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Sailor mood edition

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Cornet is such a stupid name for a brand

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Yes but it looked so nice.

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i have a really irregular job and now my bf might lose his job. i'm really worried about making ends meet. seeing people talking about houses and saving for retirement isn't helping the anxiety. i feel like we'll never have the money for anything more than our shitty falling apart apartment.

to keep this cgl related
>tfw you see your dream dress in the right colorway on lm but you should save your money instead.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>tfw it's been a month and your precious burando hasn't even made it into customs from Chile yet.

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Could you give me an example of that?

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Sell your brand. I consider mine a sort of savings account, like women used to have with jewels (but I also have a real savings account, don’t worry)

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>selling brand
Those words...

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i'm not that strapped for cash is just the anxiety talking. but thanks! someone even big my dd up way high so i can't be mad at myself for missing it since someone else is determined

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I want an ouji outfit, but none of the stuff I can find that I like and would fit me actually match :/

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My husband recently told me I can buy brand whenever I want as long as our checking account stays within 5K by the end of the month. I don’t work so I’ve always felt bad about spending money I didn’t earn myself but this conversation made me feel trusted and gave me back my inspiration for the fashion. I was starting to lose passion for it.

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Somethin' tells me the pic was taken in Montreal's Old Port, but this is a super wild guess

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I like the solid color ones.

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I love ugly Lolitas. Not itas but well dressed lolitas that just happen to have unfortunate faces. It suits them.

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There's a particular feeling I have that is like - I want to make my own stuff for myself, but maybe I just do it for attention whoring actually? I don't really post much stuff to IG except as an 'aftermath', no stories or anything. I guess I just like being validated as existing, and the costumes help for a few days.

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how kind of him! Glad you have someone who makes you happy.

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You have a keeper!! So happy for you, Anon!

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Well, lolita is a fashion for ugly girls in Japan.

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I can't stand noob lolitas or noobs that are just trying to get into it. I swear they get dumber and more needy every year. As lolita gets easier to buy they get lazier to actually do the minimum work.

At the same time I know all these noobs are important to the growth and life of the fashion and I'd probably be sad if people didn't care to get into it anymore and it died. Also I've seen some clueless noons become well dressed and knowledgeable lolitas. So I end up trying to help them while wondering how someone could try to do so little work for something they claim to love.

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lolita costs a lot of money. I imagine its more to do with lack of funds than lack of knowledge.

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Completely disagree. I've been a budget lolita for many years and so have a number of my friends. You won't have a wardrobe in an instant or that many coords but it's not that bad. I've snagged AP for $50 on LM, found great deals on CC and WW. Back in the day I did buy bodyline and I won't suggest it but now there's Taobao. Maybe a person won't have the coord instantly or even in a month but if you truly love it surely you can handle taking the slow and steady path of accumulating pieces. All these noobs are way too impatient. They need everything cheap, they need it now and they need the way to get it to be spoon-fed to them. Sometimes even if you do all that for them they will still find an excuse to buy a Walmart purse and normie trainers.

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I'm new to the fashion and I know I'd be perfect for sweet lolita- I've got a round baby face and I'm super tiny and short. The only problem is that I like classic and gothic, which I feel looks better on tall and elegant girls :(

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just do it, you can pull it off

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Wear what makes you happy, it’s all alternative fashion in the end and if you feel out of place in something you can always change your mind. Also a lot of the girls you see in gothic/classic that look super tall are probably shorter than you think. It’s about the way you style and carry yourself that helps you pull off a fashion. I’m short as fuck but gothic lolita is my perfect style that I couldn’t possibly feel more myself in.

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>tfw your current date sees lolita as a sexual thing
Maybe it's time to move forward

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mfw just found out my con crush is a trap

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That's nice but why don't you work?
Why do so many lolitas not work? It's really weird.

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I miss having a group and friends to cosplay with. I want to be social again

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My partner of almost a decade has enough money in his bank account to buy a house outright, and he still expects me to work so I can buy my own brand. I'm going to be honest - I'm pretty jealous your husband has agreed to let you spend. Granted, my partner spoils me rotten and doesn't care how much money I make in comparison to him, but sometimes I wish he included brand too.

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I'm tall and more handsome looking, and I fucking love sweet. Wear what you want, we all look like freaks to normies anyway.

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Thank you both! He really is a great person. I’ve had a pretty unfortunate life so it’s nice to be able to not worry about spending for once.

I understand how that feels, anon, and I’m sorry. When I was working it was similar for me and there are often times I miss the independence of having my own money to spend when and on whatever I wanted. But that’s so great of him to be a saver and smart with money! I bet once you two make big life steps together and have joint savings and checking he’ll let you buy brand out of it.

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I... have actually heard this from people living in Japan. Is there truth to it?

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Thanks for being understanding, anon.
Even though I'm jealous, I'm happy for you! I've had a bit of a rocky life as well, so I know how it feels to get a breath of fresh air. I hope you find some lovely things to buy!

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>tfw browsing another board and some guy mentions his fetish is wearing lolita in public
I want to stab a bitch.

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I absolutely hate how cosplay is constantly being bombarded with stupid political discourse. I saw some untalented thot's tweet making rounds about how cosplay is "classist" because "not everyone can afford 3D printers and other expensive items". Who the fuck cares? You can make a great armor cosplay out of foam and make it dirt cheap, you just have to actually get good with your craftsmanship instead of whining for patreon donations and pity all the time. It seems like every fame-hungry low tier cosplayer is trying to become famous by "calling out injustice" whether it's racism, homophobia, misogyny or any other bullshit, instead of actually improving and making good costumes. And of course they always attach their paypal/patreon to the reply chain after it breaks 100 RTs. Fuck these people and fuck them for poisoning the whole hobby with their lazy, entitled asses.

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It depends on how you style it, you could probably pull off a creepy doll vibe pretty easily if that's your thing

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Lolita is "fat girl fashion" so slim cute girls hardly wears it.

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I mean, should I make all my costumes out of $2 a yard fabric and sew by hand because some cosplayers can't afford a sewing machine or more expensive materials? I feel you, some cosplayers having and using more expensive tools isn't classist, saying you're less of a cosplayers if you don't would be but that doesn't happen because we all admire cosplayers who can make awesome costumes on a shoestring budget.

I wish I had friends I can cosplay with, I'm friendly with a bunch of cosplayers but I'm not super close with any of them and they all live super far from me :( Cons are still fun in solo but it would be nice to have someone to hang out with

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Lolita fashion has turned me into a monster. Ive become a narcissistic, attention seeking cunt. I’ve driven most of my friends away, and become addicted to toxic drama related websites. I’ve done so many horrible things and I can’t feel anything anymore. I love wearing my pretty dresses but at this point all I can feel is shame.

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I'll give you attention anon

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Wearing frilly clothes doesn't make you seek out drama, your drama-hungry personality does. Consider working on that instead of blaming the clothes you wear.

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Oh I know. My hatred for myself is far stronger than my love for frilly dresses.

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Spend some money on therapy

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Same. I feel you fellow gull. I managed to make friends at a-kon where I just got pulled into friendship. I believe in you, you can as well!

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>Found wishlist item on Fril for an amazing price.

>Shopping service fees will make it cost double. Like $50 more

>Can't justify the price anymore.

I don't know how people do this. I always think I'm getting a good deal but then the fees destroy me. At the same time I know it would probably show up on LM for double the price.

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Whatever helps your 400 pound Westerner ass sleep at night.

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as a "man" for myself, let me tell that you have to "repay" him for that
(if you know what I mean...)

looks old fashioned, but nice

what's wrong to imagine, walking hand in hand with a lolita?

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By this logic and what >>10108054 said, wouldn't we be triple fat by comparison? Which isn't really a stretch of the truth by much, but come on, some of these brands run ridiculously small so that can't be true.

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This sounds like someone wrote it to screencap it.
Why did you also post this in the old confessions thread?

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damn lol didn't know no one cosplayed before 3D printers

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Brand sizes aren't "ridiculously small". Girls in Japan are 158cm on average, obviously their waists and busts are going to be smaller than an equally skinny person 10 cm taller.>>10108081

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Thank you, my local con is this weekend, I need to get my shit together and actually talk to people even though it's scary

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Didn’t know the old confessions thread was dead until after posting So I copied and pasted here instead. Thought it would be more appropriate anyway.

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>be me
>meet a cute cosplayer at a con
>too shy to ask for his number
>he probably thinks I'm twelve anyway
>next time....

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Lolita has never been ridiculously small even during old school. I can see why it's the "fat girl" fashion compared to some other jfash brands that are made for actual thin and tiny girls even by japanese standards. like <80 cm bust <60 cm waist

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It's not made for like, a Japanese 4XL- but it's definitely on the large end of Japanese sizing. For example, Uniqlo's M size there is listed as 80-86cm bust, 63-69cm waist, so that's like the average size they expect an adult woman to be. Most brand dresses are more like a L-XL by those sizing standards, and then they have shirring to boot... Also remember that the brands are typically targeting younger markets who would be expected to be smaller (like XS-S sized) since they haven't had children or anything, so it is definitely a chubbier girl's fashion from that point of view.

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You can wear classic and gothic and still have a cute and youthful appearance. No ones gonna care desu.

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What shopping service are you using??? Jesus christ.

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>be me
>post in a feels thread
>some anon replies to me in an aggressive way for no reason
>get aggressive back and tell them to fuck off
>they start flinging insults at me that have nothing to do with my original post
>this all ends up sparking a full-scale, spergy argument
>don't know why I'm so angry over something so incredibly dumb
>leave the thread, irritable
>the next day, my period starts
This happens like every month, and I'm always unconscious of what's going on and why my emotions are so haywire until I actually start bleeding. I seriously need to cut down my interactions on anonymous forums unless it's to dump content, or if I'm offering or asking for help or advice. I'm sure the mods see me as a troublemaking autist, since it's not a large board.

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Some of them honestly are trying to fling shit, it's not hard to imagine that some enjoy it.

But I generally just lurk a lot unless I have something nice to say. I'm sorry to hear it, though. I hope you have the best day you can.

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I have no one to go to cons with. The people I used to go with disappeared from my life in one way or another, most of my friends (and my boyfriend) live in another city, and the only friend I had plans to go to cons with (and going together in cosplay too) replaced and completely ditched me me for some other people who are more cosplay-famous than me, therefore, I don't want to go with him anymore. It's been so long since I last went to a con, I have several new cosplays to wear, but nobody to go with, and I don't want to go alone, it'd be so boring. I'm also a little socially anxious and I'm too embarrassed to ask a random acquaintance to go with me... Nobody has even bothered to ask me if I'm going to this or that con.

