants to drink or party or just chat
Is this discord? If it is I'll and you

>> No.10177263

>drink or party or just chat
>Is this discord?
yup discord and right on that's what i wanted to do

>> No.10177269

who wants to smoke

>> No.10177279

>lurking the thread at work
>making myself sad, no fanime this year
I hope you are all having a good time ;_;

>> No.10177284

Mannnnn I really wanted to fuck with the league tourney here but I tried to get on one of the game pcs and the shit wouldn't even launch. No idea what it's gonna look like tomorrow, shaping up to be a shitshow desu

Did anyone have any success with the public pc games?

>> No.10177293

Anyone wanna fuck

>> No.10177294


sorry friend this is a no fuck con, if you fuck you die

if you want to die come to the ac san jose

>> No.10177295


you’re gonna need your own room for that my friend

>> No.10177317

It's the famine orgy happening again this year?

>> No.10177323

I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna snap my fingers. I gonna make endgame look like a fucking kino.

>> No.10177325

I want in do i pay to get in

>> No.10177333

Headed for the white scuplure thing in the front for the meetup

>> No.10177335

Where uall at

>> No.10177337

I'm in the white suit

>> No.10177340

I can't make it tonight, I'd be down to meet sometime tomorrow.

>> No.10177355

>tfw no cosplay gf

>> No.10177360

6 of us are in the bar now, if anyone wants to come

>> No.10177378

Hit me up. Do you got discord?

>> No.10177380


>> No.10177386

Tanq or that other one?

>> No.10177392

meetup at white scupture in front at 10? im in genderbent venom snake cosplay

>> No.10177395

How do I have sex at fanime? I'm looking for a female. I can host

>> No.10177398

Okay we will try lol

>> No.10177401

say hi if you see me!

>> No.10177402

It’s way more basic, it’s just the dumb Lebowski-Thor from Endgame, and there’s like five different ones.

>> No.10177403
File: 2.77 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190524_220024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of you are alright. Don't drink the mikujuice this fanime

>> No.10177410

Still at the front?

>> No.10177415

ye come thru

>> No.10177423

Some of you guys are not alright. Please come to fanime

>> No.10177439

how many fate cosplayers are there

>> No.10177444

can someone please give me a free fanime badge for sunday

>> No.10177454

Wher the party at?

>> No.10177464

get a job, hippie

>> No.10177466

Anyone doing anything now? Just got out of PPT karaoke and looking for stuff to do.

>> No.10177467


not trying to pay $55 dollars to walk around for 3 hours and get fuck all in return

>> No.10177468

Where the fuck are the parties

>> No.10177470

Alright this is the last time, if I dont get in some girl pussy at this fanime I'm gonna says it. Ahem. I'm gonna do it.

>> No.10177471

we can fuck or jack off together who wants to meet up

>> No.10177472

has anyone here tried to sneak in? how's the security

>> No.10177474

Fanime staff fuck off

>> No.10177479

where's all the fat jalters

>> No.10177481

any parties goin on

>> No.10177486

Anyone go to Silver Island market? I was hoping there would be more of a dealer presence but based on social media activity it sounds more like amateur artist space?

>> No.10177488

Ting ting

>> No.10177496
File: 2.33 MB, 4656x2620, 0525190123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay who let their underaged friends drink too much at the Marriott already?

>> No.10177498

Fuck tons on Saturday for the fate gathering for sure

>> No.10177513

He’s an imposter、add me lekman#2104

>> No.10177517

I'm depressed

>> No.10177527

that was a good night lads, lets make tomorrow even better

>> No.10177532

Any girls (female) want to dominate me in cos, kik xxxeggbombxx. Will be there all day sat/sun

>> No.10177533

It's mostly a second small AA but with porn. There is a doujinshi booth in the back though.

>> No.10177607

I got the hotel room to myself for a while. Any girls into muscular Asian dudes wanna come by and have sex? I got condoms.

>> No.10177620

why the hell aren't saturday tickets available yet

>> No.10177632

Were the Fairmont hotel workers pretesting yesterday also?

>> No.10177679

Anyone try that wild bills soda? Is it worth it?

