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Previous thread: >>10104714

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Reminder that Milkyuki is Chestnutlili.

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Torii Tsubaki has one for sale http://toriitsubaki.cart.fc2.com/ca10/107/p-r-s/

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I want to make a WTB post on LM

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Where can I find a legit seller for something gothic-y like pic related?

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Does this type of coat have a name?

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Same. Surprised that function doesn't exist yet.

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Surprised? Why? They won't even manage the site and add new rules let alone fix bugs. Why do you think they would add functionality?

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Me too. I also want to make a DT post. I hate using Facebook for it. We should never have moved from egl comm sales.

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You obviously didn't read her post nor the thread. They had to use a lottery system because there were TOO MANY people who wanted to buy something. If those men in jeans were not there, there would still have been enough lolitas to buy everything. Baby does not have trouble selling out. AP had the rule that you have to wear lolita, and those men just put on lolita.

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If you have proof, send it to the fucking mods

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Please send it to the mods, but if they don’t do anything I won’t blame you

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They will. They always do for cases like this when someone is ban evading, I know because I reported one 2 months ago. it took a week or so but they were banned.

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They unbanned Hanayoku tho and told me to fuck off with hellousagi being Chestnutlili when I sent them that thread that showed proof

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It's because you sent them a /cgl/ thread lol

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So you basically ruined getting them banned is what you're saying lol. >>10111506 is right. If the mods see a /cgl/ thread being used as proof it gives Chestnutlili leverage to say it's just a bunch of meanies lying and ganging up on her.

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Another anon who sent proof here. I linked them the items she started relisting from her chestnutlili profile to her hellousagi profile shortly after she got banned, same name, price and all. They did nothing and don't care. If you want to, go ahead and do the same with her milkyuki account but it will be a waste of time.



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This is kind of embarrassing, but has anyone else been into lolita for so long that they can't get to grips with normie wear?
I wear lolita pretty much every day I'm not in work, and always have, with the exception of poor or unsuitable weather or activities. My normie wardrobe is very small and I have a really tough time figuring out what looks "nice" outside of lolita. Just today I walked through an entire shopping mall maybe 15 clothing stores, and there was a single normie dress I liked, but not really enough to buy.

I guess I'm glad I'm committed to this fashion long term at least. I play it pretty safe with coords so it could just be that I have no eye for any fashion.

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What made you not want to buy the normie dress you liked?
I've been committed to lolita as my daily style for quite a few years now so I haven't worn normie clothes in a long time, and I honestly can't see myself going back to normie fashion at all. I can tell when normie clothes look nice and flattering, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'd feel comfortable wearing them myself, and for the most part I really wouldn't. Not to mention glaring quality issues that so much normie fast fashion has that immediately makes me think "I could buy brand for this price" and turn me off completely from buying anything in a normie store, even if it's cute.

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Thank you anon

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This is me except all my normie clothes are crap, crap I wear to work and crap I wear when I’m too tired to wear Lolita lol

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I recently got a hold of a second hand copy of the Gothic&Lolita photo book. I forgot how many nice pieces H Naoto and BPN had. It's also kind of refreshing to see that Japanese lolitas also have tacky Nightmare Before Christmas and Living dead dolls in their junky rooms. After so much similar Lolita, it's a breath of fresh air to see all sorts of shapes and looks. A lot of them weren't Lolita, before someone picks a fight, I know. But still.

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I have a lot of normie wear because I hate throwing things out until i'm 200% sure I won't ever want it again. That having been said, I do have non lolita clothes that still enter my rotation occasionally. I've been into goth looks way longer than i have lolita and it's nice to drop the skirts sometimes and go back to my studded leather collar, fishnet shirt roots.
I honestly think some of the lolitas on here would be happier if they had a secondary fashion to play around with when they got tired. It would help keep lolita fresh and fun for them.

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I'm out of the loop, why was chestnutlili banned? She has only positive feedback and a lot of it.

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Multiple accounts when it’s against LM rules, selling replicas early on, selling 20+ princess cat peplums

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>It would help keep lolita fresh and fun for them.
such people lose interest because they care too much about the rules. you can play around with fishnets and studded collars in lolita too.

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It's still stupid. Lacemarket could easily prevent creation of more accounts with banned paypal email addresses or PayPal emails already in use. They could tell which accounts have her email connected to them. But they don't. Because they don't care.

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All my "normie" stuff is pretty off-kilter and I mix and match everything when I'm not wearing lolita. There's a big difference between "not lolita" and "boring shit you can get at a mall", even when it comes to business casual type attire. Even higher end fashion can often be purchased relatively inexpensively on poshmark or ebay. I have a metallic copper wool/silk brocade D&G pant-suit I got for about $200 on ebay and I absolutely wear it to work. There's no reason to shop at Express or Forever21 if that sort of thing doesn't appeal to you.

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Or because they care too much about likes on social media, or think that the fashion is too high maintenance because they fell for the OTT meme, or just generally taking the fashion too seriously in a way that turns it into something stressful rather than fun.

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Like seriously they can EASILY see what PayPals are linked to what accounts. Also wish you could block people, someone listed something I gave to them for free for sale lmao. That’s instablock from me

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I think they have that feature already and she just registered her accounts with fake paypals.

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Lmao who was it? I'm so happy when I get something little from a seller, I wish I could make a list of preferred accounts that get first dibs when I sell something. If you get something free that you hate, at least just give it to someone else.

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*selling replicas and passing it off as the real deal
Also selling shit quality $5 taobao petticoats for 6 times more and generally scalping taobao.

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>>10111558 #
*selling replicas and passing it off as the real deal
Also selling shit quality $5 taobao petticoats for 6 times more, generally scalping taobao and buying a shit ton of Wunderwelt lots just to resell all of it for a markup.

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I sent them proof by buying from two of her different accounts, and screencapping on PayPal that they belonged to the same person
Mind you, this was last year

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I was a goth for years before I got into lolita, so my "normie" clothes aren't really even normie. BUT, I do dabble in other fashions, nanchatte, super girly silk slipdresses... I think the main thing is that 98% of my shit is black, and I put my own self into whatever style I wear, so I do find things at normie stores on occasion. I'm into quality though, so it's rare I find things in cheapo stores that I buy. sometimes the things can be cute, but if it doesn't feel good quality wise I'd rather spend elsewhere.

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They should be showing the users PayPal address to the buyer so we can avoid scams. Technically anyone could send you an invoice if they knew your PayPal address and they saw you bought an item. Where's the confirmation I'm paying the right person?

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I will continue to say this: BPN is legit my favorite brand. They offered a lot of variety in cuts, fit, textures...their effing jewelry was also the sickest. I'm collecting as much of their gunmetal stuff as I can from auctions.
BPN and AatP are the two brands that get me the most excited and inspired when looking through their repertoire.

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Are you retarded? So you linked items that just had the same name and same stock photo and think this is proof enough to get someone banned? I am super pissed that this piece of shit is still running this, but you need better evidence than this? Isn't there someone that has bought both from chestnutlili/hanayoku and hellousagi and can end this by sending paypal addresses to the mods?

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Did you see the rest of the post? They didn't just use the same stock pictures, they used almost the exactly same pictures for everything, nevermind all the items magically have the same stains and damages. That plus the evidence picture that all her Paypals invoice mails are the same and her location are the same. I don't think it can get any more obvious. But please, if you think this isn't enough and want to dig through the things she bought in the past 2 years, go ahead.

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With evidence picture I meant this. I included this in the report together with the links but they didn't care. Me and the other anon aren't the only ones who reported her either, this has been going for months..

