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With all the rerelease happiness what pieces can be considered as status symbols these days?

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You sound like a newfag looking to be spoon-fed

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I hear Meta's Honey Picnic is crazy popular.

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All the Meta walolita dresses

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+ Hospitality doll, walkure and engelsbeginn

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Radioactive cupcake.
It shows you know what’s up with the fashion.

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I rarely see people talk about Engelsbeginn

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Looool you are a meanie

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Legendary/Impossible to find:
>Shantung OP
>Elizabeth OP in Black velvet or Rose Ribbon Embroidery in white, aka the Kamikaze Girls dresses but in the rarest colourways

>Iron Gate
>Puppet Circus
>the Kamikaze Girls dresses in other colourways
>Original release Green Dragon-chan

>Honey Cake
>Meta Walolita dresses
>Boz Giulietta OP
>JetJ non-print dresses
>Those +1k BTSSB dresses
>Good brand collabs like BTSSB Koitsukihime Stained Glass Angel JSK or Meta Macross Sharon set
>Silent Moon, though impending rerelease will depreciate its value

>Vampire Requiem
>Sugary Carnival
>Idodeclare pieces
>IW Lotta

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Like and subscribe this

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Because it doesn't show up as much as hd, when it does I've seen the op in red x white go for as much as $750

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WOAH. I'm >>10113964 and that price would put it towards the top of my A-tier, maybe nudging into S-tier depending on how many people would pay that price for it.

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Sugary carnival goes cheap lately, only the dark blue one is expensive

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Very true. I included it in my lowest status tier because there's at least one colourway that goes for premium prices and when people post in it, even though it goes for cheap now the comments are all "Ooh, Sugary Carnival!" But it's a border case yeah

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>Vampire requiem
I wish vampire prelude was as wanted, I'll never offload the cream skirt at this rate. T.T

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Rolands are easy to get unless you care about a certain weird fabric.

I wouldn’t consider jetj non print a status symbol, it’s not widely looked for or anything besides a small group of people who hate modern classic.

Not sure about IDD, they have a niche but do they sell for a bunch second hand?

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Elizabeth OP in Black is not impossible to find. It pops up at least once a year.

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Elizabeth OP in Black velvet is not impossible to find. It pops up at least once a year.

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Yeah but there are only a selected few searching for it.

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Kuragehime OP would also be in the impossible tier but I think they are rereleasing it?

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Not even a status piece anymore.

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You must not be thinking of the correct dress.

The one anon refers to was an MTO from the early 2000’s and there’s been one record of sale for it, a Y!J auction from a couple years ago.

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how much did it sell for?

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There was one in 2017 on yahoo and one last year/a few months ago on mercari that went really fast. I know because I'm searching for it too.

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Can you please give a lolibrary link to it?

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Literally just type in elizabeth op

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I really do not understand why it is so expensive it had many rereleases since 2001 last one in 2018 and all are pretty much the same

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2001 is the only year they released it in velveteen, plus I believe it was the first year they released the design. Velveteen Elizabeth was OG Elizabeth, unless there's a release older than that not on lolibrary.

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Would Carnival in sax x pink be considered an impossible to find status piece? I have never seen it for sale and have only seen one person outside of the Japanese community who owns it. Compared to all the other colorways, even the limited Nagoya release, that one seems to be the hardest to find.

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Uniroincally, that's become a weird sort of piece. It's kind of hated, but there's people who do seem to want it for it's infamy.

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I know two people who own it and love it unironically. I don't care for it myself, but I can see why it's an iconic piece for those who like era.

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Is not that bad. Ap has worse dresses. I don't understand why it is so hated.

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If only you had the jsk in white.. I would buy.

