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Togs, has this ever happened to you?

I've been shooting cosplay for a few years now and enjoyed a decent amount of success. The vast majority of the time I'll plan a shoot with a cosplayer and after a few weeks we'll do it without any problems. But probably about a 3rd of the time, I'll meet a cosplayer at a con and they're really excited for a shoot, talk to them online and they're still really excited for a shoot. We'll decide on the outfit, themes, shots, even set dates to meet.

And then they'll just vanish. Completely, without a trace. All my messages will be on not seen and I'll never hear from them every again.

It's just so weird that they'd go 90% of the way to organising a shoot and then just (presumably) give up on it.

Any similar experiences?

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Cosplayers (with a media presence) are usually flakey people desu. I don't know if you're friends with any of them but a lot of them seem to be flying by the seat of their pants for cons and personal lives. I had to quadruple verify shoots for con A because they kept substituting for B & C UNTIL week of con A. Nobody ever gave me a heads up, they only made random announcements on their Instagram stories when the dropped/picked up the con again and again.

The EGL people however are super committed and consistent and l love them for that.

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Do shoots with people who have less than 10k followers and you won't have this problem

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Someone I know is supposedly friends with a lot of cosplay photographers and calls them her “bitches”, saying that they will do anything and everything she wants pertaining to photography

By this she means she takes two hours to get ready and pushes the photo shoot back a few hours because of that, making her friend wait on her and not be able to enjoy the con

If you’re a photographer just make sure you are firm with people if you don’t want to get walked all over

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Strict "You get 15 min, otherwise 0 refund," for paid shoots and for friends I walk away tbf.

Eh, I've worked with huge people who aren't flakes, but you make sure to establish this early.

Its why I charge ( a small amount, no where close to high rates, its 2 hours of minimum wage), enough to say "Hey it's your money," for this very reason.

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I now require deposits on all shoots because of the flakes.

The last time I made an exception was some girl who BEGGED me to not have to pay a deposit and that she would pay me at the time of the shoot.
I emphasized why I don't do that anymore and she begged and begged. I finally said okay and then showed up on time at the shoot, waited, texted, called, and 2 hours later she let me know that she had to cancel.

Never again. She ruined it for everyone now.

In my experience, always assume a cosplayer is going to need more time and going to have cosplay issues. Communicate as much as you can!

Solid advice, really.

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Charge them for a shoot, and deduct the time they're late from they're shoot.

They book you for a 30 minute shoot and they're late 25 minutes, then they have a 5 minute shoot left. After that, you can take off or be generous and keep shooting, but they knew the rules.

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>No refunds day of con/week before con
How many cosplayers have given you shit for this, even when you stated this upfront?

First time charging after shooting for free for a while and kind of worried the above is going to happen.

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If they nodded along and then bailed last minute before committing, I hate to break it to you but they probably didn't want to shoot. If you have this problem over and over again, you are the common factor. Either they bailed when you gave them a price (either higher than the cosplayer wanted or they didn't realize you were going to charge them), or they never wanted to shoot with you to begin with and didn't know how to tell you no, especially if you asked them in person.

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If they don't agree with it, they don't have to shoot with you. That's literally what it comes down to. If it's a problem, go find someone else that doesn't have that policy.

You're good m8

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Thanks buddy

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Tog here, I generally just walk around cons and only charge if they want to set something up ahead of time.
gold advice right here.

this dudes policy is good. I may pick it up as well.

I had pay me at the time of the shoot thing going i wasn't worried about refunds or anything but i was ghosted once after waiting for someone. not really heartbroken but that spot could've gone to someone else who Would have been able to make the shoot.

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Why the fuck do 80% of male photogs look horrendously fat and unkempt?

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Because they're neckbeards using photography as their ticket to approach cute girls who wouldn't give them the time of day outside of cons

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Who the fuck cares so long as it's good photography.

Sounds like someone wishes they were better at taking photos.

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Sounds like someone is fat and unkempt

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kek did that hit a sore spot

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Many of them are man babies and do not wish to grow up. Their infantilization get encourage by their dream of a cosplay girlfriend that will touch their penis.

