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Princess Doll released a new print after 500 years

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did anyone notice kera shop closed down 2 months ago

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Yeah, just when I had just found some things I wanted to buy. Went back to check my bookmarks and was sad.

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It was discussed many threads ago.

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That dress is gorgeous but styling it looks hard.

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maybe you should take that as a sign you're not good at styling

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this looks like shit.

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I think it would look cute for a more western romantic goth/renaissance outfit, the styling here is just bad.

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wow you guys have 0 imagination

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This op isn't that hard to coord actually. Kera styled it badly though, wtf were they thinking.

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I think the stylist had 0 imagination. I get that the emphasis is most likely on the dress, but the styling is so ugly, which is what I was going for when I said it looks like shit. How boring and plain, literally no creativity to throw on some fishnets and shoes that don't really match the styling very well.

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Okayy so post one picture where it styled well then

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Look for it yourself, retard.

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This isn't Moitie, it's a replica. Moitie died in 2016.

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Real goths buy dead brand

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You realize you just come off looking like someone who can't actually come up with anything when you resort to insults and the typical "im not gunna spoonfeeds!!!" bullshit.

I'm not even who you replied to. I just think you're a weak minded bitch.

I think it would look good with a small corset belt to define the waist more.
Also adding more of that light blue with accessories.

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Similar simple aesthetic, but she brought in some blues and it works. Also, I prefer her shoes because they aren’t as sweet.

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But it's silver irl, not blue...

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no its not dumdum

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Did anyone manage to get anything in Haenuli's discounted sales? Have you heard anything back about shipping times?

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This is a closeup of the ribbon. It’s definitely blue with a shiny thread throughout the ribbon, looking silvery based on lighting. Her choosing a blue grey wig to play on the silvery tones of the blue, but the ribbon is definitely blue.

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I didn't know it's a different colour from the original

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Ok there peacock feather

It may have come in other colors but the OG was definitely blue

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Do you think
was re-selling this
Both are missing the waist-tie

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Good on her if so, that’s one hell of a profit

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Does ANYONE at all have Confession of an American Lolita (by Lilly Higgs/Lillian Higgens) saved? I can only find two or three pages,the website 404'd,you can't see the images on the wayback machine,the EGL link and other links are broken too.

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Yes she is. This sold very recently and it wouldn't be the first time she's doing it.

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Fucking thank you anon, I've been searching it and posting about it for years too.

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Holy shit, I thought I mandela effected this for the longest time. It was real? Did it ever have an ending? I only remember up to the part where she wears a stupid cake hat and cgl hates it

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No. Stopped without a word. I checked for months and then one day it was just gone. Everything

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anon are you retarded? moitie isnt dead, they just sell home goods now

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So it's goth ikea now?

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No, IKEA has reasonable prices

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Has anyone posted new tulle scans already?

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So goth pottery barn then

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It looks like it may have been published in the 2008 SCAD Shojo Phonebook. If I buy a copy and scan it would other people be interested in reading?

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I haven't seen Tulle scans of the first 4 volumes

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Is Alyssiumbaby a reseller/scalper?

>> No.10137050

Oh anon, that'd be awesome. I just ordered a copy myself, I didn't realise it was printed somewhere!! Thank you for letting me know!

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GemGem brought the hospitality doll bag that was up on Lacemarket. What's the betting she's going to scalp it at a later date?

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>moitie isnt dead, they just sell home goods now

this is the quality content I come here for

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that's sad

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Fu k I wanted that bag so bad

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This will be hard to scalp, the best part - the backpack straps - are missing.

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She's known for overpricing her things but I never heard anyone call her a scalper.

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>the best part - the backpack straps - are missing.

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I would appreciate that!

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She probably might keep it.

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Cool. I live in the UK so it may be a while before I can provide scans but I'll put in an order for one tonight

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Anyone order from Bunny House before? Some of their blouses look cute but I'm skeptical of ordering off of Etsy as I've had some bad experiences.

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this art is fucking disgusting

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I thought bunny house had a fairly good rep? I'm sure gulls will tell me if i'm wrong. Either way, excited that they've setup an etsy store so us non-facebook humanoids can get a look in.

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I heard their pettis were really good but haven't heard a ton about their blouses, thank you for the reassurance. :^>

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What material does the bell petticoat look like to you guys? I am no very knowledgeable but I would like voile and not tulle, something softer and longer lasting than my other petti

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Thank you, anon!

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But not badly enough to buy it?

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It was only a 215 BIN why didn’t you if you wanted it so bad?

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It says organza in the product description anon...

>> No.10137451

All i remember about bunny house is her trying to upsell bodyline that was available on the website, getting called out for it, then throwing a shit fit after being called out.

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Thank you. Maybe it's since I'm on mobile but I couldn't see it

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I just ordered it, I might post scans.

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I heard decent things about melikestea petticoats over the year and decided to order from them. Ordered one MTO petti on the 2nd of this month and they said it’d only take 15 business days but still no update. Are they normally this off with the time estimate or should I contact them?

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Thank you very much anon!

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So having had to teach idiots what "bloomers" are, can we agree that they are historical undergarments and not things to cover up modern catholic school girls' underwear in the past 50 years? Bloomers do NOT need panties underneath unless you're maybe on your period and don't use tampons. They're historically underwear and should be washed and worn as such.

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Lolita is not a historical costume, try harder with your bait next time

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When will Lacemarket have a WTB or WTT option

>> No.10137643

You can put it in the title retard

>> No.10137644

You can't stop people from trying to buy your WTB or WTT and then leaving you negative feedback

>> No.10137645 [DELETED] 

are you retarded? Do you think we're meant to be wearing 2 pairs of underwear for no reason? Or do you not know what bloomers are?

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You can leave negative feedback if they don’t read your listing dumbass. Mods will side with you if the buyer is clearly in the wrong

>> No.10137661

I believe my own experience over you

>> No.10137667

>price item super high
>list as WTT

It’s not that hard unless you’re retarded

>> No.10137671

Does that work? I've never seen a wtb on lacemarket. Do people actually look through sales to see if one of them is a wtb? When I see something I own I just scroll past it without paying attention to the title.

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dial down your fucking autism anon

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I'd send her a note. It's only one person and I believe she's in university, so she might have fallen behind a bit. Totally worth the wait, though...my Cotton Candies in voile are still really comfy and poofy after two years.

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Ew you are disgusting ofc you wear your underwear under your bloomers its 2019 you idiot.