I feel like shit. I used to be a pretty social person, so this is very new for me...

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I would help, but I'm in Texas only and rarely go outside of it for cons. Unless you are in Texas, then I'd be happy to!

>> No.10108539

Nah, I'm in the other side of the ocean hahahaha. Thank you for the gesture anon-chan, I really appreciate it!

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Im sad that noone creates good jfashion related content anymore outside of posting pictures on Instagram and and in fb groups. I just saw Universal Doll's last post saying she isnt interested in jfashion anymore so she wont be blogging about it. Other blogs, such as petite dollies and fyeahlolita stopped making posts altogether. Youtube channels Ive watched changed or stopped posting anything related to fashion (Princess Peachie, Peachmilky, Tokyo Fashion) I just keep finding a bunch of low quality, boring channels. Kawaii Pateen has been really disappointing lately because they keep posting a bunch of random videos instead of videos with actual models just doing outfits/hair/makeup like they used to do. Fashion in general has been very boring and uninspiring the past few years

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Anon, I am in the exact same boat as you. I used to have a small group of friends to cosplay with, but recently it seems like everyone else has completely lost interest in cons and cosplaying. Lately even my best friend, who actually got me into cosplaying, has been ignoring me and she's suddenly now made a new huge group of friends to hang out with and do other nerdy stuff with. I still talk to her and we hang out once in a while, but she never mentions her plans or ever invites me to things now. We've known each other for a really long time and we're like sisters, but now it seems like she's just more interested in her new friends and their hobbies.

I just wish I was more social and could make friends easier, but I am having the hardest time finding people around my age and in my area to just hang out with. It's depressing when I try to bring up cons/cosplay with my old group and they just kind of ignore it.

TX anon! What cons do you go to?

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Nayrt which part? I'm in France and I'd love to hang out

>> No.10108615

Damn anon, are you me?

>> No.10108617

Spain :<
I send you a biiiiiiiig hug anon. I hope you can befriend >>10108521 !

>> No.10108622

I'm working on something new that requires some skills that I'm still learning and getting better at but I fear by the time I'm finally ready to publish it, no one will be left to see it.

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>order Macaron Tartan JSK in December
>still hasn’t arrived
Waiting for dresses is so hard, especially when ordered before Lunar New Year

>> No.10108661

That's a bit too far for me but I hope you find local friends!

>> No.10108713

I go to A-kon, might be going to CTX this year, A-fest, and San Japan. There's a few others I might go that I didn't last year. I'm sorry to hear that, also. Area and age are always issues.

Aww, thank you! I wish you the best!

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Tfw I ordered a cute jacket over a month a go and it still isn't here, even though it said it shipped and should only take two weeks to get here while everything else I've ordered, including a chair from fucking Indonesia which said it wouldn't be here till March has arrived

Tfw you find an artist who draws your husbando true to from and can't figure out how to contact them on buying a print from them because they're Japanese and post everything on their Japanese twitter so you aren't sure if they even sell

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Is it just me or do conventionally attractive women not look good in lolita?

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>finally finished photographing all the stuff I want to upload on LM
>move the pictures to my laptop
>next day
>windows update fucking kills the whole damn PC

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Being awake is physically painful, work is the worst, I'm in a course I don't want to be in, my parents are disappointed in me, my siblings think I'm a loser, the person I love and my reason to go on doesn't love me and doesn't want to be around me. And I'm too much of a loser to get drugs so I can feel better for a bit. Everything is just painful and I cant find meaning in anything
Also something something lolita

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Thats a big ol yikes my gull. Would you like some wine in this trying time

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>My boyfriend expects me to work to spend money on frivolous shit
Who gave you people the vote?

>> No.10108770

I'm probably going to get hammered today so yeah!

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I am male and can't be lolita but I want you all to know that your hobby is cute and you should be proud, even the super itas.

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Just say "I hate women" next time.

> who gave women rights
> tfw no cosloli gf
> women have forgotten their place and should stay at home with the kids
> housewives are a part of the family that is the pillar of western society
> working women steal men's jobs
> women should earn their own money if they want to have nice things
> women should stay indoors, have sex with me when I want and get nothing unless I say

>> No.10108781 [DELETED] 

>literally advocating for women to work so they can pay for their own shit
That's some pretty ass backwards cope. Guarantee I'm a better cook than you, to boot.

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Get a job, ya bum.

>> No.10108798

Lets go my gull im ready to get wasted and waste my life

>> No.10108806

I have a tall friend who wears sweet, and I'm petite with a baby face and I wear classic and gothic. Neither of us gives a fuck, wear what makes you happy!

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Im old enough that I fucking hate other con goers, and mostly go there for just a single saturday to browse merch, catch the few good presentations, then go home.

>> No.10108897

I’m young and do that anyway

>> No.10108923

Just you.

>> No.10108929

So late night gals what sad stories can you tell me tonight

>> No.10108934

I'm trying to work up the motivation to go to the gym right now

>> No.10108944

Tryna lose weight

>> No.10108955

Last wednesday night I got so mad remembering the times I got sexually assaulted and how useless my parents were when I was little I almost broke my hand

>> No.10108959

Going to be honest dude that’s something I wasn’t expecting that

>> No.10108960

∞ /Victoria/ AE-A Penguin Armory

>> No.10108962



>> No.10108964


Sarah Kerrigan Wings

>> No.10108970

You are trying to cosplay as Sarah Kerrigan

>> No.10108994

ended up in a bad situation this month that caused me to depression binge. the con I was planning on going to is in a few days and I physically strain my cosplays. i hate myself.

>> No.10109017

Well anon maybe you should take a break and relax, I know you have a deadline but theres no point in killing yourself over it

>> No.10109025

true. this disappointment is so strong, but I guess I'll focus on handling the situation that went down and stabilizing my weight before I start stressing over cosplays.

cosplaying isn't supposed to be so stressful, but this last year has made me feel so shitty about it all. thanks for replying, anon ;;

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>bf cheats
>feel pretty bad, lost ton of weight despite the relationship being shit prior to cheating
>drop social media and be out of loop what's happening in lolita community
>moving out is closer and feels are gettig back
>be hyped about the new appartment, all the new pretty furniture, all my on going projects, friends, university etc
>look so fucking good in new dresses
>mfw I'm so happy to feel again
Sure I still feel like absolute trash being home but I'm moving next weekend fortunately. This has all made me feel better about myself in general. I'm so excited for everything and can't wait to get back on track with the community. I missed you salty bitches.

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no problem anon, we need to watch each others backs when we can and i've got yours

Nice job you sassy bitch
Show the world what depression induced weight-loss can do

>> No.10109075 [DELETED] 

I'm too tall and fat (and ugly) to wear lolita.

I know that I can't fix the first one, but I still feel salty that if I had the same proportions, but a normal height, I'd fit clothes much easier.

I was an ana until I was nearly 16, then put on weight thanks to the jojo effect and spent the rest of my high school years being average slim, but hating my body and trying to lose it again with stupid diets.

When I started uni I got depressed and anxious, and because I'm so lonely and sad I eat. Now I'm in my 5th year and fatter than ever.
I always try to start dieting, but I never manage to for more than a day. I usually eat like one healhty meal, go for a run once and then immediately shovel down food again. Just the thought of not being able to eat makes me so unbelievable sad and anxious, food is really my only comfort.
But on the other hand, pretty much all my insecurities and the sadness that stems from that are a result of me feeling too fat. As terrible as starving myself was, I was still much happier back then.

Today I only ate a yogurt with chia seeds for breakfast and already can't wait for my mother to finally leave for work (I have holidays right now) so that I can finally binge again.
I feel like I'm stuck and only getting fatter and fatter... Food makes me happy, but also fat, being fat makes me unhappy and therefore i eat. Great.
What should I do?

>> No.10109076

I'm too tall and fat (and ugly) to wear lolita.

I know that I can't fix the first one, but I still feel salty that if I had the same proportions, but a normal height, I'd fit clothes much easier.

I was an ana until I was nearly 16, then put on weight thanks to the yo-yo effect and spent the rest of my high school years being average slim, but hating my body and trying to lose it again with stupid diets.

When I started uni I got depressed and anxious, and because I'm so lonely and sad I eat. Now I'm in my 5th year and fatter than ever.
I always try to start dieting, but I never manage to for more than a day. I usually eat like one healhty meal, go for a run once and then immediately shovel down food again. Just the thought of not being able to eat makes me so unbelievable sad and anxious, food is really my only comfort.
But on the other hand, pretty much all my insecurities and the sadness that stems from that are a result of me feeling too fat. As terrible as starving myself was, I was still much happier back then.

Today I only ate a yogurt with chia seeds for breakfast and already can't wait for my mother to finally leave for work (I have holidays right now) so that I can finally binge again.
I feel like I'm stuck and only getting fatter and fatter... Food makes me happy, but also fat, being fat makes me unhappy and therefore i eat. Great.
What should I do?

>> No.10109097

Uhhhhhh therapy? Apart from that a good way to avoid binging is to just not have any unhealthy food in the house, replace it with something you can still eat but won't make you fat like salad or endives or watermelon. You can also try to substitute binging with another behavior in the same way smokers may pop a gum every time they crave a cigarette, find something you can do every time you get the urge to binge. I feel you, eating sweets is really comforting to me too but if it's making you miserable you need to find a different comfort for your happiness' sake!

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UPS idiot from last thread here. I'm sitting by my window like some lovesick maiden. My package is out on delivery, and I'm too paranoid to even dare shower at this point. Please just give me my craft supplies damnit.

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im ftm and i didn't realize me getting into jfash/lolita was the "trying harder being a woman" repression phase and now I've wasted heaps of cash for nothing.

(i still like lolita and jfash, just not on me/not overly feminine stuff.)

>> No.10109110

Although that's fairly normal (unfortunately), check your hormonal levels through blood tests if you can, anon. one in a month a few days before your period's supposed to come, and another in other month 2-3 days after your period starts. if stuff like progesterone and/or estrogen is fluctuating too much it might be a bad sign.

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They arrived! I didn't miss them!