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Last year???? Wow they really don’t care

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Nobody cares about the Lolita community at all, they just want our money and pretty much just tell us to take it and shove it up our asses

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Still down about the btssb realisation, anon? It's okay, I feel you. That's how everything is nowadays and it will get worse in the future.

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I fucking will, and I will find evidence that is less retarded than this, and then they will not be able to say shit.

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Good luck then, report back about your success.

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it is hard to swallow. I am pretty sure Baby could do something about this if they wanted. Make bigger quantities to discourage scalpers from even trying. Or actually require participants to wear full coords in order to take part in the lottery (no fat chinese dude with a bow cutting it this time)

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You really don't understand anything about how the fashion industry works and how small businesses work. Baby can't just one day decide to make 10000000 more dresses. And people have already pointed out multiple times that the ''wear brand/lolita rule'' doesn't work.

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So because I have to work tomorrow instead of wearing lolita like I normally do saturdays, I wanted to watch Kamikaze girls to get my weekly frills in.
Found a stream site and this is the info they have for Kamikaze girls
>Kamen Rider Banner
>Korean Movie

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It's a fake website. Just watch it on youtube.

>> No.10111753

It's not available for me? That site seems to be working fine. I have an aggressive virus scan and ad blocker so I'm fine.

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I'm the person who happened to purchase items from all three accounts. I sent screencaps showing that they all used the same Paypal email in December of last year, but nothing happened until I dropped the caps on cgl a little while back.

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From where did she get the 20 princess cat dresses? Replicas?

>> No.10111764


Is a good rule with a full coord but it should not be that exagerated with like socks or blouses

>> No.10111765

Honestly most likely. There are several items she sold on her Hanayoku account in quantities that are very suspicious.

>> No.10111766

>Just today I walked through an entire shopping mall maybe 15 clothing stores, and there was a single normie dress I liked, but not really enough to buy.
I've experienced this so many times.

>> No.10111776

It's not a good rule because it does nothing to stop resellers. Do you think they do not look up the rules beforehand? Someone who is actually interested in lolita might not be able to buy it because she doesn't have a full coord yet though.

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That name is a male name btw, a chinese comedian has the same one. Either they're a dude or it's a fake name. In that case, they most likely aren't even a lolita and just in it for the money.

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What a shitty person, I hope they burn a little bit more than others in hell

>> No.10111789

hell I love normie fashion and this even happens to me

>> No.10111813

I feel this. I see cute normie dresses and tops, but the fabric will feel like a fucking plastic tarp. Normie clothes are so unpleasant.

>> No.10111821

So this is what Japanese lolitas look like

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I feel like I picked a bad time to want to sell my princess cat set. Damn, I wish I’d sold it before all this hanayoku drama.

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This. Outside of lolita, I wear a lot of vintage, not like modern "vintage fashion" though. My favourite brands are Laura Ashley and VW. I mix my lolita tops, tights and platforms with it often, I definitely look eccentric but I get a lot of compliments. I'm not loaded but ebay is great, I've had some luck with depop too. Fast fashion: not even once.

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You are right have not thought about it that way. For example I own entire coords only from Baby and AP but if other brand has this rule I can't get into the store for the purchase, it would be sad

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I wear other jfashions and have been into alternative fashion long before getting into lolita. I don't wear lolita daily, I like to save it for special occasions or just days when I'm going out shopping and wanna feel the fantasy. My wardrobe is huge even though I cull a lot of things often, but it encompasses so many styles. I love thrifting and antique stores so I often find vintage things that I can wear both casually and with my lolita stuff. I find thrifting a much more enjoyable shopping experience than actual clothes stores. I don't think I've even stepped inside one in like, a decade or something.

>> No.10111873

This, I also love putumayo! They defs have some tacky mallgoth-level designs but I have so many of their comfy, easily wearable separates (blouses, jackets, skirts, etc)

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Normie clothes are increasingly made of just straight plastic and it's gross.
some Lolita is starting to be like that too though.

>> No.10111903

>some Lolita is starting to be like that too though.
This is why I buy a lot secondhand. I want to support my favorite brands but they use polyester so often these days and I hate it.

>> No.10111917

I mainly buy 2nd hand because modern lolita isn't my thing.. but moving away from cotton is one reason why modern lolita isn't my cup of tea. I hate polyester clothing in general.

>> No.10111921

It's only for new releases that are so popular they need a lottery system. As a newbie, why are you trying to buy such a crazy release? Go for something normal.

>> No.10111940

Are you only interested in AP and Btssb? This is such a weird excuse, most of the brands are still almost 100% cotton releases and AP and Btssb still have plenty.

>> No.10111944

Similar story, I've been wearing J-fashion for a while and I've been working at home the past two years, but I'm about to start a desk job again and I'm like... how do clothes?? xD

>> No.10111949

>>10111903 here and no, my favorite brand is IW and the vast majority of their recent releases is poly. I still buy from them when they release a design I like but their recent stuff unfortunately doesn't compare to what it used to be.

>> No.10111966

Nope, my favorite brand is meta, and even meta pushes out a lot of non-cotton. Anyway, as I mentioned, it's only part of the reason I don't like modern lolita.

>> No.10111975

Anyone getting anything from Haenuli’s second round of rereleases? I’m tempted by the Story of Us JSK 2 but I have yet to see a single good coord with it.

>> No.10111986

Don't do it anon, that dress is an ita magnet.

>> No.10111987

Do it, anon. I'm still waiting on Just One Bite and the idodeclare blouses...

>> No.10112008

>idodeclare blouses
Anon, do yourself a favor and save that $100+.

>> No.10112018

All her accounts other than milkyuki are banned again so hopefully they'll ban that one soon? I'm still confused about why they unbanned Hanayoku only to ban it again.

It's weird how desperate she is to do this, anyone with a brain would have at least taken a break before trying to come back.

>> No.10112035


nayrt, but a lot of the items that I see dissappear and get scalped the most often are special sets as they're cheaper (usually also less detailed), more limited, and some come in "exclusive" colours. (Fanny's story doesn't make sense to me for a new release, as you can see a lot of new releases just sitting around in webshops, and you don't need to go to Grand Bazaar for that. Exclusive Grand Bazaar special sets, on the other hand, do attract a crowd and a lot of scalpers, so it's more likely that's what she went to help buy).

So I can see how for a newbie, buying a matched set of jsk + headbow around $150-$300 is an easier way to dip their toes into the hobby, rather than buying the regular dress at $300 +upwards, and then the matching headbow at $30. Meanwhile the more experienced lolitas either like the print, like the simpler cut, or like some exclusive colourway. So I think it's difficult to rule out either side. (Which is probably why scalpers are focusing on this kind of item as it has a wider market appeal).

I don't have an answer, the polyester trend just makes it way easier for me to sit back and not really care whether or not I'm able to buy a release. Some people have been predicting a slowdown in Chinese economy, maybe if we all light a candle to Mana it'll happen faster and the scalpers will slink off to find something else to scalp.

>> No.10112038

Which jsk cut and color?

>> No.10112039


Oddly enough IW and Moitie were the two brands I have the most polyester dresses from before 2013. They were using polyester while other brands were using cotton.

I'll agree they used to do it much better though, it used to feel like they were using an interesting fabric because it's interesting, or feels good, or looks good. Whether it's a jacquard, or a pearskin, or imitation silk, or whatever, they used them so well it felt like the dress existed because of the fabric. Now there's a bit of a feeling like it's polyester because every other dress is polyester. Or something, idk.

