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Redpill me on Vic in general at conventions. I already know the straw that got him fired turned out to be a fabrication, but all recent drama aside, ive heard rumors he's done shit in the past as well. I've been a Vic shill for awhile even before this Happening, but i rather shill the truth instead.

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I don't think he's molested anyone, and don't know if the allegations regarding sex/similar to that are true. He's definitely kissed preteens and teenage girls though. Just look at old social media posts. Gleefully kissing a 13 year old at age 50 is incredibly sketchy and fire-worthy, but not lawsuit worthy. He's also kissed women and girls without consent.

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depends on the location. that kind of thing will always have a degree of sus and i dont excuse it, but there's a huge difference between a kiss on the side of the head, cheek, forehead, I'm-not-gonna-go-there, etc.

>He's also kissed women and girls without consent.
That's not good. can you elaborate on this?

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Check the archive

The gist of it is that he's a creepy old man, but he hasn't molested anyone afaik. We finally reached critical mass with the Vic stories, I guess, people started making shit up, and this created a whiplash effect where you got blind whiteknights saying he never did anything wrong. Which isn't true, the man has been banned from certain conventions due to his own bullshit.

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That's "vic mignogna" btw, sometimes called Mangina. That should help with the search.

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This saga has been going on for almost 15 years, so you could probably burn an entire day reading all of the archived faggotry.
This is probably the only time that I'd recommend Encyclopedia Dramatica for anything. It has a decent outline of everything without wasting hours on his stupid shit.

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My hot take: it doesn’t even matter if he’s raped or molested anyone or not. The shit he does at cons is ridiculously unprofessional and has never reflected well of FUNi, and why even if I buy their DVDs I refuse to watch the dubs. Since 2017 his only relevant roles have been Rohan and Broly and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were getting sick of him, too. What they did was just the easiest way to dump his ass with minimal PR. They should’ve done it years ago, honestly.

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> I already know the straw that got him fired turned out to be a fabrication

Elaborate, what specific accusation got him fired? What was the fabrication?

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He's kissed countless teenage girls, assaulted at least one voice actress, been a huge fucking nuisance to other VAs and convention staff, and tounged the ear of a 15 year old when he was 26, showing there's a long-running pattern to this behaviour.

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He's an asshole. He's manipulated using his power, *possibly* assaulted.
He's no rapist though. Hope the law doesn't get involved for this bs

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The hand in hair thing? Does that really count as assault?
>tongued the ear of 15 yr old

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Have you never had someone grab a fist of your hair so you can't move you head? Just go ahead and try it out on yourself. That is a solid yes on assault. Imagine if some random stranger did it to you instead of a big name VA you're scared of for other reasons like losing your job, you'd be terrified and it hurts.

And yes, a new woman came forward yesterday.

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I remember a few years back someone made a gif of him with his fans. Does anyone have that?

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He was a guest at a convention in palm dale California 15 years ago. He had a pair of jeans with a costom paint job of full metal alchemist on them. Some fan girls asked for his autograph and he just stripped his pants and gave them to them, spent the better part of 3 hours with no pants on.

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>All the SJWs and MeToo fags are siding with Monica and the victims
>Everyone else is siding with Vic
>TFW I don't give a fuck because it involves English dub VAs

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this account looks fishy as heck

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Not tryna smear her but are there any stories about him NOT written by raging leftist activists? It would give more credibility if there were someone not crazy about metoo or feminism.

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>>TFW I don't give a fuck
Yet you posted.

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Its official. Vic has been cancelled from Funimation for good. Ding dong the witch is dead.

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Ah finally, the evil is defeated.
Time to watch the babies that defended him cry kek

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muh diversity
muh English

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I remember at an anime convention several years ago I was really tired but we didn't have a room so I crawled under this table to go to sleep. From what I heard later Vic came out of this room with a gaggle of fans and sits at the very same table to start signing autographs. When he stuck his feet under the table he kicked me hard in the side and woke me up. I guess he realized someone was under there but when I tried to crawl out he casually stuck his hand under the table and in motions that to this day confound me at their clarity in sign he told me to lay back down and continue my nap. Something in my mind told me I should listen to this friendly stranger and to my surprise he removed his boots and began to give me a back massage to rival all back massages with his very skilled feet. I slept for god knows how long and I woke up feeling more rested and alive than ever before. When it was all over I dropped a fiver in his boot and he disappeared into the crowd. I'll never forget his kindness.

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>you'd be terrified
No, I would be angry. Why would I be terrified?

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>tfw you've been in this fucked up hobby for so long that you actually saw Vic's very first foray into an AIM chatroom set up by the Hagaren LJ to pissing off enough people to get kicked from Funimation

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young female anime fans aren't exactly the typical right winger.

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Didn't happen lol

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I am so happy for Funimation. Vic can go kill himself. He has repent all he wants but he will never be forgiven.

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Vic did nothing wrong.

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Sorry guess that's the difference of fight or flight. You are a fight, I'm a flight and if I can flight that equals terror.

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So you agree it's bad. Cool, nobody cares if you'd be angry instead of scared.

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Typo. If I can't

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Surely there are some apolitical ones. All these kickvics have been shrieking radfem types.

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And nothing of value was lost

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>Not expecting victims of assault to flock to a community that actively campaigns for assault victims
It's almost as if people's past experiences color their current choices or something
Good riddance to Vic though, he's a terrible VA and has the same voice for everything. Shit gets old.

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>Vic can go kill himself.
That's the only way this can get any better. I hope he does.

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Getting kissed or hugged or even hair-grabbed like the one girl shouldn’t color your entire fucking life though and turn you into a twitter radfem like these people. It’s not like they were raped or even molested. There’s gotta be a sane person not into the metoo bs that has been affected.

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Many women experience more than one sexual assault in their lifetimes.

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You should kill yourself first Monica

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>Thinking this sort of thing only ever happens once

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Not Monica, but I'd definitely pick her over that middle aged pervert.

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So the only reason people have to support his termination are not because of the recent allegation that were proven fake but rumors that he did creepy things in the past?

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>recent allegation that were proven fake
>(citation needed)
>sticking up for Vic in the year 2019

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I'm not sticking up for anybody, I'm just not going to trust sole witness allegations without some form of confirmation.

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Consider this for a second.
I believe the others because Vic touched me without permission, invitation or request of any sort. My friends saw me being touched without permission. We know 100% beyond a doubt that it does happen because of first hand experience.
This has been going on for way too long so how many other people are like us and supporting because we know it does happen? A lot.
There wasn't just one recent allegation, there were a dozen fresh ones at least. People who thought it was a one off thing until they saw others coming forward and realized it's a pattern of behavior.

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Multiple assault? Uh huh

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Faggots who keep fueling the fire by saying "b-but where's your proof?" are either people who have never been a part of the con scene or the underage fans themselves who don't realize that it's not normal for a middle aged man to be kissing you, even if you are a fan.

Living in Texas and being in the con scene and on /cgl/ for the past 6~ years, this has always been an issue that was never brought to a head because there was never just "one thing" that he did, it was his behavior in general. He's unprofessional enough to be banned from cons, other voice actors have shit talked him for years, there are endless stories about him doing and saying questionable things towards minors, but he was kept around because he wasn't really "bad enough" to be dropped from a studio that relies on him.

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wow i can't believe vic said this. i'm shaking and crying rn

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I'm confused, do you not think this is the case? The definition of sexual assault includes things like unwanted kissing/groping etc. Plenty of women will experience this more than once.

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The people defending Vic wouldn't accept any evidence even if hard physical proof was tossed out by the boat load. Recorded video? Doctored to be taken out of context! Photos? Proves nothing! Legal documents from Funimation's internal review? A conspiracy by the other VA's to take his money! Boy it must be rough to not understand that the court of public opinion doesn't play by the rules of the actual legal system

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Where are the legal documents?

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HR or whoever at Funimation probably keeps records for reviews/terminations like most companies do, but don't have to disclose them to anyone unless something goes to court

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>Legal documents

Nigga please. That wouldn't be enough, either.
>She's faking her testimony for attention
>The other witnesses are just jealous of Vic

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Whatever you say nigger, only other crazy people believe crazy people would deny legal proof
No shit, but that anon implied they were out somewhere

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Vic's never violated the law but his behavior as a public entity was a bad look for the organizations he worked for. It's just good business. Hopefully if his contracts were worth the papers they were written on, he'll keep collecting royalties and move on to commercial voiceover or some shit.

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Feminists are nothing more than an angry horde that descend onto others in order to attempt to ruin people's lives. There is zero positivity or good intentions behind them. It's just a modern day witch hunting cult. If you are a part of it then you deserve all of the unhappiness that your terrible life no doubt possesses.

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I recalled when he had his underage fans were in his hotel room at A-kon 6 or 7 years back for a party. I doubt they did anything sexual but speculated that they might have drinked

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If Vic's not a bitchass like you, he'll bounce back.

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i'm glad he's taking it in stride

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>I'm an underage faggot that's defending a random sixty year old man with bedazzled pants because muh feminist boogeyman

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>a thorough unbiased interns investigation lasting a week
But this is pretty weird

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He flirted with a 5 year old dressed as wonder woman and is known for kissing underaged girls, I think that sums it up.

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They've known about his shit for a long time, they just never acted on it.

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Thank god.
Also this.

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>26 years old at the time
>not wanting some of that prime Filet Mignogna
Lol, what a loser.

Also, if you don't wanna fuck a man, maybe don't go to his house.

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>a very very tasteless joke
I’m sorry but no

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I think Vic's gotten his own hate by being openly Christian and pretty anti-LGBT. Everyone who's hating him is some fucking sjw type or a VA who's proven to be plotting in discord servers. I think it's pretty obvious who's been behind all the shitty "Vic molested me and raped me" posts here.