>> No.10177683

who still uses jelly sex bracelets still?
im down to hook up with a girl but i work in the evening so it has to be in the afternoon lol

>> No.10177693


>> No.10177703

Any girls want to earn $400? Come to the Fairmont, room 911.

>> No.10177707

Cool what’s your kik or discord?

>> No.10177716 [DELETED] 

first of all i dont think a young girl can or will get raped by a much older man, i think it only happens when he or a she forces themselves on another without consent or she says no, a young girl may give consent to an older guy she finds attractive.

rape can happen no matter the age of the two, a girl can get raped from a guy her same age or he is younger, or by a girl.

so if a young girl likes a much older guy and he is respectful and she gives consent then its not rape, but can be very beautiful :)

>> No.10177725

How would I do that? You still there?

>> No.10177732

You sound like you just hit puberty.

>> No.10177748

Very low T dance. Dude had epic games store malware mining bitcoin and his tracks kept hanging beats, should have yielded to the next DJ. Hip hop was ok, but I come for weeb shit, am I wrong? Is it about raving with weebs no matter the genre? Felt bad for the DJs in the small room. Even with all my bitching, I'm not gonna not dance. See ya'll tonight.

>> No.10177758 [DELETED] 

Got $60 for a blowjob

>> No.10177769

English please

>> No.10177770

What are some good restaurants near the con?

>> No.10177772

What kinda food you looking for

>> No.10177778

lol tell me how is it like having hair grow out of your ass? must feel like having poo stuck outside your butthole till you take a shower and have to pluck it

>> No.10177782

It's why showering after shit is god tier and opposite order is grounds for going back to bed and trying again tomorrow

>> No.10177805

It feels fairly eclectic this year. Hero Academia and Overwatch are always constants but some newer stuff like Girls Frontline is popping up. Also everyone has at least one Bowsette piece

>> No.10177823

I won rock paper scissors and get to meet the guests tomorrow. Please give advice on how not to spill my spaghetti.

>> No.10177829

To the guy who hosted last night, I left that gundam kit in the room. Think I could get it back?

>> No.10177830

Jack off, two shots-one normal rub other in armpits, and don't eat dairy today. Who are the guests.

>> No.10177838
File: 95 KB, 297x562, 1553703005402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've recently decided to live my life as a salaryman. I'm looking to hookup with some qts if you got a discord please drop it. One night stands only unless I break your mind

>> No.10177900

Just got back from beating up that anon in front of the girl’s bathroom. Don’t mess with me

>> No.10177922

I was at speed dating and talked to a cop who was partaking in it. Plain clothes con goer cop what the fuck. I could tell because of the way she asked me questions and was stern as fuck.

>> No.10177924

Three minutes until my Uber comes. Just finished the Lolita fashion show (it was amazing). Any reason to stay for the day?

>> No.10177987

What is it like in the maid cafe? And any girls on herw looking for guys. You kind of have to approach a guy nowadays, touch his arm, ask for his number. Cause guys dont want to be slapped with a harrashment claim or be called a creep, yo.

Going around the con approaching cute girls but like i want to be friends first, let them get to know me and if they are down do more later ^_^

Btw not in a creepy forceful way though

>> No.10177988

So does the dance suck or not suck? Asking for a friend

>> No.10177989

Meetup tonight 10pm?

>> No.10177990

How awful was the Aya Hirano panel today?

>> No.10178001

Where at

>> No.10178002


Under white structure in the front of the con

>> No.10178023

Just got home and realized I lost my badge. Thanks san jose lightrail. Woo...

>> No.10178040

Curious, any freaky girl would like to hang out with a semi good looking guy? Whos only at todays con for a few more minutes ^_^

If so, jelly bracelets :3

>> No.10178088

whoops missed both tournaments I wanted to enter today

>> No.10178134

im down.

>> No.10178180

You’re a lying sack of shit, unless you beat up some other random girl, that wasn’t me dumbass

>> No.10178246

We'll be there. I'm in beige slacks and a maroon button up

>> No.10178248

If you are reading this...do not bother with Night Market. I mean I was not expecting much but pretty laughable. Some of the tables were not even lewd. And the sole doujinshi table was 100% yaoi. Meh!