>> No.10109172

Im sick and tired of seeing pride flags sold as accessories (sometimes literally) at cons.
It shouldnt be a fashion accessory, you fucking snowflakes. Get a real fucking personality. I see an obvious girl cosplaying as a guy with a trans or gay pride flag tied around their necks I immediately know that theyre just some cis girl who likes yaoi too much.
Its bad enough I saw someone in AA selling nu-gender beanies. Eg:demigirl, demiboy, etc.
Even worse is the flag that says "OTP" in gay pride rainbow letters.
Yeah, good way to announce to world that youre a fetishist.
Attn jannies: this is about cons and cosplay so its cgl related.

>> No.10109229

I’m a black cosplayer and while I agree there needs to be more diversity, I feel like some ppl exaggerate how bad the lack of diversity is. There’s cosplayers who are mediocre and not that attractive who tend to complain about not getting the same amount of attention or getting featured on big pages. Like maybe instead of pulling the race card, start making better cosplays, do better makeup, get higher quality pics, and figure out how to be more conventionally attractive. People shouldn’t just follow you because you’re black and sensitive.

>> No.10109273

Aww, thank you anon! I hope you can find people in your area, too!

I'm near the DFW area so I usually only go to A-kon, A-fest and sometimes ANT. Been wanting to go to SJ, though! Do you have a discord?

>> No.10109510

you should post this in the black cosplay thread and see the responses you get there, cause they're currently having a field day with that thread lol

>> No.10109652



>> No.10109660

>the only girls I meet that I'm interested in are from cons
>don't want to try flirting or anything since it seems like trying will get you labeled as a creep and have your name spread around
>no girls approach me with any intent past being friends
>the closest thing is a girl who lives fairly close to me asking me to chill for the day and get lunch/dinner twice (was fun).
What the FUCK do I do, just end up as a foreveralone?

>> No.10109671

>I’m a black cosplayer and while I agree there needs to be more diversity, I feel like some ppl exaggerate how bad the lack of diversity is.

Do you mean in characters to cosplay or the amount of black cosplayers featured everywhere?

Because those things are connected. Less brown characters to cosplay means less chances to look canon. And people practically tread on looking the most like the character rather than the costume being really good.

ie. You aren't gonna get posted much on major outlets, if at all, if you are a good brown She-ra cosplayer over a white She-ra cosplayer in an equal outfit.

That's the issue. Not mediocrity.

Not to mention conventionally attractive reeks of eurocentric features.

>> No.10109673
File: 108 KB, 1056x1878, sad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Basically in the same boat anon

I'm not unattractive but I sometimes get anxiety at cons and I don't really know how to flirt or greet people without it coming off bad. It feels worse because one of my good friends has a gf that cosplays with him now and they're planning stuff for an upcoming con

I just want a girl to dress up in costumes of the series I like with me

>> No.10109674

Nayrt, not to say that you're necessarily wrong but I've seen some black people cosplaying non-black characters and looking phenomenal doing it, not because they're light skinned or have "eurocentric" features but because they put an effort into their costumes, makeup, and presentation. Imo if you dedicate the time and effort needed to look good in your cosplay, your race and skin color don't matter at all.

>> No.10109682

>approach a girl in a cosplay you like
>"Hi! Your cosplay is amazing, I love [character/series], can I take your picture?"
>if the girl isn't preoccupied with something or someone else, make conversation about the character she's cosplaying or the series, what she likes about the character, etc.
>pay attention to cues, respectfully drop the conversation and say bye if she's not interested in talking or seems uncomfortable
>if all goes well,
>"Wanna get something to eat/drink/check out X panel?"
I understand that you're nervous and people cosplaying from franchises they don't know is a problem these days, but it's really not that deep. Use fandom as a conversation starter, it's the easiest icebreaker available to you at a con, and no one will label you a creep if you don't do anything creepy like touch without permission or say/ask weird or personal things.

>> No.10109690

First anon here.
I have a good amount of female friends/acquaintances (though we only really hang out at cons or converse via DMs) and admittedly I would probably try a date couple of them, but the problem/want is getting a gf and not just a friend.

>> No.10109702

Unless you're close to one of your friends to the point of being able to suggest a casual date without it being strange, i.e.
>Do you want to go out for lunch/dinner sometime?
I'd suggest you don't pursue them. And again, if you decide to go for it anyway, be casual about it, don't dump your feefees on them like
>I've liked you for a long time now...
or anything along those lines. It's a bit heavy and not the right way to go on about it, at least in my opinion. Though I still think you can casually flirt and maybe form some connection with a cosplayer at a con, especially if you cosplay yourself.

>> No.10109717

I have a teenie closet that' about 55"x36" and I'm starting to run out of room for all my lolita. I've moved my shoe rack out and I brought in a small plastic drawer for now to put blouses in.
It's not fabulous looking a all but it's full of lolita only.
I'm not sure if this would be a good feel or a bad feel.

>> No.10109729


>> No.10109784 [DELETED] 

So, I'm an ana-chan, have been for a number of years now. I thought I was finally getting better, which was a feat because I've kept it to myself all these years, and recently I've been confiding in a friend about it. Unfortunately, having someone to talk to about it is making me relapse harder than I ever have before. I know my friend is trying to help, but them looking out for me so much in regards to calorie counts is really just making it worse.

I feel like the only way to combat this is to stop talking about it, but if I stop talking about it, things also might get bad for me again. I don't know what to do.

>> No.10109788

>You aren't gonna get posted much on major outlets, if at all, if you are a good brown She-ra cosplayer over a white She-ra cosplayer in an equal outfit.
You can depending on how hot you are. It all boils down to whether you are attractive and showing skin or not

>> No.10109790 [DELETED] 

Can you ask them to stop talking about the calorie count?

>> No.10109797

As a gay person, hard hard agree with you on this.

I’ve encountered sooooo many of these snowflake fucks only to find out they’re almost always a cis girl pretending to be trans and gay because it’s the cool thing to do to score ~*~*opression*~*~ points. All because they fetishize gay people and how they are portrayed in media especially like yaoi.

They’ve never had to deal with actually “coming out” or any of the real shit that gay and other lgbtq people face on a daily basis. They make us look like a cutesy trope for their role playing and that’s it. It’s so so harmful. Yaoi and bara type media has been nothing but a harmful plague on us.

>> No.10109803

I do. I was replying to anon who doesn't have a job and saying my partner expects me to pay for my brand... so I have a job.

>> No.10109805

There's nothing wrong with wanting to share what you've done with others! That's perfectly normal! Especially if you are proud of what you made/had fun in it/like how you look, everyone feels that way. Attention whoring is spamming it everywhere and even then if you like to cosplay then share your love of it because connecting with others over that is fun.

>> No.10109818
File: 286 KB, 599x427, kantaicrack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I the only person who doesn't get drunk or pick up hoes at cons?

I got propositioned last con, but I just dabbed on that thottie.

>> No.10109835

Lesbian seconding this. I'm sick of seeing the same girls who are bicurious at best who use being gay or trans as a substitute personality. People still get fucking murdered for being LGBT in some parts of the world, but the girls who think other girls are kinda pretty despite exclusive dickhopping and think wearing pants one day = new gender are the really, truly opressed minorities.

The same girls are always the ones crying out about how hard their lives are when the extent of caring about LGBT rights is draping themselves in a flag and attention whoring on social media once a year at pride. They don't even bother to talk to or associate with people who have genuinely suffered because of their identity and they are so far removed from what it's like to come out. Sorry for personal sperg but I still thank my lucky stars that my parents didn't kick me out when I told them.

These people don't seem to realise that being gay isn't fun and quirky and it shouldn't become a surrogate personality trait. I'll never forget this girl I met who was obsessed with yaoi and wanted to get a sex change so she could be a gay man, no dysphoria she was literally just a fujoshit. It's a fucking joke at this point.

>> No.10109836

well, I was going to say me, because I don't care about sluts or geting fucked in any way, but then you had to go be a moron in other ways, so whatever.

>> No.10109897

sounds like me
(at least I try to pick up hoes at cons, but there are non, near my local ones)

>> No.10109973
File: 131 KB, 629x1173, 1543818058883.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. I live in a country that to outsiders seems very PC, but the average person still thinks that gays are either mentally ill or just making stuff up for attention. I'm still in the closet and probably will always be, not only because my average day to day life is mostly filled with straight cis people who don't think for a second before they say stuff like "I'd be so grossed out to find out someone I know is gay that's so sick", but also because the people at conventions are so goddamn overbearing with their attitude of ~being queer is a personality uvu~ and losing their shit at anyone who doesn't believe it when a biological girl dressed up as a girl claims to be a cute uke boi while clinging to her boyfriend. Don't even get me started on straight "allies" who think they're doing you a favor because they own something with a rainbow on it and force everyone to "accept" their LGBT friends in the most aggressive and demeaning way possible of outing them to anyone and everyone without their permission.

I just hate it how everyone always has to voice their opinion on sexuality whether it's about how bothered they are when someone is gay, or how bothered they are when someone isn't yas queen slayy gay enough. Who you're attracted to has fuck all to do with your personality or how good of a person you are, it genuinely should not be anyone's business in the first place.

>> No.10109974

My dream dress just popped up on LM this morning, but I’m broke and last night, donated all money to the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign.

>> No.10110014

Ask the seller if she can hold it for you until your next paycheck
In the meantime
>laughs in lolbertarian

>> No.10110015

Don't worry, Bernie will give you free brand paid for by an ita tax

>> No.10110017

You deserve it.