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I don't think it's very popular/as known by the community as the other status pieces, but I think any sweet lolita worth their salt would consider it one. I want it but I doubt I would ever find it

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You mean this one? I never saw it only on lolibrary. But it is as ugly as radioactive cupcakes. The print looks unfinished without the border horses

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I would throw Melty Ribbon Chocolate Collar up there too and the non printed JetJ dresses are not all created equal. I would replace that with the JetJ x Kera collab dresses they did in 2012. All of those dresses regularly go for higher amounts though more for size two in the western community.

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No, I mean this one. I never realized how unknown it was up till now.

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This one is beautiful

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Yes that one is impossible. I haven’t heard about a rerelease but I also haven’t been paying attention really, since that seemed so unlikely

I love this dress and as far as I can remember I’ve never seen it for sale

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These two are both pretty rare, but the jellyfish dress seems like legend tier rare

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I think Jellyfish dress will be rereleased

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>Hospitality doll

this and other older iconic dresses are big ones

i've noticed that many of the "status symbol" dresses used to be newer and more OTT dresses (sugary carnival, milky planet etc.) but now they seem to be the older iconic pieces since supplies are dwindling

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That second dress was for sale just last month for relatively cheap. https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/btssb-jellyfish-princess-jsk

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It’s a bit too sweet for me. I really love the Nagoya pink x black and finally found it after 8 years of searching. But I think I only saw the pink x sax appear once or twice in that time, and both were the jsk. Ngl I’d get the op if it ever popped up. I don’t wear pastel sweets, but I have a few non Lolita friends who love pastels and it would be fun to twin with my favorite dress. It’s cute and fairly rare in general regardless of colorway, but I don’t think anybody but oldfags care about it. It’s not really flashy enough to hold its pizazz over time.

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In what price class is it? I like the pinkxsax one but they are all sooo beautiful

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THis was posted early this month in Lolita Updates

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Oh didnt even check the dates before I posted it, oh well still legendary tier, but at least more came out, so maybe more second hand?

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Wow did they get the price from the auction?

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That's not a bad price desu. I would have honestly considered getting it. I think it was a lottery for reservation though

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Where's the MM and VM in this thread

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Neither brand has really made anything that is really status piece-tier on their own. Wearing VM/MM used to sort of be a status symbol in that you were thin enough to fit, but that hasn't really been the case for a while now.

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Is it just me feeling this or has there been a lot more of an obsession with Honey Cake in the community lately????

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That's not new, honestly

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I'm fine with that, as long as no one's after Sweet Waffle.

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I love this dress... I want the salopette cut

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True, but I feel like it increased after everyone saw the exhibits for the Angelic Pretty museum with that whole survey thing.

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People have been begging for it basically since it sold out entirely at AP. Which was funny, because while it was in-store it was unpopular. Pretty sure it even went on sale.

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Pretty much every gothic lolita has an Iron Gate at this point, so it's hardly that special and I'm saying that as someone that has it in two colour ways.

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Lately they pop up between 150-300, I use to see them come up for 500-800, but that was before the rerelease

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I'd be interested in buying the cream skirt depending on how much you're asking for. Drop an email or send me one?

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There has never been a release of Carnival. It's from 2006 and it's pretty hard to find because none were sold outside of Japan originally and they used to go for 50000yen + for the OP on auction.
Back in the day (2008-2010ish) Carnival was definitely a status piece along with Twinkle Mermaid. But then AP made so many different carnival dresses that most people don't even know about the original carnival.

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Personally I think Valeria fits into there. Yes, secondhand shops and sellers underprice them sometimes but god help you if you aren't snatching it in the first 2 minutes. The resale is usually above retail as well.

I think the same used to go for rarer pieces like Morgane and Cordelia, but lately there hasn't been as much interest in them. My pet theory is that the people who really wanted eventually got it.

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There was an MTO rerelease in 2017 for the pink x white and the black x white. Those sell for around 250-350 now, but they may just be the rereleased ones. I've never seen it sell for 150, I saw the red x black for sale once and have never seen pink x sax

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There was a rerelease a year or 2 ago

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Plus they gave these pass card cases as gifts for their tea party. Idk what food for thought it gives, I let another HC dress go when it was on sale because I’m looking for rerelease. Not sure if that was a smart step, but whatever.