>> No.10178253

I hear that there’s a party room on floor 19 of the Fairmont . Any word on that? Still figuring shit out.

>> No.10178267

I'd say BNHA especially, Fate, Fire Emblem, Overwatch. Popular but to a lesser degree: Mob Psycho, MDZS, Fruits Basket, Houseki no Kuni, Granblue Fantasy, JJBA.
That's only counting stuff that I actually recognized though.

Tbh I was a bit bored, there were really good artists there but nothing for the fandom I wanted.

>> No.10178273

What are your fandoms? I think the tables were 80%,bnha 10% cute girly things 5%overwatch 4%random old school stuff 1% non popular anime stuff (like personal art or Superman comic book stuff)

>> No.10178277

Any parties?

>> No.10178283

>>10178277 i have not investigated floor nineteen but if anyone's for a party, I've got alc

>> No.10178295

Where you at

>> No.10178296


>> No.10178297

>Houseki no Kuni
>Fruits Basket

Seems legit

>80% BNHA
Fuck, I hope that means that AX's AA won't be like last year. That shit was ridiculous

>> No.10178298

Was at Fairmont now I'm going to Meetup at front of con under white structure

>> No.10178299

On at the sculpture in an A's hat. Did you guys leave already?

>> No.10178300

Still gon be there at 11?

>> No.10178301

Same anon here, I forgot to mention Golden Kamuy, magical girls in general in midtier, as well as BTS, Voltron, YOI. Though latter two seemed more like artists bringing old stuff that they haven't sold out of yet rather than making new stuff.

Was looking for Resident Evil stuff but nada.
I also keep an eye out for Ace Attorney (mostly DGS), which there was a bit, thankfully.
There's one artist booth in Dealer's with some RE2 pins but I wasn't feeling them.

>> No.10178305

Welp, that's a bummer since I'm not into BNHA at all. Pleasantly surprised about Fruits Basket and Golden Kamuy though. At least now I kinda know what to expect in AX's AA now. Thanks Anon

>> No.10178327

got fucking cucked out my cosplay gf tonight bros

>> No.10178330

Looking for hookup and man looking for other guys to play with at fanime or Marriott

>> No.10178332

Don't you hate that feeling, the stomach feeling that lasts that long.

>> No.10178333

Edgy dude?

>> No.10178343


>> No.10178347

How's the gaming hall?
Are the arcade machines free of use like last year?

>> No.10178349

they free yeah

>> No.10178351

Been looking senpai, not looking good for tonight.

>> No.10178356

wanna start our own ;)

>> No.10178357

Where at?

>> No.10178360

fairmont half price drinks

>> No.10178364

you got a room?

>> No.10178367

I think I saw you today.... That must be heavy AF

>> No.10178368

got weed if you got a room ;)

>> No.10178372

Anybody have a solution or hookups to get my facial hair white? I'm old. Cosplaying old Dante.... Because I'm old...

>> No.10178375

I’m a dude at the marriott, what did you wanna do?

>> No.10178376

Girls out?

>> No.10178380


tried to sneak in solo today and was successful.

fuck ya'll and paying $55 to get in.

>> No.10178382

I do but not for parties. Small kickbacks are ok

>> No.10178391

You got a room. I got favors.

>> No.10178398

Any over sexualized costumes this year

Any wardrobe malfunctions?

>> No.10178406

>fucking people you don't know
>not making friends

Fucking 2019 4chan.

>> No.10178408

wanna do that

>> No.10178413


>> No.10178414

the meetup tonight was something.

>> No.10178415

Who were you?

>> No.10178420
File: 7 KB, 238x212, download (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10178422

bra and scarf chick lmao

>> No.10178425

is it cool to stair a cosplay girls with their huge boobs popping out because man, those were sweet! taking glances while sitting near the entrance of the convention center. sucks i couldn't walk up to one and suck on her tits ;(

>> No.10178427

Most of em are fake and rubber, sorry yo break it to you

>> No.10178429

any girl looking for some fun with a guy at the con?

>> No.10178430

noooo... not even silicon? they wear removable boobies??? D:

>> No.10178440

First time up here for fanime, place is a nightmare, not the con but everything around San Jose at least for me.

