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People talk a lot about how they wish lolita had better separate events from anime conventions.

What is your ideal? Would you want events like Rufflecon, actual conventions, or would you prefer tea parties like they do in China and Japan?

We have the problem in the US where travel is a lot harder due to its size so that makes it harder for the one day events.

If you could create a perfect large scale lolita event, what would it be?

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The best event I've been to so far was Omnia Vanitas. So sad what happened to SFE. I wish I could do something, organise my own events, but you need an entire team for that and Idk anyone capable. The other European events (in Germany, Finland and Italy off the top of my head) are getting bigger every year so at least that's promising.

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On the other hand, I found OV to have been completely boring. My fav was probably TPC Regalia. Agreed about SFE, this is what happens when we let retarded people like Karin into our communities

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Myths of our own was bloody brilliant, I had a fantastic time. The atmosphere was more friendly than any other lolita event I've been to.

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I feel like Rufflecon had it all. Panels, fashion shows, brands small and large, shopping and a tea party.

Can someone give more info on what Omnia Vanitas and Myths of Our Own was like?

I wish the US had events like Street Fashion Europe. I think we should have one that is in a different state each year. Start with East Or West Coast because there's a lot more concentration there. Also it would probably be a general Jfashion or Alt fashion event to be able to pull more people.

Also I hope that brands start showing in NY or LA fashion week. I feel like this will bring lolita closer to the other fashion world and move it further from the weeb world. And while they're there do a real fucking brand tea party Japan/China style. Ours are truly embarrassing.

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Could you tell me about the events and what you liked or didn't like? I'm US based so I haven't even heard of these.

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DESU I would prefer a small meetup with just a few of the prettiest and best dressed girls, maybe with complementary or themed outfits. But I'd feel bad trying to organize an event like that since I'd have to exclude a few of my dear friends whose aesthetics don't match. Large scale events have too many itas (including overdressed idiots).

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I want so badly to do this but I don't even know how to get started. I feel like I would need to have more people to ever start something that ornate.
Not to mention the fact that it would probably need to be a Kickstarter thing, which is intimidating with how many go off the rails.

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Don't lolita events pull enough people? RC and SFE events always sold out quickly

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This x1000. As someone who attended the event from overseas, I was so impressed. I only wish I could have stayed for the afterparty.

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>meetup with just a few of the prettiest and best dressed girls

Too bad you won't be invited to your own meet.

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They do but the whole "not enough people" argument is what is always used to justify lolitas at anime cons. So instead of a weeb con I'd much rather attend an alt fashion con.

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This is something I worry about though. Would people really travel for a Lolita event in the US?

How big was Rufflecon?

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If you haven't been to any big lolita event before why do you want to organise one? Get some experience first

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I think it's more likely the other way around. Anime cons have started to cater to other ''geeky'' things instead of just anime because people are less interested in anime now. Understandably so, there isn't as much good anime as even 10 years ago.

People travel for brand events from all over the world

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I think older working lolitas will just like they travel to cons. The other alt fashions seem a lot more lazy and will probably have just the locals. That's probably why the East Coast is a better start because there's a lot of small states lumped together where it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to travel.

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Fair. I am most fantasizing and wanted to talk to other people about it.
I want to get to Paradiso next year and get an idea of what the scene is like. Are there really any other ones left?

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Are there any events organised by lolitas (similar to RC and SFE) in Asia, or do they rely on official brand tea-parties organised by the brands themselves?

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People from all over the world went to Hellocon for Moitie

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>so sad what happened to SFE

Did I miss something? What happened?

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Only about three whole threads worth of drama. Go check an archive if you want to know that bad.

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I'm traveling for Paradiso.

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I’m American (east coast) and would rather fly to Europe for an event than anywhere around here, especially the Midwest. I often fly to Europe for work and pleasure anyway. Any events anons would recommend? I can get by in French and German as well as English.

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I’m local to Paradiso and feel extremely lucky for it.

