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Frostbite is over, and summer Desucon is confirmed for 14.-16.6. The tickets will be sold starting from 25.3. which seems really early.
How was Frostbite for everyone? What other conventions are you thinking of going to this year?

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nobody cares

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It's okay anon I care.

I think Frostbite was really good! I just didn't see that much interesting cosplay this year, which is too bad. Honestly expected to see more Bang Dream and Zombie Land Saga so I was kinda surprised when there was only a few.

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what's the key to getting into desucon AA?? i was waitlisted for desucon winter even tho i have high quality and unique merch and i want to know what i have to do to get into desucon summer.

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Is it anime art and different style from other artists? I've gotten in every time and I'm only selling prints so maybe merch is not the key point.

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For some reason Love Live is still more popular with cosplayers than Bandori and I don't really get it...

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I was exited when I saw that the maid cafe for Desucon is flower themed, but when I read the "story" and that the maids are "flowers that have turned humans" I was really put off... I thought we would finally have a maid cafe without backstory and characters. Will we ever have a normal cafe at Desucon? Just give it a minor theme like flowers or winter or something simple like that and use it in decoration and accessories.

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Nobody recognized my Bandori costume. LL is still the idol franchise among cosplayers, closely followed by Idolmaster.

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Desucon prioritizes anime themed art because it's an anime convention, are you selling something else? If you're focused on small lifestyle items (pouches, pen cases, jewelry, t-shirts etc.) instead of art it might not be what they want, you would probably be better off getting a crafts dealer table (Käsityöläispöytä or something). Artist Alley is mostly for prints and small art-themed items like character key chains and acrylic stands.

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Have you tried mentioning this in their feedback forms? I'm totally with you though, I really dislike that the maids are roleplaying some OC donut steel, since that's not what classic maid cafes are about. They should change it into a cosplay cafe if they want to roleplay but keep it accurate to what it's supposed to be, but I guess it doesn't have the same kind of mainstream appeal that maids do.

What you personally consider "high quality" may not be how others see it, and "unique" is not always what they're looking for either. Most successful artists pander to the masses, which means they will have a lot of similar fandoms and items because that's what sells. Obviously they'll want to have some variation, but it should still be anime themed and preferably not super niche.
That, and it's normal not to get into Desucon AA every time. They have a very small amount of tables, and even the sellers who usually get in might get waitlisted occasionally just to keep the selection fresh. If this is your first time applying, it's not weird to not get in. If you're really confident in your merch selling but still can't get into AA, consider buying a table from the Dealer Hall instead?

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I don't know if the cafe has separate feedback form, but I know me and several friends have mentioned it in general feedback few times. There's has also been lots of talk about it on social media etc. Some girls I've talked with have said that they prefer to work at rp cafes because "otherwise it'll be boring" and I just couldn't disagree with them more. I really hope we'll get a proper maid cafe soon.

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Did anyone visit the escape room in Frosti? My friends did and oh boy, the whole thing sounded like a tranwreck.

I really dislike the heavily themed cafes and ”roleplay” maids too, it’s borderline cringy. This year’s theme was way too much, I mean, space-alien-idols? Why not just aliens? I haven’t mentioned the maid-cafe criticism in the con’s feedback form since I haven’t visited the maid cafe in years and it would feel pointless; but maybe I should, since ”the theme of the cafe was way too convoluted and the aspect of playing characters seems pointless, so it turned me away from visiting” could actually be constructive criticism.
Still waiting for god-tier ankle-long maid dresses with classic Victorian-era theme.

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If I remember correctly they might have a separate section for feedback on the maid cafe in the main form, but I think it's only to those who went there during the weekend. That said, I think this could easily be mentioned on the general comment section at the end of the feedback form, or even on their maid cafe related blog posts.

I'd love to see some more traditional maid dresses! There are so many simple yet beatiful dress designs to use that I genuinely don't understand why they must always go for weird colors and design choises. The blue dresses this time were just unfortunate.

I'd definitely visit the maid cafe every time if it was more traditional in every sense. My best experience so far (not at Desucon's maid cafe..) has been with a person who wasn't trying to pull of a role, but was just polite and cheerful. Way more fun to actually stay and chat after eating when the maid isn't trying to pander with some weird "I'm a space alien idol let's do some moe moe kyuun food magic teehee".

