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I saw that there was a thread for LWLN, so I thought one to discuss Lor would be interesting too, as people tend to have a lot of opinions about her in other threads.

Personally, I wish she would actually wear lolita casually or try something like that instead of being such a conlita.

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her video quality has gone down the shitter since she started dating her gf, who I think is younger than her? And I think rubbing off on her with bad behavior in the worst of ways.

Her videos are really unprofessional now with Holly(?) constantly cackling or inserting herself at random, like in her latest Lolita Reacts where she just sat in and Lor seemingly forgot she had an audience through her camera and just talked to her girlfriend for the rest of the video. Who then randomly pulled out a guitar and started playing. Idk I find her extremely obnoxious and Lor's videos are also becoming either more obnoxious or just plain lazy nowadays.

She was good when she actually put in effort.

Also if she'd please just reevaluate the lolita rules and maybe stop trying to incorporate her shit clown tastes into her coords that'd be gr8.

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i agree, i haven't really been feeling her videos lately but i couldn't put my finger on it. i feel like she's trying too hard to get the aesthetic of ALB and her wife now with Holly but they aren't as mature. i really wish she'd tone down the wigs and makeup, a lot of her coords would look so much better. it doesn't help that a lot of new lolitas join because of her or take all her advice.

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Her coords have always been alright just not really my style. I'm baffled as to why she's so well liked, though. Her makeup always looks horrible to me.

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Like it'd be one thing if Holly was an actual lolita but she's not? She's not relevant to the content Lor puts on her channel in the slighest, and I get wanting to show off your partner because you love them and are excited about them, but outside of "Have your partner try x" style videos she doesn't need to be in them. I get a vibe from Holly that she does it subconsciously because she likes the attention and validation she gets from Lor's followers when she jumps in and makes cameos in videos. She's young so it wouldn't surprise me if she was enjoying that, I would be too if I were her. But it's very unprofessional when that seems to be the entire thing Lor is trying to aim for with her channel. There is a way to be personable AND professional, but immature behavior like this is not the way to do it.

her coords are either great or awful, and while her makeup has slightly improved she still has no idea what she's doing with her face. It'd greatly benefit her to maybe go to a makeup department and ask for advice from some of the more seasoned/older makeup artists and sales associates there. ESPECIALLY if a brand is having an event where one of their big company makeup artists is visiting and taking appointments--you can learn so much from them because they're professionally trained and it's their job to work with peoples' faces that aren't their own. Sometimes youtube makeup tutorials don't cut it--most youtube ""makeup artists"" only know how to put makeup on themselves, not other people. There's a big difference.

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Lor is great. You’re all faggots.

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Did you even watch the video? Holly interrupting and playing the guitar was staged. The documentary that Lor was reacting to was supposed to be about the girl's fashion, yet they randomly kept cutting to the boyfriend's opinions on random shit and him playing his guitar... So, Lor had Holly do that too as a joke.

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Her documentary series and videos with Tyler are good. The videos with Holly don't bother me much either since they seem cute together. It'll def be awkward if the 2 of them break up but it's not like she claims to only ever be a lolita channel. Youtube isn't her full time job she has to be super professional and polished for.
I also think she only really knows how to do the one look that is cookie cutter sweet. It really shows when she's giving advice to people in other substyles. She clearly knows nothing about gothic and classic. I think her coordinate advice videos would be better if she did them with other lolitas who had more experience in styles that aren't what she wears. More than anything I also really wish she'd stop wearing are such shitty looking wigs. They make the most beautiful expensive dresses look like a cheap costume because she picks the shiniest possible wigs ever. I don't know if it's because of the lighting she uses or the way the wigs just aren't cut and styled right to frame her face but they just always look out of place. Is it just me that hates them?