(nayrt btw)

>> No.10112068

Also nayrt but I agree with you. I recently realized that many of my slightly older IW and some Meta pieces are poly and it never bothered me because the feel and drape was so nice and/or they keep their shape so well (I have one knife pleated Meta JSK from I think 2012? that has never needed to be ironed once and the pleats are crisp as ever). However most of my recent poly purchases have been a big disappointment. I’m especially bummed by my last few prints from AatP which look weirdly faded on the poly chiffon they used and it doesn’t drape nicely at all. I really wish they had used some other fabric for it because it would’ve looked so much better. Is it cheaper to print on poly chiffon than on the textured cotton they also use? That’s really the only reason I can think of to use it in these instances. They weren’t even s/s releases iirc.

>> No.10112071

Idk about price, but you can do sublimation dye onto polyester and the print won't run when laundered.

I think this is the big driver of brands moving towards poly.

>> No.10112136

Getting Library Lady chiffon jsk in ivory and the story we don't know JSK 2(I know its an ita magnet but I love it too much).

>> No.10112143

I'm saving up my money for just one bite. I love starlight of serenity but I don't think I can warrant getting both. I don't know whether I should get an underskirt or not. Could I make my own, fancier one for cheaper?

>> No.10112144

Probably because he fully migrated to hellousagi and milkyuki, who are still active.

>> No.10112145


I wore my Story of Us jsk with a light purple sheer tie neck blouse, black tights, and black velvet triple strap heels. I didn't wear any crazy headgear, and I removed the tacky pentagram ribbon detail at the neck. Probably most people would think it was a boring coord, but I'd rather be boring than burst into ita flames.

I am SO EXCITED for Dreamy Penguin. I think it's cute as fuck and I'm even gonna shell out the extra $65 for that RIDICULOUS beret even though my head is an extra-large potato shape and it will NOT look cute on me.

>> No.10112148

That's the thing. I love cotton dresses but polyester and synthetics will always win out for me. They're easier to care for and as someone who wears lolita pretty much every weekend, it's just more convenient for me. It helps that I do like modern lolita and I'm not particularly caught up in the old-school revival.

>> No.10112169

Exactly like fucking at least wait a month or a year. Jesus

>> No.10112171

lately i've come to love the open-front dress/pinafore look, so i've been spending way too much time browsing sites for that + bustle-back dresses. sigh.

>> No.10112193

Green peplum JSK plus head bow

>> No.10112214


It's honestly really hard to tell, especially when you're describing that sheer chiffon (it looks faded because it's not opaque). If you look at mainstream fashion runways, a lot of them still feature sheer layered looks, so sheer fabrics at least still seem to be trending, and one of the easiest ways to achieve it is using sheer printed chiffon.

I get that lolita doesn't always go in for the latest fashion fads but Japan as a whole is pretty trendy, so you do get a few things like JetJ doing their own spin on printed artwork dresses (D&G I think?) and I guess we also get sheer dresses, including stuff like devore fabric.

We're never really sure whether polyester sells better or not, whether the customers who prefer polyester actually outnumber the cotton fans or not, since we don't have access to the sales numbers. Chiffon especially has its own appeal for being light and floaty, perfect for a fairytale princess look, which seems to be the "new" lolita look.

>> No.10112324

Oh fuck me this is what I want but I just bought the pink jsk aaah

>> No.10112327

Damn, I was hoping it was the peplum in red

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Fuck no

>> No.10112777

luckily it got deleted.

>> No.10112865

They're so pretty though and I can't find a similar sheer tulle blouse anywhere

>> No.10112875

There are always functions and situations where even toned-down lolita fashion won’t be suitable so I have a small but stylish capsule wardrobe of classic basics and quite a few LBD. I thrifted most of it except shoes. I know that lots of people who wear lolita on weekends actually live in jeans or sweatpants on the daily but my line of work requires decently stylish mainstream clothes, and stylish dresses for after-work stuff.

>> No.10112881

Nope. RIP decent fatty-chan brand but I was never tempted by any of her stuff for myself.

>> No.10112888

Did Abilletage do some?

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Smiling Risa is blessing your luck for finding DD today.

>> No.10112941

alright, guess I'm back on the hunt today!

>> No.10112968

It’s like she’s looking down on that print and thinking
>oh honey no

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do i buy just because it's my surname

>> No.10113017

Of course

>> No.10113033

you buy it because it's a rare dog print

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File: 309 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190224_192939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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I've heard negative things about Sheglit's quality (for the price), and I'm on a budget so I've never bought from them new but I can never find what I want from them secondhand. They also recently tweeted about returns because of quality issues of a 2016-2017 release.

Can someone with a more trained eye for quality help me decide if I should get this? It's 26000 yen so it would mean I can't buy any other clothing for a while.

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File: 519 KB, 1302x2048, IMG_20190224_194407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.10113059

I only buy Sheglit I can touch irl. I find a majority of their fabrics to be synthetics I refuse to pay more than 3000 yen for, but the ones with nice synthetics, those that neither looks nor feel like synthetics, I'm very much ready to spend 30 000 yen

>> No.10113061

I live in Northern Scotland so I don't mind synthetics. I just don't know how to recognise good fabric.

>> No.10113069

>Material: Outer Surface Polyester 65% Rayon 30% Polyurethane 5% Separate cloth polyester 65% Cotton 35% Shear polyester 100% Lace polyester 100% Lining cloth polyester 55% Rayon 45% MADE IN CHINA

>> No.10113084

Mate they said they didn't know how to recognize good fabric, not that they didn't know if it was synthetic or not.
>inb4 synthetic is always inferior

Personally I find Sheglit a bit of a gamble, so I wouldn't spend all my disposable income for a few months on it. Boz has released similar designs, keeping an eye on them might be better.

>> No.10113096

It's not all my disposable income, just my lolita budget. The measurements of Atelier Boz are not right for me but I'll keep an eye on them.

>> No.10113168
File: 504 KB, 750x933, 36AA28E4-2390-48D4-B10B-09FE6E53C13C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone bought from the Korean indie brand La Vie en Rose? I really like the Seraphim vibes of their current release but I’ve never seen anyone wear or post about them.

>> No.10113171

I hope that's not their official picture. Not ironing your clothes is nagl

>> No.10113180

I haven't bought from them but I just checked their site/social media and it seems like they make every dress by hand? The 2nd round of preorders for that dress is already closed since they were only taking 10 customers for this round. I quite like the blue version of that dress, anon. I might keep an eye out in the future if they decide to do a 3rd round of preorders.

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Anyone else get annoyed by the stupid topics on Rufflechat recently?
If you’re homeless then why the hell do you need to wear lolita.
And yes I know who that is, was wondering why she seemed so quiet recently.

>> No.10113370

I left RC a couple of years ago because of repetitive and weird topics. Most of those people are random weebs that don't wear lolita. I sometimes stop going to cgl for a few months for the same reason desu.

>> No.10113375

desu, having been homeless, I can understand missing things you love. Particularly in the early days. There were days when all I wanted to do was get dressed up and go to a restaurant. Days I wanted to go to dance class. Days I wanted to play arcade games. I couldn't spend every waking hour hounding people for jobs. You don't always have the ability, energy or even the opportunity. Staying in a shelter can be boring af when it isn't scary and you get cabin fever fast. Having a roof over your head is great but it doesn't change you into saint who's just grateful to be there overnight. Most people aren't raised that way anymore. Society doesn't pander to those who let go of all their superficial wants. Heck, the poorest of people often spend frivolously sometimes just to feel like they're not experiencing poverty. It fucking sucks.

