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"Old school fans on suicide watch" edition

Last thread on autosage: >>10089278

- block out names
- don't fixate forever on one person so we don't get fukken nuked (mods = gods)
- sfw, this is a blue board you sluts

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Did anyone get caps of Garbage-chan reeeeeing about roccoco/victorian influence on lolita fashion in RC before it was deleted? She went on rants about it on various platforms for the entire weekend but I missed the actual post that set her autism off.

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Pretty sure garbage-chan is unironically autistic. I like her coords but her personality gets pretty whack. People say Ophelia is nitpicky and gatekeepy with old school but she's worse imo.

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What's the deal with this secret? It's my first time going to Paradiso this year so I want to know if there's anyone else I need to avoid.

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Lol at Ophelia begging for commissions on Instagram.

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I did get one cap of her making a scene, her coords are cute but man her personality is absolute garbage

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She's cute and has nice coords and I do feel for her, being poor really sucks, but trying to guilt people into buying your (frankly not very good) art is just pic related.

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Lmfao why doesn't she just sell the brand? Or better yet, get a job?

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Garbage chan is a really horrible person. I thought people didn't like her because of her cof posts, turns out she is just human garbage

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her art skills are so BAD

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so she only wants money so she can go out? Not pay bills? I hope no one give her anything

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She went on a big rant on fb after this because she was so offended.

Also blocked people who said they didn’t like her edgy photos too and made fun of them on fb too.

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Doesn’t she know that a walk outside is free?

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she left all their names uncensored too on her public timeline

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The entitlement is...wow. There's something called a job that regular people get so they can afford to go out and socialise, also her art kinda sucks and I'm surprised that 1. People pay money for it and 2. She has the balls to charge for it (although I guess entitlement, so..). I'm sure she'll use "muh mental health" as an excuse for no job and lack of financial management skills next post.

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>lolita is inspired by vkei stage costumes
>vkei stage costumes are (partially) inspired by...?
There’s a vkei band called Versailles for fucks sake

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She's obviously paying her bills you absolute retards, and just because she can afford a 30-60 dollar dress from time to time doesn't mean that she's lying for "free money". Her commissions are cheap, and she's not forcing anyone to do anything, and she's actually making an effort to do something (I.E. SELL HER ART) to make back money. this isn't that weird but keep going off with your obvious vendettas

Do any of you even know how much old school costs? My entire wardrobe (17 in good condition BRAND dresses) cost me way less than 600 dollars and considering most old school dresses aren't popular and have poor resale value, selling her brand would be a poor investment. It would be different if she had coveted modern pieces that sell for hundreds. she'll get 30-50 bucks tops for her shit, and that's IF she sells it

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Guess that amazing witch house producer/influencer career isn't panning out. What is her art like?

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"I really need the money" doesn't sound like she's managing her bills that well

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lol i'm in a similar situation but i'm not out here begging and crying i'm actively applying for jobs. most embarrassing behavior indeed.
i'm glad other people think she was being crazy. my favorite comment on her rant was "i guess victorian maiden is named just for fun"

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Go home and get a job Ophelia

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Sometimes you can have your bills settled but be short a little on things to make you happy. she never said she couldn't afford her bills, she said she wanted extra money to go out and socialize with friends. That's no where near the same thing as begging for bill money

nice meme did ur mom pick it out

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Then she can invite friends over and hang out that way. Or go window shopping, buy and split appetizers at a restaurant, etc. There's no reason for her to be begging for money like her life depends on socializing.

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Not the greatest? And can't draw "masculine" figures.

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For £20 you can get a knock off saccstry, seems worth it

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Her line art is cute but full color looks garbage on bottom right, if you want more commissions work on your weak points, don't beg.

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It reads to me like she lives at home. Hence asking money for play time not bills. Normal people who pay rent aren’t going to beg for money to go out. She sounds like a teenager asking for an allowance.

She could make some money off of her clothes, sell to the other edgy old schoolers. That bear bag seems wanted by a few in the DD thread too.

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She's literally just selling her art and is obviously a little stressed. Why do you want to shit talk someone actually trying to make money by providing a service? Even if you don't like her art or her in general it's obvious to see she's not "begging" for money Go get a fucking life you loser

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i seriously want to know who this secret is about

>> No.10108243

/ic/ would have a field day with this.
Recources are endless and improvement is free.

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>Pretty sure garbage-chan is unironically autistic.
She's said it before. It doesn't excuse her behaviour but would explain a lot of it. I have to wonder what she's like irl.


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She's not begging in her original commission post but she is begging in >>10108150 and trying to guilt people

And you can't force people into buying your services it's like saying "PLEASE buy from my etsy I'm literally dirt poor and need money to go out"

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>Sometimes you can have your bills settled but be short a little on things to make you happy.
She literally wrote that people should "PLEASE" commission something from her, because she's "*literally* dirt fucking poor" and that it's affecting her mental health.
It's pretty much impossible to beg any more than that (besides downright threatening suicide), she's guilting her followers into giving her money.

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She's a shit person with a terrible attitude, money is the only problem she has a hope of fixing.

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The details in her lineart are cute but I feel like she has 0 grasp of anatomy. Even in cartoonish styles, having that base of knowledge is useful. It would improve her drawings. And her colouring is flat out awful.

>> No.10108252

>completely ignores anons original points
We all know the "to go out with friends" excuse is a font because she can't pay certain bills. There's nothing wrong with asking for commissions but the way she handles it is cringy.

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PLZ someone post it there

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I'm gonna go with she doesn't actually know any anatomy and has learnt to draw by copying other people's cartoon-style art

>> No.10108257

her lineart pieces are good, she needs to improve on her colouring.

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I love ophelia, I think she's a great lolita. that being said, defending her will get you nowhere. These people won't stop hating her because someone on /cgl/ is being rational.

>> No.10108261

So she did with art what she's also done with fashion. Not surprising

>> No.10108263

Put your money where your mouth is and throw some £ her way.>>10108257

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I think she's a great lolita but a pretty average person. Her online behaviour doesn't make me want to hang out with her at all, I just want to look at her outfits and wardrobe, not her mediocre art and her whining about money.

>> No.10108270

I mean if you don't have your own talent or style but you're a good mimic, then there's nothing really stopping you from doing so. That's how celebrity impersonators make a living, right? And at least she looks nice enough in her copied style.

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Just went to look up their insta. Why panties on this post?

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That's what she'll be selling if she can't get enough commissions.

>> No.10108276

I’m getting Gaiaonline avatar art flashbacks.

>> No.10108277

wait are they pinned to a wall??

>> No.10108278

I can understand that. I'm fine with criticizing her behaviour, but I think it's clear with how many reactions just saying her name gets, there's more to it for a lot of people.
Typically I don't care if someone does things that are vaguely rude. I wouldn't consider her begging a big deal, especially since she's giving people something in return. Seems like people keep their eyes peeled for popular/pretty lolitas to do anything slightly wrong so they can justify their unfair distain.

>> No.10108280

Is anyone going to spill about this

>> No.10108285

Judging by the last derailed thread, I think she ruffled a few feathers with the old school video and the very holier than thou attitude she has to the specific type of old school she wears. She looks like brand ads and specific GLB/Kera street snaps that translate well into what lolita has evolved into, but it's not what you would have seen from most "western" lolitas in the same era and she tends to ignore that any of that was even a thing and push her idea of old school as the only way it was.