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most people traveled to rufflecon from what i noticed. i'm planning on traveling to paradiso next year. i really wish there were more us events though

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Obviously traveling to Europe is preferable, but not everyone can afford that. This is like saying hamburgers shouldn’t exist because filet mignon tastes better.

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I never understand when people that drop $500 on a dress say that other, frankly more interesting luxury purchases like travel are too expensive. Anyway, it doesn’t cost much more to go to Europe than to the Midwest or west coast from the east coast.
So which European lolita event is best for a visitor?

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If you live in the midwest, Europe is at least 1k to visit. Depending which part of the midwest you can fly to the coast for 300. But it also adds up if you are in the middle of nowhere and need connecting flights.

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>tfw been to Rufflecon
>tfw you've never spent more than $200 on a dress and your wardrobe is mostly brand.

Some people don't drop everything on dresses, anon. Priorities also exist. One time trip or something I can have for life?

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This was my mindset until I started traveling pretty much nonstop a few years ago. (I work freelance.) Of course, it’s even better than I can visit new places in clothes that I love, but I don’t make it a priority if it’s not practical. I can’t tell you what to do but in my case it was seriously worth it to hold off shopping for a while for the sake of seeing the world.

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Also, not sure where you’re getting those numbers but unless you need to fly the day you buy your ticket it’s rarely more than $600-700 to go to Paris from Chicago (or like $200 to NYC)

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What all do you do at these big lolita conventions? I've always been curious.

My comm (san francisco) has had several bigger (75-100 people) events that are like an extra-fancy tea party + vendors, raffle, and other activities. I enjoy going to those kind of events, and some out of town folks do attend so it's a nice chance to meet new people, but I couldn't ever see myself traveling just for the sake of going to a multi-day lolita convention. Even though I'm pretty into lolita and wear it all the time, I can't imagine what would be so entertaining to fill up an entire weekend just about lolita. If the main draw is the shopping, I think I'd rather just go to japan.

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Just did, what a shame. I'd always hoped to go to their events but they really fucked up. I'm sure Träumerei will be great but I still don't understand why they built so much hype for an event they knew would be small.

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Obviously it depends where you're from. I'm not from Chicago nor would I fly there. The midwest is huge anon.

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Yes, flying from the third largest city in America is cheaper.
We are talking like flyover states.

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Eurofags, what’s the best jfashion event to travel to over there?

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Probably Hellocon, they've been very consistent with quality and they get great guests.

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If someone was to create a new big event, honestly these would be the criteria I would use to decide whether to go:
#1 (most important)
The organizer(s) reputation in the community. I'm not traveling far and risking tons of money for an event planned by a noob. I'd better either know you or know of you. Id also ask my mutual friends to vouch for your planning skills. You'd also need to have made at least some large scale meets for your comm before. It's not that I dislike strangers but I don't want to get trapped in some shitshow where I find out the organizer is some sort of Jon Leigh wannabe.
#2 location
Events in the middle of nowhere are cheap to run but not very attractive
#3 attendees
If my friends are going then I'm 1000 times more likely to go too
#4 guests
I don't really care about models or designers

I just want to hang out with people really

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Who in their right mind calls a lolita event "Modern Doll Fest"?
They're going to attract so many weirdos

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the floating hands in that art are weird, and that is not how bonnets work on someone's head

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I tried to convince myself OV wasn't so bland, but... I've enjoyed TGE so much. There is other in Italy, will try to go
(still no big events in my country, sad)

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TGE? What event was that and what was good about it vs Omnia Vanitas?

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The event looks good though

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What I want? I want a lolita murder mystery dinner. That is what I want.

It could start around noon, at first have vendors selling stuff, a fashion show maybe. A photoshoot. Have time to chill and meet other lolitas and all. At around 5 pm the dinner could start. Full course of food, have time in between for people to investigate the murder(s) in teams. After like 9 pm the murderer could be revealed and groups who guessed right receive prizes. Then there could be an after party for dancing & drinking for those who like that kind of entertainment.

