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Haven't seen one in a while. Dump your recipes, decoration tips, stories, post your teasets etc.

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oo cute and simple!

i made these for a tea party and they were a big hit, i used a heart cut out for the middle for extra cute atipsygiraffe /homemade- jammie- dodgers

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These vulgar tea sets give me such mixed feelings. I can't decide whether i love them or absolutely hate them.

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I hate them. They scream 13 year old edgelord to me.

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i found out they buy the perfectly good sets and then stick the words on. makes me sad for the original pieces.

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Jelly cookies are always good.

I'm not a huge fan myself, but it seems like a large spot of the /cgl/teaparty community digs them.

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Anyone has more of these?

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>i found out they buy the perfectly good sets and then stick the words on. makes me sad for the original pieces
People taking something good and ruining it in the name of edge is the root of all evil.

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I'd love a savoury spud themed afternoon tea.

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What are your favorite things to eat or bring to a potluck? Best potluck tip in general?

My comm has a bunch of those and I found that it's a lot harder and more annoying to transport food I cook. I'd prefer to get or make something with a disposable container or maybe not at all? I have having to carry dirty food dishes next to my brand and plust its a huge hassle in general.

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I could have sworn I had a bunch I saved from another thread, but they seem to not be on my comp or phone.

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I prefer to bring pasta salad or a veggie tray to potlucks. They're easy to put together and good after sitting out awhile (versus a hot dish which has cooled too much). They're also very economical and very easy to transport (they're not fiddly and it doesn't ruin the presentation if they get jostled a bit while traveling). I use Tupperware and an insulated bag and have a car so I'm not usually concerned about dealing with a mess afterwards.

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Any idea of their process? Like what do they use, how long do the words stay on, are the cups even useable etc?

I wouldn't buy these as I'd be the ones using them daily and who the fuck wants to wake up to their own teacup telling them to go die every morning. I like the idea, though, could totally wake up to a Momoko quote in my morning cuppa.

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>who the fuck wants to wake up to their own teacup telling them to go die every morning.
Amen. I'm tired of seeing that kind of thing in embroidery, too; it's an old fad and it needs to die.

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Ooh I'm not home so I can't attach a pic yet but I made petit fours with vanilla buttercream and lemon curd and they were a hit <3

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i'm not sure i just recognized some cups as the same ones i own. the cup specifically was by grace's teaware. their cups are pretty good and look nice even next to my vintage cups. no idea about the lettering quality but i personally wouldn't trust it to stay on well.

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I like to bring a salad. Maybe I'll try bringing a pie too.

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Is teawithgrace.com the right site? They have a lot of lovely stuff.

Pity about the lettering. I was wondering if they were even sturdy to begin with. Thank you for the answer though!


I haven't seen those in a while, hope it's over. I think people can own/display/like whatever they like, but the later ones were kinda ugly, and that's when it became obvious edgelords were just buying them for the sake of having fancy swearwords, even if it's some ugly noob-level embroidery, which is definitely some kind of stupid.

Apologies for being off topic. To get back on track, I generally bring sandwiches, or volunteer to get pizza, because a lolita gathering generally means some of the fancier girls brought fancy cupcakes/desserts and some of the low brow ones probably brought chips but very few will think of bringing something actually filling for a meal. Pizza needs the right crowd of girls who don't mind eating pizza in frills, sandwiches need time to make (or you could order in a few dozen from a bakery).

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Savory appetizers are a wish

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Wtf this thread is making me hungry. Oh well, have this cool picture I stole off a friend's FB a while back, the light effect is bitching sweet imo. I think she said it was bone china?

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what is the best kind of tea to use? loose leaf or bagged? If you're all dressed in Walolita should it be matcha with whisks at dawn? :P

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Loose leaf is way classier. I used to have a tea ball where the end of the chain was a little figure of a bunny, it was really cute and it would be perfect for a tea party!

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i prefer bags so everyone can have their preference. ones with mesh bags instead of like paper are classier.
i agree share more savory appetizers if you got em! i personally hate when people bring non aesthetic stuff like chips but only having sweets isn’t the best
i believe grace’s teaware only sells wholesale. a friend of mine tried to order a replacement cup for one of her sets and wasn’t able to. i’ve seen parts of their sets at home goods as well as at small tea shops. that site looks like it has cute stuff though! having a full matching set is the dream right now i just have a bunch of mismatch

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At home definitely loose leaf, and tea ball/infuser or multiple pots if people all want different things.

