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Make/request a capsule wardrobe or try to make many coords with the same item. Feedback on all welcome.

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requesting an otome wardrobe with pic related. doesn't have to be all of these skirts but at least 1 please.

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yikes, these are all hideous minus the bottom two

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I think the point of that one was that it needed to have black. It was the only example I saw in the previous thread that had 5 different coords with 1 main-piece.

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i like this one a lot i want all of it in my closet

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i got lazy halfway through

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Requesting a casual sweet wardrobe with lots of black and no Angelic Pretty

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Requesting an Emily Temple cute + Angelic pretty otome wardrobe. With lot’s of chocolate!

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do you mean otome or casual lolita?

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More of a casual then!

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Like comfy-casual (cutsews/cutsew dresses/full shirring) or looks-normie casual (polkadots, simpler patterns, kinda looks more vintage inspired)?

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I just finished Black Sails so I had to make a pirate wardrobe. It's my all-time favourite show now..

Requesting a more girly/sweet pirate wardrobe. Doesn't have to be only lolita.

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Why is this thread so dead

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Nyart but I'd love to see comfy casual. I know OP asked for no AP but I wouldn't mind it being included.

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Nayrt but here's a casual AP wardrobe from tumblr

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Oh wow, this is the aesthetic I didn't know how to work with but needed so badly in my life!

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I've never even worn pirate lolita desu. Black Sails just really inspired me.

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What are people using to make these collages

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The mixed whites and ivories are giving me a headache

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I use paint.NET and lolibrary

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Requesting a guro themed wardrobe with only reds, whites, blacks and maybe grays. Bonus points for nurse items.

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whats that cardigan with the big lantern sleeves? I need it!

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I use photoshop for editing and lolibrary or wunderwelt for photos. WW got the best pictures. I wish there’d be an archive for WW stock photos.

Please share suggestions for new themes! I made this >>10108033
Not sure if I’m familiar enough with guro style

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Requesting a classic lolita x Larme hybrid wardrobe. Also
>a more girly/sweet pirate wardrobe. Doesn't have to be only lolita.


The white background is handy but Wunderwelt makes everything look uglier

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wunderwelt's images are so bad. they are only good for upclose details, imo. They make all their items look like shit and it's always so cringy to me to see the price when the item looks so bad.. though luckily it has always been much better in person.

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A pinkxblack tartan wardrobe I made for an anon in the last capsule wardrobe thread

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Requesting country themed classic wardrobe! Primarily skirts.

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Classic wardrobe, but mostly moitie

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