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2.5 days long, brand guests, a few high quality vendors like Closetchild and Wunderwelt, brand fashion show, tea party with high quality Chinese teas and very fresh food (sweets, veggies, fruit, finger food that isn't from GFS or Costco), good aesthetic to the location with actual historical or artistic value (no cheap photo corner/ photo set)

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I'm gonna remote vend at that. The photos they had from last showed a very well put together Lolita community.

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Just look at the schedules

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#1 is so dumb. Someone good at being efamous in a niche hobby doesn't necessarily have organising experience. Besides most of the euro girls that organise lolita events, are well-known because they organise events. They were nobodies before then.

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You will love Traumerei then

Lolitas all over the world have called their style doll inspired and some are into collecting dolls too. Most big lolita brands have done doll related collabs.

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The best event I've been to is hellocon last year! That was awesome.

I know everyone loved attending rufflecon but behind the scenes it was such a mess and I'm glad it's gone. That was such a predatory event

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Why would doll attract more weirdos than lolita?

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Y tho?

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I’d totally go to Finland for this! Is the next one “witches’ follies” in October or is that something else?

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Because the artist sucks. Event should be good though, RDRR have a good track record

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I’d love this! Especially for Halloween.

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Living dolls, BJD people

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Ayo SF!

I went to Rufflecon a couple years back, I had a great time and would have gone back if it hadn't been for the hotel issues. I liked being able to hang out with lolitas from other states and meeting people I'd spoken to on the internet in real life, I enjoyed a lot of the panels, and of course drinking the whole con. Being able to see some vendors in person was cool, too, because some of the indie brands you don't get to see in person that often. It's more of a socialization thing than going to Japan, which I use to primarily focus on shopping and sight-seeing.

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That's much better than pedophiles, nymphets and sissy's. Living dolls have a bad reputation because they show the weirdest ones in the media and make them look even crazier on purpose, just like they try to do with lolita. They don't show the normal living dolls who just like the doll aesthetic. BJD has always been a common hobby among lolitas, and I would be happy to see BJDs at a lolita event, even though I don't have any dolls myself.

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"Modern Lolita Fest" would definitely grab the attention of local crazy people more. And also the police.

>> No.10131320

Who is the artist? If only she had put the bow a little bit higher..

>> No.10131328

>normal living dolls
I know Lolita is a far out fashion by normie standards, but wanting to "be a doll" is fucking creepy by all standards.

>> No.10131332

That's my point, they don't "want to be a doll". You just think that because of the plastic surgery monsters they like to show on TV. For most people it's a fashion or hobby, just like lolita.

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Nayrt and I don't know her but this person honestly sounds less strange than the article they did about a lolita
I also know a living doll who just experiences it as an extension of cosplay. Instead of copying a character she can experiment with her own make-up and style. If you think living doll is creepy, what do you think of cosplayers who act in-character, steampunk personas, and these people >>10103897? It's not a normie hobby, but to say they're all creeps is a bit much.

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Nayrt and I don't know her but this person honestly sounds less strange than the lolita they interviewed
I do know a living doll irl who just experiences it as an extension of cosplay. But istead of copying a character she can experiment with her own make-up and style. If you think living doll is creepy, what do you think of cosplayers who act in-character, steampunk personas, and these people >>10103897? It's not a normie hobby, but to say they're all creeps is a bit much. I didn't expect lolitas to be so judgmental about other unusual hobbies.

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creepy victorian doll is literally my aesthetic. it works when you wear gothic.

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Amor Barocco just dropped a teaser.

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Nice, where was this posted?
I’m hoping the painting means the next event will have a Spanish theme, can’t wait to bust out my abuela’s lace fans and mantilla

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Does anyone know when they'll announce the rest of the venues for Traumerei? It's been all quiet on that front for months.