Being homeless doesn't change who you are and the things you love, nor does it immediately strip you of any material, selfish desires. It can change your perspective forever, though you may not fully realize that until later. Until then, you might have a lot to complain about and to miss, and that's okay.

>> No.10113377

Anon she still has her wardrobe.

>> No.10113378

What is the consensus on Dreamholic wigs? I thought their main issue was that they are overpriced/resold at way higher prices than necessary, but is there anything wrong with the actual wigs? Does anyone have one and would be willing to share their opinion?

>> No.10113380

Did you never want to sell your lolita wardrobe at that time?

>> No.10113400


>> No.10113411

I buy mine from the taobao store, they’re ok quality but the bangs are always so terribly thin. It’s a shame because the wig is fine otherwise.

>> No.10113430

I actually kind of like the thin bangs look idk
Are they thin in a wispy, floaty way? or thin in a yucky stringy way?

>> No.10113435


I still had my dog, but he had to stay with my friends. I could have sold him easily for 2 grand because they're rare here, but I would never because he's not replaceable.

I got the impression her wardrobe is elsewhere too. Like, I get it, she could sell some things and maybe she really should with some, even most, of it. But starting from square one can actually be much, much harder if the homelessness is only temporary. Having to buy furniture again was a nightmare and huge upfront cost. Having to get work clothes. I kept some of my formal wear because as much as I could have used the extra $200 it would cost me more than that to replace later on top of costs I'm already paying.

We all know how hard it can be to sell a wardrobe, especially quickly. Getting things cleaned and photographed and posted, unless you sell them for a song. If you are absolutely desperate, of course, but if there's a way out and it's coming, it may just be better to sit on it.

>> No.10113437

Like, it's kind of a common myth that homeless people only ever have what's in their pockets. It happens sometimes, but it's rare. Loads of people have cherished belongings with friends, family or in storage.

>> No.10113453

i feel this, i left my irreplaceables with friends.
that being said, none of my clothes or valuables at the time were worth 200+ USD and if they were i would have sold them in a heartbeat to escape that situation.
thats not to say it would be an easy choice, but it would have really helped at the time if i did have that option.
i have no sympathy for a person who lives in a shelter and still chooses to live beyond their means.

>> No.10113474

Nitpicky, but I'm not talking USD here. USD is far more expensive and I probably would have sold something that would get me that straight up.

>> No.10113485

Selling your dog is not the same as selling your brand, anon please. Brand can always be aquired back and is replacable and shouldn't be a priority over your absolute basic needs.

>> No.10113489

i-i dont know what this means!

>> No.10113495

Dude, I used my dog because it was an example of one thing I could have sold for a lot of money but kept, to emphasize that homeless people don't necessarily have nothing of value ever. At the end of the day, it's just a dog, and a lot of people saw it that way and gave me shit for hanging on to him when that could have been bond on a rental. But it was worth it to me, you get what I'm saying?

Note that I also said she probably should sell most of her brand, but there are barriers to consider too.

I'm not saying the girl's a saint or a pinnacle of responsibility, but people always have shit to say about the homeless and what they should/shouldn't do to improve their situation.

>> No.10113497

I'm talking about having a different currency. $200 USD would be double that value here in buying power. $200 of our dollars would be half the buying power in America. My $2000 dog here would be $1000 over in America (though probably less as they are much more common and accessible and there's less prestige attached to them, if I understand, so maybe more like $400)

>> No.10113500


To be clear, if I could have sold that formalwear for $200 USD it would have given me $400 in my currency, and that makes it a little more appealing to sell as that's about as much as it would cost for me to replace it. You know?

>> No.10113503

Thank you for sharing!

>> No.10113582

the entire post is just basically a fucking pity party for her and the one person making sense in there is being debated on it lmao

>> No.10113728 [DELETED] 

Buy it! It looks great. I haven't seen anything like it from Boz. Sure they do A-lines and capes but it's not the same.

>> No.10113733

Buy it! It looks great. I haven't seen anything like it from Boz. Sure they do A-lines and capes but it's not the same.

>> No.10113755

Yes, it's hella cute in brown or green

>> No.10113986

If I want to buy Moitie in person in Japan, should I go to Atelier Pierrot store in Tokyo or nah?

>> No.10113987

The Pierrot store or Kera Shinjuku are your best bets in Tokyo.

>> No.10113988

Thanks, anon!

>> No.10113989

Np! Kera is the bigger of the two, and might have a better selection than Pierrot (but both are good and both offer tax free).

>> No.10114078

Every brand has a shop list on their website

>> No.10114217

>Brand can always be aquired back and is replacable
Uhh no, that isn't entirely true. You would know this if you were actually into the fashion and not just here to fucking armchair the homeless convo.

>> No.10114220

>hurr hurr you're a larper
Name two brand dresses that you can't aquire back.

>> No.10114224

Old Moitie and Excentrique in general

>> No.10114226

I actually agree with this. Lolita is such a dry environment. It seems to be new clothing releases or almost exclusively drama. Everything else is just rehashed topics.

>> No.10114231

If you think these can't be aquired back, you're not long enough in the fashion yourself to call me a larper. Everything pops up again eventually. Everything.

>> No.10114259

I'm still looking for my dream dress so I'm having a hard time believing that **everything** comes back up for sale. You know some people don't sell their dresses right? Are you suuure you know what you're talking about?

>> No.10114261

It literally doesn't. Even when it does, there are way more people who want to buy it than that 1 person who is selling it. There are Excentrique pieces that I've literally never, ever seen for sale secondhand.

>> No.10114262

You must be a sweet lolita

>> No.10114279

I know it may not seem like it sometimes but they were still produced in quantities. They will come back up, the question is if you're patient and diligent enough to witness it.

>It literally doesn't. Even when it does,
What now?
>there are way more people who want to buy it than that 1 person who is selling it.
That still doesn't change the fact that it's available and you have a chance to aquire it back.

>There are Excentrique pieces that I've literally never, ever seen for sale secondhand.
Tell me which one and I'll try to prove you wrong.

I'm an oldschool gothic lolita and been active since 2008.

>> No.10114314

>I know it may not seem like it sometimes but they were still produced in quantities. They will come back up, the question is if you're patient and diligent enough to witness it.
You sound so fucking naive.

>> No.10114324

You sound like you're not stalking second hand websites often enough. Tell me which one is supposed to not come up then.

>> No.10114335

Sheglit is wonderful, at least nowadays. Where did you hear that? They use light materials for comfort but the construction is very good!

>> No.10114336

Shauntag op. Go ahead anon. Give me the link.

>> No.10114344

I already posted about that a few dream dress threads back but you must have missed it. I'm pretty sure a gull got it too, because they were posting about owning it ca. a month later.

>> No.10114349

Having a 1% change to get it back doesn't mean you will get it back lmao

>> No.10114352

Was it the anon from the DD thread?

>> No.10114353

I have 4 dream dresses that I've been looking for for 6 years. I know one of them was available a couple of weeks ago but my SS missed it. A lot of other people are looking for that same dress too. You're really naive if you think all of us can get it eventually.

>> No.10114354

It's not just 1%, c'mon. And I said you can get it back. If you will or want depends on the person, but not the availability.

>> No.10114357

I can win the lottery too. Guess I should start looking for buildings to buy right now just in case.

>> No.10114362

>depends on the person
If only I was dedicated enough to marry a Japanese guy so I didn't have to rely on shopping services anymore.

>> No.10114369

What do you mean? The one claiming to have it? No, that auction is from 2013, someone vaguely mentioned owning it in an old school thread if I remember correctly.