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If you serve me teabags I will judge you, I'm that tealitist bitch

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I also vastly prefer loose leaf made with a cup-style infuser rather than a ball, I think it just tastes better.

Also, I'm really digging silver needle jasmine and Kenilworth Estate Ceylon teas right now too.

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Aww, thanks for letting me know about grace's. I'll keep an eye out for their designs.


Loose leaves in a teapot with a tea strainer. I just don't have that many infuser balls lying around, and anyway if you get bored you can not strain the last cup and do some silly tea leaf reading as an activity. (If there's enough potterheads you can hold a competition for silliest death stories I guess)

I don't think we've ever had a whole group of walolitas, but some of us sometimes get dressed in kimono. We went to a Japan expo that had a tea ceremony complete with tea cakes, which was fun.

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>silver needle jasmine
an anon after my own heart
Where do you get yours? It’s been a while since I’ve purchased any.

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I'll be hosting a tea party on my birthday for the first time!

Anything I should prepare/know in advance?

My house is quite spacious and there is a garden. Ofc there will be tea, cake and macarons, and some vegan goodies as well. I am also thinking of creating a poll to choose an anime OVA or a film to watch. Other than that, what activities/props should I prepare?

I found a new job recently so money isn't an issue.

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I've never been to a tea party before, but I always assumed it was a cream cheese mixture. The chives evoke a kind of bagel feeling.

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That's such a cute idea. I hope your birthday is fantastic.

>Anything I should prepare/know in advance?
The timing of the party. Don't plan it around lunchtime if you're only serving tea snacks. Between 2-4 seems reasonable. And always have a little more food than you anticipate. It's always better to have more than less when serving guests.

>I am also thinking of creating a poll to choose an anime OVA or a film to watch.
Great idea, but I'd suggest giving your guests a vote for a film category or even better a single film from a list that you provide. You'll be discussing what to watch for eons if you don't narrow down the playing field a little. You could also embellish the vote delivery system a bit by making signs for your guests to hold or something.

>Other than that, what activities/props should I prepare?
A backdrop, frame, or props for a photo is always fun.

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Thanks anon! I'm sure it will be fun!

I will prepare a list to choose from regarding the stuff to watch. Maybe 5-8 options. Shouldn't take too long to pick this way.

As for backdrops/props, should I stick to a theme? What should it even be? I will probably order helium baloons and flowers. Maybe colourful lollipops to hold for pictures? Just throwing ideas around!

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I'll usually volunteer to bring a dessert and then make baklava. It's awesome for get togethers because it doesn't need to be refrigerated or kept warm, and outside heat (like a warm day) doesn't affect it. I also never have any left overs to bring home.

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I mostly buy my tea from Adagio, since it's easy and reasonable. I like their silver needle jasmine a lot! Tealeaves's white jasmines are pretty good too, I think.

On another topic, anyone got any ideas for things to serve at tea that can be prepared relatively quickly or at least ahead of time in quantity and keep? My husband and I have afternoon tea several times a week to read together, and while I like smoked salmon and cream cheese and egg salad and everything just fine, he's a little fussier and doesn't like mayonnaise or cream cheese and I always feel bad just giving him lots of the same savouries all the time.

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I like to bring pico de gallo salsa. I find that when my comm gets together, there's too much sweet stuff and and not enough savoury.

However my most popular item has always been my savoury scones. I usually make cheddar jalapeno.

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Not the same anon, but if you're going for an anime theme then probably go for a pastel coloured thing.
Whatever goes with your room and type of anime.
ps watch k-on

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Sausage rolls? In its most basic form, it's a sausage wrapped in a puff pastry square, but you can always get fancy and use your favourite add-ins, my favourite is ground chicken sausage with mushrooms and caramelized onions. Buy and bake puffy pastry is a godsend.
Also, empanadas? Not very English, but a Colombian-owned tea house I went to had them and they were very nice. You can just buy premade pie crust and stuff it with whatever fillings you please.