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Fat fuckin yikes from me bud

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Not gonna lie, as a cosplayer the only reason I ever "ghost" a photographer is if they did something that really put me off in person but I don't wanna call them out directly to their face. Lots of attitude issues people don't realize are issues. Like you bet if I hear a photographer shittalking other cosplayers during our shoot I'm never gonna work with them again. I'm a girl who only does male costumes at cons, and you'd be shocked how many photographers take that as meaning I'll relate to and love the conversation of "oh wow its so nice to shoot something that isnt SLUTTY or a COSTHOT like xyz who's such a BITCH to shoot with." I've seriously ghosted like 5 dudes over that exact convo.

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Big same. idk what dudes think they are doing by putting down other women to me. I'm not 'not like the other girls' teenager anymore.

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Holy shit this, I’ve ghosted a photographer because when we’d shoot, he’d make up rumors about other cosplayers and how they were such shitty bitches who totally led him on and just couldn’t admit how interested they were in him to themselves. I told him I was busy the next few times but he kept insisting on planning shoots with me and messaging me over and over. So I just kept ghosting him until he stopped trying to shoot with me.

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One thing I like to say to creeps who keep bothering me to shoot is that I specifically work with female photographers. Which is mostly true, though I also shoot with my male photog friends. But it gets the weirdos off my back without directly having to ghost them or tell them off.

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Yeah, I straight up NEVER work with a man who approaches me first any more. I've had too many uncomfortable shoot experiences to ever trust it, even for nice free photos.

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Love how clear the line is between photographers who started posting in this thread versus when cosplayers started weighing in.

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The thread was about cosplayers ghosting photographers. I don't see a problem with said cosplayers dropping in to tell them why tf they're doing that.

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Eugene Manning, Alex Kaplan or Gerardo Flores?

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How do people even still remember this guy?
Last time I saw, he was having a complete meltdown about being fired from his job and having his camera + equipment stolen. Even when he had his equipment, his stuff was bad enough to the point where no one seemed to acknowledge his existence.

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Someone give me tips to gracefully ghost a cosplayer, or at the very least turn them down.
There are a couple that aren't the most pleasant to work with due to either being rude, obnoxious, incredibly demanding, etc. and I really have no idea how to say no.

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I'm the photog, not the cosplayer.

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Just say you're booked?

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None of those, but it’s nice to know that creeps always use the same tactics.

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I usually post an ad on Facebook/insta about booking. If I bump up my ad on FB or post about having slots still available I wouldn't know what to tell the person I initially said "Sorry I'm full!" to.

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He runs the video department for that Times Square convention Liberty City Comic Con last I saw someone mentioning him

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I'm already scheduled.

If they come back and complain saying you already said you were booked but now booking again, say someone dropped out.

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If you are doing it for money, shut the fuck up and bite the bullet to offer your services to people who want it.
I don't know how you book things but if you are too pussy to tell them directly, ask them their availability and then say you are booked at those times.

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Don't listen to the first part >>10132748 , you don't have to shoot people who you don't want to
But yea, just ask them when and then say you've been booked for those times.

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Another problem I've noticed, it seems with more and more people getting cameras, you also get more and more creeps... Then with all this coming to light about who's a creep in the photog world, Then you get someone new / not well known to the scene and that can kind of skeeve cosplayers away. Most, if not all of them would rather avoid the drama and just ghost. We all know how some people take to a person saying "No thanks"

The only thing you can do is build your portfolio the best you can, work with as many people are willing to and eventually it'll be easier to get gigs and people won't ghost on you as often.

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Doesn’t always work, every single cosplayer I’ve had flake at the last minute has been under 1k
That’s why I’m going the deposit route from now on

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i've had cosplay girls and some others that i've met at the cons ask me to accompany them to these shoots. seems there has been some shady stuff happening and aren't feeling safe.
it's also a reason why now i see setups inside the con in front of everyone.

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Smart! only with friends I would not go this path. As a level of trust was built over time. Random people that reached out deposit route is what I do.

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I generally shoot with women, they tend to be more reliable than guys.

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Can I get recommendations for photogs who like to incorporate scenery into their shots instead of studio-esque portraits?
Either gender is fine as lonh as they aren't a creepy, thirsty male.

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Muze, Bunnytuan, Aesth.__, Lost Dumplings

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Henteko.jpg is a gull that does this sort of stuff and I had a great time working with him. Amanda Swanson does good scenery work, at reasonable rates, and also location shoots, if you're in the Southeast.

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What area are you located?