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>"bc it's nobody's business really haha"
haha but your money is definitely my business please donate to me haha
>we all need drastic help at some point in our lives
yeah no not everyone goes on instagram begging for money when they can just get a job literally anywhere if they're not a pussy about it

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I've never seen this opinion held so strongly by so many gulls before. First with Tyler and now Ophelia.

>> No.10108291

at least tyler creates videos and is just doing what every other youtuber does, what the hell does ophelia do

>> No.10108296

>tfw broke af and and wish I had the courage to e-beg

>> No.10108299

or how about get a job and maintain your dignity?

>> No.10108302

She's doing what any other artist is doing and selling her art retard

>> No.10108305

she's begging for people to buy her art retard, that's not what every other artist does. other artists advertise their commission posts and DON'T make posts saying "PLEASE commission something from me I'm literally dirt fucking poor and it's affecting my mental health bc I can't afford to go out"

>> No.10108314

But anon Ophelia ~created~ oldschool and contributes SO MUCH to our community. Buying her elementary school tier art is the LEAST you can do!!
Honestly her fangirls are so embarassing and retarded, it almost makes me feel sorry for her.

>> No.10108316

I saw that and fukken lol'd at her "I am a generous and benevolent god so I'm blocking them" bullshit.
Autist, it was literally 3 people who only wanted clear pictures, calm DOWN.

And then she and her scruffy friends started shitting on people who take mirror shots, which I tend to do myself because I'm alone most of the time, so I just quietly blocked her too. Fuck her.

I don't find her art to be awful. It is what it is, and I don't begrudge anyone a cafe date with a friend now and then.

>> No.10108321

Lol no we don't? I only think people are asking for money for bills if they do just that. Quit licking her ass. She's wrong for asking people to buy her commissions. Just post that you are open to them and move on. She wouldn't have gotten posted had she done that.

>> No.10108322

I think that bag belongs to a friend of hers.

>> No.10108326

>And then she and her scruffy friends started shitting on people who take mirror shots,
This was so damn hypocritical. It really made me realise what a bunch of special snowflakes they are (sadly).

>> No.10108329

For fuck’s sake I really like both Ophelia’s and Garbage-chan’s coords, why do they have to be such brats? Social media was a mistake.

Any artist who tried to guilt people into paying for commissions by calling themselves “literally dirt fucking poor” and bringing up their mental health would be dragged. It’s a ridiculously unprofessional thing to do.

>> No.10108330

I'm not licking her ass? I do quite the opposite, calm down.

>> No.10108332

All these obnoxious / edgy old school girls make me embarrassed to be an old schooler.

>> No.10108334

It also reads to me like she probably lives with her parents and either needs bus fare to leave the house or else doesn't have friends who like to do free things.

If she can't get a job and doesn't go to school, maybe she should consider spending more time at libraries and free museums. Work on her drawing skills, Read about fashion history. Whatever she's into.

>> No.10108336

This is how I know you're larping. I wear oldschool and prices in the past 3 years went from $50-80 oldschool dresses with the rare damaged exception sitting at $35-50.

Over the course of the period I mentioned those same dresses in good condition now cost 16000-30000¥ on the Japanese market

Oldschool is now an expensive addiction, I got into it 5 years ago because it was so cheap compared to contemporary releases. But now I no longer buy them on the jp market, just browse and occasionally find relatively good deals on the Western market

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I unironically like ita dresses like that Bodyline one (pic related) and would actually wear them except they're often too cheap fabric/lace wise and I would feel uncomfortable wearing something obviously ita.
And I also secretly love the horrible lacy cat ear headband + black and white dress combo.
I don't know if it's because i'm nostalgic of old itas or because i'm a huge weeb who wanted to get into lolita to look like anime girls but I just think they're neat in a special endearing way.

23yo me still has a part of 13yo me longing to be a kawaii princessu neko meido potato i guess.
The worst part about it all is that I dress well (as in I get a reasonable amount of likes and compliments on COF and mainly get compliments on my outfits when they're posted on /cgl/)

>> No.10108347

I like her pictures and her outfits but god she's so easily upset. Old school chans tend to be so tryhard

>> No.10108348

I've bought perfect condition cornet/ap old school pieces for around 5,000 yen. Just learn to find deals.

>> No.10108350

I do think her opinions are kindof bad, when it comes to old school. In the end it's just her opinion, though.
I can understand not liking a persons attitude. It's normal, and it's okay to call them out. I just feel like people scout for this girl to fuck up so they can jump her.
How old is she?

>> No.10108359

there's a lot of borderline ita brand dresses, which are nice quality and lace monsters at the same time.
I know the feeling of wanting to wear the same clothes as you wanted to at 13. I loved the punk style Amu wore in shugo chara, even bought some super ita outfits at 13 to match her. I wouldn't wear punk now, but part of me kind of wants to.

anyways, this is a cute feel anon.

>> No.10108365

1. It takes time to get a new job.
2. Her clothes are really cheap second hand oldschool, in not so great condition so she wouldn't do any big profits

>> No.10108368

nayrt but i also own a lot of brand that i bought for 15-30 dollars. You have to look in the right places. My most expensive dress was 200 dollars and i only own 3 dresses that cost more than 100. having a lot of cheap dresses wouldn't be that hard to achieve

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Confession: some people in my comm look up to me, and see me as a source of inspiration but I feel completely lost. I don't know where my style is going, I don't know what looks good on me, I don't know why I wear lolita. I still feel cute wearing it but I don't get that rush of 'omigod YES another dress' that I used to. I'm confessing it here because I just don't know how to tell anyone nearby me. Normie friends don't get it and it would ruin the image the girls in my comm have of me. I don't want to give it up but I don't know why I'm doing it.

I suppose my confession is that I'm a jaded old bitch

>> No.10108373


Have you considered taking a break from lolita?

>> No.10108374


>> No.10108377

Getting a job takes time and gettin your first salary to. Don't you work yourself to know this dumbass

>> No.10108383

Same, anon. Don't feel like you have to front, I've admitted my insecurities to my friends and they were really supportive. I hope you rediscover your love for your clothes again soon.

>> No.10108384

I lowkey want rhinestones to become a thing in Lolita
Obviously not in an ita way, just like little crystals along the hem or studding the lace details on a dress

>> No.10108385

she's been "poor" for well over a year, finding a shitty part time job isn't that difficult

>> No.10108397

Her rants are still up on her fb if anyone's curious, yikes she's a human dumpster fire. I've noticed that a lot of old school girls have the same weird attitude, it's this strange vibe of superiority/2edgy4me and it's so grating.

>> No.10108398

I have a Baby dress from 2006 with rhinestones on it and every time I wash it I’m paranoid about them falling off.

>> No.10108400

Big huge agree give me that tacky shit

>> No.10108402

Fuck no I hate rhinestones. They’re every mid-tier Western brand’s idea of “fancy” too, I can’t tell you how many otherwise loliable blouses I’ve found that were ruined by rhinestones

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honey lives under a roof, she can work under a mcdonald's roof

>> No.10108410

same, i’m not a fan of the old school style but these girls all seem to have horrible personalities that are putting me of from even trying to appreciate their style

>> No.10108416

I feel like this was a thing a long time ago. Girls would sew little rhinestone pieces onto their border print dresses to give them an extra something.