Firstly, I'm sorry, that sucks really bad.
But I said you can get it if you're diligent and patient enough. Especially considering that a lot more of the people looking for it will give up on it over the years, raising your chances even more next time.

>> No.10114373

Anon please. Getting one out of 20-100 or more produced dresses is not the same as a one in a billion probability.

>> No.10114378

I found my dream dress after looking for 3 years but it's from AP. Meanwhile my friend has been looking for a coat from Excentrique since 2013 and we only saw it for sale 1 time in the wrong colour with damage for 30000 yen.

>> No.10114403

There are some older pieces that I’ve been hunting for that I’ve never seen pop up, in nearly a decade of hunting for said items.

>> No.10114408

I keep hearing this but no one mentions names or shows pictures.

>> No.10114419

Why would they want to out themselves in a dumb argument on cgl?

>> No.10114434

What? I'm talking about the dresses they've been hunting for.

>> No.10114436 [DELETED] 


if they have distinctive dream dresses, that would out them.

>> No.10114437

If you're actively looking, people from your comm know your wishlist. It's one thing to post in the dream dress thread but I wouldn't want someone to think I'm having some stupid argument here.

>> No.10114438 [DELETED] 

How so?

>> No.10114439

Like other anons said, no matter what dress it is, it's likely others are looking for it too. Trying to identify others by one dream dress or item they have sounds paranoid as hell.

>> No.10114453

Why would anyone do that? I had a very obscure dream dress, posted it here trying to find it, and other people started including it on their big lists. Fuck that, fewer people knowing about obscure dresses is a good thing

>> No.10114462

I got one of my dds from here and I feel bad about it. I try not to include it on my list since I've seen it on others.
It would have probably become a DD if I saw it come up in sales anyway unless the picture was just really bad

>> No.10114470

I get what you mean, but you can't stop others from having the same DD as you, no matter if you post it here or not. There are some wishlist items that never were posted anywhere, that have no special sought after design and no worn pictures, yet still one, two or three people have it on their Lolibrary wishlist. Besides, this is the general and not the DD thread were some anons might go to discover dream items. My statement was that all brand lolita items can be aquired again, which anons denied and claimed there are items they've never seen on sale in years or even almost in a decade, what I doubt from my own experience. I think it's more likely they just missed out on them, that's why I asked for names or pictures. Not because I want to out them or steal their DDs or something.

>> No.10114476

This, my kingdom for certain Excentrique sets.

>> No.10114504
File: 94 KB, 700x520, 1541030676263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10114594

Nayrt but mine is not on lolibrary and I hope it never gets added. I'm not going to post it anywhere.

>> No.10114597


>auction ended in 2013
>few dream dress threads back

Dude. If your house burned down in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or even 2019 you're SOL then? There right there is your six years of searching without ever finding it.

>> No.10114639

Why do people still think its okay to list print replicas on Lace Market if they state its a replica? It really bothers me that people don't give a rats ass about simply following the rules on a free to use sales platform.

>> No.10114773
File: 224 KB, 440x274, dwst.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you wear this kind of cut if you have small boobs, small waist but big hips and butt? I mean would it look good or

>> No.10114845

No, those will look horrible on big hips. Take it from someone with big hips who suffered through college in the mid-2000s when this low waist shit was all the rage.

>> No.10114971

No one ever posted it before I did that I had ever seen though. It still hasn't come up for sale after 5 years of looking. So again, fuck posting your dream dress. Gulls suck

>> No.10115065

Are there any secondhand shops that mark parcels down?

>> No.10115100

imo it would, it's still kinda poofy at the bottom so your hips and butt would probably fill it out nicely without looking really weird. Those types of cuts are more of a problem if you have a large bust/waist difference which should be fine if you're not busty.

>> No.10115101

So, I bought a couple ETC dresses and even though I bought them with the right measurements, they don't seem to fit me. They seem like they were made for a much shorter person: their waist goes around my chest.

I had read that some of their dresses were made for children, but I never supposed that they would have measurements that would fit an adult.

I'm curious to know your experiences.

>> No.10115102

Not really, marking down package value is illegal in most places and anything big enough to count as a shop won't want to risk that. If you need stuff marked down because your country's custom fees are high, you're better off with smaller private sellers.

>> No.10115104

ETC is for adults, Shirley Temple is for children.

>> No.10115105
File: 39 KB, 437x645, a4ae193524c5b05bb360c618e77fe7c4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fit a children's size 160 easily. But there are some dresses made for adults like pic related that just require you to have small boobs.

>> No.10115106

Use a shopping service. I even order from places like Closet Child with a shopping service because the SS fee is never as high as the customs I will almost certainly get if it's not marked down.

>> No.10115108

It's not illegal in my country. I've never heard of that. How would they proof it's not just a mistake? When I send a parcel I can mark it whatever value I want. Obviously they want me to fill in the right value but nothing happens if I don't. If the parcel gets lost, insurance wants the original receipt, not the value I chose to write down.

>> No.10115109

I had this problem with Mary Magdalene, even dresses that fit looked weird because they were clearly made for someone more overall petite than me (sleeves too short, waist awkwardly high, etc).

If it's just that the torso overall sits too high on your body, maybe a tailor can extend the straps for you? Depending on how the bodice is built, that is.

>> No.10115111

That print is extremely lovable

>> No.10115122

I thought of extending the straps myself (in one of them it would not be too hard) but I feel a bit sad because they are so cute right as they are.

How tall are you? I'm only 5'5, so I thought it was very weird. Maybe it's just like >>10115105
said and the boobs are just too big

>> No.10115127

In Canada, the US and Japan (I've shipped from all 3 countries), insurance is on the package's declared value, so if you declare the package to be $10, the insurance will only pay out that much, regardless of any other receipt you show them. That's why sellers always say that a buyer takes responsibility if the package gets marked down and then lost; in most countries, you won't get the true value back, only the declared value.

Also, the country receiving a package will charge import/custom fees on the declared value. Under-declaring is an attempt to commit fraud by not paying required import fees, hence why it's illegal. Usually they prove it by opening the package to check the contents; if there's an original receipt included, that's proof, but they can also (at least in Canada) arbitrarily decide the package contents are worth more, in which case the burden of proof is on you to convince the customs office that the declared value is accurate.

Basically, legit businesses have reasons not to do this, because it can impact their ability to keep doing business. Individual sellers are usually less fussed, since the odds of being caught are way lower if you send 10 packages a year versus hundreds.

>> No.10115135

5'7". I feel your pain, I can only buy JSK cuts where the straps can be extended, because they never fit right otherwise.

That said, >>10115105 has a point about ETC being designed for smaller boobs. A lot of their models are in the 5'4"-5'5" range, so that might be more of your issue. Maybe try them with a sports bra?

>> No.10115145

>Small boobs and small waist

Sack dresses and cutsew OPs are your best friend for casual. Sadly that style is for people who are tiny all around.

>> No.10115682

Why on earth does girly hoot/k8 still have a following, and a huge one at that? Did everyone magically forget how shitty she was to everyone a few years back?

>> No.10115683

They probably don't know nor care.

>> No.10115684

I'm willing to bet a certain percentage only follow her to get a prime seat to the next garbage fire, should it happen.
that's why I do, anyway. I know I can't be the only one.

>> No.10115685

JP standard sizing for women are made for someone 158 cm tall, for EU standard sizing for women it's 167 cm. Sizing is just as much about vertical measurements as horizontal measurements. I'm 164 and dresses have always ended on my ribs instead of my waist.

>> No.10115801

I don't quite care for all the drama, but aesthetically she delivers. She posts pleasing sweet coords with great photo quality.
I follow her for this reason only. A lolita would have to be legitimately immoral and seriously gross for me to unfollow based on personal life.