>> No.10110038
File: 252 KB, 576x432, 1485866132632.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally sell an item that I had sitting for ages
>sold internationally
>buyer is super anxious can't wait for anything
>shipping the item out quickly to end this fuckery
>of fucking course out of all the packages tracking doesn't update for this one for a few days
>buyer panics
>It a bit unsual and I don't want a PP claim because of an impatient buyser so I contact the post service
>takes me an hour in the hotline only to hear that it's unusal and they'll look into it
>tell buyer, stay very polite as I don't want shit
>buyer suddenly like 'no worries everything will be fine'
>few days later tracking updates
>package arrived
>complete silence from buyer no message about it arriving

I hate people

>> No.10110053
File: 460 KB, 257x200, 1410378482380.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for making my morning anon, you'll regret this even harder next election

>> No.10110099
File: 743 KB, 680x944, no salt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10110149

ugh this happens to me alllll the time since I sell normie jewelry as a side hustle, I'm sorry anon
some people are just so entitled and annoying

>> No.10110157
File: 208 KB, 499x503, A1E1CEEA-0298-4C0C-87B9-086A2BDF635B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to make cosplays for my boyfriend. He’s a sweet guy but cosplay brings out the absolute worst in him, to the point where I won’t make him shit or do cosplay groups with him anymore.
He started asking for increasingly complex costumes in increasingly short timeframes, and being an ingrate about it (He’d wear it for a few hours for a photoshoot and then throw it on the floor and let it get wrinkled and stepped on and ruined) The last cosplay I made for him was one he said he was going to make himself, procrastinated on, then handed me the material two days before the con and asked me to make it for him. He was part of a group photoshoot and was fretting about how he’d “ruin the group and let everyone down”, so I concrunched it for him. It was definitely a rush job, but it was fine for a photoshoot. He wore it to the con, bitched about how it looked bad and how embarrassed he was, and then treated it like shit after the photoshoot.

I told him I’m not sewing shit for him anymore. I think he thought I would change my mind, but it’s been 6 months and I’m still not budging.

>He contacted a commissioner today about a cosplay he wants
>He was quoted $500 + shipping
>It’s way outside of his cheapass budget
>Pic related is mfw

>> No.10110159

eat a proper breakfast
being hungry early on makes you binge more later
just from experience when I eat a lot early it'll give me less cravings later
(also therapy)

>> No.10110160
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>> No.10110174

My sister just volunteered herself (txted me out of the blue) to help me at my next con. The thought is nice but
>she has never had anything nice to say about my art
>is generally a bitch
>has 0 cash handling experience
>is not even into anime
>has always treated my hobby as some weird ass alien why cant you be normal shit

Maybe I'm a bitch but I can't think of any reason she would want to besides
>look at all of the freaks
>better spy on my ass to rat to my mother
>actively steal money from me.
and my lil shop just does not need any of that

We are not kids, either. I'm in my 20's and she is in her 30's.

It does not help that it looks like she somehow has been seeing facebook posts I thought I had filtered her out of from a con I just got home from and went very well for me.
I notice now I filtered them incorrectly, /wonderful/

I'm just going to tell her no but ranting is therapeutic

>> No.10110184

thank god, i got to the end of your post and was ready to tell you to say no 100% but glad you're smart, anon - you will definitely enjoy it wayy more without her

>> No.10110190

not that anon, but when I was in the midst of my ed, eating early literally made me binge all fucking day. It's not always a good answer since a lot of us need to learn to learn proper control... eating when hungry and then stopping and not feeling like shit and that you "ruined the day" therefore just binging all day since it's already fucked.

>> No.10110192 [DELETED] 


Why does cosplay bring out the worst in people? My ex would become an absolute autist and start meming on literal strangers at cons. We broke up for other reasons and honestly 360 days of the year he was fine, so I see where you’re coming from. Sorry you have to deal with that, hopefully he learns to appreciate you after this.

>> No.10110244
File: 146 KB, 1242x1153, 64762318-D88E-43B5-A92C-FF4A9777C47C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I wish I could date without looking like a complete idiot, when I’m in cosplay I’m so charming apparently but when it comes to dates i shit the bed, gulls why are girls hard

>> No.10110261


I have family members that do this.
Makes me reluctant to ever give them gifts.
No "It arrived"
No "Thanks for thinking of me"

And people wonder why my parents give me so much stuff, because I'm fucking thankful for it when I get it. Even if I don't like it I'm kind enough to say thank you, it was thoughtful.

>> No.10110268


I'd watch for that behavior elsewhere when you aren't around. Cons can bring out bad qualities but nothing that wasn't already there.

Like make sure he treats waiters nicely.
Make sure he's kind to old people
Make sure he's kind to poor people
Make sure he's kind to his parents (if they are nice folks)

But yeah, yeesh. I make stuff for my guy too and he knows that it takes time and skill so if he trashes it I will not make him another.

You're right in not budging. This shit ain't a $5 t shirt from Walmart that a poor kid got $0.90 to make.

>> No.10110291

>Finally got a stable and well paying job that treats me well
>I can wear my pretty office lady clothes to work and make money to wear pretty new burando after hours
>I will never have to draw another god damn commission again

Feels good.

>> No.10110317

welcome to the working life, free of, mostly, the trappings of limitations. Offices are nice, though some can be a bit drama-y (not as bad as cons and shit though).

I am happy you feel good, anon!

>> No.10110326

I'm in the same boat, too. I'm so horrified of being labeled a creep, and that seems like it's impossible to avoid nowadays unless you're attractive enough that girls would approach you rather than the way around.

I have no issues starting the conversation, talking about cosplay/anime, but people always advise "if she seems interested, then do this", but what happens when that NEVER happens?

I really want to just go to cons to just have fun, but the older I get the more I think about my lack of a fulfilling relationship, it starts to consume my thought processes and then I slowly start to hate myself for it.

>> No.10110368
File: 57 KB, 1024x576, sad toppo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want to be popular I just want to be friends with a lot of people in my local scene man

>> No.10110375

>Am I the only person who doesn't get drunk or pick up hoes at cons
I wouldn't trade my normie christian gf for 6 million con thots desu

>> No.10110442
File: 2.00 MB, 498x280, tenor (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I cut my fabric the way the pattern said and realized too late that the print is sideways

>> No.10110447

No!!! This is true sadness, I am sorry. I did the same thing in a dumb way, I cut the button holes in a costume on the opposite side. I feel the same way :(.

If I may add my 2 cents - who gives a fuck? I'm fucking 30 and I've passed 'cute gf cosplay'. If it happens, cool, but if it doesn't, why hate yourself? I don't understand why a relationship will 100% be guaranteed to be fulfilling. They could just as easily be psycho.

>> No.10110452

What >>10110447 said. Relationships aren't a measure of your worth as a person; you can want one, sure, but not having a qt cosplay gf doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you or that you should hate yourself. Learn to love yourself as you are when you're single, then you can aspire to have a fulfilling relationship.

>> No.10110471

>I've seen some black people cosplaying non-black characters and looking phenomenal doing it, not because they're light skinned or have "eurocentric" features but because they put an effort into their costumes, makeup, and presentation.

Oh I've seen that too. But those are exceptions. Much like people declaring racism was over because of Obama, it isn't over cause a few got in.

>Imo if you dedicate the time and effort needed to look good in your cosplay, your race and skin color don't matter at all.

Nope. I've been around for about 20 years and I can tell you with absolute clarity that it matters. People have implicit biases they don't even know they have.

>> No.10110514

i redownloaded neko atsume and I'm already bored with it but I can't find it in me to delete it because my cat recently died and one of the cats in it looks like him. I've been really depressed since he passed but my family's done so much to try and make me feel better I feel like I have no right to still be this bummed out. I want to get back into cosplay and get some shoots done or something but I have literally zero free time these days and I feel guilty and ungrateful virtually 24/7 because I'm still so unhappy. I have literally nothing to look forward to in my life and I wish there was something I could get excited about.

>> No.10110521

Consider adopting another cat, not to replace the one that passed away but to have another little creature to love, take care of, and care about. I'm sorry you feel this way anon, hope you feel better soon.

>> No.10110537

I know, and I used to think that, but over time it's like I'm becoming obsessed and it's driving me nuts. I've got a decent career, comfortable income, I've got a good group of friends that I see regularly (all male except for one very close female friend), but it always feels like there's that one piece that's missing.

Not to mention I'm getting in my late 20s and I feel permanent regret that I missed my "party phase"

>> No.10110557
File: 385 KB, 720x720, mmmzkn2d19g11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seconding this anon, there are more kitties who still need your love out there!

>> No.10110561

I bought some prints I own in my preferred colorway, but I can't bring myself to sell the other colors because I want to twin with someone so badly. I'm a lonelita though so I don't think it will ever happen

>> No.10110563

God I wish I had a furry friend.

>> No.10110577

Don't feel bad for feeling bad anon, no matter what your family has done youre still grieving.

>> No.10110613

I recently bought a binder to fit into some of my lolita dresses. My waist measurements fit but my chest was always too big. I had some dream dresses sitting in my closet because my boobs were too big to fit and I was considering selling most of them. I'm not sure why I didn't think to try a binder or a compression bra before? But if any other gull is in a similar situation, I really recommend you try one to see if it'll compress your chest enough so that you can wear your favorite dresses.

I'm still trying to get used to wearing the binder for short stretches of time at home before I go out anywhere. But I'm glad I can finally wear the dresses I've wanted to wear for such a long time!

>> No.10110629

Furistas cat cafe

>> No.10110677
File: 196 KB, 600x587, 1489266771455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean you're regretting things that you yourself are killing. You can still hit up raves and parties you just need to know where they are at.

In addition, I'm going to reiterate what >>10110452 said. You sound happy with yourself up until you talk about a missing piece. If you are miserable because you're single, if you snag that qt-pi and she is a HELLRAISER you will be MISERABLE and also convince yourself it is ok, condemning yourself to being a rug that she can stomp all over and drag her feet across.

Or you can love yourself first, realize that this is fine to be single, realize that you can take steps to find others, but are not just a random net in the ocean that will take the first bit of trash that floats into it. You're a person, a gull, that deserves the best - not just anything. Love yourself and you'll be more like a magnet anyways.

>> No.10110717
File: 20 KB, 500x281, A_normal_day_in_Croft_Manor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>style a wig for hours
>realize that you styled the wrong way so the hair looks mirrored
>I do this every time

>> No.10110759

Tfw you check, double check, and triple check the measurements on the site you're ordering from since its based in China and your manly shoulders mean you have had to send things back or the money is just gone before.
Tfw you get the jacket you ordered from a Chinese company and... and it's massive. Like I ordered a Men's medium, which is what I normally get in western sizing to fit my shoulders and I double checked the website to make sure I hadn't some how gotten someone's custom sized jacket, but it isn't available for this item
Tfw not sure how to feel about it

>> No.10110762

You be the "everyone is racist" chic from the black cosplay thread

>> No.10110798

What's a nice way to decline photos with people?
I'm a lone lolita who doesn't really post on social media. The other day, a lady comes up and asks if I could pose with her daughter for a picture. I ended up just telling her I wasn't feeling that great and went on with my day. I felt sorta bad since her kid was pretty little, but I'm just not into taking photos with strangers. I mean, hey at least she asked, but still. What do you guys normally do in situations like this?