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it would be funnier if the journey was more particular to just him, but unfortunately many other trappings come along with...

thats their point, anon. right now the sampling pool of examples is overrepresented with people whos other world views lean towards...problematic understanding of facts.

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Keep sucking Vic's dick, I'm sure everyone won't think he's a pedophile if you keep sucking it hard enough and pretending to not be under aged.

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You know the status of every single person who spoke out against Vic. Odd. I'm a Christian and I shared my story about his roaming hands. Strange you missed me in your full and complete record of every person who spoke up.

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You know, despite everything, Vic is a very smart guy. There's no way he didn't know what he was doing was creepy or non-conventional. I gotta hand it to him, doing good stuff and gray-area behaviors all this while. He knows the rules well and has run an act that skirts on the edge. I don't think he's ever done anything that is undeniably grave and criminal. He has been incredibly consistent, if anything, to the point that stories of his behavior are normalized laughingstock content. The creepy hands stuff and staff abuse won't stick in a court of law and the best outcome is that he is socially outcast for at least the rest of the year and him having to get another career.

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Ok, I need some evidence of this claim.

>> No.10103128


I have no reason to doubt your story.

But a pattern of behavior observed is not evidence of the kind of escalation people are insisting on when they also have no evidence. Thousands could (and probably do) support exactly your story and pattern of behavior description, but even if its hundreds of thousands doesn't mean for a second that anything other than the observed behavior is what it represents without some proof.

Thats like saying it must be true Obama is Muslim just because enough people observe his behavior and decided it wasn't "christian enough."


yes, but more than one thing can be true at once. Vic's credit score has been damaged long before this outburst by just his own bad behavior.

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I don't even like Vic, so nice try. He's just the guy who voiced Edward Elric and dubs aren't good.
Proof? Or do you mean the doctored screenshots, Monica?
Odd. You seem to know every single person who's spoken up. Strange you missed that an anon's "story" on a shitposting website means jackshit. You must be new here.

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But if enough people observe behaviour they don't like, then they have a right not to work with him. He's not going to jail, and he can't, because as far as the public knows, there's no substantial evidence. But Funi and cons don't need evidence to not invite him back. As many have already been doing for years.

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God, just shut up already. Nobody gives a shit. Go be confrontational somewhere else.

>> No.10103140

>get called out
Oh no! Be confwontational elsewhere! Proof hurts me!

>> No.10103142

Does anyone have hilarious/creepy Vic stories to tell? I've always gotten a laugh out of them since 2006

>> No.10103143

Ahh Vic. I remember back in 2004 when he bought me a drink at the bar and asked me back to his hotel room, only I was 17 at the time and smart enough to refuse both.

I've never seen any actual evidence of him molesting anyone, most of the pedo bait he goes for tends to at least consent because lolstarstruck

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Let me get this straight
>Vic has sexually assaulted tons of women
>Vic has raped tons of women
>Vic has done this to underaged girls
>This has been going on for 10+ years

And NO ONE has ever said anything or got the cops involved in this 10 year time span? Really??
How can anyone involved in the anime community seriously live with themselves knowing that they actively knew that Vic was doing this shit for such a long time, but never said anything earlier which could have prevented alleged victims?
How can these people act like they're doing a good thing right now and be so virtuous on their soapbox when they actively let people get allegedly harmed? This situation is so shady.

Sure Vic is big in anime community, buy he doesn't have the clout or power like Weinstein to get away this kind of shit.
I have no doubt this guy is a creep, a perv, a manipulator or whatever kind of scum other rumors there are.
However this is really going too far.

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I remember this one time Vic showed me the gun he carried around because he's a conservative Christian. I have no idea how he got it into the convention, but it scared the hell out of us. I was only 16 then and he creeped me out. He took two teens back to his room after that. Definitely starstruck.

>> No.10103149

The anime community suffers from the other end of the size spectrum, it is a relatively small and niche industry where gossip travels fast and opportunities are limited. Most people can't really break away and make a clean start in the same line of work for anime and the general consensus/mentality is that you don't want to rock the boat and you want to keep guests/things cheery and peachy on the outside. A lot of people in the industry from top to bottom are in it because they love anime and asking them to spill and change careers is usually a less preferred option, even if they're volunteers or working near minimum wage.
I don't work in the industry but I do work with them at times, and I cannot comment on this whole mess in any social media account because it'd only take one higher-up person to bar me from future opportunities.

>> No.10103151

He has an ED page for a reason man this has been known for the past 10 years and it's only now they're doing something about it.

Problem is if you consent then you cant charge for rape, even if he is a pedophile.

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When a man has a dedicated fanclub in a relatively small demographic, whom he told to squash any rumors that came up, it’s hard to speak up without getting shot down immediately. People have been discussing it for *years*, it just never stuck before.

Also, damn thread, no chill.

>> No.10103154


I don't think anyone reasonable is saying they can't decide to not work with him.

What is rightly tripping people up is if any of these decisions is based on the implication of something worse without evidence.

The places that to this point haven't invited him back due to past experiences alone, thats fine, more power to em.

The places that retract invitation or don't invite back now based only on the no-evidence claims of something worse than what is already known that just recently went viral in our little corner of the web, that's fucked up. Especially if absent this recent flare up, they would still have him. It smacks of duplicity.


that's what concerns me. if people in positions had worse stuff and sat on it.

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Doesn't change point.
Anyone who knew about it, but didn't speak up or go to the law is still responsible for not preventing further alleged victims.
Keeping status quo in the name of peace doesn't absolve you of the sin from allowing bad actions to continue.

>> No.10103160

Where’d you get this?

>> No.10103165

This is officially hilarious.

If true, hundreds of voice actors, directors, engineers, convention staff, etc did nothing. Absolutely not a damn thing. No charges, no investigation, nothing. That means all of the people who did nothing need to be lynched as well. They enabled the behavior, they ensured it continued, and no one had the backbone to say a word. The US dubbing industry dies for me today if that's the state of affairs.

In addition, Monica Rial has gone off the deep end. By going public she has invited the backlash and support since she's in the limelight, something she should know with her twenty or so years of work. So she's egging on every troll, thanking them for their comment, and threatening to sue them for harassment. In what world can you sue hundreds, if not thousands, of fans. Her backlash is going to get worse the more she does, it's not fucking rocket science. I always thought she was sweet, but I didn't know she was as dumb as rocks, too.

>> No.10103167

>I always thought she was sweet, but I didn't know she was as dumb as rocks, too.

well, ones judgement can get muddled in the face of addressing someone/thing that has wronged you.

>> No.10103168

Anyone going to Anime Matsuri to grill Vic VapoRubs or give him many unwanted hugs?

>> No.10103172

Someone on the farms posted it

>> No.10103173

The post was a parody, you idiot. God, you really are apart of Monica's discord smear group.

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>> No.10103176

>Monica Rial throws Vic under the bus to get his job at Funimation
>Monica Rial throws Vic under the bus to get his job at Rooster Teeth
>b-b-but muh rape accusations are literally always true and 4chan fanfiction that literally any anon can post

>> No.10103177

>I have no doubt this guy is a creep, a perv, a manipulator or whatever kind of scum other rumors there are.
And that's perfectly enough for any private company to decide to stop associating with him. He doesn't need to have raped anyone for them to decide he's a liability to their reputation.

>> No.10103188

No, not any escalation, I don't know where you're getting that. I believe he touched others that did not ask for it just like he did me. You're assuming escellation of more, but you're just projecting the hysterics you want to see on the group speaking up. Being handsy in a young fan group of many people that don't appreciate handsy is enough for a company to part ways with him. As it is not being fired as an anon pointed out before they are taken on by project to project basis and thus are not hired or fired in a traditional sense.

Unrelated sidenote, the hair grabbing thing there are 2 stories of now is a bit BDSM-ish. Why is it every guy I've ever know who is into that stuff is fiercely Christian? (I am too) just a funny thing I've noticed.

>> No.10103197

I've just heard about this guy and this story. Figured I'd thumb through what the consensus is on this guy. I said "I know what I'll do" >checks /cgl/ archive and reddit threads. Sure enough tons and tons of testimony about this guy.

And from what I gather. He's just an eccentric dude. Probably slightly autistic? No one has said anything about him that convinces me that he groped your ass or titties, or fingered you broads through your clothes. I know what this is. I see you /cgl/ you girls aren't absolved. You're a bunch of hens!! >:(

>> No.10103207

Tell someone i reserve my judgements because he is an extremely easy target due to him being in the lime light with anime fans.
Express to them that my opinion means nothing because I'm a 3rd party who has no connections to said person.
>get called a victim shamer
I wanted to beat the shit out of him.
Just because i dont jump on the bandwagon of hate doesn't mean i'm defending or accusing the alleged victims of lying.
It simply means that I have yet to run into enough information to validate an opinion one way or another.
ANN should of been shut the fuck down after they flamed this congoer as a sexual predator and it turned out to be false.
Everyone was giving the congoer shit and his reputation went in the bin.
They are fucking cancer.
tldr; unless you are involved parties its silly to make a judgement one way or another until more information comes to light

>> No.10103208

>no pants on at a con
>people wearing litteral scraps of clothing on a daily
why even type this

>> No.10103213

>Absolutely not a damn thing.
What are you talking about? Monica said she contacted Funimation execs years ago, but they never pushed him on it. Cons over the years like Anime Boston have banned him.
>That means all of the people who did nothing need to be lynched as well.
You're gonna have to exile yourself from society, since shit like this happens all the time everywhere, anon. You think everybody you see outside has a squeaky clean reputation?