>> No.10137707

Fuck bloomers.

>> No.10137724

Ew, youre god damned nasty. You know damn well that your period isnt the only time theres any discharge. (Though not tuna melt-chan levels, hopefully)
Bloomers are no where near as thick as they were historically nor as thick as normal panties and should not be replaced as such. Theyre normally just a singler layer of light cotton with no inner lining at the crotch. Because they exist solely for aesthetic purposes.
Wear some god damned panties.

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Dreaming Drop released an OP. Price is 16200 yen. It comes in white, ivory and black.

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You can autistically screech about this and we'll just nod and continue to wear fitted underpants, with pantyliners even, if we so prefer, you weirdo.

>meant to
You can't tell what we're wearing under our bloomers because none of us will ever have sex with you, so why do you care? Be sure to not wear a contemporary bra because they're not historically accurate either, and no shoes with rubber soles or teaparties out of pleather because pleather didn't exist. And no tights or otks with nylon because that didn't exist either. And lay off the contemporary make up and nail polish while you're at it, and if you show up with a synthetic wig we'll autistically screech at you in return while snatching it off your head.

>> No.10137783

Yes bloomers were undergarments to be worn by themselves but you're trying equate their historic use with their modern day use - those two things just aren't the same, the way we wear and use garments changes over time.

If I was dressing in historical fashion and wanted to be "historically correct" sure maybe I'd wear bloomers on their own, but I'm not I'm wearing jfashion. Plus 1. Who's going to know? 2. Who gives a shit? It's not like we're going around comparing each others bloomers...

>> No.10137813

You can prevent it by putting the price astronomically high and putting trade only in the title

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File: 94 KB, 413x572, 9F860827-9D41-4ACD-9752-5AA22A47A523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to see it coordinated with traditional finnish kalotti hat

>> No.10137819

I also ordered earlier this month and havent received any update. I just assumed shes busy. Ive ordered from her before, but i dont remember how long it actually took to get my items shipped.

>> No.10137822 [DELETED] 

Then use a goddamn washing machine like you do with your normal underwear? Why would you freak out about wearing what are essentially boxer shorts unless you’re some unhygienic bitch who doesn’t know how to clean.

Its absolutely not the same as a bra because a bra provides support. Panties don’t.

Sure, but I just don’t understand why you’d rather wear 2 pairs of underwear for no reason instead of one. Either way, you’re washing your undergarments and not bleeding through whatever you choose to wear down there. Besides the use of maxi pads, there’s no logical reason to be wearing unnecessary layers. No one should be seeing your underwear either way.

>> No.10137838

>caring this much about a lolita’s undergarments
you sound like a sissy

>> No.10137841

Love that you keep ignoring WTB

>> No.10137842 [DELETED] 

You never bled in your underwear when using tampons?

>> No.10137846 [DELETED] 

You're talking to a sissy who clearly has never had a period nor understands that there's discharge even outside of your period.
It's useless trying to explain the them how the female body works.

>> No.10137851

Most of us wear panties under our bloomers. I know it's devastating to hear that fashion has changed over the centuries.

>> No.10137860 [DELETED] 

I’m not an unhygienic bitch, so no? I have overnight when I wasn’t expectjng it but I generally go err on the side of more absorbent ones during the day if I’m unsure. And I imagine you dumb cunts would also be careful not to bleed all over the place while wearing lolita??

There’s literally no point unless you can’t control your bleeding, in which case you’re probably too disgusting to be wearing lolita in the first place. Wearing 2 pairs of undergarments is nonsensical.

>> No.10137868 [DELETED] 

I know what discharge is and I have it too, obviously. But this is why these things called washing machines exist. It's so that you can wash your underwear after you use it. Crazy concept! Who would have thought that washing undergarments was a thing?

>> No.10137871 [DELETED] 

And pray tell why would I put a pair of $40 bloomers through that weekly? Unlike you, I prefer taking care of my lolita things and don't want vag juices even on my bloomers.
Keep larping, sissy.

>> No.10137873

Not whoever that is, and they clearly aren’t a woman, but why is $40 important? I own $90 underwear I regularly wear

>> No.10137874

Fair point. I personally don't spend that much on panties unless they're special occasion ones, which aren't something I wear regularly, unlike the bloomers.

>> No.10137882

Your cooch is lacking top comfort

>> No.10137883

Oho? If they're pricey due to comfort, then please sign me the fuck up. I'd love to have the highest cooch comfort possible.

>> No.10137892

Your obsession with bleeding makes it obvious that you're not female.

>> No.10137894 [DELETED] 

are you a poorfag or something? thats embarrassing but if you were a lifestyler I'd hope you could afford more than only 7 bloomers.

yes you caught me, im actually a sissy who gets off to technicalities and straightforward argument about how clothing should be worn.

>> No.10137895

cotton is cheap as fuck and comfortable so im not sure what you're talking about

>> No.10137898

>And I imagine you dumb cunts would also be careful not to bleed all over the place while wearing lolita??

Do you think bleeding during our period is something we can stop with mental effort? We can just kegel our period blood in until the end of the day?

>> No.10137900

Just stop. Literally no one else in the thread wears bloomers without panties. Every other person finds you disgusting for doing so.
Take your disgusting habits elsewhere.

>> No.10137901

Why does someone's underwear choice bother you enough to shit up the general? You must be autistic.

>> No.10137907 [DELETED] 

Wear what you want, but stop acting like its EWWW SO DISGUSTING just because you can't figure out how to use a washing machine

you know you're not supposed to just use the same hygiene products ALL day right? You should be regularly using the restroom to change them. Your habits continue to disgust me

>> No.10137908

>spot the poorfag who can’t even fathom true coochie comfort

>> No.10137909

I didn't say you're disgusting. But you're insecure for getting this defensive over bloomers. You came here for validation and flipped out when no one agreed with you.

>> No.10137910

what materials are you talking about?

>> No.10137912

stop engaging with the autogynephilliac tranny for fuck’s sake

>> No.10137913

This, the amount of people going straight for bait or other derailing shit lately is so bad, no thread is safe from being ruined because people don't know how to ignore and move on.

>> No.10137914


/cgl/ ALWAYS gets derailed by b8 it’s nothing new

>> No.10137915

We wear bloomers to hide our underwear. That is the main function of bloomers. The second function is comfort because most petticoats don't feel that nice to your butt and legs. Lolita is not historically accurate. If you don't wear underwear under your bloomers, you could get stains on your bloomers you can see from the outside.

