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Make/request a capsule wardrobe or try to make many coords with the same item. Feedback on all welcome.

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requesting an otome wardrobe with pic related. doesn't have to be all of these skirts but at least 1 please.

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yikes, these are all hideous minus the bottom two

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I think the point of that one was that it needed to have black. It was the only example I saw in the previous thread that had 5 different coords with 1 main-piece.

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i like this one a lot i want all of it in my closet

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i got lazy halfway through

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Requesting a casual sweet wardrobe with lots of black and no Angelic Pretty

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Requesting an Emily Temple cute + Angelic pretty otome wardrobe. With lot’s of chocolate!

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do you mean otome or casual lolita?

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More of a casual then!

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Like comfy-casual (cutsews/cutsew dresses/full shirring) or looks-normie casual (polkadots, simpler patterns, kinda looks more vintage inspired)?

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I just finished Black Sails so I had to make a pirate wardrobe. It's my all-time favourite show now..

Requesting a more girly/sweet pirate wardrobe. Doesn't have to be only lolita.

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Why is this thread so dead

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Nyart but I'd love to see comfy casual. I know OP asked for no AP but I wouldn't mind it being included.

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Nayrt but here's a casual AP wardrobe from tumblr

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Oh wow, this is the aesthetic I didn't know how to work with but needed so badly in my life!

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I've never even worn pirate lolita desu. Black Sails just really inspired me.

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What are people using to make these collages

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The mixed whites and ivories are giving me a headache

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I use paint.NET and lolibrary

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Requesting a guro themed wardrobe with only reds, whites, blacks and maybe grays. Bonus points for nurse items.

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whats that cardigan with the big lantern sleeves? I need it!

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I use photoshop for editing and lolibrary or wunderwelt for photos. WW got the best pictures. I wish there’d be an archive for WW stock photos.

Please share suggestions for new themes! I made this >>10108033
Not sure if I’m familiar enough with guro style

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Requesting a classic lolita x Larme hybrid wardrobe. Also
>a more girly/sweet pirate wardrobe. Doesn't have to be only lolita.


The white background is handy but Wunderwelt makes everything look uglier

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wunderwelt's images are so bad. they are only good for upclose details, imo. They make all their items look like shit and it's always so cringy to me to see the price when the item looks so bad.. though luckily it has always been much better in person.

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A pinkxblack tartan wardrobe I made for an anon in the last capsule wardrobe thread

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Requesting country themed classic wardrobe! Primarily skirts.

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Classic wardrobe, but mostly moitie

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Pirate inspired, but not sweet...

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Partly inspired by vintage nursing uniforms, particularly the '40s for the shoes.

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Requesting old school Baby, AP, Meta etc., kind of summery, in red/white/pink, flower/gobelin or fruit prints.

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It's so annoying that a lot of things were removed from lolibrary or not tagged correctly

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They have more taobao shoes than JM and ETC even though both brands release new shoes every season. If I knew they had such low priority I would have saved them myself.

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What's the red coat in the middle of the far left column?

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Items weren't removed from the database... If you can't find them, it's just the faulty search and mistagging of entries. This happens to me quite often and I have to play around with typing in Japanese and keywords that I know are in the name.

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Went for more comfy and easy to wear - lots of cutsews, one pieces so you don't have to think about matching much to it, and minimal/no accessories.

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It's not a real capsule wardrobe but I felt like doing one with only 1 main-piece

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It's not a real capsule wardrobe but I felt like doing one with only 1 main-piece

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Btw if someone wants to make it into a proper capsule wardrobe feel free to edit it

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Thank you anon! Is the top left cutsew MAM?

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Requesting a speace/science-fiction inspired wardrob

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Since you didn't specify, I went with sort of a Sith vibe.
On a semi-related note, making this made me wish there was more leather in lolita.

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very cool, thank you

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not that anon, but looks like it

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Oh that's cool, thank you!

Love this one too.

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I would love to see this too!

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Requesting a spring/summer gothic lolita wardrobe. Bonus points for low necklines and pieces that aren't too hard to find.

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I love this topic but op post is a classic example of why people who don’t wear the fashion much or at all...or own the specific pieces aren’t good at making these guides as practical, wearable things. 2 of the 3 blouses would not look good with the jsk shoulder straps, the third has the wrong color lace. 1 coord has a choker trying to sit over a high collar blouse with high contrast wrist cuffs in the wrong color lace. In the second, the bolero + bonnet will be very busy. The third will be unbalanced with bare arms and the jsk bodice will look odd with the corset. These coords do look pretty in the photo and I really do applaud the thread idea and the effort, but only the last 2 are even wearable coords.

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Very cute wardrobe, I’d add wrist cuffs to wear with the s/s pieces and some jewelry and probably a hat of some kind as well.

Also really nice, I’d add boots and a bigger headwear piece of some kind.

Hate the style but the capsule is very well done, great job.

Love this, 10/10 very versatile, all pieces can get into my closet immediately!

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Nayrt but the third one is the typical Moitie blue, the lightning on that picture is just bad. You can tell by the different shade of background.