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Nayrt , There was the 10 year anniversary MTO back in February/March 2017 (original release in 2006) and was shipped out in Fall 2017. Only the regular colors were open to order: pink x white, pink x red, black x white. The special limited colors pink x sax and pink x black were not apart of the MTO rerelease. It use to go for $1000+ easily, but since the MTO, including the pink x black limited, it has sold consistently for ¥17,000-¥25,000. This is not accounting for the higher priced dresses that end unsold. I got my own Nagoya limited color OP for only about $175, and that was after the MTO. I have never seen the sax x pink limited color for sale after the MTO shipped. I own both the OG and the newer MTO releases and honestly I see no structural or quality differences other then the tag in the dress. Like the other anon, I’m not into pastels, but I really love old 2006 AP and wouldn’t mind buying the sax pink, but mostly for nostalgia factors, out of all carnival pieces I own or have owned, Carnival appliqué seems to be the least impressive or respected in my comm, which is mostly full of AP fag sweet Lolitas.

>> No.10114606

Same anon, I nearly bought the pink jsk off CC the other week but ivory is my dream colourway so I left it. I'd settle for a pink or yellow as well but I'm also reckoning there might be a re-release soon.

>> No.10114667

Was the original out of velvet?

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The 2017 one is not listed on lolibrary, was it cotton or polyester? I heard someone say that AP officials claim it is impossible to make another velvet dresses becouse of very high production cost. I hoped at the bunny one beeing rereleased but just in velvet.

>> No.10114865

I'm praying for this. They've re-released so much other stuff, I don't understand why they haven't done Honey Cake before now. Plus it feels like a lot of the HC that does show up for sale has damage of some kind.

>> No.10114929

I don't like it but if it is rereleased I will get it. I got CTP for the same reason loool

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I feel like I've only seen this colorway once on the japan secondhand market can't remember the exact price but it was for a pretty penny. Don't know why it's not more popular within the sweet lolita crowd I feel like this dress would be a big sweet lolita status piece considering all those popular japanese sweet lolitas in 2009 posted pics of this dress all the time

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Carnival is not unknown, the other Anon is just a newfag. It was rereleased a couple years ago

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File: 2.82 MB, 3024x3995, 444E2345-E012-4C93-8AF9-091F0CA71BA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New vs Old care tag

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I want to twin like this. One day.

Like I said, the new and old are virtually the same. The rerelease was very expensive compared to the original and compared to the price of most pieces they put out, so I don’t doubt that is why they don’t make them any more. And like I posted here >>10115006 the OG and New lists fabric as cotton 綿, lining as polyester ポリエステル, and the only difference I see is the tulle(for the built in petticoat) is nylon on the newer, while the Original lists it as polyester.

>> No.10115097

What country was the old one made in? I'm just curious.

>> No.10115119

I think back then they produced only in Japan

>> No.10115369

It should say on the tag, right?

>> No.10115514

I actually looked and it doesn’t have a country of origin listed. But I do recal way back in the LJ days the AP and Btssb both claimed to be made in Japan.

>> No.10115539

literally just sold on mercari for 25k yen. No.

>> No.10115540

its popularity comes and goes but honeycake is a shit meme dress and i look down on anyone who unironically has it as a dream dress

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I love it as a meme, and as a dream. gotta kms now

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What's up with dick points of brilliant Misty Sky? There was a MTO, but the colors are still different.

>> No.10115787

And I paid 400 $ for the rerelease looool

>> No.10115789

Let's don't forget the girls that paid 2000 $ on it looool those girls are mad right now, new meme for angry lolita is a girl dressed in a ctp she paid a fortune on it.

>> No.10115804

I feel bad for them honestly. I remember myself letting $600 ctp go because it felt a bit exhausted, and it’s not even 1k bucks.