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But "moe moe kyuun food magic" is exactly what you get in most japanese maid cafes too, though.

I don't think there will ever be ankle lengt dresses just because there's no cheap ones available.

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I wish I had the energy to go to any other cons besides Tracon, heck I only bother to go to that one because it's within 2km of my apartment

what's the best convention around, anyway? I care mostly about video games, Game of Thrones and a couple of different animes, and I like both j-fash and cosplay, if that affects it

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>Did anyone visit the escape room in Frosti? My friends did and oh boy, the whole thing sounded like a tranwreck.
It was definitely way too confusing, starting from the puzzle you had to solve to even get to play. Obviously I wasn't expecting pro-level quality, but there seemed to be lot of unnecessary "usable" items to make it more difficult than it should have been.

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How was the cosplay competition?

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Based on your interests, I would highly recommend Popcult for you (Helsinki, May). Every Popcult I've visited has been excellent. They have a pretty wide range of interests in their program and solid organizing.

I don't think there is one single best con in Finland. Just go to whichever has interesting program for you. Go to https://conit.fi/ or Concon's event calendar to see what's coming up.

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My friends visited and they said the puzzles were fine, but the whole thing was just reather badly managed. They had to re-do their run because of the organizers’ own mistakes, which also continued on their second run. Some volunteers working at con also seemed kind of frustrated with the whole escape room since they weren’t properly informed, which led to the con volunteers and the escape room organizers telling people contradictary things.

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Yes I also experienced the obvious miscommunication issue between info and escape room organizers. I would like to know how you were supposed to escape the room because it seemed impossible at that point. They did say there was some technical issues before and I'm not sure what it was.

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Why was there an escape room in the first place? If it was at least very anime inspired or taken directly from a certain show I'd understand, but just a random escape room? I don't get it.
In the first place I feel like the people organizing Desucon let their other interests bleed into the convention too much (like what on earth is up with avajaiset and päättäjäiset?). If you want to host an escape room you can do it on your own time at a more appropriate place, why does it have to be included in an anime convention of all places just because some of the organizers are into both? I could see escape rooms working at some other conventions with suitable themes, but anime and escape rooms have nothing to do with each other.

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I do think a well organized escape room is nice idea as activity, though it could have been more anime or game themed. There's plenty of detective or puzzle anime and games to take inspiration from, characters such as Kogoro Akechi, The Fiend with Twenty Faces or many phantom thieves. I'd like to see another one in Desucon but preferably with someone else doing it.

I found the opening and closing ceremonies a bit lame, though it could have been because past few years they've been pretty great. I just think the opening ceremony should tell more about the event and not just be a random act that isn't that big part of the entire con. Dai Sato isn't exactly a writer of puzzle themed series either so don't know what was the motive there.

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The escape room wasn't hosted by the con organizers, it was a 3rd party team who offered their programme to the con by themselves. Much like desudeitti or any other activity.

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Ah I see, sorry about the confusion then.

I agree, previously they've at least incorporated information about the con in their little skit, but this time aside from Sato showing up briefly there was none of that. I also feel like it's a little bit awkward to just call the GoH on stage in the middle of a weird skit that has nothing to do with the guest or the convention.
I don't mind having a little fun with the opening and closing ceremonies, but I think this time they went a little overboard because it reminded me of a school play more than an a proper opening ceremony for a convention.

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Meh. Basic costume contest with pretty clear top 3. ECG qualifiers were pretty dull, the reps chosen had good skits at least. The overall level was on the lower end, but nothing cringey enough to mention. I got most of my second hand embarrassment from the hosting.

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Is it true Nova is selling cosplay nudes or is it a meme ylilauta made up?

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Don't bring drama like this of specific people on /cgl/ unless you want yet another Finland thread deleted. If such rumors came from Ylilauta then you can go back there to speculate them.

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Has anyone been to Nekocon in Kuopio?? how is it?? I'm thinking of applying for a table in the artist alley but not sure if it's worth it.

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I used to go when Nekocon (and Kuopio’s non-profit Animecon) was still a thing. There are a lot of young con-goers, average age is probably 16-17. There is a fair amount of people usually, and it’s mostly kids and teenagers with daddy’s money. So expect same kind of crowd as in recent Animecons. You’ll probably sell fine if you have merch/art from series that are popular with kids like BNHA.