I know a lot of gulls don't like her for whatever reason but she definitely does have her place in the community. She's clearly really passionate about lolita and has always adamantly defended the fashion against misrepresentation.
Her channel and coords are far from perfect but there aren't a lot of lolitas that make content outside of hauls and I'd rather the occasional non lolita/personal video than her going full deerstalker and deciding to stop making lolita content altogether in favour of other fashions and topics.

>Who then randomly pulled out a guitar and started playing.
That was the joke. In the video she was reacting to the girls boyfriend just started playing guitar and singing for no reason.

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I love her when she speaks candidly, but the minute she's doing voiceover or reading from a script, she sounds like a 9th grader who loves creative writing and fucked a thesaurus.

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Develop some critical thinking skills, anon. Do you have any actual reasons as to why you think she's so "great" or do you just like acting like a child?

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I agree entirely about her makeup. I would also recommend she has her eyebrows shaped by a professional, as well as talking to a hair stylist about what styles flatter her face shape so she can style her wigs in that fashion. I would like to enjoy her videos but her makeup/hair is too distracting and off balance for me.

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aren't person-specific threads like this why lolcow exists guys come on.

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Nah, lolcow is all like
>ugh she ugly
>she fake
>what a slut/prude
>gonna do the SJW or antisjw circlejerk depending on which other side she is because I'm Contrary Mary

Without real discussion.

There's a lot of good discussion going on here, good balanced with bad. I don't like Lor, but gulls are seeing the good in her, and I do like certain aspects like her positivity and her passion for lolita. I also feel since we're discussion her channel rather than whatever drama she has makes this thread relevant rather than a teardown meant for lolcow.

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Except Lor's not a cow and produces no milk.

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She makes content for a living not out of her love for the fashion, that is for sure. Her youtube channel is only her business, especially cringy is that she tries to be sooo nice and friendly with what she says and it looks fake as hell. As a lolita I do not like her at all, she has just a few dresses and some sponsored items, I think she is no longer into lolita that much but must keep appearances.

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I don’t like her

Her attempts to defend Kelly eden for the sake of being “nice” after that debacle really fucking annoying me. She just seems really fake, not genuine at all

I don’t understand why everyone loves her so much

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Her video on Shop In Wonderland (the Leigh's lolita store) was questionable too, she gave the frustratingly neutral view of "Well make your own mind up about whether you should shop there or not" instead of laying out the truth a little more clearly and explaining to people why it's a bad idea to shop there and support the owners.

I'm hoping her recent videos and involvement with Tyler will influence her a bit, the roast and toast videos are the best videos Lor's uploaded in a long time.

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I can’t stand her content any more, her coords are tacky and borderline ita now and her videos have the content equivalent of a prolonged shrug.

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And how she was being the more critical one during the roast and toast and seemed to really be holding herself back makes me think she might not be an ~uwu lovely lolita~

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Holly didn’t insert herself into that video. It was staged and it mirrored what happened in the documentary Lor was reacting to. Some of you are so focused on tearing other people down and trying to find something to pick on that you miss even the most obvious humor.

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what's with all the thread copying these days. just because someone made a thread about 1 brand or 1 youtuber, doesnt mean we need threads for all brands and youtubers at the same time.

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I don't like her "fixing coords" series. She is not a good dresser and she is too concearned about being nice and not hurting people's feelings to actually give good advice.
Having said that, I like the "roast and toast" series with Tyler. Mostly because Tyler trying to be mean without a script is adorable.

I have a huge respect towards Lor for what she is doing for the community. I think that teaching self-confidence and love towards the fashion is an important thing. And I like her instagram pictures because she clearly enjoys fashion and her life and that inspires me and lifts my spirits.

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Hoo boy, do I have opinions on Lor. I find her videos so cringy lately - as people have already said, it's weird that she has Holly in there all the time. Holly isn't a lolita, she has nothing to add. It just feels like that one couple that's in the forever honeymoon phase; like, we get it, Lor. You're happy. I'm happy for her. But can we get back to actual content?