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Is it a big party? You might want to have conversation starters, like dice that have prompts like "what's your DD?" Or "What's the last piece you bought?"
Maybe some Lolita-themed games might be fun too, like "pin the waist ties on the Lolita" or smth
Happy birthday and have fun!! <3

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Delicious and savory recipe: PAT Sandwiches (that's Pancetta-Avocado-Tomato). You will need:

6 slices sandwich bread
4-6 ounces sliced pancetta
1 medium avocado
1 large tomato
1 pinch garlic powder
1 pinch salt
1 pinch black pepper

Cut the tomato into slices a quarter-inch thick and set aside. Heat a skillet on medium-low heat, and brown the pancetta in batches. After browning, set the slices on plate lined with paper towels. Set aside. Scoop all the flesh out of the avocado. Mix with the garlic powder, salt, and pepper, and mash it until you get a smooth paste. Lay out all six slices of bread. Spread the avocado mixture on one side of all the slices. On three slices of bread, lay the tomatoes and browned pancetta, then top of the other slice of bread. Press down firmly, cut off crusts, then cut each large sandwich into quarters.

(this recipe can be adapted; for example, sometimes the avocado mixture has a squeeze of lemon in it!)

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Image dump incoming for inspiration

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Seared meat of choice with an avocado spread

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Now I am getting hungry

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A different take with fruits crackers and a cheese. Simple but could be elegant

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Not traditional afternoon tea food, but vietnamese summer rolls (with the small rice papers) with whatever fillings he'll eat actually make quite good snack/afternoon tea food, and can be prepared a few days in advance.

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no to anime. it would be more appropriate to watch something from this thread https://www.google.com/amp/s/ravensnow.wordpress.com/2017/07/05/cgl-lolita-books-films-and-series/amp/

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I hate anime. It's annoying when lolitas assume everyone is a weeb. The ones that also cosplay are especially guilty of this, they react shocked when you say you don't watch anime. Like they can't comprehend why someone who isn't a weeb is wearing lolita. Just watch something with beautiful dresses in it.

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Okay now I hate them.

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Jeez, why the salt? There is a poll with both films AND anime from which guests can choose. If by popular vote an anime won't win, we won't watch it. I am not forcing anyone to do what they don't like.

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Eww those tea sets are vulgar and ugly. Who makes this? It's not funny and is in fact screaming looKiMsOoEdGy

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Any tips for picnics? My comm organizes tons of potluck-style picnics but the majority of people bring prepackaged junk food and the cheapest possible disposable cups and plates. I’ve tried bringing cute napkins, plates and embroidered/lacy handkerchiefs (for on your lap to protect that burando), but I got the feeling nobody really appreciated them. Plus the handkerchiefs tend to disappear afterwards, either stolen or thrown away. The entire point of picnics in my comm is that they’re inexpensive and accessible to everyone so I’m not surprised that they tend to be a bit cheap and disorganized, but I’d really like to make them cuter if I can.

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What kind of savages are in your comm?

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I would ask people to pay you 5 euro and buy all the food yourself. You could say it's because you don't want people to all bring the same things. If you want to cook or bake things, you could invite 1-2 other lolitas over the day before to prepare together.

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I'm just answering your question. Idk why it makes people butthurt that I hate anime.

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Not a tea-party but I want to organise a colouring meet. There's an Angelic Pretty colouring book I want to print out but the download link doesn't work anymore (http://lolita-tips.tumblr.com/post/6343618479/the-angelic-pretty-coloring-book). Does anyone have the scans and can re-upload?

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Don't you feel kinda bad for wanting to organise a lolita meet around a thing you stole from a brand, of all things?

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Thank you both! These sound like wonderful ideas.

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I like them but in small doses. It is dumb and edgy but it's also just a little funny. I wouldn't mind having a couple teacups like that just for shits and giggles but I wouldn't want an entire set (and certainly not as my only set). Same with embroidery. I was cracking myself up 100% of the way through a "fuck off" hoop and that was enough.

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Not too long ago I hosted a small tea party with some close friends and my daughter (since I don’t bring her to meets but she loves tea parties as most young girls do). The thing is, one of my friends is vegan and another has a gluten and dairy allergy so I decided to make vegan/gluten free everything.
One of the favorites of the day were these chick pea cucumber bites. I made some cucumber tea sandwiches with vegan cream cheese, so I made theses gas a gluten free alternative for my other friend.

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The only thing that I didn’t get a picture of was the scones. It was my first time cooking with gluten free flour, and they came outa little dry and dusty, but apparently that’s normal. Anyways I had made vegan clotted creme out of coconut cream and home made plum jam for the scones.