>> No.10137916

No one should be seeing your bloomers anyway

>> No.10137918

Not true, anyway people do see them sometimes depending on how you move and the angle, they will see your petticoat too.

>> No.10138017

You just want to say coochie over and over.

>> No.10138025 [DELETED] 

>vag juices
I had an arguement awhile back about this and I just realized that everyone who is saying this on here must have outies and not innies.

You know... roasties.

Fucking gross lol. I have an innie so I don't have to worry about staining any of my undies.

>> No.10138035 [DELETED] 

I have an innie and I have discharge, as long as it’s clear or clearish white it’s perfectly healthy. It doesn’t “stain” your undies most of the time, unless you’re talking about period juice or girls with yeast infections(chunky white/yellow icky sticky). In fact you may need to see a doctor if your hooha is that dry. You sound like a LARPing incel from r9k.

>> No.10138036

Stop responding. You know this isn't even a woman let alone a lolita.

>> No.10138047 [DELETED] 

I am female and got into lolita because of cgl. I've never been on r9k but I used to go on ck.
But believe whatever you want. It's a blue board so it's not like I can post my vag to prove it.

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May be a waste of time, but I thought I would post a few non-EGL bags that would easily work for for a lot of you gulls. The brand is Italian luxury Furla which is real leather and usually expensive, but these two "Dolcezza" bags on Last Call seem to not be very popular due to their "sweet" look probably and so are really discounted, and right now are $100 off due to a current promo code (SAVENOW).
>lastcall. com/Furla-Dolcezza-Small-Apple-Bucket-Bag/prod52810471/p.prod
>lastcall. com/Furla-Dolcezza-Berry-Mini-Bucket-Bag/prod52810426/p.prod
>lastcall. com/Furla-Dolcezza-Medium-Pineapple-Bucket-Bag/prod52810414/p.prod
I myself have the Mango/Apple bag already and its even better in person and really well made. The blue strawberry is a little smaller and the color put me off, but I am sure it would be perfect for someone. white pineapple is the same size as the Apple and IMO not worth the price even with $100 off.

>> No.10138057 [DELETED] 

No one wants to see your hamplanet hamsandwich, even if you did have one.

>> No.10138062

These are ugly as shit and look like you could get them for $10 from Aliexpress.

>> No.10138093
File: 1.11 MB, 2104x2964, IMG_20190330_164158264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The photos aren't great but they look a lot better in person and the leather and construction is leagues better than you could get from China. To each their own, though.

>> No.10138097

I ordered a MLT petti back in mid February. She sent me an update at the end of the month to let me know it would little longer than usual because she was very busy, and sent me a 10% off coupon code. The petti ended up being shipped in mid March, and arrived really fast after that!

>> No.10138105

You underestimate retarded normies and their children who have no concept of personal space and not touching people's clothing without asking.

>> No.10138110

Bloomers were worn at a time where dresses went no higher than the ankle. Most modern EGL dresses are knee-length or higher so the chance of seeing bloomers is pretty high.

>> No.10138116

This is double the wait time though, not just a little longer.

>> No.10138129

I have 2 friends that bought pettis from there and they’re deflated after ~1 yr. I couldn’t recommend them

>> No.10138190

Thanks for the heads up anon.

>> No.10138220

>that cheap busted up furniture

Yeah I’m not going to take the advice of a poorfag

>> No.10138222

>not keep shitty cat-chairs near the fireplace
you are just a broke projecting roastie

>> No.10138224

Oof. Anon I'm sorry but these are really ugly and aren't even remotely lolita.

>> No.10138225

>needing to keep shitty chairs
>can’t just buy new ones any time they need to be replaced

Poorfag confirmed

>> No.10138226

Fuck these are hideous

>> No.10138227

what the fuck lolita outfit would you possible wear these abominations with

>> No.10138256

modern bloomers dont have a gusset so no

>> No.10138259
File: 685 KB, 736x768, trashbians.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>control your bleeding
Yeah, you're a disgusting freak hulking manbeast and will never be a lolita.

>> No.10138263 [DELETED] 
File: 112 KB, 1200x794, transbians.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, it's Jonathan Yaniv.

You have never seen a vagina, Jonathan, and you don't know how they work. You are fat and can barely find your dick, you gross pedophile.

>> No.10138265


>> No.10138268

what the fuck is this cancer you're shitting up the thread with? stop falling for bait and subjecting us all to this shit

>> No.10138291

Waiting forever for an AP chocolate print. Wish they’d release something decent already.

>> No.10138298

This whole thread should be nuked, it's been shit up by a disgusting fetishist from the get go. Anyway, I only posted it as a warning. This is what creepy trannies/sissies are after when they insist on "female bonding time" in the women's toilets and want to talk about it online, and they go after very young girls because they don't know any better than to humor their poor "oppressed" selves. Constant vigilance, gulls.

>> No.10138303

Everyone moved on until you brought it up again with detailed fetish screenshots you dipshit. Kys for subjecting us to that

>> No.10138309

This is not a safe space for radfems

>> No.10138329

Sure, let's encourage the sissy tranny!

>> No.10138340

Not double. Business days don't include weekends, anon.

>> No.10138353

You're posting so much about sissy fetish details that I suspect you might be one who gets off on exposing us to it and watching us humiliate it. Please fuck off.

>> No.10138356

>four days short of double

Practically double. There, is your autism satiated?

>> No.10138557

It literally is. It's a safe space for bigotry.

>> No.10138572 [DELETED] 

Fuck you assholes. Stop using "retarded" and don't use autism as an insult. You pieces of garbage.

>> No.10138573

The autism anon is samefagging so...

The entire thread has been three people detailing the whole thing because they had nothing better to do on a Saturday.

>> No.10138608

Fuck off, KK

>> No.10138642

You can reeee about it every time but you can't change 4chan lingo this way.

>> No.10138645

Yeah because it’s a safe space for men

>> No.10138647

I will be reporting any WTB I see on LM. Until we get an option specifically for it, this is not the place and it's clogging the searches.

>> No.10138656 [DELETED] 

Sure we can

>> No.10138659

Yeah this majority female board is definitely a safe space for men. Fuck off radfem.

>> No.10138664

What makes you think this place is not for radfems and men? People are constantly bitching about transsexuals and calling each other fags and autists.

>> No.10138671
File: 23 KB, 480x640, 0c4826b4ca96733a7941656dd91b4e4c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you think Moitie will ever re-release pic related? Are they even aware its sought after?

