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New triple fortune OP.

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And the jsk. I don't know why I kind of like this. If only they could tastefully slap their brand name on it.

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It's not my call. They have an official Lapin Agill lolita sublabel, which is officially their lolita side. The rest of the time they're putting themselves as a gothic brand in the GLB.

I don't know, maybe the gothic stuff doesn't sell as well so over time they slowly phased out the punkier designs, or maybe they always intended to be romantic goths rather than punk goths. I can tell you that if they have variations of a design, they tend to put them both under the same label, which is going to be Boz, even though the shorter version would suit lolita more and the longer version would suit aristo more. So that's how Boz ends up with so many lolita dresses under the main label rather than the Lapin Agill label.

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idk where else to put this but it's 4 am and everyone is asleep but


t-thank you that is all

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I'm happy for you anon!

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Congratulations! Getting a DD is one of the best feelings. Which one?

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congrats anon! what dress is it?

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Victorian Maiden lives!


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>Google translate of announcement:
■ Notice of exhibition & fitting party
2019.03.01 Update
Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

The brand Victorian maiden, which had suspended activities at the end of last year, has been
restarted from April this spring due to your warm support.
Thank you very much.
We will aim for proposals of products closer to everyone in a variety of perspectives, so
please continue your favors toward the new Victorian maiden in the future.

In addition, we will hold an exhibition & try-on party in advance.
At the exhibition, we will exhibit collection photos of 20 years of brand activity so far.
It is the exhibition contents that you can feel the history of Victorian maiden.
From April, you can watch and see the exhibits of new products scheduled to be accepted for reservation.
The reservation reception will be after April.

Please do come on this occasion.

Victorian maiden Exhibition
"Victorian maiden's trail"

Date and time: Sunday, March 31, 2019 14: 00 ~ 18: 00
Venue: A. WOMB 1518 5th Floor AREA 52 D + GALLERY
Osaka-shi Chuo-ku western shinsaibashi 1 chome 6-23

I will inform you of notes afterwards.
Please wait for additional information.

I am waiting for your visit from the bottom of my heart.

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I'm going to cry, this makes me so happy

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Great. Can they please accommodate waist 74cm from now on?

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No anon, I think you mean to say "tall girls".

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They already do?

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ty!! ; v ;

It's the Royal Unicorn Switching Gobelins jsk in sax! I'm so excited jsjjfndokamfneknflwjj

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Very good taste! Congrats!

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I actually fit 90% VM makes but I hope they will accommodate more sizes like JetJ & IW do by not having everything in just one size.
Brands like VM are great for smaller sizes, if they make everything big they will also lose a large part of their already small customer base, so I'd love to see them do size 1/S, size 2/M, size 3/L, etc.but not sure that is possible for a small brand?

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>living in Osaka
>have always admired VM
Hell fucking yeah. I'm super happy.

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At least size 1 and 2 and then maybe custom like J et J. I want to see a brand like what j et j used to be (classical, elegant, beautiful solids with loads of nice details), it would be amazing if VM could be that brand

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Even just having 2 sizes on things like blouses and OP's where the fit is less forgiving would be awesome.

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The original post.

I'm so excited for their revival! The next month is going to feel like torture!

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I’d be super down with this. I fit their jsks and skirts but not their OPs but their OPs are my favourite by a long shot. If they start making OPs that fit me (just a few more cm pls) I’ll throw all my money at them.

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I'm so happy and sad at the same time because I don't have enough money to support them financially. But I would say I am mostly happy and I hope they stay alive for a long time. Thanks for posting this!

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Thank god, I really fell in love with VM all over again lately.

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But srsly, 74 cm is not a big stretch. Their OPs are so beautiful, if they feel the need to bump up the price a little to match the fabric usage, then DO IT !

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Have the halloween colours of Holy Lantern (orange/grey/teal) been shipped out yet?

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Mine has not, they emailed me to confirm the address at least a week or two ago. But I have not heard anything since. It's pretty annoying their MTOs take so much longer than other brands

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That one chubby chick who was well known for being on amino already got hers

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My friends and I got ours from Muuh already.

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Gulls, those of you who own Puppet Circus, how do you wash and steam yours? I've already read some old threads about it, but some posts were conflicting and I want to hear what's proven to work (or fail) from people who've washed theirs more recently and were able to keep theirs safe for so many years. Also welcome any and all tips for cleaning/steaming with regards to keeping the gold print safe. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Thank you~ (´`ʃƪ)

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What's up with this trend of oldschool coords?
I can't really trace back where this recently started from.

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my guess is people are just tired of seeing busy prints and patterns and are wanting to hark back to a simpler aesthetic.

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It's cheaper

If you look at other brands besides AP and Baby, most lolita brands focus on solids

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Anyone have experience with Bubbles? I'm interested in these shoes http://www.sparklingmall.jp/fs/sparklingmall/B18194

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that is also true, you right. i guess my point was more thinking people tend to just hyperfocus on BBtSSB, AP, AAtP, and general sweet and ott sweet and that might lead to people wanting visual simplicity without changing their style too much.
I hadnt considered people would be into it because it is cheaper, but that makes a lot of sense too.
i'm oldfag so personally i like the style because it gives me nostalgia feel!

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should have included a nayrt at the beginning of that. apologies.

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aaaand of course i put this on the wrong thread. good job me. very good job.

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You can delete your own posts.

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I have been into old school since I started lolita in 2003 but I just prefer the style.

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I am a slut for bubbles desu. The quality of their stuff is really good, their shoes are great too. I really recommend them. Really underrated label here in the west.

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2019 is truly a blessed year.

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i was in a rush to get out the door before the roads got super bad, now they're too old to delete. sorry for walnut in a hurry moment.

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Oh. Has anyone heard from Lolita Desu about theirs? I have regrets about using them out of convenience. They never answer messages anymore even though they keep reassuring they won’t run off with our money.

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They look pretty ita

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Must be that I used AP USA instead of another method. Someday, HL. Someday.

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Probably nostalgia for the style that actually got them into lolita. I got into it in the end of old school, begging of prints and I too just adore old school because that's what initially made me fall in love with lolita. Old school and such a distinct vibe from current lolita.

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the "trend" of wearing it started at least in 2015 on tumblr, but it seems 2017-9 is even more-so trendy on platforms like instagram and with the chinese "mock oldschool" releases

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I’m still waiting on my Macaron Tartan JSK that I ordered back in December, I hope it was just the holidays that delayed it. This is what I get for using cheaper shipping.

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Oh dear. I hope you get it soon! I also hope I hear back from them soon...

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Secondibg, they aren't great.

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They aren't expensive tho

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Idk but as an oldfag who "left lolita" and came back, suddenly it's easier to find accessories to coord my existing dresses.

I'm kinda glad it made a comeback. A lot of old school solid pieces (at least the ones circa 06-10) are affordable so I feel like it's accessible for newbies to not look like ita garbage and to get their start where the fashion kinda got its start too

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Always nice to see models looking miserable in lolita. /s

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Is it rude to offer 25% less than someone's asking price on LM when the previous listings sold for that dress are all 10-30% less than my offer?

>> No.10118910

It's not nice but you should do it. I do it all the time. Sometimes I only save €5 but you know what, if you save €5 on 5 purchases you have enough left in your lolita budget to buy an accessory.

>> No.10119301

It's fine just do it politely. Something like "I'm interested in [dress], so I checked the previous listings and based on that would like to offer [amount]"

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More poly chiffon. You ready?