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I have a growing collection of tea cups so it was nice to use most of them. The one I chose for myself for the day was my Victorian Maiden teacup set.

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Not sure if you did this since there are multiple recipes, but have you ever tried making aquafaba before? If not, it might be a good substitute for dairy-free "cream". How was the whipped coconut cream? Did it hold up ok? Was the coconut taste overpowering?

It's really late where I am, but I did want to share this before I forgot.

Recipe for the violet lemon cookies are from bsweetdessertboutique. I've always wanted to try making candied petals since they were mentioned in the 2nd English GLB, but I don't know if the flowers were organically grown.

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You sound like a huge sweetheart, anon! Hope you had fun!

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What do you suggest, make my own colouring book? It's not like I'm going to give everyone the entire thing, people will only want to make 1 drawing. Should I buy a lolita colouring book? Where???????

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We were actually discussing aquafaba at the tea party! None of us has tried using it before, but I saw that a lot of vegan macaron recipes called for it. I’d really like to try my hand at it since honestly macarons are almost a tea party requirement.
The cream came out pretty alright. I had problems whipping it because it kept on getting liquify, so I finally threw it in a towel and squeezed the crap out of it until I had a dry little cheese ball looking thing. Then we put it on our scones per usual and it was great. Despite using coconut flour, sugar and cream, it wasn’t super overpowering haha.

I actually have a huge assortment of black violets and smaller wild violets in my garden and I’ve always wanted to candy them to put in cakes or cookies, but rarely do I have an opportunity to bake, so I never get around to doing it.

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If your garden is scenic, you could just set up a tripod and a table with props. Or a literal frame to make it look like a picture. If not, make one for cheap. It sounds like you already have a good idea in your head. Lollipops sound cute! You could do lolita related ones too like a hair bow, bonnet, teacup, etc.

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File: 130 KB, 1092x771, bridal-shower-themes-free-bridal-shower-photo-booth-props-printable-pdf-party-city-wedding-photo-booth-props-printable-photo-booth-props-1092x771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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It looks like that Tumblr account is still active. Couldn't hurt to ask if they still have the file and would be willing to reupload it.

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The last meet I went to that was bring your own, I made some interesting tea blends out of my own collectionnof loose tea and flower leaves and put them in little filters, which I sewed shut and put hand drawn tags on.
Go the extra mile for loose leaf, it's worth it.

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I suggest choosing a theme that doesn't require stealing, lmao. What's next? Replica meetup?

>> No.10111427

Are you stupid or do you really think that a bunch of Lolitas coloring $2 worth of printouts of print patterns for fun is comparable to people making a profit off replicating $200+ dresses? What next, are you going to yell at children for printing out pictures of their favorite celebrity instead of buying their merch?

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It was literally a free novelty item. From 10 years ago. Fuck off.

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I think I can say this now that it's losing its social stigma and gaining large scale legalization?

Last weekend I went to a cannabis lolita tea party. It was still kinda hush hush private group within my comm because we don't want the youngins getting influenced and know there are some prudes in the comm who would disapprove (thankfully, only a handful) but it was probably the best social experience I've had in years. The sweets taste so much better, the conversations are so much more lax, we're open to being goofy more, it was just leagues better than the normal meets. The organizer made cannabis infused honey, and I was surprised that it didn't add too much of a bud-flavor to the tea (just a hint, but with herbal teas it easily blends in a good way). Hoping that more lolitas get off their high horse to enjoy parties like these. We're definitely going to be doing more.

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Loose leaf, but also bring bag sleeves for those that prefer bags. Easiest compromise, and the bags are super cheap anyway.

>> No.10111496

I would never get invited to something like that because I'm too unknown in my comm

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Bonus - get to enjoy the high without ruining your brand with the smell.

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You don't know how hard this makes me

>> No.10111509

My friend once let me try tea with cannabis in it that he'd brought back from a vacation and it was pretty good, it didn't taste weird at all, but it wasn't very strong, not enough to get any kind of high from a single cup. Cannabis infused honey sounds nice, I've never actually gotten high because I don't want to smoke and I've never been offered edibles but it sounds like a fun tea party!

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living in another legal state that sounds fun, places around here have CBD infused coffee and other treats maybe that would make for a nice chill tea party, though i don’t think my comm would go for it they’re very boring.

my favorite thing to do for tea parties is make fancy invitations. i want to try adding flowers to my wax seals for a spring/summer party.

