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What do you wear lazing around the house?
How do you incorporate your style into your sleepwear?
What's your favourite petticoat?
Do you match the colour of your bloomers and petticoat to your main-piece or legwear?

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would anyone know how to go about making something like this. its so comfy and cute? i want to wear it always around the house!

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>What do you wear lazing around the house?
I wear bloomers and tshirts or long nighties and bloomers because they're really comfortable
>How do you incorporate your style into your sleepwear?
I mostly buy vintage sleepwear but i really would buy brand ones more if i could find them
>What's your favourite petticoat?
Currently own a diamond honey a line, but i'm about to get an ariel & aurora one soon
>Do you match the colour of your bloomers and petticoat to your main-piece or legwear?
Not my petti but with my mainpiece yes. If it's light i'll wear my ivory or whites if it's black i have some black bloomers. I'd like a pair of black meta rose cross bloomers but those chances are slim

these are my dream sets! I actually just bought a Metamorphose roomwear set for a friend of mine as a surprise. I think she'll love it, but i am slightly salty because i'd like my own.

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lmao I feel you, I buy things for my best friend all the time but end up keeping it without ever telling her about it.

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>What's your favourite petticoat?
pic related, it's comfy and gives the perfect amount of poof for my style.
>Do you match the colour of your bloomers and petticoat to your main-piece or legwear?
I tend to match it to my legwear when I can

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Up until last year I only wore sweatpants and leggings around the house, but I treated myself to pic related and now I need more. I'm looking for more gothic lolita inspiration since most of what I can find is pink.

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the only reason i won't be keeping it is because my hips are a little too big to fit into the shorts. i love my friend very much and it's the only reason why i'm not keeping it lolol

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>that grammar
wew sorry about that

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What dress would you wear this petticoat with? Isn't it too big for lolita?

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something like pic related
>Isn't it too big for lolita?
not if you're a giantess like moi.
lolita skirts range from mid-thigh to just above the ankle. long pettis are essential to give full poof to longer skirts.

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>What do you wear lazing around the house?
Mostly thrifted vintage pajamas, or old band tees and sweats when I'm cleaning or doing anything messy like coloring hair or painting.

>How do you incorporate your style into your sleepwear?
Most of my pajamas are basic poly satin button downs/pants/shorts sets and nightgowns. They're comfy but I still feel more luxurious than I would if I slept in sweats. I have a few 1950's nightgowns and peignoirs that are really beautiful too, Victorian inspired sleepwear was a huge 1950's trend.

>What's your favourite petticoat?
desu, I'm always afraid to mention it because it's one meant for vintage fashion from Amazon. I'm hesitant to recommend it to noobs because 99% of Amazon petticoats are terrible, but I've been using this one for years now. It's perfect for a medium amount of A-line poof, so it works really well for classic dresses. It's cheap too so it didn't hurt my wallet to buy 1 in black and 1 in white.

>Do you match the colour of your bloomers and petticoat to your main-piece or legwear?
Yes and no. I have 2 pairs of bloomers each in black and white(4 total), and 2 types of petticoats(big poof and light A-line) also in black and white(also 4 total). I match my petticoat and bloomers, and I wear whichever color blends better with my dress and legwear. I find it's the perfect amount to be able to wear lolita a few times a week and keep up with laundry easily without taking up too much space in my wardrobe. My petticoat and bloomers never show so I'm not worried about precise color matching to my outfit.

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I buy a lot of vintage nightwear too. It’s so gorgeous and comfortable to sleep in, and I love the fabrics. Especially the diaphanous filmy stuff, or anything with pleats. It’s so dreamy and romantic feeling to wear, too.

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Me too. I started investing in some of those negligees since I started watching Mrs Maisel and it's just so dreamy and light to touch. I can't believe I can sleep in it, it's so comfortable.

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Any gothic or classic brands that have black bloomers in stock?

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I'd say meta's bloomers could be used for either. I wear my long raschel lace bloomers with quite a few of my gothic coords.

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I'm looking for black bloomers too but I don't mind if they're from a sweet brand

They don't have black bloomers in stock, only long drawers

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I unfortunately missed the order window, but I noticed when looking through their site that Antique Beast carries bloomers. I know the brand in general has a good rep, but does anyone have any opinions on their bloomers specifically? Are they comfortable?