>> No.10103215

I see anons are still butthurt he got fired kek

>> No.10103223

She contacted Funi? Alright, cool, but what about the cops? What about going to her peers?

But supposedly hundreds of stories and he was still initially scheduled for like nineteen conventions for 2019. Just cause Anime Boston did it doesn't make the other exempt. You totally missed my point.

Why should we accept this behavior from everyone in the business? We'll just have another Vic, or in theory, we have worse ones that exist now. It doesn't fix the problem at all.

>> No.10103224

At this point, most of the sane #istandwithvic guys left and got replaced with crazy Vic truthers who think they know more about the situation than people who know Vic.

>> No.10103227

>but what about the cops?
Who goes to the cops and says "Officer, my co-worker grabbed my ass?" What kind of mindset do you have where you think people go to the cops for every fucking thing? And she did go to her peers. Sabat and all the Okratron guys are corroborating her story. Did you read any post about the Vic situation outside of this thread?

>> No.10103229

#istandwithvic probably thinks Ted Bundy was innocent and got charged on doctored evidence.

>> No.10103241

Hi! I'm a poster from the 90s! Media has been poisoned for years! You realize that most pop culture has this shit right? It turns out in a medium where fame is a means to an end men (and I'm not trying to be some feminist type) can do stupid shit?

>> No.10103244

I love how you say “guys” implying it’s only men on his side. All women think the same right?

>> No.10103252

>I love how you say “guys” implying it’s only men on his side.
Or I used "guys" in a general sense, and your tinfoil head is stuck up your own ass. But whatever. Keep putting words in people's mouths.

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File: 195 KB, 720x720, B3D3D2E9-D03A-4ECA-9C63-B259DB0B0DAF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who says guys instead of people?

>> No.10103262

There have been rumors and creepy stories going on about Vic for going-on 2 decades and the stories I'm hearing today are the same ones I was hearing 15 years ago, and plenty have nothing to do with him being kinda creepy. At the height of the FMA fame, the Risembool Rangers were cult-tier in their neigh worship of him and he completely exploited that, acting like a prima donna toward others in the industry, con staff, and most of all his obsessive fans. It was his horrible behavior and attitude that made people come to dislike him and not want to interact with him.

I agree with this in that I doubt that he ever seriously assaulted anyone (idk about the minor sex claims, which are possible but, no proof), but he's been such an egotistical an asshole for so long and had also been irrelevant for so long that in the #metoo era we're in, when it rained, it poured.

I just watched the Quartering's video on it and I was really annoyed that he admits he knows nothing about this shit yet still has a hot take on the cosplay community and how Vic is a complete saint. People want to call this anime gate or whatever when Vic has been hated in the con scene for forever.

>> No.10103267

nayrt but are you just trying to fight or are you retarded?

>> No.10103272

Did none of them help her years ago?

>> No.10103278

I was honestly a bit confused with this whole drama thing. I’d seen him several times at conventions (maybe 8 or 9 years worth) starting when I was 14 with my friends. I’ve never really seen the behavior talked about here. Like, on the homophobic front, he started off pretty cringey but seemed to have gotten way better over time. Yeah, I did see him hug and kiss a lot of fans on the top of the head and stuff but it seemed like that was just the ones who chased him down across the hall and all but lunged at him. I wouldn’t paint him as intentionally predatory, but maybe ignorant to expected social norms. I know plenty of people in my hometown who hug and kiss people when they see them because it’s pretty customary, but other places I’ve lived, that would have been massively taboo. And from what I saw at a local convention, he did spend a good chunk of his life living near my hometown, so that could be part of the problem.

>> No.10103315

American VA was aways shit tier, with huge exceptions in some cartoons. Try the original japanese voices, or if you want God tier quality, try to find brazilian ones.

>> No.10103325


That's what seems strange to me. Maybe they're standing by her and liking anything associated to survivors to make themselves look good at this point. Either they were negligent at the time when she needed it, or she's talking bullshit.

I love how she's been told to say nothing by her lawyer but is now threatening fans who are asking simple questions with a lawsuit. I'm hoping she goes down next. Her voice is fucking cancer.

>> No.10103348
File: 164 KB, 1150x630, 1-13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The catholic priests must be innocent too then, i mean they got away with it too, must be innocent

its those evil femunistsssssss!!!

>> No.10103350


I think you're being willfully ignorant at best, or intentionally deceptive at worst if you are saying you don't see the histrionics of many of these posts just on cgl, let alone on other platforms that are alleging things about him.

>> No.10103353
File: 116 KB, 945x315, 0c1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whole bunch of people who think they're Vic's lawyers in that thread

>> No.10103361

nayrt, but that's actually pretty common where I am. are you ESL?

>> No.10103372

>until more information comes to light

There are 15 years worth of stories about what an asshole he is. You're literally too new to this shitty hobby to know who this faggot is. And there is no amount of "well, he did x to me/my friend" that is adequate because that's all just hearsay waahhh

>> No.10103376

Vic is based imo. He hates fags and roasties. He takes advantage of sluts that go to his house/hotel room and there's nothing wrong with that. It's not rape if you go to a man's house, get naked, have sex, then change your mind years later when there is an agenda against men and you join because you're a feminist.

B A S E D Vic

>> No.10103378

I can't even imagine being a man. You guys live in a fantasy world

>> No.10103381

go back to pol you waste of air

>> No.10103397

He commands an army of fat chicks and greasy teenage girls. You need to raise your standards

>> No.10103408

Add Muh manly MRA pro kiddie diddlers into the mix now too

>> No.10103410

if you see how the people defending him in social media look he has a horde of obese neckbeards defending him as well

>> No.10103412


it's not that easy outside of the community and it's harder inside the community. sexual assault victims have a hard enough time as it is reporting it if it's their own family or even small group of friends.

people like vic and other predators with the ability to manipulate people and threats of ruining a *career* or career prospects or even worse happens. predators aren't always easily caught and take YEARS until their (wait for it) POWER to diminish so victims don't get shamed a second time.

not to mention, vic groomed his fans into "protecting" him. who else in the VA industry has a fanclub that will easily die for them? isn't that weird to you???

that's exactly how predators thrive, you stupid piece of shit.

>> No.10103414
File: 553 KB, 1043x446, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> being this triggered

>> No.10103427

>/cgl/ shitposting = truth
I made up a story here once about how I was a 14 year old that got drunk in his room with him. Literally anyone can post on /cgl/, tumblr.

>> No.10103430

I feel bad for Vic, but this was a necessary step in killing the terrible American dub industry once and for all. Keep up the good work, tumblr refugees.

>> No.10103435

That's... exactly what my post said.
Nothing is ever going to be enough when somebody wants to believe that someone is innocent. You could be standing in a room with this nigga having sex with a 13 year old and rationalize it.
>She wanted it
>Laws are just manmade, America is too conservative
>She fell on the bed and he was trying to help her back up

>> No.10103446

>I think it's pretty obvious who's been behind all the shitty "Vic molested me and raped me" posts here.
And they've been doing it since 2010? I've been seeing Vic stories on here for at least that long.

>> No.10103451

I've heard about it from at least the summer of 2008.
It's just kind of depressing that there's fewer and fewer people here from that era. These underage /pol/ faggots legitimately don't know who he is. Shit, they probably don't even remember an internet without SJWs.

>> No.10103475

All i can imagine is out of shape girls with disgusting hair, screeching about Vic. You really are the female incels. Yuck.

>> No.10103508

>killing the terrible American dub industry once and for all.
I'm gonna watch some dubbed anime right now just to trigger you.

>> No.10103519

>source is a fucking YouTube comment

>> No.10103525

>Monica Rial throws Vic under the bus to get his job at Rooster Teeth
Why is this presented as an argument? She's not playing Qrow, anon.

>> No.10103526

I know this is /cgl/ not /a/ but I really want to know: do people actually like the voice acting he did for FMA? This has always confused the shit out of me because I consider the english dub of that series to be unwatchable. Anyways fuck this guy. sage for non-scandal discussion

>> No.10103527

>This has always confused the shit out of me because I consider the english dub of that series to be unwatchable.
Don't know why you hate it, because I liked the FMA dub. It's just that Vic kept on using the same Ed voice for all his other characters.

>> No.10103528

So are Twitter posts facts now?

>> No.10103531

That's literally all any of this is to tho

>> No.10103534

>results of internal investigations are hearsay
This is anti-vaxxer levels of denial.

>> No.10103539

All I've seen so far is fb posts and twitter posts, and that goes for. the photographer thing too. Not that I won't believe but I'd like. something other than the former.

>> No.10103552

>FB and Twitter

Holy fuck, why are all these newfags chiming in on something they know nothing about

>> No.10103554

If Vic were innocent, wouldn't there be fellow VAs or former Funi staff backing him up? Instead of some youtubers?

>> No.10103557

It's almost like I don't really pay attention to e-celeb/con drama and these threads are the first I'm seeing of it.

>> No.10103563
File: 72 KB, 800x800, 1549399126202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't been on /cgl/ in years but came through to see how you all were reacting to this news. Seeing people here defending Vic is confusing and disappointing. Are you people risembool ranger dickheads or just 4chan idiots who are digging heels because of the me too movement? Either way, fuck off. Vic got what has been coming to him for years.

>> No.10103597

>why didn't they do anything until now if they knew!?
Most corporations were boys clubs that let men get away with a lot of shit for years and are only recently being held accountable. There was a long time there where a slap on the butt or other such nonconsensual, sexualized actions were met with a slap on the wrist. My grandmother, who worked at Bell, had stories about what happened to coworkers...