>> No.10115842

Probably because it's in the past. Not everyone holds a grudge. She didn't kill anyone or rape/molest anyone. You should learn to let petty drama go.

>> No.10115844

>She didn't kill anyone
Could've been different with a bit less luck of her kitty.

>> No.10115849

>petty drama
Yeah saying that everyone in the western comm is horrible and ebegging on instagram when she owns 500+ dollar dresses is hardly petty drama

>> No.10115854
File: 1.59 MB, 480x360, whocares.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10115857

You just seem like an unrealistic person.

>> No.10115859

>But I said you can get it if you're diligent and patient enough.
No because some don't ever resell. I don't resell my pieces so if some girls dream dress is sitting in my closet, she's got one less chance to have it and even more so if others also don't resell.
I love your whole "don't give up, never stop searching" attitude but you're fucking naive.

>> No.10115861

No one else could possibly be looking for them? Are you serious.

>> No.10115872

Mini skirts on a big bottom in a modest fashion won't work. You can try using an underskirt but those usually look bad with salopettes.

>> No.10115884 [DELETED] 
File: 1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190226-154405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, she is so good with her money!

>> No.10115886
File: 1.28 MB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20190226-154405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, she is so good with her money!

>> No.10115890

Mini skirts are fine for her if the waist is not so low

>> No.10115895

You're not. I have a friend who doesn't wear lolita but still follows her for drama, we've had some good laughs together at her expense. I'm sure there will be more to come.

>> No.10115896

My ass, she blew inheritance

>> No.10115897

Now that’s really sad.

>> No.10115900

If I unfollowed every lolita that was involved in some drama at some point, I wouldn‘t have that many left to follow. Also, she said that she knows her behavior was shitty back then multiple times.

>> No.10115901

I’m sure your life is perfect and wonderful anon

>> No.10115902

I'm getting the Starlight of Serenity JSK in black/ purple. Someone got the headbow in the shop before I could, so hopefully I can find some black and purple accessories that are sweet style.

>> No.10116029

it is yeah. It's not serious at all. It's sad that you take it so seriously.

Her cat is fine.

>> No.10116035 [DELETED] 


Hi K8's friend. Don't you have some validation to seek in the draw thread?

>> No.10116072

They're not wrong though. Name an efamous lolita that isn't involved in some kind of drama.

>> No.10116118

It's sad that you suck up to her

>> No.10116124

If she was good with her money she would have a credit card... Just pay it off every month.

>> No.10116126

Why does the same person keep bringing this up out of nowhere every month?

You need to move on with your life before you get banned from Tekko too

>> No.10116128

Who are we talking about?

>> No.10116137

i personally follow her because shes really nice person and has fun coordinates

>> No.10116171

Uh what? Are you even a real lolita?

>> No.10116178

How is posting on cgl sucking up to someone? I don't think she's gonna see this. Maybe you do but I doubt it.

>> No.10116185

oh please not this shit again.
Just imagine, there are quite some people who legit don't care about past drama and just like to look at pretty pictures.

>> No.10116187

Honestly, I think because it's snowing a lot of the kiddies are not going to school so instead they are here to derail threads.

>> No.10116189 [DELETED] 
File: 106 KB, 900x900, 5820C3F5-83AE-467F-B392-72020D42D3FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10116367

of course i am. i like her coords because i like to wear sweet.

>> No.10116421

one of my older red x white meta pieces got fucked in the wash. the lace is now pretty much pink, and the white deco on the front looks all gross now. I don't know what to do and i feel horrible. please help me out.

>> No.10116438

try using a seam ripper and gently pull off all the lace, then lightly bleach/treat it and sew it back on?
if not you could always replace the lace

>> No.10116448

DON'T DO THIS. You won't be able to fix it after.

Do what you can with oxy clean, salt, vinegar, and cold water hand washing.

>> No.10116449

I have it in vinegar right now. Should i put salt in it, too? Thank you so much for your advice.

>> No.10116454

I feel like I'm posting this same advice in every lolita help thread: color catcher.

>> No.10116461

See where you are. Salt can lift stains, but it can also set them in, so I would wait to see whether other methods help before adding any.

>> No.10116464

I agree, dunno why it's always the same thing happening to people. How do people not know that red is infamous for running, especially cotton.

You're not going to be able to get the dye fully out, and bleaching it won't help. If anything bleach will make it worse.
For future references, make sure you really how how to wash your clothes.

>> No.10116488

i think you misread, the bleach was for the lace only, it was only suggested as a last resort:
remove all lace, clean dress separately and hope the print is able to be restored with colour catcher, bleach lace separately, sew lace back on

>> No.10116496

Problem is she hasn’t changed!

>> No.10116502 [DELETED] 


Even if the supposed 'petty drama' that spanned multiple comms is gone, she's still a shitty seller who doesn't tell you about damages and stains.

In a community which has a robust secondhand market, that is a pretty big deal.

>> No.10116511

As long as the damage is fresh and untainted and hasn't been heat treated it's pretty possible to re-run with a color catcher once or twice (using a different color catcher each time) and remove almost all the displaced dye. But since that anon has re-washed it with vinegar, I dunno if it'll have the same effect.

I've done dumb shit like this too even though I know better. I just melted some lace on a blouse collar because I forgot the "put a sheet inbetween lace and iron" trick. Sigh.

>> No.10116512

who tf cares, im looking at cute pics, not marrying them

>> No.10116519


You'll want to ask first what lace it is, since Meta is notorious for their raschel lace (and yes, that kind of plastic can still get stained with dye). A number of those are made by serging the ruffle lace together with the fabric. I have a serger and I'd still be hesitant to do it as the knife on the serger sometimes cuts the lace at an angle.

Advice could totally work for old school Baby though, those are uniformly cotton lace and doable.

Sorry to jump in. Hope OP can get the stain out if she does the colour catcher thing. Dylon also makes an "excess colour run dye remover" that you can also try.

>> No.10116564

Her coords are very cute but she nasty as fuck. I bought a dress from her on LM and it had nasty undisclosed stains and smelled bad. I was shocked because she had 100% positive feedback at the time. Then I did a double look and I say that at least 1/3 of her "positive" feedback shouldnt have been marked as positive at all! It was people politely complaining about bad communication or undisclosed damage. And yet they had left positive feedback. Scary

>> No.10116568 [DELETED] 
File: 556 KB, 600x403, mmm picture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently MmM was featured in a drama where some chick apparently wore this as a costume? Ita af, but this still is very caption worthy.

>> No.10116577

Raschel lace isn’t necessarily plastic, it can be made from cotton.

>> No.10116586

Have you ever seen normies change their shoes when you have lunch with them or is it a lolita thing? Only other time I've ever seen it was at a wedding that lasted over 10 hours.

>> No.10116591

Which drama?

I've never seen anyone do that, normie or otherwise, but I'm a lonelita

>> No.10116598

No. Before I lost weight I had pretty much her entire catalog on my WL, but now I would much rather put that money towards brand. Her prices are up there with aatp/baby, but the pieces never reflect the price imo.

Also the story you don’t know will never look good to me, it’s an ita magnet and has literally never been coorded well

>> No.10116611
File: 114 KB, 640x800, tumblr_pnmo4qd0vh1rwq6nso1_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are coords like pic related so unpopular? There are people in my comm who wear sweet, gothic and classic but we still look pretty much the same just in different colours. There are some brands I've never seen anyone wear though and we have a pretty big comm.

