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What is everyone's cosplay plans for the year? Anything big?

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Still pretty new to cosplay, I do more prop work than much anything else. In the end, whatever gets me to build more masks, I'm down for it. But I'm learning new techniques with each successive cosplay.

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I tend to change last minute when cons get closer, but these I can probably say are the three I'm going to stick with for the year.

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>Bionicle cosplay

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Have you started working on that armor already?

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Being in Canada sucks cause the cons are so far apart.

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MH Gen cosplay is a dream of mine but I dont have the resources or time

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yep! about to start painting the legiana headpiece

i know what you mean. i only work on it for about 30 minutes a day, but it's so much fun and i have to force myself to stop to do irl work. mh armor is my dream cosplay and its prob gonna take me months but im so happy to finally do it!! :-)

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Trying to rotate to making actual clothing but I keep getting enchanted by cosplaying. Gilga was supposed to be my last made cosplay, but I played 999 and I had to make jumpy. Nothing else planned so far, nobody else has really captured my interest yet.

also been thinking about making weeb inspired clothing. might take a crack at some of the shit in GFL

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That's why you have to live in Toronto, all the important parts of the country are right there.

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yeaah I am on the west coast, all the good cons around here are in the states or in calgary and I don't want to drive 6 hours one way

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Just one, but I'm hoping to make it a good one. I started cosplaying last year with a bought costume and I wanted to upgrade by making the dress myself. The tutu, wig, nylons, and shoes will be purchased, but I'm making everything else and styling the wig myself. It's been difficult learning new techniques on the fly, especially since I began sewing just under a year ago. But I'm really enjoying the process, so fingers crossed that it turns out the way I hope.

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I'm super excited for my weird mixture this year! Normally I have a theme or something of the sort. But this year I was part of a group, my husband wanted to do a couples cosplay, and I only had room for one single cosplay.

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I'm still pretty new to cosplay, only been to one big con so far. I wanna make sure I have a good cosplay planned. Planning V very soon

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Not exactly a full-fledged cosplay, but I suppose close enough. I just do mask work right now, like pic related. I'd like the build the weapons sometime, and then maybe go all of the way with a cosplay for one of them.
>Way of the House Husband cosplay
Surprised I haven't seen that yet, that should be fantastic though.

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Plans for the year. Aaaah. Excited and really can't make up my mind.

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Holy smokes, you've got a lot on your plate! Good luck in your endeavors, my friend.

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i've been a lot more career focused this year so my cosplans aren't amazing. i'd like a few easy to put together cosplays because if i get hired, i'll have nonrev flight privileges so long as i can fit things on a carry on. looking forward to what the year brings :)

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sry for not cropping, oh well haha

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Yeah. It's kind of a mix of buying and making though honestly so it takes a load of work off haha

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Got a bit of everything going on here. Some of them are only maybe's but I'm really hoping to finish them in time!

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currently working on a Sugimoto Saichi cosplay from Golden Kamuy. I own a type 30 rifle from the Russo-Japanese war so I'm 3d printing a new receiver and barrel and then just droping it into the original stock. I'm going for a very realistic look.

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You have a type and I like it.

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