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Let's share pics from our favorite, wacky brand

>What do you love most about meta?
>When did you first learn about them?
>Any dream dresses?
>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
>Best era?

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I'll start off the thread with a small dump!

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>>What do you love most about meta?
The way they just do not give a fuck. They also have (had?) the best mascots.

>>When did you first learn about them?
Around the same time I learned of all the big brands I guess, about 5/6 years ago?

>>Any dream dresses?
I'd love to get my hands on the Fortune Tarot OP in brown. Unfortunately they re-released only the JSK cut and only in purple...

>>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
Fortune Tarot OP in brown. Some more quirky pieces like they used to do.

>>Best era?
Around 2003-2007 when they were releasing stuff similar to pic related. But really, almost anything pre-Kuniko Kato's departure.

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Please stop making so many lolita threads

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>What do you love most about meta?
I love how they have no distinct regular style, they do whatever the fuck they want, whenever the fuck they want.
>When did you first learn about them?
When I first joined the western lolita community, Meta was god because they offered easy ordering outside of Japan straight from their website.
>Any dream dresses?
Their lemon prints! Dreaming Heart Lemon and the Pink Lemonade series in particular.
>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
Maybe Teddy Patisserie? It's a really adorable print but I'm not a fan of the cuts at all.
>Best era?
I don't know meta well enough to judge their eras.

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Stop being a bitch then

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Create cosplay threads and stop whining.

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>What do you love most about meta?
I think it's their out there mentality, where they create things that are quirky and break boundaries. Many of their dresses have such an original feel to them, and i find all of
my favorite and best fitting pieces tend to come from them.
>When did you first learn about them?
When i first started the fashion. One of the girls i really looked to for help and mentoring admitted to me that meta was actually her favorite brand, that it fit her the best, and angelic pretty was just a front for likes. I checked them out and realized that all the modern sweet wasn't for me. I remembering buying my first meta piece, $20 and fits me better than almost anything else in my closet. probably tied with btssbs Hawase Doll for most comfortable.
>Any dream dresses?
Oh yes plenty of them! I really would like to own any of the rabbitch-chang items (after allowing some ppl in one of my comms to get them ofc! i don't want to infringe on someone else dream dress since they wanted it first). I love the Telephone jsk, especially in the blue/red colorway. I also own one of the Hospitality Doll underbust cut dresses, but would ideally love to own the main cut in sax, white, or black/pink. (i'm still on the hunt for the white/pink pin and white nurse cap that match it unfortunately). i also have a huge soft spot for all of their pleather pieces, specifically the heart apron and bow skirt in red. i also love the poison cherry print... i have a lot of meta dream dresses haha
>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
I'm not actually sure if i want them to rerelease anything in particular. I kind of enjoy the hunt for rarer pieces, but i really would love some more work with kuniko kato her dresses and designs were the best meta had to offer.
>Best era?
Would have to say the early days, 2000-2003 is really beautiful and more elegant and punky, but i absolutely adore 2004-2009 a lot in terms of meta.

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> goes to a board specifically for cosplay and lolita.
StoP MaKiNG So ManY LoLiTA THreaDs oN The LoLITa BoaRD

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>What do you love most about meta?
The crazy, the cat prints and also the wa-lolita.

>When did you first learn about them?
Way back as a baby lolita. Probably 2008-9?

>Any dream dresses?
Yes, but nothing that's super "iconic" like Die Walkure/Hospitality Doll/Teddy Motors etc. Just the pleather bustier dress.

>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
More pleather/ero stuff. They do a good job of it.

>Best era?
I'm really not sure, current era is pretty good (see: Holmes dog) but so was 2010-15ish

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If you want more cosplay then post more cosplay threads you retard

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>What do you love most about meta?
They've always been the most bold and experimental with their designs. Lolita is a very out-there fashion, but every other major brand just sticks to their formula with minor changes here and there. Meanwhile at Meta the designers are like "The look for this summer is neon leopard print halter tops."

I also love that they were really the first brand to embrace the international lolita community, years before most other brands. They've always given the sense that they were very excited to have foreign people like their clothes, whereas some other brands sometimes come across like they don't want smelly fattychan gaijin ruining their brand image.

>When did you first learn about them?
I think it was somewhere around 00-03'?

>Any dream dresses?
The '04 Biker Jacket OP, in pink. Dim Light JSK with the capelet. Flower Bottle mini skirt. Dozing Cat bustle pinafore, in beige. Night Carnival puff sleeve OP in Navy. Snowy Rabbit Tuck Ribbon JSK. Matryoshka Doll Apron JSK.

>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
I don't really care about rereleases. I hope they continue coming up with interesting new stuff. I like all the Wa-lolita stuff they'e been doing lately, bc the prints are so nice.

>Best era?
2010-present? desu I've been more and more impressed with Meta every year. They just keep getting better imo.

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oh anon i saw two matryoshkas up on mercari!

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Aw, thank you. I'm not currently wanting to buy any more stuff, though. My closet is overflowing as is.

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>>What do you love most about meta?
Their animal prints. I don't know why, I just love their shit more than any other brands.
>>When did you first learn about them?
2014 when I got back into lolita after being a poor fag for many years.
>>Any dream dresses?
Brick House Switching in Camel and Apprentice Sorcerer Skirt/Vest Set. I have both. A full set from the former and working on a full set with the latter. I also want secret laboratory real bad.
>>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
D.Walkure. I'd never wear it ((too afraid), but Id love to have it. Because damn, if my jew ass doesn't find that outfit classy.
Also musical cat. I fucking love it.
>Best era?