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Whoops didn't mean to reply to you anon.

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can anyone tell me why i wasnt able to place my pre order for chocolate rosette bc of some random error code it didnt even tell me...?
used my acc as usual sending to tenso..
tried 2 credit cards i usually use..
what thappening

>> No.10119351

Are you sure that you put in the tenso address right?
I had some trouble myself, I had to shift around parts of the address in different spots before it finally got accepted.
Google translate the error code up top.

>> No.10119352

oh god is there a release date yet? I need this so badly.

>> No.10119378

did aoki misako get cheated on lately or something? :(

>> No.10119380

yea, it’s saved as the default address..
The error was translated but it said like, error code G 12 or something

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>The cut
>The weak ass print (did they even try?)
>The fabric
>The lack of detail

Thanks I hate it

>> No.10119405

??? What prompted this question?

>> No.10119472

If people are getting their pre-orders now, it's likely this week or next.

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I don't own PC, or anything with a foil print...but I have some old IW velveteen that I've kept well and maybe my process can help a bit. Hopefully another PC anon can weigh in before you take any action.

I'd turn it inside out for both cleaning and steaming. drying flat will prevent perma-creases in the velveteen.
I basically fill my bath tub w/ cold water and my favorite gentle plant-based detergent. I submerge the dress and flip it over a few times, nothing too crazy as not to put folds in the fabric. I drain the tub, fill it with fresh cold water a few times until the dress is fully rinsed. I then hang it on a sturdy hanger to drip the majority of the water out, then lay it flat somewhere to dry.

can you post a pic of the care tags?

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simply quality and construction my dude.
A lot of my older pieces are just so gorgeous and imo the fabric/lace choices made were more for look and vibe than price point. I feel like brands were more interested in details and innovation no matter how special or expensive it made production costs...more like high fashion in mindset. the pieces are just more special and sturdy to me.

Plus, a lot of old school really has this doll quality that is my taste.

>> No.10119517

>no bigfoot-chan sizes
FFff why'd I even look?

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there's another market, Salon de Chateau happening on the same date. Would be awesome to go to either of these, especially since Kaleidowaltz will be at SdC and I desperately need one of her bonnets with the tassels.
maybe one day I'll get to travel to Japan and trade my savings for clothes and accessories

>> No.10119595

everything about this sucks. i love food motifs but im tired of strawberries. zero effort went into this

>> No.10119601

Now I'm curious, why do you think she did?

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I didn't think there was such a thing as too much when it comes to bonnets. Thank you for proving me wrong

>> No.10119669

My grandfather's curtains are made of that lace

>> No.10119671

You didn't reply to the bait fast enough so he left

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Is this going to be one of those sets that is actually ugly but people search for it 10 years later because someone made 1 iconic coord with it and it's rare?

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Bold of you to assume it wasn't sold out almost immediately and is currently coveted. The nurse set, in any case, idk about the striped one.

>> No.10119751

All of her stuff sells out (almost) immediately because she is fucking slow at making things and doesn't have much staff

>> No.10119762

Don't bully Kuniko, she tries her best

>> No.10119804

But it’s cute as fuck tho.

>> No.10119818

One on the right would make a fucking awesome beetlejuice coord.

>> No.10119827

Granda has fire taste

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Has anyone ever tried to open a physical second hand shop for lolita and other japanese brands outside of Japan & China?

>> No.10120157

I think Fairytale Boutique used to sell secondhand on consignment, but they closed and I think that spot is now Fickle Wish

>> No.10120162

Yes and it doesn’t make sense. The big issue is that it’s too expensive. It’s too expensive for random normies, it’s too expensive for most people who could buy locally because of the markups needed. Every store that tries fails because there is no profit in it.

>> No.10120164

But does this still apply? Second hand brand is the cheapest it has ever been and is only slightly above normie brands or the same if you don't fixate on AP.
And since you mentioned "every store", what are the others (other than Fairytale Boutique)?

>> No.10120169

there was one in tampa florida but it was also had other nerdy stuff (japanese candy and sanrio shit etc) but the owner shut it down because he said the AP shopkeepers were very rude to him when he went to Japan and he lost his love of jfashion. a damn shame.

>> No.10120171

Ugly as fuck

>> No.10120172

Lolita and other Japanese fashion influenced stores in the west need to realize that they will not be kept alive by only selling to lolitas. It won't work. Even in big cities, there aren't enough people into jfashion that are willing to pay high brand name prices for clothing and accessories on a frequent enough basis to make rent. You have to pander to normies and baby weebs and meet them in the middle. Normies hate spending money. Jfashion to them all looks like cheap shit, they aren't paying anything more than forever21 prices for that stuff, even if you try to give them a lecture on the history of brand and how high quality the materials are, it looks like childish shit to them so therefore, they want to pay childish prices.

Your normies go to consignment shop to find normie brands at a good price, or they're hipsters looking for a certain aesthetic, none of which goes with most secondhand jfashion. To make the prices fair enough for the average shopper, you'd have to be paying the people bringing you the clothes practically nothing. No one in the states is going to do that when lacemarket exists. Whats a better deal to you, bringing your well loved BTSSB jsk to a secondhand shop and immediately getting $25 so they can sell it for $50, or putting up on lacemarket yourself and waiting for it to tell for more than that.

>> No.10120175

>Whats a better deal to you, bringing your well loved BTSSB jsk to a secondhand shop and immediately getting $25 so they can sell it for $50, or putting up on lacemarket yourself and waiting for it to tell for more than that.
I'd honest to god would rather sell it to the shop, that was why I asked the question in the first place. I'm sick and tired of selling on LM or any other platforms and just want to let go of my brand quick and as easy as possible.

>> No.10120179

Also you're acting like it's impossible to have a physical and an online shop at the same time.

>> No.10120180

Kek even online second hand shops like Lolita desu failed. Think about it.

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File: 42 KB, 374x350, curtain-trimming-interlude-tassel-fringe-trimming-aqua-cheap-curtain-trimmings-uk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally my head can look like my grandmother's living room curtains while I wear a dress that looks like her sofa

>> No.10120191

There is way too much competition online right now for lolita shops. Ficklewish's online stock is nothing compared to their online stock for a reason, most small businesses don't have the amount of merchandise to juggle both at the same time.

There is nothing stopping you from listing your brand cheap enough online so it sells. And cheap brand sells. If its not selling, then either your photos are poor or your prices just aren't good enough. I've gotten a handful of really cheap dresses off the western secondhand market recently for less than $100 each. If the price is good, it'll go fast.

>> No.10120193

>Ficklewish's online stock is nothing compared to their online stock for a reason

I meant in shop stock, whoops.

Either way, most lolitas want to sell their stuff themselves on lacemarket or other direct sales communities. The US is huge, so shipping the dress to another place to have it sold consignment and potentially collect dust in some brick and mortar shop seems like more of a hassle than just selling it directly yourself, especially since direct secondhand sales have been a huge part of the lolita community for so long.

>> No.10120194

This is cute, I haven't dipped into sweet but still.

>> No.10120195

There used to be one called Clothing Drop, I bought my first burando skirt from there like a decade ago. Also Lolitabutiken sells second hand on a consignment basis.

>> No.10120197

So get a different just as inexpensive pair of shoes.
I'll be optimistic and say they make cuter ones.