>> No.10115818

Rainies sold one without waist ties for almost 1k and damaged ones went for 2k, now everyone ordered that dress, the dresses are not yet here and the old ones sell very low. AP destroyed a legendary dress with this new rerelease .

>> No.10115835

The original brilliant colorways still go for fairly high. Heads up to anyone wanting the navyxlavxsax, it's not nearly as saturated in person as it is in pics and it's disappointing as fuck. Still keeping it but I was mad when I got it.

>> No.10115848

The pinkxsax is cute

>> No.10115874

I shit up lolita gen so hard when that happened. You could tell they were pissed about having over paid for it once it got rereleased.

>> No.10115875

>it's not nearly as saturated in person as it is in pics and it's disappointing as fuck

proof? it looks quite juicy on people's pics.

>> No.10115911

>AP destroyed a legendary dress with this new rerelease .

I paired under $1k for it second hand and I really don’t care that I spent only a few hundred over retail price because I bought it because I loved it, not for a status piece, and I’m sure anyone else who legitimately wanted it feels the same. Besides, I’ve been able to wear and enjoy it over the past 5 years, and that alone is worth it to me.

>> No.10115936

that's a weird thing to lie about

>> No.10116021

I feel like these days it's not so much which pieces you have but how many and what proportion of them is brand.

>> No.10116070

I sometimes wonder if ap lucky packs do count as brand?

>> No.10116096

>does something that is brand count as brand?

You're an idiot.

>> No.10116133

>destroyed a legendary dress with this new rerelease
It's still a great dress even though it's about to be significantly less rare. And it will still sell for more than Dolly Cat.

>> No.10116140

this desu, i don't think a piece in this thread can really reflect somebody's status if their wardrobe is tiny or something

>> No.10116142

I want a vanilla chan rerelease

>> No.10116382

I like dolly cat more.

>> No.10116385

I guess if they only have 15 dresses and they're all status dresses like HC, iron gate, puppet circus, maybe

>> No.10116432 [DELETED] 


Imagine being salty over a dress being more widely available for people who have dreamed of it for years. Imagine being so incensed over your dress losing value and not being happy for people who finally have it after years of waiting.

The salty tears and pearl clutching is hilarious.

>> No.10116435

It didn't sell well in Japan originally.

>> No.10116443

Yeah it took them years to finally notice it's popular somewhere... The mysteries of how AP operates

>> No.10116467

Ok, but are we even sure that real lolitas even want honey cake? Because cgl isnt a reliable place to gauge common opinions. I suspect that its just a meme, and that if they release it, it won't sell as much

>> No.10116484


Not trying to add to the salt, but honestly, with all the Holy Lantern re-releases this should have been seen coming. Heck it should've been on the wall with the Sugary Carnival re-release in 2010, and then again when DDC sold out, AP announced they would not re-release it, then immediately announced a re-release MTO due to chinese lolitas emailing them. The more annoying thing is wondering which of the other less popular dresses that don't have cult status but also aren't commonly circulated will get a re-release or not.

I guess it's a good illustration as to why anons always advocate buying it if you really, really love the dress itself -- you never know whether this dress is going to be the one rare dress that nobody really likes but also never gets resold and never gets a re-release, or in the case of CTP, you never know if the expensive status piece you bought for likes remains a status piece or AP re-releases it next week.

>> No.10116524

Sorry, I've been out of lolita for a few years but it was a big deal back in the day when I was wearing it. I remember a few years back I mentioned it so someone and they thought I was talking about Sugary Carnival so I figured that it was just kind of forgotten to most people.
How much did the MTO retail for out of curiosity?

>> No.10116587

I wonder when honey cake is next on the re-release list . I was sure CTP will never be out again becouse it is a collaboration

>> No.10116686


I'm way more surprised that things that *don't get a re-release than things that do. I wonder why they've never redone puppet circus as screenprint on twill? It's not like they're beyond tweaking their re-releases with different colours and cuts already. And we'll never know why IW decided to release the chopped up version of Lauretta (and it still sold out anyway).

