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Hey /cgl/, what are the largest cons to go to in US? A few comes to my mind:
- Anime Expo
- San Diego Comic Con
- Fanime
- Dragon Con
- New York Comic Con

Anything else I'm missing?

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Anime Central

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Emerald City comic con

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does CES/PAX count

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>- Anime Expo
Don't bother, it's a literal fucking hell and is massively overhyped for what it is. Hit up Katsucon instead.
>- San Diego Comic Con
Normies galore, but not as hellish as AX.

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I just arrived in the US a few weeks ago and have the exact same question.

Watching this thread with interest...

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>Anime Expo
Seconding what the anon above said. It boasts the highest anime con attendance in the US but it's also unsustainably overhyped. The attendance is quickly exceeding the capacity of the con space and staff management. If you're not used to 90F+ weather, you'll sweat yourself to death (more likely in recent years, since they changed the panel lines system so that people line up outdoors instead of continuing to choke up the hallways). Every single hallway is crowded, and it's almost impossible to find seating - not just on chairs/benches, but on the floors, too.

I'm a cosplayer and am lucky to have grown up in a climate that got me used to extreme humidity and heat (even under a few layers), but every year, at least one person in my room group ends up nearly passing out because they didn't take care of themselves and think to regularly drink water (clammy skin, sparse verbal response, tiredness, etc)

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I have a serious problem with that black guy in the background. That is as much cosplay as it is an advertisement that you want to fuck and probably have an ugly mug. He probably doesn't even know what his cosplay is somebody just said here wear this and yeah. Fucking normies running our hobby is the achilles heel of con culture. That and Instagram.

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Pokémon is easily the most popular anime to come to the US. How is it inconceivable to you that someone wouldn’t know what they’re cosplaying as just because they have a six pack?

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Just because you're fat and ugly doesn't mean everyone fit is a normie, lmao.

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reaching and seething

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>and Instagram.
Whoa there, how else am I going to find pictures qt cosplay grills to obsess over?

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big kek, the only reason to go to katsu is if you’re a cosplayer wanting to pay out the ass for alright photos or a photog wanting to scalp uggos. there’s no programming to speak of.

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>He probably doesn't even know what his cosplay is
>pokemon isn't literally the most normalfag tier anime of all time.
Get over yourself, jackass. Cons aren't your super secret club.

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Its possible to be black,fit and like Pokemon at the same time

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Case in point...

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where does this myth come from that multiple people are out there making elaborate costumes, finding their hot nonfamous friends, and forcing them to attend cons in them for the sole purpose of getting laid?

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It's pretty common knowledge that the hottest people at cons are paid one way or another.

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Katsucon in the winter

Otakon in the summer

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he picked a really weird pokemon to cosplay, so I'm sure he knows what he is. I can maybe see your point if he was a slutty man pikachu.
But Sudowoodo? Nah.

Whether he's just a fit normie or a fit weeb, I still think it's a great costume lel

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Wondercon this weekend is pretty big. It's SDCC Jr.

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SacAnime isn't very big.

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I straight up gave up on cosplaying at AX.

Not worth the heat and crowds to just sweat up my costume. Also the LACC is super uncomfortable for cosplaying. Even if you have a hotel, you gotta make like a 15 minute walk just to get back to it.

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>Hey /cgl/, what are the largest cons to go to in US? A few comes to my mind:
>- Anime Expo
>- San Diego Comic Con
>- Fanime
>- Dragon Con
>- New York Comic Con
>Anything else I'm missing?
I mean in terms of *size*, then yeah you are correct. In terms of *quality*......then your entire list is incorrect.

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>Whoa there, how else am I going to find pictures qt cosplay grills to obsess over?
You clearly don't understand what a con is all about.