>> No.10133633

where does it say they will have multiple venues?

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Paradiso is still selling day 1 tickets! You should go this year.

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It's also implied the evening event will be held in a different location

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Judging from the other updates we've been getting (more stalling with ~tourism tips~), probably not for another few weeks at least.

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Ooh if you're lucky, you could possibly rent out a Victorian house on Airbnb. I know some historical home societies often host mystery dinner events, but a whole house for lolita guests only would be dope

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as long as they keep "living" doll out of the title, I think its ok.

But DAMN, lolita art-chan got a nice rack. Would be a shame if, ya know, she put on a BLOUSE.

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Yeah Witches' Follies is their next event. It seems like they are trying to make something different this year with the get a way concept. The witch theme in October and the castle sounds fun but I'm really just waiting for more information so I can decide if it's worth it.

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best event I went, so hyped to see more

>> No.10134211

Some of top staff went on crazy power trips and were assholes to staff and guests.

>> No.10136236

Do we have any idea how many tickets there were after all? I'm on the waiting list but I'm not sure how likely it is.

>> No.10136237

Never heard of this

>> No.10136238

They did The Grand Embassy in Barcelona and I think they did Omnia Vanitas in association with SFE

>> No.10137705

The only way another American alt fashion con would work is if everyone stuck together. There was drama at Frill and RC. Somehow Paradiso stayed under the radar with drama. It's like we want it,but can't play nicely with each other.

>> No.10138757

I heard a number around 150

>> No.10138759

Anyone get an email regarding Paradiso modeling?

>> No.10138811

That's very small for SFE, it's weird for an org representing EU egl to be so exclusive. Anyone else think it might be their last event?

>> No.10138855

So I'm a mod for my local comm, and I'm working our way up to this. I feel like you have to start with smaller, well-managed events. We did several cafe meets where we picked themes, had a raffle or two, and got decent attendance. Then last year for summer ILD we did a catered tea party for about 30-35 including a small swap area. Now this year for ILD we're doing a larger (45 people) tea party event. We're bringing 6 vendors including a few out of state vendors that will be "remote vending" (sending their stuff but not coming themselves).

The first few events were just "Show up & Buy a coffee or something". Then we started working with cafes for set menus, charging ahead of time on Paypal. Then with our tea party last year, we did tickets through EventBrite (Note - I hated using eventbrite, use TicketSpice instead, which is what we're doing now). It helps that we have mods who are working adults with disposable income that can contribute in renting spaces and caterers up front.

Our goal is to keep this up for another year or two, start engaging the local communities around ours (there's several other major cities in driving distance), and eventually get to a large scale (150~200) with a brand guest. It's a long climb, but if you're willing to put in the work to ramp up, do alot of advertising and marketing, it can be done.

>> No.10138863

>PMX has exclusive hold on good lolita events in the 2010s
>PMX starts stagnating and failing
>Fashion department bails forming their own Facebook page with "events to come"
>Everyone in SoCal is excited because fashion was the only reason to attend PMX
>3 years of silence
I just wish SoCal had any major fashion events. We have an enormous community with plenty of big spenders. Loads of out of staters would totally come out. Even AX's fashion sucks. It's usually small rando jfash brands, never any lolita.

>> No.10140012

They just released ticket prices, not much other info though.

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The mods in this comm are a great team, they genuinely love the fashion, and it's a very large, active comm with a lot of members who show up to meets regularly and are willing to pay for events. It's in large city with other large cities nearby (as >>10138855 already said). Our area has frequent conventions and gatherings as well, which keeps interest very high, and keeps us members in contact all of the time. We're also blessed to have a larger-than-average Asian population compared to other cities in our country, which means more gathering places (cafes, restaurants, shops, etc) that are culturally connected to the fashion. Of course, all of that would be for naught without the time and effort our mods put into our meets. (We're all stoked for this year's spring ILD meet.)