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Northeast US.

Was following lost dumplings and Muze, but I just followed the middle two, thanks! Shame Aesth doesn't seem to be in the US but I still want their stuff on my feed.

Also just followed those two ty anon. Looks like Amanda comes up to the NE sometimes since she went to Katsu.

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Dancing Squirrel Photography is little known but pretty good.

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>Alex Kaplan
Wait, this guy has a name for himself? Spill the dirt, I ended up in a hotel room with him and thought he was kind of weird but didn't know there was more to it.

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Lucky photography is no more than a hobby for me so I'll be more than happy to walk away if someone I organize a shoot with does a 360 and be late to a shoot.

But if I spent money on something for the shoot I expect to be reimbursed

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West Coast photographer suggestions?
Also, who to avoid.

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I always get a creepy perv vibe from him. His sister doesn't even associate with him.

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>do shoot with cosplayer
>she apparently likes them, posts them on her insta and get a shit ton of likes
>I personally hate the shots, think they're garbage snapshits

>don't post them, she posts a story about photogs not posting at least 1 picture of everyone they shoot with on their insta

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You admit you took bad photos that the cosplayer still liked? I 'd be pretty relieved in that situation even if she is a little petty.

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Not as juicy as I'd hoped, but yeah. I kind of get that from him too.

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I would avoid all the free photographers on the west coast. I wouldn't trust anyone who has thousands of dollars in equipment and doesn't charge.

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I would avoid all the free photographers on the west coast. I wouldn't trust anyone who has thousands of dollars in equipment and doesn't charge. It's like having a master chef with all these awards, but they do your wedding for free. There has to be a catch, and it isn't a good one.

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Honestly depending on the photog a blowjob wouldn't necessarily be that bad of a trade for a shoot.

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...You're in the minority there.

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I'm curious who you have in mind when saying that. I'd like to see their work.

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Seconding this, very curious.

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Maybe saying they were garbage snapshits was a bit of an exaggeration as they objectively aren't bad shots, they just weren't the sort of "exceptional keeper/portfolio" shots to me.

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No photographer is worth your dignity.

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Looks like it's time to git gud.

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It's interesting to see the difference in cosplay photography in USA compared to europe (not familiar with asia). In Europe, a photographer rarely charges you, it's usually illegal to charge for photos at most conventions. Also off-con photoshoots are usually pay your own costs (or rental/location costs) only (ftp based) and often enough you can even sell prints without charged by the photographer (with permission of course).
And so far I like our european cosplay photography in terms of quality location photography a lot more. Obviously you have less to pick from in west/east-coast scenery in the USA rather than our historic locations all over western europe though. Studio photography is far in the minority here.
Cosplay photographers in europe seem to treat it more as a hobby rather than a tool to make money/desperate to earn their equipment costs back. They also seem to be less picky about photographing pervy shit/be a perv.

Of course there's still plenty of photographers here that charge you for a private photoshoot, but usually only when the photographer is unfamiliar with you/a small name cosplayer/boring cosplay.

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>In Europe, a photographer rarely charges you, it's usually illegal to charge for photos at most conventions
That's amazing! How can we make that a law in the States? Most cons have a "don't charge for photography if you are ghosting" policy, but it would be awesome to make it illegal.

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>tfw no pixelmania-esque event in the US
>tfw no out of con cosplay/photog events
I'm so fucking tired of shooting at cons and just dealing with whatever the location has to offer.

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You know you can hire a photog for location shoots right?

>> No.10145364

i'm gonna miss that. I plan on moving to the states to continue my life there with my SO and also pursue cosplay career and that's one of the things I'm not looking forward to. I like my gorgeous collection of free high quality location photos

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Why would you do that? A photographer should be paying me for shoots.

>> No.10145367

To add that, pixelmania photographers also do the photoshoots there for free (in case that wasn't clear) you only have to pay 10EU for the entire event, in addition to your own hotel/travel costs, but you can rent a room there for like 30EU entire event too.

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Hi European anon
Why the FUCK does every photog there slap in a dutch angle in every other picture?

>> No.10145397

Have you tried shooting with a German instead?

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Anyone know of or ever worked with Sliced Photography?

They've been offering photoshoots for Momocon and the group I am in is looking for someone to get pictures - Other photogs we've contacted are charging pretty high. Their stuff seems to me... "meh" at best. But picture is a picture.