>> No.10138677

Is it that sought after? It doesn't look very good worn, on anyone I've seen it it looks too big at the top.

>> No.10138679

I don’t think it’s really sought after, just rare so that the handful of people who want it keep posting about it everywhere.

>> No.10138745 [DELETED] 

I do have one, and I am chubby but losing weight.
Still I don't leave streaks like many other gulls apparently.

It's really amazing how many women on here got super offended once this started being discussed. 90% of the lolita side of the board is nothing but open flayed vaginas just oozing disgusting discharge.

>> No.10138761

>15 business day estimate
>petti gets shipped in 20 business days

You're a special kind of stupid.

>> No.10138772

I remember this one being published in the english GLB 5th volume I think, I could post it tomorrow if you guys are interested.

>> No.10138778 [DELETED] 

Lol if you think it’s disgusting for your vagina to have discharge you’re either a larping sissy or have never had sex (or have only very sad, chafed partners)

>> No.10138779
File: 369 KB, 1448x1116, 1546647409704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...the absolute state of this thread

>> No.10138780

I wish they would, too, anon.

>> No.10138782 [DELETED] 

I know crossboarders are a thing but you're being fucking delusional if you think a woman can't have this opinion.

>> No.10138788 [DELETED] 

I guess we're all delusional then

>> No.10138790

Where did anon come back and say it’s shipped?

>> No.10138798

I ordered mine at the beginning of Febuary and her website said it would take longer than usual because of holiday orders and it actually came right on time. I didn't get an update when she was done, it was just shipped and I got the tracking.
Like other anons have said she's probably busy right now but it should get to you!

>> No.10138799

Sorry, i'm a different anon. I would never allow my hard drive to be contaminated with such filth the anon you are looking for posted. I was just making light of the shit show going on here.

I hope this gets re-released because I'm sure it does come up in the second hand market from time to time, but i have shit luck with that stuff.

>> No.10138800

What the fuck is up with the influx of obnoxious crossboarders right now?

>> No.10138804 [DELETED] 

A sad woman with internalized misogyny, sure.

>> No.10138807

Maybe for fall/winter?

>> No.10138843 [DELETED] 

I mean you can think what you want but any gynecologist will tell you that discharge is perfectly healthy and normal

>> No.10138848

I didn't know about the Bodyline drama but I was absent from lolita drama for a few years when I was working a salary job.

Otherwise, I have a few Bunny House blouses. The construction and fabric quality is quite nice. She's a good option for making items if you've got bizzaro proportions (Broad shoulders and short-waited here). The turn around time has been good, but I haven't ordered in a few years.

>> No.10138853


what's up with luxury bag fags having absolutely no fashion sense.

>> No.10138858
File: 308 KB, 1510x2148, cover 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is anyone translating this?

>> No.10138859

Nah, looks boring

>> No.10138861

I hope so, looks cute!

fuck off scrub

>> No.10138862

I heard shipping would be late April for the orders from the last round of reservations.

>> No.10138885

'More money than sense' lol. I somehow doubt that they're actually a lolita.

>> No.10138896

Do You have raws? If no scanlator group is willing to take It, I could try

>> No.10138903

At least lolitas can dress themselves

>> No.10138914

i agree with you anon because 9/10 insanely expensive underwear is only that expensive for brand name (I.E.: victoria's secret, which has horribly uncomfortable underwear)

i will gladly take my cheaper panties so i'm comfortable at work and pay more for my bloomers that i can also wear as pj bottoms. my cooch still loves me so i don't see any issues

>> No.10138915
File: 206 KB, 763x515, IMG_4314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what are peeking bloomers
>what are leg length historical peeking bloomers

>> No.10138924

Victoria secret underwear is not “insanely expensive.” How poor can you be?

>> No.10138926

Victoria’s Secret is middle range in terms of cost for underwear and lingerie. I would argue they’re on the lower end since they have sales very frequently where you can buy underwear for $5-10 a pair and bras for around $30.

>> No.10138927 [DELETED] 

No, I used to for sure but I got past that and now I'm bi.

I have been to several different gynos and I never tell them I have discharge and none said anything about that being abnormal. I'm 32 and I've lived in several different places in the US. Not a once did it happen.

I think gulls are extra sensitive about their vagoos.

>> No.10138928 [DELETED] 

Why are you bringing this up in several threads

>> No.10138931 [DELETED] 

Because her vag is encrusted with years of built up dead cells and bacteria that have no escape or are absorbed into her body.

>> No.10138932

This has nothing to do with EGL so please stop making everything about your nasty vagina

>> No.10138939 [DELETED] 

Can you get over your dry vagina and stop talking about it in all these threads? Thanks

>> No.10138941

Yes some group of anons have been working on it.

>> No.10138944 [DELETED] 

I didn't start the bloomers discussion.

>> No.10138947 [DELETED] 

No but you keep talking about your crusty dried up cunt at every chance you can possibly get

>> No.10138951 [DELETED] 

You are so obviously mad about having fucking soaking wet panties all the time because you can't hold in your nasty ass juices.


>> No.10138958 [DELETED] 

>hold in your nasty ass juices
Well now I know you're a man

>> No.10138959 [DELETED] 

>I have been to several different gynos and I never tell them I have discharge and none said anything about that being abnormal. I'm 32 and I've lived in several different places in the US. Not a once did it happen.

I never said that not having discharge is abnormal or unhealthy I’m just saying that neither is having discharge, it is the body’s way of cleaning itself out so most people have it, you don’t have to call people nasty for having a regular bodily function

>> No.10138964 [DELETED] 

The more you talk the more you reveal how you aren’t a woman. You can’t “hold in” your “juices”, otherwise periods wouldn’t be a thing and we could just hold it all in until we got to a toilet and shit the blood out of our vaginas

>> No.10138999

>bothering to explain what anon got wrong
just stop replying already

>> No.10139048

Any anons go to the VM event yesterday? I’m curious if anything new was announced or hinted at or if anything interesting was on display

>> No.10139054

Everyone says this but do they have a Tumblr or twitter? Are they actually doing anything? We have no proof and it seems less and less believable

>> No.10139081

>Are they actually doing anything? We have no proof
You’re not paying them to do it are you? Fuck off. If it comes out cool, if not, learn Japanese and read it yourself

>> No.10139083 [DELETED] 

I deserved that to be homely. However if they had a blog and a ko-fi/paypal/patreon, I would send them money. I'm very happy to financially support the content I want to see, it's why I back lolibrary and LWLN. I would love to enable this to happen if the scanlators gave me a way.