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there's a way to wear d. walkure without looking like a nazi! You should take the jump and try to style it anon

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This print looks like a clickable interactive menu from a 90's PC game and I am okay with that.

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Which version of secret laboratory are you after?

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Either of the JSKs. But I want them in purple only.

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>What do you love most about meta?
zero fucks given. they don't attach themselves to trends too much and just kind of do their own thing

also secondhand meta pricing is very reasonable!
>When did you first learn about them?
when i first got into lolita around 2010
>Any dream dresses?
star rose princess OP in black (or maybe navy). I waited too long to buy it and it sold out super fast. I was surprised because usually OPs take longer to sell out than JSKs. oh well.
>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
i would be into another nurse style dress, doesnt have to be a re-release, just something in that general style.

i also wouldn't be opposed to a telephone JSK re-release. It's not really my style anymore, but it was one of my first dream prints and I would really like to have it for nostalgia reasons.
>Best era?
this is hard, honestly they don't have an era I don't like. I've liked almost all of their releases from 2010 to now.

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As if we always have this many brand and youtube threads at the same time. It's obvious some newfag is at work here.

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>>What do you love most about meta?
Their generous sizes and the fact that somewhere in the madness hides brilliance.
>>When did you first learn about them?
10 years ago
>>Any dream dresses?
An oldie but goldie, Bloomign Garden
>>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future? Blooming Garden?
>>Best era?
late 00s

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I really don't understand why people like d.Walkure, it's one of the worst military sets out there imo. Love yourself and get something from Boz or Excentrique instead.

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not this shit again

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why do you care what someone else likes

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Let's share pics from our favorite, wacky brand

>What do you love most about meta?
I think they make the cutest skirts out of every brand, their solids are to die for, even until this day they still release gorgous solids. They give no fucks and are experimental, although not so much today in my opinion.
>When did you first learn about them?
When i first joined egl and saw all the meta memes. I fucking love the trash bag skirt.
>Any dream dresses?
I have many. I want to own everything nurse themed from meta, particularly hospitality doll in black. I was so close to winning it one time in an auction but got fucked by a fellow gull who managed to get them in all the colours. It still hurts my soul today.
>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
I will pee with excitement if they released the whole hospitality doll series and made more sailor themed shit like in this pic >>10102490
I highly doubt they will ever rerelease hospitality doll, i but i would accept something that was in it's spirit if it was cute. Also, i'm pretty sure the release sailor shit every year.
>Best era?

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I think that's what engelsbegin was supposed to be actually

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Or maybe it’s someone who wants to spice up discussion beyond the same ita threads and CoF threads?

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nayrt but don't be daft

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>What do you love most about meta?
Like just about everyone else in this thread I love how different their pieces can be!
>When did you first learn about them?
Around 2014 when I first started really getting into Lolita
>Any dream dresses?
I really want the Punkuma op in blue! I don't think I'd be able to fit it but I want it just to have even if I'll never fit my tits in it. I also really like all of their khaki colored Sailor dresses and an edgy part of me kind of wants Die Walkure as well.
>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
Any of their really out there older pieces like the Camo stuff!
>Best era?
I love their older stuff but their newer stuff is nice too I can't really pick one!

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I like talking about lolita. When people ask why Holy Lantern is so popular I just reply with why I like it, not with more questions.

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I like talking about lolita with other lolitas. When people ask why I want pic related I just reply with my answer, not ask more questions.

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>this entire thread
4chan is an image board

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>What do you love most about meta?
They are cute and super creative with their brand and manage to make even the tackiest, unnatural (in context of lolita aesthetics) piece look somewhat endearing. Plus there's a lot of detail and variety in all of their designs. Their customer service, mascots, item descriptions and interaction with their fans/buyers are also the best of all of the brands. Despite changing over the years to keep up, they still managed to be true to themselves the whole time.
>When did you first learn about them?
Back in 2007 when I learned about lolita brands. I used to think they were too quirky for my goff tastes but that changed quickly. Now the overwhelming majority of my wardrobe is ancient meta, lol.
>Any dream dresses?
A lot, I managed to get most of them over the years. But I'm still searching for the Engelsbeginn OP in navy and >>10102494 in both colors.
>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?
Honestly I'd rather wish they'd just go on, keep creating beautiful new stuff and do their thing forever. But what I'd wish to see is them hiring Kuniko Kato again, even if it's just for an anniversairy and create more Punkuma and Rabbitch-chan stuff.
>Best era?
All of them

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I have the long purple one and was thinking about selling it - do you have a throwaway email?

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I forgot Teddy Gobelin was a thing, but maiden clothing reminded me of the brilliance of meta past today.

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I wish you luck on the bidding war for the blue colorway anon! I have the pink, it's very beautiful

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>What do you love most about meta?

They're tacky in the ways that I like.

>When did you first learn about them?

When I first got into lolita so 2005-ish?

>Any dream dresses?

I want everything from the Apple series. So far I have the white and black shirred JSKs, the white skirt they randomly made into lucky pack skirts, and the navy/orange OP with the collar.

>What do you hope they'll rerelease or release in the future?

I wish they'd go back to doing their own art for prints and not tracing clipart. Stuff from the late 00s looked a lot nicer, especially since they'd use smaller image sizes. I miss their "retro" cut like pic related, too.

>Best era?

Mid to late 00s.

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free her

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