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Terminal illness edition.

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Get some new pictures bitch

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>someone pre-bailed on my meet because the weather was gonna be cold
>cancelled the meet because it's likely no one was going to come regardless

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I'm taking the Megabus this year instead of driving to save some cash, but I won't be able to take any big cosplays.

Also some thot in my comm lost her cape while getting fucked face-down in a puddle of peepee at con

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How many people here can relate to this image

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>tfw someone in the ita thread starts posting pictures from instagram

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Anon I feel this in my bones

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do any women like this even exist?

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Man I just really love cosplay

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I feel like dirt right now.

I’m feeling like I need to rethink a friendship I’ve made in the fashion because of how they’ve treated me lately. I always feel like I’m getting used by someone and that nobody will ever value me as a person. Not even sure I want to spend much time in this hobby anymore.

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>my life in a nutshell

it hurts anon

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Just be a lonelita, it's not worth hanging out with people who treat you like shit just to have someone to wear the clothes with.

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This is true >>10113740
Having lolita friends is nice, but having good friends (whether they're lolitas or not) is your top priority. If the friends you made in the community don't treat you well, and the situation with them can't be resolved, forget about them. Find people you click with regardless of what they wear.

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If you became a lolita to socialise you should quit this "hobby" which is actually just a clothing style that you don't need other people for

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>Turning 25 in July.
>Always took care of skin and avoided sun.
>Compared to Venus in terms of looking cute and very young.
>Except I forgot about my HANDS.
>They're starting to get patchy and freckly.

I'm going to be one of those old ladies, betrayed only by her terrible witchy hands. An existence of suffering worse than Jesus Christ himself ever knew.

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> Cleaning out closet because I need money and space
> Have 1 skirt in mint that I love the pattern on but never wear because I own nothing else in mint, but that was the only color I could get it in and I have poor impulse control
> Best friend, who isn't a Lolita or into the fashion at all also loves the skirt and is devastated that I'm selling it
> Tfw she says she'll buy it from me
> Tfw she's my bff and I tell her not to worry about it, she can have it free
> Tfw we spend hours sneaking the money she threw at me for the skirt into each other's things to try not to end up with it

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there are a lot of people like this, myself included. It's a fairly typical pattern for certain introverts and dare I say, those with high functioning autism that have developed reasonable social skills.

The hard pill to swallow is that it's also in many ways a form of immaturity.

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Pretty much what >>10113744 said.
Just move on from your friendship with that person and continue loving the fashion as is. While you can spend time as a lonelita like >>10113740 says, I still think it's nice to have friends at least outside the fashion. Friends should be people you genuinely enjoy being around. They're definitely not people you should try to impress and they don't exactly have to have the same interests as you, but what you do for a friend should be reciprocated by them in some way. No interest or hobby should be determined by the people that also share it.

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she does

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Aw this is adorable.

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feel like pure shit, winter depression pack hitting too hard.
being snowed in for basically a month fucking sucks. im about to go full elon with a flamethrower on this snow.

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Omg, how do you even take care of hands? I mean, besides moisturisers.

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I'm here to complain about my city's comm.
Why is everyone so bad at coording?
How can I force them to improve?

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try offering creative ways of helping them improve. say something like "wow that JSK looks great! have you tried it with a ____?? i bet it would be really cute!"
or maybe organize a some sort of meet around helping the newbies or some sort of refresher course (and offer lots of refreshments as a cute play on the subject so people know its not intended to be hurtful).
there are ways you can help your comm improve without "forcing" them to look how you want.

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You can exfoliate your hands too, and wear sunscreen often

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I don't know where else to post this besides /x/ but I get horrid treatment in the dream interpretation thread and they wouldn't know how to translate lolita fashion into a meaning anyway. Maybe i"ll post there later for shit's n giggles.

But I had a dream where it was the day of ILD and I had magically no longer had my wardrobe. It's not really a big wardrobe, but I do have 25 main pieces. So I would normally have a decent coord for ILD.
The only thing I had was a normie skirt with a petti coat that didn't fit entirely under it of course and I had a skirt overlay, and I did happen to have a cutsew.
It was like I was starting out in 2015 all over again and I couldn't go to the meet because, obviously I don't have any lolita.
I would say it was kind of like a nightmare too - I love ILD it's like a holiday for me.

What are the chances someone here does dream interpretation? And why did I have a dream like this?

I should add in, I never have dreams about the fashion so this was new for me.

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I don't know what it means but I had a lolita dream last night too!
I had gotten Sugary Carnival.......

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>tfw only this for another 8 months
>tfw no 3X old Pagliacci

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I relate to all of the following as a female:
>fits into no specific crowd, but accepted by most. uncomfortable in all.
even as a lolita, I feel odd ball out, even in my somewhat gourp of friends in my comm who aren't really my friends but just people who are slightly more than acquaintances.
>"she's weird but she's funny."
This gets said about me at work a lot.
>humor derived from years of spending alone, observing others from afar, ruminating.
I grew up isolated because my mom was extremely into being a Jehovah Witness - I didn't get to do most of the fun kid things in the 90's like Pokemon or Sailor Moon. I feel like I grew up outside of my generation.
>"how come you aren't joking around today? You alright?"
This gets said about me at work a lot.
>imposter syndrome
I often give up my actual personality in order to hang with people and I feel like if I was myself, no one would be able to stand me as a person.
>cares to a fault, willing to admit it
I often care so much that it hinders me from being able to hide my emotions which makes me come off immature as fuck. I have no idea how I managed to get so far in life being like this.

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>Losing everything you've worked for
>Being a beginner again
Sounds pretty clear to me, anon, you're either afraid of loss or of being out of your depth. That, or you're scared of or want a new beginning, depending on how the dream made you feel.
In any case, lolita is probably only a stand-in here.

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Ugh yeah, if I had a dream like that I would consider it a nightmare. I keep stalling on buying Dolly Cat in another colorway but I would be mortified if it turned out I switched to some alternate universe where I never got the Dolly Cat special set.

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Oh this kind of makes sense. I just got a promotion at work and I'm having to do all these things that I'm not used to doing.

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Yeah, that'll do it. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do amazingly!

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You're replying to the wrong person, I'm so sorry for confusing you (_;)

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Whoops! Sorry about that

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I am a female and i relate also, perhaps for different reasons.
I am socially retarded as fuck, i spent most of my life analysing others and trying to mimic their behaviour so i could fit in. I never made friends without the help of teachers forcing unlucky girls to hang out with me. I always feel guilty when anybody is forced to engage with me because i know i suck and they deserve to be talking to somebody who could provide meaningful and fun interaction. It's only when i gave up on trying to have friends i could finally try and have interests of my own and figure myself out, but i still am deeply insecure and have a lot of things i would like to change about myself. I also have no friends because of i am too ashamed of myself and i can't get rid of the idea that everyone hates me. Life sucks.

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we are the same femanon, dont blame your mum.
Just keep building stuff, learn things and love your family

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How do you feel about this?


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They're cute and I'm happy for them

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I have the same issue where a girl in my comm keeps taking advantage of others and imntrying to distance myself. I don't see why you have to leave the comm altoulgether though of you don't want to, just avoid that person.

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How do I feel about their taste in television? 2 out of 10. How do I feel about the cuteness of their engagement? 10 out of 10. I, too, am happy for them.

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I'm definitely used to the imposter syndrome by now, that's normal, especially at work.
Only part that really doesn't jive though is shedding my aloofness to get closer to people.
Opposite problem of being too committed too soon and ending up being used and discarded. They get what they want out of me or realize I'm a more broken person than they care to deal with.
It's whatever girls, get used to being alone, it's not so bad.

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Go to bed at night with your hands slathered in lotion anon, wear disposable gloves.
If my mom who has never taken care of her skin in her entire life can do a weeks worth of treatment and get hands as nice as she has them, you can too.

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Accept her money anon, she doesn't want to feel like she's imposing or using her connection to you against you. Just go hang out with her soon and buy her meal or something.

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Nerf guns can be modified into flamethowers pretty well, just need to have a one way valve and a steel tip installed and you're in business.

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My best friend is pretty competitive when it comes to cosplay. Always wanting to look more like x character than all the other x character cosplayers.
Always wanting to be the best (and sometimes that goes to unhealthy lengths).

Here am I, just wanting to look like x character and have fun. I don't need to be the best, aslong as I look like the part.

I always considered our cosplay "level" around the same. With me maybe having a "uperhand" because I had more experience with costuming as a child, because my mom likes fantasty events.

In the last 2 years our craft went up. Her's in cosplay and mine was stuck to a crafty study, which took all of mine time.

Recently I had a conversation with her, and she told me how her craft went up, which I completely agreed with, and that she even surpassed me. To which I said "NO". I should have clarified that I said no because I don't want anything rival between us, no comprising of that kind (especially because we don't cosplay the same characters). But I was so in shock that she brought it up, that I just couldn't get my mind together before she changed the conversation.

So know I'm looking for a correct time/context to tell her that. She sometimes picks up social cues different than most people, so I have to make sure it doesn't look like an attack.

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Less of a feel, and more of a rage, but
>Trash e-celeb or YouTuber who makes terrible content
>They want to go to 5 different conventions this year
>"Hey help pay for me to go to all these conventions"
>Sets up a donation thing or starts a live stream
>Gets a bunch of money from idiots who get nothing in return
>"Thanks for the $2,000 guys! Don't forget to also support me on Patreon!"
I don't know why this bothers me so much, I think it's because I wish I could just get people to give me free money to go to as many conventions as I want, and all I have to do is make bottom of the barrel content. But I have enough self awareness and barely enough self respect not to be a total parasite, and apparently not being a parasite means I only get to attend half of the conventions I want to attend.

