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How do you guys find other lgbt people at cons?

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People at cons are pretty open. I’ve seen people carrying around rainbow flags, if you see someone like that just start a convo with them

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Its impossible not to meet lgbt people at cons with how obnoxious some of them are about it.

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What if you're a girl looking for another girl tho?

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They're so fucking common, the only straight girls are the ones with boyfriends hovering around them.

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This. I’m bisexual but keep it to myself so I don’t get dogpiled by all the genderspecials. Once they know you’re queer they won’t let you go.

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Grope them and see how they react

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99% of the women cosplaying male characters are bi or gay

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Just say "nice dick bro" after crawling under the stall door and making eye contact

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It’s easy.

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Fully dilate your anus and bend over.

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I know maybe two cis het people who regularly go to cons

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Have you ever considered giving up your perversions and leading a normal life? It's a lot more fulfilling than the depraved shit you use to identify yourself with.

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i think a more accurate thread would be "How do you guys find other non lgbt people at cons?"

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...she says, on /cgl/

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Anytime I meet a cute gay cosplay girl, she either already has a gf or she’s ace

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Have you tried throwing a rock? You're bound to hit at least one faggot.

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Throw a rock, bound to hit a faggot

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Well shit time to crossplay...

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Underrated comment

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I’ve been thinking today and I might just get a custom T-shirt made that says something like “gay and single” to wear when I’m not in cosplay. I just worry about that attracting tumblr gays instead of good gays, but it’s a risk I’ll have to take if I ever want to find a qt cosplay gf

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You'd mostly attract retarded Tumblrs, asking you where you got your shirt.

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They're like vegans, don't worry, they'll fucking tell you.

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Why? What is your purpose? If you're the one saying Girl looking for another Girl, then you're a shitty person. People go to cons (usually) to enjoy the convention, make/meet friends, and to buy merch and what not. It's not a fucking Anti-Christian Mingle website, it's not grindr. I mean, hey, I'm a cis white male and maybe I'm wrong, but straight girls usually aren't there to hook up with a rando. You might not even be talking to someone LOCAL so a relationship wouldn't even work.

Just look up a dating site and look for women looking for women, unless you're a hon tranny, in which case desu neck yourself.

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hahahahahaha this bitch never tasted costhot pussy

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Ah yes, the Chris Chan method of attraction.

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My first thought

You could be more creative, like cosplay a yaoi character and have a sign that say you are looking for [character who everyone pairs that character with] to complete you.

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You know I hate costhots especially the "I'm totally bisexual XD" ones but I kinda want to hatefuck one

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This. Supposedly less than 10% of the population, and lgb usually don't even bring it up, but you got to stay vigilant every second to avoid getting drawn into a discussion about the rights of genderspeshuls to annoy other people with their fetishes. Sick and tired of it. Genderspeshul or kinky, bondage freak or daddy-little girl pedoshit is not a sexual orientation, it's high time to drop all letters after lgb.

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>be a gay chubby chaser
>go to multiple cons
>see cute chubby guys
>99% of them are straight
>the rare 1% I hooked up with happened while I was at ALA and AX
If you’re looking for lgbt people to get laid with, keep those gay apps open (especially Grindr), I suppose

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Tinder. Set radius extremely small. Meet costhots. Ez

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the only thing you said that made sense was telling troons to neck themselves

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This, except also drop the b
desu the g is on thin ice as well

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because it's bait, just ignore it

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Tons and tons

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Lol look at this anon thinking being bi makes them special.

Trust me most gays aren't interested in bi, if anything they think you're just messing them around and would rather go for someone they know are more likely to stick. I can assure you now you're the furthest thing from being "dogpiled" by queers. Nice try bigging up that ego you got there

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i mean, all my friends are also lgbt, my friends' friends are lgbt, my friends' friends' friends... etc.
i feel like most lgbt people tend to be friends with other lgbt people. most of my social circles (both at cons and my non weeb friends) have maybe 1 or 2 straight people in them at most.
basically just find one other lgbt person, and get them to introduce you to their friends. easy.

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Lmao who hurt you? Did a bi leave you for the opposite sex? Because if you think it’s because they’re a slut, I got bad news for you, it’s because you’re a paranoid little bitch.

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neighborhood tranny here to say: if you walk into a con and don't immediately see people wearing pride pins on their bags or pronoun buttons/stickers what cons are u even going to lol

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If any of you are L O N D O N my friend is a super qt single lesbian weeb and I'm tryna hook her up

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bishit BTFO

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Most women in general at cons seem to be lesbian now

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For starters, I avoid all the weirdos with rainbow ribbons or “POLYAMOROUS” buttons and talk to normal people instead. Lower success rate but better for my sanity

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Half the people in cons are gay or bi, no bs.