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If you're complaining that you can only shoot at cons, you're probably too ugly and unpopular for that kiddo.

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That would be unconstitutional anon

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The framing and editing in that photo aren’t very good. If the shoot is free, I’d say go for it, but I would not pay money for something so amateur.
(Also what is with that insanely ugly watermark?)

Honestly this is something I really take issue with in the cosplay community so I’m just gonna rant for a second. I am both a cosplayer and a photographer. When I open up photoshoot slots at cons, I charge for my services. But I only do that because I have over a decade of experience with photography and retouching. And even then I’m not charging as much at con as I would outside of a con. These past few years I’ve seen such a huge rise of people picking up a camera for the first time ever and charging people for photos that look like something you would see on deviantart in 2007. I think it’s total bullshit for them to be charging people when they’re basically experimenting on these cosplayers and still trying to figure things out as they go. You shouldn’t be charging anyone until you’re actually good at. In just the past few months I’ve seen people make posts about how they recently got their first camera and want to open up slots for upcoming cons and then I see that not only are they trying to charge without any portfolio, but some of them are charging more than I do. I’m just getting so sick of these greedy little amateurs trying to make a quick buck and churning out steaming piles of garbage

>> No.10145713

Was trying to find more information on Pixelmania out of curiosity - is there some kind of vetting process or jury decision for cosplayers? I saw someone posting about "getting accepted to Pixelmania" and don't know if it might have been a translation thing, if they'd switched up accepted/registered.

The Pixelmania site also says that attendees are only allowed through registration/invitation.

>> No.10145715

Well, my opinion is... What one photographer likes, another might not like or see it done the right way... And if the model or the cost player is happy with it, and so was the photographer... Who gives a shit really?

Yeah, the editing in that picture is not very good, the saturation is way too high, the white balance is off, and if you're looking at it through a professional photographers eyes oh, yes the framing is off as well. But to me, cosplay photography is on a whole nother level, and shouldn't have to be made to follow what a professional photographer feels is right.

And just like cosplayers getting a little bit lewd and selling shit on patreon, people are buying cameras and able to make a quick Buck off taking people's pictures. Who gives a shit what these people spend their money on... yeah, it kind of puts people who have experience and the right equipment in an awkward position... really, there's no right or wrong way to do cosplay photography... Cuz like I mentioned above oh, if the model is happy with it and so is the photographer... who gives a shit if somebody else don't like it. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who feel the same way about whatever work you may produce. I can't say for certain, but what you like, another person may not like or agree is the right way to do things...

>> No.10145717

And sorry if that came out weird, I was using voice to text.

Everyone's idea of right is going to be different... either way, if the person isn't charging much for their pictures, I say do it. Even if they are charging and it's not much, they obviously had to pay for the camera, and they do have some skills. So what if they want to make a little bit of money.

>> No.10145797

I know I hate it
Actually strangely accurate, germans don't use it as much and usually shoot straight.
That is correct, both cosplayers and photographers are only allowed on selection/invitation. You submit your portfolio of cosplay/photography
in the first months of the year, this closes somewhere around end of february (this is the registration).
Then a jury (idk desu who does the selection process) or the organisation pick out a couple hundred cosplayers and photographers they like and send them an email that they have been selected (or not selected). Then you get all the information about how and where and also a website where you submit more information about what you want to shoot and who you'd like to shoot with. Then photographers/cosplayers send each other messages to schedule shoots and locations (a list of locations is provided).

>> No.10145798

a con is a private space and they can make their own rules.

>> No.10145928

A convention could do whatever they want, they just have to deal with the consequences of their decisions. For example, if a convention says, "no ugly photographers are allowed." They have to deal with the consequences as they will probably get heavy pushback from the media and through social media. This, in turn, will affect attendance, and ultimately determine whether the convention succeeds or fails.

>> No.10145982

Yeah a private space dumbass. The government can’t make it illegal and make that decision for private citizens or businesses

>> No.10146040

>charging becomes illegal in the US
>All photogs now become super picky with who they shoot with and won't just shoot with anyone
Good trade-off?

>> No.10146066

>>charging becomes illegal in the US
wait what?

>> No.10146072

Oh nooooo, its a hypothetical situation since people seem to be opposed to the idea of paying for shoots.