>> No.10108418

No judgement here, I have the fluffy cat ears with ribbons and bells.

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File: 285 KB, 1125x1268, 710C1523-2DEB-4A57-979E-554D305BBD42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have another screenshot

>> No.10108425

Fucking same. I’m friends with one of those edgylitas and it’s absolutely grating. Like cool, you like old street snaps, I do too but can you stop acting like that is the ~only true way~ of wearing old school.

Are there any old schoolers that I can follow that aren’t such edgy e-fame hungry whores? Or are they all just uppity cringelords?

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File: 258 KB, 1182x738, judylynn_suit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am ready for lolita clothes with rhinestones up the wazoo. Why should country music singers have all the fun?

>> No.10108430

It's because they share an echo chamber.

>> No.10108432

it bums me out that old school has become a cringe party. i've mentioned in some other threads that i started wearing lolita in late 04 (oldfag) and nobody used to act like that. like sure we HAD edgelords but it wasnt such a prevalent trait.
im sorry this is what old school has become.

>> No.10108435

Newbie old schoolers who got into the fashion less than five years ago really need to shut the hell up, because this is embarrassing. Those of us who were actually around back then never acted like this. Just because you copycat a few oldschool street snaps doesn't make you an expert, this is embarrassing. No one was dissing oldschool, but do go "REE ITS ALL FROM VISUAL KEI ONLY NO HISTORICAL INFLUENCE" is idiotic.

>> No.10108436 [DELETED] 

It's true though that rococo often involved having one's bosom exposed, nips and all. Has someone been attempting to argue that lolita is supposed to be historically accurate? >tfw not sure if sad or not that I miss out on so many weird fights by staying off facebook

>> No.10108437

Talking real big for someone who joined in '15.

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File: 116 KB, 400x585, 2611275890_c24cd94dc5_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See: Lil' Kim in bedazzled Fruits Parlor, c. 2008. It's been a thing already...

>> No.10108440

why don't you unfriend that person and do them and yourself the favor

>> No.10108441

Just wait another 3-4 years. They will eventually grow out of it or find something else to feel superior over.

>> No.10108442

Lately I've been seeing loads of posts (in other threads as well) talking about how all old school fags are elitist bitches - but I never come across any who behave worse than other lolitas...?

>> No.10108443

Someone in one of the Midwestern comms (maybe Chicago?) has deco'd some various prints, I know she did a few people's DDC and added rhinestones tastefully throughout the print
>I don't remember who would do these/which people have the deco dresses I'm talking about but I know they exist I saw em in person

>> No.10108445

I don't think anyone legitimately looks down on anyone for wear sweet/classic/goth lolita but I see lots of old school lolitas shitting on modern lolitas

>> No.10108446

its a very vocal yet very very small handful of girls who got into oldschool within the last 4 years and now say they're an expert on it. this would ruffle the petticoats of any seasoned lolita who has been into the fashion for awhile, especially ones who were around during the old school era. theres nothing wrong with liking old school and wearing it, but if you''re still essentially a newbie don't talk out your ass because you'll just embarrass yourself.

>> No.10108453

Is this Cordelia?

>> No.10108454

Like >>10108446 said, it really is a damn vocal minority who loves to shit on modern styles and all those evil conlitas who dare to prefer clear coord pictures. Please don't lump us all together.

>> No.10108457

I've seen more new school lolitas shit on old school lolitas. Not going to lie i noticed a higher percentage of posts (from again, the same 4 people, and not all old school lolitas) regarding the edgy-old school look after a lot of comments here regarding how lolita shouldn't come off as edgy. It also feels like you guys can't even tell the difference between people, because we all know it's not all old schoolers,

>> No.10108459

It's MB.

>> No.10108462

Holy fucking shit, you mean MB as in the ita queen of the Midwest? The autistic one?

>> No.10108467

That's Lil Mama, not Lil Kim lmao

>> No.10108469

Ok but what did they do? Who did they sexually harass? if they are that bad it'd be nice if the community could know to avoid them properly. Especially if they're Paradiso staff.

>> No.10108472

>4 people

>> No.10108475

All my personal dealings with this person have been very pleasant and I'm disappointed to know they might be shitty. Deets would be much appreciated.

>> No.10108478

Honestly it’s overpriced and kind of ugly. I’ve gotten cuter art and better design for way less from a more talented artist.

>> No.10108482

The art sucks for the price who are we kidding?

>> No.10108485

Nah, aside from them being into edgy old school circlejerking I actually think they are a genuinely nice person. I hope they grow out of it but I doubt it.

>> No.10108486

maybe you should tell your friends to charge more because they're underselling themselves. this is a common pricing chart for her skill level

>> No.10108490

I wouldn't worry about it really, there's a group who have some weird vendetta against her and her comm. They never give any details because it's just them trying to spread rumors.

>> No.10108491

What did she do though?

>> No.10108493

Why call her an efame hungry whore then? If you were my "friend" i wouldn't want you around unless you were actually trying to discuss with me how you feel about behaviors i do that seem problematic.

>> No.10108518

^this. quit being fake.

>> No.10108523

I think she's being a bit extreme with this opinion, but I do agree that lolita isn't really modest. It tends to be quite flamboyant.

>> No.10108527

not that anon but on >>10108148 's deleted public rant with the uncensored names, somebody gave her polite constructive criticism on why people don't want artsy photos in COF and she essentially called them a piece of shit and told them to fuck off. if anon's friend is anything like that confronting them won't help

>> No.10108530

That's true, but when people say it's modest they mean it in terms of how much bare skin is showing.

>> No.10108533

I agree with that. I personally don't think it's modest but it's pointless to argue language sometimes.
where is this conversation going on?

>> No.10108535

Anon they said their friend seems nice, so why would they feel uncomfortable bringing it up other than to stir drama

>> No.10108541

Doesn't seen common enough to actually sell.

>> No.10108544

the conversation went on in a rufflechat post about lolita being cultural appropriation. the OP stated that it can't be since the fashion draws inspiration from european historical fashion. then garbage-chann jumped in to prove everyone wrong and insist that lolita has had no basis in historical fashion until recent releases from taobao brands.

>> No.10108545

Try to encourage them there are buyers for all sorts of art and you're letting them undersell themselves. I'd feel ashamed if i were you

>> No.10108558

not that anon but are you fucking retarded?
if their friend doesn't have a large following then raising their prices won't help, it'll only hurt them for the amount that they're making
it also depends on how much time it take them to draw. some talented artists can charge $30 for a beautiful drawing but it only takes them an hour or so because they're a GOOD ARTIST
if your art is bad and you're not popular and you raise your prices to $100, nobody will buy that shit

>> No.10108563

Maybe she has some illness or is diagnosed? Makes it even more difficult to find a job or do education. We dont know. One thing for sure is she needs support. And asking for support in anyway is a good beginning. Rather that than the opposite.

>> No.10108573

So as long as you're professional about it, you can ask people for money instead of just making it yourself?

Pretty sure Tyler could sell a few dresses to get her show on the road already just like Ophelia could do the same and not be dirt poor any longer.

>> No.10108581

>mainly get compliments on my outfits when they're posted on /cgl/
That's really convenient for what you're saying.

>> No.10108631

If being a NEET is an illness sure.

