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>Love it or not?
>If yes, what's your favourite dress/skirt/print/item?
>Favourite coord?

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>Love it or not?
Moitie is the brand that got me interested in lolita, so 90% of my closet is Moitie. I don't really like OTT so I'm attracted to the simple and elegant styling and the limited colour palette.

>If yes, what's your favourite dress/skirt/print/item?
Silent Moon.

>Favourite coord?
It's really hard to pick just one, but this is one of my favourites! I really looked up to her when I was starting out.

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>Love it or not?
Loved moitie while it still existed, Hate the "new Moitie" that WW churns out.
>If yes, what's your favourite dress/skirt/print/item?
Silent Moon for me as well

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>Love it or not?
Not any more.

>If yes, what's your favourite dress/skirt/print/item?
Lace Flock JSK! I think I might look for the cutsew and skirt this year.

>Favourite coord?
I may have dreamed this, but I swear there was an iron gate meetup/gothic meetup where there were at least 3 people wearing it...

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>Love it or not?
Love, but I'm very, very skeptical towards the current management.
>If yes, what's your favourite dress/skirt/print/item?
Received this yesterday and its my new favourite item.
>Favourite coord?
Can't choose 1 but here's one I adore

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Did anyone apply for the MmM fashion show at KawaiiKon and get in?

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I'd like to thank the anon who spoke highly of moitie petticoats a few months ago. I have no idea how I managed to live without mine for so long.

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