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I would love to wear stuff from Katie as sleepwear/roomwear but for 20000 yen? No thank you

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those are so nice itd be a shame to hide them under a skirt

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Maxicimam maybe? Haven't tried them myself but I've heard good things about their bloomers

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cute roomwear from taobao

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I sleep in Milky Feather. It's so comfy. breathable, and honestly looks like pajamas when you wear it without a petti.

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I wish I could report taobao shills desu

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why? i thought this was a thread for roomwear, i was looking at some earlier so i thought I'd share? why u so mad?

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I'm just tired of seeing taobao literally everywhere. I can't get away from it.

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nta, but can you please just share some links to where i can buy some roomwear that isn't on taobao right now, at least? that tb store the other anon linked is lovely.

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This looks almost identical to a vintage nightgown I have! If the materials are similar it makes sense that it’d be so comfy for sleep.

My day-to-day style is goth but my roomwear and sleepwear is almost 100% pastel

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ayrt, I sleepwalk so I like sleepwear that I'm not going to cry if I ruin. also to buy socks/slippers/bloomers, things that I'd like multiple pairs of.

post links to other stuff, then. This thread is all pics but no shop links.

re: OP question about bloomers, I wear them everytime I wear lolita, and generally dont care if they match unless they are peeking then yes. I have thicker bloomers for winter, etc.

other than tb, I wear vintage nightgowns and bedjackets around the house.

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I posted most of the images in this thread, what do you want to buy?

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I got a couple of longer lacy nightgown style slip dresses from brands like Franche Lippee and Jesus Diamante off closetchild and they are perfect. Comfy to sleep in and still feels fancy. Other than that I've got a few cutsew dresses from Baby that I use as roomwear just paired with bloomers and ankle socks and they work brilliantly. I've got one ivory cutsew OP in particular that unfortunately I can't find on lolibrary but it has the softest stretchy fabric and the cutest design. It's lined but still airy and has short puff sleeves, making it ideal for wearing around room temperature most days.

Sounds interesting anon! I've been dealing with the problem of most of my pettis being too big and poofy for my daily styles. Would you mind dropping a link?

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nayrt but i want meta roomwear really bad

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Sorry anon! This thread got buried and I didn't see your reply until now. Here's the link-


I find it's perfect for dresses like the low-poof pleated Innocent World ones. The waistband can be a little annoying, I usually have to pull it all the way up to my bra band to keep the bottom from peeking out.
It's not uncomfortable though, if you get the right size it doesn't dig in or roll down at all like some waistbands do.

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Maxicimam cutsew dresses look like they might be reasonably comfy for housewear (maybe not sleepwear since the collars are woven rather than knit)

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Would pic related be hard to find?

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could totally sleep in an AP cutsew. it's the softest yet sturdy cotton I've ever felt

I'm fairly sure there's a hoodie of that print on wunderwelt right now

I have a baby cutsew cropped hoodie jacket and it's super comfy for casual days~ i'm not even tiny like im a lil bit chubby but u can get away with it cos baggy jumpers n stuff

also I love vintage nightgowns and bloomers. soft italian lace from the 70s. it's honestly so nice to sleep in and wear around the house. it helps me not feel so depressed if i can b cute all the time.

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Damn I usually don't buy from wunderwelt because they're so over-priced compared to other secondhand shops

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This shop actually has a ton of cute nightgowns I've been thinking of ordering from.

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If you ever do please consider writing a review! I've been looking at their stuff for a while now but the few pictures people have left don't have me convinced,

In other news, pic related will be up for pre-order on the 16th, I'm not entirely sure if it's meant to be worn out or to sleep in yet, but given the name and everything I'm leaning towards sleepwear. It's 100% cotton too.

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Link? I want it so bad

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Yeah, i feel it. I've made a few orders here and there, like when they do free shipping for over 10000 yen. and casual oldschool stuff is normally a lot cheaper than everything else on WW so it's not so bad

i had a quick look to see if i could find it for you, but it may have been sold, sorry..good luck with your search anon!

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Probably don't choose the dress you posted. I perfectly understand people choosing polyester over natural fibres for the a e s t h e t i c, but I draw the line at taking your beauty-restoring slumber every night while dressed in some kind of plastic bag because c h e a p a e s t h e t i c.