Prior to the whole MeToo thing taking off among celebrities, if an entertainer got accused, their fans were going to stand by them regardless of if they actually did shit or not. So naturally, Funimation, being headed by a guy who's friends with Rick "rape can be good" Santorum and started a media company with him presumably just told the other talent to suck it up, he makes us money, it's "just" a slap on the ass, grab of the neck, etc.

Add to this the fact that anime dub actors make the most money AT cons! And who's a big draw for cons, until now? Vic Mignogna. Generally speaking, if a con wants to choose between having Vic to draw in 500+ registrations they wouldn't have otherwise, or supporting a lesser known dub actor who will only net them maybe 10 just for them, when the latter costs only marginally less..... well, from a monetary "what's the best way we can get people buying stuff so we can make the con better" perspective, it's obvious. Not to mention while Vic often mistreated staff at smaller cons, he apparently was an angel to staff at cons like Otakon. So they didn't bother cluing the cons in so they could continue to survive.

But it's never been a quiet thing. Go to any VAAD panel circa 2008~2012. Any Funimation guest for a good stretch until, presumably, Funi threatened them to shut up (given "the stories I could tell if it wouldn't cost me my job" comment I recall from I think Otakon in 2014) would have at least a hint of what shit Vic was up to, either on being a diva or a sex pest.


>> No.10103600

Please don’t continue this tumblr shit.

>> No.10103602

Go back to the Risembool discord if you're seething this hard.

>> No.10103604

Want someone to blame for nothing being done? Gen Fukunaga is a good suspect, but more likely, Funimation as a whole before it got bought out by Sony. Honestly I doubt Vic would be severed if Fukunaga didn't literally just step down (I'm sure coincidentally, but conveniently timed) right as #KickVic was kicking off, but it's not impossible being beholden to having a clean image as a Sony subsidiary is part of it.

>Then why didn't they ALL tell the company to fuck off? I know /I/ wouldn't work for a company that protected a creep!
There sure are a lot of decent paying acting opportunities in Texas outside of Funimation! ...NOT! Maybe a few ad spots here and there, maybe a play that isn't just community theater or outsources from NY.

Not to mention, even if they could afford to move, it's not unlikely they'd be labeled as rabble rousers and blacklisted from LA and NY voice acting gigs as well, given how anime dubbing is inherently non-union (dubbing isn't really seen as 'creative' so SAG-AFTRA doesn't have a lot of field-leveling power there like they do in video games or American/Canadian animation. They can do a LITTLE for CA-based dubs but basically nothing for Texas ones, unsure on NY ones).

Basically it was either "keep your livelihood and be able to support yourself/your family" or "speak out". Even the victims had to choose the former. From what it sounds like, other VAs who heard about this stuff did support their friends. Privately. Because doing anything more once Funi told them they'd not do anything seemed like it'd put ALL their jobs at risk to protect the golden money boy Vic.

Now, though, that it's seen as a non-suicidal PR move to actually remove predatory actors from gigs? Well now it is actually possible to out Vic.

>> No.10103605

I didn't think his Ed voice was bad. And then he started using it for every single fucking character he voiced.

>> No.10103606

>explaining things in a concise manner is tumblr

>> No.10103612

"Tumblr shit"
Nah mate, it's /cgl/ shit, we've been saying this shit for years. Not our fault you only crawled here over from /pol/-infected /a/ or whatever to see the fallout. Man's a creep.

Also, I doubt this is the end of Vic. Numerous people (albeit, with less accusations from colleagues) have come back from being outed as sex pests. I could easily see him getting uncredited roles in, like, Tecmo-Koei dubs or something. And if not? He was a kid's minister before, he can just go do that again, as scary as it might be to give him access to 11-17 year old girls, I doubt many Texas churches would care about such accusations if he claims he's changed when asked. He'll be just fine, and probably still accept fan mail. He just won't go to cons or get major anime/game roles anymore, which NO ONE is entitled to. So even if you're a Vic fan after all this, you'll still get to interact with him and he'll survive and stuff. Cool your head.

>> No.10103666
File: 79 KB, 640x637, C7D7FD5B-B28C-496C-A0B1-D483CA5D72E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why are Brazilians higher quality?

>> No.10103682

I don't think any of these Vic dick suckers know what hearsay is at all.
If someone is telling their own story in first person that's not hearsay. Look it up.

>> No.10103686

This. Especially the people you see in the youtube comments of those pro-Vic videos, checking their profiles turns up a bunch of lolicon and it makes me want to puke.
Vic is some kind of role model to sickos that wish they could fondle underage girls.

>> No.10103700

The difference between here and the kiwifarms thread is amazing. They are doing some real critical thinking and investigating over there, you should go see. This thread looks like reactionary babies compared to it.

>> No.10103725

I would trust my daughter around Vic, before I trust an unhinged feminist slob like yourself.

>> No.10103730

>muh feminist boogeyman waaaahhh
>muh patriarchy wahhhh

The same fucking shit

>> No.10103739

Whatever dude. It's so easy to just think everybody is out to fondle or sexually assault you. And it's a shame that's what you think we all want to do that to you.

>> No.10103746

god i just want vic to tongue my virgin anus while i suck on his pruney philosophers stones. he can do no wrong.

>> No.10103773

Lots of reasons. We are a country that consumes a lot of media from others (games, movies, animes),So the market created a culture of VA to supplement this; also we got the most japanese (descendant or not) population outside it's own country. Technical aspects aside, you should try it. Even if you can't understand, brazilian portuguese is a very beautiful language.

>> No.10103775

Have you ever been abused or assaulted? If no, shut the fuck up. if yes, then did you report yours?

>> No.10103780

I liked his 15-18yr old Ed voice.
But it's really the only voice he can do
And it's distracting

Though I'm also not someone who watches the dub 99% of the time, with exception to Fma since I've rewatched it so many times over the years in both (sub is still better though)

Dub industry is shit. Recycling the same mediocre VA's for everything.

>> No.10103784

yeah but the audience is big enough to support english dubs. money talks anon

>> No.10103786

I think the main problem is people being over zealous and calling him a rapist.

He's a fucking creep, but as far as I know he hasn't crossed any further than moderate sexual harassment?(not trying to down play, but cheek kissing and unwanted hugs while creepy, are relatively benign in comparison to how he's being described), and I think this is where there are people coming off as defensive (on here anyways)

Elsewhere you just have retard fangirls

He got what he deserved
Though from the sounds of it he physically assaulted his coworker? If that's the case, I personally think that should be more of a focus than him being moderately creepy at cons.

One of those things would actually get him potential jail time

>> No.10103787

What we need is more ghost stories esque dubs

>> No.10103789

By that do you mean whiteknighting their pedo god and whining about feminism?
apparently not wanting pedophilic creeps associated to their brand is being an "SJW" now.

>> No.10103791

You wouldnt be interested, i'm not a nine year old girl.

>> No.10103800

I feel bad for not having spoke up about my experience 10 years ago but at the same time for some reason I was afraid to say anything. Don't make waves stay in line and all. Didn't want to make any unnecessary drama. As a young teen at the time I didn't really think much of it. I mean I thought maybe it was accidental that his hand was dangerously close to our butts and not our hips when talking to us girls. He was super flirty as well. Now being older and hearing many of the rest of the stories coming out I realize that it was no accident from him touching and talking inappropriately.

>> No.10103820

not everyone, just you maybe. most men i know are reasonable and respectful, but you seem to not believe that. a shame.

>> No.10103840

Yeah, people keep using "sexual assault" and that's not really what he did. Sexual harassment, certainly, but unless his dick is involved or he touched someone's genitals, it's harassment. He deserves to be fired either way, ofc.

>Dub industry is shit. Recycling the same mediocre VA's for everything.
See I don't get this line of thinking, because it really isn't accurate. New talent gets cycled in all the time- it's just, if they weren't very good at the role they got, or they are fine with just the one role (a lot of Naruto voice actors fall into this I notice), they don't get hired on again. It's a bit more insular than the Japanese seiyuu scene but not really any more than the original American animation VO scene.

It's possible you just aren't fond of the performance, which is fine. I tend to notice dub fans enjoy different kinds of performances than sub fans. It's all taste, though I can admit I've heard a lot of shitty dubs, mostly for fanservicey shit. Notsomuch with Japanese VO (but oh, does bad Japanese VO exist).

>> No.10103863

The FMA dubs aren't terrible, but Vic tends to use the same voice for everything like many Eng dub folks tend to. I think Bui in YYH is the only thing i remember hearing him in that doesn't use that voice. He seems to be using it for Rohan Kishibe too.

>> No.10103864

>He was a kid's minister before, he can just go do that again, as scary as it might be to give him access to 11-17 year old girls, I doubt many Texas churches would care about such accusations if he claims he's changed when asked
The Southern Baptist Conference and the Catholic Church are being rocked by numerous sexual abuse scandals, and reforms are supposedly in the books. Regardless of that, iirc Vic is non-denominational anyway and will probably start his own church

>> No.10103865

It's the latter. nu4chan will stick up for anything if they think it'll own the libs. The defense posts really started picking up once this got big enough to hit alt-right youtubers and such, before that the discussion leaned towards the more classic "yeah, fuck that guy" attitude /cgl/ used to hold towards vic.

>> No.10103879

Any long-time congoer who has a drama sensor knows of Vic and his antics. I can’t believe people are choosing Vic as their hill to die on. Can’t wait until Anime Matsuri’s drama truly explodes and people start defending the Leighs lol.

>> No.10103893

Jesus Christ. nayrt but go back to tumblr with literal SJW speak and "you can't comment unless you've been molested". No, anyone can fucking comment. It's /cgl/, you fucking dumbass. I can say I think Vic is innocent all I want. I can say Monica is an opportunist who used Vic as a sacrificial goat out of jealousy and conspired with other VA to do it.