CTP had a build-up to it where girls asked Imai Kira and she said she was open to a re-release about one or two years before it did actually re-release.

Maybe gulls should start emailing AP requesting honey cake re-release. They're probably running out of prints that make money anyway, this weekend is another Chocolate Rosette re-release.

>> No.10116710

> another Chocolate Rosette re-release
This dress comes in practically every color and shape second hand, wtf ap

>> No.10116739

The vampire prelude skirt has been one of my dream pieces for years, how much were you looking for, anon? Please shoot me an e-mail, I'll gladly buy it

>> No.10116744

Valeria 100%
I think that's the only rare MM piece I am missing from my collection, I've been searching for 4 years and always miss it on the super rare occasion it actually pops up.

>> No.10116755

Twinkle mermaid should also be re-released

>> No.10116822

People who actually love the dress and not the status of a dress don’t give a shit.

>> No.10116823

But if they do a MTO, then they won’t have to worry about unsold stock

>> No.10116826

There are plenty of actual lolitas that want a Honey Cake rerelease. I see it being mentioned all the time on fb

>> No.10116827

It's on LM right now anon. The seller is definitely trying to sell them for more than they purchased if you go through their history.

Mille Rose is another one that goes for mega bucks when it pops up: most MM jsks go for $300 minimum unless you get lucky. And then there's Fauretto
Maybe there aren't any particular status dresses because MM pieces retain their value. MM isn't really producing anything new anymore, and were tiny to begin with, so everything is kinda scarce
>To be a MMfag is to suffer

>> No.10116834
File: 151 KB, 640x897, E5B604D1-EBEC-43E5-9DA6-821C42B39F42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The OP, which I got, was ¥48900 before tax the original announcement can be found here:

The price on Lolibrary seems to be missing now, but I remember it being closer to 25000-30000¥ As that’s what other past velveteen OPs went for.

I also remember it being a status dress until about 2010 when the boom of OTT prints were the thing and people stopped carrying about fabric details and construction.

>> No.10116838

Who do you think is buying the $400- $600 honey cakes second hand? Not lolitas? What a bizarre argument. Yes, actual lolitas like honey cake. Any time I wear mine or others in my comm wear theirs people go gaga.

>> No.10116874

I don't like honey cake but if I fiind it cheap or it is re-released I will buy it just to show off. I don't like Sugary Carnival either but tried to get it a couple of times on yauction.

>> No.10117281

Thanks anon. That's almost what people were paying for second hand OPs back in the day (I recall several going for around $600) which is high. But they did say that the reason that they stopped doing velvet was that it's too expensive so it makes sense.

>> No.10117348

mte, Mille Rose is absolutely a status piece and a no-brainer for any list like the one above

>> No.10117359

I didn't mean no one likes it, I meant do enough lolitas actually want it enough for AP rereleasing it to be worthwhile. My thought is that its just a very vocal group of people, especially on here, who really want it and constantly hype it.

>> No.10117476

Yeah but the second hand market says otherwise. People don't price their dresses on what cgl says. They do it because there is demand.

>> No.10117495

I wonder why Honey Cake was not popular in the first place?

>> No.10117497

>sugary carnival
Are people still wearing that? I can't stand it anymore because it's so associated with beginners and replicas

>> No.10117557

As a silent non-vocal Honey Cake fan, I'd like to see a re-release and I think it would sell well. I wanted it when it was new, but I was a broke college student and had to pass on the original release. At this point I feel like I'd rather wait for a new one rather than buy a used one that's probably passed through many owners who only wanted it for clout, wore it once, and sold it.