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At least you are aware enough to realize your hate is based out of illogical jealousy. And in that maybe you can get over it and it won't bother you anymore

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>dont blame your mum.
Uh. She kidnapped me and made me stay in the back of a trailer for a year and the only time I could leave was for church. I'm fucking blaming her. Especially for the beatings.

I'm who who you replied to. I can't shake the feeling that everyone hates me too because my entire life, people have convinced me that I'm not likable in any way.

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Yeah I'll probably just completely forget about it in a week or two anyway.

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My mom and my grandma always play this game and pay each other back in sneaky ways, like sticking money in each other's purse, car, somewhere in the house, etc. Lol.

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just wear cute gloves retard

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Abso-fucking-lutely blame your mother, she deserves much worse than just blame. You probably are likeable; the only people I know who are totally unlikeable are self centered and don't give a shit about trying to engage with other people. You've probably has "be yourself" bullshit spewed at you constantly, but that doesn't make it any easier; I hope you find friends who you feel comfortable not having to constantly read the audience and perform a theatrical role for.

I usually go to Goth Night at my local bar to dance and wear Lolita, but it's ending and my best friend's emotionally manipulative ex kept showing up. We're all autistic and depressed, but this person used it as an excuse to dump all their problems on everyone else and run away and call people meanies for daring to disagree.

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I am an absolute dimwit with social cues, so I’m speaking from personal experience, but just explain (gently) that you would rather not compare craftsmanship or be competitive.

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>You've probably has "be yourself" bullshit spewed at you constantly, but that doesn't make it any easier; I hope you find friends who you feel comfortable not having to constantly read the audience and perform a theatrical role for.
Ugh yea... hopefully some day...

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Was she lolita or cosplayer? The latter are always thots, not the former

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>The latter are always thots
H-haha yeah cosplayers are constantly having sex and stuff

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you're going to have great milf hands tho

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>taste in TV
kind of bad, yeah
>likelihood of divorce

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Have had dandruff for a while but it's been manageable, went to the doctor because it seemed to get really bad in the last few months, got all over one of my cosplays, very unsightly. its fucking seberheic dermatitis or something like that, nasty fucking greasy scaly scalp. Got given special shampoo that helps manage itchyness so I don't scratch all my hair out.

Good news is that I decided to give something else a shot, peppermint oil in my hair every couple of days and low/no carb diet. First day doing no carb and I barely had any itching at all. Any other gulls dealing with this?

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At 25?

Im 27 and my hands aren't patchy or freckly and I don't do shit to them?

Maybe you're overreacting

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holllly craaaaaap finals is finally OVER and i have never been so relieved. i didnt really choose an easy semester, but i am happy that i passed all my classes even if the grades weren't what i was hoping for, at least i tried my best.
and my husband is coming home from deployment soon.
i've been so focused on the negative lately that it just feels nice to post something positive.

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>lolitas aren't thots

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My roommate moved out 6 months ago and she's been showing up in my dreams for the past week and a half.

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I neglected to sanitize my makeup sponge, used it sunday and now I'm breaking out and my skin looks disgusting, karma has come for me and my goblin habits

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I know that feel anon. I have a YouTube account that's not cgl related but it's related to another hobby of mine and I have a decent but not big following. I haven't made anything new in several months because I have a job now and I'd never beg for patreon bucks or for people to pay for me to go to events but I'm always curious if I could get anything if I were to make regular content and beg for people to pay for me to go do stuff and sometimes I feel jealous of other YouTubers who get paid to go to events by their fans but I know I can make more money focusing on my actual career in the long run and I have too much pride to beg.

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Brolita here, big wardrobe, blessed with androgynous features so no problem passing but..

I'm getting old and I fear the day when I'm no longer seen as a cute, but as an old creepy man.

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What style do you wear? If you're into sweet and eventually feel that it doesn't suit you anymore, you can always change your style to classic or gothic and aim to look elegant rather than cute.

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>Still recovering from being played by my ex gf on new years.
>She cheated on me for months when I was going through a mental breakdown, made me take a 2 hour train to the city to party only for her to never show.
>Recieved a snapchat of her in bed with another guy and a fuck you later that night after drinking alone.
>start having severe panic attacks constantly, relapse on xanax to combat this. Started mixing it wih percocet and od'd on jan 15th, co workers i carpool with found me when i didn't come out.
>spend the next week in a near death state on multiple substances
>ex texts me paragraphs of her favorite memories of me a week later, saying she regrets losing me and she was manipulated into messing with me.
>weakminded me believes her and she plays me a second time, and is now threatening to leak my nudes from 2 years ago.

I blocked her on everything, hoping to get over this weakness. I hate this feelings shit, makes you too comfortable to share personal secrets just for them to get used against you. Ive stopped mixing xanax and opioids, and only take 2.5mg xanax every day. Just wondering if I was to ever get into another relationship how can I mentally equip myself to realize when I'm being manipulated? Maybe im destined to be a fool i dont know. I think i need to chose life over death but thats a hard decision. Thanks for reading my blog post!

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Yeah, it's sweet (like 90%of all brolitas). But that's the thing though, I don't want to give that style up. I think gothic and classic look great and all but it's just not my thing. I mean maybe when I get much older I'll change my mind and taste but it's been pretty solid for the last 15 years.

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I think that's fair, changing your style is entirely up to you and what you're comfortable with. If wearing sweet continues making you happy then that's fine, especially if you're ok with the knowledge that not everyone is going to approve and support you. There are ways to adapt your style and make it more "mature" if and when you choose to do so:
But otherwise, just do what makes you happy.

>> No.10114835 [DELETED] 

Shit man, that ex of yours is a crazy, narcassitic psychopath. That being said, really all you can do is try to catch any red flags from someone and as they become more apparent, take time to just talk to them about it. If they get defensive or argumentative, they're either hiding something or just annoyed that they're not being trusted. Even if what they say is true, I still consider trying to make an argument over a concern to be hurtful in a relationship because that means you can't really speak up for yourself. Overall, have a confrontation with that person, and if they handle it maturely and appropriately they're definitely a keeper. If they constantly fight back at every approach you take to just say how you feel, and if they especially don't apologize and make up for it, I'd take a hard nope and walk out of it. I can't say that is the right answer, because people somehow get away with gaslighting and lying, but it's worth a shot.

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I really need to get myself a car. Nothing fancy. I have enough in savings to buy a used one. I know it won't solve all my problems but a lot of anxiety and depression I'm feeling is exacerbated by being stuck at home all the time with my parents and their issues.

I want to be more involved with communities in my area, and hang out with my friends whenever I would like. Even just get up and go to the craft or thrift store instead of begging my parents to drive me there. I feel like a child.

The main problem is buying a car. I've never done it before so I have very little idea what to look for, find a good deal, etc. And my parents won't let me. They'll probably ban me from getting one since they don't think I'm ready to drive regularly despite having my license for about a year now. I'm in my early 20s for goodness' sake. And I don't want to burden my bf/friends with it if I can help it either.

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Man I've been close to here, I can tell you there is joy in living. For me it's not the complicated things, it's more like tea and cute cats. Take time for yourself and go out and see interesting things with just yourself, take time to heal.

It took a while for me but I think it kinda dawned on me waking up one morning, sunlight through window, warm in bed, put a hand on the cat next to me and she just starts purring... That I can be happy without another person, and that I don't have to be abused to be loved. There is kindness in this world.

I can go to the movies by myself because I like the movie. I can go to the park by myself just to enjoy it.
Do things for you, hugs anon.

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I think I might have been banned from my old Lolita community and I'm not even sure why. I'd get them kicking me for inactivity since I haven't been active there in a few years but I can't even see the group anymore on my account and can see it on another account I never use so it looks like I'm banned from the group. No drama ever happened surrounding me that I know of and I didn't even notice when I was kicked. I was a little edgy politically a few years ago and I cringe a little thinking about it but that never seemed to be an issue when I was active and I didn't go on political rants at meets or anything I never brought that stuff up at meets. I don't live there anymore so it's not like it really matters but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth not knowing what happened there.

>> No.10114942

/o/tist here, what country and what sort of car are you looking for?

>> No.10114994

US. I admit I'm not a car expert so I still need to do plenty of research. I'm not particular about brand/model. Same for color. In terms of shape I'm looking for sedans/SUVs? Something not too tiny.

My top priority is really money and being in good condition.

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I barely know what I'm doing with lolita fashion and about 2 months ago posted the first coord I felt comfortable showing on my new instagram, face covered by a sticker, hardly any likes at all, and already as of today some little followed me and I immediately blocked them. I don't even show my face in my photo, it's a shitty pic, but I guess they'll follow anyone. I thought this just happened to the good lolitas. Ugh I feel gross.

>> No.10115036

Don't worry too much. Block 'em and move on, don't feed them. I think people like that will follow or friend anyone lolita or ruffle related to get some attention like you said. Just an insignificant fly. Keep working at it and don't be afraid to post pictures as you get better and improve.

>> No.10115075

The usual go-to affordable reliable sedan would be a Toyota Camry, or I guess a RAV4 if you want an SUV. Alternatives would be a Honda Accord or CR-V.
Lexus and Acura are sub-divisions of Toyota and Honda, so they're similarly reliable although they may have more extra equipment that can fail.
In general make sure it's been taken care of (ask for/check service records) and isn't rusty, and test drive it if possible. Also check for any recalls for the specific year, model and engine you're looking at.

To get things back to being /cgl/-related, having access to a car makes going to cons so much easier, although I guess you are missing out on seeing a bunch of cosplayers on public transport, which is one of my favorite things.

>> No.10115082

Thanks anon, I appreciate it. I plan to buckle down and do plenty of searching. I would love some good trunk space to carry costumes to cons for sure since there are several around me where I live. I also go to renaissance fairs regularly so being able to carry big garb and a tent = awesome.