>> No.10120198

a super cute print but i fucking hate all the materials AP is using to print their shit on, it feels so fucking cheap

>> No.10120203

>There is way too much competition online right now for lolita shops
Pls gib names and link

>There is nothing stopping you from listing your brand cheap enough online so it sells.
I know, but I'm tired of writing listings, taking, choosing and editing pictures, searching lolibrary for measurements, looking for past sales to calculate a cheap price, waiting and relisting, answering (sometimes stupid) questions, messaging, waiting for payments, managing payments, calculating shipping, packing items, shipping them, writing feedbacks all a the shit that happens inbetween sometimes.
I'd rather just throw them all in a box, get paid and call it a day with a minimum amount of communication.

>> No.10120210

>Pls gib names and link

....actual brands? Lacemarket? Wunderwelt and Closet Child? Ebay and Depop? People who'd rather use shopping services and lurk on Japanese auction sites?

I can list something on lacemarket in just a few minutes, it literally takes no time at all and you are being needlessly dramatic. If its really that much of a hassle for you, then just donate the clothes to a lolita friend.

>> No.10120212

Thank you! Though it seems like they aren't directly purchasing second hand, sadly.

>> No.10120213

Nayrt, but I have the same feelings. I get paid enough that I don't want to waste my free time selling.

>> No.10120217

I'm still talking about online shops outside japan and china who buy brand from private people.

>it literally takes no time at all
..if you have only one item to sell and are okay with making low efforts.

>then just donate the clothes to a lolita friend.
All of them left lolita and my current comm is only itas, fatties and one AP fag who only buys prints and OTT. And I want to sell them, not donate.

>> No.10120221

Your average consignment shop is going to give you pennies. That's usually why they don't stay in business. Either they pay too much for the clothes they're selling, resulting in them selling it for a higher price, meaning people won't be interested, or they pay too little for the clothes, meaning the stock they have is whats cheap, unwanted, and unappealing.

>> No.10120252

she posted vague tweets about "im in a human slump... I am sad..." and people replied saying its not her fault an evil man did something to her

>> No.10120256

They do the legwork to sell your stuff, you just hold unto it until they have a buyer lined up.
I worked with them from the customer side but got the gist of how they work from a 'hey use our service!' message.

>> No.10120269

>everyone hating it
good, good, it'll be easier for me to get, then.

>> No.10120272

I think it could work if you don't expect too much profit. But if you look at the shops that work outside Asia, they all sell new brand,not secondhand.

>> No.10120273

>I'd rather just throw them all in a box, get paid and call it a day with a minimum amount of communication.
You could do that, and put the box on lacemarket

>> No.10120275

Sounds more like something work related went wrong. Why would random followers comment on her relationship problems? It's already uncommon for Japanese people to reply on twitter at all.

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>> No.10120323

Japanese twitter is bumpin

>> No.10120328

That doesn't mean they reply. They actually block people for replying to their art and coords. They're all about vague tweeting about "something they saw" instead of replying to what they saw on their feed.

>> No.10120333

Wait really? That's insane, why would anyone get blocked for replying to a tweet? I'm really out of touch with Japanese twitter culture

>> No.10120337

Because it's annoying to get notifications of replies from total strangers. You can turn off replies but then you wouldn't see when your friends say something either.

>> No.10120374

There's one in Connecticut. I've been there a few times.

>> No.10120389

This isn't my experience at all. The girls I follow have on their profile that it's okay for other lolitas to follow and they want to make friends. Plus Twitter doesn't give you notifications for every stranger that replies anyway. I only get notifications for mutuals. I can see what you mean, but I'm not sure that's true for all Japanese lolitas.

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File: 182 KB, 750x750, 4_000000001945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know where to find shoes with heels like pic related in size 25/25.5 or EU 40?

>> No.10120459

Isn’t that the one run by the girl behind FYeahLolita? I miss her blog.

>> No.10120460

Why would you want those? They're not cute

>> No.10120472

I have no idea. It's a hobby/gaming shop but half of it is hobby stuff and the other half is j-fash and secondhand lolita with a smattering of some anime/blind box stuff.

>> No.10120479


>> No.10120487

Literally any aldo or mainstream shore store

>> No.10120488

Where did you find those anon? Those are cute and I had a pair like that, but they need replacing.

>> No.10120489

Emily Temple cute

>> No.10120541

Thank you anon! I hadn't even noticed those shoes on their site because they were labeled ballet shoes. I assumed they were flats from the front facing picture.

>> No.10120544

You mean like the one in Houston run by a pedophile?

>> No.10120551

How do people store (voluminous) dresses when they can't be hung up? I'm trying to pack for a move and some seem impossible to fold to a reasonable size and rolling doesn't do much either.

>tfw your BABY velvet beasts fold easily into the space waver bag and JetJ kills you with their tiered abominations

>> No.10120554

Dang...why is documentation for Meta pieces on lolibrary so shoddy compared to some other brands? Half the time when something pops up on WW I have no idea how to identify it.

>> No.10120558

It's all volunteers for data entry. I'm guessing there was a time that no one was entering data for Meta. Also it's difficult with the admin panel currently disabled since last year. You rely on people saving the data manually from the page and entering it when the admin panel is available again.

>> No.10120563

It's like that for all brands besides baby and AP

>> No.10120570

Is that why there are no new entries for items from fall last year to now?

>> No.10120580

I like to use those bags that you hook a vacuum hose up to and it sucks all the air out of the bag
They have huge bags for like bedding and stuff, I can fit a ton of dresses into one of those, laid flat too
They're great for traveling to cons and stuff too, it makes them so compact and easy to move around

>> No.10120581

No, like one not run by a pedophile
Why would you even ask that

>> No.10120597

Yep. Hopefully it'll be back soon. We're currently waiting on some snail mail docs and it'll be available after that.

>> No.10120725

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, Anon-chan!!

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File: 200 KB, 720x1018, 12081020-web2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the aesthetic Meta are putting out recently. It's not really popular in the west but it's so pretty

>> No.10120804

Has anyone had issues ordering from My Lolita Dress? I ordered some accessories from them about two months ago but haven't received anything and haven't heard anything since. Is this normal? I'm used to waiting longer for some items from China but I've sent them an email and haven't gotten any reply yet.

Should I be worried? I paid with Paypal so if the worst happens I can claim, but I'd honestly rather have my stuff.

>> No.10120983

>It's not really popular in the west
Who cares about that??

>> No.10121018

This print is adorable and I don't even mind the chiffon, but the waist is just too high for a tall fag like me. Sad!

>> No.10121034
File: 77 KB, 900x900, IMG_20190306_000406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering the last several designs have sold out, I guess Moitie isn't planning on releasing something besides stupid, boring hats soon...

>> No.10121077

I don’t know what you have ordered, but a lot of there items have an long making time. Are you sure you didn’t end up pre-ordering items?

>> No.10121078

with this kind of shoulder straps, you reckon we can get away with not wearing a blouse with it?

>> No.10121084

This isn't Moitie, it's a replica. Moitie died in 2016.

>> No.10121103

Anyone else sorta hesitant to preorder chocolate rosette? The dream sky color differences kinda made me stop trusting AP’s stock photos. Idk if it’s just me tho.

>> No.10121138

No, I bought some shoes a few months ago and was fine. I’d contract them and ask. Worst comes to worst, you can PayPal if they don’t reply in a timely manner.