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what are finnish convention goers willing to pay for acrylic charms?? i price my stuff according to US prciing standards in my online shop because majority of my customers are in the US, but i have no idea if finns will pay that much for charms

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It depends on the person? I don't think there's an established average for AA pricing, at least not as clearly as in the US, especially for products like charms and stuff because it's such a new thing over here. From what I've seen, regular charms tend to be priced somewhere between 5e-10e, while charms that are big, double-sided, or have something extra are somewhere around 10e-15e. I personally don't remember seeing anyone asking over 15e for a charm so far (but I don't pay close attention to tables that I'm not interested in so there's confirmation bias here).
However it really depends on what type of charms you're doing, and if your art is good/interesting enough to be popular. I don't think anyone will have a problem paying for art they really like. Usually people that don't buy something because "it's too expensive" would say the same even if you dropped your price a few euros.

Out of curiosity, how do you currently price your charms?

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I sell mine at 10 euros a piece on my online store, but I fear ppl wont buy the charms at that price especially since it's a newish thing here and people aren't as used to the idea of collecting charms and that paying ~10 dollars for an acrylic keychain is the norm. I am decently confident in my art and my charms are 5 to 6.5cm and double-sided but I still dunno man

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If your art is good and the series/theme is relatively popular then I don't think you'll have trouble selling them for 10e. It's not that expensive, so I think your best bet would be just to give it a shot at a con and see if they sell or not: it's really hard to tell beforehand. Even cheap charms won't sell if people just don't like them, so you'll probably just have to test the waters and see how it goes.

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She is, not that ylilauta is that reliable source usually.

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i'd pay up to 12 euros for a charm if i really liked it, i'm sure now as pretty much everyone has an itabag they would sell pretty well?

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Apparently Eeli is trying to get to the parliament

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I definitely wouldn't spend over 10€ on a charm. Maybe japanese fan merch market has made me stingy, most of the stuff I've bought has been 200-500 yen.

Shouldn't itabags be made with official merch though?

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Well that's how democracy works, anyone can try. Personally I'm glad that these people are making themselves busy in politics because they actually can't get much done there yet it's enough to keep them from shitting the con scene.

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The difference here is that Japanese fan merch usually is priced around as much as it cost the seller to make, whereas here in Finland it's more common for people to copy what they see in the US artist alleys, which are much more competetive and profit oriented in comparison to the Japanese fan merch/doujin culture.

Also yes, itabags should traditionally be made with official merch, but the average con goer doesn't really care or just bother to think that far. They probably just want a cool bag like everyone else does. A blessing for artist alleys, not so much for any respectable itabag community.

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Kuopion Musiikkikeskus is pretty awful place for cons even after renovation, but I think otherwise it will be OK since SCT OY is gone.

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What happened to SCT anyway? I haven't heard from them after last years Animecon.

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Not so surprisingly, bankrupted.

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”Respectable itabag community” is an oxymoron.

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Who is Eeli or what did he do?

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The person surrounded by "Hesegate". Also one of the people who tried to get Kyuu out of Tracon organization team. Seen often always whining on Twitter when people aren't woke enough in con or cosplay scene.

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Last Nekocon was pretty comfy and packed so sure go ahead. Kuopio is also a nice place to check out. I basically live there

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>Also one of the people who tried to get Kyuu out of Tracon organization team

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That drama isn't that old, so I'm asking you to lurk moar for now.

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what's wrong with it? ive never been

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whats the most money anyone here has ever made at a finnish convention AA

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My friend goes regularly and usually makes around 700-1000 €. I’m sure a lot of people make even more.

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If you're thinking of doing AA here with the intent of getting rich: don't. It's not going to work out, not enough cons or attendees to make bank especially if you're a) not crazy popular among the community already or b) make a big variety of merch with proper mass appeal.

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nah, not hoping to get rich, i'm already doing cons, just wondering how my take compares to others and if there's room for improvement at all. my best con was around 1500 euros so far, did 900 at another.

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What's up with Yukicon maids not having any dresses in their profiles? Didn't arrive on time or something?

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So how is Yukicon? Apart from screaming teens and littering.

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The usual. I could tolerate kiddies better if the program was any better. I got a free ticket and it's nice to meet friends but I wouldn't pay for this. Also talked to some of the organizers, it seems a bit of a mess on that side too.

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