Like how can you claim to be a lolita who can tell quality clothing when you thoughtlessly choose to put your precious body into some cheap plastic dress every night? You're "only" spending one third of your life sleeping, repairing your cells. At least chose something that breathes better so you can help your body, not punish it for being stuck with your brainless self.

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1940s and 1950s ladies slept in nylon and afaik most of them are fine.

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Seconding >>10151270, 100% nylon is actually really breathable and comfortable. It's harder to find nowadays but not impossible. It's not like other polyesters, it's much thinner and more forgiving.

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Cry harder.

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wish aatp would release more like this

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My ultimate loungewear goal is a Catherine D'Lish dressing gown, but I generally go for a kigu in winter and slip + robe in summer. I don't like the feeling of elastic on my legs for just lazing around which has put me off a lot of the lolita roomwear sets, but I'm thinking about making myself a VM-esque long dress to lounge in.

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>wearing underwear


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For breathability you need to take both the fabric structure and weight into account. Just because the fabric is light doesn’t mean it’s breathable. When you compare nylon and cotton clothing made of similar weighted fabric, cotton is much more breathable.

Please invest in some cotton/linen/silk for sleep. Be good to your skin

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Seconding this. I bought a pure cotton camisole + pants sleep set from a thrift store (they even came with a small pouch made of the same floral printed fabric, probably for washing but I'm going to use it for keeping dried herbs under my pillow in) and it's the softest, lightest fabric I have ever felt. It's heaven. I shall now decry all polyester blends as false idols, not worthy of brushing against my pure, virginal maiden flesh.

Probs TMI but wearing them without underwear doesn't just make my pussy breathe, she sings~

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>mfw i didn't know about these but now I need one
anon, what have you done?

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Prepare your wallet. Most of them start at $400+

>> No.10163448

post any of the links to buy them

>> No.10163482

they're gorgeous but damn that seems so impractical to wear. I don't want to be sweeping my floor with my clothing or having to constantly dry clean an outfit that I'd presumably wear every day

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I have a similar floor-sweeping robe although sadly not a Catherine D'Lish one. I have a one-bedroom apartment and live alone so I guess the dirty floor issue isn't so much a problem. I always wear slippers in the house, vacuum regularly, and don't take food into my bedroom which is mainly where I lounge anyway. A little impractical luxury is fun while I can make it work!

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I also have a 1 BR studio apartment but I shed massive amounts of hair so that's the issue for me. :/

>> No.10164012

i'm a disgusting ita who wears t shirts and panties around her house once the meetup or the day is over but i kinda want a cute lounging dress

>> No.10164584

Ah, yes the moulting. I moult a lot in the bathroom, but because I'm trying to grow out my hair I am doing a lot more braids/buns to minimise breakage and having it catch on things generally, so it's not as much a problem in the rest of the house. I tend to try to get the hair off the floor after I've brushed/combed it as well so that it doesn't stick to things.

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I just ordered the Marie Antoinette one with the pink bows down the front, as well as a few other pieces. I'll let you guys know how the quality is when they come in.

The fabric is listed as cotton on a bunch of them, including that one, but we'll see.

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Literally me. I even sleep naked or topless most of the time. I do have a pretty silk robe though

>> No.10165638

where do you store it when not in use? With all that sweeping fur and constant use I just wouldn't want to leave it hanging in a closet or anywhere that could touch the floor. Thinking of maybe getting one and hanging it on a hook on my door

>> No.10165870

I've got a hook behind the door that's reasonably high up, I hang it off that.

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Wendy nightdress from ETC

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I love this

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>What do you wear lazing around the house?
Tshirt and sweats or pajama pants.

How do you incorporate your style into your sleepwear?
All of my sleepwear is dumb cutesy stuff like pic related (which I actually own.) though after reading this thread I'm tempted to add some nightgowns to the pile too.

What's your favourite petticoat?
My Melikestea one of course. It's so fluffy yet so soft. It's a little heavy, but worth it.

Do you match the colour of your bloomers and petticoat to your main-piece or legwear?
Nope. I have two pairs of plain white bloomers I wear with all my lolita. I'm probably going to get more bloomers, but to wear with Fairy Kei instead.

>> No.10178780

are these pyjamas? https://item.rakuten.co.jp/tokyoalice/a95800/

>> No.10179374

No but you could wear them as pyjamas if you wanted