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Diet- San Diego Comic Con(wonder con) is a few weeks away!
Anyone else coming? If so how are you getting there, what is your lodging , what panels are you attending and what cosplay you are wearing (if any)
I will be coming in as Thor

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>Still cosplaying at CCI events
Wondercon is being filled with normies and poorfag cosplayers. It's not worth the effort anymore.

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I'm going, not sure if I'll cosplay or not.

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>Wondercon is being filled with normies

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weird shit happens to cosplayers all because normies act retarded around them

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>Still not sold out
Wondercon used to be sold out around this time the past few years. Now I see Saturday badges are still for sale. Anyone know why?

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Wondercon sold out in the very last day of the con last year

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You'd think with Comic con's clout it would sell faster....

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Staying at the Marriott, don't really do panels just eat at food trucks, cosplaying Thor, Aquaman, Conan.

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Saturday badges sold out

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I'm going. Staying at my aunt's place 10 minutes away. Going to child's play panel for sure and the masquerade. Which should be filled with lovable people who still love cosplaying.
The fact that big headed cosplayers don't see it as "worth" it anymore just goes to show how stupid and elitist the whole scene has turned.
You're attention hungry normies who dress up. Get over yourselves. You do it because you love it or you can fuck off but keep your goddamn mouths shut. It's great that it doesn't sell out. People go there because they want to, not because it's related to SDCC. Leave us be and go costhot somewhere else.
Get fucked.

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>weird shit happens to cosplayers all because normies act retarded around them
I see no problem as long as its not harassment/assault

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First time attending and entering their masquerade. Hopefully it'll be fun.

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You are making it sound like Wondercon Anaheim is this dinky con. It easily have north of 80,000 attendees and the only nerd conventions bigger in California than Wondercon are Anime Expo and Comic Con International.

No, LA Comic Con/Comikaze is not on the same level as Wondercon, they inflate their numbers like nobodies business. Don't toot your own horn and say stupid shit like you have 100,000 attendees when Anime Expo has 110,000 and is far far far more crowded.

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Wondercon sells out regularly

But im glad it not the SDCC level of “everything sells out in an couple hours”. Or you got fucked because you missed the news/notification that CCI is hosting the lottery by surprise

You could probably walk into the day of the con and still get a ticket

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Wondercon needs to go back to the Bay Area. I'm tired of all So Cal having all the nice cons.

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>san francisco

but no one lives in san francisco anymore

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Norcal has Silicon Valley comic con

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Anyone got a saturday badge for sale?

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Yeah I'm selling one $100.

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After the construction, maybe they have a higher capacity cap.

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Nice cons?

Come on, aside from CCI, AX, and Wondercon Anaheim, there is bleh stuff like Anime Los Angeles, Anime Conji, Anime Impulse, AniFest, Anime Pasadena, Hentai-Con, Yaoi-expo, Anime California, TitanCon, and many more minor and irrelevant cons and events.

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What about Blizzcon and D23

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I’m attending wondercon after 2 years of not going (just different things getting in the way)
If they don’t sell out means it’s less crowded for the rest of us to enjoy.
I live in the SoCal area so I’m just driving there and then back home but I personally like it a lot better than AX and Comic-Con because it’s less sweaty. Wear deodorant fellas.

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>If they don’t sell out means it’s less crowded for the rest of us to enjoy.
WC is fine as long as theres not too much big hollywood presence and scalper baits

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The last Wonder Con I went to was crap. At least half the floor space was taken up by Funko sellers.

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Anyone else not get their badges mailed yet? Not going Friday but I'd still like to be able to attend.

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You're supposed to pick them up if you bought them late.

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Someone hang out with me on Day 1 I have an extra badge for that day that you can use

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Friday and Saturday badges are sold out

I expect sunday badges to sell out last minute again

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Anyone manage to get a photo of the hot Zabuza cosplayer on Friday?

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Are their any anime cosplays that's not Shounenshit?

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No, enjoy tons of BnHA

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Usually anime cosplayers at comic conventions go in shallow end of the pool anime costumes only.

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Of course not

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unless there are two David Dunn's, I think I saw you today

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>MFW I remembered the weeb cosplayers hanging outside of Ballroom 20 at SDCC for years

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All badges have been sold out

I hope its like this for a long time, because ill shoot myself if Wondercon begins to do lotteries

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It's because they have been increasing cap space since the expansion was completed. Hence it's not being sold out as quick as before.

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Just got back, was in the masquerade, it was great until like, we got backstage, the panel before sharing the space ran long (a DC thing i think?) so everything was late and about 20 or so of the 35 contestants didn't get a pre-judging (nothing more than walking by the judges once, and posing) the masquerade staff tried their best with the situation but it put a damper on a lot of the contestants time.

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I just remember seeing some big bust lady as Lucoa from Dragon Maid, a 02 cosplayer, and a LWA group. Sadly everything else was Shonenshit.

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I'm actually shocked, there were in fact THREE David Dunns

Also salty as fuck because all of my patches fell off almost immediately

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almost no harley quinn i noticed

everyone switched to captain marvel i guess

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I saw a few Suicide Squad movie version Harley yesterday.

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>TFW I heard about an anime con up the road at CSUF and it was today.
Did anyone even bother going there?

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Yes, ti was awesome and I saved $40

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I enjoyed it more than wondercon.

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