You have no proof I've been molested, or that anon, and I doubt you have so shut the fuck up.

>> No.10103894
File: 84 KB, 633x823, 1550023262803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10103905

Uh, hate to break it to you but people have already been defending the Leighs. They're >>10103879
a match made in pervy heaven.

>> No.10103906

Did something change? Someone like him would be ripe for them to pick apart with all this info indicating his constant shit over the years.

>> No.10103913

Vic fans planning on harassing Monica I am guessing?

>> No.10103915
File: 130 KB, 499x499, 1485926172335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy, this is not going to end well.

>> No.10103917

/cgl/ is where Monica and her discord group having been setting up shop to try and smear Vic anonymously for a long time now. To be fair, it wouldn't work anywhere else, like you said. Kiwi Farms actually investigates and so do other cow boards. It can only work on a 4chan, predominantly female and lolita dominated board because they don't know nor care about male English VA.
>some fucking tumblr import saying 4chan's investigative culture is a problem and nu4chan's SJW "believe me" culture isn't
Whew. You certainly haven't been here long. It makes me depressed to see morons like you, but again, I think it's likely you're apart of the gay op discord group.

>> No.10103924

>Discord founded in 2015
>Vic threads being on /cgl/ from at least 2008
These newfags. Unbelievable.

>> No.10103928

>Kiwi Farms actually investigates

It's an alt-right bullshit site that is scared of fat women and the mentally retarded, "investigates" is a mighty generous term

>> No.10103931

Yes, I too believe every shitpost on /cgl/ as truth. Go back to you containment zone from that tumblr post that links here. The fact they're using posts from here as proof just shows how retarded people like you are.

I made up an R.Kelly style piss story about how I was a 12 year old girl at the time and I was believed here. It shows the real state of nu /cgl/.

>> No.10103932


People don't actually believe this do they?

>> No.10103934

>Wahhh I'm a fat white dude who just learned the word investigate and have used 4chan since at least 2015 wahhh

>> No.10103935

>Kiwi Farms is alt-right and scawy and bullies mentally retarded people and fatshames!
lmao. Alright, that gave me a good laugh.
Jesus Christ. Keep outing yourself you, tumblr kid. You obviously don't know anything about "this" side of the internet, so why don't you leave? Kiwi Farms has led to pedophilia arrests. You're just scared because your queen Monica is having a meltdown on Twitter now because people are digging up more and more dirt on her.

>> No.10103940

kys. I'm a lolita and no stranger to the con scene. All women have to believe and could never lie. I'd know, I'm a perfect girlish angel myself.

You're gonna get exposed, Monica. I'm just here for the popcorn on the various cow boards because this one is shit and has the "no vendetta" policy. /cgl/ hasn't been good because of people like yourself and >>10103928 "don't fatshame me or wetards" anon for a really long time now.

>> No.10103941

They have to defend their pedo daddy from the scarry sjw adult world who arent okay with kiddie diddling

>> No.10103943

Be careful! You'd better get back to your investigating, otherwise you'll wake up one day with Sonichu and Lindsey Ellis standing over your bed, demanding payment in blood.

>> No.10103946

Its not just fucking monica, its him touching kids butts, kissing them, offering alcohol to kids, even other VA are against him and have seen this shit in the wild, several seagulls accounts at cons and not to mention the fucking video and photo evidence.
Go check that brain tumor.

>> No.10103951

>Uhhh you're definitely Monica!!

Hard-hitting investigation there, Mr. Lolita.

>> No.10103960

says the cunt on an alt right pictureboard for trashbirds

>> No.10103966
File: 1.55 MB, 400x225, 1Jy4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10103968

Can you stop trying to be different people, tumblr fag.

>> No.10103970

>You're all Monica!!!!

>> No.10103973

I mean if they’re gonna cause a big stink about some shitty voice actor then maybe they should arrested kek
Keep a lot of the bad autism out of the con

>> No.10103974

I’m Monica, you’re Monica, we’re all Monica!!!!

>> No.10103975

Yeah, you're part of the problem. A girl has to rim Monica Rial's asshole or she's not a ~real girl on the internet~. All women are a borg mind and agree on absolutely anything other women do, didn't you know?

>> No.10103976

The best part of those Twitter threads is the autism about how Vic's situation is comparable to the 10 top anime betrayals.

>> No.10103977

You sure are getting triggered over that anons opinion

>> No.10103978

Get the fuck off with your tumblr gifs, faggot.

>> No.10103979

Aww, is that all you can say? When confronted, you can never directly counter a true point.

>> No.10103980

>Gifs are now Tumblr
We have to work on your investigation skills, nigga.

>> No.10103982

>alt right males shitting up this thread defending Vic and using slurs
You aren't black. Stop.

>> No.10103983

Just Monica!

>> No.10103984

Not even the anon you replied to but cue the Seinfeld track anyway
Hey I love pissing on anons who think like this heyyyy

>> No.10103985
File: 206 KB, 771x924, monicarial1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Monica Rial retarded? Please discuss.

>> No.10103987

I honestly love watching the autism that’s coming from Vic fans, very entertaining

>> No.10103989

>all these dragonball fans

whoa the ultimate autism

>> No.10103990

shut up monica

>> No.10103991

Has this thread transcended irony?

>> No.10103993


>> No.10103994

>m-my attorney will get sue you for tweets asking for evidence

>> No.10103995

>Kiwi Farms has led to pedophilia arrests
Weird they're taking the side of a pedophile when there's photographic evidence of him being one then... Really makes you think. But in reality I'm sure those who went after pedos aren't the same ones defending Vic.

Checked. There's uh. Nothing. A bunch of nothing. Just suppositions based on non-incriminating tweets and a total lack of knowledge of the industry. As I've said before, the concept of "we're fucked if we say anything" prior to #MeToo is something these actual lolcows on Kiwifarms could stand to learn with their handwringing about "if someone knew they should be held accountable too" bullshit.

The "well they Funi VAs are trying to give Monica Vic's jobs" take is a... bizarre one. He's an actor who did all of one directing role for a show that's done and over with nothing else of note on his Wikipedia page, so any such jobs being worth dogpiling him over is a bizarre, almost otherworldly take, far from being "critical thinking". Monica literally can't be Broly or Rin and Vic was never guaranteed a directing role again anyway. He's LA-based now too, they ... literally could give her whatever behind the scenes shit he may have been with no trouble. Why kick up a storm?

It's conspiracy theory malarkey. Period.

The great irony of one of them saying that the VA industry is catty highschool shit is that... that's exactly what Kiwifarms is? Except it's almost middle school level? lol

Weird, I thought you Kiwifarm dumbasses hated political correctness, should you not, I don't know, not be offended someone misgendered you?

The response from that anon is the same regardless, just replace Mr. with Ms. Now explain.

Are you an idiot?

>> No.10103997

Is this girl autism?

>> No.10103998

Better make a Kiwifarms thread about it, my negro

>> No.10104001

>His life has been ruined

He'll. Be. Fine.

I don't understand, it's FUCKING BROLY, literally the flattest non-character in the series up until this latest movie, and whose characterization in the new movie amounted to nearly nonverbal development and more mindless screaming. Why do they care? Vegeta/Piccolo's VA agrees he's a creep, Goku's VA has been known to hate him for a while, as has Freiza's. If it's hero worship, they picked a weird as fuck hero.

>> No.10104002

Of course, fellow woman and not a sperg.

>> No.10104004

I'm a man. Born with a dick no less. How about them apples?

>> No.10104009

according to these freaks a man cant possibly not support a pedo

>> No.10104011

The one about dub VAs being D-list actors that never grew out of their high school theatre club antics? Yeah that was a hot take spitting truth, I loved it

>> No.10104012

Uhhhhhh I don't think anyone ever said that, but okay.

>> No.10104015

Where were all of Vic's protectors and whiteknights when he was getting shit on online for 10 years lol.

>> No.10104017

Its just MRAs jumping at the chance to defend a pedo as usual, they didnt give a shit about Vic and dont give a shit about Vic they just want to further their "victim" narrative

>> No.10104018

You mean /cgl/ fanfiction? People realized it was shitposting on the internet.

>> No.10104020

The autism is coming from Monica Rial's fans. They're clearly like Tara Strong fans where they believe anything their crush says about muh feminism and believe all wahmen.

>> No.10104021

>ignoring his kiddie diddling

>> No.10104023

Proof, bitch. There is none. Give some screenshots not "m-m-my /cgl/ threads!"

>> No.10104024

Do your professional research yourself, mr lolita

>> No.10104025

So why didn't anyone say anything 10 years ago? hm? They're like little girls jumping onto the next drama.

>> No.10104030

Not everyone is the same on the website 4chan. Nice way to deflect, though!

>> No.10104031

>I don't have proof so you're a man.
Um, okay. Just say you have none.

>> No.10104032

>wanting to be spoon fed on /cgl/

Get the fuck outta here with that

>> No.10104033

I'll admit Monica is having a bit of a meltdown and should probably be off of twitter until the chuds stop bothering her. They'll go away eventually.

First person accounts are admissible evidence in a court of law. Numerous people have come forward with stories of harassment. One that comes to mind is a girl who said he was practically humping him without asking her and provided a picture. While one can't really see him doing that (humping requires motion and all), it's in line with firsthand accounts from people with names that have been backed up.

Furthermore, both Funi and Roosterteeth performed investigations of their own. They would not lightly ditch one of their stars if there wasn't something to it. You're free to not trust they did their due diligence, but that would be foolish at best.

>> No.10104034

Read the fucking thread.

>> No.10104035

If there's so much proof, then provide it. This is a Vic thread and is about him. Oh, that's right, there is none because it was /cgl/ shitposting.