>> No.10121144

Moitie always released hats for around that price

>> No.10121158

>dream sky color differences kinda made me stop trusting AP’s stock photos.
I got one and it's fine? Stock photos are usually off in lighting anyway. Unless you plan on being only under brite lites anytime you were the dress.

>> No.10121165

Sign the petition for Honey Cake rerelease https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/re-release-honey-cake-in-2019-with-a-new

>> No.10121166

They mean the design is bad, so it isn’t “moitie”.

>> No.10121167

R.I.P Algonquins

>> No.10121168
File: 47 KB, 700x700, IMG_20190306_143620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The design is 10/10, would buy if I wasn't poor

>> No.10121193

Maybe it is fine then. I’m just scared of getting a dress entirely different from the one I love. Thank you for your input, I think I’ll go ahead and order it.

>> No.10121204

I guess a lot of people consider them stupid and boring since they all sold out though, right?

>> No.10121206
File: 112 KB, 1000x1000, 301CD186-F45C-4827-939F-7F4CE935FD77.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I returned from holiday yesterday to find that my fat ass cat somehow jumped up into the laundry area and took a piss all over my white clothes, which included my white Moitie cardigan, which in now covered in yellow stains. How the fuck do I remove old stale piss stains? I bought this brand new, $120, and it’s sold out so I can’t even get a new one. What the fuck.

>> No.10121208

What “design” exactly? This is a taobao hat base with some stuff slapped on.

>> No.10121209

I would try with an enzyme cleaner at first, available at most pet stores and is usually really good at removing both stains and smells. It works better on fresh stains though, so if that doesn't get rid of it then I'd move on to oxyclean or similar stain removers, and maybe bleach as a last resort if nothing else worked.

>> No.10121210

Can you give the link please?

>> No.10121225

oh, god, anon....i'm so sorry...

>> No.10121226

Just because I consider them stupid and boring obviously doesn't mean everyone else does, anon. They're just not to my taste; I'm just hoping for a release I (personally) can get a bit more excited about. I certainly can't begrudge Moitie for continuing to release things that have proven to sell well, though.

>> No.10121239

ok so before you clean with any sort of chemical (oxyclean) you're going to want to rinse that a few times so that there won't be any ammonia to mix with the chemicals. last step after enzyme or oxy toy get the stain out would be vinegar for removing the last of the smell.

>> No.10121252

This, what an embarassment.

>> No.10121253

It's a bonnet

>> No.10121256
File: 9 KB, 199x266, EGH-97983OWN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More embarrassing than pic related?

>> No.10121265

I do find this a bit embarrassing, ngl

>> No.10121274
File: 74 KB, 574x430, black-cloche_hat_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like a cloche

>> No.10121295

ngl, thought they closed down ages ago.

>> No.10121343

but low-key gtfo my oldschool you new bitches because now it's all getting swiped up too quickly and it's also being scalped by lowlifes such as G*m and R*i*nies

>> No.10121349

This question is directed to lolitas that like anime;

Did you like lolita first and only afterward get interested in anime?

>> No.10121355

No. It kind of happened separately at the same time though, when I was young I got into anime and I also got into goth and alternative fashion. Ended up finding out about lolita through those.

>> No.10121357

Yes, absolutely.

>> No.10121360
File: 29 KB, 559x460, 47690659_2178849828837718_2255412769992051142_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>liking anime in 2019

>> No.10121361

Is ToAlice good quality?

>> No.10121367

This is good advice.
Also test on part of the fabric before you take more drastic approaches ( bleach etc )

>> No.10121371

I liked anime first, then got into visual kei through that, and then lolita through that.

>> No.10121373

I liked anime when I was a kid, but I only got into Lolita in my late teens.

>> No.10121375

....are you me. I came to write almost exactly this.

>> No.10121388

Ficklewish decidedly doesn't have lolita, as the customers that used to come in for it were 'too hard to please'
That being said, they have a terrible onlie shop, bad ui, not complete inventory- they could if they wanted to, but it's npt necessary a 'choice'.
The cost of keeping a dedicated employee for everything in the online shop is too high for their margins.

>> No.10121399

I liked anime first, then lolita.
This. Besides deathnote, monster and 21st century boy, i have struggled to get into many animes. I could go on and on about all the typical anime tropes and themes that make me hate anime, but that would be off topic.

>> No.10121401

Well does it really matter how many you like? If you like anime, even if it's just one, you like it period. I say I like manga even though the only thing I ever read is Ito, Maruo and other horror artists.

Are there any active lolita bloggers anymore? I'm not talking about youtube, although I'd like to see more lolita vloggers as well.

>> No.10121402

I liked anime in middle school and was a massive weeb ages 11-13, eventually found jfashion and visual kei music through that. I wore lizlisa style and had a casual interest in anime through most of my teens.

The whole time I knew what lolita was and admired it, probably found it through weeby pop culture rabbit hole, but I waited about 6-7 years to actually start buying the clothes. I was 17 when I bought my first brand dress but didn't regularly start wearing the fashion and building a wardrobe until I was 18 and had more of my own disposable income. I don't think I would've gotten into lolita if it wasn't for anime but nowadays I rarely watch it.

>> No.10121404


>> No.10121422

Madame Chocolate in spain also got a secondhand section and does well, moved into a bigger location last year.

>> No.10121423

I've been using these but folding my dresses first so it can fit in my storage boxes. I think I need to accept some dresses will just have to be chucked in

>> No.10121428

She didn't move there to expand, she was chased away by the housing company that wanted that spot. Spain is corrupt af.

>> No.10121429

>salvation army-kei
all you need is a kettle and a bell.

>> No.10121432

cloche doesn't usually have a brim like that, it's like some sort of bonnet/cloche hybrid

>> No.10121436
File: 361 KB, 512x512, 1544043129208.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not the boss of me

>> No.10121438

Like anime as a kid because it's all my weeb ass older brothers liked. I eventually started watching rozen maiden in middle school and stumbled upon that collab with IW. I miss those days.

>> No.10121449
File: 72 KB, 769x453, yukiko_lapin__a_kisekae_doll_by_sakurafairy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got into anime first. Through anime i found

>sakurafairy's lolita KiSS dolls
>japanese music, which got me into jrock
>the local anime store, where i got my first issue of KERA

i didn't discover lolita directly through watching anime but it was a gateway drug.

>> No.10121545
File: 511 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190306-194955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Chinese Music video featuring a lolita.

>> No.10121555

Not as good of a music-video-lolita as the Breakbot one.

>> No.10121592
File: 157 KB, 595x842, IMG_20190306_212128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This weekend!

>> No.10121611

Shame about the print, the cuts look better than usual as of late.

>> No.10121619

Really? I feel the opposite. The print is cute and the cuts are hideous(per usual)

>> No.10121653

Put in my SS request!
Wonder why it's so hated on cgl? The print is cute, the JSK and OP cuts are cute, I like the side headbow. It's very Emily Temple Cute, which I love as well, so maybe that's why I like it so much.

>> No.10121657
File: 44 KB, 700x700, w-44701-00.JPG?1549862093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally bought my first piece of lolita clothing, none other than AP, I can't wait to try it on! What was your first piece, gulls?

>> No.10121659

Thank you black colorway for saving this series

>> No.10121660
File: 86 KB, 250x333, c11586b4-1a90-5ca0-85c7-8a55491c7677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Toy fantasy in pink, it doesn't fit my cow titties anymore but I'm too nostalgic to get rid of it. Has anyone turned an OP into a skirt before or have any advice on what to do?