>> No.10110803

I just say "No thank you". If they insist I say that I'm unphotogenic, or that I'm in a hurry, and I don't budge. I understand why'd you feel bad in that situation but you're under no obligation to agree to pose for photos with strangers, even if they're super polite and nice. You're not an entertainer at Disneyworld, you're just wearing unusual clothes.

>> No.10110858

I'm only 19 right now, I still have time to make the best of my youth. Should I try finding more cons with raves/going to more parties?? I'm honestly scared I'm going to waste my younger years if I don't do something

>> No.10110895

>I ordered a Men's medium, which is what I normally get in western sizing to fit my shoulders
I mean... did you or didn't you go off of the sizing on the website? if you normally get a medium in western sizing, but you ordered a medium from a shop in a foreign land that likely has their own size chart... what did you expect? You said you checked your measurements a bunch, but did you compare that to what was on the site or not? Your post doesn't make a lot of sense. Sadly, almost every store has different sizing, so just because you wear something in one size in one store in one country, doesn't mean the sizing is consistent elsewhere.

>> No.10110903

NAYRT but read OP's post again. "Tfw you check, double check, and triple check the measurements on the site" is literally the first sentence.

>> No.10110941
File: 48 KB, 422x387, sixtyniggas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw the girl at con start to twerk and she has no pantys

>> No.10110943

I read that.. and I mentioned it in my post...

>> No.10111021
File: 51 KB, 573x322, furanku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dream piece finally arrives
>skirt with no waist ties, just a shirring panel
>shirring looks like it's been used quite a bit
>it's far too big
I want to die, gulls! Has anyone been in this situation with a burando DD? What the fuck do i do? I don't want to alter it but i literally can't wear it like this

>> No.10111023

Did the seller disclose the damage and missing waist ties? If not, you can and should get a partial refund at least. Otherwise, shirring should be pretty simple to replace, take it to a seamstress that you trust.

>> No.10111025

>I ended up just telling her I wasn't feeling that great
You just look like a jerk if you lie. Just be honest with them. If they don't listen to you, then ignore them.

>> No.10111029

The skirt does not come with waist ties, and nope, they didn't disclose the damage. I got it on fril through a shopping service, so I don't think I can get a refund. I'll try that, thank you!

>> No.10111032

I bought a red cardi from meta on LM to go some AP dresses and
It's somewhere between bordeaux and my cherry red shoes.
I'm kinda sad because it looked so much brighter on my computer. Should I still wear it even though it's not the same as any other red that I own? Cause it'd in between so maybe its not too noticable...?

>> No.10111035

IMO slightly different shades of red don't look nearly as bad as different shades of any other colour. I'd probably wear it

>> No.10111039

Of course it is okay. This is a fashion, it doesn't have to be 100% matchy matchy all the time. And I highly doubt one tone darker/lighter is very noticeable, especially on pictures. If you like the cardigan, rock that thing.

>> No.10111040

Not to sound paranoid, but I think someone on the board hacked my phone and is trying to doxx me.

>> No.10111042

It was me. Your ip is and I'm telling your employer that you hang out on a chinese cartoon forum.

>> No.10111054

Ha, ha, very funny. No, seriously, my phone has been getting very hot lately for no reason (even when it's in power saving mode), and I've been getting banned for no reason (unless wking on the ita thread is against the rules now). My phone is old and is probably easy to hack or piggyback on, so I guess it's time for a new phone.

>> No.10111055

It sounds like you're an idiot, to me.
Seriously, have you even tried discharging your phone or maybe checking the ram usage?

>> No.10111084

I've done all of that. I know AT&T uses dynamic IP, so it's probably not anything to do with piggybacking.

Which now begs the question, why would this board continue to use IP addy as a basis for banning when hardly anyone uses a static IP anymore? There's places in my town where you can't post anything because of that (someone is constantly banned in certain IP ranges). It seems outdated.

>> No.10111093

Well, have you checked what you got banned for?

>> No.10111097

I get banned on my phone for posts I never made a lot. Idk what it is because I'm kinda stupid but maybe its something that just happens?

>> No.10111150
File: 2.75 MB, 2190x2160, 1529028803200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to a convention between friday and sunday
>just gave my bunny to my parents for the weekend
>won't be able to see my bunny again until monday
I get way too sad going a few days without being able to see my bun

>> No.10111152

I feel the exact same way with my bunny. At least your bunny is in good hands! He/she is way happier at your parents house then at the con with you, and you can ask your parents to send pictures when you miss your bun too much.

>> No.10111154

That's so kind of you to give your parents free dinner!

>> No.10111155

Are you going to turn into a pumpkin when you hit age 30 or something? Older people can go to raves too, anon.

>> No.10111157

As someone who wears a lot of red, you can mix reds. But watch your undertone. Orangey-red + blue-red don't mix well. But if you mix reds with the same undertones you're good.

>> No.10111158 [DELETED] 


>tfw the apartments of your city are a collective ass and you had to send your bunny to your parents for the year

At least they treat him well. He had some GI stasis recently and they recognized it early and got him to the vet on time thank god. They love him and I’m really happy they do. Hopefully your parents are the same, it sounds like they are! Buns are so precious, and it’s good you’re not stressing them out by taking them to a really loud con.

>> No.10111159

download a free virus app like AVG or something and do a scan? Can't hurt, might even help?

>> No.10111161

You’re not allowed to be a lolita and be mean to rabbits. I’ll be confiscating your Usakumya backpack for that joke.

>> No.10111168

Anon, she wants to fix her phone, not add another virus to it

>> No.10111170
File: 903 KB, 1091x1116, 1529283786003.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you. I've told them to email me some photos every day. My bun hates strangers, so he'd hate being taken to a con or something
When I was living in an apartment, my landlord couldn't care less about me having pets. didn't even need an extra security deposit or anything for a bunny. Guess I got lucky.

>> No.10111188

I mean I hit all the raves and are 30, I guess I'm a pumpkin. The only recommendation I have is sleep when you need to (maybe a nap before it?) or just get a full nights rest one damn night, likely Friday, as the big rave is generally Saturday.

>> No.10111192

and am* 30

>> No.10111228
File: 157 KB, 454x408, mostembarrassing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I where a thong leotard to con without the anus showing?

>> No.10111236

OP here, the thing is, after the first time I ordered a shirt that didn't fit on line because it was 'what I normally get', I always check the measurements and this isn't my first time ordering from China. Normally, even if it says the shoulder width is my size, it's to tight because Asians tend to be smaller. Just imagine my confusion when I order something that I am seriously worried is going to be to small and only took a chance on since I absolutely loved it and instead of being to small it's to large? I'm baffled is what I am, this is the first time this has ever happened. Asian sizes always run small

>> No.10111241

Easy. Wear dance tights

>> No.10111243

Why are you wearing a thong?

>> No.10111247

I've had wildly varying experiences with asian brands desu. Some are pretty average as to what I wear in western, most are way smaller, and then it also depends on a store to store basis. Always, always, always check each particular store's measurements... fuck, sometimes each item has different measurements for the same "size", like bodyline.

>> No.10111256

I'm just glad that it's to big and since it doesn't have a pattern on the whole thing it'll be easy to tailor

>> No.10111362
File: 259 KB, 1200x800, 502CC08E-5CDD-45A9-8E20-F84F7484A059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>feeling really great after long bout of depression
>inspired to wear lolita again
>SO is well off
>let’s me buy whatever I want
>so many dream dresses acquired
>SO plans anniversary trip to tokyo
>SO’s parents drops bomb out of nowhere during a family dinner
>inlaw is going to be running for a political position in our state
>will likely get it due to status
>”anon don’t you think it would be great if you had a baby?”
>laugh and tell them I’m not ready, still have alot of things I want to do
>”well maybe you should at least find a new hobby”
>awkwardly realize they mean lolita

My heart is broken. I was “eccentric” told that my “weird clothing” might make my SO’s parent look bad when running. I was so happy but now I feel myself spiraling back into a deep depression again. It’s hard to even believe this is really happening and I keep hoping it’s just a really bad dream....

>> No.10111366

If you're American you should tell them you're not doing anything to 'look good' for the dumpster of whores, pedophiles and conmen that is Washington DC

If you're not American just say 'nah i like pretty things thx"

>> No.10111368

she is signalling her availability to mate with u

>> No.10111379

>america is the only country with a fucked government
all right mate

can't you keep wearing lolita, just not when hanging out with your in-laws?

>> No.10111382

What was your SO's reaction? If he's not supporting you against his parents in this he's a spineless twerp regardless of how much shit he buys you, and if he does support you then who cares what your inlaws say

>> No.10111410

It's great and all that your SO is rich and buys you whatever you want. I can sort of understand the parents' reaction though. The baby comment is basically their way of telling you to grow up and take responsibility of yourself and not being such a leech on your SO. If you use your own income to support your hobby his parents will have nothing against you.

>> No.10111454 [DELETED] 

>tfw no qt trap bf

>> No.10111465

>If you use your own income to support your hobby his parents will have nothing against you.
Lol, this is so naive.
t. child of wealthy family

>> No.10111566

Having some bad feels over lolita fashion lately.
I've been in this fashion for about 8 years. I have taken some time off where I don't wear it much and early on sold my whole wardrobe, but other than that I've tried to wear it a few times per month and my interest in it goes back even longer, like 12 or 13 years. I'm 30.
And after all this time and wearing it so much I just don't... feel like a lolita or the fashion really suits me. I think I look like a normie, outside of lolita I wear normie office stuff or light goth. But my hair and face look normie and I don't necessarily want to change that.
I love looking at the clothes and buying them but wearing them is uncomfortable and I don't feel like they are really "me," more like I'm wearing a costume. I have tried many different styles, I've tried being more casual, I've tried wearing more things like cutsews. I haven't really tried classic because it doesn't appeal to me a lot (despite being a huge draw to me first getting into the fashion) but I have worn gothic, sweet, oldschool, and many variations on those, going for different looks and feels that I think would suit me more.
I look good wearing the clothes too, I always get compliments, even by normies. But I also still get asked why am I dressed up or what is my costume and it really, really bothers me. I try so hard not to let it, I KNOW people's opinions don't matter, and in all other areas of life I'm mostly confident... but in lolita it still bothers me and makes me not want to wear the fashion anymore.
All this makes me feel so sad, after years and years of wearing this fashion and loving it so much and I still don't feel "right" in it and I don't know why. I envy people who say they wear it every day and that they feel so comfortable in it because I don't.
I often think of selling my wardrobe and putting it toward retirement or something but the thought is too heartbreaking, like giving up on one of the few things that brings me joy.