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Hello friends today I made sausage rolls again so I figured I would share a picture with you all <3

>> No.10112020

i'm afraid this image depicts a crack pipe, anon. not at all what you would want at your tea party

fuck off dick-haver

your sausage rolls look lovely

>> No.10112043

pls come to my comm

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same, anon. Same.

>> No.10112080

not a RAR but here's the egl post with the rest of the pages

>> No.10112120

Sounds like a fun party. It's funny to think that years ago this type of gathering would've caused a scandal.

>make fancy invitations
That sounds like a fun hobby. Do you prefer calligraphy and lettering or Photoshop for the invite itself?

Wow, those look delicious!

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File: 1.41 MB, 3024x3024, D0C4E0A4-7241-48F3-B0A1-1B48CBE87FBF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haven’t gotten good enough at calligraphy to do the inside of the letters and feel like everyone can still read them. for my last ones i typed them up and burned the edges of the paper bc halloween spooky idk and then i decorated the envelopes with everyone’s names and added fancy halloween stickers

>> No.10112313

Hot damn. Do you have a recipe?

>> No.10112329

These are so pretty and cool, anon. Thanks for sharing pics!

>> No.10112331

I don't really use a recipe anymore but I used this as a base when I first started. Don't make your own puff pastry it's not worth it lol and I think black pudding is disgusting so I just used my fav sausage instead
Good luck!! <3

>> No.10112363

thanks for the cute tea sandwich idea (cucumber and chive butter on brioche), im trying it out at home today and if it goes well i'll bring them to our next comm meet <3
i've been wanting to organize a comm tea party and this thread gives me a lot of inspiration for tiny food and cute tea ideas so thank you!

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File: 172 KB, 1200x1200, royal-albert-old-country-roses-3-piece-tea-set-652383203570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have any brand recommendations for classical-looking teaware other than Royal Albert?

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Wedgwood, Noritake, Christiana (Australian brand), Elmwood Inn and Peters of Kensington.

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I got a vintage tea set by Harmony House China, which has a lot of classical looking teaware, pic related. Would definitely recommend looking into antique stores for these types of tea sets. My local one currently stocks at least 10 of these vintage tea sets.

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Mini pies are great and easy, just use a cupcake/muffin pan to bake them in.

>> No.10115477

Haviland is delicate, Lennox can be elegant and understated. I prefer silver for the tea service itself though.

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Those kinda remind me of the buffalo chicken bites my family makes for parties. I wonder if those might make a good savory appetizer as well?

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Coronation Chicken Salad

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Radish Sandwich

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Recipe Dump from the Victoria Magazine inc

Tea Sandwiches with Edible-Flower Compound Butter

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(Small dump, but they have a lot of recipes on their site)

Ombré Berry-and-Yogurt Torte

>> No.10124294
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Almond Profiteroles with Honey Crème Diplomat

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More Tea Sandwiches

>> No.10124346

these are adorable!!
also saving all these sandwiches! thanks for recipe dump!

now that spring is almost upon us my comm is talking about having a picnic tea party. anyone have any cute inspo for outdoor tea parties? we'll probably end up going out to a farm for this and i can't think of something cute for us all to sit on

>> No.10124413

Man I wish, I have asthma so I don't smoke but edibles are my jam.
>hemp infused jam?
My comm. is more lax with the devils lettuce since we regularly do speakeasy meets but I dont want to be "that pothead" to suggest it and edibles be expensive on the east coast.

>> No.10124418
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My goal is to have a picnic with a samovar but that is stupid impractical and I don't have a yard. Has anyone done this? I believe with most traditional ones you need an actual fire.

>> No.10124447

There's electric samovars, but obviously you need an outlet for it

>> No.10124765


You're welcome!

I know blankets on a lawn or park are the traditional choice, but what about some kind of garden type tea party or even using a gazebo? I don't know how big your comm is though, so a gazebo might not be practical. I'll go look for inspo for you in any case.

>> No.10124775
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Okay so I'm having a very difficult time finding an actual picture for what I have in mind but. My thought was, depending on how many you have in your comm and how much time and effort and money you wanted to put into it, if you like the idea you could do like a little canopy pavilion thing with rugs/blankets and cushions underneath it for everyone to sit on.

I tried to find pictures of this but it's harder than I thought, and almost impossible to find them with a frillier aesthetic but you could decorate to your taste. Here's what I managed to wrangle up.