>> No.10121673

I need measurements damnit.

>> No.10121674
File: 97 KB, 800x615, caretag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a pretty minimal tag like all the old AP tags from that time, unfortunately. It's the print that has me so worried. I'm not sure if I can wash that the same way as the rest of the velveteen. I've heard the horror stories

>> No.10121693

OP will probably be same as Flower egg garden OP (maybe a little smaller looking at it on Risa) and jsk is likely same size as Jardin des anges jsk. Look at the model pics to compare.

>> No.10121695

Wasn't it Norma that wanted to open a café there? Anyways, the point is bigger businesses bullying smaller ones out of their locals.

>> No.10121700
File: 26 KB, 471x645, 560365-350-2016-01-18449869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Foil print should never be washed at the dry cleaner is all I know. I washed foil prints before without a problem but the only dress I have that's slightly comparable would be this one (which I washed without a problem in the machine) But PC is also much older so I understand your worry.

>> No.10121701

maybe message previous owners on lacemarket?

>> No.10121725

I suggest you wait for AP Paris‘ fb post later today. They post the measurements with their reservation info.

>> No.10121731


Everything happened seperately. I got into lolita via BJDs, around that time btssb had just done one of their many releases for Volks dolls, which Cotindoll immediately made knock-offs of.

I'd be wary of making generalizations about "anime" anyway. The genre is really wide, going from kiddie shows like Doraemon to "teen girl" stuff like Sailormoon, to highschool love stories, and then sometimes there's the odd seinen story like Tiger & Bunny thrown into the mix. And we haven't even touched on moe blobs or hentai. All of them have pretty distinctly different fanbases, someone saying they liked Nana vs someone who likes Crayon shin-chan vs someone who likes BNHA are all going to be very different people.

>> No.10121732

If this can't get a bunch of roleplayers to at least pretend like they would buy a honey cake rerelease, there's no way AP will do a MTO

>> No.10121733

I could see Victorian Maiden coming up with something like this, but how tf is this Moitie?

>> No.10121742
File: 45 KB, 924x784, Angelic-Pretty-Toy-Fantasy-Tote.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Toy Fantasy had a tote bag, and it looks to still be the same cotton fabric (later on AP switched to making vinyl or canvas print totebags). So if you can hunt that down you could take the dress to a tailor's and see if you can get some alterations done with extra fabric from the tote bag.

Otherwise, a tailor can easily turn a dress into a skirt, it just costs money. I don't suggest doing it yourself if you don't know what you're doing. I mean, theoretically it's simple, but the little details like the skirt is definitely serged into the dress bodice and how you deal with taking that apart, that kind of little small decisions tend to add up and either result in something that looks good or you pressed the waistband wrong and now it won't sit right.

>> No.10121746
File: 98 KB, 488x861, 4fc1a662885cf3d6d0fa94b4e59dce90.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


From left to right:
- Do not wash in water
- Do not bleach
- Iron at medium heat
- Dry clean (pce solvents are ok)

Y'all need to google up one of these handy charts and pin it to the inside door of your wardrobes.

For dry-cleaning, I'd suggest going an additional step and avoid PCE solvents -- that's the stuff that's really rough and apparently wrecks havoc on screen prints.

>> No.10121768

Lolita first, anime years afterwards, now dropped but lolita is forever

>> No.10121770

Literally all of my brand clothes have "no water" on the caretag yet I've machine washed them countless of times without issue

>> No.10121774


same. none of my dresses are made out of any sensitive fabrics from what i can assume so i just...uh...toss it in the machine on gentle while in some mesh bags--and it turns out all good. I like to see the symbols as suggestions of precautionary measures of extra safety.

>> No.10121777
File: 791 KB, 1000x500, mmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moitie is releasing wristcuffs on the 8th of March, Friday, 3 pm JST. Both the candlestick lace and reverse cross lace are used.

>> No.10121781

Will we ever see anything original again or are they just going to milk that lace and glued on moitie logos until the cashcow is dry? It has been more than 2 years and they still don't have a proper designer.

>> No.10121783

Finally something I requested in the questionnaire

>> No.10121785

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find Moitie wrist-cuffs secondhand?

>> No.10121787

Ignore the rpers, they don’t know what people wanted. Which is to rerelease ills stuff and staples.

>> No.10121790

How quickly do they sell out normally?

And how quick did their cardigans sell out?

>> No.10121822

I always see people complaining that it's so hard to sell things on lacemarket. I would really like to know what is hard. Like tell me exactly which items are hard to sell for what price. Because all I see not selling on lacemarket are skirts without print for 200 euro. Of course that's not selling, idiots. Thanks for reading my blog post.

>> No.10121875

Has anyone ever had an issue ordering direct from a Japanese brand that didn’t put the zipcode or phone number on the package? I’m from the USA and I checked with the brand that the address written was correct. I would think that the because of that even with a missing zip USPS would be able to just direct it to the right place but customs booted it as soon as it got to NYC for an incomplete address. Is it a customs thing that the zip code needs to be there or was I just unlucky? I even called USPS and they basically told me there’s nothing I can do except for wait for it to be returned so the seller can resend it. The situation is basically already being handled but I was just curious about other people’s experiences.

>> No.10121893
File: 62 KB, 250x333, rose stained glass full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First non brand was a bodyline skirt I bought secondhand for way too much money.

First brand was innocent world's rose stained glass skirt. It was what convinced me to stay in the fashion.

>> No.10121908

I asked this in stupid questions, but it seems the thread died right as I did. Does anyone know an-tai-na's email for overseas shoppers? do they still use it? thanks.

>> No.10121924

No dummy, it's a mail thing. Zip code is the most important piece of an address. It gives the USPS the general location and thus guidance on navigating a package to your very specific address. If it's not there or incorrect, they sure as hell aren't gonna do detective work or go the extra mile to get it to you. They'll just punt it back. Condolences on your mildly expensive postal lesson

>> No.10121925
File: 65 KB, 480x640, IMG_0921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a black and white gingham Anna house skirt that was way too big for me. My first brand piece was the catalina jsk from aatp that i regret selling.

>> No.10121927

Shrug. Its not really a lesson when it wasn’t my fault to begin with - the shop is the one who didn’t put it on the package. But I was asking because in cases of domestic mail, usually it does not get returned to sender over a missing zip, or at least not in my personal experience. It may take longer or be redirected. Either way there’s not much I can do about it now other than have it resent.

>> No.10121981

Did Toy Fantasy have a tote bag? You've shown the one for Dreamy Baby Room oops

>> No.10121991
File: 1.90 MB, 2860x3821, DB73E4AD-A1C9-4541-923E-F4E509F08C2E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it took the cardigans about a week. They generally sell out in 2 days or not at all. Dresses stay up longer and seem to be regularly restocked, accessories tend to go the quickest. I recently bought the mmm teacup when it first came out, and the pillbox hat that was also released sold out in a few hours. The teacups sold out shortly after that. I regret not grabbing the hat and a second tea set while I had the chance. The cardigan took a few weeks to completely sell out, but it was released in the late summer last year. I can’t wait to see what new pieces come out. I’m not so patiently waiting on Silent Moon.

