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How do you go about matching colors? My wardrobe is mainly red and somehow none of the main pieces are the same shade and I don't want to buy same headdress 10 times in slightly different shades. Is it impossible to have a cohesive wardrobe in lolita? Do you have one, and if so how, or do you always go for full sets?

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I secretly like different shades of the same colour in a coord. It can look out of place if it's just one item not matching the rest but in my opinion using different shades of green, lavender or yellow for example can look very cute. When done deliberately it can make a coord look softer and nicer on the eye. This is only really doable when you take care to match only cooler or warmer shades of the same colour.
I do feel like for some colours like red it's easier to look bad with mismatched hues. To answer your question, I mostly wear black so I don't have many matching issues but I do have a number of tights and blouses that match eachother (lavender, wine, mustard, pink) so I can switch those out.

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Sometimes even full sets aren't in the same shade, so I wouldn't bother. For red I would use it more as an accent and use another color as base - black, brown (with say burgundy, darker shades), green (since they are complimentary), pink or yellow (sweet combo done to death), and of course white. You can get small accessories in red and combine them with other accessories in your base color for more balanced headwear.

I have lots of pinks and inevitably end up with some brighter than others, but if it's matched up with other pastels or if the mismatch is done deliberately like >>10125244 it really doesn't look bad at all.

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I just wear every shade of lavender at once so it looks deliberate

But really, for daily wear I don't care that hard and most people you see won't either because in lolita you still look 500 times more color-coordinated than the average person anyways

Your whole wardrobe will never be totally cohesive, I just collect a lot of pieces and eventually some of them will match

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For red you just need to watch your undertones. Blue-reds look best with other blue-reds, even if they're not the same shade. But to me at least, I find and orange red and blue red together can be 'off'.

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This might help https://colorsupplyyy.com/app/

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Imo exact color matching isn't super important in any fashion. The gripe about colors not matching is more that the colors have different tones like >>10125370 said.
For example, if your dress has burgundy roses on the print and you wear a burgundy bow that's slightly darker, you'd be fine since no one expects you to have the exact Pantone match for the burgundy. If you wore the same dress with a bright apple red, then it would look off since the color is so different.

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I think it starts to look bad when people are too caught up in color matching and symmetry. Especially when the sacrifice silhouette of pieces for the sake of color.

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I just order what I like and pray.

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A lot of people just filter the shit out of their photos so that you can't tell they mixed two slightly off colors. I wouldn't get too caught up over comparing yourself to people online for that reason. It happens and you can't get exact matches sometimes.

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to add onto this, often matching/near-matching colors in differing materials will photograph differently (like grosgrain vs. sateen, cotton vs. chiffon, etc.) and will show up in photos as being much more mismatched than they are irl. i've definitely seen outfits from my comm nitpicked on here which looked absolutely fine in person/in normal lighting

also OP, don't forget that /cgl/ opinion is not general opinion. a little bit of mismatch is ok especially if it looks intentional

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Basically I break colors down into warm, cool and general tint (dark or light)

They're going to be all over the place anyway, even in the same set as >>10125249 mentioned.

The biggest problem is finding colors that lend themselves as warmer or cooler shades. You don't want to mix a warm with a cool. You also don't want to mix very light with very dark. But if you stay somewhere around the middle, you'll be pretty close. If anyone nitpicks, they're either an armchair lolita, painfully new and know-it all, or being anal retentive.

In your pic related, red, rose, candy, maybe crimson, apple or lipstick will work together spaced out, although the latter three are a little dark but in a pinch it'll probably be fine depending on what the items are.

You wouldn't want to mix that with sangria, mahogany, currant, wine, berry or jam because they're all cooler based and have a tiny bit of blue in them.

I wouldn't mix any of them with blush unless there's blush in the print and you plan to balance that out in other areas (purse, legwear, other accessories, etc)

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