0iq post

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It seems like just about everyone falls within LGBT, and even more if you add asexuals and demisexuals.

But seriously just go to make friends. Getting hit on at cons is annoying AF.

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A lot of cons have LGBT comic and Yaoi exhibitors so thats maybe a headstart

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Some of you might be Stevie Wonder/Ray Charles to be not able to spot an LGBT in cons

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This video shows it all:

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I'm a transman and I wish I could find friends/etc but I get flustered around people I find attractive and while I do find myself attracted to trans people I really can't stand these sissy bottom transguys. I'm mostly just tired of these wanna-be yaoi boy transguys being the only dudes who are in my local community. I probably just need new friends.

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You're a fat dyke, not a man

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Can you stop selfposting everywhere? You're a 2/10 trap and a 4/10 human, you look like your mom drank. If I looked like you I sure as fuck would not want to draw attention to it.

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Why don't you try being really fucking gay like we all know you want to

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Literally everyone at cons these days identify as something that isn't straight/bisexual.

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This but unironically
Also this but unironically
Go knit a sweater for your niece or something.

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I think you may be legitimately autistic.
Gay people are the easiest people in the world to hook up with.
t. Bisexual guy

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t. reddit

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Finding one is like finding a vegan, they'll tell you without even you asking

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>bi guy attracted to women who present themselves "like men"
How do I find one who's straight or bi, at a con?

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I actively try to avoid any LGBT anything at con. Shit is everywhere along with SJWs and neck beards. There to have fun and crush cunt. Not get annoyed by fags and dykes.

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Find? I like to avoid at any cost.

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It's literally just a very hit or miss tactic for shooing away creepy guys/getting attention from them. If they're not an ugly dyke, they're straight, full stop

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Lol, they don't exist dude. It's a gay thing. We dress like this to show other chicks how much we love pussy. I suggest you develop a new type.

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What are you talking about OP? Literally every cosplayer nowadays is supposedly gay or a rectangle in a triangle hole or whatever these mental illnesses are called.

Some lesbos can be convinced to try cock.
I was talking to this one married lesbo on snapchat, we eventually started talking about sexual stuff and i brought up cocks, maybe my own maybe not. She said she always wanted to try one and got super wet at the thought of fucking me. I got her to tell me all her straight cock fantasies and desires before her wife found out and blocked me on their accounts. I had her number and still fucked her later. But yeah, just find regular lezos or bi girls and sweet talk the straight dreams into their head for a while.

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>some lesbos can be convinced to try cock
they aren’t a lesbian then. also, r/thathappened

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Don't worry they'll tell you, kinda like vegans do

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Trains is tough job.

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>who hurt you
That single sentence says it all. Go back to whatever shithole you came from and neck yourself.

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So, how big of a cunt were you towards your ex? I can see why they left you.

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>implying you're talking to the same anon after roughly 13 hours
1st and foremost, i'm not >>10137432,
2nd i'm bi myself, i would have supported you if you didn't come up with such reddit-tier cringe and idiotic assumptions.
Stay deluded.

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A few years ago, I attended a con dressed up as Rainbow Dash. I had rainbow elements on my outfit. I went to the bathroom to fix my make up and this one girl aproachs me and says with these big creepy eyes "Are you representing gay people?". I stand there wondering what is wrong with this person because I'm just trying to be a cute pony and why does rainbow=gayomg. She sees I'm creeped out and quiet and hits again "Please don't ignore me". I noped the fuck off of the bathroom. Just don't be a desperate fuck like that. There are, however, alot of very loud girls screaming about gay shit at every con. They will gladly help you out, maybe not for the better tho. And I'm a Bi girl, but I know what matters and personal space are.

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I go to the bathroom and look under the toilet stall and say "hey nice vagina, gurl".

>> No.10177843

What if she has hairy butt and vag

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Look for people with natural hair dyed any sort of unnatural color, completely straight/level bangs, cat eye glasses and handicap stickers on their vehicles.

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Over heard at least 2 dozen conversations from female tumblrites saying such & such female person with them or who came with them was their wife or girlfriend.

>> No.10178094

Super cool LARP there. Very nice.

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All faggots must hang.

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Try near the 12 and under cosplayers

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Bring a yaoi paddle

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Same. I've also ran into countless transtrenders. I think these transtrenders make everything worse for the trans & non binary communities. I'm sick of the "uwu I'm a hot yaoi boi" people.

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Wow. So not true

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There are discords for every con, often with a meetup tab. Join them and ask around.

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Eh, It's pretty accurate.

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This is a thread about being a faggot and about faggot "culture." If we had a thread about "politics at cons" that shit would get moved. You fags belong on your containment board.

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Liking tomboys doesn't make you a faggot. Why do you want to be an AIDS ridden sodomite?

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found the xx radfem

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>bumping a dying thread for this weak bait

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