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Old Thread >>10091612

DO put your contact info on your posts

DON’T bring your negativity into this thread

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Send help

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I only want the skirt and only in mint. Put me out of my misery.

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>liking honey cake let alone in the worst colorway

A capful of bleach a day will solve your problem.

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>DON’T bring your negativity into this thread
>do it anyway
not even 10 posts in

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Not that anon but OP was basically asking to have the thread derailed by trolls with their fb-tier "no negativity, only luvlies!!" mention on 4chan of all places.

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not being negative doesn't make you a "luvlies only uwu" it just makes you not an asshole. nobody is telling you to gush over everybody else's DD

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A lot of people who are constantly negative and rude on this board do it because they are boring people. They don't have a personality so they easily pick up on the bitchy mindless /cgl/ drone one. Just ignore it.

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This usually happens organically with ignoring and reporting bait instead of replying to it. Trying to force it by mentioning not to be rude does the exact opposite.

And yet they're still good enough for you to search for your dream dresses.

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>ignoring impending autism in thread

One day I shall find the full set in sax

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one day...

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Currently searching for these pieces. Box 1: Looking to buy by Aug-Sept timeframe. Box 2: Dresses I’ve not see often, only seen them on release days and then they are gone. It would be amazing to find these! Box 3: Basic dresses that I’ve missed out on.

Thank you.

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Bring me peace pls. even if it's just poodle parade

only these cuts/colors except for pleather skirt (will take in any color)

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dropped email

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Lighten up, you are on 4chan.

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Sending you an email!

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One day!!
Good luck to everyone!
These cuts and colourways only!!

Happy Tartan jsk in pink
Nakayoshi bunny in sax
And lovely bakery bear in blue!!

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How much are you looking to spend on Happy Tartan? I have it and it kinda just sits in my closet and I'd let it go for the right price

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My current dream dress (fleur Antoinette MM) is on sale for 200 dollars more than it’s retail price, as well as it’s usual second hand/resell price.

Buyer won’t budge because she knows someone is dumb enough to buy it at 600...

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I dream of these every night

Priority in order: Telephone jsk in blue/red, Telephone jsk in Pink/sax, Nurse Rabbitch Skirt

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I'm hoping AP will do a re-release someday, and put all of us pancake dress fiends out of our misery

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They won't, that petition didn't even get 500 people to sign it. It doesn't even go for high in the japanese market, you find it popping up for 20000-30000¥ frequently.

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I'm thirsting for a Honey Cake re-release but I didn't sign it because OP had to fucking ruin it by being picky about the cut, not to mention the cut they want is really ugly.

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In either the white or black colourway

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The buyer isn’t “dumb.” That’s just the price they’re willing to pay. If it goes unsold she’ll likely lower the price. It’s all about demand and supply.

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I signed it despite it’s not the cut of my choice too. They won’t release just one cut (if only it’s not gonna be a special set again lol) so probably you can choose.
I thought about making a new petition but this might split votes and ruin everything. Also people might not want to vote again so these will be lost as well.

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Tbh that’s not really the criteria. Sweetie violet and melody toys went for around that too. But I think those were more popular with Chinese lolitas, and I don’t think honey cake is really big there

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Sweetie Violet went 300k+ and did well on release.

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same here. i may be delusional but i do think we will see a rerelease of honey cake, but i hope to god its not the cut they wanted in the petition

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Omg shoot me an email and we can talk prices!

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Hoping I’ll find this soon.

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Meta Corset Style Velour OP in any colorway
BTSSB Little Princess Velveteen OP in black

Good luck, everyone!

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You have amazing taste anon!

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I’ll take any colorway of these guys. I’m thirsty for older jsks.

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I am so dumb.

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Toy Fantasy JSK is my priority right now. White only!

I know about the one that's popped up on Y!J a few times recently, but I don't feel comfortable buying from that seller because they have a bunch of negative feedback.

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Only these cuts and colors; yet open on the colorway for the bat apron

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I'll fight you for candy-chan but i think i saw bottom middle on mercari in skirt form in grey

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Honey Cake pink JSK just popped up on Fril

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I've seen it sell at 600 before but I do think it's a bit much because it's in euros. Don't be upset anon, keep on trucking!

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IW Elda JSK in Black. I'll honestly take brown at this point.

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I love the ivory jsk but i’m open to the pink

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Oh I think I found it in another cut

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So, I've actually been buying quite a bit in the last month, and I plan to hop on an upcoming reservation...but, who am I kidding: in the off-chance one of these show up, I'll probably still empty my wallet.

hmu if you see one of these beauties.

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Sugar bouquet has been up on fril for a while

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Anon won't buy it. These threads have become more of a "casual wtb at my leisure" thread than a DD thread

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wait, the jsk in offwhite???
do you have a link? last time I searched it was only the pink jsk listed.
hush child.

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>too stupid to even find it

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nvm found it!
also, who is in here being so hostile for no reason?

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Someone sniped their dream dress and they’ll never recover from the butthurt.

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thanks for the tip anon. Just submitted to my SS.
Jazzed that it comes with the KC, though it's unclear whether the detachable halter straps are included...hopefully they are

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I’m glad you found it! Its one of my long time loves but I’m trying to hold out just in case my DDs pop up, so I’m glad it will be going to someone who also loves it.

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You mean someone else will want it badly enough to pay that much. Do you know how much the seller paid for it? You could ask that

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I know what you mean. it's been a wishlist item for me and I've been trying to self-discipline to hold my dress savings for my grails, but I couldn't pass it up this time.

I hope one of your DDs pops up soon and that you get your hands on it!

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>not liking mint honey cake
what do you have against mint chocolate coords anon
>not everyone has to like the most expensive cut/colorways of honey cake
>personally I always found those colorways overrated

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Honey cake is shit but the neon green with the mint makes it terrible. Most other mint prints are fine but mint honeycake is almost radioactive cupcake tier

>> No.10126849

Can you drop an email? I have the mint skirt and if I ever consider selling it I'll contact you

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mint honeycake is an example of stock photos making dresses look like shit.
bc irl, the mint is very subdued and looked lovely with ivory lace giving off a very nice, 1950s Americana kitchen aesthetic which I'm into personally. But, my opinion is only my opinion huh. Most pics of coords online look like shit tho not gonna lie. They coord it too sweet

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Looking for these dream dresses.

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I know this dress is kind of a meme but I love it and will forever regret not getting the set when it was released.
ISO this color and cut ONLY. Also the matching hat.

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yeah I saw the op...i’m debating getting it or waiting for the jsk

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It's not the same but there IS this:

There's an OP version up as well anons if someone's interested:

I'm searching for that shirring JSK but in pink~!!! I've always been in love with that print.

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Astro Regimen will forever be out of my grasp

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I feel a bit stupid for wanting this dress but it's been a while since Haenuli bought it before me on LM and I'm still bummed about it.

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I found the cat hoodie on mercari and managed to snap it up so the only piece I'm actively looking for now is this capelet

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Was someone searching for the pink cake applique OP? I want to sell it, but don't see the gull who wanted it posting anymore

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>based Boob Jesus
Ascended taste

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Please please please help me get this bear!

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How much would you offer?

>> No.10131593

You and like 50 other gulls.

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Has anyone seen the baby anniversary op in pink for sale?

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Yikes. It goes for $400USD+ easily . Better save up, anon.

>> No.10131666

nayrt on the japanese market it goes for 40-150 usd

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