>> No.10139087

>You're not paying them to do it are you? Fuck off.
That's fair, I was bitchy and deserved that. However if they had a blog and a ko-fi/paypal/patreon, I would happily send them money. I'm very happy to financially support the content I want to see, it's why I back lolibrary and LWLN. I would love to donate volumes or pay money for this to happen if the scanlators gave me a way. If they are in this thread, they should really consider making something like that available!

>> No.10139171 [DELETED] 

>no proof
these people are literally doing it for free. what proof do you need?

>> No.10139173


Actually I'd really love to hear if they do, so that I can keep up with the translations. The old thread where the scanlations were posted one by one seems to have fallen off the board, anyone have an update or something?

Y'know, I don't even mind uploading them onto tumblr myself, but it's not my project so that feels kinda weird.

>> No.10139204

Moitie have stated they have no re-releases planned for anything as of now. I don't think they currently hold the rights to any of the old designs, and they wouldn't want to disrespect the original designer.

>> No.10139211

What about silent moon?

>> No.10139296

I wish they would buy or license the rights from the more popular designs so they could re-release them. I love moitie but this brand can’t survive off novelty shawls and mugs

>> No.10139298

How about designing actual fucking dresses though? What are we supposed to wear these shawls, hats, and wrist cuffs with, Boz and AtPie?

>> No.10139301

With the krad lanrete and vocaloid collabs

>> No.10139319


>> No.10139375

Lol that shawl would look pretty fetching with the teal accents of the dress and white accents of the wrist cuffs. And then the bat cape with the blue lining would clash perfectly

>> No.10139384

I know it's April fool's day, but those truffle jokes on rufflechat ain't funny and make me cringe hard.

>> No.10139390

I'm the anon that translated the random chapter with Mami's father, and I didn't do any more because someone popped in saying they had a group together and raws for most chapters and they were waiting for the print release so they had everything. I didn't want to step on any toes, plus doing everything (translating, editing, cleaning, typesetting) alone was pretty difficult. I figured a group would do a better job than me with GIMP and I only had the most recent chapter, not the whole story.

>> No.10139431

Did anyone that applied to model for paradiso get an email confirmation that the application was recieved or anything like that? Feeling paranoid.

>> No.10139433

I find most Lolita humor cringy honestly but I'm genuinely getting a kick out of the truffle posts.

>> No.10139435

You sound like the type of person who speaks to the manager when an employee is laughing.

>> No.10139443

You could ask to join their group? In my fandom it sometimes happens a group "claims" a project but never finishes it. But since everyone thinks that group is working on it, nobody else starts translating it either..

>> No.10139445
File: 59 KB, 298x400, alice-wonderland-piatnik-quartet-game_360_dcfa4a4e0295929bca9b871f25050739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm organising a game night for my lolita friends and I'd like to get some games that are aesthetically pleasing, either very kawaii or with beautiful gothic or historical inspired art. Any ideas?

>> No.10139460
File: 472 KB, 1600x948, marrying-mr-darcy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure if the artwork in "Marrying Mr. Darcy" would fit what you have in mind, but it's a very lolita-friendly game imo. Players take on the roles of Jane Austen characters trying to build up their reputations (or ruin the reputation of other players) in order to make the best marriage possible. Game events are things like tea parties, balls, buying a new bonnet, surprise elopement, etc; basically a regency romance novel but in board game form.

>> No.10139466

I work in board game retail. Here are some of my picks for lolita meets:

The Tea Dragon Society card game (caring for tea themed dragons) (2-4 players)
Takenoko (panda!!) (2-4)
Marrying Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice card game) (2-6)
Broom Service (li'l witches) (2-5)
Tokaido (touring japan) (2-5)

Seikatsu (zen garden + birds and flowers) (2-4)
Sagrada (stained glass) (2-4)
Century: Golem Edition or Century: Spice Road (deck builder) (2-4)
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (mystery) (1-8)
Love Letter (wooing a princess) (2-4)
Avalon (deception and roleplay) (5-10)

Hope this helps! I tried to provide a rounded selection for different group sizes and situations (but most games suit 2-4).

>> No.10139467

Good choice! Saw your post after I posted oops. I highly suggest having this game on hand for small gatherings.
My favourite cards has to be the one about stealing your sister's bonnet. And maybe the ones where you get too drunk at the ball.

>> No.10139476

Nayrt but Avalon is my favourite game!

>> No.10139477
File: 1.21 MB, 1280x911, 88041F31-F2AE-46B1-96DC-2AAEEE4441EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I‘d recommend Mysterium! The vision cards have very dreamy illustrations and the rest of the game has nice historical inspired art as well. One player is a ghost that haunts an old mansion and the other players are psychics holding a sceance to solve a murder that took place a hundred years ago. The rules are very simple and quickly told, so it’s also perfect for more inexperienced players and you don’t have to study a rule book for two hours before playing. It’s still fun and I bet a lot of lolitas would enjoy the mystical elements and the pretty artwork!

>> No.10139483

I know people bring this up a lot but I haven't been on this board in a while: What happened to MilkyFawn after she quit? Does anyone still have tabs on her?

>> No.10139488
File: 2.49 MB, 3264x2448, elevenses05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i like the game elevenses! its got lovely art and the goal is to serve the best afternoon tea. its a game for 2-4 people but i've played it with teams of two.

for something a little more spooky and a little more of a challenge to play, mysterium is another favorite with great art. players play psychics to decipher clues given by a ghost to solve a murder. i think this one is for 2-7 players but i cant remember for sure

>> No.10139489

You can make your own card games on some webshops and use images from GLB or whereever

>> No.10139490

oh whoops i didn't read but i guess seconded!

>> No.10139501

Board game retail anon here!
I considered adding Mysterium and now I'm kicking myself for leaving it out. It's a great game for players of all experience levels!
Also, I've slept on Elevensies - thanks for recommending it! I'll check it out tonight.

Looking-for-games-anon, I hope all of this info helps you. Having games to start a meet is a wonderful idea!

>> No.10139535

I'm curious, why not Betrayal at House on the Hill for the gothic category? Or maybe Don't Turn Your Back?