Public transport just equals buses in my town and it's not very great. I live in a sprawling city/metro area so things always feel far away. I like seeing cosplayers in normal environments too. The main convention center where I am is right across from a big mall, so rife with interesting sights.

>> No.10115099

Sedans aren't the best for trunk space, look to wagons and hatchbacks (and previously mentioned SUVs) for that. Unfortunately the wagon selection (and hatchback selection for that matter) in the US is pretty limited, since everyone prefers SUVs because they feel safer.
Another fun thing about some wagons and larger SUVs is you can just fold up the back seat and you end up with a huge flat loading bay, toss a mattress in there and you hardly even need a tent anymore.

Public transport over here is mostly trains and buses and it's pretty decent compared to the rest of the world, but it's still pretty limiting in terms of the amount of stuff you can take with you.
Especially the multi-hour evening train rides back home, those are always completely packed full of people. Being able to just drive straight home is so much nicer.

>> No.10115219

I know it’s recent but that Valentine’s AP release is soooo cute and I fell in love with the pink colorway so hard.. I think I’ll save up a little more so I can add it to my beginner’s wardrobe!
I started off collecting blouses and some shoes.. but now I’m looking for main pieces to add, and I am just so excited. I’m so excited I’m old enough to save and acquire my own wardrobe, in my very own space. And I’m so excited that I’ve just recently come out of my shell enough to wear alternative fashion out like I’ve always wanted to. Just very happy!

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Bad news. Our comm treasurer blew the budget on flan and we had to set her panties on fire.

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I love you anon

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i've been really sick since the start of november but me being sick has been a thing since april last year. but since november things have been worse. lost my job, haven't been wearing lolita or dressing up. i got misdiagnosed with something that was supposed to kill me and it was really mentally taxing and i ended up going through unnecessary invasive treatments that made my day to day quality of life worse.

in fact i left my closet in a total mess since november last year and i just took a few days recently to clean it up and hang my dresses back up but it's been tough. i look at them and break down crying because i don't have enough energy to leave my bedroom most days and i'm afraid i'm never going to be able to wear them again.

and then i feel bad for that because it's like, i should be grateful to just be alive and not dying but i'm still miserable and all i want is to dress up and feel pretty again but i can't.

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Thyroid thing?

>> No.10115558


>> No.10115603

I'm sorry anon, I'm sure you'll be able to wear your dresses again. In the meantime, maybe try something lolita-related that takes less energy than dressing up (provided these activities won't make you sad). lolita crafts, put together new coord ideas, etc

>> No.10115704

I believe you'll get better.

>> No.10115722 [DELETED] 

>tfw no gf
how do I get a date?

>> No.10115730
File: 614 KB, 640x1003, 38E3C797-4898-42E1-84DE-E3A2765AAE13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like anon said, just block them and don’t worry about it. I only wear toned down classic, haven’t posted in months and recently privated my account and still get accounts like pic related trying to follow me. I’m not sure how they’re finding me since I went private but I’m pretty sure they just follow anyone who’s ever used a tag with the word lolita in it.

>> No.10115775
File: 917 KB, 500x230, lies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>expecting package containing a dream dress
>time chores so I will be home during the expected delivery timeslot
>sit by the window in the front room to do some embroidery, and also so I can see anyone approaching the front door
>DHL van drives by
>come to me my burando
>get notification
>"there was no one home so tomorrow you can come get it yourself at this gas station in the crappy neighborhood way on the other side of town"

>> No.10115795

How long do you think it will be before low effort gijinka cosplays of the new pokemon starters begin popping up left and right?

>> No.10115821

One day. All they need is a bikini, they can photoshop in the appropriate colors.

>> No.10115825

Sit her down and let her know that you want to have a real talk session with her. Let her know that she’s your best friend and you love her, which is why you don’t want your friendship to feel like it’s a competition.

>> No.10115841

I feel like I’m never good enough for the people around me. A month ago I went to a con and got a ton of compliments on one of my cosplays, which led to having really good conversations with some cosplayers. I exchanged Instagram info with them, but within a week after the con, half of them unfollowed me or started ignoring me/treating me like I’m below them. I don’t get it, I’m not sending them a ton of messages, just a comment or story reply here and there, so I don’t feel like I was being annoying or clingy and I’m not a mean/rude person either. Why is it so freaking hard to make friends in this hobby?

>> No.10115845
File: 289 KB, 602x742, 1551284367673.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dunno but I can't wait for cosplay of the new human girls, the designs are really cute and you don't have to look like a 12 year old to pull them off.

>> No.10115877

The girl is cute sure, but there isn’t anything unique about her outfit. Anyone who cosplays her is just going to look like a person in normal clothes and a wig. There have been other Pokemon girls with simple outfits, but they all had at least one article of clothing that stands out and made them recognizable. This new girl doesn’t have anything like that

>> No.10115922

I'm happy because I selfposted one of my coords in a thread and someone gave a very nice critique on it and now i'm feeling very motivated to retry and make a better coord!

If everyone were to give this kind of honest but educated and kind concrit, I feel like the community would be less populated by itas.

>> No.10115932

Happy for you, anon! Not sure I agree about the second point though, plenty of girls get good constructive criticism (outside of cgl that is) and pitch fits about "meanie bullies" because they didn't get the asspats they thought they were entitled to.

>> No.10115944
File: 397 KB, 1280x710, 1306804643259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>plenty of girls get good constructive criticism
Oh, I see! I usually ask for con-crit on every pic I post, but I feel people are usually afraid to be sincere about our coords or changes we could make when they're not anonymous (probably because people bitch about it, like you said). Of course I'd prefer to receive these comments on COF, for example, or somewhere I could reach the person and thank her about the progress I made or discuss something later to understand it better. But, in any way, I'm happy to have gotten the help I needed!

>> No.10116215

This is basically the only jfashion forum where people are active and know shit, but lately whenever I think about coming here I kind of get a bad feeling... sometimes I just want to enjoy talking about alternative fashion without all the malice, anger and cynicism that come with cgl.

>> No.10116217

nobody cares kys ita

>> No.10116218

If you ignore obvious bait and arguments it's fine

>> No.10116233

so basically 80% of /cgl ? lol

>> No.10116338

only applies to the women.

>> No.10116339

I'm getting into lolita but I'm so afraid of spending money. I know it's a luxury fashion where, in general, the more you spend, the better you'll look and the better quality you'll get, but I'm so used to sewing and diy that I can't let myself spend the money. I even have like $500 saved up from my side hustle specifically set aside for lolita but every time I log into lace market I set the filters to >$100 for absolutely no reason

>> No.10116348
File: 496 KB, 1080x1920, l39rffggjuwlwww1bz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10116356

>the more you spend, the better you'll look and the better quality you'll get
That's not necessarily true. If you do your research, look for deals and have patience, you can find really good pieces for cheap. Likewise, it's entirely possible to make the wrong decision and spend too much money on something that's not worth it at all.
I understand your hesitation but you just have to be smart about it, really.

>> No.10116359

Not dying that quickly it seems

>> No.10116388

>never integrated well into comm due to work and uni schedule
>friends don't mind me wearing lolita when we hang out
>friend's new bf sees picture of us out together and insists it's a fetishism thing- tells all friends that it is
>'anon, can you tone it down from now on, you look better in your normal clothes anyway.'

It would be nice to have a lolita friend to go out with to hang out with, but penpals will do. I'm disappointed it took one ill informed guy to convince half my friends lolita is a kink.

>> No.10116533
File: 81 KB, 960x792, 53048044_2324346304511276_7410140898656256000_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anybody ever go to a cosplayer meetup and the people there are total turds?

A middle-ages guy Fortnite danced at my 13yo sister.

>> No.10116540
File: 59 KB, 194x186, 1532744248466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the milky planet headdress I've been looking for for years gets listed on LM + is sold within 5 minutes

>> No.10116549

Imagine the smell

>> No.10116569 [DELETED] 


>>'anon, can you tone it down from now on, you look better in your normal clothes anyway.'

Get better friends ffs. If they're going to be led by their noses by a dick who mouths off every chance he gets over you, fuck them.

>> No.10116578

>tfw one of the drawn images was done by a friend of yours and they still haven't lived down their ageplay art legacy after moving on

>> No.10116606
File: 21 KB, 480x480, 37608716_1840162872732283_1070592367431516160_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>goes to photoshoot meetup
>everything goes great
>meet a lot of new people
>fast forward
>small anime con
>see the same photograph from before
>have a chat, even do some funny photos
>never replied to my messages

Kinda sucks but I met my gf at this con so idgaf so much anyway

>> No.10116612

This looks like a munch...

>> No.10116617

Happened within hours muchacho.

>> No.10116618

Your advice is shitty and basic as fuck.

>> No.10116700

What's up with the head of that person on the right?

>> No.10116704
File: 105 KB, 592x888, e365befa8782f44b4cd851e38461ce1a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry anon, but your friends sound like trash.

>> No.10116715

yours i presume ?????

>> No.10116722
File: 122 KB, 530x425, EmoPepeORANGEOCTANGULAR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw in a foreign country trying to get at my first job to afford a cord and im a nervous neet mess

>> No.10116723

I found two pairs of bodyline tea party shoes in my size at a local thrift store for like 5usd a pair. Feels good gulls

>> No.10116852

She got a lung transplant now so she's fine.

>> No.10116862

What do you need a cord for?

>> No.10116866

>friends listen to someone who may as well be a rando instead of you
What the fuck. Seconding >>10116569, get better friends.

>> No.10116867

Honestly I feel the same

Its because people nowadays either play the numbers game and/or some are just too exhausted responding to gross guys they give up on responding to any interaction.