>> No.10111579

If lolita isn't fun for you, maybe it's time to let it go. You don't have to sell your entire lolita wardrobe, keep a few items that you really like if you want, but there's no point in forcing yourself to stay involved in it if it doesn't make you happy. And if you change your mind down the road and decide to come back to lolita, that's ok too. Just do what makes you happy, anon.

>> No.10111585

It sounds like you might have tried it already but here is what I did in the last months with my wadrobe.
I nearly sold all prints, only the ones that were my dream dresses stayed (3 dresses). I kept dresses that had muted colors and patterns. I sold all blouses (except 3 for the dream dresses) that were very frilly or eye catching. Basically I toned down my whole wadrobe and sold quite a lot. If I buy new pieces I look for pieces that are more simple in their details and not too eyecatching. For dresses the ones that work with a small petti are prefered. The muted colors help a lot to be overlooked. Same goes for the shape, lesser poof does a lot and ver simple headwear like a beret. I guess at that point it's more soft lolita, or whatever you want to call it, than anything else. But I'm comfortable with it and can still wear the dresses I adore.
Since the switch I wear lolita much more often because I get much less looks from normies and feel more comfortable. I'm really normie outside of lolita as well, probably this is why the really casual approach suits me.

>> No.10111615

Thanks anon. I have tried this, sort of. I missed the mark with a lot of "casual" pieces that I think threw me off, like buying pink florals.. which can be "casual" for lolita but still stand out a lot in the real world. I may try again with more blacks and dark colors which is what I wear normally outside of Lolita.
I also just love my prints. Really I want to live in a fantasy world where no one pays attention to sweet lolita and it's also really comfortable to wear and takes only ten minutes to put on. I know none of this is gonna happen so I'm just trying to do what I can to get less attention and make it easier to wear, I guess.

>> No.10111637

I know that feeling all to well. I love my prints too. There are lot of prints I love to look at but just don't feel comfortable in. And as hard as it was I had to realize that just because I love to look at it, doesn't mean it's the right thing for me to wear. Even if it suits me.
It will be hard letting your prints go but at the same time it might make you happier knowing you won't feel uncomfortable. Keep a few you love the most. The money you make from the sold pieces can be used for new additions.
Good luck

>> No.10111643

I get the same way about my tortoise.

>> No.10111662

I completely agree with you.

Kinda fucked up you’d try to blame the SO for passively siding with their own damn family compared to anon that makes them self out to be a leech. Relationships take compromise and it seems that anon wants everything to go her way without caring about her SO’s families lives or feelings. Grow up, both of you.

>> No.10111674

Yeah this girl complaining about one thing going wrong in her otherwise nice life with free stuff from this family.. of course they don't like your weirdo hobby that your spending their money on. Maybe she should try volunteering or doing something productive with her time. It's possible nothing will make them happy except a baby but I'm not really feeling much sympathy for her situation.
They hand everything to her and now they want something in return. That's life.

>> No.10111683

Same, anon. This hit me hard because I feel the same way so often.

I wish we lived in a world where we just didn't pay attention to how other people choose to dress themselves, and I could just go around my business in my frilly dresses without all of the excessive attention. If I could just go out once without explaining I'm wearing a costume, it'd be wonderful.
I wear mostly classic mixed with a lot of vintage, and I still get compliments on my "costume" or mocked by bros almost every day because I live in a small college town where the uniform is mostly t-shirts and leggings.

Instead, I fuel myself with spite.
Pretty dresses are one of the few things that really bring my depression-fueled brain happiness, and I'm not letting the judgement of small town assholes keep me from wearing it. I'm not like the normies that look at my dresses and sigh that they "just can't pull off that stuff", I'm gonna fucking wear it because I love it goddamnit.

I really hope you find a way to wear your dresses in a way that brings you happiness, anon.

>> No.10111695 [DELETED] 

So you got depressed over a reality check? Jeeze, you must be adorable irl for a guy to not only financially support you but to also put up with how something as mild as "Maybe you should get a new hobby" is enough to send you "spiraling into depression." God I hate girls like you. His family is giving you so much and you cant even do anything in return for them. You're a disgusting and ungrateful leech and I hope your SO leaves you for someone better.

>> No.10111697

So you got depressed over a reality check? Jeeze, you must be adorable irl for a guy to not only financially support you but to also put up with how something as mild as "Maybe you should get a new hobby" is enough to send you "spiraling into depression." God I hate girls like you. His family is giving you so much and you cant even do anything in return for them. You're a disgusting and ungrateful leech and I hope your SO leaves you for someone better.

>> No.10111729
File: 55 KB, 474x531, ralph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I am ghey.

>> No.10111744

Yessss spite is great fuel.

>> No.10111797

You sound fat, poor and jealous. You should probably just kill yourself, anon.

>> No.10111801

>defending a weak and bad person
>projecting that hard by calling someone fat when it has nothing to do with conversation

Take your own advice anon~

>> No.10111816

Most people don't like leeches anon, especially when they complain they're expected to do something in return. Do you think everyone is really jealous of welfare queens too?

>> No.10111820

I'm confused, what is her SO's family doing for her? It seems like her SO is providing things for her, not them? You sound so bitter.

Anon, you need to discuss this with your partner before you get all doom and gloom.

>> No.10111822

A rich family will despise watching one of their children date a leech. They won't love you or want you to join the family or think you're a good match for him. They will think you are ungrateful. That you are using him and by extension, them. They will think you are low class because you did not earn your very expensive hobby that makes them look bad.

YOU are a selfish twat. Why not just tone it down for them while he runs for office and then once elected, get back to it? As a kindness for your possible future family? Or get a job, so their son isn't your sole financial source?

Oh right. Because you're a stupid spoiled whore.

And that's what they'll think of you.
And that's what everyone else does too.

>> No.10111823

Because the son of a politically connected future politician is probably not independently wealthy and got some kind of help from parents. Especially at the age range most lolitas are in.
If he is independently wealthy then he'd probably disregard this and be a little more supportive

>> No.10111825

They're just dresses. Calm down.

>> No.10111826


I don’t get this kind of flack from my SO’s parents because I stay very far away from them.

So try to get away from them.

>> No.10111827


They’ll still bitch about her but at least then if shit hits the fan she always has an exit option.

Unfortunately if you’re bound by blood it’s more complicated no matter what people say.

>> No.10111829

In the families eyes: He's given her thousands of dollars. For embarrassing dresses. That could possibly ruin the families chances at advancing themselves politically. I'm sorry if this hurts the original posters feelings, but it's a truth. And if she's not willing to try to see it from his families perspective then maybe she is just a stupid spoiled whore who takes their wealth they give to their son that he spends on her for granted.

>> No.10111830

You know that like, strippers and random nobodies with zero political experience and big egos run for office, right? "Running for office" has a pretty low entry barrier.

Most rich families adhere to old gender values and usually don't think much about the wife staying home and housekeeping. Honestly anon's senpai-in-laws just sound sort of ignorant and she's taking it too personally, and you're going ape on her for it.

>> No.10111831

Dear god I forgot the abbreviation for family got turned into senpai. I'm going to use senpai-in-laws sometime, now.

>> No.10111836

The anon said they would probably get it done to connections, and the son is wealthy. It's not a stretch. But sure. The mom could be a stripper running for office. Your story could be right instead of the story everyone with common sense recognized immediately.

>> No.10111838

Yeah, because I totally said that his mom was a stripper running for office! Except I didn't.

I'm just saying that "running for office" does not automatically mean the family is the source of the son's wealth, which is not "a story." Maybe they're trailer trash, maybe they're reasonably well off but still made their son pay for uni himself, maybe they footed the bill for uni but haven't given him cash since, maybe they buy him a private jet every weekend just so he can put it on auto-pilot and crash it into poor people's neighborhoods. Who knows! We don't! That's my point.

>> No.10111839

You should stop using 4chan for a while till you work out all your anger issues

>> No.10111840

If the family isn't wealthy then they can tell the family to fuck off, especially if the family are poorfags

>> No.10111847

I think nowadays they expect the women to do.. something. Hence the suggestion of a baby. Playing housewife and buying fancy dresses is not really acceptable. Maybe anon does have a job but I didn't really get that impression.

Look at DeVos family. Ultra conservative, but Betsy is no housewife. She's expected to do something too.

>> No.10111852

I don't know the DeVos' personal life and their expectations for Betsy, and I hazard a guess that you don't either. She also comes from money herself FWIW, we don't know anon's background.

My point here is that we - both you and I and anyone else - can't make broad claims about anon's situation. We have the barest of details. We don't know the family or anon at all. There's simply not enough information for you or me to make judgments about anon's lifestyle. She could be a pig blowing her SO's money on ONLY dresses that Mana-sama has pissed in so she can coordinate them with diapers, or she could just be a shy depressed girl who wears nothing but totally understated classic and is absolutely too young to have a kid yet.

The best advice, given that, is for anon to speak with her SO about how to proceed and handle the family. That's it.

>> No.10111857

I don't think you really get /cgl/. You're being repetitive at this point. Just stop.

>> No.10111865 [DELETED] 

I'm ashamed of being a fujo. I don't tell anyone about it and just read fanfics/dj in private, but it sucks that I have such a low opinion of something I enjoy. I think it's mainly because my close friends always judge and make fun of fujos and all the cringey stuff you see online about it, so I never told any of them. I wish I could be more honest with my actual interests because I get so jealous of seeing other people cosplaying their otps/ships with their friends and having a great time, not caring about other people's opinions. I just want one friend who wants to cosplay our husbandos together and take dumb shippy photos.

>> No.10111867 [DELETED] 

A fujoshit isn't just someone who likes gay ships.
It's someone who harasses people about their non yaoi ships, shoves the yaoi down everyone's throats, fetishizes real gay people, bastardizes characters to fit the yaoi stereotypes, and is geneally autistic and obnoxious about yaoi.
If you're none of these things, you're just someone who has gay ships, not a fujoshit

>> No.10111868

lol calm down, nobody would get this mad at one sentence insult unless they're actually fat poor and jealous

>> No.10111896

>go home Emperor Palpatine, you're drunk.