>> No.10124777
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Sorry that this was the best I could do. Maybe you could thrift up some supplies or something or...?

>> No.10124886

Sounds like you had cbd and not thc...

>> No.10124891

These look good in the picture but it all falls off when you take a bite

>> No.10124892

What are speakeasy meets?

>> No.10125438
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You can also replace the sausage with goat cheese, it's very simple yet delicious

If you are a cheese glutton like i am, i would also recommend you those italian mozzarella croquettes! It's longer to do but so yummy

>> No.10125536

They're going to bars and cafes that serve cannabis infused food/drink

>> No.10132684


Do you have a specific recipe for these croquettes you prefer? They look delicious!

>> No.10134770

I have always brought roasted veggies, carrots, yams, parsnip, toss in oil and sprinkle with rosemary and thyme. Toothpick size pieces, don't forget the toothpicks

>> No.10135531

How strong is the stuff they serve there?

>> No.10135709 [DELETED] 

Thanks Anon, proposed this to my comm after seeing this and we'll do this next weekend. I'm excited for it. It'll be relatively small and we all pitched in for the edibles but it was only $20 a person so not bad. Word of advice is make sure everyone joining has had experience with pot so they aren't overwhelmed and know their own limits. Our group is only 6 people since we wanted to ensure everyone joining were already experienced. We'd rather not deal with someone getting anxious or overdoing it and falling asleep in a corner.

>> No.10135949
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Some nice vegan (no bully pls) recipes for anyone that's interested!
I'm sure most of these can be altered to be a bit more bite size friendly.


>> No.10136063

Seconding Noritake, especially if you can snag a cheap set from Mercari or an affluent goodwill

>> No.10136085

I guess speakeasy means something else regionally, weed isnt legal (or even close to it) in my city. The speakeasy i meant are pseudo probition era bars.

>> No.10136170

I like in a city where weed is legal and speakeasy means the same thing here. For years, calling a bar a speakeasy has been more about the underground jazz vibes associated with old prohibition, rather than modern day illicit substances.

>> No.10136278

>probition era bars
...Without the poisonous cocktails that could cause you to go blind or downright kill you, I hope? A cozy, jazzy bar serving safe(r) cocktails inspired by prohibition era cocktails sounds like a lot of fun, though.

>> No.10136416

Yeah, the poisonous thing is methanol and happens when you make your own booze and don't know what you're doing. Anything served legally will be methanol free, even in a historical setting.

>> No.10136950

Are they priceless antiques or something? Cause if not who gives a shit

>> No.10137202

>weed isnt legal
That's why it was expensive for you.

>> No.10137237 [DELETED] 

>expensive on the east coast

Not that expensive where I live but I'm in NYC which has decent competition. You can get a pack of sour patch kids or something that's good to decently bake a handful of people. There's also this cool place that sells premade honey and tinctures for you to make tea with for about the same price. So of you can get even a small group of 5 people to pitch in $10 each (and maybe some extra for the teas and other snacks) then you can have a pretty nice party. I suppose it can be expensive if you're shelling out the expense yourself as a single organizer, but if you have multiple people pitching in you should be able to get something nice going for affordable prices. Just don't expect to book a public venue or something - do it in someone's house.

>> No.10137587
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ah, yes, I had a similar issue when I made it the first time. Cream of tartar helps a lot.

>> No.10142652

Best tip is don't have a potluck. Too many dietary concerns to fuss with and I go to a meet to relax and have fun in an elegant way.
Also in my experience, too many people in the fashion are just bad cooks and food safety is a thing.
1-3 people who know what they are doing can put on a good spread but these potlucks and picnics people keep referencing just seem sad cheap substitutes for proper meets.

Electric kettle plugs into the car outlet via adapter cord to heat the water initially, then the water is kept hot with the candle or alcohol fuel in the bottom of the samovar. Add more hot water from the kettle as needed.

>> No.10142709

I always bring fruit, and our comm members are good about posting allergies and such to the event pages, so I'm selective.

>> No.10142721

this. i set up a lovely tea party and one of my comm members offered to bring doritos. i like not having to be responsible for all the food but damn you can’t trust people to have class these days.

>> No.10143210
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Pro tip: If you bake them snicker-doodle swastikas they will never dare mess with you again.

The dough is made similarly to shortbread (flour, butter, sugar and that's it). For example as here:

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