>> No.10139547

Betrayal is neat, but it's more camp horror than elegant horror so I'm hesitant to list it for aesthetics. It's still a good game! Glad you mentioned it.
Haven't tried the second title you've mentioned yet. I'll look it up!

>> No.10139587

She went slightly otome/mori, then obsessively got into the “zero waste” lifestyle and freaked out over her boyfriend having a plastic spoon in the house.

>> No.10139597
File: 667 KB, 640x640, broochesmany.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seconding Sagrada, but I wanted to note that I own the game and was toying with the idea of making custom pieces and cards for it. (I'm very into stained glass and handy with crafts.) If a lot of lolitas start playing it, I'd be overjoyed to share them.

>> No.10139616

New Misako Aoki album dropped today

>> No.10139639 [DELETED] 

omg this thread and I'm dyingggg jkhjshakjhdkjhk
but apparently not enough to keep me from making this post lmaop xd<div class="like-perk-cnt">&#x2714;&#xFE0F;</div>

>> No.10139700

its falling apart on the bottom left corner of the bag already, anon :c

>> No.10139935
File: 113 KB, 720x960, 1541989324359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rerelease of this for the Shanghai Axes Femme location. Any suggestions for in-store SS in China?

>> No.10139948

Why? It looks so bad

>> No.10139953

Came here to post this kek

>> No.10140004

It’s a simple design, but I think it’s kind of fun that an Axes Femme dress is sought after mostly because it’s such an odd concept.

>> No.10140071

Bodices are not yokes. Yokes are not collars.

Collars are not yokes. Yokes are not bodices.

If ya tits don't fit one way or the other, move on. Find something your size.

I know it sucks when a super cute dress is too big/small, but you'll look way better in something that better suits your body. You deserve to look good & ill-fitted garments make that a lot harder to achieve.


>> No.10140097

This is lolita gen not the "get it off your chest" thread.

>> No.10140150

>wahh why don't people hate what i hate!

>> No.10140153

Advertising on clothing isn't odd, it's normie

>> No.10140156

I second this request for a SS. I know someone who has been looking for this dress for a while.

>> No.10140228

Cottage Garden!

>> No.10140239


>> No.10140248

there are some beautiful studio ghibli playing cards which I like to use

>> No.10140331

Is anyone down to start a new scanlation team? I have access to Photoshop!

>> No.10140396

New Molly Metaphora trailer.


>> No.10140428

This looks fucking retarded I hope it gets cancelled like kate's doc.

>> No.10140433

Can't even finish it kek. Too cringy

>> No.10140478

except WTB posts are not allowed on LM, like at all. So if someone buys your WTB and gives you a negative, you can bet your ass the mods will either delete the entire thing or leave you as the only one with a negative. Every time I report a WTB it gets deleted

>> No.10140496

this would be cuter if they wore good coords and not some taobao ass

>> No.10140506
File: 503 KB, 595x842, 0B0D9C87-5D67-417D-B3F2-B8925EA8FB61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The chicks are cute

>> No.10140540

>Full back shirring
>Weird panel on bodice

No thanks. Meta needs to go back to releasing several cuts at a time, I miss their innovative cuts

>> No.10140542

Imagine being this buttblasted over WTB posts.

>> No.10140549

....that's not meta

>> No.10140566

2 reasons why you don't like this:
>1. A
>2. P

my fav would never

>> No.10140567

Did you even read the description? That's not taobao. It's all different Russian indie brands.

>> No.10140571

based metafag

>> No.10140594

The OP is ugly as sin, but the JSK isn’t so bad. Not a fan of the big mint ribbon on the yellow colorway when there’s not many mint accents everywhere else. It forces you to coordinate the dress with mint but that’s not an extremely common color anymore for accessories and shoes.

>> No.10140602

the mint details are so small all you'd need is one or two small hair accessories or mint in the legwear to balance.
I'm excited to see if someone can pull an OTT coord with my fav combo: pastel yellow and lavender!

>> No.10140616

That looks cute! Hope they make subtitles later.

>> No.10140627

Anon, they have English subtitles, switch them on in settings.

>> No.10140655

What other lolita magazines/publications are there currently? I know there's Melt, Miel, and Tulle. Is there anything else?

>> No.10140657

Meta did it better... the dumpy lil chicks are really cute though.

>> No.10140738

Is my usakumya rucksack supposed to have straps THIS long? shes like sagging on my back more than the pictures I see.

>> No.10140740

If you didn't pick up Panier, I recommend it.

>> No.10140741


>> No.10140748

That's sold out everywhere and nobody scanned it

>> No.10140765

Eternita. Cheap copies can be bought used from amazon japan.

>> No.10140766

There are used copies available.

>> No.10140772

I have two petticoat from them and I like them a lot. Shipping and communication were fine and good

>> No.10140781
File: 275 KB, 272x350, big-foot-clipart-carton-857733-1398252.jpg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ventposting, but how sloppy and retarded do you have to be to stain your pieces? I get that accidents happen, but shit pops up on lace market with these stupid sobstories about how some gull got grass stains on the back of the JSK because she was rolling in the grass. Do people have no self awareness?

You can keep your pieces clean very easily by being careful and aware. I do it, other people do it. And food stains CAN come out if you deal with them properly right away. Just goes to show the utter carelessness and childishness of some people.

Rant over.

>> No.10140802

Are the straps adjustable?

>> No.10140804

Where? If I had it I'd scan the whole thing, but I've only seen it secondhand in Japan and not on lacemarket or Facebook

>> No.10140813

You can't take care of food stains right away if you aren't at home

>> No.10140819

Oh, sorry I was stupid and didn't see them on the embed. I'll rewatch now! Thanks!

Otome no Sewing is somewhat related and sometimes has interviews and brand infos.

Also, I don't know if Spoon is still publishing, but you can find it around the net.

>> No.10140821

Like the one on LM that someone "spilled onions sauce" right on the crotch of the skirt, then freaked out and didn't wash it for "fear of ruining it further" or some crazy shit. iirc she didn't treat the stain for years, then decided to sell it. WTF.

>> No.10140831

have some news for you kiddo

>> No.10140836

I don't think that's the point. Anon probably means "within the same day" because there are to many people who stain their shit and just leave it for weeks or months.
I went on a trip and spilled food on myself, pre-treated it at the hotel, and took it to the cleaner right away after getting home (three-day wait). That's the longest I would go, and I only waited because I had to.

