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Togs, has this ever happened to you?

I've been shooting cosplay for a few years now and enjoyed a decent amount of success. The vast majority of the time I'll plan a shoot with a cosplayer and after a few weeks we'll do it without any problems. But probably about a 3rd of the time, I'll meet a cosplayer at a con and they're really excited for a shoot, talk to them online and they're still really excited for a shoot. We'll decide on the outfit, themes, shots, even set dates to meet.

And then they'll just vanish. Completely, without a trace. All my messages will be on not seen and I'll never hear from them every again.

It's just so weird that they'd go 90% of the way to organising a shoot and then just (presumably) give up on it.

Any similar experiences?

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Cosplayers (with a media presence) are usually flakey people desu. I don't know if you're friends with any of them but a lot of them seem to be flying by the seat of their pants for cons and personal lives. I had to quadruple verify shoots for con A because they kept substituting for B & C UNTIL week of con A. Nobody ever gave me a heads up, they only made random announcements on their Instagram stories when the dropped/picked up the con again and again.

The EGL people however are super committed and consistent and l love them for that.

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Do shoots with people who have less than 10k followers and you won't have this problem

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Someone I know is supposedly friends with a lot of cosplay photographers and calls them her “bitches”, saying that they will do anything and everything she wants pertaining to photography

By this she means she takes two hours to get ready and pushes the photo shoot back a few hours because of that, making her friend wait on her and not be able to enjoy the con

If you’re a photographer just make sure you are firm with people if you don’t want to get walked all over

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Strict "You get 15 min, otherwise 0 refund," for paid shoots and for friends I walk away tbf.

Eh, I've worked with huge people who aren't flakes, but you make sure to establish this early.

Its why I charge ( a small amount, no where close to high rates, its 2 hours of minimum wage), enough to say "Hey it's your money," for this very reason.

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I now require deposits on all shoots because of the flakes.

The last time I made an exception was some girl who BEGGED me to not have to pay a deposit and that she would pay me at the time of the shoot.
I emphasized why I don't do that anymore and she begged and begged. I finally said okay and then showed up on time at the shoot, waited, texted, called, and 2 hours later she let me know that she had to cancel.

Never again. She ruined it for everyone now.

In my experience, always assume a cosplayer is going to need more time and going to have cosplay issues. Communicate as much as you can!

Solid advice, really.

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Charge them for a shoot, and deduct the time they're late from they're shoot.

They book you for a 30 minute shoot and they're late 25 minutes, then they have a 5 minute shoot left. After that, you can take off or be generous and keep shooting, but they knew the rules.

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>No refunds day of con/week before con
How many cosplayers have given you shit for this, even when you stated this upfront?

First time charging after shooting for free for a while and kind of worried the above is going to happen.

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If they nodded along and then bailed last minute before committing, I hate to break it to you but they probably didn't want to shoot. If you have this problem over and over again, you are the common factor. Either they bailed when you gave them a price (either higher than the cosplayer wanted or they didn't realize you were going to charge them), or they never wanted to shoot with you to begin with and didn't know how to tell you no, especially if you asked them in person.

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If they don't agree with it, they don't have to shoot with you. That's literally what it comes down to. If it's a problem, go find someone else that doesn't have that policy.

You're good m8

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Thanks buddy

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Tog here, I generally just walk around cons and only charge if they want to set something up ahead of time.
gold advice right here.

this dudes policy is good. I may pick it up as well.

I had pay me at the time of the shoot thing going i wasn't worried about refunds or anything but i was ghosted once after waiting for someone. not really heartbroken but that spot could've gone to someone else who Would have been able to make the shoot.

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Why the fuck do 80% of male photogs look horrendously fat and unkempt?

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Because they're neckbeards using photography as their ticket to approach cute girls who wouldn't give them the time of day outside of cons

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Who the fuck cares so long as it's good photography.

Sounds like someone wishes they were better at taking photos.

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Sounds like someone is fat and unkempt

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kek did that hit a sore spot

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Many of them are man babies and do not wish to grow up. Their infantilization get encourage by their dream of a cosplay girlfriend that will touch their penis.

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Fat fuckin yikes from me bud

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Not gonna lie, as a cosplayer the only reason I ever "ghost" a photographer is if they did something that really put me off in person but I don't wanna call them out directly to their face. Lots of attitude issues people don't realize are issues. Like you bet if I hear a photographer shittalking other cosplayers during our shoot I'm never gonna work with them again. I'm a girl who only does male costumes at cons, and you'd be shocked how many photographers take that as meaning I'll relate to and love the conversation of "oh wow its so nice to shoot something that isnt SLUTTY or a COSTHOT like xyz who's such a BITCH to shoot with." I've seriously ghosted like 5 dudes over that exact convo.

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Big same. idk what dudes think they are doing by putting down other women to me. I'm not 'not like the other girls' teenager anymore.

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