>> No.10108639

>Don't try to get better! You're just underselling yourself!
>No one buys your commissions? Must be them, not you. They're just to plebbian to appreciate your art!!
Never gonna make it

>> No.10108641

You apparently lack the ability to understand a joke

>> No.10108646

Since when do jokes include long rants and circlejerking?

>> No.10108647

Garbage-chan may be annoying but she's mostly correct

>> No.10108648

this is retarded, I literally buy dresses for 30-50 bucks quite regularly.

>> No.10108652

She hasn’t joking. Sorry to burst your bubble but garbage chan is trash inside and out.

Nah, it’s clear that there are multiple things that led to Lolita and one of them is vkei styling but they got it from something too. There are quite a few proto Lolita stuff that clearly were European influence even if it wasn’t exactly rococo. The whole doll look is also from Victorian dolls like the sausage curls that are iconic to the idea of old school hair styling. She also misses the whole idea of counter culture and that’s why she doesn’t get what modest implies here. Girl a dumb bitch.

>> No.10108654

She was literally typing like the spongebob meme, I think that counts as a joke

>> No.10108659

No not M Bee

>> No.10108662

>she looks nice enough in her copied style
That's a very subjective statement. Personally I disagree

>> No.10108663

lmao you're getting your people mixed up really bad. wrong country sweetie.

>> No.10108664 [DELETED] 
File: 1.17 MB, 1242x1842, BD3E2599-1AB9-4052-8FBD-4BC0506B435F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No she was mocking the op. That’s the point of that meme, and she wasn’t joking in a way that was funny. If she was joking she wouldn’t need to follow up be whining to her fb after to continue ranting.

>> No.10108668

I don't care that it's ita, I will always love this

>> No.10108670

So much for the singling out rule

>> No.10108674

Sorry that acting a fool gets you talked about. The name is obscured, no rules were broken in the making of this thread.

>> No.10108675

Cgl is really on their period today
>how dare someone do commissions for art!
>how dare someone rant on their personal facebook account
>horrible people!

Take the stick out of your asses, you're no better than these girls, you just do the same thing anonymously.

>> No.10108676

I'm sorry, why are you offended, exactly?

>> No.10108678

>defending retards

>> No.10108681

ranting on your facebook is fine. ranting on your facebook after making an ass of yourself on rufflechat is something else entirely. its behavior that's as old as the internet, and its stupid.

>> No.10108682
File: 132 KB, 695x970, Fruits Issue 29_Page_08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

correct how? were do you think classic and sweet brands got their influence? do you think lolita was just 100% gothic lolita mana rip offs until novala pulled rococo and victorian influences out of his ass? hell no.

>> No.10108690

Yea but what dresses did you get for that much

>> No.10108691


>> No.10108695

>being this retarded

>> No.10108697

Ranting on rufflechat then running to cgl to complain is just as stupid imo

>> No.10108699

nayrt but I've gotten some really good solid pieces, and some rarer, less coveted pieces. Who cares if it's not popular if we like it and it's cheap then that's how we get larger wardrobes for less money. Old school is cheap.

>> No.10108701

Imo it's actually more chicken shit of you to do. imagine running to an anonymous message board to squawk about what someone said about a piece of

>> No.10108710

And running to cgl to complain about someone else complaining is just as stupid, how many inception layers do you want to add to this? if you don't want people to talk shit, then don't act like an asshole.

>> No.10108712

It’s really

>a girl is begging for money because of ~mental health~ issues
>a girl is burning bridges by acting a fool on fb

The fact that they are friends and both wear old school makes it funnier, they are the representative of their look somehow. If you are surprised, this would be posted on getoffegl back in the lj days, it’s nothing new to talk about the stupid Lolita’s.

>> No.10108721

Then go back if you don't like it.

Don't even pretend you care about this board or its rules, you're just out of excuses.

Man yikes, this is disappointing.

>> No.10108722

Why would someone who didn't get into the fashion until 2015 talk shit about someone getting into lolita in 2010? the lack of self awareness is astounding

>> No.10108725

It's projection.

>> No.10108731
File: 45 KB, 220x254, feelingthat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

big mood anon
my first dress was so shitty but maybe it was the magic of being a young ita I want to recapture by wearing oldschool lace monsters

>> No.10108732

True, man. these new old schoolers are really unaware of how little they actually know. I say that as someone constantly learning about the fashion. You can't argue the roots of the fashion because most of us westerners just don't know.

>> No.10108739

that's why its silly, fashion is organic, we can't pin point on specific moment where lolita sprung into existence, it evolved slowly over time and will continue to evolve. the approach some of these newbie old schoolers have to that style make it seem more like a costume than a real style. there are very few things you can say are 100% not old school, because inevitably there will be a street snap to prove your statement wrong.

>> No.10108764

Ex comm girls have a vendetta. Nothing more.

>> No.10108802
File: 196 KB, 750x896, IMG_2949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got another cap of her sperging out on her fb before she removed it I think, honestly what a hag. Old school is cute but every popular old school lolita I've seen have just been angsty tryhards.

>> No.10108810

Nice bastardization of Momoko. Also love how she left out the year for that part.

>> No.10108835

I love the idea that kamikaze girls isn’t old school

>> No.10108852

We get it, anon. You can samefag all day and night. Nobody cares about you pissy little Midwesterner communities and your role playing.

>> No.10108853

Garbage chan purposefully set her rants to public so that everyone could see them

She knew what she was doing

>> No.10108891

>Fruits parlor print pasties and low rise bell-bottoms

>> No.10108898

Haha, where do they think v-kei and VW got their ideas from? The Original Idea Fountain™?

>> No.10108983

It’s really funny considering that both of them are in the same old school discord server where mental illness is romanticised and old school elitism is encouraged.

Maybe they should get out of their little echo chamber more often.

>> No.10109012

What they did instead: soft-deleted everyone with spine enough to tell them they're being idiots, block people on social media, make massive rambling rants about their strawman dissenters, then cry to their hugbox about how they don't understand why people are stalking them and targeting them unfairly on cgl

>> No.10109051

This is probably a really stupid question, but... how? Even when I check Yahoo auctions or closet child, I don't see super cheap brand.

>> No.10109071

Check fril/mercari

Ofc cc won’t be super cheap, since they add commission on top to make profit

>> No.10109073

i mean she also definitely lurks here too so shes clearly just doing that for fodder

>> No.10109080
File: 274 KB, 879x213, uplo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reposting cause this was after the autosage of the other thread

i am always mindboggled by the fact that people can remember what their dresses are called

i can remember what many of my prints are called because they're thematically named but with nonprint items/basic items it's anyone's guess and it doesn't matter how much i paid for them

>> No.10109084

I don't mind, she behaves like an actual lolcow at this point and it's entertaining.


>> No.10109190

What? No, I’m saying that trying to emotionally manipulate people into commissioning you is unprofessional. Accepting commissions by itself isn’t. People like >>10108675 are trying to argue that we’re criticising her for doing commissions when we’re really criticising her for the whining and guilt tripping.

Is this that Canadian humour I’ve been hearing so much about?

>> No.10109284

I mean they're autistic so what did you expect? At this point it's like making fun of disabled children who are throwing tantrums.

>> No.10109286 [DELETED] 


>> No.10109338

Being autistic is no excuse for being a shitty person or having an ego like that.

>> No.10109409

I keep a spreadsheet with the names of my dresses and other info I can refer back to if needed.