And yes, I think she's too nice. We don't need another Tyler on YT, but Lor could afford to give stricter advice to her followers.

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Agree with all of the above but not sure about her "loving fashion". With lolita, it feels like she only wears it for videos or cons these days. Does she even like Lolita for herself anymore?

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>We don't need another Tyler on YT, but Lor could afford to give stricter advice to her followers.

I think it's better for everyone, but especially the person submitting, if Lor gives more strict and honest advice. Newbies surely watch videos like that looking for inspiration and guidance, and she's bringing neither.

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This. She isn’t ‘into’ lolita fashion enough to really make interesting content for the whole community. I more see her as a ‘you-tuber who happens to wear lolita’, not as someone to follow for good lolita content.

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I agree. She has a following because of jumping on trends such as react videos and gf videos, having a personality people respond to, and uploading consistently. Anyone with more than a passing interest in lolita knows her taste is tacky and her makeup would be better suited for a drag queen.

That being said, she seems relatively drama free and I don't think she's a bad representation of lolita to people that might just stumble upon her videos.

I am surprised her coords aren't better than they are though. I feel like becoming relatively known on social media gives people a huge ego boost and prevents them from wanting to take criticism.

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I've been watching her videos for a while now and her content is just getting kinda of boring. I agree with the whole "youtuber who happens to wear lolita" thing, do you have any other lolita youtubers that are actually good?

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She either made the thread herself or some new person doesn't know we have youtube threads instead of this

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I like her recent videos and I enjoy the humor, but two things that have already been mentioned bother me. Her neutral stance on Leigh's shop and Kelly Eden when there was a clear moral stance on both, and her coordinating skills, specifically her poor choice of wigs and sometimes unflattering makeup.
I also wish she would have other lolitas chime in with coordinate help, as I agree with you guys on her not really knowing any other style well other than sweet.
I do hope she keeps working and producing videos, and further honing her skills. She is needed in the community not necessarily as a teacher figure or pro lolita figure (lol) but as someone who enjoys the fashion and shows a slice of their take on it to the community.

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I really like Lor. I find myself re-watching her old videos fairy often.

I get a little annoyed at the too much Holly but I think Holly has helped improve her makeup a bit? Unfortunately her coord fixing videos are hit and miss.

>Girl says she thinks her ugly doc boots dont go with super sweet dress

> Lor: " I think this coord is absolutely perfect!"

I love that she doesn't buy into the salt and drama but there is also a line to how over the top sweet you can be to people who are legitimately asking for improvement.

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I also want to add that I feel very uncomfortable about her making a lolita black history month special. I feel this is more of a pedestal for her and her YT viewership than really about the black lolitas. While I think her intention about it is good, something about a white woman using black people to increase her popularity doesn't settle right with me.

>> No.10102882

I see your perspective, but on the flip side, the world is always asking influential white people to use their voices to showcase marginalized groups. Everything Lor does is, ultimately, for subscribers. Is this really the worst thing she could do?

TLDR if she’s not speaking for black Lolitas but just promoting them, I don’t see any harm.

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I'm hoping that's what she does and not turn around and make it all about her. However, white women do this. White women come into black spaces, project their concerns and claim they'll voice for them and then completely ignore the real issue at hand, make it about themselves or making it seems she did them a favor and they owe her. It's just my perspective as a POC in different work fields I have been in and what I see in social media.

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I don't trust people who like Kelly Eden.

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Lwln and Tyler are the only one different and Rip deerstalker, they were great

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She posted a video today and eluded to the second day of the con she was reviewing being a horror show. Anyone know the tea?

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She is going to make a video about it why not wait for her to tell you?

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desu, only Texas lolitas care about the Leigh's. They're your problem and the Texas comm is full of drama. Lor did the right thing with basically saying "You decide if you care about what a bunch of spergs think is right or wrong".

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Only Texas lolitas care about the Leigh's. They're your problem and the Texas comm is full of drama. Lor did the right thing with basically saying "You decide if you care about what a bunch of spergs think is right or wrong".