Thankyou everyone for you tips and condolences! I was able to get the stain out! I soaked and rinsed it with cold water, soaked it in oxyclean, soaked and rinsed in cold water again, soaked and lightly scrubbed with oxyclean again, then soaked it in cold water AGAIN with a small splash of bleach + oxyclean and the last of the yellow was finally lifted! I kept the kettle blue logo above water for the last part because I didn’t want to risk the splash of bleach to discolor it just in case.
For the record, I usually hand wash it with cold water and detergent, using a tide to go pen as needed, but the washing process is usually only a half hour in the sink, this process took me half of yesterday.

>> No.10121996

Got into anime before lolita really started taking off in the US. Went to a weeb art exhibit in 2002 I think, and there were Fruits books there. Got my first exposure to j-fash, but most of it was earlier forms of decora, ganguro, and kogal. If I remember, there were some early forms of lolita in there as well. I'm not sure on the exact issue.

When people did wear lolita, it was mostly at conventions and almost entirely handmade. I just assumed they were meido cosplays.

By the late 2000's. My interest in anime sort of faded. I was getting burnt out on cosplay, competing, making new things all the damn time. I started wearing the fashion in 2012, first at cons where it felt comfortable. Then I wore it out more to other places, started going to meets, etc.

I haven't sat down and watched an anime series in years. Just no desire to. I still enjoy cons and will occasionally cosplay, but it's more western animation or vidya.

>> No.10122002

A lot of sellers do a poor job of listing their stuff, so it's no surprise it doesn't sell.

>no measurements listed
>poor lighting
>pictures of a crumpled thing dangling off a hanger
>badly tagged (ex: stuff marked plus size friendly that only goes up to a 70cm waist, or stuff NOT tagged that when it can fit up to a 120cm waist)
>stock images of a different colorway, and no worn or mannequin pics of the colorway being sold
>"I only ship within -tiny country-, sorry!"
>skirt listed under "Other Accessories" category
>bundles of mismatched items
>skirt is the right size but bundled with a top that's too small to fit my ginormous honkers
>brand not listed in title
>"$150 for my sweat-stained scuffed up burando shoes plz"

Seriously, though, that last one has turned me off from buying a lot of things. I'm not interested in waiting around for two weeks on an auction when I already know I'm going to be the only bidder, and then have to wait for shipping on top of that.

>> No.10122011

Bless you for this

>> No.10122013

>>bundles of mismatched items
I get these if they're cheap

You can message them with an offer

>> No.10122027

I can read it just fine, the text underneath also says to be extra careful when ironing. I posted it because someone asked to see it. It's obvious that this is a generic tag that isn't actually accurate (see the two posts below concerning no water, the fact that velveteen should never be directly ironed, plus anecdotal evidence that dry cleaning of any sort causes the screenprint of PC to peel off -- so much for that dry clean OK icon). That's why I'm turning to other girls' experiences for help instead of relying on this tag. Thanks to everyone who's chimed in so far though! Once I figure out whether this specific print can be washed in any capacity too I'll have a pretty good idea of what to do


>> No.10122108

Moitie made it a little bit easier for us to invite them to events


>> No.10122161

Didn’t watch anime yet cause it was 2008 and I was a kid with little access to the internet but I actually got introduced to lolita because I enjoyed manga enough to get a shoujo beat subscription and found lolita through btssb ads. Kinda ditched manga/anime wholesale for lolita once I finished middle school and got better computer access.

>> No.10122185

this actually makes a lot of sense if the seller is auctioning off a highly coveted piece

>> No.10122190

Anybody knows how many time take Antique Beast to ship out orders? Bought a headress month and half ago

>> No.10122191

someone from akon invite moitie!!!!

>> No.10122194

>dark-skinned thieves in her imagination
Not surprised

Anyway, actually found this really entertaining! Lots of good gif opportunities, but I wish she had some hair accessories. Also, those glasses at the beginning look horrible without an updo. The design is too clunky for her hair to be down

>> No.10122201

Do you only value brand tags and own moitie for the fact that it's moitie?

If you're fine with 100 uninspired low quality efforts, then that's good for you but don't impose it onto all moitiefags.

>> No.10122204

>n0t lik those otherr mo1tiiefigz

>> No.10122208

Lacemarket is the only platform I've ever been able to sell on.

>> No.10122210

I know this anon posted in the last lolita general thread like 2 weeks ago but if you're lurking now there's a very similar coat to the one you posted on WW

>> No.10122217

I don't think you're a lolita if the thought of wanting to match lace didn't even enter your head

>> No.10122239

Not the person you've replied to buy LM has been the best platform for me too.
I'm in Europe and I've sold things to people all over the world which is fun imo.
I've also sold things through facebook but that was a hard sell cause of the many flaking poorfags.
Like 1 out of 3 would promise to buy, I'd even do a hold and then they'd flake cause they were broke.
At least with LM you can give someone like that bad feedback (never had to thank goodness).
Tried selling to my local comm too but the group is small so finding a buyer is harder, I'd rather cough up some pp fees and find a buyer more quickly.

>> No.10122246

They make them when you order them, so it can take a little while if they received a ton of orders. I’ve always gotten my orders in the “just a few days shy of a month” to 1 and 1/2 month range. The owner is really chill, so contacting her with questions would probably be fine.

>> No.10122264

Or maybe I just don't care about them and would rather like "moitie" to try something new that lives up to their past quality instead of recycling the same lace design, cross and candelbra logo over and over again with no other value.

>> No.10122275

Yeah but you were commenting about someone who wants them. I can't believe you didn't consider someone else wants to match lace. And not just her, tons of people. Moitie wrist-cuffs are harder to find than their socks.

>> No.10122282

Moitie fans don't want them to do something new. They want them to keep doing what they did in the 90s and early 00s forever. That being said, they did try something new with their collabs.

>> No.10122288

And that person commented to me asking if Wunderwelt will churn out unoriginal releases forever. Their first reaction was "but wrist-cuffs are hard to find!" when I didn't even talk about the cuffs specifically but the current state of the brand as a whole, which gave me the impression they don't care about quality or design as long as it's moitie.

>> No.10122291

>They want them to keep doing what they did in the 90s and early 00s forever.
That's the thing though, they aren't even doing this. Moitie is/was more than just lace, the 2 cross designs, the candelbra logo and merchandise. Sure they were iconic elements, but now they just glue or sew them on the same boring taobao/normie tier items and call it a day.

>> No.10122300

Wunderwelt forgot to add one of the items I bought. I buy from them regularly and this has never happened. What are the odds that they will send me the item they forgot to pack? I don’t want a refund, i just want the item

>> No.10122324

try asking on big sisters of lolita
nobody of on cgl knows cause no one here is actually wearing lolitas.

>> No.10122331

>google "antaina" "email"
Their email was [email protected], I tried to contact them a few years ago, around 2015 but they never replied. If you have any custom wishes it's best to ask an SS to tell them.

>if I repeat that shitty meme often enough maybe it will become true
Just go back.

>> No.10122333

Just email them and explain the situation. That never happened to me but their customer service is great.

>> No.10122337

How do btssb reservations work? Sorry if this a simple question but I want an Usakumya and they are going on reservation with the SF shop tomorrow, I want to know how good of a chance do I have to get a bag? And is the total due up front?

>> No.10122343

I think you guys criticize the brand far too much. They make new designs, people complain. They make old designs, people complain. There isn’t a way to win here.

If people asked for socks and wrist cuffs and older lace, then delivering is good. Most people I know who did the survey wanted old releases, so you can’t blame them wanting to do that. Same with jetj rereleasing that dumb cat dress again, it’s what the people want. And realistically they need to pad out releases, they can’t be churning out new dresses every month with how they are running. Bringing back basics are a good smart way to give them time for bigger projects.