>> No.10146243

cosplayers how much would I have to pay to get feet pics

>> No.10146410

This is true for europe mostly by the way. And after every convention there's a bunch of boring/small name/ugly cosplayers complaining on the groups muhuuu nobody photographed me in cosplay
Photographers at cons here heremostly ask the cosplayer if they want to be photographed and the other part is by association/familiarity/friends and some cosplayers ask photographers.

>> No.10146418

Like $150

>> No.10147430

you need to join so many groups I can literally say that the East Coast alone has like 10 facebook groups that do bimonthly? (is every 2 months bimonthly?), events, from as far south as the Carolinas to as far north as Boston, I know California has both a NorCal and SoCal group, I mean I literally organize my own NJ photo shoots, Anon kun, I will gladly email you how I run my offsite groups!

You perhaps... don't have friends?

>> No.10147463

I had a free shot with henteko.jpg last nycc actually, awesome fella and loved every shot he took, i think the over glow on the photos can look a bit too much in certain ambiences but for a free shoot i aint complaining loudly

>> No.10149109

Henteko here, whoa wait I didn't realize I shot with a gull at that anime thing at NYCC
W-who are you pls DM me

Ayy thanks for looking out buddy

>> No.10149285

as if American photographers don't do that too. Half the time I think the cosplayers are going to fall out of their photos

Complain to the cons to institute a photographer list like Anime North and Colossalcon

>> No.10151299

Anime North does that? News to me.

Colossalcon(both prime and east) I'm aware does a fee for paid shoots.
Yeticon I think one year did a list.

>> No.10160178

how high is pretty high?

>> No.10160336

Only time I ghosted a photographer was Paoimages, dude was straight up creepy. Would offer free shoots, then spend the whole con following girls around while shit talking other photographers and talking about how some cosplayers he’s shot have thrown themselves at him. Then he’d harass the girls he offered free shoots to, refusing to give them the pics unless they talked to him, then talking shit about them for using him for free shoots.

His work isn’t good enough to make up for any of that. Check out his series with the fairy lights, they’re poorly edited and you can still see the wires between the lights.

>> No.10161174

I'm not planning on going pro or making a career out of it but I kinda want to get into cosplay photoshooting. I don't have anything in the way of equipment outside of my DSLR the kit lens it came with (sony a6000). I'm still a super novice thats only taken one class and has a basic understanding of the triangle and some other settings. What's the best way to go about asking cosplayers for more casual shoots that don't take much effort? I'm more interested in building some contacts. I don't feel that comfortable charging for something I don't have a proven track record for.

>> No.10161205

I started off with hallshots and also wanted to get into doing casual photoshoots. Went on a con's photog group and messaged people who were looking for photogs offering to do a free shoot letting them know I was new.

>> No.10161365


Their shoot was like $45 for an hour with 20 edited images + Proofs. Others were looking at $80~ for about 10-12 images.

>> No.10161393

In photography, as in life, you get what you pay for. Both of those prices are pretty low for the amount of delivered photos. If the quality of the final photos isn't that important to you then feel free to go with the cheaper one. You might want to consider the amount of time they're going to be able to dedicate to the photos considering what they're being paid, 10 images is a lot and 20 is a ton. You're probably going to end up with images from someone starting out in photography either way, but if thats all you're really looking for then maybe that's perfect for you. It's all really in what its worth to you. Just for context though, in any field of photography besides cosplay those prices for that many photos would be outrageously low.

>> No.10162117

>Others were looking at $80~ for about 10-12 images.
Even that's cheap assuming they're a half decent photog. I can almost guarantee you those 20 edits are just going to be small edits like fixing up exposure or doing a quick rushed job at removing flyaways or maybe acne.
If you're about quantity > quality just go for the first one.

>> No.10162137

Off topic: how do I contact local photographers? I finally made and debuted a costume I'm proud of but the hall photos I've found online are obviously amateurish. I feel the love and enjoyed the interactions but I want to purchase the effort from someone who can really help show off my work.

>> No.10162149

Assuming you're in the US what state do you live in?

>> No.10162155

There's cosplay groups on Facebook, also look for different photography hashtags on Instagram, and see who local cosplayers by you shoot with.

>> No.10162168

Check the instagram hashtags for past conventions in your area. Check to see if any of the photographers with good pics mention that they're going to be at future cons with slots. It's hard to find skilled photogs, good luck.