>> No.10117559
File: 97 KB, 523x649, UGH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people stopped caring about fabric details and construction
depressing as hell, famalam

>> No.10117569

There’s two OPs on the market rn. Tokyo Alice is selling it for over $800 tho

>> No.10117570

There are few in good condition on the sales pages. Like many dresses from that period they are faded or damaged. I think people would wear Sugary carnival if they could get it, the same people that are into sweet wear Candy sprinkle a far more ugly pony dress.

>> No.10117575

Remember that one bitch trying to sell it for $900 the moment it was re-released? Lol stupid

>> No.10117576

Ngl I want it because it looks adorable. I do hope they re-release it at a longer cut and offer different colorways

>> No.10117594 [DELETED] 
File: 376 KB, 516x645, AP-HONEYCAKE-IV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just tried out to look if that looks good with empire waist, but poof makes it look like it's materinity dress. Too bad.

>> No.10117608

Yeah but they aren’t the sax and pink. That and the pink x black are the most coveted. It sells often enough, but at 300-400. I’ve never seen it sell for 800 since the MTO was announced 2 years ago

>> No.10117637

I’ve also never posted about honey cake here but I would buy it if it was rereleased. Tbh I disliked it for a long time but eventually it just won me over, I like the kitsch factor

>> No.10117639

If only a concentrated, vocal group wanted it, it wouldn't sell for $600 almost every time it comes up on the secondhand market.

If you think that's not very popular, that's quite similar pricing to the secondhand Misty Sky and Holy Lantern before all the many re-releases (and those dresses were and still are, really popular piece people coo over)

>> No.10117661

I’m more into classic and gothic but I would absolutely go for a Honey Cake skirt to wear in casual lolita. That print is cute as shit.

>> No.10117666

Velvet and velveteen are horrid fabrics to keep in good condition, with any major handling being a threat to their quality. Folding and creasing risks ruining the fabric. Got a stain? Good luck getting it out, rubbing too hard will damage the pile. Any long-term use will leave body dirt around the collar and it stays there forever because it can't be scrubbed out. source: I own both old and new velveteen/velvet pieces, secondhand and bought new. I love and hate them.
I'd rather buy cotton and polyester these days. I support AP's decision to stop using it so often.

>> No.10117674

What brands/ages are your velveteen pieces? I have some old AP velveteen and they're in pretty good condition despite being from 2004. No issues with wrinkles or creasing. I got out some yellowing by using oxiclean to spot clean, but not all of it came out

>> No.10117683

All AP, all between 2008 and 2016. I got one secondhand with staining around the collar, even the drycleaner can't get anything out. Oxyclean didn't do anything either. It's had other marks removed just fine, but some are stuck because they can't be scrubbed.
Also, storing it too close to other stuff and having it crease has made marks in the pile on some of them.
When you wash yours, how do you get the pile to stand up again? My drycleaner steams it really well, but can you do it at home?

>> No.10117705

Really? I have velvet pieces from both AP and Btssb from 2004,2006,2008,2012,2014,2016 and 2017 and have never ever had an issue. I was even able to remove a dark chocolate stain off of white velvet once with a bit of water and a tide to go pen. I just saturate the area and press on it to absorb the cleaning solution, rinse and press again to absorbe the water instead to rinse it out. No hard scrubbing needed, and all my items are in pristine condition.

>> No.10117750

It was clearly ahead of its time.

>> No.10117753

I wear gothic, but I would definitely be tempted if they did a re-release. But only if they also re-release the bag.

>> No.10118034

Ayrt, I never said it wasn't. I finally tracked it down back over the holidays because I love MM with my entire being and it feels like an honor to actually own it. I'm in agreement that you should be getting dresses because you love them, but does it bother some gulls when absolute newbies come in looking for status dresses? It feels like part of the status dress is how rarely it appears on the market: people that come in actively looking for a status dress as one of their first dresses almost feels like an insult. Silly as it may sound it doesn't feel like they respect the dress or the process yet to me.