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Because she's probably going to give us a watered down YouTube friendly version, whereas a gull will fill in all the details.

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Lors videos are literally all ads and sponsored content, I've also always thought she was really ugly and had terrible coords. And every photo she takes with her girlfriend in lolita looks forced and awkward as hell.

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Probably talking about one of the convention organizers. He's an absolute creep and makes all the girls feel uncomfortable.

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She got an AP dress from zenn market that she sold a couple of days later after the promo video was up, if she was not just in making cash she would have bought something she wanted for her wardrobe with the 100 $ she received from zenn.

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Is there any lolita youtuber that cgl does not hate?

I don’t watch her videos nor have opinion, but I have to admit it’s hard to please lolita audience. You need thick skin for all that shit you get. We have extremely high expectations for every notable person in the scene

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CGL seems to be fine with all the small and forgettable ones.

>> No.10105046

cgl is not a hivemind so no, there probably isn't a lolita youtuber that 100% of cgl likes.

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I think what really rubbed me the wrong way about Lor was how she sugar-coated the absolute shit show that was Cakes and Couture in Florida in 2017. She did mention that a lot of things weren't well organised, but her video ended with her almost giving the organisers a pat on the back for doing?? Nothing??? She mentioned flaws and then at the end just sort of brushed them off as though everything was fine and OK.

I like her but I wish she'd tell the truth about shitty stuff instead of being so worried about upsetting people.

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I don't think she is worried about upsetting people, she thinks with this attitude she is getting more sponsors

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>expecting /cgl to 100% agree on any one thing
how new are you?

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Such is the nature of being any type of public figure. Not everyone is going to like you and that's just life.

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Part 2 of G-anime is up.

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Oooooh boy, I sure hope Tyler goes out and says something about her experience because I'm dying to hear someone with a more honest mouth sink her teeth into this sissy con-chair person.

Otherwise I think Lor did a splendid job of adapting herself to this serious format. If she had just gone ranting she would have been a crying clown, and I try to say that kindly. The scripted outline which kept her on track made that very long video worth watching. I also appreciate the insight that her girlfriend is more or less a romantic camera assistant. Stay lovely!

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As usual Taylor says nothing clear

>> No.10106210

As usual Lor says nothing clear

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I respect her decision to overall let people speak for themselves if they want to. However, if you read between the lines there's got to be so much more to the story. The con chair being rude and making fun of a guests work is upsetting, but she's on the verge of tears at the end. I think he must have said and did much worse, most likely to the friend who talked to him one on one.

>> No.10106246

This. Although a little vague in places she didn't descend into rumour and gossip. It was a nice, sensible way to put her story across.

And anon's right, there must be more going on there. Considering she's been doing cons for a while now something really bad must of happened/been said for her to post that.

>> No.10106248

Yeah, not to mention how frantic she got when Tyler slept in/when she left before Tyler's flight. I don't think she'd worry that much if the worst case scenario was the con chair saying something rude.

>> No.10106251

She should have just said what bothered her and not hinting that the creep did something to someone, if Tyler or the other girl want to speak about what happened to them they should but Lor should have mentioned only her stuff and not saying anything about the other two girls at all.

>> No.10106254

I went to G-Anime and I know of the con chair. I saw him dragging a girl on the floor in the dealers room... so there's that. She was laughing, but it looked more like a "laughing it off" type scenerio. It made a whole scene. She looked like she just got up and walked away after that.

>> No.10106258

Maybe, but for what its worth she said both girls gave their permission to be mentioned in the video. At least she's doing her due diligence in that respect.

>> No.10106294

Telling half the story and being overly dramatic. It'd be nice to know what actually happened.

>> No.10106295

In this video, she mentioned other cons have been just awful too and it's contributing to her not wanting to do cons anymore. Does anyone know which ones she might be referring to or other ones she's been to? She only said OniCon was really good.