>> No.10140843

Can anyone recommend some black, leather Mary Janes or boots with a chunkier (grippy) sole and more rounded toe? I'd like something of decent quality, but everything I've been able to find on my usual spots online/in store is either too granny looking or more "professional" if that makes sense. Most boots look too much like workboots.

I want a shoe that I could wear with sweet lolita or girly/quirky outfits (like Milk, Jane Marple).

>> No.10140845


>> No.10140886
File: 108 KB, 640x640, 617598753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone knows where to buy OTKs and tights like pic related that aren't worn?

If anyone wants these, they're only 3500 yen for the lot here: https://item.fril.jp/b10c0448dd43eda72686fef78f567fab

>> No.10140887

These are hideous, not lolita at all

>> No.10140889

Nobody asked what you think of them. They're ETC and go perfectly with a lot of stuff in my lolita wardrobe.

>> No.10140897

These look like shit why do you want them?

>> No.10140899

simple stripes aren't lolita now? Since when?

>> No.10140911

>not lolita at all
They're otks with a basic stripe design, your small brain is just confused by a lot of colours because your own coords only have 2 colours max.

>> No.10140916

Amazon Japan and eBay.

>> No.10140949

Yeah but even at shortest it’s super long and sagging.

>> No.10141007

Then just buy them from ETC.

>> No.10141012

Not that anon but I don't think it's the stripes but rather no lace, no cute details that make them appear more normie than lolita.

>> No.10141029

Anyone have any advice on how to get deep creases from folding out of older velvet? Saw an item I’m interested but in but it has a significant crease

>> No.10141034

is japonica working for anyone else? I can't seem to be able to add items to my cart.

>> No.10141040

Working fine for me. Maybe you got banned.

>> No.10141045

I've gotten my velveteens damp with a spray bottle and hit it with steam, then brushed the pile back into place and let it dry to get rid of creases before, but they were fairly minor. I would think a good dry cleaner could work with your average brand velveteen and get it back into shape too.

>> No.10141048

lol why would I get banned? are you sure? I can't seem to add a yahoo jp item.

>> No.10141060

I don’t know, what did you do? It’s working fine for me

>> No.10141073

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
Every time I click 'add to cart' everything gets erased and nothing happens.

>> No.10141074

Yep, banned.

>> No.10141075

Have you cleared your cookies?

>> No.10141078


Im accessing it through both my pc and phone. Theres no way they're tracking my ip. And I haven't put in my email yet sooo

>> No.10141079

>what is an ip range ban

You’re banned.

>> No.10141082

Then try logging in on your email on the PC after clearing your cookies. Your phone has cookies as well.

>> No.10141083

They have no reason to ban me my last order was in november and everything went smoothly.

>> No.10141085

That’s what you think. Lmao sorry you’re banned but it’s your own fault

>> No.10141086

Yah, even if you're out, you can deal with the situation pretty quickly. Grab some club soda, blot it out. I also have an emergency kit in my bag but you don't have to take it that far. I am primarily referring to the scenario >>10140821 mentioned where people stain their pieces and then choose to do nothing. There's a difference between a "cleaned" stain and an active one. The most common materials are cotton, chiffon, satin, chambray and lace. These can all be cleaned. And DRY CLEANED. I use the at-home dryclean bags for my jsks and blouses, they are in great condition even after two years of wear and 60+ outdoor outings.

It's not that hard to keep your shit clean. I've seen enough of the general carelessness of people in my comm to know that it's a choice.

>> No.10141087

dry clean

>> No.10141091

theres a lot of lolita OTKs that don't have lace though

>> No.10141094

Maybe try a different browser.

That makes no sense anon. Their website doesn't work that way.

>> No.10141097

They're clearly trolling some idiot has doesn't know shit about how websites or internet browsing works.
I half want to say they deserve it for being that retarded.
But maybe it's because I already deal with neanderthalic end users and I feel like the other anon is cut from the same cloth.

>> No.10141101

Literally none of mine do and they're all from meta, baby, and IW.

>> No.10141102

Why are you so sure you’re not banned if you’re the only one having issues

>> No.10141103

Thank you! I don't know why I had totally forgotten about Yosuke.

Another question, can anyone vouch for Yosuke's quality? I usually try to avoid buying shoes made in Bangladesh/etc.

>> No.10141117

Fuck me, I was adding a note on the note space. It apparently fucks everything up.

>> No.10141120

>I’m not banned just retarded

Nobody cares

>> No.10141130

Feel free to stop giving us updates any time.

>> No.10141136
File: 178 KB, 345x437, 191607-m-01-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some Innocent World reservations going on at the moment.

Madras Tartan OP

>> No.10141137
File: 211 KB, 345x437, 192701-m-01-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Re-run of the Grown up Alice Set including OP and apron (sold separately)

I got the apron last time and it's really nice. Feel the dress would be too long for me though.

>> No.10141149

I have a bunch of AP socks that don't but they also match prints.

>> No.10141165

Doc martens make great mary janes, real leather and they'll last forever

>> No.10141166

I asked a few on FB and hit it with Chinese Lolita updates. Total came just under $150, not including international updates. I hope it all goes well, because I’m only used to Japan SS for in-store purchases.

>> No.10141282

They don't sell them right now idiot

>> No.10141300


Offtopic, but I feel vindicated every time some unknown anons don't recognise ETC and straight up say it doesn't fit lolita.

Probably wouldn't feel this way if that one anon from way long ago didn't try to argue so hard that otome style doesn't exist and therefore all otome definitely must be lolita, then proceeded to derail several threads claiming that logic is sound.

It's just nice to see that other people I've never met before also see what I see, that this brand just has a very different non-lolita vibe.

polite sage for offtopic getting things off my chest. Thank you for reading.

>> No.10141320

It's fine to post ETC in the lolita General though. Especially since you people can't even agree on whether otome is a vintage fashion from Japan, or a made up version of causal lolita from the West.

>> No.10141326
File: 224 KB, 500x600, 02f081ad-017e-50bb-b95d-e24ecff0b4a4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From what I've seen, usually those arguments are between people who wear otome. Most of the time it was people arguing some coords look too much like (casual) lolita to be otome. There are a lot of lolitas who coord a JM or ETC dress the exact same way they coord their lolita dresses and just use the otome label because of the brand name. That's not otome. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist and never existed. Maybe you saw one troll who said it doesn't exist at all. Anyway, it's fine to wear ETC legwear with a lolita coord. A lot of lolita releases don't have much lace.

>> No.10141337

>That's not otome
Then what's the actual definition of otome then? Because what you described is all I ever saw or heard about until just now.

