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>cosplaying as a pedophile

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Freddy was a child killer not a pedo

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In the original movie it's unambiguously stated that he kidnapped, murdered and sexually abused several Elm Street children. Freddy also suffered abuse at the hands of his stepfather in his childhood. Wikipedia does not have all the answers.

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The sjws are at it again. Why make a whole thread for this?

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>kidnapped, murdered and sexually abused
not that the order matters to how horrible this is.....but...extra yikes

this thread is nonsense but I do remember seeing some dumb prequel made within the last 10 years that asserted Freddy was the janitor at a nearby elementary school who kidnapped several students and abused at least one, maintaining a creepy obsessive photo collection of different kids to boot.

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>ignoring the fact he's a serial killer
Do you have problems with people cosplaying murderers? Or do you just draw the line at pedos? Do you clutch your pearls at the sight of a Joker cosplayer? He's murdered countless people and committed sexual assault in multiple variants. Not to mention his abusive relationship with Harley Quinn.

Either cosplaying all manner of fictional villain is okay, or none of it is. People who only sperg about fictional pedos, but don't give a fuck abut murderers and those who sexually victimize adults are some of the grossest kinds of hypocrites.

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This is bait you fucking idiots.

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Regardless if it's bait, there are some people who truly do think like this.

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>people still believe MJ abused children

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There's been some new evidence recently that is pretty compelling

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my man. He dundu nuffin wrong

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