>> No.10106305

This was a big oof. I understand not wanting to incite a witch hunt or anything, but if the guy's a menace I wanna see someone name some names. She's very visibly rattled even recounting this shit so I'm wondering what more there is to this.

>> No.10106307

My best guess is sexual assault or something. Kind of creepy he wants to be "1 on 1" with these girls

>> No.10106311

Lor's fucking meltdown was so autistic. Is this how most lolitas act irl? Her weird fear of Taylor not going to understand she wasn't trying to bring her into this and having a panic attack at the hotel where she unloaded on fans was so fucking weird. Taylor can most certainly take care of herself.

>> No.10106313

i was hoping someone here would have more answers...i understand being sensitive, i cry at any kind of confrontation, but she seems so upset there has to be something else. especially how worried she is about tyler's whereabouts. i hope tyler says something about her experience and someone comes out to name and shame. attackers shouldn't be protected.

>> No.10106317

I hope Tyler or Ditto makes some kind of clarification on what happened. I appreciate Lor not telling someone else's story without permission, because it must be pretty bad.
The con chair wanting to get Tyler to do more work than necessary would have been annoying, and not being able to find Tyler on Sunday and wondering if she's with the con chair would be ANNOYING, not panic attack inducing. The con chair did something really bad or this wouldn't be a video.

>> No.10106319

She says that she had Ditto's permision to talk about it.

I do not think Tyler was in any danger she was with her boyfriend and desu I think Lor was not that concerned in the first place, if I would have had a friend in real danger I would have stayed those 6 hours with her until she would be safe on the plane.

>> No.10106320

I know this guy and apparently he attempted to assault a girl in our comm.

>> No.10106321

Absolutely. Lor seems undoubtedly sweet. She puts her heart into what she does, but her kindness is also sort of a vulnerability, which I really hate to say. I hate conflict, I hate coming off as abrasive, but you just have to put yourself first sometimes. If you're a sweetheart unfortunately some people will take that as an excuse to take advantage of you and see how far they can go with it. What really killed me was the part where the guy undermined her work. Like, how dare such a worthless person have the nerve to tell someone else what they do doesn't matter.

>> No.10106328

Also should add, I have many mutual friends with his guy who have described him as "unhinged" or "creepy". I understand being sceptical about this situation, but Lor has no reason to lie, and a lot of girls have come forward about this guys bad behaviour.

I don't know if he attempted to assault lor but I know for a fact this dude has a thing for lolitas. I don't know if he's a sissy or what but he actively preys on us and sees the fashion as sexual. Basically he's just another creep who wants to fuck a lolita. what's new?

>> No.10106335

Someone should complain about his behaviour.

>> No.10106339

We're doing so currently. It wasn't as bad last year, and I think some girls were scared to come forward, which is why nothings really happened yet. Plus this year he ran a lot of lolita stuff, which seemed like a blessing, but now it seems like he did so to get more lolitas to come so he could...i dunno, try it. We will have to see what happens.

>> No.10106345 [DELETED] 

He started harassing me less when I dropped wearing lolita so yeah that makes sense.

>> No.10106346

He started harassing me less when I stopped wearing lolita so yeah that makes sense.

>> No.10106347

If you read her description of the project she says she's only going to appear in the beginning of the video to introduce the topic and the rest will be various clips of black lolitas talking about their experiences.

>> No.10106348

I think lor is only doing this to promote them on her platform. she's using her voice to get minority voices out there, which is kind of her.

>> No.10106361

To put this in perspective Tyler is a foreigner, she doesn’t live there or know anyone and is really not able to remove herself from the con area especially with the bad weather. I can understand the worry here after you been told something happened with a friend the night before.