>> No.10116960

> Dream dress appears on LM
> Someone buys it out from under me at the last second
> Two weeks ago dress appears again
> It's the same dress being sold by the person who outbid me
> Buy it immediately
It was a bittersweet feel, but ok I have my DD
> Be Burger, two-day shipping is basically $5
> Expect dress
> Decide to look at tracking
> They chose the slowest shipping option possible
> TFW they paid at least an extra $2 to ship it slower
I'm not sure what I did to this person

>> No.10117007

>looking for fabric for an upcoming con, can't really find anything in my small area
>go to used goods, find a waitresses top that matches it costume perfectly
>has a few rips that are easily fixes, but notice that the fabric is slightly flimsy
>now have the stupid worry that someone will think I just bought the whole thing

>> No.10117027

jesus christ they seem like a bitch

>> No.10117043

Why do I get the feeling that that was gemgem?

>> No.10117133

No, they're humorously worried about their coordinates on insta showing up in the ita thread since they know they aren't put together.

>> No.10117134

They are obviously a descendant of an Egyptian pharaoh.

>> No.10117164

>see friend posted in ita threads
>she doesn't use cgl
>want to tell her, but I don't want her to know I use cgl and think I posted her, we have very different styles
>decide not to tell her, she's happily living her best ita life

>> No.10117195

I also saw a lolita friend posted too, but on /s/. kinda awkward to see.

>> No.10117215

Don't give in to temptation.
I made the mistake of saying someone got posted (to a comm member) and I'm still shunned.
She thinks it was me, has no evidence to the fact, but since she was more established at the time the comm took her word over mine.

>> No.10117228

desu unless you know someone will handle it well, don't tell anyone. so many people stress out about it and feel "bullied" etc. If she finds it herself, okay, but if not, no need to bring it up.

>> No.10117230

big oof
Thanks, glad to know I was thinking the right thing. Maybe she'll find it on her own, but I'm not going to tell her.

>> No.10117337
File: 234 KB, 600x800, 1492805057009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recently diagnosed with chronic illness
>life is completely changed
>worried about going to cons (or traveling at all) and managing this
>also my hair is falling out due to shock

at least I'm not dying anymore

>> No.10117343

i told a friend they were being posted on snow
while they were able to lock down their account to protect their personal life/private info, they also now know there's an entire forum dedicated to bullying them, which must stress them out.

I think ignorance is bliss, in situations like these.

>> No.10117374

Everyone in this pic is a woman tho

>> No.10117448

Also expecting a package from dhl, if they pull this shit i s2g
What the fuck

>> No.10117513
File: 266 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_o0ltzjGQlC1v48d3co2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Someone posts a link to their depop in a gyaru sales group
>Checks it out and instantly falls in love with a dress listed for $25
>I don't have a depop so I pm her and ask if I can buy it through fb
>No reply
>Check the depop again the next day in case it might have gotten sold
>It is now relisted for $45

Still considering buying it anyway, but I really don't want to since she relisted it for so much more than she originally had it up for...

>> No.10117521
File: 2.95 MB, 480x270, 1498877222894.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been battling cancer and chronic illness for most of my life, and I've also attended dozens of cons in that time. My best advice is to make sure you travel with people who are understanding and willing to help you/make necessary accommodations without making you feel guilty or like you're a burden. It's kind of an uncomfortable conversation to have sometimes because there will probably be people who don't understand and won't be willing or able to help, but it will save you so much trouble in the long run if your travelling companions are at least aware of your limits and any extra needs you may have (like needing to take frequent breaks from walking or scheduling meals around medication times). You may not even know those limits just yet because you've just been diagnosed, so maybe reach out to others who have the same illness for advice if you feel like you need to. You can do this anon, I believe in you!

>> No.10117527

My con crush told me last night that she reciprocates my feelings after months of dumbass lesbian bullshit and i'm so happy aaaaaaaaaAAAAAA

>> No.10117528

I feel nothing for my lolita wardrobe anymore. I don't know what I want to wear or who I want to be.

>> No.10117529


>> No.10117533

Sounds like depression anon, I hope you feel better. Have you tried medication or therapy?

>> No.10117539

congrats, i wish that were me

>> No.10117541

I go through a similar things with life in general from time to time. I usually try to weather it by reminding myself why I do it in the first place and staying busy.

>> No.10117549

This is me and cosplay

Why should I grind so fuckin hard to crank cosplays out by hand when I see dumb thots buy or commission something and get several times more attention and even money?

I actually rather like sewing and making cosplay, just not getting recognition for it is painful when some thot can buy some mediocre dva suit and get much more attention and compliments. Kept telling myself I'll switch to streetwear but I never do lole

>> No.10117551

Yoooo fellow chronically I'll segull here
I dunno if you're into cosplay or Lolita, I'm here for lolita personally, but as much as being sick for the rest of your terrifying life sucks ass,
There really is something fairytale about it
Based on my long time experience, we'll never be normal, and we'll never be healthy, and healthies will never understand us, and will often blame us
And in that way, it becomes easier to see yourself less as a normal person, and more as a princess in a tower
The dragon is the illness, the tower is the isolation from society, and then people who locked you in the tower are healthy
So fuck them. Fuck them all.
You no longer have any obligation to care about anyone but yourself, because no one else will
As far as you should car now, nothing and no one will stop you from anything.
You now truly understand how short and delicate life is
Get out there and do fucking everything you ever wanted. If you want something, take it. If someone tells you no, you say yes. If your illness tries to hold you back, you lie, cheat, steal, fight, do whatever it takes not to let it.
To be a lolita is to demand that your life belongs to you.

>> No.10117554
File: 377 KB, 1280x1707, jQn5cEq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What character is this girl cosplaying?

>> No.10117555

I've been on and off being in the same boat for the past year or so, anon. I keep buying new items, but I can't bring myself to wear things often because I feel like I don't pull it off or I feel guilty for spending my money on clothes. Depression is one hell of a drug.

>> No.10117584

I like your outlook and respect it. I wish you and all the other ill lolitas the best happiness. <3

>> No.10117593

Didn't you post this already in the last thread?

>> No.10117598

Nonon Jakuzure from Kill La Kill

>> No.10117617

You are so lucky anon, I hope it goes great.

>> No.10117624

Going to Annicon tomorrow and for the 4th year in a row, going alone :/
Its a small one day con, so no one wants to go, but I'm a vendor there so I have to. I hate vending at cons alone.

>> No.10117626
File: 30 KB, 128x128, 1550563729789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to see if someone with my skintone has cosplayed a certain character, what color wig they used, how it turned out, etc
>notice the "cosplayingwhileblack" blog from Tumblr is gone
Does anyone know what could have happened to it? I'm so sad.

>> No.10117630

Lots of people jumped ship from tumblr after they introduced the shitty porn filters. Its possible the blog didn't want to deal with it or so many of their posts got flagged bc of the shitty bot that it got deleted or they decided to just delete it instead of appeal them all. That's only a guess though.

>> No.10117634

yeah I wouldn't say anything unless it was like a kiwifarms or lolcow situation where there's an entire thread dedicated to it, or unless your friend has specifically said that they want people to tell them when this happens. imo too much risk involved like others have already shared

>> No.10117635

Just be yourself
Wear what makes you feel like yourself
Don't second guess your clothing choices, that's a slippery slope to indecision that permeates your life.

>> No.10117636

A thot probably

>> No.10117638

I did not expect that to get so dark and yet so empowering, made me shiver
God bless you, sick anons

>> No.10117642

I have a few girls on my facebook who are very into "edgy weeb girl" aesthetics. They drive me crazy because they all refer to themselves as lolitas, yet have maybe one or two pieces which they always style poorly in a sad attempt at street fashion. They always look very sloppy, yet claim they spend all their time reading lolcow and /cgl/. I don't understand how someone could possibly claim to constantly read sites FULL of information, rules, examples of what not to do, etc. and still dress like shit. They are genuinely nice people, but the forced edge is so annoying. I wish there was a way to just nicely nudge them in the right direction because most of them would be very cute actual lolitas but they seem like they just have no interest in committing to the style.

>> No.10117649
File: 31 KB, 478x479, mad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>decide to get my hair cut into hime bangs
>already have the straight bangs
>go to the hairstylist armed with lots of ref photos even tho its a pretty simple cut
>hair-stylist holds my side fringe angled down towards my neck, the opposite of hime bangs saying 'so this length?'
>I show her the photos again and move her hand to be the right shape.
>She gives me a look
>'if I cut it that way it won't blend'
>' I know that I want it to look like these pictures'
>'but it won't blend'
>I keep insisting and showing the pictures
She did finally do it how I wanted it but it was so annoying to have her argue with me.

>> No.10117651

Does it look nice?

>> No.10117652

yea I think the shape fits my face pretty well. I was happy with the cut just annoyed at the stylist.

>> No.10117672
File: 181 KB, 542x413, 1550776171167.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order a pair of spherical resin earrings for a cosplay
>realize they're too fucking heavy and could definitely tear my ears
>not sure what to do
Is there a way to possibly attach the earrings to my wig or a hadpiece without it looking stupid, so it looks like I'm wearing them?

>> No.10117673
File: 151 KB, 500x309, Implying+death+is+considered+losing+in+the+souls+franchise+_4e0da8ab71b96feab1d4d0e97c7ca3e3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a Dark Souls addict. One of my top dream cosplays is the Elite Knight armor set. The main problem is I want to use real steel (not necessarily usable in battle but still metal) armor. Which is expensive.

I've been browsing legit armor shops online and have found some pieces that could work. I also regularly attend renaissance faires so this spring I'll probably go around to the armor makers near me and try getting more quotes. It's definitely going to mean saving up for a long time. I want to be a Souls dork dangit.

>> No.10117685

> not knowing that resin is heavy
make them out of a lighter material you walnut.