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>In terms of *quality*......then your entire list is incorrect.
he aint asking about quality , but big cons are usually good

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>he aint asking about quality , but big cons are usually good
>almost never
fixed it for ya

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>quality for me is cons poorly run in shady motels, never turns a profit, lasts 1-2 years and have Z list guests


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If you are in the south, I'd check out anime matsuri. The facility is huge, so it doesn't feel too crowded. And the programming is usually pretty good. Last year I went to the official evangelion exibition ( the only time it has been taken outside of japan )

The year before that, they hosted the official sailor moon musical (they flew the Japanese cast over for the preformance, it was pretty cool to experience, but the dialogue was not in English, just subtitles on a screen : /)

and this year they are supposed to have IA (lts like Hatsune Miku, from what I gather, a holographic artist) ladybaby and gacheric spin. A few Japanese voice actors, and the official otomate store

To be honest, IA is cool, but the other guests are just sort of meh this year. Unless they announce something else, I'd say only go if you are in the area. But worth looking into if you are in East Texas.

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Runs 1-2 years? Nothing lasts forever, bruh.

Wait....you go to cons for *guests*? Maybe you're doing it all wrong.

And who even runs a convention in a motel, shady or not? The majority of good cons I know run them out of convention centers. hence the name "convention"

Lastly, I'm not concerned with the cost-to-profit ratio of a convention. Some of the best things are unprofitable. YouTube, for instance, NEVER makes a profit. Yet Google pays to keep it afloat. And there's a shitload of good content on that site.

Maybe you just fail at going to cons?

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But I'm not good looking enough to obsess over qt cosplay grills in person without being labeled as a creep.

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Otakons early bird pricing ends tomorrow. Next month, they're announcing Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino as a guest. They're also in talks with Akira Toriyama.

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it could be for multiple reasons especially combined with what you said, there is nothing wrong with that.

Most of the most popular cos players are just contracting strippers or B rated models anyways like porn.

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Don't do this. The con is so poorly run and they nickel and dime everything. Go if you want to wait in line for hours because everything starts late.

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how do you know this?

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Google you dumbass

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Anime Weekend Atlanta and Momocon are both pretty big. Over 30k people, Which is pretty decent sized for an anime convention. DragonCon if you like sci-fi general stuff. It's about 75k or so.

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Anime Matsuri is it worth going to? Its the only one near me. I would love to make friends that are into anime and shit like that.

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Anyone know what's the best party con to go?

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Magfest or Katsucon if you're on the east coast.

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sadly I'm on the west coast

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Any of you guys going to SAWCON this year?

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>tfw my uni is holding its first anime con
Quite frankly, Im hoping for a shit show just to point and laugh at it.

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>university sponsored convention
This can't possibly be good. Go and take lots of pictures.

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I volunteered as staff for my uni's con last weekend
Was actually pretty fun

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It's been a while since I've lived in GA but I'm wondering how long DragonCon can last in it's current state. It seems like they have more and more people attend per year but they haven't changed venues yet.

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You have a serious problem with it because you want to get bred by that black bull.

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Otakon is in DC now and projected to grow as high as 70K attendees in the next few years. Growth was steady until peaking in Baltimore and hitting con center size constraints.

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Anime Weekend Atlanta or Anime Central

AX is the biggest and so are the others you listed, but just because it's big doesn't mean it's better. More often than not it is more line con bullshit than anything, a flood of people, and expensive as shit.

If you want a good first anime con in the US I think Anime Weekend Atlanta would be the best, Acen is good but the convention center can be a bit confusing.

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2019 estimated attendance of 35,000.

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ASAKA will probably be at the next DC con

>tfw Shiny Days

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LOL not even, not by a long shot. Go to anime Expo or Fanime then go to sac anime if you want to feel great dissapointment.

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>It boasts the highest anime con attendance in the US

Trivia note: Anime Expo has been the largest Anime Convention in the US by attendance, for a long time. However, there was a brief moment in 2003 when Otakon was actually bigger.

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Male thot, nothing new, black males do things for attention so ya.

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Where the hell are you getting that 70K number?
Otakon has been in the 25K - 30K range for the past several years, and they peaked at around 35K. Idk if that 70K was a typo or something, but they have zero chance of ever coming near that.

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I didn't see it mentioned yet, but Anime NYC is quickly getting up there in terms of attendance. 36,000 in its second year.
It has a good chance of being the second largest anime con in the country this year (behind Anime Expo).

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Sounds like you need to get /fit/ anon.

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A few others have said it but I'll say it again, Anime Centeral (ACEN). I don't know exactly how many were there this weekend but it was pretty packed.

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Attend this con run by a pedophile if you've always wanted to be assaulted, I guess.

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