Lor said she was 6 hours from the con, not that Tyler waited 6 hours. Anyways that isn’t how the world works, she was driven to the con by someone and they need to go home. You can’t force 4 other people to skip work because some dude is being creepy to a girl. Tyler has her bf and it wasn’t like big danger just gross comments and awkwardness. In this case I think the guilt is from the fact that Lor suggested the con and it was a bad time for Tyler.

>> No.10106381

I'm pretty sure Tyler is making a video about it. At least she alluded to it on patreon.

>> No.10106389

...."irl"? have you not met a lolita before? gtfo normie

>> No.10106391

Lone lolita, not normie.
Post the patreon post here? It's titled "hoo boy do I have a whopper for you" and it sounds good.

>> No.10106439

if you don't act like this, then you can assume you're not the only one. Just because lor is "whiny" doesn't mean we all are. Generalizing things does nothing besides make you dumber.

>> No.10106454

Ok I've known this con for years, in the past the con chair has had a bad rep in the past for being kind of a dick to anglophones (primarily english speaking people) but this year is the first time I've heard of him actually being "creepy" or assaulting people. I felt fortunate we got such amazing fashion guests from him but I do want to hear more. Hopefully ditto will speak up about this?

>> No.10106478

Yes, but her fans just accepted it and apparently the lolitas on staff didn't do much about the con head either. Also, if an e-celeb broke down in front of me and unloaded, I'd be weirded out and uncomfortable.

>> No.10106500

Luc Biron is a disgusting person. He has harassed me and other Quebec lolita fashion members for years, and has cornered many women asking us to be his girlfriend or confessing his love. I am so glad Lor has said something about it.

>> No.10106501

How old Lor again?

>> No.10106509

28 or 29, I can't remember

>> No.10106531

I think she's clearly avoiding the whole "hearsay" issue that people whine about.

>> No.10106576

>if an e-celeb broke down in front of me and unloaded, I'd be weirded out and uncomfortable
That just implies you lack empathy, sorry to say. "E-celebs" are people first, and if Lor or someone else like her broke down in front of me for any reason I'd at least try to soothe them and ask how I could help. You have my condolences if you're always uncomfortable when witnessing someone expressing an emotion other than apathy.

>> No.10106626

Nayrt but it does depend on what the person is upset about. If she’s freaking out because she thinks her friend has been dragged off by a sex pest then hell yes I’d be sympathetic, but if she were screaming and crying about pronoun use like she did earlier on in the video I’d be very uncomfortable and probably looking for a way out myself.

>> No.10106678

That has nothing to do with what I said. Don't generalize based on anecdotal evidence.

>> No.10106746

I'm not gonna say who I am or go into detail, other than I was only a no-name attendee

Chair Sissy is a fucking sexual predator and shouldn't be allowed around young women

>> No.10106747

Chair Sissy should be openly and widely named and shamed then. John Leigh deserved it and more, so does this guy.

>> No.10106750

Yeah I saw happened to Tyler when she called out a sexual predator, and I don't have a fan following to support me; I don't need to get taken to court and sued into homelessness by this piece of shit

>> No.10106764

I highly doubt he'd have a case at all, especially since apparently many people are aware of his behavior. I'm not saying you personally should call him out and start a movement entirely on your own, but it shouldn't shouldn't be tolerated. Tolerating this shit just means he gets to do it to more people.

>> No.10106767

Whistleblow to Tyler. I'm not even kidding.

>> No.10107098

Anyone else got pretty much nothing concrete from this video other than "reeee prounouns" "reee water" "ree walking" and something something someone is a creep for some reason i won't say?

She didn't even clearly explain her conversation with the con chair besides some vague details. There were no actual quotes? What exactly did he "imply"? He wasn't even being a creep to her? Not defending this con chair at all but her info is so watered down that it doesn't really say much of anything.

>> No.10107109

I mean I understand what you’re trying to say and I wanna know what was clearly said too, but like she was almost broken down in tears at the video. It was very hard for her to say what she did when she was talking about him insulting her work. It just must have been hard. The other stuff was easier to say because she was ticked off/angry but the rest of it just really hurt her a little deeper.