>> No.10117691 [DELETED] 
File: 1.32 MB, 453x269, 1407887496507.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

didn't you confuse the order of letters in "cgl", bro?

>> No.10117692

Some heavier earrings also come with a wire hook behind the ear to help distribute the weight, you could try that.

>> No.10117696

Sounded like they ordered them, not made them.

>> No.10117711

i re-read their comment and realized this but even so, if the ones they ordered are perfect other than weight, they could use them as a template to make a similar, lighter option.
if they're spherical, they could try different foam options from craft stores. base them out, coat them in something to proof it and attach the earring the hooks from the useless resin parts.
better to make an ok situation out of a shitty one than waste even more money on something you cant physically see first.

>> No.10117712

* attach the earring hooks, dunno what void that extra "the" came from

>> No.10117715

I wish the anon posted pictures of the earrings. I don't know how heavy the earrings are but it's possible to get plastic/foam/wood beads the same size and decorate those? It will likely not have the same look as resin though.

>> No.10117726
File: 14 KB, 344x209, 1502877650386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate Paypal so, so damn much.
Just let my pay my dress you assholes. Why is it so fucking hard for a number one payment provider to actually do their job and transfer my money??? The day paypal dies is the day I can finally shop in peace.

>> No.10117736

I need to rant because the trans girl posting on Rufflechat has been harassing local communities in our area and subsequently was banned for abhorrent behaviour. Nobody knew she was trans and if they did, nobody cared because we have trans and non-binary members. Now she's making a scene in Ruflechat implying we banned her because she is trans and it is beyond frustrating.

She literally can't take 'no' for an answer is literally haunting us like a static-y sock.

>> No.10117741
File: 97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw feeling awfully nauseous even looking at all of the Katsu sets that I still have to edit since everything I shot looks like absolute shit (to me) that weekend
>6 sets left
>so far everyone that I've given pictures back to love what they got back, or at least are being nice, but still
>they were free shoots so I'm at least not wasting their money

>> No.10117751

This needs to also be posted in the communities thread. Do you have any screen shots, I'm nosy. I honestly hate people who are like this.

>> No.10117818

But does it blend?

>> No.10117873

I gained 20 pounds and I feel like shit and I can't wear my older brand anymore. I'm too depressed to find a better job or do anything but sleep and shitpost anyway.

>> No.10117902

You can do it anon! I'm kinda struggling with similar things. We can both do it! I have faith in you!

>> No.10117923

NAYRT but I posted them, I would love more people discussing this gossip because some of the stuff is wild right now

>> No.10117925

are you retarded or something? Do you even know what a friendship is?

>> No.10117926

This is a weirdly hostile response to what seemed like a pretty reasonable and encouraging reply.

>> No.10117931

I do genuinely love cosplay, but as my accounts grow, I realize that I want to be more so just a “nerdy influencer” and hopefully own a business like aki does with akibento. Crafting isn’t my passion, I much more prefer to focus on making cool content. It’s just stressful bc I don’t truly know where to start with all of this. I’m considering posting sexier content just so that I can reach a lather audience faster while pushing my YouTube videos and stuff? Idk...

>> No.10117943

>Andro features and no problem passing
>Worried you'll be seen as an old man
>Done this for 15 years
Looks like you somehow avoided the curse of twink death. Are you intersex or something? If you made it to around your thirties and can pass in cosplay you probably won't look much more masculine in the future unless you try to build muscle or lose a lot of weight.

>> No.10117946

Oh fuck she recently joined our comm. At least she lives far away from us?

>> No.10117950 [DELETED] 
File: 24 KB, 331x286, 1513819616236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw lolita gf comfortable with ripping off the scab and squeezing the pus out of a pimple on the side of my neck that I couldn't possibly reach myself.

>> No.10117951

>Androgynous features so no problem passing
>Last 15 years
Are you in your thirties? If so you somehow avoided twink death completely. You probably won't get more masculine if you made it this far and don't look like an old man. Also are you intersex by chance? Passing at that age is quite rare for regular dudes and unfortunate trans women.

Keeping it CGL related, you'll definitely be seen as less cute as you age, but you'll probably look more like an androgynous grandma than an old man.

>> No.10117956

The thread she made is a fucking dumpster fire, if this post is true I wish someone would come forward about the truth with proof of the matter rather than everyone getting this idea some evil comm shunned her for being trans.

>> No.10118023

AYRT, they're actually a reasonably respected figure in the classic scene. We don't understand

>> No.10118025

But you can’t comment about it because it’s a catch 22. Right now she isn’t naming names for once and the thread seems to be like a “safe place for trans folk” so if any of us with a history with her comment we will be bringing more attention to it, which she loves AND we will be infringing on the trans safe space which is playing right into her narrative. We’re euchered.

>> No.10118026

Where did you post them? I don’t see anything new in the online communities or local comm thread.

I really empathize with >>10117736 because my comm dealt with something similar. Someone joined who was a textbook sissy, then when he got his second warning for inappropriate behavior he started claiming to be trans. Several months and many more warnings later he was banned and started shit talking our comm everywhere he could, calling us elitist transphobic man-hating (wait, which is it?) bullies. A few newbies even left the comm in a huff because they didn’t want to be part of a transphobic community. We as a comm now have a terrible reputation in the local convention/weeb scene just because we asked an adult man not to send underwear selfies to underage girls, and most people don’t bother to look into accusations of transphobia and just accept them at face value.

>> No.10118033

No one important is a thot

>> No.10118035

I saw some nwt AP boots on fril for $25 and i used Tenshi to order them. I'm slightly suspicious of how good of a deal they are.
The sellers reviews are pretty nice and she just seems really eager to have them go to another lolita.
She also has proof pics as well.
Im so nervous of getting scammed.

>> No.10118036

>making cool content
You aren't making anything, you're consideing getting money with your appearance. Please don't put yourself on the same level as creators aka actually creative, talented and skilled people.

>> No.10118051
File: 282 KB, 785x608, 1536395568630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finally feel like I have a decent enough start on a wardrobe to be allowed into communities and such but I worry I'm just going to be dropping spaghetti all over the place. I've been a shitty immature weeb for years, but I'm finally crawling out of that B-O riddled swamp.
I've improved a lot of the surface level problems but I'm still awkward and impulsive. I already have a reputation as such but I'm trying to improve it. How did other Cosplayers and Lolitas get themselves out of this?

>> No.10118168

things like awkwardness and impulsivity are usually just problems fixed with growth and experiences. the more you put yourself out there, the easier it can be to read social cues.
If youre actively trying to improve people's perceptions of you then you're on the right path. people will notice that you've gotten more mature and eventually you wont have such a reputation anymore.
these are just things that come with growing up and growing out of learned childish behavior.

>> No.10118187

It's here >>10117891 in the new online comms thread, just a bit of discussion about it but not much.

That's fuckin awful, my worst fear desu.

>> No.10118192

I actually am making content? I make videos on YouTube and am working hard to grow my channel. I’m using YouTube as a way to build a brand so that I can start my own business. The only reason I’m considering sexy content is because YouTube and all social media are oversaturated. At the end of the day, sex sells and no one is gonna choose me over someone who makes the same content and is sexy.

>> No.10118202


32 and no I'm definitely not planning on beefing up. I do have MAIS but I get hormones regularly to combat the effects of it.

But reading this does make me more hopeful.


>> No.10118203

> not thinking that there are thousands of other people making sexy/lewd content and is in any way less saturated than youtube content.

you either make content that people want or you dont. exposing your body isnt going to make your content good.
If youre wanting to eventually create a brand, do you really want "sexy content" to be attached to your company in the future?
I'm not saying anything like this to dissuade you necessarily but it doesnt sound like youve thought this out well, and it seems like you just want a quick jump to the spotlight instead of working hard and building a reputation that people want to know more about.

>> No.10118211

People have been going to cons for like eighty years now....since when was it allowed and encouraged to get other people to fund your hobby?

>> No.10118212

Since people realized they can get away with it.

>> No.10118273

Thats a logical fallacy anon.
You are essentially saying that your content is bad, because its mediocre. At which point adding sexy won't really do anything unless its really sexy.
Sexy has the same problem: Why watch terrible shit on youtube if you could just watch Ecchi anime, go to strip clubs, watch porn, or engage in similar activities?

>> No.10118340

I just want to be young again so I can go to cons and have sex with random cosplay girls like the old days. I know I’m being really low right now but it’s a feels thread...

>> No.10118345

I spent almost five years in an extremely abusive relationship with a prominent cosplayer. It's been almost six years since then, and I still haven't been able to overcome the things she did to me. Not only did she emotionally destroy me, she finished it off by going on the offensive on social media after I finally left her and completely destroyed my reputation within the community, largely to protect her own reputation and hide the fact that she'd been cheating on me. I can't even talk to anybody about it, for one I'm incredibly terrified to this day of the idea that she might find out and come after me again, and also because I'm a guy and we're not supposed to have things like this happen to us, much less tell anybody else about them if they do. I haven't been able to date or even have sex since it ended, I lost most of my friends and haven't really been able to make new ones, and I feel so fucking alone.

>> No.10118352
File: 75 KB, 1013x1072, 1501172247114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just feel so sad (and sometimes envious/jealous) of seeing and watching all these big con videos and pics and stories... and amazing people... I live in midfuck nowhere island in europe and am broke as fuck. I literally only know one person personally that shares these kind of interests, and even then our tastes differ a lot.

Never went to a con in my life because it doesn't even exist here; I have to travel to mainland (which is already expensive), and even then it only happens twice a year.

There's just so many people I wish I could meet... And I wish I could actually cosplay as a hobby...


>> No.10118353

You gotta move. If you’re gonna be broke, best to do it in a major metro.