>> No.10162175

MA, will be at Ctcon and possibly Portcon
I have staved off joining Instagram but will look into it. Thank you!

>> No.10162190

You don't even need to join to browse. The website will let you look at all the posts before you decide to message.

>> No.10162199


Everage gets them for free

>> No.10162419

Do you even know him to judge?

>> No.10162521

Honestly I'm glad that cosplayers are getting more into photography, myself included. I'm sick of creepy photags. I'll take my own damn photos. Jesus.

>> No.10162538

Your costumes probably cost half of what their gear does.

>> No.10164076

Yeah, so true.

The best part is that they are easier to relate to and can spot cosplay malfunctions.

>> No.10166277


A good photographer can do that as well. I've cosplayed and I am a professional photographer. Does that now make me a cosplayer and cosplay photographer?

>> No.10167065

>They are man babies that don't want to grow up
>fucking losers want a cosplay girlfriend to touch their penis

>OMG Chad just tweeted that he likes girls who do cosplays
>I hope he sees me at the con and asks me out on a date tehehe!

>> No.10167759

>tfw friend paid for shoot
>tfw double chin in half the shots because I am a genetic failure with a bad jaw

I swear to fuck being able to point out basic stuff like costume or pose fixes is the #1 most common sense thing for a photographer that nobody seems to know how to do.

Started photography myself recently and it's one of those things that's just second nature.

>> No.10167937

Despite this being true good luck getting a roastie to admit this.

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File: 56 KB, 725x601, Miley-Cyrus-for-Terry-Richardson060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not just do the Terry Richardson style of photography? Use a white backdrop, crank the flash up and boom easy money. No need to worry about the complexities of lighting, composition, color etc.

>> No.10168010
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How can I embrace and apply Uncle Terry's attitude towards his clients to cosplayers?

>> No.10168011

Already plenty of photographers in cosplay who shoot the same thing over and over always using the same boring look and then claim their shit is cinematic or out of camera/straight from camera or worse published

>> No.10168015

easy, just be the most famous photographer in the U.S

>> No.10168026

>One of their shots get into that one cosplay realm magazine that accepts pretty much anyone
>They put "published photographer" in their ig bio

>> No.10168137

I love reading all the complaints about "creepy" nerds going to nerd events.

>> No.10168856

They'll post that shit anyway just because it was on a Tumblr. These kids today don't care and there's so many fly by night magazines out there catering to cosplayers that can't even make it to the newstand

>> No.10169500


this! lol I am a published photographer on a regular basis with plenty of said work available for viewing. However, I see some photographers who emphasize they are published after having 1 image picked up on some throw-away nothing "magazine".
I understand aspiring to do better, but milking something frivolous seems desperate.

A particular instance I've seen with a photographer I know is that he photographs cosplayers, runs the photo through the same Lightroom preset as every shoot, takes them to the same location, and then calls his work something that discredits the cosplayers hard work. Basically bragging that he creates cinematic photos and is the first and only to do so in his area.

>> No.10169582

I want to say I know who it is but not sure. This guy out in the East Coast wearing pink shirts with his name on it?

>> No.10169984

>I know is that he photographs cosplayers, runs the photo through the same Lightroom preset as every shoot, takes them to the same location, and then calls his work something that discredits the cosplayers hard work. Basically bragging that he creates cinematic photos and is the first and only to do so in his area.

Tbh this sounds alot of "cosplay photographers" now days.

>> No.10169996

>Lightroom preset
What is /cgl/'s opinion on presets?

>> No.10170307

Meant to quote

>> No.10170418

They're a starting point, but if I'm paying you to edit my photos I expect a bit more than what I could do myself in five minutes

>> No.10171121


I think that it can help you get into a creative flow but if you think that throwing a preset on all your photos makes it "your style" it's not. Most competent professionals can immediately tell and it makes you look very lazy, especially if you are not capable of taking non stylized photos.
Just to clarify what i mean by non-stylized photos is that if it looks similar to the moment it was taken rather than wild color adjustments, filters, too much vibrancy/clarity, or too much HSL/Color modifications.

If they ever shoot real professional work, that shit wont fly.

PS. Booking a private shoot at a con is not a professional.

>> No.10171604

>PS. Booking a private shoot at a con is not a professional.
Yup, if anything, it is very unprofessional.

