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Diet- San Diego Comic Con(wonder con) is a few weeks away!
Anyone else coming? If so how are you getting there, what is your lodging , what panels are you attending and what cosplay you are wearing (if any)
I will be coming in as Thor

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>Still cosplaying at CCI events
Wondercon is being filled with normies and poorfag cosplayers. It's not worth the effort anymore.

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I'm going, not sure if I'll cosplay or not.

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>Wondercon is being filled with normies

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weird shit happens to cosplayers all because normies act retarded around them

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>Still not sold out
Wondercon used to be sold out around this time the past few years. Now I see Saturday badges are still for sale. Anyone know why?

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Wondercon sold out in the very last day of the con last year

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You'd think with Comic con's clout it would sell faster....

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Staying at the Marriott, don't really do panels just eat at food trucks, cosplaying Thor, Aquaman, Conan.

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Saturday badges sold out

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