If I was her I wouldn’t want to repeat it either.

>> No.10107115

With all the lolitas not coming out with anything to say and just being emotional and eluding to things, I think I have the right to judge. There's a local community involved in this plus the fashion show and they're just silent. Probably only Tyler is going to say anything else.

>> No.10107128

While I don't deny that he could have been being a creep, she should have talked to him regardless. that's kinda as if the head manager of your company came down and wanted to speak.. she kept putting it off, so it might have annoyed him because he had been trying to talk to her to begin with and she was acting like a child trying to avoid it.

>> No.10107135

He was pretty obviously trying to get her alone and in a situation he could easily intimidate her where no witnesses are around. He could’ve easily contacted her via her business email or in a group setting among other staff but he made a big deal of wanting more personal contact details she wasn’t comfortable sharing with him. I wouldn’t go off alone to talk to anyone with a well known lolita fetish either, especially after he publicly spoke to Tyler at a panel about how she/her style of dress is popular with sissies, let alone give him contact details or add him on social media as he was clearly expecting.

Bottom line is he made Lor feel unsafe and followed her around the con only to ultimately criticise and devalue her work. There is literally no professional discussion that he couldn’t have had with her in public or in a group setting.

>> No.10107152

are you not involved in the local community? We're taking action, and our mods have reported him and are talking to g-anime staff.
Also this has nothing to do with what i said again, work on your reading comprehension.

>> No.10107153

His name is in the thread. It's this comment. >>10106500
I'd like Lor to name and shame, but most of the people who matter already know who the con chair of g-anime is.

>> No.10107154

What kind of work are you in where it would be professional for your manager to badger you for personal contact information? Whether it’s to discuss legitimate business concerns Is irrelevant at that point. It’s also pretty clear that he wasn’t pursuing her personal info for strictly professional reasons.

>> No.10107170

ive staffed and the conchair was completely out of line. he isnt the head manager of the company, he's CEO. he has people he should have sent after her. its very clear that he didnt have good intentions

>> No.10107174

>work on ur reading comprehension
How about you work on yours?

Then why is there no one else talking about it? You're all silent on his obvious abuse. Tyler is obviously the only reliable one outside of Lor and is going to speak for you. I don't feel like a foreigner should be speaking on behalf of your local community and the fashion show that was apart of g-anime.

>> No.10107247

>she should have talked to him
Oh yeah no, she should have gone alone with him so he could grope her too, fucking genius
Definitely always go alone with men who keep trying to isolate you after sexually harassing other women in front of a fucking crowd, those dudes are super well adjusted

>> No.10107248

Well ok, his name was posted here and people know of him and his behavior. And? What else is being done about this? Are "the people who matter" doing anything about it or are they just sitting on their asses knowing the guy is an asshole and a possible sexual predator, and doing nothing?
I understand that something like this is difficult to bring up to the surface but someone (Lor) just did, and it's frustrating to see locals responding to her experiences with
>oh yeah I've known him for years he's a weirdo
If you've known that he's a weirdo for years, why is nothing being done about this?
I'm not complaining about you personally not doing anything btw, just sharing a thought. I hope the communities in Quebec and the con staff do something about this shit because it's unacceptable.

>> No.10107251

Not them but are you ever a girl?
How do you not know that men get away with this and worse all the time?
Predators stay in power because they know the right people.
This asshole knows other assholes higher up than him who like to do the same thing, just like in the United States government
The problem is /always/ higher up than it looks, Chair Sissy is a symptom, not the disease

>> No.10107252

I am a girl, but maybe I'm just naive because,
>just like in the United States government
I don't think it's that deep, at least not in this case. He's the chair of a small, badly managed con in Quebec, not the US president.

>> No.10107361

The point is that men stay in power, whether that's the chair of a shitty con or the head of a country, because there are other shitty men supporting them who silence the women who try to speak out against them.