>> No.10118387

i got my period for the first time in 3 months
i dont mess with dicks so idk where that bitch is been
i've been having some health issues over the past few months and strangely, even though cramps are painful, it now feels like most of them have dissipated

also im skinny again yaaaaasss

>> No.10118393

if you lose weight too quickly, sometimes that can affect your period. it happened to me, but i'm in excellent health otherwise

>> No.10118401


That's fucking awful dude. I don't know what it is about cosplaying that draws so many toxic as fuck sociopaths.

>> No.10118452
File: 27 KB, 552x503, yeet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do people make friends? Ones that last? Ones that like anime but aren't greasy embarrassing weeaboos or tumblrtards? Where do people go to meet friends that don't live super far away???? How do people do that?

>> No.10118455

Cons, but it's a lot harder than it used to be.

>> No.10118473 [DELETED] 

I started buying some lingerie from Japan via Rakuten and my sex life has increased in the last month. My bf has taken a fancy to the cunnilingus which he never did previously. Time to throw out the old Aerie shit.

>> No.10118478

You could always go out and try things like clubs or other events. Explore your interests.

>> No.10118483

>have crush on girl
>she kind of gives off signs that she doesn't like me in the romantic way
>also gives signs she likes me in the romantic way
>also goes turbo-autism around me, wouldn't be surprised if she was browsing this thread
>I decide to write it off as a "no" unless she gives much more positive signs
>asked her to do a couples cosplay, she seemed ambivalent as she didn't know source material but I tried convincing her to get into it to which she agreed
>girl continuously mentions how she doesn't have many friends, how her current friends are scummy (and tells stories about their scumminess which sounded genuinely scummy), and how her family is poor, etc
>I start to think this is a little weird

I get mentioning it offhandedly once or alluding to it, but straight up mentioning it once or twice every time we meet is kind of grating and a little worrying.

>> No.10118493

she is into you, dumbass

>> No.10118494

Do yourself a favor and go to therapy. As someone else who was on the receiving end of female-on-male abuse, I can personally say the year or so I've been seeing a professional has legitimately improved my life. I'm a generally better, happier, more open person than I was before. I'm not out of the woods yet, but things are looking looking up.

>> No.10118496

She's latching onto you because you're one of the only people that's nice to her

>> No.10118581

I moved to a larger city and joined an anime meetup group. Most people fall into those categories, but there are some cool people.

>> No.10118587
File: 23 KB, 489x424, 1548600569226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been attending some local cons with friends for a few years, but I'm done with school and moved away and they are all also going their seperate ways. I am trying to attend a few other cons outside of my immediate geographic area now, but none of them want to go anywhere and I don't know what I should do. Is there some easy way to meet people who are also going and who have open spots in their hotel rooms? I usually hung with my friends or in the bar so I never met anyone beyond nightly drinking buddies at said cons, and I am introverted so I struggle to meet new people

>> No.10118603

i'll be your friend, anon. you can always count on me.

btw can you lend me a couple hundred dollars plz, friend?

>> No.10118619

I meet all my long term friends online.
Like, talk amoungst forums, engage.
Do the cheesy in person group meets, you'll find those friends if you're brave enough.
>10 years with bf I met on Vampire Freaks
>All my long term adult freindships started online or came directly from networking with their friends

>> No.10118626

Sounds like she's working up to a 'you're the only one I can trust to help me out of a terrible situation'
Don't get roped into some stupid drama or financial debt anon.

>> No.10118764
File: 77 KB, 297x287, 1526845094407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

k-pop has ruined two of my friendships in nearly a single year and i am pretty upset that it's looking like there might be one more going down like the titanic

>> No.10118828

>Be hamplanet(Uk size 20)
>Can't fit into much brand, but get by with indie and a few fully shirred pieces
>Big lolita event happened in my country during summer 2018
>Ordered custom dress for said event from Heavens Atrium
>Dress arrives, I gained weight can't fit the dress
>Panic ensues, manage to get 2 dresses to fit(badly) for the event
>Realise after event that something's gotta give and I want to be able to fit more brand and be slimmer
>Start weight loss plan in November
>Lose 11kg since then by eating healthier, making better choices(low cal ice cream instead of normal cal ice cream, more veggies and actually eating a healthy breakfast)
>Now a UK size 16
>Still big but getting there
>Tried on Heavens Atrium dress, not only does it fit but its loose in parts
>Brand socks start to fit(Meta are perfect, AP just fit)
>Fully shirred brand doesn't look stretched out
>Things start fitting better
>110% feel better in myself

Sorry for the blogpost but I feel the happiest I have ever felt in my life, I didn't realise how miserable I was at a size 20. Marie Kondo'd my normie wardrobe and it felt great binning all the really big stuff. Still have to work on my binge habits, but hope to take up needle work again as that really helps with binge eating. I'm still big for lolita, but I want to keep going.

>> No.10118845

We done anon, godspeed

>> No.10118846

Proud of you, anon! It's a process but you're on the right path already. Keep it up!

>> No.10118849

god bless anon. Keep on fighting. it's not just for the weight, if you change your lifestyle/eating habits overall you'll see you'll generally feel better.

remember it's ok to relapse every now and then. it happens. what matters is that you don't give up. read up a lot, learn a lot, chew your food well and savor it, do exercise that doesn't feel like a horrendous chore for you (if you ever feel comfortable to/can afford it, try swimming/pool activities as well - it's easier on your joints and bones, it helps your breathing control), etc.

do it for YOU, anon.

>> No.10118868

Thanks anons
Thank you, had a bit of a wobble over this weekend but I was feeling stressed out over college work and placement stuff so everything was a bit of a mess. I have a plan for the next week so should be able to bounce back from that.

>> No.10118872 [DELETED] 
File: 487 KB, 500x313, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw too retarded to fix pc
>ask repair shop for help
>they have to hold on to it for an entire day or more in order to figure the problem even though I already told them
>tfw they see all my gay anime pics
>tfw they see the shitty fanfics I saved
>tfw they see my shitty ocs
>tfw I didn't delete all my history/cookies/etc because I was too scared of turning the computer back on
why am I allowed to live

>> No.10118879
File: 31 KB, 500x332, tumblr_naqnz2TwIg1qzgmjdo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Booked my third trip to Japan a few days ago
>First time I went I got dumped literally 3-4 days before I went so I spent most of the trip unfocused and depressed
>Second time I went was with someone that didn't want to do "silly" and "nerdy" things because she had all of a sudden decided it was immature so I ended up not doing much but shop and look at nice sceneries (don't get me wrong, it was still an amazing trip)
>Now going with someone that is just as hyped as me at checking out themed cafés and finding great restaurants among other things
>Also been gradually losing weight due to medication that also helped me curb my sugar addiction
>Finally starting to feel better about my body and hoping to have reached my goal when I'm going

Unrelated note though that has really bummed me out recently:
>Got in touch with a former male friend again
>Really hyped up because I've missed him and he seemed just as eager to chat and hang out
>He acts a little bit flirty but I wave it off
>A month later he is suddenly really cold and distant
>Happens almost every time I make guy friends
>I don't know what to do

I've been asking around for other opinions on why this always happens and what's with guys that do this, and I always hate getting the reply that they most likely are hoping for a quick fuck and I really hate thinking that they might not see me as a person but just another chick to possibly bang, I really don't want to see it that way and keep trying to figure out what I might be doing wrong.

>> No.10118881

>go to weekly friend dinner meet up, girl with new bf is no show
>prepared to confront friends for shitty behaviour
>friends apologise before I can say anything, say they were just trying to placate new bf because he has been ranting about Lolita since he saw I wore it
> whyishesobothered.gif
> friend sends me screenshots of this dude's second IG account full of loli shit and following lolitas though he claimed he knew nothing about lolita other than that 'it was some kink thing'

What do I do with this information...

>> No.10118884

I hope your third trip will be your best one yet! Also try making male friends in a group setting. When you chat one-on-one you end up with guys who want a romantic/sexual relationship. But if you hang out with a group of friends it's easier to keep things platonic and avoid men ghosting you because you won't fuck them.

>> No.10118887

You're fine anon, I doubt that's the weirdest thing they've ever seen on people's computers.

>> No.10118930

they have a job to do, they're not going to look at your fanfic

>> No.10118934

Good joke, most computer shops don't do anything

>> No.10118989

>full of loli shit
If 2D tell your friend, if 3D out him as a paedo

>> No.10119003

I'm living at home while I go to uni and my abusive mother went off the deep end again. I'm so fucking frustrated because I was saving up for a big lolita shopping spree and now I have to pay to replace stupid shit like my food she threw out or some of my things and normie clothes that she destroyed so there goes two blouses, a dress, and some socks' worth of money down the drain

>> No.10119007

He probably finds lolita sexually attractive. Avoid him like the plague.

>> No.10119051

being sexy for strangers is a great way to end up jaded and emotionless with a fucked-up love life.

>> No.10119059

>let trannies in
>surprised when you have to deal with tranny horseshit
if you were openly bigoted towards trannies you'd have an easier time, you'd just be 'that awful group of people' but now good luck trying to explain why this particular tranny isn't allowed in (seeing as how everytime a tranny is mildly inconvenienced it's a national transphobic emergency)

>> No.10119066

Move out, if you can save for a shopping spree you can save to rent a room.

>> No.10119067

get aluminum over steel unless you really enjoy corrosion and being exhausted after walking for ten minutes.

>> No.10119069

Lol. Yes they do.

>> No.10119071

I had a short fling with a girl who had an expansive friend group.
Didn't stop every male in that group, taken or no, from wanting to fuck this girl, which is why she needed my (f) help getting them off her back for a while.