>> No.10109411

A lot of stuff isn't there anymore. One dress in particular I searched as

Without even trying and failing by not knowing the name. And I still couldn't find it. And sometimes you know the exact name and it still isn't there

>> No.10109413

that seems like a good idea for reference and in case of emergencies like that person in the horror stories thread who lost their house and wardrobe in the cali fires

>> No.10109442

Did you type that in the search bar? Then it doesn't work. You have to choose the brand, garment type (OP) and tag (stripes) in the option fields on the left.

>> No.10109587

i have a facebook album with what i own categorized, with names and lolibrary links in description
stuff that's harder to ID i just do my best guess

>> No.10109718

No, I typed nothing in the search bar and selected the bare minimum of options as I mentioned in the post. Lolibrary has gone to shit after the migration and it's been so long

>> No.10109759

Submit a bug report then.

>> No.10109764

I used the detachable pearls from a pair of shoes as bracelets.
My wrists are tiny enough that they worked.
IDT anyone noticed at all.

>> No.10110051

I miss when we used to usually have a selfpost thread for actually worn coords

>> No.10110072

I will never be a thing- because if you look at the current worn thread, someone did self post and fatties descended upon her to tell her she has an ED.
(Because binge eating disorder isnt also an ED)

>> No.10110076

and anyone who gets ana gets told they need to lose weight. point is, self posting sucks for everybody because of the idiots on here with body issues

>> No.10110080

Could you post a picture of the said dress?

>> No.10110083

Not really a secret per se, but I genuinely feel sorry for “normies” who don’t have fun hobbies like cosplay/jfashion/lolita. Anytime my friends and I get made fun of in public for wearing lolita I don’t even take it personally at this point anymore, I just feel sorry that regular people lead such boring lives. Work and go home and have kids, then go do boring shit on the weekends.... so depressing

>> No.10110087

Ntayrt, but whew did you guys miss the point

>> No.10110088

I feel this so hard, anon.

>> No.10110092

Normies can have fun and fullfilling hobbies too and not all of them have the goals you described. Sounds stupid and close-minded to me. What we consider fun could be "boring shit" to normies too.

>> No.10110093

Then please enlighten us.

>> No.10110094

This is such a childish tactic to me. You don't need to arm chair psychoanalyze or come up with "Oh they're just sad people/jealous" to make yourself feel better when people are cunts about what you're wearing.
Some people are just cunts. That's all there is to it.

>> No.10110096

That isn’t armchair psychoanalyzing- you’re right, people are cunts, but there’s a reason they’re cunts. It’s because they aren’t happy with their lives

>> No.10110102

Fun hobbies like... art, playing music, writing, theatre, ballroom dancing, sports, scuba diving, hiking, travel, flying, reading books, cooking? I hope you have more hobbies beyond cosplay/jfash/lolita because it is fun to dress up but this is pretty weak if it is the entire basis for your personality.

>> No.10110109

>I miss

think you might have misread that

>> No.10110110

>idiots on here with body issues
read: each and every fucking one of us.

>> No.10110112

No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying people who don’t have hobbies are usually the ones who are the loudest when heckling lolitas. Obviously not all normies don’t have fun hobbies. I’m saying that the loudest assholes are the ones who don’t have fun hobbies, because they’re bored as fuck.

>> No.10110153

Most normies just have hobbies that don’t include looking as ridiculous as we do. This comment was really stupid and I’m guessing you probably don’t have friends outside of your comm and other weebs let alone even give people a chance if they aren’t involved in your same interests. You sound as close minded and boring as the normies who laugh at you.

>> No.10110383

there's actually been research on this anon, a lot of bullies are just bullies, and in fact many bullies have high (albeit often inflated) self esteem and high satisfaction with their lives. many bullies also have a solid friend group. being mean can sometimes be traced back to low self esteem etc. but not always, and in fact, not usually.

that actually kind of sucks because it means that there's not always a "root cause" to treat in order to make a bully's behavior stop, it's a piece of their personality that they have to want to commit to improve on

>> No.10110388

If I could change one thing about our communitie's history, I would prevent tumblr from ever getting interested in j-fashion. I wish they would've all stayed hipsters.

>It’s because they aren’t happy with their lives
Nah not always. Some people are just cunts because they can and because they don't care about their "victims" or don't like them. Especially sociopaths.

>> No.10110547

y'all need to stop with "(brand) appreciation thread"s. Not enough is going on in any brand (whether it be AP, Baby, MMM, etc) that each requires their own thread. Just post new release shit or questions in the general. The general barely gets traffic as is.

>> No.10110624

>maybe heckling lolitas is their hobby?
I'm willing to bet actual money that you haven't actually talked much to the people doing the heckling and therefore have no idea what their actual hobbies (or lack thereof) are.

>> No.10110637
File: 18 KB, 380x380, h_V07A_X_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i side eye a lot of my comm's ticketed meets. we used to only do ticketed meets for like teahouses to make reservations, or if we needed to reserve a venue, or if the host was bringing a lot of things on their own dime (food, clothing racks, etc). i also understand the need for ticketed meets if a comm is very large, or wants to provide a barrier for entry for sissies, underage folks, etc.

but lately it seems like we've seen a spike in ticketed meets and our comm doesn't have the latter issues, and many of the "ticketed meets" are "teehee let's meet at the park for photos and then wander around downtown to find a restaurant or a museum, tickets are $15" like wtf are people even paying for

>> No.10110683

Ntayrt but I agree with them to an extent. I posted about this sort of thing in the past and of course got trolled to death by gulls who obviously were taking it personally - a lot of parents were on that day - but getting married and having kids is as fucking boring and normie as it gets. Sorry but MOST people do that which is what makes it normie.

But I think some bullies are just bullies. Just like some people are just really fucking crazy. They're just a fact of life.

>> No.10110689

Agreed to an extent; it's why some normies say shit like
>No one will want to marry you if you dress like this
>You'd be so much hotter if you dressed differently
As if aspiring to have a husband/be attractive to anyone but ourselves is something we care about like they do. inb4 "unpopular opinion" but if I cared about being attractive to men I wouldn't wear frilly dresses and giant bows in my hair.

>> No.10110704

No because I just ordered it through an SS and can't find the picture of it anywhere. I believe it's one of the IW antique doll dresses since I think I remember seeing a photo of all the dresses in the series but it's not Martiel, Raphael, or Hamriel. There is an adjustable bustled tier, plain upper body and sleeves, and the print is stripe

>> No.10110709

Most of my friends are normies and they do not have hobbies, unless you count watching television. They say they "don't have time" to do anything fun, but really it's because they want to sit on the sofa with their husband/wife every evening because they're "tired from work", and in the weekend they "don't have time for hobbies" because they have to do grocery shopping and chores that they didn't do all week. Some of them go to the gym, but only because they don't want to get too fat, not for fun.

>> No.10110711

I’m OP of this original comment and this is what I’m talking about. I used to have normie friends, but we grew apart ever since I got into lolita and found lolita friends. All the do on the weekends is what >>10110709 said, either laze around watching TV or if they’re feeling wild and adventurous they’ll go out and drink at a bar. Hence why I don’t hang out with them anymore since I don’t really like to do either of those things. I guess perhaps it kind of depends on what type of environment you live in, I live in a boring flyover state so that’s what most normies I know or do around here.