>> No.10116621

Nayrt but I have seen ladies changing into their heels after work at my office. Other times I have seen girls at nightclubs dig out a pair of foldable flats to change into when the party is over.

>> No.10116622

I wonder if it depends on your country/culture. I've never seen it. I can't imagine carrying shoes around.

>> No.10116623

When I worked at Burberry's all my colleagues would take off their heels for their breaks to change into flats. A few of them would intentionally "forget" to change back into heels when they came back and not change unless a manager said something lol.

>> No.10116624

They didn't reply to anyone

>> No.10116627

my feet hurt from flats, I find it much easier to walk on good heels or just normal shoes. Maybe something is wrong with my feet lol

>> No.10116628 [DELETED] 

>foldable flats
Might as well not wear any shoes

>> No.10116631
File: 290 KB, 1022x768, 20190228_032015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was going to post this on the online comm thread but couldnt find it. I'm really not trying to start a REEE fattie chan arguement but really? I'm over people saying this kind of thing about lolita: 130 cm is 51 inches - that's gigantic, is this really the norm for plus sizes even in America? I dont think you have to have a bust smaller than 92 to wear lolita but it definitely makes the clothes look so much better. I just dont get when people complain about brand sizes just wear something else!!

>> No.10116635

Americans have the most interesthing perception on what is plussize or not. Everytime I am inside on of those groups with Plus-size Americans they scream that you are not plussize if your bust is still below 120cm, that’s like 6XL and extremely obese were I live...
When I ask how they would qualify the people between 95-120cm, they say it’s normal and that those girls don’t have any issues finding Lolita clothing. Sure whale-chan, sure...

>> No.10116636

I’ve heard of women who take their heels off when they’re out clubbing and tired and/or falling down drunk, but I’ve never seen it myself. My lolita comm was the first place I saw girls change into and out of clothes (and wigs) in the middle of the day and I’ve always thought it was kind of awkward, especially when they do it in public instead of a bathroom or something.

Why can’t people get it through their heads that plus size in an Asian fashion like lolita has a different meaning than plus size in countries where a third of adults is obese? 99% of our clothes come from Japan, China and Korea where a >100cm bust is large or plus sized. Get used to it or get into Western alt fashion instead. Several of my local retro/vintage webshops consider a 72cm waist XS so maybe try there.

>> No.10116638


>> No.10116639

I feel like after 95 cm you are kind of considered plus size in lolita and there is nothing wrong with that - the sizing is just different. I dont know why it's a hard concept. After 95 cm you probably need shirring to fit into pieces but you are well within the measurements of most AP jsks with shirring, so things should also fit well.

>> No.10116645

I just wish gothic lolitas would get more into na+h and buy new from them. I love their brand so much, but I'm terrified it will meet the same fate like other smaller lolita brands.

>> No.10116648

I don't understand how they've been around for so long desu, who buys from them? Same with Atelier Pierrot, Boz and Miho Matsuda, never see it worn by anyone.

>> No.10116650

it's pretty normal in places where you have to do a lot of walking. it must just be wherever you are from that's weird.

>> No.10116654

And buttcape sometimes
But jokes aside, all of those except for Atelier Pierrot are still Goth brands on main, so I guess some japanese goths buy them but barely post, sadly.
It's a shame, those brands are way too underrated.

>> No.10116656

Nayrt but usually when people need to do a lot of walking they buy shoes they can actually walk in.

>> No.10116660

>95cm bust but I'm working on it
No one says that. This person sounds like they don't know what they're talking about.

>> No.10116664
File: 388 KB, 337x734, 120622375.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can appreciate their style, but they're always just a little bit off from what I would wear.

>> No.10116675

there are 2 lolitas in my comm known for it. one of them carries his shoes in a plastic bag.

nayrt but do you do a lot of walking during lunch?

>> No.10116676

Atelier Boz and Miho Matsuda are mainly lolita brands

>> No.10116679

I honestly think most westernern lolitas don't want to buy solids new from brands because they can't be re-sold for the same price the way you can do with prints.

>> No.10116680


Anon. That is why you ask first.

>> No.10116688

i really want to model for AP at tekko, what are their measurement requirements like? anyone here modeled for them before? I’ve never modeled before and I didn’t know if they were looking for a specific height range/waist/bust range etc

>> No.10116743

people love taking any opportunity to be holier than thou, and be snarky, some people are really boring and think being rude is the only personality they should have because they're a lolita.
If it's such a problem for you, then stop replying to it? Someone will say colour catcher eventually.

>> No.10116762
File: 389 KB, 960x454, 2015-am-jfashion-show-angelic-pretty-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The submission range will be pretty wide, but realistically, they lean towards models in the same range as their Japanese models, so 5'2"-5'5" with under 90cm bust, sometimes shorter or a bit taller (because of their usual dress length, it's one modeling gig where shorter girls have an advantage - they picked a girl from my comm who is under 5'!). You can google to see photos from their past con fashion shows to get a feel for their standards.

You should apply even if you're outside that range, though - getting picked for modelling always has an element of chance, since it depends on what mood the designer wants to convey and how you match that versus the other applicants, and also what pieces they're showing. Good luck!

>> No.10116765

Extremely common at business casual/formal office jobs in cities in the US that have reasonably good public transportation systems.

>> No.10116766

thanks for your response! what about waist measurements tho? i’m no ham planet but I’m not sure if they’re looking for extremely thin girls?

>> No.10116771

When basically everyone around you is fat to some degree, your default thinking for the average body ends up being pretty warped honestly.
I know, I was obease in the US but bc the average was generally my size or bigger I would constantly berate how I was accepting of my body and “fat positivity/acceptance” or whatever. Then I moved out of there, and suddenly I saw how big a fat cow I was lol and more importantly how unhealthy I was. I’ve lost weight since then and if it weren’t for my body type (ie I’ve got big shoulders and hips) I’d fit into brand just fine~
I understand there’s big people who just no matter their weight won’t fit into brand, but sometimes (a lot of the time) you just need to loose the weight

>> No.10116784

I'm not sure about waist measurements? They seem to prefer thin girls but they've certainly picked more average-sized girls too. Just don't lie about your measurements, if you promise a 66 cm waist in your application but show up on the day-of with a 70 cm waist, that creates a huge hassle for everyone.

Like I said, you should just apply - they can't pick you if you don't!

>> No.10116785

the mods should step in and revert those false positives to at least neutrals imo

>> No.10116786

In Tokyo I once saw two normie girls change shoes at I think Shinjuku station, they had one of those payed lockers where they placed their sneakers and changed into high stilettos. I was there with my parents who pointed it out to me, they had seen it before in other cities. My mother always brought extra shoes to weddings and parties and she taught me to always do the same if I'm wearing high heels. Never done it to meets though, I find my heeled oxfords to be comfortable

>> No.10116788

Why is she even using bust size for this argument? Plenty of people have normal/small (even by Japan standards) waists but large busts. No one calls a skinny person "plus sized" because they have a 90+ cm bust.

Is she too embarrassed to talk about her waist size or just completely ignorant of how cup size+band size works?

>> No.10116791

I love na+H. I also support them anon!

Obviously Japanese people buy from them. I see plenty of them posted on Twitter.

>> No.10116794

130+ is not plus sized wtf

>> No.10116809

As someone with a larger bust and small waist, I agree. I still fit into brand despite my bust, I just know how to work with it and not look like a cased sausage.

>> No.10116828

I once got a neutral feedback on LM for “mislabeling” an item as plus size friendly. It was a Baby JSK with shirring that I could confirm went to at least 110cm in the bust. I listed measurements and everything and then got a snarky comment in the feedback that I should learn what plus size means. Fuck people like this- they’re the ones who need to learn the different between plus size and morbidly obese.