>> No.10119074
File: 70 KB, 431x493, 1550218947407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sometimes I feel like advice I give a friend and fellow lolita goes in one ear and out the other and like she doesn't value my advice. She always posts on Facebook after I give her answers as if mine alone isn't good enough. Is it wrong for me to be offended? You say I'm your best friend and yet you do this embarrassing dance every ding dong time

>> No.10119077

Personally, I hate the 'no u' sneak money gane, my mom loves that shit and it honestly has broken me a bit with how she does it.
So whenever I owe a friend money I pay it back in time and buying shit for them, they initiate a hang out and buy me shit and so on and so forth.

>> No.10119078

Does she go out of her way to ask you?

>> No.10119083

If you go down this path, know that the moment you step away from sexy content your fanbase will plummet.

>> No.10119085

Yes she does it isn’t like I just throw it her way as if to tell her how to live her life which is the craziness. Like why as me then?

>> No.10119089

she only asks you so she can likely reaffirm her ingrained ideas. not because she values your advice. I'm sorry to say it anon, your friends a cunt. talk to her about it if you can.
If this is real that's fucking creepy.

>> No.10119091

She might be using your opinion as a baseline to compare everyone else's advice.
Like going to a news source you know is biased in a predictable way to see how they slant a world event, then you whore it up with a bunch of other opinion articles and quesrionable news sources, maybe some centrists and whatnot, then you go back to looking at the raw video (coord) and reframe your perspective on what you see now that you know how everyone else is interpreting it.

>> No.10119093

You’re right I should talk to her about it instead of pussyfooting around it. Thankyou again anons

>> No.10119136 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 345x437, 1531160567398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love my gf so much, but I'm in a tough spot. We had a lot of mutual friends before we got together, but they basically all stopped talking to me. When I see them, they fake being kind and missing me, but it's obvious they are not interested in remaining friends.
My gf told me one of our mutual friends was over at with a bunch of my old friends and they all complained about me, and how I'd cheat on her or leave her for someone else, and how they think I'm a big bitch. I've been really good to her, but in the beggining of our relationship (about 2 years ago) I was insecure and told her I was unsure of where we were going and that I didn't believe in love (now I do and have changed a lot). they're still stuck on that and it seems like they all want us to fail, just so I will be unhappy and she will go crawling back to them. I love her so much and I'm finally happy. This barely puts a dent in that. I just can't believe or understand why people hate me so much, despite how many times I apologise and how much I've changed. I just hate how friends turn on me when I start dating someone because they were just hoping for something romantic and didn't actually care about me.

>> No.10119287

I had a job interview last week. I'm graduating in May so this will be my first job out of college. Glad that I will be able to spend money for burando.

Are there signs or hints that can be gathered that show that I might receive a job offer?

>> No.10119299

We're in the same cosplay club and she told me like two months ago that she left a different club because someone asked her out, and I remember posting in an old feels thread asking for advice. I'm still very meh on it, I don't want to be a dick and take advantage of someone that... vulnerable like that

I can see it happening, the thing is, she says it to several people in the club, consistently. Pretty sure she just doesn't have a filter for what's alright and not alright to say.

>> No.10119300

Not really any readable signs unless it is some shit like you had an assessment as part of your interview and you know that you did really well.

>> No.10119306

anyone else severely depressed and living only for specific hobbies (like lolita) lately? i feel like i can't last much longer like this

>> No.10119311
File: 955 KB, 300x162, 1495257201649.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i lost weight to fit my dream dress but now i have bulimia and dont want to wear lolita because of body image issues why me

>> No.10119314

Regardless of whether she's into you or not, you don't want to get romantically involved with that.

>> No.10119317

Anon, please do your best to stop. I know it's hard, but I was bulimic for 10 years and now I have a lot of bad health issues because of it.

>> No.10119319

Go to an ED clinic. They'll help you stop being bulimic and help you loose the weight in a healthy way.

Go to a therapist. I started going and it's actually helping me sort my shit out.

>> No.10119329

thank you anons for your kindness
an ED clinic isnt an option for me at the moment because im terrified of losing my job (im military) so im worried about muh military fitness even though its impossible to maintain any kind of muscle mass and has resulted in physical fitness test failures

>> No.10119330
File: 16 KB, 266x329, FFB389F8-E9A8-4EF8-85E2-584DF2E1B88E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to con and find a qt girl on the last day
>We talk for a bit but then exchange each other’s instagrams and go our ways
>We talk about The things we like and other cons we will be at seemly having the same ideas on things
>Gets into her by then and we keep talking until she leaves me on seen
Finding a GF at cons is tough lads

>> No.10119332

>we keep talking until she leaves me on seen
This just means that you were pestering her more than she had the time for.

>> No.10119341

Not everyone knows basic car knowledge, and just cause it's basic doesnt mean it's shitty either you retard. FOH back to /a/

>> No.10119389

I think you should first some dresses you like a lot, and then see if you can find them for a good price
Looking at it with the price tag in mind might deter you from purchases you wouldve loved or make you buy a few things for cheap you wouldnt be happy with
Or you find out a piece you love is cheaper than expected! It's very much depending on taste, not on how much you spend

>> No.10119454

Are you me? The only thing keeping me alive right now is the fact that i have something coming in the mail.

>> No.10119544

Accept the money

>> No.10119652

Aye, it's definitely a red flag or two

Unrelated feel
>be home for spring break
>Mom got a new sewing machine to make drapes/whatever
>It's one of the new low-end computerized brothers
>Feels really "mushy" (Im used to an all-metal brother that's really punchy and loud)
>Needle always stops in the down position
>Speed switch is REALLY nice
>Grow to like it more and more (aside from mushy action and backstitch barely pushing fabric backwards)

Fuck lads the speed switch alone is a game changer. The pedal on my machine is 40% snails pace, 10% perfect pace, and 50% DEJA VU speed. Being able to change how fast you stitch by sliding a slider is HUGE

>> No.10119662

Now I'm wondering if I could rig up a "limiter" of sorts, where you'd set max speed (pedal fully depressed) to "perfect pace" so you can basically just stomp on it and let off a little when you want to slow down.
If the pedal on mine is just using a simple potentiometer it shouldn't be too hard.

>> No.10120142

What medication
>Tfw controlling weight enough to look fine in lolita but all I eat is sugar and when I don't buy it, I feel cranky and tired and can barely stay awake. I don't want to eat sugar but I feel so much better when I have it. But then when I have it, I want more

>> No.10120144

Detox from it. It'll be a few days to a week and a half of feeling like shit and then a lifetime of more energy.

>> No.10120205

It makes your face swell up, like an angry hungry puffer.
That alone is reason to stop.

>> No.10120219

>Go to town feeling cute and stylish
>Go to starbucks to get a latte and read while listening to classical music
>Everyone here is more stylish than me and I can't get comfy
Damn it, I'll just keep going to the dinky coffee shop close to my house that only serves normal coffee and doesn't have any clients.

>> No.10120257

the problem is that you seek acknowledgement from others when you shouldn't

>> No.10120258

Imagine being this self centered.

>> No.10120348

I've arrived in a new country, leaving all my friends and family behind for an exchange program. The most startling realisation, one I wasn't prepared for, is that I've barely touched another human since I arrived. Everyone is more reserved. I don't know anyone that well yet. I need a hug. Before taking off my dresses I pull the lacing tighter for a moment and hug myself.

I feel like crying myself to sleep tonight. At least I have these stupid beautiful clothes who can help me pretend a little better...

>> No.10120349


>> No.10120350

I bet it's not just sugar. Read the ingredients, it's probably hfcs which is more addictive and worse for you than refined sugars.

>> No.10120358

as a non-burg i will never understand why the fuck y'all put hfcs in literally everything

>> No.10120365

Dude what. Aki doesn't own akibento

>> No.10120368

You're retarded.

>> No.10120483

>be me
>be lonelita
>be lesbeans
>only grill in IT office job
>still like my male coworkers
>new girl is hired at help desk
>really cute short as hell
>male coworkers:also oof
>she sets up her work space
>notice her water bottle
>its Angelic Pretty
>double oof
>male coworkers just think its a girly water bottle
>i know better
>now even more nervous to talk to her
>shit what do
>male coworkers are talking to her about video games and chatting her up
>no mine
>dont play video games though
>qt coworker clearly does
>now considering getting a switch to talk about video games with her
>qt it girl pls be my lolita gf if youre reading this

>> No.10120493

Why not just strike up a conversation with her? The water bottle is such a good conversation starter, use it.
>Hey I noticed your water bottle is by AP, do you wear lolita fashion?
If you wear AP or sweet lolita yourself it's a bonus, but you're good even if you don't. Start talking to her about the thing you do have in common, and who knows, maybe sometime down the road you'll be friends and she'll introduce you to some of her favorite video games so you'll have more things in common. And maybe eventually you'll date, too. Don't go in with massive expectations though, start talking to her about AP and go from there.
Good luck, anon!

>> No.10120528

Just talk to her anon!! If you're too nervous to bring up Lolita first thing maybe ask her for video game recommendations or something! This is too cute I'm rooting for you!!

>> No.10120535

They doubled my antidepressants and meds for my hypothermia, both at the same time so I think my body got a bit confused with everything going on inside of it all of a sudden.
But I agree with what other anons said regarding the sugar, detox yourself from it. Some people can't just quit it cold turkey and have to do it step by step.

>> No.10120571

Imagine being this socially stunted

>> No.10120708
File: 88 KB, 402x402, degenerate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>turn 30 this year
>still active in the con scene
>mfw I've become the 30yo guy who's friends with a lot of teenage girls

>> No.10120748

How far away did you move for your exchange anon? This sounds terribly lonely and physical touch can be so important. I hope this odd phase before you settle in and are close enough to be tactile with others gets easier for you.

