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Why can‘t lolcow into banter and cgl can? It‘s strange because lolcow was a board essentially created because banter wasn‘t allowed anymore.

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That whales legs make me want to vomit

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Who do we enable this self-destructive behavior again?

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most people can't control that but go off i guess.

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Nobody forces these people to eat so much food. It is by their own design that they are overweight.

Protip for anyone browsing, you don't need to work out to lose weight. Literally just limit yourself to 1 meal a day and drink lots of water.

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because we got tired of every other comment on /cgl being 'lol ur fat'. lolcow is the containment board for that boring bullshit and it needs to stay there.

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>hurrduurr stop eating, starve, and let your organs fail so u can be pretty for strangers on the internet

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nayrt but intermentent fasting is a thing that plenty of people do without their organs failing. stop making excuses fatass.

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You know for a fact that your claims have no basis, please just accept the truth.

Fasting is a tried and true weight loss method used for decades.

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Yup cause starvation and morbid obesity are the only options. No such thing as a healthy weight. Funny of you to talk about organ failure though, given how your heart will be failing at a young age.

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>because we got tired of every other comment on /cgl being 'lol ur fat'.
Whenever I check cgl there's always infighting and derailing in nearly every single thread with people screeching "fatty-chan" left and right. No matter what the argument is about, no matter if the person you accuse of being fat already said "Uhm, actually I'm even underweight...?", "fat" is always the go-to insult. And it's so tiring.
One would think that cosplayers, who are showing their bodies, would care this much about weight, but no, it's always only lolitas being autistic fucks.
Whenever a gull is so hardpressed on calling everybody else fat, it always makes me think that being skinny is probably the only thing she's got going for her. People who are beautiful all around don't need to constantly stress the importance of one specific physical trait.

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Samefag, but that picture is also pretty ironic. Nobody would deny that this girl isn't obese and therefore horrible looking. We can all agree on this.
But people just love to either accuse random anons of being fat or nitpick girls who probably still have a healthy bmi. And this is what's so annoying.
Concentrate more on actual fat people.

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>No such thing as a healthy weight
Stop. Please.

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