>> No.10104037

I'm not gonna waste my time on a kiwi sperg , scour the internet for scattered evidence that could take hours to gather just for you to defend you pedo daddy anyway

>> No.10104038

*he was practically humping her, excuse me

>> No.10104043

We aren't privy to whatever Rooster Teeth and Funimation provides in an "investigation", you dumbass. It could be as simple as they didn't want a controversial person on their board and knifed him, which is quit common. Professional victim Monica Rial got his position in BOTH of those, all for getting ~sexually harassed~. Really makes you think.

>> No.10104046

We get you have a hateboner for scary adult women like monica but this is bigger than monica, several underaged girls have accused him too, stop ignoring that.

>> No.10104047

Yes, everyone on channel 4 is the same person. You still haven't provided evidence. Sorry you discord op is going up in flames and your queen Monica is melting down on Twitter.

>> No.10104048

Vic spergs really have it out for Monica lmao
>Vic had the power of God and anime on his side but still got kicked

>> No.10104049

>Professional victim Monica Rial got his position in BOTH of those, all for getting ~sexually harassed~. Really makes you think.

Name the position then.
It's not a voice acting role, not a directing role, and not a scriptwriting role. Which means it's behind the scenes shit that literally no one cares about, which would be the STUPIDEST thing to plot to fire someone over when, as I said earlier, Vic's based in LA and Monica's based in Texas still.

Also I refuse to watch any alt-lite/alt-right goobergate-adjacent Youtube shit as it'll shit up my algorithim, so provide the evidence yourself via links or I'm just gonna write you off as another conspiracy theorist.

>> No.10104051

Names? Pictures? Proof? I'm also a woman still and no the bitch doesn't scare me lmao. I just think you're full of shit and using the "uawauwa don't ask to be spoonfed" because you have nothing and are a tumblr fag that spilled over from their containment post and masquerading like you're one of us.

>> No.10104053

My post is targeted towards Vic's defenders popping out of the blue to suck his dick publically.

>> No.10104056

>all these men thinking they can just say "I am a le lolita" and everyone will believe them
fucking kek
what happened to lurking before posting?

>> No.10104057

What constitutes as proof? A photo of Vics dick up in some 14 year old girls ass?

>> No.10104058

>I refuse to watch proof and stay in my echo chamber licking Monica's cunt and liking posts on tumblr
>kiwi farms is an alt right scary place full of f-f-fatshaming

fucking kek. /thread

>> No.10104059

They get more retarded by the day, it seems.

>> No.10104060

What position did she get? People keep saying she got his roles in RT and Funimation but I don't know what they are.

>> No.10104062

But there's a bajillion true fact stories left on /cgl/, anon!

>> No.10104063
File: 1.21 MB, 500x276, 1549939344827.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's still this mad about the kiwifarms post

>> No.10104065


That website is dead lmao
All this shit is on Twitter but I guess looking on there is just too much effort for ya.
Typical spergs I guess

>> No.10104066

No fellow woman, its a grand conspiracy of underaged girls ganging up on anime jesus because they hate men and are feminism and FUCK MONICA

>> No.10104068


>> No.10104069

>inferring I go to kiwi farms
Honey, are you lost? It's tumblr dot com.

>> No.10104070

Do you need a timestamp on a dress? Or maybe right on the tits?

>> No.10104071


>> No.10104072

Hello, fellow woman. You are right about that part at least.

>> No.10104074

I saw a /co/ thread earlier where some alt-right faggots were defending the fuck who drove a car into a crowd and killed a woman. It was the same set of excuses:
>You don't know the whole story
>He was justified
>Good, one less woman
>That's fake
>It's all hearsay, he was framed by the Dems

There's a video and it's not enough. It's not about the truth, it's about defending the cult and the tiny bit of power they feel by telling an obvious lie. They'd defend anything just to argue.

>> No.10104075

No tits or gtfo behavior. You're on the wrong board if you're demanding women prove they're women here. Go shit up somewhere else, /b/ faggot.

>> No.10104077

AND BROLY!! He’s a very important character, yknow?

>> No.10104079
File: 366 KB, 2048x1025, i-im a fellow woman!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sure.... girl
Btw tumblr is dead

>> No.10104080

They've been provided. Over and over. Again. Which do you want? The one where he licked a 17 year old's ear out and tried to fuck her back when he was a drama coach prior to being a VOA or whatever the fuck? The one where he grabbed the back of a woman's head and tried to "seduce" her? The one where he did that again with slutshaming negging instead? The numerous pictures of him kissing underage girls and hugging them far too closely, especially compared to how he barely embraces his male fans? Including a pic who's owner said that he was "practically humping him"? The one, which while not strictly harassment or nonconsensually getting handsy with teenagers/preteens, is still plenty creepy, in which he convinces a woman who's rooming with a voice actress he hates that he loves her and fucks her on said actress's bed, before entirely ditching her and brushing her off after said actress walked in on them?

We've litigated in this thread and the previous one. It's on you for not keeping up, sunspot. Name the one you want, I'll link it, but I'm not going out of my way to link all of them unless you're so incompetent you can't find any of them yourself.

Here, I'll even throw you a bone.
There's all the industry personnel or industry adjacent individuals (being related to those in the industry) with stories. Again- first person accounts are admissible evidence in a court, and several of these have been backed up by others.

My mistake, I misinterpreted.

You're asking me to inconvenience myself by shitting up my carefully curated YT algorithim by making it think I'm into /pol/tard shit. You also couldn't even provide the name of the position Monica was taking. Do that, and I'll give you some credence.

I suspect as much, but I'm neither a lib nor a /pol/tard, so if these idiots have actual evidence, I'll listen. If I don't get it, obviously it's the case here too.

>> No.10104081

Nice picture of yourself. You're apart of Monica's discord group, too? I'm so happy to talk to a fellow man.

>> No.10104083
File: 139 KB, 250x272, 1491206303846.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this shitposting has reached critical mass. I can't tell who's a seagull and who's a /pol9k/ crossboarder anymore.

>> No.10104084

Thats you honey, pretty woman lolita you

>> No.10104085

Nayrt by my nigra the girl didn’t say he tried to “seduce” her, but that it was something she can’t remember but it was sexual. Not making a good case for your side if you can’t keep from playing telephone on the stories.

>> No.10104087
File: 573 KB, 804x1275, hypocrite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10104091

ok miss lolita who definitely has been on this board for more than 2 days

>> No.10104092

Man people are silly. So what exactly does anyone have to gain from smearing Vic? He's an anime VA, which pays like piss. You're better off trying to pick wallets on a crowded sidewalk

>> No.10104093


>> No.10104094

Your really doing a shit job at blending in, js

>> No.10104095


>> No.10104096

Because everything boils down to a conspiracy theory for these people. And even if there isn't a conspiracy theory, what they did was okay anyway.

>> No.10104101

Ladies, ladies, let's calm down and have tea and talk about the brand.

>> No.10104102

Doesn't that just add extra weight to people's accusations if they have nothing to gain

>> No.10104104

Same fucking difference, holy shit, you're splitting hairs now. I'll admit I went a step further from what I got out of the story, I can't see why he'd do that if he wasn't trying that- but whether it was just him being a sex pest or being a sex pest and trying to bone down, it's still not acceptable.

Is that individual an adult and is okay with it? If not, did she ask permission of their parent or caretaker? If either answer is yes, there's no issue. No one has a problem with Vic kissing his adult fans without asking (as long as they're okay with it after the fact). And the example of that one girl who looks "uncomfortable" actually being okay with it and her mom was there is no longer being used to prove Vic as a creep, because admittedly, it was okay in that instance.

You also didn't actually answer my question- now, what's the "role" that was "taken"?

Having him no longer have access to creeping on underage fans and his female coworkers until he can prove he's a changed man. That's the point. There's quite literally no other reason to do it. No one has anything else to gain.

>> No.10104107

It's okay when older women prey on young boys and girls, you're right.

>> No.10104108

Thats what anon was implyng

>> No.10104110

>Notorious creep who is way too close to fans, accused of sexual harrasment by many
>Monica?(Im assuming lol) kissing one fan who seems disabled on the cheek
Really... Are you this retarded?

>> No.10104113

If you don't even know who's in the picture, get the fuck out of the thread. It's obvious there's tumblr overflow here that doesn't even know anything about the VA's in question and just want to relentlessly defend the woman because she has a vagina between her legs. Nevermind the leaked discord logs and fact she's been conspiring against Vic for a long time with salty male D-list VA, too.

>> No.10104116

Is that individual an adult and is okay with it? If not, did she ask permission of their parent or caretaker? If either answer is yes, there's no issue. No one has a problem with Vic kissing his adult fans without asking (as long as they're okay with it after the fact). And the example of that one girl who looks "uncomfortable" actually being okay with it and her mom was there is no longer being used to prove Vic as a creep, because admittedly, it was okay in that instance.

You also didn't actually answer my question- now, what's the "role" that was "taken"?

I will keep posting this until you answer.

>> No.10104117

If Vic had kissed ONE consenting fan on the cheek and that was all he ever did, we wouldnt even be having this conversation.
If you wanna sperg about your hateboner for Monica whom you for some reason deem to be just as bad as your anime jesus go make a thread about her and her *victims" or go sperg at the kiwifarms circlejerk

>> No.10104119

This. They also have a link to a comment thread with at least 100 accusations dating back almost 15 years.

>> No.10104121

Kiwi farms isn't a circlejerk. It's a scary place for fatshaming, alt-right nazis, and retard harassers, remember? I guess that last part is why you don't want to be there.

>> No.10104125

Seriously tho what's the role?