>> No.10111902

>lol calm down
>ur fat poor and jealous

Nice argument

>> No.10111908
File: 15 KB, 502x417, ryan gosling intensifies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw i've bought a complete Pink Power Ranger costume

Half of me is excited, half of me is wondering why I did this.
God, i'm going to whore out so much.

>> No.10111914 [DELETED] 

I wasn't arguing but ok, stay fat and poor

>> No.10111948 [DELETED] 

Nayrt, but you're a whore.

>> No.10111951

I was just having fun with an angry anon, but thanks for the concern.

>> No.10111955 [DELETED] 

Fujoshi really IS just a term for a woman who likes yaoi/BL, though. Fujoshit is a term used by people who have disdain for the women who enjoy BL and by some fujos who find humor in being extra self-deprecating.

A lot of people (mostly young SJW types) have bees in their bonnets over "fujoshi" because they claim women shipping men in gay relationships at all is problematic and fetishizing, even if the men are fictional.

>> No.10111959 [DELETED] 

I'm not a whore. I'm not even op. Stay mad

>> No.10111972
File: 291 KB, 2702x1826, 199cdc325cee853984cede596e8b6efa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too anon. To make things worse, my ship is from Kingdom Hearts. I'm a lolita but I'd love to try cosplaying my ship. I don't think I'll ever get to do it though. I don't want my comm to laugh at me.

>> No.10111979

I'm only just starting out in the fashion and I feel so sad when I hear that lolita is dying and so are the communites... I know that I should just buy the clothes if I like them because that's what fashion is about, but I'm a social person who would love to go to meetups and it makes me sad that I'm interested in something that's already had its heyday

>> No.10111994

It's not dying, just changing. The only people saying that it's dying are salty oldfags. It's just a little harder to find comms because of fb and because older members have closed off and the general community has gotten more perfectionist and less noob-friendly in recent years.

>> No.10112025

Start period tracking and take a look at it every week. I realized after tracking my period, my boyfriend and I always have dumb arguments a week before my period when I'm feeling sensitive.

>> No.10112064

Damn you have some real problems, friend. Guess you really are fat, poor and ugly.

Can’t relate.

>> No.10112089

Lol, people have been saying Lolita is dying since it first hit the states. It's not dying.

>> No.10112091

OP of >>10111362 here. Did not think this would turn into such a mess....

To clarify some things
My SO is wealthy because of his family and also because of his work ethic and type of career. I also work but I grew up really poor. I never had anything nice until I met him. It’s true that he spoils me but I work for most of my wardrobe. I’m grateful to him. I’m not a leech but I am not smart so I can just do my best at an office job I don’t know what he sees in me but he likes me enough to be my husband and take care of me so I can enjoy wearing pretty things. I always tell him I’m sorry that I’m not good enough and try my best.

I’m depressed about being told to leave the fashion because it’s all I have. I don’t have friends outside of the hobby because I’m shy and awkward. I’m afraid I’ll be lonely again. I’m also sad because my SO’s parents made me feel like I’m a freak for my interests and that I would be better suited as a house wife with kids to make up this perfect fantasy image. All because they don’t want the family looked up and my photos be found and used against them. I explained the fashion isn’t a sex thing but it’s fair to assume that anyone looking to smear a campaign isn’t going to care about that.
So far my SO has been neutral on the subject.

>> No.10112092 [DELETED] 
File: 124 KB, 540x591, 54226456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want a nose job, but reading all of these horror stories about people needing revisions is scaring me. Is having an ugly natural nose better than having a fucked up fake nose?

>> No.10112100 [DELETED] 

You should just kill yourself.

>> No.10112103 [DELETED] 

That's not really a helpful answer

>> No.10112106 [DELETED] 

I think it was.

>> No.10112109 [DELETED] 

I'm a lolita so if you're a cosplayer this may be useless to you, but don't lose heart! Plenty of the really well dressed and beautiful lolitas have unusual noses. For example Connie uses angles really well and has great makeup but she has larger nose. Sure you look at yourself and focus in on it but you probably don't look half as bad as you think you do. Also what is your makeup like? Git gud at eye makeup and wear a good lip colour, that will help distract any wandering eyes.

Also if you do go that route, surgical options aren't as bad as the scare stories make them seem. If your problem is a hooked nose there's even a non surgical option that uses filler to straighten it out. Do careful research, save up for the best and only go to a reputable surgeon, use your consultation to ask a lot of questions about your doctor's practice and aesthetic preferences as well as procedure details. And remember that online, people don't talk about good experiences and routine outcomes much so most of you see is the bad stuff. A nose job is a possibility, anon. And a consultation with a surgeon isn't a commitment to get it done!

>> No.10112110

If all they've got to smear this person with is "Well your daughter in law wears FUNNY CLOTHES that are maybe sex thing???" then your SO's parent must be a fucking saint. Anon, don't let their paranoia rain on your parade. Maybe tone down your coords around them, but trust me, if they're going to smear there are a million other things they'll probably go for first.

>> No.10112111

I forgot to say, if you're really worried you can delete your current social medias and make new ones with a pseudonym unrelated to the family. At worst you can even consult with an image manager to help with this.

It sucks that they're also putting such restrictive expectations on you and embarrassing you. They honestly sound like they're way too paranoid and socially strict. Please don't shape your life to fit them! The things you love are worth fighting for, and you are worth happiness and love too. I'm sorry you're going through this but hopefully your SO understands your true worth and will be willing to talk through this stuff and help you with it. Best of luck to you anon.

>> No.10112185
File: 32 KB, 680x510, 161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i shaved my head when i was in a deep depressive episode last week and now i cant wear jfash anymore because it doesn't look right... at least i can easily wear wigs now?

>> No.10112196

Short hair is cute though

>> No.10112197

No it isn't.

>> No.10112203

>feel like I have way too much stuff
>still don't have the variety I want in my wardrobe and still keep buying more

I can only vent about this here because anywhere off anon it seems like a humblebrag, but it's really stressing me out. I like what I have and I wear lolita at least once a week but that's still physically not enough time to wear all my stuff. I sometimes think being unemployed or going back to college would be good because at least then I'd be able to wear lolita more often and I'd be forced to use what I already have. My list of wishlist pieces is longer than the list of what I'd consider selling.

70 / 70 / 25 / 35 / 50 / 60

>> No.10112219

>cosplay from a vaguely obscure game made by a big name studio
>live in same town as studio HQ
>meet by complete chance dev who is essentially public face of the game
>he really likes my cosplay and now follows me on all the social medias
>replies to my tweets, watches all my ig stories
>I’m the only cosplayer, even from the game, that he seems to give this much attention
>Start to develop inconvenient feels because of the positive attention
>know he’s married, but I am openly polyamorous and that wouldn’t bother me as long as he’s polyam too
>how the fuck do you ask a game dev if they’re polyam and dtf in the age of #metoo ?

This is such a weird situation to find myself in too, because I know exactly what this looks like from the outside (ambitious cosplayer wants to fuck game dev for own personal gain) but the fact that he works for this studio actually is a complete non factor into my attraction to him? I’m not a fan girl. I didn’t even know who he was before I met him. I would be really hard pressed to name a single person on the dev team of any of my favourite games because they’re just people with jobs, and while I’m grateful for what they do, I think they also deserve to be treated like people and not put on pedestals.
And for all I know I’m just reading into this waaaay too much.
Feelings are inconvenient. I’m probably never going to do anything about this, but I just wanted to rant.

>> No.10112221 [DELETED] 

How do i get a cute boy girlfriend like that dude who did the hit or miss video?

>> No.10112224

If you casually mention you're poly it gives him an opportunity to say he is too

>> No.10112225 [DELETED] 

>but I am openly polyamorous
Yikes and cringepilled

>> No.10112227 [DELETED] 

Oh fuck off

>> No.10112230 [DELETED] 
File: 95 KB, 600x898, 1467724535334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok are you actually sure it's ugly or is it just not generic nose? I'd avoid any unnecessary surgery and i"m sick of everyone having generic cute nose.

>> No.10112231 [DELETED] 

Fuck off bigot. Monogamy is outdated.

>> No.10112232

Don't worry anon, just invest in some good wigs and take really good care of your hair as it grows back, and you'll have a fabulously healthy head of fresh hair in a year.
I shaved my head a year ago because my hair was so damaged and switched to wigs, and now a year later I have a really cute bob. My hair is thicker and healthier than ever. You can take biotin vitamins to speed growth too, they actually work pretty well!

>> No.10112233

>>cosplay from a vaguely obscure game made by a big name studio
Name of the game?

>> No.10112235 [DELETED] 

>not wanting to be able to make the most of your cute girl-ness

>> No.10112237 [DELETED] 
File: 1.16 MB, 1300x1300, youaregay02763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not with AIDS and super gonorrhea it's not.

>> No.10112240 [DELETED] 

>male virgin doesn't know what a condom is

>> No.10112255

Tomboys are objectively better than any other kind of girl

>> No.10112258 [DELETED] 

>beef curtains seething that someone's making fun of her snowflake ''''relationship'''' status on 4chan

>> No.10112259

>gives you attention
>he’s married
he’s probably going to say he’s poly because you say you are, but more than likely not say anything to the wife. go for it if you’re okay with being considered a homewrecker

>> No.10112262 [DELETED] 


>> No.10112266

Tomboy is a personality trait, not anything physical.
Other than that, you're correct.

>> No.10112267 [DELETED] 

>having so little experience with pussy that you actually think sex somehow enlarges the labia

>> No.10112271 [DELETED] 

I can only imagine the type of soiboi orbiters gulls love to surround themselves with who're okay with other men railing their girlfriends

>> No.10112272 [DELETED] 

>assuming orbiters even have girlfriends for other dudes to fugg

>> No.10112281

No dice, something like that said publicly could probably cost him his job.
I left it vague on purpose. Feel free to guess. I won’t confirm or deny though.
Oh, don’t worry, one I’m a weenie and probably nothing will come of this, two, I don’t just take people’s word that their partner is game, I always want face to face confirmation from every party involved. Less chance for bullshit that way.

Also lol at this debate about polyamory.

>> No.10112298

>I left it vague on purpose. Feel free to guess. I won’t confirm or deny though.
I wanna know if it's actually obscure or if you think some RPG from 2000s counts as obscure.