>> No.10110712

*i know do around here holy fuck sleep deprivation is a hell of a drug

>> No.10110714

My confession is that I feel butthurt whenever someone on cgl calls someone else autistic, because I actually have autism and I've had so much trouble with people not understanding what it is in the past. I feel like people are going backwards instead of forward when it comes to understanding disorders. I keep my autism a secret from my comm for this reason.

>> No.10110761

I wasn't one of these people and was deleted and blocked on their IG..... Wtf. I guess it's a good thing I didn't get involved with them.

>> No.10110766

You have a photo that the seller posted of what you bought, right? Just post that.

>> No.10110770

It is, they're like tumblr snowflakes on steroids.

>> No.10110792

Its absolutely trashy.
I just had a friend have a fundraiser for 1k in medical bills. I'm just thinking is your credit so bad you can't put it on a credit card and pay it off like an adult? She's popular though and sleep around a lot, so she can be a leech AND IT WOORKS. Waiting for her to be a cam girl soon.

>> No.10110799

Why are you friends with this person if her behavior bothers you so much? Serious question.

>> No.10110804

It's not normal to have to use your credit card for stuff like that.... sorry to be the one to tell you this but you are poor and your friend is poor too.

>> No.10110817

nyart but whats the font this is super cute

>> No.10110829

some of us do not trust credit cards. some of us did not get taught the ways of financial responsibilities enough to trust ourselves with one. I can see your point of view, but also understand where your friend is coming from with the fundraiser too. Sometimes you've got just enough set aside for multiple smaller emergencies but not one big one.

>> No.10110830

I'm just venting here.
Im hoping she changes. She use to be down to earth and fun. Learns to be more independent and not have such a damsel in distress aura about her all the time and stops living outside her means. I dont think she will because everyone around her just feeds into the poor you/you go girl. Then she goes and buys another cosplay outfit.

I don't have to do it. I have savings.
I know lots of people who don't seem to have savings accounts, but I'd at least expect them to have an emergency credit card and pay it off slowly.

>> No.10110832

Nearly all of my coworkers are like this. All their time not spent working or sleeping is spent watching whatever’s currently popular on Netflix, scrolling through Facebook and drinking beer. I never told them about lolita but I did mention that I sew and visit the theatre pretty often, and that was enough to make me “that person with the weird hobbies”. They love to talk shit about all the weird people on tv (including Marie Kondo, such a weirdo amirite) so I learned pretty quickly to keep my other hobbies to myself.

They don’t even have children; the one woman with kids at least visits parks and museums on a regular basis and can socialise outside of work without always wanting to get drunk.

Possibly the most depressing part of this is that they think OTHER people are sad and pathetic for wanting to have “abnormal” hobbies. Someone brought up cosplay once (must’ve been on tv) and most of them agreed that only sad people with no lives would be into something like that. Sigh.

>> No.10110835
File: 15 KB, 533x291, 56F4EBB5-C082-4F73-A720-5EBDAAFBCB68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you’re normie passing because after work you’ll surf lacemarket while watching Netflix

is being pretentious on cgl more of a hobby than normie Netflix?

>> No.10110840

>always wanting to get drunk.
I actually wish there were lolita meets with alcohol because I'm too shy to socialise otherwise. I'm much funnier when I'm drunk .

>> No.10110844

being poor has nothing to do with it, there are ways you can get around paying medical bills without a credit card or mumsy and pep-pep's trust fund.
for instance, if the person in question is truly low-income, most doctors and hospitals have a program where they cover all or most of the bill. typically they ask you for this information before you go into triage. i have a doubt that the person is actually poor if she doesnt even know the systems in place to help her, and i'm inclined to say that "medical bills" is a cop-out to beg for money instead of do something for herself.
as a poor person, please dont blame somebody's retardation on their financial status. one does not equate with the other. i'm poor as shit and still manage my money well enough to be able to buy the occasional brand and not amass a stupid amount of medical debt.

>> No.10110847

Hello kindred spirit.

>> No.10110848

There’s nothing wrong with watching Netflix but when it’s literally the only thing someone ever does in their free time, I don’t think they get to look down on other people for their hobbies.

>> No.10110861

I honestly don’t get why normies shit on anyone when they literally don’t do anything themselves aside from working and sleeping. I’m glad my normie friends don’t give me any shit for wearing lolita or other weeb shit. They are more weirded out by the fact that I am a huge true crime buff and love watching shows about airplane crashes, which is warranted desu.

>> No.10110863

That still means you're both poor. She is actually smarter than you because she managed to pay her medical bills without having to borrow money from anyone or anything.

>> No.10110867

>please dont blame somebody's retardation on their financial status. one does not equate with the other
Funny and sad thing: in my country most people in debt are so because they have mental illness. If you have a physical disability, there are tons of things that help you. But if you have a mental disorder that makes it hard for you to organise your life and pay bills on time, you're fucked.

>> No.10110868

i always wanted to host a fancy dinner party meet with cocktails but my comm is too far

>> No.10110869

>normie passing

>> No.10110870

So sick of people tagging shit as old school just because it's black and white.

>> No.10110873

according to cgl watching Netflix is the height of normiedom because all the lolitas here are having teaparties every weekend somehow.

i love the fashion but you make us all look like jackasses when you get on a high horse like that

>> No.10110874

I went to a meet once wearing a new solid black JSk with a chiffon striped blouse and someone told me ''it's nice to see another old-school lolita!''

>> No.10110885

Jesus you’re triggered.

>> No.10110897

Did that touch a nerve for you anon

>> No.10110901


>> No.10110906

it's brand appreciation, not "super current non-stop singular-brand updates thread!1!"
completely missing the point. you can see a brand's growth over time, hits/misses, and see the signature construction features that make you love the brand.
in this age of one-offs from completely forgettable and lazy "indie" shops I greatly appreciate (for lack of a better word) these threads.

>> No.10110907

are you retarded? she's not smarter than anyone by begging for money she wouldnt need had she actually used her last 2 brain cells. using the medical program isn't borrowing money from anyone. its literally the same as if insurance had covered it.
apparently your money didnt buy you a very good education you absolute walnut.

>> No.10110909

jesus, that sounds awful, are there not programs in your country to help the mentally ill with their finances?
as sad as it is, there arent a lot of programs like that here in the states either although we do have a few.

>> No.10110921

1k is a lot for medical bills, and hospitals usually aren't lenient with shit like payment plans. If you get really sick or have major surgeries lined up you better have a way to pay for it ASAP or that shit is going to collections before you can blink and your credit will be in the shitter.

if folks want to help out out of the good of their hearts who cares? it's not trashy. Why do people throw baby showers for their loved ones or coworkers? you give to the folks around you when they are in need and hopefully you'll have a community there for you when you find yourself in a rough spot.

>> No.10110923

You don't know how much money she actually has and how she spends it. She just got 1k for free.

>> No.10110933

la creatura behavior

>> No.10110935


>> No.10110937

a lot of those programs have strict income limits and if you're a dollar over, you're fucked. It doesn't help that most of those programs aren't pro-offered right off the bat and knowledge of their existence is lacking, especially in my state in the US. I have never once been asked during triage what my income level was - it's usually after I'm in an ER room that someone from registration asks about my employment. When I was severely low-income years back, before "Obamacare," not once did they mention a payment program to me or any method of financial help to ease the burden of an ER bill. Low-income people don't always have access to the information that they can get assistance.