>> No.10104126

Its not scary, just retarded

>> No.10104127

I am so sick of these newfags here. This is not a chat room. There is not one anon here. There are multiple Vic and Monica white knights frothing in this thread. Learn how anonymous image boards work.

>> No.10104128

Oldfag actually. Since '08 or so. Given the expediency of replies to my other posts, anon should be able to answer very quickly. They haven't. Weird, isn't it?

>> No.10104130

Yea, well I'm an oldfag since the boards inception since I can post whatever I want here. Not everyone wants to write sperg essays like you. Learn to sage.

>> No.10104133

Been here since 2006 and heard of Vic's antics even then. this is hilarious popcorn material now.

>> No.10104136

>They've been provided.

yes, but as evidence of what? And be specific. A crime? A general scuzball? A reason to lose income? A reason to mob and shame and harass and threaten violence?

They're a mix of first hand anonymous personal accounts, heresay accounts, and a small number of non-anonymous personal accounts with at least one with highly suspect credibility at best.

those things dont necessarily satisfy being held up as evidence of all those things equally (or hold up at all).

>They'll go away eventually.

social media is a difficult drug to cut off because not only do you get your fix, its consumed as a community activity. I agree, she shouldn'tve posted a single thing, even her own story about Vic if she wasn't going to take specific action about it on a personal basis. She would have been better served just working behind the scenes still and supporting those who were taking action and doing it silently. She's invited a whole lot of grief for very little payoff(that would have likely played out with or without her when i look at the timeline so far), but I blame social media for that.

>> No.10104137

Youre aware that this isnt a fucking criminal trial right?
There is photo evidence of this dude being uncomfortablly close to kids and them commenting on it saying they didnt like it, him kissing them, groping them etc
and that is more than enough to make people not want to work with him.
Actions have consequences.

>> No.10104140


>> No.10104141

If there's so much photo evidence, why is no one posting it? Oh, that's right. It's because a lot of the hug, forehead kiss, and even shoulder holding photos are consensual. Why the fuck would someone take a photo with Vic if they hated him to begin with? It just has so many holes. Nobody has any actual sexual evidence against Vic. It's all stories.

>> No.10104144

i really don't understand why people are so ride or die with vic. do you REALLY want to associate yourself with a piece of shit like him? one who actively groomed a whole group of teenaged girls to defend him??

i would also love to know what role monica would even "steal" from him since she mostly does lady roles.

>> No.10104145

You can like someone and still not want them to do something they didn't ask permission to do with you.

>> No.10104148

Silly anon, you wanna find out, gotta watch the shitpost-quality vids that'll send you down a drain to other /pol/tard outrage shit due to Youtube's shitty algorithim!

>> No.10104150

Just google Vic kissing fans, just that will bring you a SLEW of photos of him being touchy, read the ED on him

And girls saying he did it, several of them, is enough with the photo evidence to confirm that he at the very least is a fucking creep

>> No.10104151

Children can't consent you sick fuck

Bet you're a libertarian

>> No.10104152

More like associate with justice not a reeee mob, it’s a bigger picture than “this guy vs these people”
And idk what role specifically but tons of VAs double as shows’ directors, writers, etc. Crazy-ass Marci as an example, voiced and wrote the Prison School gamergate thing.

>> No.10104153


You're making the mistake of communicating things about if he gets work or not, as though i give the first of two shits personally what his employment situation reflects. I don't. So you talking about if people want to work with him is entirely superfluous.

>Youre aware that this isnt a fucking criminal trial right?

yes, but are you blind to the portion of posts floating around that wishfully think it is? Or are you just being disingenuous by not counting those posts?

>> No.10104154

Children cannot consent to adults kissing them.

>> No.10104157

What the fuck. What's with all the political slinging? Alt-right? Libertarian? Do you know what those things mean? You're dumb as hell.
>all his fans are children. think of the children!!!
I know this might baffle you, but most people at anime cons are adults.

>> No.10104159


are you sure you guys arent the ones doing the REEEEEEING - demanding proof when it's more than enough? isnt the creepy cult known as the rangers proof of how weird he is, targetting underaged girls to defend a grown man?

again, what exact role? since you're demanding exact proof, you and your side should also tell us the exact role monica (and ONLY Monica - not other VAs) is trying to steal.

>> No.10104160

Where's the proof they're children? Give proof.

Oh, what's this? Oops. Your VA goddess has kissed underage people. >>10104087

>> No.10104162
File: 198 KB, 393x294, gdfgd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he can't google search

>> No.10104164

Is that even a teen? This looks like an awkward female adult autist. I mean appropriate for his fanbase, but that isn't proof unless you can prove her age.

>> No.10104165
File: 98 KB, 720x960, womp womp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

According to Wikipedia, Vic's done exactly one (1) voice direction role and zero scriptwriting roles. The rest are all acting roles. Monica can't really fill ANY of his VO roles that are still potentially recurring (Broly, Sabo, Rin), and the ADR direction he gave was on an anime that's over now.

Also you've already lost the battle for "justice", Funi's cut ties as has RT. Viz/Bangzoom might still do business with him but that's not likely. You're crazy if you think anything positive will come of pressing the matter at this point. If Vic keeps cool, he can slink back like Louis C.K. An online mob that's half made up of non-fans just trying to use his misfortune (whether you think it's warranted or not) to further a political goal will not help him.

This is a bad example. She was a child, yes, but her mother gave permission and she was okay with it. It's like getting mad at Pluto at Disneyland poking your kid with the tip of the costume's nose, imo.

This, one, however.....
"Vic is practically humping me in this photo, and held my arms really tight... looking back, I look admittedly mildly psycho but that’s because I was caught between fangirling and super uncomfortable."

>> No.10104167

I'm assuming the individual is either not underage or their parent is there giving the okay and making sure Monica isn't going too far. Given she's not even touching this person, like Vic is IN EVERY SINGLE PHOTO of him kissing someone, I'm assuming she's not going too far.

The issue isn't kissing itself. It's HOW Vic does it. Nuance. It exists.

>> No.10104168

>Those pants

This fucking guy

>> No.10104172
File: 141 KB, 220x308, wizardmonica.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can see what that anon got triggered over Kiwi Farms fatshaming. Lose weight, Monica.

>> No.10104173

Wow Monica kissed a fan which totally invalidates the unprofessionalism Vic shows when dealing with fans, coworkers, and con staff.

>> No.10104177

all the screencaps of Vic's fan planning shit together seem to have disappeared of the other thread and archives. anyone have them?

>> No.10104180

Humping her? No? She's obviously short so he's crouching. This isn't a fucking kiss or molesting, dumbass. And she doesn't look psycho, she looks mentally impaired. I'm not really surprised someone this stupid is coming forward. This is like a literal retard and probably doesn't understand social interaction.

Also, that's not a teen.

>> No.10104181

Like seriously suppose for a second that Monica is a creep akin to Vic, Todd, or Neil.

... this doesn't make Vic suddenly innocent. And Todd himself is proof abuse victims can abuse others themselves. Sooo... what's the point in bringing it up, given y'all are confident Vic is innocent?

>> No.10104183

Proof of him kissing con staff and coworkers.

>> No.10104184
File: 950 KB, 500x257, 1549565900882.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's still mad about the Kiwifarms post

>> No.10104187

Lol @ you thinking this is only about kissing

He didn't smooch his co-workers and they still hate him. He didn't smooch con staff and they still banned him in the past (anime Boston comes to mind).

>> No.10104189

Monica, you're a fatty. Welcome to /cgl/, we hate whales here.

>> No.10104194

And? What other cons prior to Monica's witch hunt? The staff at Anime Boston could make diamonds up their asses. What's the big list of cons that have banned him?

>> No.10104195

You're so sloppy about your newfaggotry that you don't even know that nobody has ever given a shit about Monica Rial. Vic has always carried his own drama all by himself. But you need a boogeyman so badly that you grabbed the first VA that showed up on your Twitter feed.

>> No.10104197
File: 59 KB, 482x527, 08463337-A876-45F8-A7B9-85957A94D8CE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody still trying to defend Vic is hardcore smallbrain. He’s already fired, he’s gone and not coming back. Funimation has already confirmed that internal allegations have enough merit to boot him the fuck out. Any forum/twitter campaigns to go after other VAs that were against Vic just come off pretty fucking pathetic. Congrats on rubbing shoulders with MRA microdicks and gamergate dregs. You deserve each other.

>> No.10104202

I fucking hate Vic and am glad he’s getting what he deserves finally, but yeah. The person in this photo came out and said it was 100% consensual and not to use it against him iirc.

>> No.10104205

Being banned from any con is a bad look.

And good job not addressing the point about other professionals being fed up with him.

>> No.10104208

This, it would be PR suicide to re-accept him so it's too late

>> No.10104209

>Proof is scary. We're not scared in our discord server with shitty D tier voice actors and actresses because this is actually going to court and there's evidence of collusion and doctoring images.
>There isn't logs of ANN using improper smears against Vic with consensual fan pics that had to be retracted.
>Monica is NOT having meltdowns on Twitter threatening to sue anyone who confronts her online and there's certainly not proof like in. >>10103985
>It's all over for you gamer guppies!

>> No.10104212

I thought Monica was a reasonable person, then i saw all the "im sending this to my attorney" tweets.
Dat bitch is crazy

>> No.10104213

Age isn't relevant when it comes to nonconsensual actions, She said him doing this made her uncomfortable, and he didn't ask if he could hum-- I mean, "hug" her.

Like it's so fucking easy to do too. I gave a gift to a VA before, they asked if they could hug me, I said yes. It's not awkward at all. Vic can't be assed to ask, either because he's legit a predator or because he has an incredibly huge ego that makes him think he doesn't need to ask. Now it's coming back to bite him, along with other inappropriate actions done towards coworkers.