>> No.10118122

The first and only new brand dress I got is CTP so I got a status dress even if my entire wardrobe is made out of 7 dresses and 5 skirts

>> No.10118147

And that's ok, I'm meaning more the people in WTB threads who are barely into Lolita looking for rare dresses. Quietly learn how to scour the internet like the rest of us.

>> No.10118190

I just want that fucking pancake purse. I have never wanted any piece more in my life, but I’m not paying $300 for a used beat-up one secondhand.

>> No.10118362


I think it really only bothered me when the newbies do it then complain how hard lolita is, like if they’re two months into looking for a dress they already know is highly coveted and rare, and they complain that it’s so hard to find, the dress is so expensive, they found it on yja but need somebody to hold their hand and oops the auction sold to someone else, they preordered it from AP but now they can’t go to their tea party because their first dress won’t ship out for months, they ““debuted”” in some dress cgl said was popular but still don’t have enough insta followers, etc etc. Or they spend all their money on an expensive “rare” and “popular” dress and cgl still posted them in the ita thread because they’re coording with cheapskate loliables, or nitpicks their makeup despite the popular dress.

I mean, lolita is fairly easy. There’s cheaper cute dresses that come in sets on lacemarket or the FB groups. If you chose to start on hard mode, don’t turn around and complain it’s too hard.

It never really bothered me that some people collect covetable dresses, it comes with its own problems. If you took the list of coveted dresses posted above as a shopping list, you’d end up with a messy wardrobe that has at least six different substyles in it, good luck keeping up and maintaining six different style wardrobes just so you don’t look like shit in your “rare and popular” dress. That’s on top of the fact that, by the time someone says a dress is a status piece, it’s quite often already expensive and difficult to find. So you’re basically wasting time, money and space storing dresses you may or may not like, all because some collective strangers on the internet said it’s pretty. Not to mention some fall out of favour pretty fast, too. When I got into lolita covetable prints were Dreaming Macaron, Rose Jail, Midsummer Night’s Dream. Now you barely hear about any of those prints.

>> No.10119312

Any of your velvet dresses have screenprints on them? Any tips for how to wash those without causing the screenprint to come off?

>> No.10119346

There was someone on amino who managed to hand wash a stained Twinkle Ornament skirt. You can often refluff velvet with a steamer or wet press with a cloth over a needle board, but obviously if the nap is completely screwed you aren't going to be able to salvage it.

>> No.10119978

Newfag here. Which walolita dresses. I own a few of them. Had no idea they are status symbols.

>> No.10119994 [DELETED] 

The newfag here, I do not know them by name becouse I am not into walolita , but also a more experienced lolita >>10113964 thinks those dresses are status ones

>> No.10119999

I do not know them by name I myself not beeing into walolita, I thought about all the meta walolita dresses that sell around 500-600$

>> No.10120042

I genuinely love the dress for the dress itself. I couldn't care less how coveted it is or not. I have also been wanting Holy Lantern forever, but every time I had the money I had to prioritise something else/something bad happened. Maybe in a year or two, I will be able to have both of them comfortably.

>> No.10120053

I just cold water hand wash them. I have AP puppet circus and chandelier print. However I did not wash the gold print of puppet circus, just the bodice. Some water got on the gold print but I wasnt like scrubbing it
I have heard not to dry clean them but like others said there seems to be conflicting advice. I think the person who washed the dirty twinkle ornament shows that more is possible with these screen print velvet dresses than many think.

>> No.10120063

You have a good point. When I got into Lolita coveted dresses were sugary carnival, melty chocolate, milky planet, vampire requiem and lotta. The ones on that list people still talk about are now significantly cheaper.

However, even at that time puppet circus and iron gate were very coveted and still are. I doubt either will be re released.
But I also don't think they will become much more coveted than they already are. I feel newer lolitas aren't as as interested in these dresses nor is the Chinese market. Otherwise I think we'd be seeing even higher prices.