>> No.10171752


I don't htink it's unprofessional, just don't charge when your work is not up to par. I see new camera photographers charging rates I charge for cons! I give heavy discounts because I appreciate the work and cost that goes into cosplay, and also know it's a collaboration, but when they pop up and charge the same rates I am a bit shocked.

Slow your roll.

>> No.10171770

Do those photogs even get any bookings?

>> No.10171802

I think they meant charging when you're already at the con, not like the folks advertising a few weeks before the con on a Facebook group

>> No.10172217

They act as though they do. I've never booked with them so I can't be certain. Can't trust social media, really.

I mean that they advertise their prices online for private shoots at cons.
I don't think it's very common to book the day of con without booking/discussing before hand.

>> No.10172343

There’s nothing indignant about a voulentary exchange. As a girl, I’ve sold pictures and even handjobs a few times and it was honestly empowering. You can choose wether or not you want to do it depending on if the guy is creepy.

>> No.10172468

Hey uh... what state do you live in? I'm down to barter for photos.

>> No.10172549

Why would it be unprofessional for a photographer to advertise for shoots before the convention? That makes no sense at all.

I'd agree it was very unprofessional if a photographer approached someone at the con, took their picture, and then attempted to charge them for the quick shoot they just had.

>> No.10172680

I wasn't saying that is unprofessional to advertise pricing online. I was attempting to clarify to >>10171802 weird/confusing comment/question.

>> No.10172744

>PS. Booking a private shoot at a con is not a professional.
>Yup, if anything, it is very unprofessional.
Wait....how does this make any sense? You're both going to be there at the same time, and you're both going to have your gear with you (the cosplayer will have the costume and photographer with have their camera and equipment)....if anything, that kind of setup is optimal

>> No.10172746

Because it doesn't matter what the person behind the lens looks like.

>> No.10173559

>cosplayers and photographers preaching about body positivity
>none of the good photographers have fat fucks in their insta/portfolios
>the only ones who actually post fat people have garbage work and don't seem to ever improve despite shooting for years

>> No.10173638



Because having a skinny chick in a revealing outfit gets more attention than an average or "fat" person in a very well made costume will ever get. That's the logic behind "good photographers" and the ones who post fat people who never get good either choose not to, or are happy with their work and don't need or want to change.

>> No.10173640

I only have done paid shoots once, and that was the only time I was ghosted. I could even see they read my messages asking where they were.

I'd like to say I've started to slowly improve, I've been learning some new techniques when it comes to editing, I think I just need to buy a legit flash lmao.

I'm just trying to get better a little bit at a time, but it's hard when you don't have any money.

>> No.10173711

>Hard when you don't have any money
You can still learn more about composition, posing, storytelling, using natural lighting, color grading and overall post processing, none of which cost money since there's free tutorials on YouTube alongside studying your fav photog's (or wherever you get your inspiration from) work.
Gear definitely matters (fuck any "gear doesn't matter lol" *proceeds to use an A7iii with 5 diff lenses* people) and can make your work look better, but you can still get killer shots with poverty gear. Good gear won't automatically make you a good photog either.

If it's money to get out to events then yeah its def tough, I'm assuming you could still prob find some cosplayers to do location shoots nearby for practice though.

>> No.10173776


Yeah I don't really have any local cosplayers, my town doesn't even have a grocery store lmao.

But yeah that's kind of what I've been doing now, learning about how to color grade, post processing, natural light, etc.

I think I need to get better at utilizing the settings on my camera as well, picking the right iso, that kind of thing. Since in post processing sometimes I'm finding it difficult to get the colors I want or to get the lighting effect I need which is frustrating.

>> No.10173992


You don't need to shoot just cosplayers, just talk to people you find interesting or inspiring and see if you can shoot. There are at least people in your town, I'm sure.

My suggestion is shoot on manual, read and study your camera's instructions to learn it forward and backwards, shoot, shoot, shoot, and ask for critiques from other people in the field. If you ask friends and family they will just give you positive feedback, which isn't helpful. You want constructive criticism.

When it comes to post-processing, LESS IS MORE. You do not need to edit photo details to oblivion, stressing about the smallest things that nobody will even notice but you.

When shooting, step back, move up and down, walk away and zoom in, 6 inches in any direction can drastically change the image.

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