>> No.10110940

Where are you from? 1k is not a lot where im from and also, in some states unpaid medical bills don't affect your credit.

>> No.10110942

Such programs are hard for those people for the same reason paying bills on time is hard. You have to register yourself and you have to contact them yourself (if you can do that on your own you can probably pay bills on your own too). Then you have to do a test to proof that you're mentally ill for the 100th time. And when you're finally doing the program, 99% of it is just ''try harder to do this thing''.

>> No.10110949

All of this still isn't a reason to start begging on a fundraiser over literally any other option. What the actual fuck

>> No.10110950

Do people do that?

>> No.10110958

Yes... check any old school lolita tag and you'll see tons of black and white shit that is in no way old school. Even a lot of sales list something as old school just because it's black with white lace. It's annoying af.

>> No.10110973

This is absolute bullshit. Can tell you, as someone who’s sick with frequent hospital visits as well as a mom and sister who are hospital nurses and I’ve worked in a hospital in billing, they will absolutely work with patients on a payment plan. I actually have two I just finished paying off that were around $2000 combined. It’s so difficult for hospitals to actually get payment from patients if the insurance isn’t paying it or they don’t have it at all, that’s why they often end up just selling off the debt to collections.

>> No.10110977

Forgot to add about medical debt

>> No.10110987

Yup this. My husband has a lot of medical debt because he had some bad medical luck when he was briefly uninsured in college. It's been two years and we're still working on paying it off (almost done!) but it hasn't gone to collections or anything like that. If you have a high medical bill that you can't pay without a credit card or something it's best to call the hospital, tell them what's going on and see what they can work out with you.

>> No.10110990
File: 96 KB, 672x504, welp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's a sweet lolita who has a lolita bf and I am so freaking jealous. he is so cute I can't stand it.
I can't remember her online name, which I think is for the best, because I'd just be creeping on her photos of her bf anyway which admittedly is pretty disrespectful.

There's this masculine aspect to me that really wants to pamper an attractive lolita bf. ugghh, one day I hope.

>> No.10111013
File: 98 KB, 800x1000, FB_IMG_1550786646774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JFC she looks like a slug

>> No.10111015

slugs are cute you asshole

>> No.10111026

Lmao is that Gemgem? What happened to her face?

>> No.10111031
File: 88 KB, 640x665, 1550786736591-1-640x665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is this expression trying to convey, /cgl/?

>> No.10111033

Trying to hold in a wet fart that you don't trust.
TFW she'd probably sell a dress she shat for a high price

>> No.10111034

"I'm going to eat your fucking DD. I'll swallow it whole."

>> No.10111036

The girl next to her, while not ugly, looks like she's wearing her dress backwards, and is giving me "Miss XV" flashbacks.

>> No.10111038

"I have eaten an entire banquet and I'm about to wreck a bathhouse"?

>> No.10111041

She bought a DD of mine to scalp (probably). Mana knows she can't fit it

>> No.10111043

Have you ever heard of furries

>> No.10111044

It happened to all of us at some point, anon. We're here for you

>> No.10111047

Thanks, I appreciate the support.

>> No.10111048

Dude there is some creampuff girl who keeps buying shit she can't fit in as well. fuck you hoarders.

>> No.10111050

the girl next to her isn't ugly, but she doesn't look like she's an actual lolita, and is fairly ita, too.

>> No.10111053

She looks like she used to bully people in highschool and is now training to become a nurse.

>> No.10111056

This looks like a disabled lolita tried to dress up her cute carer to take her to the event.

>> No.10111061

Is this gemgem? I hate how she buys dresses and skirts with aprons and bows and shit to strip them and sell the skirt/dress without the aprons/parts.

>> No.10111065

I noticed she is trying to sell a Novala collab skirt without the apron kek

>> No.10111069

>tfw you price your sales by multiplying what you paid by how many chins you have

>> No.10111070


That is extremely specific yet you’re not wrong. I can imagine her instagram drag makeup face in scrubs, the cake slowly becoming more and more apparent during a shift.

>> No.10111081

It's shit photos, you can't see the whole dress in either pic. I feel like I'm going to regret this

>> No.10111088

Does she keep the aprons for herself?

>> No.10111091

Some things don't have tags, some don't have the right tags and/or are in the wrong category

>> No.10111098

I think so desu. She bought the Novala skirt she has dor sale now a week or so before she put the listing up, but somehow the apron is not included. This isn't the only time she has bought something then resold just the base item either.

>> No.10111125

She’s a lard ass with 80 dresses none of which fit her. She doesn’t go to meets. And she resells her shit at steep mark ups because it’s “rare”.

>> No.10111132

What the fuck. I can't even handle having 30 dresses, and I'm about to sell some for dirt cheap just to get rid of them.

>> No.10111138

Fucking savage, I love it.

My confession is that I've been wearing lolita semi regularly since 2012, but have never worn an Alice bow/katyusha cause I can't get them to sit nicely on my head.
I feel like it's such an iconic accessory, I just can't work em out.

>> No.10111141

I think that anon might mean Devilscreampuff. She literally shoves herself into old items and recently bought something I highly doubt she'll even fit into.

>> No.10111144

I've noticed her in a metamorphose hospitality doll apron before too. it looked so fucking bad on her

>> No.10111146

is there some event page you can politely ask the meet organizer what will be included with the price of the ticket? I'd do it where others can see the question because I'll bet you're not the only person in your community wondering about it.

>> No.10111148

She has sniped me and yet this is the most frustrating thing she's done to me. We need to bring her down.

>> No.10111151

Same, I would love to have a frilly cocktail party. But then the under 21s in our community will bitch and we have to be 'inclusive'.

>> No.10111153

This kind of thing is why I hate fatties. a lot of them seem to have these huge closets they don't wear most of because it doesn't fit. Even though they're always been fat and just get fatter over time they hoard crap they can't wear because they delusionally believe the next fad shit diet they try will magically make them skinny

It's just all a lot of dumb behaviors. Gemgem looks like a grub, and I'm fucking mad.

>> No.10111297

Haha not to make this a long chain, but same here (third?). And honestly all the stupid people getting called autistic is insulting because most autistic people I know work hard to not come off that way. It's not a badge to wave around, it's just an extra layer of difficulty in functioning normally. Not an excuse to act like a selfish whiner.

To make some kind of relevant confession, I guess... I've been buying lolita but not wearing it yet because I'm either just on the edge of fitting my pieces or they are a size smaller on purpose as inspiration to keep at the weight loss. I almost gave up on myself but I'm trying again. I really don't want to give up on this fashion but I'm not confident enough to wear it the way I look right now. On the bright side though, I was able to fit into one of the blouses I bought recently, so maybe I'm getting somewhere.

>> No.10111317
File: 2.43 MB, 480x270, dojapostin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I hate fatties because some of them have more dresses than me, and some even use the dresses as weight loss inspo!11
>this really affects me and I'm so full of totally rational hatred!111

>> No.10111339

The ones using them as weight loss inspo actually lose weight, dumbass. We’re clearly talking about the asshole hoarders who just get fatter with ever dress they buy while already owning 40 dresses that don’t fit them and collect them like porcelain dolls. Go be a fat angry retard at McDonald’s where you belong.

