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With the rise in popularity of Action Lolita and the other Youtuber threads, I thought it'd be nice to discuss FluffyKawaiiJo and her content. Personally, I think she's cringe af.

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She's semi-ugly, boring, tries too hard and doesn't deserve a thread.

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She's really fucking ugly

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She wouldn't look that bad if she dressed in normie clothing. But lolita and other kawaii uguu styles really emphasize unfortunate faces like that and make them look extra ugly.

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She's ugly. Her video about modeling for AP and wanting to made me cringe. She had to know that the reason she wasn't picked wasn't just that she wore Baby.

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I like her interviews with other lolitas. But besides that I'm not really in to her.

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Wow, why attack her looks? It's not like she's fat or anything, she just has unique facial features.

I'm personally not inspired by her coords and don't find most of her content captures my interest, but I think she seems like a genuine person and is trying to make unique content for the community. If she continues to improve I think she has a lot of potential.

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I keep thinking of her name as FluffyKeijo. What is wrong with me

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You guys are too wrapped up in tiny round/cute/young faces being the only appealing look of a person. She has more western facial features and she's in her 30s but I would never call that ugly. Not your type, sure. Not suited for sweet? That's a personal opinion.

I've never heard of her until this post where I went to check her intro, but then I don't watch a lot of youtubers. She seems pretty cool and as an older lolita I value that she is making an effort to encourage other older lolitas even if it appears she leans toward sweet and that is not my aesthetic at all. Her accent is odd but I can understand her and that's not really her fault.

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You're ugly stop pretending you aren't

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I don’t watch a lot of youtube either, but I recently deleted my Instagram so I’m looking for more lolita youtubers and beyond the super popular ones I’m having trouble finding any with decent camera/microphone talent- making them utterly unwatchable.
I literally do not care if someone is ugly or fat so long as they have good content and editing.

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She looks like the fucking penguin, it's really distracting and jarring when she dresses in cute clothing.

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>She's not ugly, she just has unique facial features.
>She's not ugly, she just has western facial features.
I mean I partly agree that she's not that ugly but c'mon.

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I mean I'm not gonna pretend you wouldn't think so.

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I like her for the most part. Sometimes I feel she's a bit ita, but maybe it's because her style isn't really mine, so I let it pass. She makes some interesting content sometimes, and while her Action Lolita thing is a bit ridiculous (seriously, you can pretty much do anything in lolita, but it doesn't mean it will be appropriate and/or practical/comfortable/etc), it's new content, and it's sometimes funny. I do think some of the girls in it are pretty ita though, but I wouldn't want to wear my most expensive brand to do any of this stuff either, so they get a pass I guess.

She's really the only consistent lolita youtuber at the moment. You can tell she really loves the fashion and tries to make her videos accessible to all kinds of lolita.

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Have you seen Jo's face in profile? It's very distinct.
I'm not the best at photoshop, but here's a quick edit to show how much a little work on the nose and microblading could bring her towards "average" looks. She would almost never get comments on her face again if she had a bit of work done.

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I don't think she's cute but expecting people to get plastic surgery is ridiculous. I agree on the eyebrows though

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I've had nose work done, it's not that big of a deal. Just find a surgeon with a great portfolio.

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Nose jobs are never worth it anon
If she actually gave a shit about her face she’d just do better make up.

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Totally agree. I hate too cute girls who are super boring and only post hauls. There's no value for me there. I much prefer the ugliest lolitas like Lor and this girl that actually make interesting content like interviews, promoting older lolitas, real news and discussion about the fashion.

I don't like fawning and fangirling over some chick's looks. I'm here for the coords.

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I think I like her. Sure she is not the prettiest gal out there but her videos have good production value and she seems kind. I am not sold on the concept of doing major activity in lolita because why would you, but wtv

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I'd not put videos of myself online if I looked like her. Especially the AP modeling one, I got such bad second hand embarrassment

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Agree with this anons analysis. Honestly some of you all are just not used to specific looks and have no fuckin idea of what ugly is .
Also have never heard of her or her content though I am sure it cant be that bad.

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Damn, what kind of uggos are you surrounded by to think that beak is anywhere near average?

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She's okay, I really like her production value. But she tends to go on tangents a lot so I watch most of her videos at 1.5/2x speed. I find it helps with her slowness of speaking in English, though her French videos are great.

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I mean I get she’s not attractive but she seems like a good person from what I’ve seen so you don’t need to be mean about it

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Fuck off Jo.

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Fuck of Kim

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I don't know who that is, but you should stop being so fucking sensitive Jo. That comment wasn't harsh at all and said nothing about her attractiveness. Put a bag over your head you ugly fat cunt

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Oh, I am not Jo, I just thought we were doing random guesses, as usual

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Sure you're not. That's why you got upset over a comment that said literally nothing about her apperance.

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