Anon is saying he is the result of this system, not the creator of it.

>> No.10107459

Not to mention he is a disgusting sissy ita

>> No.10107470

I don't know exactly what's happening, but I know local Mods have been made aware and we're trying to get him banned
My voice has very little power here but many people who can make a change are talking to g anime staff and doing their best.
I understand where youre coming from. I'm also angry at anyone who was a bystander in this and I completely agree that it's likely many con organizers were aware. I understand your anger, hopefully we can make a change. I will be boycotting this convention and many other lolitas are too.
I'm only now really hearing about this-- I knew he was a bit unhinged, but none of the victims have come forward until now (and it's not their fault they've said nothing, as an assault victim myself I can understand the pain and how it's hard to be brave. I'm just glad they are okay).

>> No.10107472

What did I misread?

I think a lot of people knew he was a weirdo, but a lot of us didn't know he was a predator. A lot of this is just coming to light for us. Knowing a guy is awkward=/=knowing a guy is sexually harassing girls. I know a couple girls who know about it because they've been victims themselves and coming forward about sexual assault in a time where you're almost always accused of lying is really hard.

>> No.10107474

Again , I'm personally only just finding out, a lot of girls are also coming forward thanks to Lor's bravery.

>> No.10107481

I think in a lot of these situations people see a weirdo being weird once and think maybe it's a one off. Maybe I remembered it wrong, or else someone else would have said something. Don't want to start a witch hunt. And then you get loads of people all individually thinking this and when someone says something everyone realises it's not a one off, it wasn't just them, they didn't overreact or exaggerate, and then things get done.

>> No.10107557

This, fucking this, a million times this

>> No.10107614

There's a barrage of stories in the comments of the video now including from the fashion masquerade director, coordinators, vendors, other guests and attendees. This guy has been at it forever.

>> No.10107884
File: 34 KB, 540x960, 52532801_2081596951932320_5506581693370204160_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10107928

Oh dang for real?

>> No.10107929 [DELETED] 

Any hot women, I’m a doctor call or text me, I’m very handsome

>> No.10107932

Go away, Sissy.

>> No.10107975

Fantastic! Glad this ended well at least.

>> No.10107986

Shes ugly, so her make up is actually pretty good

>> No.10107993


I miss deerstalker

>> No.10108598

Then something BAD happened
Hopefully we’ll get the full deets soon.
What a crazy way to end your career.

>> No.10108603


What's crazy is that he had a career to begin with. But a lot of men are scum. I work in an industry that's supposed to be upstanding and blah blah blah but I can tell you a lot of my colleagues are pure scum. I used to be one of those 'uwu we should be all equal feminism is bad' but now i'm starting to see their side. Fuck men.

>> No.10108684

I don’t like to generalize but I think it’s more a power thing. Once someone’s ego inflates to the point of “I can do anything” ethics and morality go right out the window.
Still, I hope the guy burns.

>> No.10108702

Drama aside, I will say I do think Lor’s wigs look bad.

>> No.10108714

Yikes this is a bad take

>> No.10108715

I don't think the guy needs to burn, but he has to do some soul searching. He didn't rape or assault anyone, he was just rude and creepy and abused his power to corner people and make them unhappy.

That's not criminal, but it is scummy. It's also behavior you can fix. It's important that people like Lor come out with their stories so behavior gets fixed, either before something happens or as soon as it does (and before it gets worse).

If all we do is demonize eternally and without consideration for the extent of bad behavior, then there's no reason for anyone to consider improvement.

>> No.10108719
File: 30 KB, 500x269, stfu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no her makeup still sucks.
you can be ugly and bad at makeup at the same time, anon.

>> No.10108774

Any pics?

>> No.10108783

She looks younger with no makeup at all, the weird makeup is of no advantage to her

>> No.10108919

Supercarly64, duh.
>RIP Lashy-chan

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