>> No.10120118

Daydreaming Goldfish when it first came out was a big deal particularly on the Chinese market (and there are replicas of all colours available on taobao) but I don't think anything since has been quite as big a deal

>> No.10120119

They aren't really. They go for peanuts compared to real status pieces.

>> No.10120140


don't forget Dozing Cat!

>> No.10120143

These only go for ~300-400 how are they "status pieces"?

>> No.10120230

It just sold on depop 3 days ago in that same colorway from a US seller.

>> No.10120232

Do you have the link to the sold listing? I would be genuinely shocked if it was that exact dress.

>> No.10120238

I'm so sorry, it was actually this one and not the one you later posted. The one you're referring to I've never seen listed

>> No.10120245

200 for older funky/small kimono print stuff

>> No.10120261

They're not. I think the anon who proposed that was just thinking wishfully.
They were otherwise correct but i don't know where that came from. Meta wa dresses aren't status pieces

>> No.10120959
File: 218 KB, 750x530, F4C9E673-AD7D-456F-A45C-749E3DF06AC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it was this one or maybe a different one. They definitely have this bodice cut though

>> No.10121191

I feel like lolita status these days would be down to whether or not you have cute clothes but also a cute personality/are someone other lolita can look up to. The masses aren't tolerant of bitchy girls anymore.

>> No.10121194
File: 213 KB, 900x1200, 0427144904_5ae2b9d067986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those $4000 JetJ wedding dresses are definietly status pieces to me. Those will be some of the rarest dresses to ever find second hand.

>> No.10121527

i would love to see what this looks like without the hoopskirt. It looks like it would be ankle length without it

>> No.10121563

I feel like people either really love or really hate meta's kimono-style pieces

>> No.10121668

Thanks for the tips. That's exactly my fear. I soak my non-printed velvets to clean them gently, but I'm afraid soaking the gold print of Puppet Circus (or even just getting it substantially wet?) will cause the adhesive to weaken or come off or something. Do you know if the Twinkle Ornament print is attached the same way the Puppet Circus print is? If so, that gives me a little more confidence that all Puppet Circuses are doomed to have unwashed skirt portions

>> No.10121712


I think that anon was just outdated, not wrong. Daydreaming Goldfish not only sold out, the secondhand prices started climbing the instant it was sold out, and I'm not even someone who wants any kind of walolita in my wardrobe but still heard how desperate some girls are to find the dress. So for a few months there it definitely had the makings of a status dress where people do recognise it and would go "Oh, you managed to get THAT dress".

Then Meta started releasing more dresses in the same cut, different prints. Over the next few months after that the value started going down further, as wa lolita is a niche even among lolitas. Apparently the print is kind of secondary, it's interesting that the really recogniseable part is the cut and the vibrant colour combinations to the point where >>10120959 just throws up a random print but it's the cut and colours that she remembers.

If you treat all of Meta's wa lolita kimono jsk dresses as a single dress with different print variations each "re-"release, then being priced at $300~400 is doing pretty well, comparable to AP's Holy Lantern which also has re-re-re-releases with the same print but different colours and sometimes different cuts, the average HL dress is also hovering around retail.

>> No.10121744

Japanese Lolitas didn't give a shit about it bc western food and they're still not that crazy about it. When it was released it was still kind of hard to buy it in the west

>> No.10121753


This response increased the amount of brain cells falling out of my head.

>> No.10121754


It wasn't really hard to buy it in the west, at that time AP had a seperate webshop where everything was in English. You signed up, clicked the items into your cart, input your own address, and checked out with paypal. Not a lot different from ordering through AP US aside from a clunky method of contacting the webshop if you/they needed anything else other than a straightforward transaction.

>> No.10121757

I also have Puppet Circus and I’m afraid of washing the skirt too... however my experience actually screenprinting things tells me I should be okay if I treat it gently and don’t actually wash the skirt portion with detergents. Screenprinting inks used for clothing are not water soluble, but of course the velveteen could potentially be damaged which is the main concern. Anyway I still am seriously concerned...

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