>> No.10178441


>> No.10178446

I got a room, whats your discord?

>> No.10178447

im a chick

>> No.10178448

Where ya at? We can meet up.

>> No.10178449

I got a room where would you like to meet?

>> No.10178493

How security heavy is the con? Can I sneak in with last year's weekend pass?
Easy ways to get in?

>> No.10178561
File: 1.60 MB, 3088x2320, AC2FD03A-039E-4EE7-A937-77135C533C56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spidey got the hotel room all to himself at the Marriott all of this morning. Any girls wanna come by and touch my body?

>> No.10178562

Security is light past the main entrance but last year’s badge has wildly different art than this year’s. I doubt you’ll be able to sneak in.

>> No.10178571
File: 72 KB, 700x896, 0_b8hougnvgdx21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This convention is so bad I don't want to go anymore.

>> No.10178576

How? Seems fine to me senpai

>> No.10178584

If he had a scan of another badge he could totally get in with that printed out on top of his old badge

>> No.10178602

The panels are poopie.

>> No.10178609

Well it was a literal retard so I thought it was safe to assume it was you. I did martial arts for a few weeks when I was five and there’s this ancient saying in kung fu “the early bird takes the worm” so I snuck up on her and threw a right punch. It landed right on her nose. And just as she fell out of her wheelchair I kicked her right in the stomach. I ran away before staff came so I don’t know if she’s dead or not. I bet after hearing my story you’re too scared to fight me now and it’s okay because if I was you I would be too. Just bow down three times and call me grandpa and I’ll let you off.

>> No.10178639

Anyone wanna hookup? I'm kinda binded to the freemont looking for some fun!

>> No.10178641

Are you looking for a guy or girl?

>> No.10178643

Half the questions were predetermined. The other half were your usual tripe, but the the opening fan question was of some autist asking about the trans character in Catherine. When that happened, half the audience cringed, the other half was dead silent. Then the autist was asked to change his question, so he just asked stupid shit about Persona. He was asked to repeat himself because he was spilling spaghetti, so he then asked an entirely different Persona question. What a tone fucking setter.

>> No.10178653

anyone have anything planned tonight?

>> No.10178658

Nobody had the guts to ask how she felt about bassists? Damn.

>> No.10178664

Yeah, fucking your cosplay gf and mom. I'm double dicking

>> No.10178667

Im a dude looking for a chick to hang out with, do anything you wanna do, but leaning more to cuddles n making out at most (and if we are attracted to each other) i got to go to work at 5:30 so i dont think ill have enough time for ahook up. Youll see me with a turtle t and... Jelly bracelets lol

>> No.10178676

I'm looking for females. I'm not too into guys, sorry! If anyone would like to talk and possibly hookup I'm Salaryman#5922

>> No.10178692

So to that girl that came up and got pay $340 for sucking my dick and letting me feel those tits, I really enjoyed it. If any girls want some money, will pay $300 for sucking my dick, and if you want to all the way, I will pay more. Room is at the Fairmont btw.

>> No.10178696
File: 160 KB, 850x603, __original_drawn_by_harahachibu_ajinosuke__sample-f5dfdb2938a1259f59777e19aa587a18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll top this if you're asian I'll drop 500 if you wanna suck my dick. Just add me here >>10178676
I'm a fat, old bastard with hair everywhere. I keep fairly clean and only wear button ups and suits. This is just a warning in advance

>> No.10178701

What happens at the maid cafe? I want to check it out but a little concious as to how it will look if a single guy went alone. Sex positive, not a perv lol

>> No.10178707

I can get a hotel quickly but dont think getting a room for the weekend would be smart if i dont meet a girl, and what if she has her own room?

Im down to pay a girl to hang out with, and if we do more ill let her decide :)

>> No.10178713


you guys are fucking losers, I hit for free last night

>> No.10178717

Nice how did you meet her?

>> No.10178720

looking for qt girl to hang with msg me Answol#9427

>> No.10178723

Good job, guy. I like making competition myself. I normally don't pay but you know he's throwing cash so it made me feel a bit generous. You should just work on your personality for ez free fucks. I hooked up with this kizuna ai the other night. It was wild

>> No.10178736

Stay in the bubble. Don't stray off if you're not from the bay and/or used to the "elements".