If they are smart they will either release a dress for the con they are going in Hawaii or they will show it off then and release it a week or two later.

>> No.10122366

I used that email but they did not reply so I was wondering if they changed it. Should have clarified. thanks for letting me know they did not reply.

>> No.10122415

How the hell did it even get to leave Japan like that? Once I bought a blouse from Baby and they sent it to Australia (I'm from NZ lol) but it got caught and sent back to them as soon as it hit the airport so clearly Japan post checks. Surely a missing postcode would get noticed. If the shop made the mistake they should pay to ship it again or at least refund you for their fuck up.

>> No.10122440

They just make it available as an item on the online shop. You add it to your cart and purchase it like you would anything else except you can’t combine it with anything else, it has to be it’s own purchase. And yes, it’s all due up front, including shipping. If it’s a reservation/pre-order it shouldn’t sell out, that’s the point of the pre-order; you buy it before it’s made so they know how many to make.

>> No.10122449
File: 170 KB, 917x600, swarovski or dollar store rhinestone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can any anons who have moitie's new black jewel cross pendant tell me how sparkly it is? Wunderwelt says it's ~beautifully sparkly Swarovski crystals~ but it looks very dull in the stock photos, like cheap plastic rhinestones. I included a stock photo of the old black jewel cross pendant on the right for comparison.

Also, are the crystals in the blue cross bag charm the same shade as the blue jewel cross pendant or are they lighter?

>> No.10122451

Imo the crystals are the same on both, I have an old pendant and a new, but not in black. It’s just lighting really. The bag charm is the same as the necklace.

>> No.10122468

>that casting quality
oh how the moite have fallen

>> No.10122475
File: 622 KB, 383x286, fuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wait all night for moitie bkw wristcuffs
>get them RIGHT on release
>pay for them with paypal
>booted out of paypal after payment
>an item in your cart is no longer available
>didn't get them, sold out while payment sent
Jesus fuck, what did they only make 1 stock or something? There's no way a whole bunch of people were able to pay faster than me at once. At least the payment got cancelled so I don't have to worry about that but FUCK.

I saw a pic from moitie of the black cross bag charm on the candelabra bag, it still looked different than the original but it's hard to tell sparkly-ness from a photo. If the others are the same then I'll probably just stick to the blue, thanks for your help anon!

>> No.10122478

Black x white are sold out, white is still available. I usually only make orders once I have ¥50000 worth of items so I can score that free shipping. I want the white anyways so hopefully they stay unpopular just long enough for me to score one more item to qualify for the free shipping. White usually sells out last which is lucky for me since it’s my favorite.

>> No.10122480
File: 826 KB, 700x700, cross arch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm hoping the success of the wristcuffs will push Moitie to make more using other colours and types of laces, just like they did with chokers.

>> No.10122493
File: 187 KB, 363x645, 20180905_163659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where do yall buy your jewelry? my wardrobe is lacking and im hesitant to pay $40 for some cheap plastic crap from AP as cute as they are.

>> No.10122505


Selling lolita is pretty much a pain anywhere, though.

- Anything IW marked down to 3000 yen and now nobody wants to pay a dime over $30

- Bodyline's roller coaster pricing. People "remember" dresses being $25 and don't want to pay more than that either.

- Add to that it costs $20 to ship anything out of my country because even a cheap, light dress is half a kg and it's crossing countries. Please don't bargain on tracking, I don't even give that option and will not reduce the price by a fucking $3

- People who tell you "it goes for this price elsewhere" and link you to a sold out auction. Tough titties, you should've bought it then, don't bother me with this now.

- I used to love helping newbies and people looking for dream dresses but I don't even sell a lot and half the time someone uses the line "it's my/my sister's/my gf's/somebody's dream dress, can't you reduce it a bit more". Plus that one time someone started a convo about how I'm selling their dream coat and then they never bought it.

- I used to do systematic reductions and take offers but it really attracts the rudest kinds of buyers. People who straight up offer half my original asking price, "ten bucks is out of my budget oops lol", "you were going to mark it down anyway" etc etc. Now I'd just reduce it once and then the dresses can rot in my cupboard for all I care.

- Fatties doing a "what's the max on this" drive-by commenting.

I mean, it's the same pain on every other platform, but I can definitely relate to the anon who wanted to put it all in a box and send it to a consignment shop. Let them deal with the annoying non-buyers who seem to be out to waste your time.

>> No.10122513

Local antique stores. I prefer paying for real silver and gemstones rather than the stuff MmM does. Take a look into your country's jewellery designers

>> No.10122516

any discount codes for wunderwelt around? im annoyed they had ¥1,000 off for like 2 days and I missed it.

>> No.10122517

I think it's just 1 anon who keeps complaining

>> No.10122519

There is unsold IW for less than 50 on lacemarket right now. Sounds like you overprice stuff. Nobody wants to pay 200 for solids that may have had 5 other owners, you might as well buy new at that point unless it's your dream dress

>> No.10122525

God, fucking this. FB is the worst at it. It's literally a waste of time, out of 20 people there is maybe one who actually commits.

>> No.10122526


>unsold IW
>less than 50

I mean, you seem to be proving the point:

>Like tell me exactly which items are hard to sell for what price
>Anything IW marked down

Not like that anon said they were pricing it at $200 and griping nobody's buying? They're literally answering the question of what won't sell and at what price.

>> No.10122529


Anon, that's my point. It's at $50 and it's still unsold. That's not a $200 nonprint with 5 owners. That's $50 burando dress that's still unsold, and you apparently found enough of them to confirm that they really don't sell.


I noped out of FB sales and strictly do lacemarket now, at least there's less excuse for chit chat since it's a strictly selling platform (not that that stops people from asking silly things like where I got a particular pair of shoes because they need a different size). Like I said it's really the hassle of selling things one-on-one, not lacemarket. It's just that the hassle is enough that people do complain about bad buyers.

And to give a more balanced view, I've had several buyers that are the exact opposite of those things, and more than a few sellers who are equally nice and polite to me when I'm buying.

What I'm saying is, it's not all bad, it's just that sometimes horrible people can get you down and make you feel like you want to pack it all in a box and chuck it out the window. The platform might be the best we've got currently but pretty much the whole selling thing can still feel like a godawful chore.

>> No.10122533

They do sell for less than 50. There is a handful right now that still have a lot time left before ending. Brand for less than 50 without major damage usually sells.

>> No.10122536
File: 50 KB, 345x437, D1EA6A41-1D35-4728-9CE0-AD5E65B74544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Innocent World release. I can’t choose a colour or cut I’m in love with everything except the skirt

>> No.10122537

I just looked and most of them are damaged, without good pictures of the damage, and/or incomplete measurements

>> No.10122555

Same, I tried to get them both and the black and white ones sold out in a minute.

They said on Twitter they will do black and blue when they can.

>> No.10122589

Nayrt but IW for less than 50 usually sells well, if anything it proofs >>10122002 point

>> No.10122595 [DELETED] 

The point is that stuff doesn't sell because it's over-priced so. You can keep complaining that people aren't buying your stuff, or you can lower the price. I'm >>10121822 and I posted that because I saw several people whine about it, but when I look on lacemarket I see so many lolitas trying to sell their stuff as the ''second owner'' in ''perfect condition'' with minor damage, but we can look up they bought it secondhand, and the person they bought it from also bought it secondhand, and the person that they bought it from bought it secondhand from yahoo so who knows how many owners it had. Yet everyone tries to get back what they paid for + shipping, while the dress is just getting more and more worn out.