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I ran with summer and semi-oldschool, so although the main pieces I think are all pre-2005, there's a (scandalous) lack of legwear and the accessories aren't super old-school specific.

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I'm going to make a Scotland themed wardrobe today or tomorrow, would love to see what others come up with with that theme too!

I made these, so glad someone liked them enough to save them

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I could swear there was a Mary Stuart related print but I can't find it

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Don't die thread

>> No.10118153

NAYRT but I love this, saved

>> No.10118574

I feel personally attacked by that red coat but I also kinda like it...

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Isn't it a dress?

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made a capsule wardrobe of what a french lolita in the 60s would wear on her winter stroll with her pink poodle.

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and sweet lolita x skinhead kind of?

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thank god I’m not the only one that thinks this. They don’t iron or use the correct petti shape and all the pictures seem to have this weird yellow-brown tint that makes dresses of any other colour family look garbage

>> No.10119182

on that note I wish lolibrary had a Wikipedia-esque editing system, there’s a bunch of edits and pages I would add if it let me

>> No.10119183

I love this anon!

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Requesting a gothic lolita wardrobe with some Na+H thrown in for casual days. Bonus points if it has some light colours or is summer appropriate.

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I made this for myself but maybe someone here is interested

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I would like to see a lolita wardrobe with a lot of green and yellow

>> No.10127788

This is gorgeous and I wish it were my wardrobe

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Requesting some cool meta wardrobes! Any substyle, they're just my fave brand and I love them

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I totally forgot I was going to make a Scotland inspired wardrobe. I like yours, it looks very different from what I was going to do

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for a second I thought I was in the mail thread and I was like "damn girl you been saving"
This is amazing, so scottish

>> No.10130612

where's the short black cutsew from & what's it called?

>> No.10130624


>> No.10130664

It's cheaper to buy Sheglit from Atelier Pierrot if you're outside Japan

>> No.10130692

Requesting a sweet/punk wardrobe with lots of black and pastels. Bonus points for stuff that can be worn in non-lolita or casual ways.

>> No.10130738

This is the look I really really wanted to get into but didn't know where to start. Saving this!!

This is also super cute! More sweet than I think I can pull off, but I love it!

Wow, I love you whoever you are.

>> No.10130759

The only diff is taxes, but it depends on what you order and how. At pie gets things later, not the full stock and things sell in store so can be sold out.

>> No.10130838

Atelier Pierrot also has free international shipping and marks down parcels

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OP said no AP and that’s just not a way to live, so here’s a mostly AP pink x black casual wardrobe, based partly on shit I’ve got coming in the mail/already own.
I’m trying to build up a pink/black/white casual wardrobe because those are the colours I wear most often in normie clothing, and I like the idea of wearing some of these blouses with a pair of black jeans & some cute shoes and calling it a day.

>> No.10130959

It's cute but it's weird that a casual wardrobe only has 1 cutsew

>> No.10130968

there are 2 cutsews...

>> No.10130981

Oh that changes everything

>> No.10131001

Requesting a lav x black wardrobe. Bonus points if its mostly AP and Baby

>> No.10131025

beautiful, thank you

>> No.10131037

To each their own, I like wearing cardigans over JSKs without a blouse as opposed to wearing another layer, makes it comfier imo so that’s why I loaded up with cardigans as opposed to loading up with cutsews. I also feel like the blouses I added are def on the toned down side, so you wouldn’t particularly stick out. To me, “casual lolita” is lolita that’s comfy enough & normal-looking enough to wear without getting too many stares. I don’t find blouses very uncomfortable, especially if their short sleeved, so I they fit my criteria for casual.

>> No.10131060

Sorry, I didn't mean to ask for your opinion what it is

>> No.10131078

Good talk! Sorry for contributing to the thread!

>> No.10131140

I really liked your wardrobe. There's a lot of salty comments around here tonight, I think someone's had a bad day and is trying to take it out on other people. Don't let it get you down.

>> No.10131502

I said it's cute, your comments actually sound more salty.

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I tried to include some meta for >>10127829

>> No.10131928

sauce on black bustier?

>> No.10132066


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Here u go, I thought for some reason you also wanted a casual wardrobe so that’s what I made. Enjoy!

>> No.10132425

Thank you so much! This is great and a big help.

>> No.10132466

this is amazing, thanks

>> No.10132472

No preference

>> No.10132476

this is perfection <3 thank you anon!

>> No.10132479

AP Gingham please!

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requesting wa/sweet wardrobe with pic related, mostly because I missed out on buying it recently.

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>make many coords with the same item

Would love to see a few coords with pic related that aren't just black and/or white, thank you! I wear any style but no red or pink tops because it looks bad with my face.

>> No.10132594

I'm interested in a completely monochrome black classic lolita wardrobe. I'd do it myself, but I want to see what anons would make.

>> No.10132614

Requesting a sweet wardrobe but with mostly dark colours, that you can make casual and fancy coords with.

>> No.10132683

second this

>> No.10132703

Requesting an old school sweet wardrobe with a shiro color scheme.

>> No.10132733

Requesting a wardrobe featuring Imai Kira prints! No pink main pieces(accent pieces ok). Most of them are so rare/expensive I’ll never find them irl

>> No.10132747

Requesting Blue/Pink sweet wardrobe with Dreamy Planetarium's JSK in Galaxy, please.