>> No.10178760

went with a friend, not really worth it. You sit at a table and play car/board games with your maid and just talk here and there. You get some food I think before or after you get sat down and then take a picture with all the maids before you leave

>> No.10178770

The Japanese VA's said they liked my side burns so overall pretty good con.

>> No.10178828

Same. Shitty panels, didn't meet as many people as I wanted this year. Such is life at fanime I suppose.

>> No.10178830

Oh geez. Reminds me of when one of the the first fan questions in Ai Nonaka's panel was a fucking marriage proposal. Also
>Aya Hirano
What the fuck? I thought she didn't do anything related to Persona

>> No.10178841

I dropped Fanime in favor of just focusing on AX back in 2016 since it was a huge struggle finding anything to do at the con. There weren't anything worth buying and any panels worth attending. I'm already from the bay so I can just explore downtown SJ any time outside of con time. Kinda sad that Fanime hasn't gotten much better though. Maybe CRX is decent?

>> No.10178843

This year has been slow, less attendances. If it keep going like this fanime could be dead and back to its normal usual con.

>> No.10178859

Well, she has another Q&A panel at 4. Wonder what shenanigans will happen there

>> No.10178921

Nearly the entire thread has been trying to get hookups and prostitution proposals.
There isn’t shit to do at fanime except “drink/ fuck in a hotel room”
It sucks because I remember there being amazing concerts, panels and screenings.
It’s just fucking sad dude.

>> No.10178937

>Flow came twice
>Home Made Kazoku
>Magikarp panel
>Banzai Arcade
I miss when Fanime wasn't so shit

>> No.10178945

Super Epic Fun Time is kinda sorta Banzai Arcade’s replacement.

>> No.10178948
File: 1.55 MB, 2267x1263, 20190526_164219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>more cops at the Fairmont
The fuck you fags do this time

>> No.10178949

CRX is solid, but it dies pretty quickly in the afternoon. The lack of fan panels after the first con sucks.

>> No.10178953

I’d honestly be going to Phoenix Fan Fusion if money and tech contracts weren’t so ass. I’d take Jeff Goldblum and desert heat every day.

>> No.10178955

Isn’t this the norm? I’ve heard of cops raiding the Fairmont since 2012

>> No.10178991
File: 4 KB, 211x238, christcuck npc desert manual.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek. I was looking to see if anyone had streamed since I didn't go this year, and this was the first thing I found.

>> No.10178995

glad to see that some things will never change

>> No.10179002


This. Underage drinking busts, most likely.

>> No.10179005
File: 97 KB, 680x960, IMG_20190526_153328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last day to hookup would be tonight. If anyone wants to hookup please hit.me up on my Discord Salaryman#5922

>> No.10179016


NightCon may be Fanime's only saving grace. Not even referring to Silver Island, either. Nerds turning up when the sun goes down is part of this con's unspoken character now. People will just grind on each other in the courtyard if a DJ is there.

>> No.10179050

Yeah. Good party atmosphere, and no other con in the area has such a party scene - closest thing was that rave at CRX and MST3K/bad scifi/Rocky Horror from SFCC and SVCC/Big Wow. I don’t know why CRX hasn’t utterly smashed Fanime numbers - besides Sac-Anime and Dragoncon, obviously.

>> No.10179053

It's still new and it's in the fall. Fanime gets first crack at people's money in May and by the time September rolls around they're either poor or in school

>> No.10179063

I would think that Fanime being 24 hour would help with its party scene. Haven't gone in years to know though

>> No.10179065

I think the draw was only temporary and people have since realized that ALA and AX are the superior California cons. Plus Fanime is pretty much a one day con with most of the panels and events happening on Saturday. I've been at the con since Friday and have had zero motivation to do anything other than hang out with friends in our rooms since we've already all been to dealer's, AA, and any events that we were interested in.

>> No.10179133
File: 39 KB, 468x676, 1558245458771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

monhun best performance lol
>that automata performance

>> No.10179149

Well, I did say the guy was spilling spaghetti. He seemed to be conflating Catherine with Persona.

Yeah, pretty much.

Shit, man, I missed the masque! How good/bad was it?