>> No.10111340

fatty detected

>> No.10111350

I hate dragging the argument here but why bother arguing about whether it’s cultural appropriation when it’s not something of broader cultural significance nor something sacred? It’s like calling eating sushi or learning Japanese cultural appropriation. Besides, I don’t know of any Japanese women pre-war who ran around in bloomers and petticoats.

>> No.10111353

Unfortunately there are those assholes out there who do in fact think it’s cultural appropriation to eat food from or learn the language of snothef culture.

It’s no doubt that cultural appropriation is a thing but the people who always bitch about it really don’t ever seem to know what it even is on top of either speaking on behalf of an entire race that they aren’t from or being that race and assuming they speak on behalf of their entire population. Japanese people born and living in Japan typically seem to not give a fuck about foreigners enjoying their culture and it’s similar in most places I’ve been to. Locals often love it because it’s tourism that helps their economy.

>> No.10111355

She doesn’t really look very heavy besides having an unfortunately large bust. Too bad she doesn’t seem to own a lint roller...

>> No.10111371

"brand appreciation" lucky to make it to 50 posts and then the discussion/posts die.
>you can see the brand's growth over time
most of the posts are just filling out a generic "do you like this brand and why" survey. who cares? Just show appreciation in the regular lolita general?
AP was the only good one, the other brand threads are just a waste of board space.

>> No.10111375

>waste of board space

what threads aren’t being made due to space? if you want better threads/discussion then do it yourself. it’s not like this is a fast board.

>> No.10111416

who is we? you're the only one this assblasted about your deficient wardrobe.
also, McD's is gross and I haven't had it in 12 years. I'd rather eat my homecooking in my cute apartment, carefully steaming and doting over my goodsized closet. be more clever about saving and maybe you'll be able to get some dresses. you're the asshole here, btw

>> No.10111417

it's more like, why spread such little discussion/activity over multiple threads instead of just having it in one?

>> No.10111429

>everyone who disagrees with me is the same person!!
There are several anons thinking hoarding dresses you don't fit into is retarded. And no, I'm not the anon you replied to.

>> No.10111432

I'm starting to think people like that have some body dysmorphia that makes them unable to see and feel the brand bending under their fatfolds. Same for josinemaaike, who isn't really fat but still can't buy clothes she fits into.

>> No.10111433

Sprry for samefag but
>recently bought something I highly doubt she'll even fit into
You mean the cornet OP? Yes, there's no chance unless she becomes a size S/XS.

>> No.10111447

I believe that too, and also some people are just ignorant when it comes to sizing cause they are used to the wests vanity sizing and lots of stretch.
Some people wear things nearly bursting at the seams, that isn't a good look for anyone imo.
Delusional, thinking that a 90cm flat bust measurement of an unshirred OP or JSK is going to fit their 90cm bust, it just doesn't work that way!
They don't realise how much breathing room, fitting ease, in some cases shoulder width, etc. they actually need.

Josine-Maaike is a pretty good example, she isn't fat imo but her shape (larger than average bust?) isn't always suited for some of the items she bought, like that recent coord of her with the old school yellow tartan Baby jacket (good coord though, shame that the jacket was so small).

>> No.10111451

Do you know how she's fitting into that holy lantern skirt?? Was it actually a bigger skirt?

>> No.10111467

Why are you so buttmad? no1curr about your life details

>> No.10111470

>be more clever about saving and maybe you'll be able to get some dresses
Lolita brands only produce a small amount. I can afford to buy everything from my wishlist, but none of it is actually available to buy. Meanwhile there's a girl in my comm who owns my dream dress and I know she does not fit it. It's not even her style, she literally only keeps it because it's hard to find.

>> No.10111472

At least she wears it and makes good coords with it. Can't say the same about Tallulah.

>> No.10111476

I'd rather not see Tallulah squeeze herself into some of the JM and tiny old school dresses she owns. Not that hoarding them just for the sake of owning them is any better.

>> No.10111478

If I had a bunch of dresses I can only look at and never wear, I'd be buttmad too.

>> No.10111560


>literally me, wardrobe of 50+ dresses, with many rare MM and JM pieces most of which I haven't been able to fit into for almost 2 years.

Stay mad, poor fag.

>> No.10111588

If you know they're rare, you know money is not the reason other people don't own them. I'm not even mad, I feel sorry for you for not being able to fit your clothes.

>> No.10111625

Obviously that money didn’t buy your fat ass enough happiness to stay fit enough for your dresses, ham galaxy.

>> No.10111631

I’m not that asshurt about it, tubs. I have over 70 main pieces and they all fit me because I’m wealthy and don’t have to lift a finger for brand. It’s just sad to see someone so desperate to be part of something that they’d sink so much money into it without being able to even wear it. You can roll around in your stinky apartment with your dresses you can’t wear all you want but I’ll be leaving my house actually wearing mine and enjoying it at it’s full potential.

>> No.10112317

>It’s just sad to see
that's a personal problem my dude. get over it.

none of you can even see the bright side here. these rare dresses are being preserved in these different closets, mostly in the west, being taken care of by folks with a collector's mindset.
one day, they will sell these pieces, and that's a fact. I can look forward to hopefully buying some of my favorite mains from relatively nearby sources, and they'll be in good condition.

Everything in my plus-size-friendly wardrobe fits me because I like to wear the fashion as well as collect but I had to call you saltines out for hating on people who have a different yet completely harmless way of interacting with the fashion. fucking chill.

>t. tubs

>> No.10112628

That's an insult to No Face, anon

>> No.10112630

They'll probably die of a heart attack before they sell them. But maybe we can find their hoard at goodwill.

>> No.10112643

They’d probably have it buried with them too.

>> No.10112859

I dont like cardigan in lolita, not the chunky one with knit pattern but the thin flappy one , it s even worst when it hug the arm and shoulders in an ugly way

>> No.10113020

>these rare dresses are being preserved
Tallulah doesn't exactly treat her old Moitie gently

>> No.10113022

Do you mean boleros?

>> No.10113043 [DELETED] 

You're incredibly naive. Think about why they rather hoard dresses for years than use that money to buy a personal trainer, good diet, gym membership or a good therapist to fit into those dresses they claim to love so much.

>> No.10113046

>>10112317 #
You're incredibly naive. Think about why they rather hoard dresses for years than use that money to buy a personal trainer, good diet, gym membership or a good therapist to fit into those dresses they claim to love so much and then even gloat on here about something this pathetic and sad.

>> No.10113465
File: 234 KB, 750x1132, 6E3D3D04-395A-4C0D-82F8-C9AC3051989A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

confession: I like gloomth’s clothes even if everyone else thinks they’re ita (I have a weakness for medical and religious themes)

>> No.10115552

I find that people who take exception to or get bent out of shape about hobbies don't have any themselves, beyond watching reality TV with their dinner.

I asked a friend's older sister what she does for fun once, after a long talk about why I enjoy collecting hobbies and lolita. She gave me some serious stinkeye and said she didn't know what I meant by that, that's the kind of thing you ask a kid. So I elaborated and asked if she likes crafts, or goes out on weekends with friends, or what, and she said that "clubbing is for kids, I'm too old for that, and crafts are what you do in art class".

It seems like, for at least some normies, hobbies and "fun" stuff is reserved for kids and weiros, and enjoying either is immature or somehow perverse.

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