>> No.10112299 [DELETED] 

well cgl is full of women that are lesbian and prudish and the occasional incel beta male, so it makes sense as to why they have autistic meltdowns over sex and relationships

>> No.10112301

You sound like a cool dude, I would fuck you too.

>> No.10112302 [DELETED] 

Polyamory is not even a thing.

>> No.10112304 [DELETED] 

t. the occasional incel beta male

>> No.10112305

You know he's married. He and his wife are probably not poly. He could easily lie to you and say that they are. Stop looking for an excuse to start an affair.

>> No.10112306

It's not an affair for her, incel.

>> No.10112309

We’d need a strap on for that anon

>> No.10112332 [DELETED] 

>not wanting to be an easy slut

>> No.10112334

>get back into cosplay and weebshit after like three years
>spent those three years pretending/trying to be a normie because I'm socially inept, started college and thought nobody would like me there if I was into weeb things
>excited about rediscovering the hobby and actually letting myself enjoy the things I'm into
>completely disconnected from the community though
>no cosplay and/or con friends

I'm still kinda socially inept, not as bad as back then but still. I have no clue how to get back into the community and I'm anxious about con season because I'm extremely determined to finally go to a con again but tfw no frens

>> No.10112338 [DELETED] 

Sorry to disappoint you. Im just not a slut.

>> No.10112341 [DELETED] 

I'm poly but I hate everyone. Poly doesn't = slut anymore than bi does. It'd take someone really fucking special to make me want to date them too, but I can be open minded toward the idea if the right person came along. You've got a really narrow idea of why people might have room in their life for more than one person.

>> No.10112342 [DELETED] 

I dont know how you do that, desu. Its hard enough to have the patience to deal with a single person. I dont see how it can work with two (or more), doesnt the whole thing just turn ... superficial?

>> No.10112346

>making fun of polyamory retards means you're prudish or autistic
You can be a slut all you want, just call it what it is

>> No.10112348

Oh god, thank you!

>> No.10112350

Leave her alone, Beta males.

>> No.10112354

I dont think that you know what "beta" or "male" means.

>> No.10112358 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 1112x640, 1538240210455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>show up to my friend's wedding reception with my boyfriend and girlfriend because we're ~poly and proud~
>everyone starts looking at us and making snide comments even though all I was doing was groping their asses
>some people even pointing
>can't contain myself any longer
>burst into treats
>begin to scream at everyone and call them all autistic beta male incels for not understanding how amazing and wonderful it is

>> No.10112372

Since you're so open ~ and polyamorous ~ cant you just find someone else to whore around with and get over it instead of lusting after a married man

>> No.10112407

Wow you certainly are mad.

>> No.10112419

Maybe she just doesn't like sluts

>> No.10112422


Another male bigot bites za dusto

>> No.10112424

No. leave him alone.

>> No.10112427

Thanks for clarifying anon, this gives quite a different impression from your first post.
I would tone down your hobby around then and discuss other things, slyly try to imply you've moved on. Maybe lock down some of your online stuff. Don't give it up but just give them the impression you aren't as into it. They don't need to meddle with your hobbies. It's a stupid reason. They probably have other dirt on them anyway.
There are politicians who openly have shady history with real sex things and they're worried their sons wife wears weird clothes? They need to get better priorities. If they bring it up play up the Japanese culture angle. They wouldn't want to be culturally insensitive now would they?

>> No.10112442

I want to give you a hug, anon.. We're both anons but please know that in some corner of this world is me, quietly supporting the you who is in another corner of this world

>> No.10112453 [DELETED] 

I'm seriously about to be fired for the first time in my life and I'm afraid it's because my depression is getting worse... I'm afraid to tell my parents. I'm afraid everyone will be disappointed in me, and won't understand, just like how everyone at my job doesn't understand.

>> No.10112471 [DELETED] 

Why do you think it's because of your depression and that your job doesn't "understand"? If you're doing things like showing up late everyday or not doing your work, they'd fire anyome who's not being productive.

>> No.10112477

I'm out in public alone in lolita and I have my headphones in but people still manage to tell me things about my outfit... I wish I could have a sign made that says "Please don't talk to me"

>> No.10112526

Stop wearing Lolita in public then

>> No.10112527

You must be fun at parties.

>> No.10112534

I am. I like when people talk to me.

>> No.10112553

People don't always notice or care that you're listening to music, they care more about saying whatever is on their mind. Unless they compliment you, just ignore them.

>> No.10112561

>con in 30 days
>haven't started sewing
>unstyled base wig arrived today
>haven't been to a proper con since 2015
>going to paradiso after that
>haven't started planning coord
>know I need to buy accessories
>depression persists

How do I motivate myself to work on these things? I love sewing, and I love my fashion, but spending money makes me anxious because I know I need to save for those events, and I guess I'm worried that if i fuck up anything while sewing I'll have to buy more fabric and spend even more. I don't have any real reason to worry about money but my anxiety is killing me. I want to just have the finished costume in my hand and be at the con. This process is so nerve wracking.

>> No.10112569

Different anon, buy your really weird and sound deeply attention deprived if tedious conversations with randos sounds good.

>> No.10112583

Pretend you don't understand them and start speaking broken (insert language of your country.)

>> No.10112676

I say ignore all these other anons. They’re all a bunch of non-poly people pretending like they know what polyamory is. They think since he’s married, there’s no way he could be poly, which truly shows how little they know about polyamory. I know 3 different poly couples who have gotten married in the past few years and they’re all still happily open and poly. Two people getting married doesn’t make them monogamous

>> No.10112687

I feel you anon

>> No.10112690

How do you anons deal with being ghosted?

>> No.10112704

I think of the good times we had and leave it at that. I also understand that sometimes we don't connect, and that's fine.

>> No.10112706

Thank you my friend, I'm not surprised she ghosted me but it still sucks

>> No.10112815

Half of them aren't saying that, they're rightfully pointing out that he could be lying about being poly, which is a valid concern. I've had an ex before who cheated on me and told the guys she fucked that I was ok with it and we had a poly relationship when we'd actually agreed to be monogamous.

My advice to the original anon would be to ask him about it first, then confirm with the guy's partner that it's ok before doing anything.

>> No.10112818

why would her cousin be weirded out about that

>> No.10112819
File: 13 KB, 318x301, IMG_20190204_104449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>love lots of fashion, just not all of it on me/my body personally
>tfw will never have cute gf/bf nor money to play dressup on and be their personal fashion advisor, especially lolita
>tfw will never be a power couple with kickass matching coords

>> No.10112825

So how much does a guy have to pay to be a fake bf who dresses up for you?

>> No.10112831

This is the most roundabout way of saying
>tfw fat

>> No.10112835

I believe that homie

>> No.10112841

Yikes and cringepilled

>> No.10112849

Sounds like you’re a compulsive spender rather than buying pieces you truly love. I went through similar not long ago and took a hiatus from the fashion for a few months. It really helped me reflect on what pieces were actually special to me and worth keeping. It also helps to look at your pieces and decide whether or not you can come up with more than 3 completely new coords for each main piece; if not and if I’m not willing to spend more money for just one coord to justify keeping a piece then it’s got to go.

I also like to only buy pretty expensive or rare main pieces, too. It helps me alot to think of quality over quantity and I’ve not bought any shitty taobao or random trash on auctions just because “well it was cheap and I kind of like it.”

>> No.10112850

can't really prove you wrong on the interwebs but even when I was underweight (used to be 44kg at 165cm, currently 58kg) i simply don't find a lot of stuff to go well with my body and face (wide shoulders, wide hips, boyish face, etc) as well personality and that's ok, not every single style is going to look nor feel right on every body.
Just not my style. But I love seeing things on other people so much, and them happy.
I wish more people had the money, patience, courage and freedom to explore their own style rather than everybody walking around like fabricated fast food fashion robots (nothing wrong if you like it - the problem is that I find people keep wearing it because they feel obligated to, because everybody else does and tells them to, and often get depressed when they themselves don't fit in).

>> No.10112854

>wide shoulders, wide hips, boyish face, etc
You mean narrow hips.

>> No.10112856

You talk to his wife.

I had a weird situation with a boss at an old job who was married and I had feels for. He assured me up and down she was cool with it, they were in an open relationship because she was too hot for him or something like that. His wife gave me a ride to work once (I didn’t have a car at the moment) since he went in early and I asked her about her thoughts on open relationships and polyamory since it seems sketchy. Glad I did because she was 100% not in favor of sharing her spouse and thank god I dodged that bullet.

If you decide to do anything ever just keep in mind that unfortunately people aren’t very honest. They’ll flirt and lie in the moment because it gives them a rush. I don’t know why people think they’re not obviously being sneaky.

>> No.10112857

what? why? i don't think so, it's really wide hips and my hipbones stick out as well

>> No.10112861

Thank you, anon.
Honestly don’t get why these spergs act like their polyamory is any different than the dirty Mormon fucks. They just aren’t capable of being loyal and need to hide behind some dumb religion or “new age love” bullshit. These retards don’t actually “love differently” it’s just an excuse to be edgy and cheat.

>> No.10112922

In a poly relationship, it's suppose to be open regarding communication. Yes, both partners are to be made aware, and approve, of new partners before doing anything sexual. Unfortunately, most don't know that's how poly relationships are suppose to work, and it sets up bad situations such as your story.

>> No.10112967

>broken down and dirty dressed in rags from the day mama told me boy, you pack your bags
>tfw no one to teach me how to make myself dress better
In all seriousness though, you could make money off of this skill if you aren't already

>> No.10113042

You need to go outside more

>> No.10113273
File: 18 KB, 326x326, 2452849D-44F7-4DA1-9252-5D09C43A4441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m becoming such a brandwhore for Enchantlic Enchantilly. They have such lovely prints and they’re tall-chan friendly. I’m literally looking at listings on Lacemarket now and thinking “well I don’t really need it, but it’s a really good deal, I already have shoes and jewelry to coord with it, AND it comes with stockings I want!”

Someone please stop me.

>> No.10113339
File: 95 KB, 608x666, 7cXokhW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please stop Anon. We care about you.

>> No.10113353

Kek, that photo's taken in Lillestrom, aint it?

>> No.10120216
File: 484 KB, 500x599, 1534163536408.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am starting to non-ironically want a daddybf. Am I weird for this?

>> No.10121083

one day i will gain the ability and the tools to make a full kamen rider cosplay

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