>> No.10179156
File: 2.14 MB, 4032x2268, 20190526_204111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm new to cons, this is my 4th, but I thought it was awesome

>> No.10179157

Im going to get drinks at the Fairmont bar. If anyone wants to join, you are welcome to do so.

>> No.10179158

I'm at the fairmont as we speak. Who are you?

>> No.10179160

Asian guy who is about to say good night to his 10th year of Fanime.

>> No.10179162

heading to the bar at 9:00pm.

>> No.10179170

I don't see you anywhere I'm wearing the pinstriped shirt

>> No.10179172

How do you look aside from asian?

>> No.10179182

Any girls into muscled Asian guys wanna drop by my room tonight at the Marriott and touch my pecs and muscles?

>> No.10179183

Any if you still here? Day Off sweater guy again and don't see you all.

>> No.10179184

anyone know if the dancefloor is gonna get more people later? there was a few people dancing, but there were less people than CRX Sunday night

>> No.10179186

What is day off sweater? I'm coming back around.

>> No.10179190
File: 1.07 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20190526_214632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10179194

Meet me by the silent echo chambers.

>> No.10179197

What is that? We're drinking in the center of the bar area, around the circle.

>> No.10179198

I think I'm at the wrong bar for Fairmont. I'm at the lobby bar

>> No.10179227

Only one (and my own). Some dude went “akshually” when his question wasn’t answered “correctly”, and then I was the TMZ reject asking about bad trends in anime.

Dude, if you’re reading this - trust me, especially with people who need translators, you will never exactly get the answer you want. Just be polite and thank them. Keep the line moving.

>> No.10179229

Worst smelling room this year was the artist hall. I was expecting it to be the film rooms. Lost that bet.

>> No.10179269

nevermind its packed now

>> No.10179297
File: 20 KB, 263x250, 1544146724634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't wait for my scoliosis diagnosis next week lads. No amount of fans will fix that shit.

>> No.10179298

Anyone know what time checkout at the Marriott is? Can’t find any info online. I’m assuming 12?

>> No.10179315

Just call and ask front desk. It’s usually 11/12 PM. You can ask for an extension if needed, but it’s nit guaranteed.

>> No.10179321

why wish for fanime to be like it was?

why not make Fanime great again?

>> No.10179323


>> No.10179328

didnt get laid, but met some wonderfully nice and quirky new female friends so that was awesome :) couldnt do more as i had other things in the evening but thats ok, there is always next year and who knows what will happen in 365 days

really wish i could have spent more time with the social anxiety girl, would have been great to help her build up her confidence

>> No.10179407
File: 1.38 MB, 3088x2320, 16C365DA-CE34-484A-A8AC-2E24C1995955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well it’s the last morning before I have to check out at the Marriott at noon. As tradition I’m inviting a bunch of peeps to come over to my room and watch me jerk off. The more the merrier. If interested join my discord group: https://discord.gg/4srq8M

>> No.10179535
File: 3.89 MB, 4656x3492, 20190522_142107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was the best fanime I ever had. Thank you for coming, I really appreciate all the kindness I saw and all the good memories shared

>> No.10179573

best fanime so far. con security asked me to leave last night.

>> No.10179608

At cons i believe its really easy for girls to get laid by any guy she wants (usually in general) but the social stigma against women pursuing sex is still prevalent today kept alive by incels, trolls and people who want to keep women down, aka rats of the old ways.

That and men who play girls into sex but who dont value women, nor treat them right and well and even dangerous men.

To combat this i suggest that men interested in sex wear a sign thst indicates their desire for sex, a subtle Accessory, like jelly bracelets (its color coded lol ) or spades as it looks like a dick going up a butt lol

And girls wear a mask or something that covers the eyes as that makes it hard to identify them ( and they can argue that they didnt know, its just part of costume

The guys hang out at a usual spot at the same time every year (like the entrance at 5:30 pm, entrance) and the girls look for guys with those signs of sexual interest, and say or ask random things like i love that thing you have or bought. Or where is this? And that way you can get to know him a little first

Its up to the girl to keep things going because if the guy is making the moves he may be mistaken of a girls interest or a white knight may come to break it up

Sex is a fun, beautiful, empowering thing that if done with the right person will make you happy, feel loved and even heal a broken heart, give you confidence

Spread love not hate :)

(Personally i choose jelly bracelets lol if you even see me, i would love to meet you, you really cant go wrong with me, unless you are mean lol)

>> No.10179611

Met a cute girl who was with mutual friends last night. We all played a tabletop game together, but was too beta to talk to her very much. Oh, well.