>> No.10116831

I was one of the people who left a positive while complaining and wish I didn’t. At the time the LM mods were totally non-existent so I left a positive in fear of retaliation feedback. If it was now I’d have left a straight negative.

>> No.10116851

plus sized in lolita means something totally different than plus sized in the west. I wish fatties understood this.

>> No.10116880

I’ve noticed that a lot of fat girls blame all their fit issues on their bust, I guess because it makes them feel less fat somehow, as if losing weight wouldn’t make a difference so there’s no point in trying. People definitely can have a large busts while being average or small everywhere else but everyone in my comm who whines about their bust is large all over. They could get drastic breast reductions and still not fit anything.

>> No.10116882

110cm is plus size in the west too

>> No.10116883

tbf some people who would be busty no matter what have dramatically larger busts when chubby. it's all in your individual genetics. I have giant boobs while my little sister does not, and we're both overweight.

>> No.10116895

"My boobs won't fit" yeah and neither will the rest of you...

>> No.10116908

You can't even blame it on "it's asian sizing!!" because everything after 95 cm bust is labeled XL in EU sizing too, no matter if your other proportions are thinner. I feel like plus-size lolitas get more and more delusional as the time goes on.

>> No.10116914

The mods will not intervene on their own if no one disputes the feedback or asks for a change.
I am really sorry this happened to you, seeing how quick they responded to a retaliatory feedback I got last month. Was the experience with her that bad?

>> No.10116920

I always see people claiming they got gross items from her, but they don't leave feedback for whatever reason, and they don't report her. No one has any proof. They're just lying.

>> No.10116928

oh boy, the uglies are complaining about k8 again.

>> No.10116932

SHut the fuck up k8

>> No.10116933

Her selling was fine but the item arrived with damages (snags, very minor stains) and missing items shown in the photos. I still have the messages from the transaction if anyone thinks I’m lying, but that’s just how it was.

>> No.10116938

Do you ever get tired of having the same conversation over and over again? It's really pathetic.

>> No.10116946

your bust still may be large even after losing weight but desu the whole bust thing just sounds like an excuse to not put in the effort to lose weight; you lose fat all over your body when you lose weight so naturally, you're going to lose some in your breasts...

>> No.10116953
File: 480 KB, 480x640, IMG_20190228_213054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A/P is killing me

>> No.10116955

Never noticed the eyes in this print. Now I want to get both colourways to wear with my work suits but I'm on a no-buy challenge...

>> No.10116964
File: 336 KB, 667x945, Owls1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can check her account on lace market and see the feedback for yourself. It says positive but fucking read what people are actually writing. Here are some really nice highlights for you

>> No.10116966

Nayrt but I’m calling bs on that. Yes some people have big boobs cuz they’re fat but not everyone. I lost 55lbs (185 to 130 which is thin for 5’7”), went from about a size 14 to a size 6 and my bust only lost about an inch and a half. The actual breast stayed the same size, I just lost fat from around my ribs. Some people just have larger frames and so even if they lose weight they will always have larger measurements. I’m so sick of people assuming all lolitas with “larger” measurements are fatties. I worked hard to lose weight and I’m sick of being told I can’t fit into brand because I need to lose more weight. Some of us just aren’t tiny petite midgets with flat chests.

>> No.10116972

they should leave negative feedback instead of whining on here. Grow a pair and leave bad feedback, for goodness sake.

>> No.10116978

Sorry, wrong comment reply (the one about my bust)

>> No.10116991

yes, but for some people the fat leaves bust and hip at a much slower rate than waist/stomach area.
agree with you but
>lrn how to reply

>> No.10116994

Paragraph of excuses from a fatty. There are actual fatties who can fit brand, if you can’t, there’s something wrong with you. Sorry but it’s the truth.

>> No.10117024
File: 1.96 MB, 750x1334, B354624B-FEA6-4C00-890B-33CFA7C2CD13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10117066

oh my god what the fuck

>> No.10117087

Honestly I’d buy it to use it to make a pillow or something, but we all know this bitch is a scammer

>> No.10117119

fun fact: when you lose weight in general, you lose weight in your bust as well. It was a pretty dramatic reduction for me.

Source: me when i stopped eating during the day and just ate large-ass salads for dinner every day of one year and went from a size 10 to a size 2

>> No.10117143


Boz is definitely gothic. Their official lolita sub brand is Lapin Agill. Though I'm not sure how they decide which releases to throw under which brand, so there's that.

>> No.10117147


>> No.10117149

what brand is this neck corset?

>> No.10117151

Atelier Boz currently has one mermaid skirt in their webshop, but literally everything else is lolita or boystyle

>> No.10117177

Na+H, the corset and blouse too. All of them are still available in their shop I think.

Good taste! Lets hope they'll stay for a while.

Sorry, yeah I overlooked Boz. Though I disagree with Miho Matsuda, they always seemed more gothic to me.

>> No.10117289

Is this a guy? They're acting like they have tits but the body is suspiciously masculine

>> No.10117319

guy with a hickey. you should see the other listings she has. looks like she had a friend model her clothes which is gross af

>> No.10117338

Are real rocking horse shoes worth it?

>> No.10117363

New bread >>10117144

>> No.10117386

JP goths post on Twitter wearing NaH just fine.

>> No.10117388

I hate nu-lolitas.

>> No.10117390

Looks like Deka Wanko, which is about a lolita.

>> No.10117392

Agreed, people who have fit issues due to large bust/small band aren't nearly as loud as the fatties because usually they can still fit skirts and get custom blouses, or fit some JSKs if the shirring is reasonably generous

>> No.10117407

Deka Wanko has a completely different actress

>> No.10117415


Arr rook same.

>> No.10117421

I never said it was a problem - just surprised people don't know about color catchers by now, as I'm constantly posting about it (and have, for years now - since milky berry was released almost a decade ago lol)
I'm both posts so I don't understand why you're saying
>people love taking any opportunity to be holier than thou, and be snarky, some people are really boring and think being rude is the only personality they should have because they're a lolita.
sorry if my post(s) come off snarky, it's hard to implement tone on the internet, especially 4chan. Just trying to spread the holy word of color catchers.

>> No.10117426
File: 1.19 MB, 320x240, 1535173790842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why the general and not the ita thread?

>> No.10117461

I returned mine because the straps were completely the wrong length, it was very awkward. I have runner's calves and they were too long to go around one way and too short to go around the other. I would've had to cut them and redo the Velcro and it just seemed stupid. Wish they were done with a strap in the back like gladiators and with a much more adjustable design like an actual buckle

>> No.10117469

You suck at trolling

>> No.10117474

I have the Melissa x VW ones with ribbon straps you can tie in any way. I love them so much and they're comfy, I want to buy them in red and white as well if I can find them.

>> No.10117548

when. will. gulls. realize. that both fat gain and loss rate per body area is different for everyone because it is based on genetics?
I am of Caribbean descent and, even if I got to my most petite while still healthy I would never fit ETC or MM because I will need to be dying to have less than a 90cm bust.
at my smallest and largest I have sizable hips and tits, but zero ass.
>tl;dr you are being a straight up dolt every time you try to apply your individual experience with fat distribution to others, when all of that is dependent on your DNA

>> No.10117644

I change my shoes to drive to meets and afterwards because sandals are hella comfy compared to even my most comfortable formal shoes.

>> No.10117654

A lot of people in my comm do, because we live in a cold climate so we bring shoes to change out of our winter boots.

>> No.10117749

Nothing costumey about either of these things.

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