While we do have a weird, wonderful set of circumstances in our area that makes for a (mostly) amazing community of lolitas, you don't have to make it huge and ornate for it to be fun and enjoyable. And start small if you have to--our mods have spent years building this comm into what it is, and nothing this magical happens overnight.

Side note: it would be super exciting to become one of those major cities that gets to host official brand events. Let's use our collective effort and will to make that happen.

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I'm also traveling for Paradiso.

>> No.10141437

Did you (or anyone else) get an email about modeling? I'm still waiting.

>> No.10141438

I feel as if their last even was omnia vanitas, and this is a completely different organisation with the same name

>> No.10141485

What magical mythical city is this

>> No.10141500

also travelling for paradiso. and traveled for rufflecon. I would rather travel for an all-lolita event than a general con with a guest.

>> No.10141832

One of the new organizers (German) basically wanted to hold a big party for only her friends. That’s why the attendance numbers were kept low with priority to repeat attendees and even some got tickets in advance before ticket sales

>> No.10141919


>> No.10142188

Yeah that's been embarrassingly obvious to everyone for a while now. Shameful behaviour.

>> No.10142204

Each of the SoCal counties gets a twig up their asses and dont want to go to events outside of where they live, especially Los Angeles and Inland Empire girls. Orange County and San Diego members sometimes travel for meets but everyone else whines about meets that are a 40 minute drive away. I doubt any more big events will happen here

>> No.10142255

I'm travelling with a group of lolitas to Paradiso from Canada.

>> No.10142332


The way that organiser replied to comments on the event page during the ticket release fiasco was so passive aggressive and bitchy too, really unprofessional.

I agree with a previous anon though, I think this'll be the last SFE event. The whole lead up to the announcements seemed messy and disorganised. I don't really think SFE represents any street fashion in the EU anymore, just a group of, dare I say it, elitist old timers.

I'm so glad there are actually new events happening though, intl tea parties are popping up everywhere and it's really exciting to see new blood taking the reins and developing the calendar.

>> No.10142359

>Inland Empire girls
I know you aren't local if you think that IE is a separate group from OC these days.

>> No.10142629

Paradiso is not allowing print replicas, I just noticed it in their dress code section. I know they had some trouble with it last year so it's good to see them just quietly change the rules in order to deal with it. I'm looking forward to going and I'll do some shopping.

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>> No.10142657

Basically a long weekend event much like Rufflecon that switched from east to west coast every other year, with a committee to run it. I'm not sure what happened to dissolve Rufflecon and Frill though.

>> No.10142819

What event is this?

>> No.10142833

There's some dumbasses in my comm that think they can work up to holding international events this year when they biggest thing they've scheduled is ringing up a restaurant and putting a reservation for 20 people down.

>> No.10142875

We have a few girls like this in my comm too. They think because they've been to a few international events that they can run one. Sweetie, no.

>> No.10142879


>> No.10143085


Anyone get e-mails yet? I'm still waiting as well.

Just wanted to know if they reached out to models already and if the rest of us still have yet to get our notifications.

>> No.10143301

I never said they were, salt chan. I said IE girls, not an IE comm

>> No.10143304

And I'm saying the people from IE travel more than other comms considering how many of them are in Orange County comm.

>> No.10143356

It's been a recent thing where people have been complaining about meet suggestions being "too far" from them, all while complaining about too few meets. It seems like some people, mostly people who don't actually live in OC, want to go to meets that are close to them. Which wouldn't be a problem if they weren't in a comm for a different county.

>> No.10143887

Literally who?

>> No.10144014

I haven't. I imagine it'll be a while though. They just closed submissions and keep in mind, all the brands and designers have to choose from people who submitted to them.

>> No.10144021

Yea okay I'll just post names on cgl. You're obviously not too bright and you're overly defensive for some reason.

>> No.10144089

Ah, okay, I get it now. You're a shit stirrer even when there's nothing to stir.

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