>> No.10141347

tfw it's been almost a year since realisticsweet posted on her blog. I wonder if she's on insta,.. I really loved her coords.

>> No.10141380


And most people, myself included, have no issues with that. We've even covered Axes Femme and random card games above, that's totally fine even if the brands (or card games) aren't lolita either.

It's really only when you start making bullshit logic like "otome doesn't exist, therefore all otome must be lolita because all jfash brands cannot be anything other than lolita since otome doesn't exist", well, yeah, that sounds pretty dumb no matter how you cut it.


I think at least the first person took it seriously, they had a different, more earnest method of arguing, and then trolls moved in after. I'd feel sorry for her that trolls are using her dumbass idea to make people annoyed, but it's really her own hardheadedness that the thread derailed and gave so much ammunition for other trolls to use.

Anyway, just to clarify, I have no issues with otome kei, or people using otome brand stuff for lolita either, and honestly I'm not one to argue whether an outfit is casual lolita or otome. I own some ETC and JM stuff myself. It's really just that feel when some unrelated anons come along and comment on a random picture, proving my point all this while, otome has always had a distinctly different aesthetic from lolita.

Sorry to derail with more commenting, I just wanted to get that off my chest and will go back to the dark corner of my room now.

>> No.10141385
File: 36 KB, 300x400, 19223254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>feeling vindicated by the ignorance of others

How are these striped socks >>10140886 distinctively different from AatP socks or >>10141326? Arguing a pair of striped socks are inherently otome is just as dumb as arguing it's inherently lolita.

>> No.10141388







Look at the example images there and compare it to the Misako coords some ignorant anons used to post in otome threads.

>> No.10141390
File: 142 KB, 500x600, 3deed914-73c6-5e92-b86e-c8a474f26c1d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're thinner stripes and a couple of them have more than 2 colours! Obviously that's not lolita. Lolita can only have 2 colours at a time, preferably muted, and the stripes must have a minimum thickness of 0.4 inches.

>> No.10141405

Then wait until they do. Why is this hard? If you don't want secondhand, your options are limited.

>> No.10141407

These socks aren’t lolita because of the colors. I think the first 4 pairs, maybe the 5th, could definitely work for lolita. But for the bottom row I’ve never seen a lolita brand release neon blue and brown socks, or bright teal and pink and black socks. Meta and AP have done some weird color schemes before, but not with those patterns. And if they did have weird patterns they didn’t have those colors

>> No.10141408

The reason people called misakos casual coords not lolita I’m pretty sure is because she didn’t consider them lolita either. It wasn’t until relatively recently that she tried to coin the term “soft lolita”, but before that the comm was pretty in agreement that misako didn’t actually wear lolita in her spare time.

Also, anons are so insistent that ETC, JM, Leyte Getter are totes lolita despite these brands not really being featured as often in lolita magazines or events. There’s some crossover for sure, but in general, there’s a distinct style there that anons insist on ignoring and lumping in with lolita. And no, its still not lolita even if an anon happened to wear a small petti with her ETC, because lolita is more than just a petticoat.

>> No.10141416

Saying it's not lolita is not the same as saying it's otome kei. Otome kei was supposed to be vintage inspired with "mismatching" colours and patterns. Not a pink dress with solid black tights like Misako wears. I don't see anyone here saying those brands are "totes lolita", but if you are a sweet lolita you can easily use those brands in a lolita coord. I know some of you hate to consider what Japanese people think, but Novala literally wrote a book about a lolita who only wears ETC. Why don't you accept it can be worn with several cute styles? We used to be able to post about ETC without someone butting in to say it's totes otome kei.

>> No.10141420

I wear two of my biggest petticoats on top of each other with my ETC dresses.

>> No.10141421
File: 381 KB, 501x584, 16051004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Theyre too plain. Realy lolita socks either have prints on them or lace.
Any thing else is normie.

>> No.10141429

These socks have way more detail and color cohesiveness than the ones in >>10140886

>> No.10141432

I think you are only focusing on the few that don't work for lolita. At least half of those socks would work though, depending on your wardrobe. That anon was probably just asking where to buy colourful socks new in stock, and people responded as if she wants to wear the green ones with cat's tea party.

>> No.10141436

Looking at it more closely, even the busy ones would work with some of my solid black dresses

>> No.10141444

> inherently otome is just as dumb as arguing it's inherently lolita
It's funny because otome is lolita in japan and ETC releases lolita pieces

>> No.10141449

You can also wear their things in non-lolita coords. Saying one pair of striped socks is lolita and another pair of striped socks is not lolita based on the brand name is dumb.

>> No.10141452

Confirmation bias in action

>> No.10141465

It's because people are so obsessed with details like what kind of socks we're ''allowed'' to wear lolita doesn't evolve anymore

>> No.10141467

Then why were they rarely in the GLB? Why is there not a huge overlap in japan of people who wear lolita brands and people who wear ETC and JM? Why are they styled so differently?

>We used to be able to post about ETC without someone butting in to say it's totes otome kei.

I don’t kmow what imaginary time you’re remenbering, but the otome/lolita divide and debate has been pretty consistent since 2007ish in the western community. Otome threads were fine and normal until the otahime fiasco a couple years ago that killed otome on cgl

>> No.10141468

Why are you questioning it so hard? A brand doesn't need to be featured in GLB a minimum amount of times for it to be suitable to make a lolita coord with.
>Why is there not a huge overlap in japan of people who wear lolita brands and people who wear ETC and JM?
There literally is, that's what people have been trying to tell you. Misako is a perfect example.
>Why are they styled so differently
If you look at how Kera styled lolita brands, it's not different.

>> No.10141478

Why do ETC and LG attend lolita event and promote in lolita magazines? Why is there a huge overlap between people who wear lolita brands and people who wear ETC, JM and LG? Why are the pictures at >>10141388 styled so differently? Why was the designer of LG so confused when someone asked her about otome at a SFE event? Why is it impossible for you to consider some brands can be worn with several styles including lolita?

>> No.10141489
File: 108 KB, 768x1024, DzrN865VYAAVBIs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's funny, pic related looks like the exact same style as >>10141458 if you'd ask anyone who isn't familiar enough with otome to recognize the brands.

>> No.10141519

New thread >>10141458

>> No.10141765

That LG coord is actually a better lolita coord than the Kera one

>> No.10142047

Who were the FB people who got it for you? Asking for a friend.