>> No.10120764

Will >>>/lgbt/ and >>>/cgl/ ever go to war with each other?

>>>/pol/ has stopped the weekly bait raids on their sworn archnemesis, and the tranny board is almost dead nowadays

>> No.10120776

It would be kek worthy, but i doubt anybody cares enough.

>> No.10120786

getting other people to pay for your shit is a pretty ancient phenomena, and it's never really gone away

>> No.10120800
File: 50 KB, 273x272, 1526756491594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for some reason our government has been providing corn subsidies for decades, which means that there has been a near constant surplus of corn for a long time. This, combined with various other factors such as tariffs on cane sugar imports, means that corn derived products such as HFCS are really fucking cheap in the US. And since they're cheap, they get used. The general population loves sweetness in food, so it goes in everything.

>> No.10120807

You can do it anon! Just go something like
>hey, I noticed your AP water bottle, do you blah blah blah blah blah
It's not like she'll think you're weird for bringing it up or anything, since she probably wears lolita too. Your situation sounds like such a perfect setup, go for it!

>> No.10120819

ok chad.

>> No.10120837

My wiener touches none of them.

>> No.10120888

Oh shit i know her we met in summer 2018 in toronto. Sex was fucking awkward

>> No.10120932

I feel this. I mean, its their money and if they want to support content they like, cool.
But at the same time the tiny jealous part of me wants to scream fuck these people who just get money thrown at them for literally no good reason while I'm selling some of my dresses and trying to get overtime to pay for my cats sudden vet bills.

>> No.10120951

I’m sorry your mom is a crazy bitch. I have toxic parents too, so I feel your pain. Stay strong anon and good luck

>> No.10120952

Same here but with cosplay/cons instead

>> No.10120964

@/cgl/ lesbians
Have you found a gf in the hobby?
If you have, please explain in detail

I’m so fucking lonely and it seems like every time I meet a qt at a con she already has a gf

>> No.10120973

Nah, I met my gf in college. My first gf was in my high school anime club tho.

>> No.10120989

How often do you guys lie about saying "I like/love them!" when you're given shit pictures back?

>> No.10120998

Honestly the best thing you can do for yourself is buy your own camera. It’s pricey upfront, but in the long run I think it’s better than spending money on shoots and getting photos that you aren’t happy with. If you have your own camera, just hand it off to a friend and shoot until your heart’s content

>> No.10121023

> misses a reservation for a really beautiful dress on Taobao by two months
> only 50 pieces were made available
> contacts seller a few days ago asking if they might have stock available after the final payment is due
> seller contacts me back today
> dress production hasn't started, so they offer to make me an extra one
> sets up a custom deposit link

What a nice person ;-;

>> No.10121091

"Please give me advice" = "Please complement me"

>> No.10121146
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>finally have the time to DIY my home decoration and textiles as Elegant Gothic Lolita Aristocrat Vampire Romance as I want
>look up normie home deco sewing blogs for inspiration and tips
>"Sewing tutorial: How to sew your OWN, UNIQUE Thing"
>"Step 1: buy pre-made Thing"
>"Step 2: sew some ribbon or ricrac onto pre-made Thing"
>"OMG congrats on your new super unique totally handmade Thing!!"

Why are normies like this

>> No.10121180 [DELETED] 

>all you can think about is getting fucked
Women are worthless, non-sentient animals

>> No.10121198

>Not doing whatever the fuck you want because life is fleeting and you'll be dead soon anyways

>> No.10121201

If it was a free shoot I'll ham it up but maybe drop a little kind critique, if I paid for it I won't sugar coat it if my pics are trash.

>> No.10121202

What’s it like being an incel virgin?

>> No.10121205

> follows cosplayers and lolitas
> hates women

Incels claim they hate women but can't stay the fuck away from us.

>> No.10121341

truth! I gave a heads up to a friend thinking she was going to laugh it off and she proceeded to obsess about it for the rest of the day, even posting on Facebook telling haters to back off. What a mistake.

>> No.10121393

What's stopping you from doing this now? I'm 34 and do this still.

>> No.10121397

Been there, done that. She's using you. You can maybe get a few pumps and dumps before she latches onto someone else. Don't get too invested.

>> No.10121407

And, is she already dead?

>> No.10121412

I already saw one of the fire starter day one
More on the thot cosplay side, but not that bad

>> No.10121416

I think you should tell your friend.

A good friend of mine started seeing a guy who bad mouthed lolita to her whenever he got the chance while messaging me about 'getting her into it' because he's always liked liked it. Until I showed her the messages she thought I was coming on to him because of his hate towards lolitas which she took as him being annoyed by me but not wanting to mention him by name.

Anyone who projects their fetish is gross and you need to be careful around them.

>> No.10121419

It' something I guess

>> No.10121426
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>Want to be with someone
>They want to be with me
>But we can never properly make things click because both of us have very odd life situations
>Spend all my money on brando sobbing
>Realize I could be saving the money up instead to make it easier for us to eventually get together
>But have problem impulse buying every little thing
>Finally fix up my act and stop spending so much
>Very proud of myself
>They end up in an accident and have no money to pay the medical expenses
>Dig into my savings for them

Well, I'm glad I had the money for it. At this rate I don't think either of us will ever see each other though. Hopefully we still feel the same 5 years from now when it's more realistic.

>> No.10121435

You're getting conned.

>> No.10121439
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You have an upper hand that nobody in the office has. Don't play on their ball field. They have the advantage if they play games. Don't bother trying to catch up in that department. They aren't into lolita, so you have the advantage. Lolita is obviously a big thing to her. Anyone can get a basic bitch Hello Kitty water bottle or something, and hell even lolitas can straight up just have regular cutesy bottles; but the fact that she actually has a brand water bottle means that it's special enough for her to have scoured Fril/Mercari/Y! for it and is dedicated enough in the fashion to import that shit.


I tell this advice to everyone - you don't want to emulate what you think they want. You have to be yourself and emphasize the parts that genuinely are you but connect with them. I see too many people trying to "become" someone's ex thinking "that's what they liked, so if I become that person then they'll like me too!"

It doesn't work that way. For all you know, she may not actually be THAT much into gaming but it's the only hobby that others actually click with so it SEEMS like she's more into it than she is. It may just be a casual thing for her, but she ACTUALLY has a brand water bottle so you know that it means something to her on a deeper level. Do you see her with a Mario water bottle? Do you see her with a Devil May Cry water bottle? Do you see her with a Degrees of Lewdness water bottle? No, you see her with a BRAND WHORE water bottle.

This is easy. Don't think to hard. You're a lolita, right? You have a way easier time getting her to go out on a one-on-one than these dudes.

>Hey, I'm also a lolita. But I'm not a part of a comm or anything so never get a chance to actually eat at a nice cafe with others while in frills. I'd love to eat at Fatty's Pizza with you this weekend and pet your Princess Cat if you don't mind!

You got this.

>> No.10121593

friend, you are getting used.

>> No.10121782

Is it better to post a selfie on IG or Tumblr nowadays?

>> No.10121788

IG. Tumblr has shot its own tag system in the face and there's basically no way to get exposure outside of already having a lot of followers.

>> No.10121807
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, 1266823954389.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pet your Princess Cat if you don't mind
Good post, anon.

>> No.10121873

>have one thing left to make before a cosplay is complete
>been working on this one thing for weeks now, it's not coming out well no matter what I do and I'm getting pissed
>finish 999 several days ago
>thinking nonstop about how I want to cosplay one of the characters
>heading into the garment district today to shop for fabric for said cosplay

Alright as long as I keep it to two projects I won't be wasting material

>> No.10121915

IG and tumblr are trash. Join twitter and pillowfort.

>> No.10122019 [DELETED] 
File: 1.26 MB, 732x960, 1550778574305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10122029

nah, screw that

virgins don't know yet if they can be satisfied with monogamy or whether they tend towards polygamy, and if they realise they do tend to polygamy during a relationship, chances are they'll cheat behind your back rather than be honest and break things off

much better to date someone who has an idea of what they want already thanks to experience

>> No.10122038
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>> No.10122044

If you want a girl with a tight vagina you have to date someone under 5'5"

>> No.10122048

Exactly. And if you want to date a boy with a big dick you have to date someone over 6'3"

>> No.10122049

But tall women (not girls) are the most beautiful

>> No.10122050

>caring about what men prefer

>> No.10122052
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what's the /cgl/ version of this?

>> No.10122056
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>> No.10122058

It's not that much of a difference plus I dated a short girl and it hurt to have sex with her and I'm only 7 inches.

>> No.10122066

are you a polygamist, anon?

>> No.10122068

nah, i'm ok with people who are as long as they're honest and ethical but i'm monogamous

>> No.10122070

If it hurt to have sex with her that's probably more to do with your girth than length, how big are you around?

>> No.10122071

5 inches or so

>> No.10122072

thanks for the fast reply
every "polygamist" girl i've met suddenly switches to monogamy when they're past 25. feels like the norm should be to just not take anything seriously until you're past that age. i was monogamous until about 2 failed relationships, then i just went the route of fucking everyone i could. it was less emotionally fulfilling but also less stressful.

>> No.10122076

That's still thicker than normal by a bit, doesn't necessarily say anything about the size of her vagina

>> No.10122083

Males love to claim that short girls (or asians in general) are tighter, but get triggered to hell and back when somebody says that them being a midget must mean they have a tiny peen as well...

>> No.10122088

Yeah men are dumb and insecure about the size of their penis, what else is new?

I've had male friends who are literally above average in both length and girth tell me they feel like they're too small because men have no fucking clue what a normal penis is like.

>> No.10122089

I wish it was that easy, then you'd know whose genitals you matched up with.

>> No.10122097


>> No.10123058

I know an equal number of Lolita and Cosplayer thots.

>> No.10124662


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