>> No.10179614

Oh! Who touched me? And oh! Yeah forgot to include in my epic oddessy of a post, if you are shy, nervous or have social anxiety, (little scared of guys or sex stuff) know that i will be super happy to hang out with you, ill respect and value your feelings and wishes and ill never push you to do anything, but i will let you know its available to you :) i want to give you an awesome time so thst maybe you'll like to hang out and that would be a wish come through :)

>> No.10179619

Women are people, buddy. They'll happily proposition guys they actually like. No system of secret codes is gonna make random women fuck you. Talk to them like human beings and make friends. Sex isn't the most important thing in the world.
This fucking thread this year, man...

>> No.10179621


Prime example of what I was getting at when i said >>10143389

>> No.10179625

Hey! With Fanime closing I just wanted to thank Abe and everyone who came to chill last night. It was a hoot hanging with you.

>> No.10179634

Go fuck yourself boy, go cry masturbate like you always do you incel loser.

Wow you are pretty pathetic to imply that based on your twisted perception on reality, desperate to make others believe that.

I do have sex, even when there are no conventions and this year i made some new female friends,

You dont give a fuck, you dont see them as human beings otherwise you would empathize with them

You are a fucking joke, and your fuckboy incel life makes me laugh

Lmao, dam beta male, relax boy.

>> No.10179637

That was so much fun man, thanks for coming out.

>> No.10179655

I hope to see you guys again in the future! Honestly, I felt so stressed the entire con cause my leg and everything but that little hangout was my highlight. It meant a lot!

>> No.10179684

Tbh if it wasn’t for me being totally ignorant of all the Memorial Day cons and not saving, I’d have taken my ass to one of the capeshit cons. I’m not a party dude and I find more and more that i like western crap.

>> No.10179878

When do Fanime badges generally go on sale for the next year?

>> No.10179893

Thing is those are both socal cons

>> No.10179896


>> No.10179905

There was only one year where CWF and Banzai Arcade were both at fanime. BA was a different era and fuck I miss that panel so much.

>> No.10179915

I'm not even a guy lol. Jesus christ, no wonder women run from you. Smiley emotes to "fuck yourself beta incel" in one reply.

>> No.10179941

Sadly never been. I wanted to give CWF a try last AX but the line capped before I even had the chance to line up.
The last time I remember even seeing BA was day 4 of AX16. They were giving away expensive merch like figs and BD's to participants though. I don't want to think that doing so was kind of a sendoff but it's already been so long since the last BA. I miss BA so much too

>> No.10179954

you gotta line up for cwf at least 30-40 minutes early, but it's worth it

>> No.10179957

I think I tried coming an hour before and the line was already capped. Iirc, it was because AX gave them a really small room for some reason. Hopefully this year it'll work out better

>> No.10179995

did anybody get pics of the orgy

>> No.10180006

Anyone still at Fanime can come to doubletree and hangout? I can host, pay money for service.

>> No.10180085

Where can I find photos from the cosplay gatherings?

>> No.10180170


typically about two/three weeks into january. i prereg'd at the earliest time and the weekend was $65.

>> No.10180305

no you are a guy pretending to be a girl, not yet realizing you are a transvestite in denial

>> No.10180316

CWF at fanime is in the largest room so and as such it's easier to get in

>> No.10180366

i think they stop doing orgies as guys were creeping girls and people dont bring their std test sheet.

>> No.10180368

how much for a 1 bed room next to the con for the whole weekend? if there are any vacant rooms during the con then thats a waste, ill get me a room, as long as it does make it harder for out of city people to attend the con :)

>> No.10180412


This adds a nice aging pedo touch to each post

>> No.10181020

Rate Fanime 2019 from 0 - 10 overall

>> No.10181027


>> No.10181089

Biggest regret of con is not inviting a huge chested cosplayer back to my room. We talked for an hour easy waiting in line for food in the exhibit hall, but I was too beta to seal the deal.

