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With just a few months to go, Momocon will be here before you know it! Post lineups, plans, and things you are excited to see at the con!

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who else /volunteer/ here

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Ill be there with my two drift cart tanks

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cool tanks my dude. what is their carrying capacity if one might ask?

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225lbs max each is recommended. Can hold more but it makes the batteries run down faster. I may buy upgraded batteries with higher capacity before the show.

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They actually have a furry corner in the artist alley this year
All the furry artists were put in the bottom left row.

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Should I go to momo or anime north? Both are going on the same weekend.

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Those are like worlds apart, how is this even a choice. Do you just randomly plan massive trips to 2nd tier cons?

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I have way to much time and money on my hands.

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momocon is good. Only complaint I have about it is parking is a nightmare. Prepare to do a lot of walking.

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parking is not a nightmare

parking at the red deck is like ~$60-$80 for the whole weekend unlimited in and out which is trivial, especially if you're splitting with peeps.


although the site seems to be down for now...

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$80 is a huge amount of money just for parking.

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IIRC I paid a little under $70 for 4 days of parking at Red Deck. That's average for parking on the same block as a con this size. ACEN's $15+ a day and its $20-30 a day for Katsucon depending. Its expensive but its not abnormal.

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Reddeck is the best option and buy it early online if you can. Cost is high but its alot better than parking out in BFE and having to huff it. Thanfully this time around im doing a ABNB that has parking.

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literally paid $30 a day for parking at momo on top of $60 a day for parking at my hotel. parking is a nightmare.

i got to momocon every year tho! im excited for this year as always.

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What's the new flavor of the month cosplay going to be this year?

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This will be my first time going since Momo. In years past I went to Animazement since it's very local but all my friends wanted to hop, so we're making it into a large road trip and excuse to hang out with each other for a weekend. Anything I should expect to be majorly different? I've been to the center/hotel before for other events but I was curious what are the things /todo/ while I'm there?

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Probably Rising of the Shield hero, JoJo, Still Boku no Hero as well.

I'll be going. Taking a back-seat to cosplay and going to focus on photography.

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Parking was reasonable. I drove each day and was able to get parked relatively quickly.

This year, I'm staying at a nearby hotel and will take a Lyft to the hotel and back home after the con

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