If it's SO hard to sell for you on lacemarket that you have to post about it on cgl, instagram and facebook, why don't you just put it all in 1 box and sell it so someone who does want to list the correct measurements and take pictures?

>> No.10122596

The point is that stuff doesn't sell because it's over-priced so. You can keep complaining that people aren't buying your stuff, or you can lower the price. I'm >>10121822 and I posted that because I saw several people whine about it, but when I look on lacemarket I see so many lolitas trying to sell their stuff as the ''second owner'' in ''perfect condition'' with minor damage, but we can look up they bought it secondhand, and the person they bought it from also bought it secondhand, and the person that they bought it from bought it secondhand from yahoo so who knows how many owners it had. Yet everyone tries to get back what they paid for + shipping, while the dress is just getting more and more worn out.

If it's SO hard to sell for you on lacemarket that you have to post about it on cgl, instagram and facebook, why don't you just put it all in 1 box and sell it so someone who does want to list the correct measurements and take pictures?

Exactly, and some of it is in the wrong category too.

>> No.10122602

>why don't you just put it all in 1 box and sell it so someone who does want to list the correct measurements and take pictures?
Fuck off chestnutlili/Hanayoku/milkyuki

>> No.10122603

I make my own and buy from artists at cons, but there's always the staple Indies, Automatic Honey, Lolita Collective, VoodoooDolly, Puvithel, Necrosium, Sweet Mildred, Lily of the Valley, Tokimeki

I'm probably forgetting some

>> No.10122606

You prefer them to do the same thing and bring it to a consignment shop?

>> No.10122607

I don't own it but I have seen it in person. The stones are definitely not plastic though I doubt they are Swarovski. I think mmm might just think that all glass crystal is called Swarovski

>> No.10122613

You could ask Tamie or some other Moitie fan on instagram who owns both to do a review/comparison.

>> No.10122806

I went on my old Gaia just for the hell of it and found the old lolita guild I was part of! Like, I'm talking 2005-09 here.
A lot of the links are dead, but it's crazy to see how much lolita stores were open back then


>People were excited about GLB finally being printed in english lol

>> No.10122809

I got into lolita via manga actually, Mihara is my icon

>> No.10122822

im disappointed with this release. although IW is my favorite brand i realised i havent liked any of their new prints in at least a year

>> No.10122825

Bless you for this

>> No.10122966

Got my first Usakumya Rucksack!! Anyone else?

>> No.10122969

Why the awkward length?

>> No.10122995

I have 3 1 medium and 2 large. I really want the gigantic one next

>> No.10122996

God damn I want this

>> No.10123023

If someone constantly buys cheap but sought after/trendy stuff and then sells them for double to triple the original price on LM with the reason that it didn't fit, would you call them a scalper?

>> No.10123038


>> No.10123069

Anyone manage to get Strawberry Doll?

I'm >>10121653 and my SS failed in-store as well was we both couldn't get it online...
so if anyone gets the white jsk+socks+headbow set they don't want...let me know lol

>> No.10123079

my SS couldnt get anything either! ive already seen a couple f listings sell on fril, so i'm holding out for a MTO - i feel like AP has done them pretty soon after for prints that didnt seem to sell as fast so fingers crossed

>> No.10123080

If you really like the print, then wait a month for the secondhand market. Berry prints do show up a lot.

>> No.10123097

That's the plan! I already have email alerts set up.

Only bad thing about MTO is that once it actually gets shipped, it's going to be Dec-Jan AKA the season for wearing the print will be over...but I like wearing strawberry prints year-round, I'm just impatient and want it sooner rather than later

>> No.10123117

It sounds like you just overpriced stuff. I don't have half these problems and I've been selling for awhile on lm.

I find patience is key, the last few months I relisted things over and over and people do eventually find them if you don't mind waiting a long time. Then I didn't have to reduce price like crazy.

>> No.10123130

Nayrt but how did you set up email alerts for a specific dress on second-hand sites? I apologize if this is a stupid question.

>> No.10123134 [DELETED] 

By using google translate instead of asking to be spoonfed.

>> No.10123162

Anyone else having trouble registering with JetJ for their sale? It wont let me enter my zip code

>> No.10123175

Bodyline dresses shouldn't be more than $15.

>> No.10123183

>everyone tries to get back what they paid for + shipping
This is the main problem on lacemarket imo. Brand is cheaper in Japan because people realise that they can't sell it for what they paid, it doesn't even matter if you wore it or not. On lacemarket everyone is claiming it's unworn like anyone believes that.

>> No.10123186
File: 375 KB, 480x640, IMG_20190309_143444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't believe aatp is releasing a taobao hat base with some stuff glued on for 40800 yen

>> No.10123220

it depens on what you got. There is a dress that won't sell since a year while other items sold within weeks.
I try to sell my thing rather cheap and add matching stuff because I want to get rid of them, but if you try to sell something that has low demand it's hard to get rid of it, even for cheap.

>> No.10123242

Yeah, I've had a few items that simply wouldn't sell until I dropped the price insanely low. Oh well, I just hope whoever bought them was a newbie excited for cheap brand. I always get a kick out of seeing my old stuff on a fresh faced ita in CoF. They don't look good but their excitement is contagious lol.

>> No.10123263

ME TOO. Got the last blue one!! Wanted pink but I still love her

>> No.10123274

I just put in 000 since it wouldn't accept mine, and added the correct zip code to the end of my full address line.

>> No.10123322

the first dress i've liked from IW in a while

>> No.10123360


Hah. The irony is that reducing the prices systematically is supposed to help with if I overpriced something. I used reduce what I list every couple of weeks. So if I overpriced a dress at $200 when you think it should be at $100 or even $50, all you gotta do is watch and wait, if no one else buys it at $110 or $70 then it must mean it's overpriced and you can buy it at the price you wanted. If someone buys it at a higher price then it means you were wrong and the dress isn't overpriced. Fair enough? I thought so.

The problem is people noticed that I reduce the prices regularly and they start impatiently demanding half off the price two minutes after a brand new listing, telling me they can't "afford ten bucks" (if you can't afford the last ten dollars of a listing, wtf are you doing buying lolita?), etc etc, using the excuse "you were going to reduce it anyway". It simply attracted selfish, rude, narcissistic people who think it's fine to demand whatever price they want because "you'll do it anyway" so it's totally okay to treat me like a doormat. And as if to prove a point, most of the items I get these sorts of rude messages on, do sell to someone else at a higher price than they offered.

I've switched over to your method, but unfortunately this means any overpriced dresses are simply going to be relisted over and over, staying overpriced.

>> No.10123365

Obviously. If people keep seeing the same thing with a lowered price, it makes it look like nobody wants to buy it. You shouldn't make that obvious to buyers.

>> No.10123367

You can ask for a price check on cgl if you're not sure what price to list it for or just start the auction at a lower price and let a bidding war begin.

Relisting it at the same price over and over also makes it look like that. I used to wait a few weeks before relisting something to avoid that.

>> No.10123522

>Bidding war

I've won dollar auctions below $5, bidding wars are so rare on LM

>> No.10123593

Next bread >>10123190

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