>> No.10181118

damn, what a bummer

>> No.10181190

I had a lot of fun this year

>> No.10181346

Same senpai
I will definitely plan another trip to Fanime next year

>> No.10181359


>> No.10181367

5 as well. Maybe I’m getting too old for this shit.

>> No.10181377

Honestly like an 8. Made a lot of friends saw some cool stuff wore cosplay. Only thing that sucked is that con was like SURPRISINGLY smelly this year. Obviously there’s con funk every year but omg artist ally, gaming hall, as THE SHUTTLES??? It all smelled like overweight neckbeard

>> No.10181380

Did anyone hear about the silver island issue??

Context, silver island is fanimes after dark 18+ scheduling. Apparently the same guy kept failing the hand check in the hentai panels so they kept shutting the whole thing down.

>> No.10181400


i honestly still can't put my finger on what it is about fanime that has changed it in a lot of people's eyes (myself included) over the past 3-4 years. could be me being an oldfag, could be something about the con itself. who knows?

>failing the hand check

sounds like a meme. someone probably kept sticking their phone up despite the thousands of warnings from signs and staff to not do that. they kicked everyone out of the h-room and shut the whole damn thing down for a night 2 years ago for that very reason. i didn't see who did it, but the crowd was shouting the dude down while everyone was marching out

>> No.10181413 [DELETED] 

>>1018041you think a lot of pedo thoughts don't cha huh champ? i think you need to turn yourself in before you destroy someone's life

>> No.10181417


sounds like you think a lot of pedo thoughts, no way was the post you refer to is pedo in anyway

fucking trolls, you shits are pathetic

>> No.10181594

What is the reasoning behind not being able to have your phone out/record the hentai screenings?
Are the hand checks to make sure you're not fapping?

>> No.10181615

If any of ya'll are out there, thanks for playing me in Virtual On in the game room. Damn I forgot how fun that game is.

>> No.10181717

Legal reasons for recording
And for hand stuff yeah, to check for fapping. They’ll say hand check you’ll all stick up your hands and they’ll use a blacklight to check!

>> No.10181834

Did anyone see the my hero gathering ?? Jesus it was like 2012 homestuck gatherings all over again half the fucking convention was there

>> No.10182151

How do you make friends at Fanime without seeming like a creep?

>> No.10182165

If your the guy I lost to 48 games in a row

You're welcome. That game was a blast.

>> No.10182262

New blood, probably. I was going over old Masq skits from 2011-2013 and a lot of the folks with channels just stopped. Banzai Arcade’s gone. I noticed a lot of the folks who showed up in regular capeshit cosplay no longer go.

>> No.10182265
File: 931 KB, 2048x1536, 6EFDB38D-5E81-480B-BD9A-1E48DD510B4D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep. I was there cosplaying. It was a nightmare being sardined between so many people.

>> No.10182381

A lot of good, some bad and no ugly moments.

Definitely going next year.

>> No.10182676

Con activities.
When I still went I went to the dancing classes for the ball and made a lot of friends, if they still do that.

>> No.10182816

They partner with a legit distributor for the hentai rooms so they have to be extra strict about preventing piracy to keep them happy.

>> No.10182900

It was fucking ridiculous. Needed better people running it, they didn't even have a megaphone to keep shit in order.

>> No.10183058

Is it fair to say that Fanime is mainstream now? I don't mean in the convention circuit, necessarily; I mean as far as people in The Bay are concerned, people who aren't weebs are actually somewhat informed about what it is and what people do there, almost to the point where they want to check it out themselves. I took an Uber to/from lunch on Saturday and my driver brought up the idea that it reminded her of Exotic Erotic Ball (of all things.) If Fanime is indeed "mainstream," do you think that has anything to do with the direction the con's atomsphere has taken in recent years?

>> No.10183847

Mainstream in the sense that now people know it's a thing. 8 years ago a can driver thought it was done pride event, so more recognition is a good thing in my eyes. I'm general anime had also become more mainstream so it's not necessarily Fanime that is attracting this new crowd of people.

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