>> No.10133023

Anyone want to try a sweet, lavender, sax, and/or pink wardrobe that is mostly one pieces?

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File: 3.51 MB, 2072x1200, oldschoolshiro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Before anyone spergs out, I mixed ivory/off white/white together because it's something I remember happening a lot back in the day and I find it super nostalgic.

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File: 1.50 MB, 2979x2549, 88B9E680-0CCE-43F9-9C35-E6DEB251D115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what accessories should I put in my hypebeast wardrobe

>> No.10133956

I was the requester and I love it anon, thanks! Surprisingly I have a lot of this already!

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>hypebeast wardrobe
>includes replica HL

>> No.10133965

shit I forgot iron gate
I was just going through google images I didn’t realise it was a replica

>> No.10133968

found the fakelita

>> No.10133970

3f bonnet in ivory, Antique Beast bat headdress in black, voodooodolly Madonna crown, those fucking baby socks, the moitie socks with the crossing ribbons, abilletage tights, VW RHS, Meta platforms, gold glitter AP heels, IW Millefeuille bolero, that one JetJ blouse with the sleeves, at least one cutsew with some engrish on it, moitie bat bag in leather, white and pink usakumya backpack, honey cake bag, Bbandb or Q-pot macaron necklace, that moitie jewelled cross necklace, that one Mary Magdalene coat every taobao brand has replicated

>> No.10133980

>forgetting the baby crown scepter

Most embarrassing behavior.

>> No.10133981

Ugh how could I forget?? Time to commit sudoku

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File: 278 KB, 853x1375, 04904D23-56FF-4C4E-9F65-F0BC6004F6A7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

went with some old skool vibes for this wardrobe! I love these old Imai Kira screen prints, I’ve started a collection of them. They pop up on japanese sites often enough, you just gotta dig for them. I believe in you anon!

>> No.10134447

Would like to see a pink x black sweet/hime wardrobe with lots of gold accents.

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File: 3.35 MB, 1547x1545, wo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tried my own. Head and jewelry need work.

>> No.10134887


>> No.10134941

>in Galaxy
aren't they all galaxy?

>> No.10135062 [DELETED] 

Request: casual lolita wardrobe with some MILK. Not too childish.

>> No.10135063

Request: casual lolita wardrobe with some MILK. Not pink please.

>> No.10135201

why are there barely any shoes on lolibrary

>> No.10137123

I'd like to see a lolita wardrobe with a lot of Dangerous Nude

>> No.10139602

Because nobody adds them

>> No.10139657

Because they still haven't been imported from the old site yet.

>> No.10139843

Wtf it has been over a year since they moved hasn't it? Is the admin the only person working on Lolibrary?

>> No.10140768

Yes, actually they are. While also working a full time job too.

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File: 1.09 MB, 997x755, 123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried to do a few requests in one.

If someone wants to give feedback on this I would really appreciate it. I never wear sweet and have never worn a halter JSK either.

>> No.10143865

I requested the lavender pink and sax and I love the feel of it! I’d say for feedback to change the one pair of less lolita looking shoes for more lolita shoes. What’s the pink blouse on the bottom left?

>> No.10144412

I was going to request something again but it seems like this thread is dying so I'm going to do this request instead

>> No.10144638

What happened to all the volunteers?

>> No.10144648

aaaa lavender is such colour porn with those pinks...I'm in love.

>> No.10145019

>more lolita shoes
Nayrt but two of those pairs are from Angelic Pretty

>> No.10145116

Really? The sparkly pink ones didn’t look familiar. Just not a fan of them I guess.

>> No.10145155

The sparkly lavender and white shoes are from AP and the pink heels are from ETC

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File: 276 KB, 425x567, b731a534-fe9c-51c6-8fd6-bb8961c29cad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would like to see a few different coords with pic related please

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>> No.10150940

I didn't request it but I like it. Where are the sandals from?

>> No.10150942

Seconding, I have a similar dress and I'm struggling to coord it with anything other than blue and white things from Moitie

>> No.10150996

NAYT but Fluevog

>> No.10151016

Requesting a summer sweet lolita wardrobe with primarily black AP main pieces. Bonus points for no cutsews or cutsew ops if possible!

I love this so much anon, really makes me wish I kept more screen print pieces from my early days.

Also really dig this one, all the ribbon details are killing it.

>> No.10151116

chocolate / brown sweet prints + blue or lavender? including sugar dream dome in sax and melty ribbon chocolate if possible

>> No.10151118

god-tier taste, anon, I hope someone does it

>> No.10151741
File: 468 KB, 2842x1407, picture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mint green, yellow and AP gingham with some random red and pink.

>> No.10152213

Shoes: Fluevog, BPN (on Wunderwelt) and Jesus Diamante

>> No.10152822
File: 466 KB, 1874x1923, AP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I started with the plain black dress and then this wardrobe took on a life of its own.

>> No.10152837

Thank you! Even though this wasn't hte colorway I meant it still is really helpful for me.
Galaxy is the dark blue/pink colorway.

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