First. Person. Testimony. Is. Acceptable. Evidence. In. Courts. Of. Law. And. Thus. Acceptable. For. The. Court. Of. Public. Opinion. Especially. When. Backed.

idgi. Half of these idiots don't give a fuck about Vic himself. Clearly no other voice actors are worried about losing their job as a result of this, so it's not a slippery slope. The only con standing by him is run by a sexual predator (with reciepts!). The man's a documented asshole, even if all the harassment allegations were false. Why care?

I can understand the muscleheads who worship Broly or the overgrown fangirls who think he's literally Tamaki or Ed. But. These other chuds? The ones who want "justice" and dgaf about anime dubs? The fuck are you here for?

>Monica's Witch Hunt
He started getting rapidly univited from cons when #KickVic started and before any VAs Monica really spoke out.

Yep. As I said earlier, his fans continuing this charade with the aid of chuds and gaters will only hurt him further. He can still make a comeback. Just needs to lay low for a year or so and then let those crocodile tears stream as he admits he was wrong and changed with whoever he worked with in the meantime backing him up. Bc unless he has money saved up(doubtful), he will need to do some kind of work. Guarantee someone will take him back, if not in Texas then CA or NY.

>> No.10104214
File: 40 KB, 147x228, 4f0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blah blah everybody I don't like is Monica blah blah

Just keep telling everyone about your Sonichu Google searches/investigations.

>> No.10104217

Nobody gives two shots about Monica, at this point I'm convinced you're working for the bitch because you won't stop talking about her and all publicity is good publicity

>> No.10104219

You do not 4chan is not one person, right, dumbass? I’m not any of the anons you were talking to.
While we’re on the topic though, is there a cap of a girl’s story you can post here

>> No.10104220

>It's been proven the evidence against vic is false
>It's been proven there are groups actively trying to take down vic
>It's been proven that the VA's went with this to get rid of vic

Why is this still being discussed? All of the "evidence" has been proven false. Photos, screenshots, all don't help their case.

>> No.10104223

>discord server
[Citation Needed]
Retracted the pics that were found to be consensual, but kept up the ones that weren't. It was an instance of sloppy reporting with the pics, yes, but it was a solid article otherwise. Notably, they are also now doing their due diligence regarding other VAs they've heard things about over the years, according to a mod post, so as to come forward if they have damning evidence.
>Monica not knowing how to internet
Has nothing to do with the legitimacy of everyone else accusing Vic

I can understand why she's acting as she is, for those who aren't Always Online, it's easy to go into total breakdown mode if you have a bunch of people directly messaging you "PROOF?" "BETTER WEAR A BULLET VEST!" "YOU BITCH!" all at once.

Someone needs to tell her outside of the actual death threats these idiots shouldn't be taken seriously and she should maybe take a break until this blows over.


>> No.10104224

Well I feel stupid now.

>> No.10104225
File: 24 KB, 1024x683, 6B5648B2-26A3-4E01-B10D-3BC15C059473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10104226

>Vic has fifteen years of everyone agreeing that he's an asshole and a pedo
>It's an open secret at conventions
>He's banned from several cons
>Newfags on the scene show up not knowing anything to defend muh fellow pedo

>> No.10104229

Im confused, who are all these people, what is this pertaining to?

>> No.10104237
File: 71 KB, 736x1031, 1529369177913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Vic has fifteen years of everyone agreeing that he's an asshole
He IS an asshole
>and a pedo
Getting with 16yo and 17yo is legal, morally wrong, but legal, not related to this at all
>It's an open secret at conventions
So people let it happen? They're enablers? Cool

I will never defend Vic on the counts of him being a bad person. I've been in the scene since 05, and I've known con organizers and staff, and people who know them.
So I've always knew about Vic being terrible to work with, but that's not relevant at all.
It doesn't matter if Vic is the biggest asshole scumbag loser in the whole world if he didn't sexually assault anyone.

It's easy to paint someone as a criminal when they're already a scumbag, but that's not things work.

Like I said, all the evidence is coming back as fake and a coordinated character assassination the longer this goes on.

>> No.10104239

The "Valerie" account was the account people were pointing to to prove that the evidence was faked, because "Valerie" was asking people to help her fake evidence. Turns out, the "Valerie" account wasn't made by the actual Valerie, but by someone she knew who had a bone to pick with her. That's the "Mitchell" guy.

So, Mitchell = "Valerie", but IRL Valerie was not "Valerie"

>> No.10104240

but that was my only post

>> No.10104243

stop lying

There are several girls saying he did, proof enough. He's not going to fucking prison.
Cant you just go sperg on twitter instead? Its tiring responding to the same garbage constantly.

>> No.10104244

So what he's an asshole? Does that mean every accusation against an asshole mean it's true?
Christian Bale is considered an asshole by the general public, does that mean he's instantly guilty of all accusations?

>> No.10104246

So, there was a private FB group shittalking Vic and looking for legit evidence. This girl came in and started saying they should doctor evidence, spread lies. She was shut down, but pro-Vic people got leaks and spread her saying they should doctor pictures and fake testimonies to discredit KickVic.

Later turns out, it wasn't her, but her ex-friend wanted to frame her and start shit with both the pro-Vics and anti-Vics via leaking his suggestions to doctor/falsify. Either way, not only was information left out (that the group shut down the idea of doctoring/falsifying), but the person wasn't even who they said they were.

Notably the girl he was impersonating doesn't even take either side of the argument, she's entirely neutral. So when she started getting hate mobbed, well, his lie slowly unraveled.

>Like I said, all the evidence is coming back as fake and a coordinated character assassination the longer this goes on.
Interesting how none of that proof has been posted in this thread. Just one video that references a Youtube comment that makes zero sense if you know anything about Monica or Vic's work, or Funimation.

Yet plenty of proof being provided, even if you don't accept it, of Vic being a sex pest.


>> No.10104248

And to add on. Actual debunking of any evidence being faked in the most publicized case of "proof" of evidence being faked. As seen here:

>> No.10104249

>There are several girls saying he did, proof enough
The ones that were caught in facebook groups for lying? Or discord groups?
Or maybe the girls that were photoshopping and cropping photos and screenshots?

Even if Vic is guilty of doing it to at least 1 girl, the fact that even 1 person is willing to fake accusation completely debases the original case.

>> No.10104250

This is funny because I fucking love Christian Bale, but yes, he is a crazy asshole. His wife and mother went to the cops over a domestic violence incident.

Nobody has ever come forward about Christian Bale being a pedo or sexual harassment. Everybody talks about how the guy has an anger problem.

>> No.10104252

>Nobody has ever come forward about Christian Bale being a pedo or sexual harassment
And if they do? You believe it because he's a known asshole right?

It doesn't matter if Vic is fiending to fuck 16yo or not, that's not proof of assault. Being an asshole isn't proof of anything.

Facts matter, not any of this bullshit

>> No.10104253

the first death threats where screenshots of a youtube comments section on a random video, they weren't even tweeted at her.

I think what really caused her to go crazy was people asking if shes mad that vic never called after fucking her.

>> No.10104254

fucking hell, WHY would all these women lie? what the FUCK would they get out of it?


He has been accussed of being a creep for 10+ years. Take those rose tinted glasses of.

>> No.10104255

They are enablers. They were too afraid of risking their shitty careers to get the faggot away from kids.

>> No.10104257


If different people came forward and shared experiences of sexual harassment with me over the next 15 years, then yes.

>> No.10104258

jfc your sounding like onision
the FAXXX are that its more likely that he is a creep than a massive group of kids and women conspiring about accusing him of being a creep for 10+ on several different sites online and real life con gossip.
Do they have like smear meet ups where they plan which guy to frame as a creep?

Fucking delusional. jfc.

>> No.10104260

Who has ever in the history of man kind been accused of something by hordes of unrelated people over the span of 10+ years been non guilty of the accusations???

>> No.10104261

ESPECIALLY if there is NOTHING to gain.

>> No.10104263

Also, when I wrote "being an asshole", asshole covers the sexual harassment thing.

>> No.10104265

Because the conspiracies! From websites that started in 2015. Nothing bad ever happens in the world on it's own, it's all conspiracies and paid actors.

>> No.10104266
File: 101 KB, 750x1290, bmnctjmwbov11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See the link here

>> No.10104267

Thanks for the post! I've screenshot and send it to my attorney and law enforcement. I will not be harassed. Have a nice night!

>> No.10104268

Then your arguement doesnt make sense because you are saying you think he did sexually assault kids, what is your autistic point then?

>> No.10104270

Look at all the attention this has spurred. Think of how many backpats they get online. I can’t believe people still don’t understand that people love helping their causes, love getting into fights to feel good about themselves, love being tribal, basically.

>> No.10104272

>Post says sexual harassment

>> No.10104274

Yeah, the amateur sociologist angle isn't working. I'd stick with the investigating.

>> No.10104275

Then your problem is semantics, which is fuckin' foolish. I am careful to use sexual harassment when discussing this stuff as that is more accurate. He should still be kept away from children and be made to be held accountable for the co-workers he hurt, even if it's as simple as being let go as a potential talent.

>> No.10104276

You autistic screeching man babies are making this about muh tribalism with your retarded gorilla brains, exactly which fucking "tribes"?
Pedos vs non pedos?
Vic mangina anime jesus vs anime satan?
Which tribes?

>> No.10104277

You mean, like, you?

>> No.10104279

Yeah oh boy, who doesnt love death threats and autists attacking you on twitter and looking into ones personal life

What attention did kids get by posting anonymously on cgl back in the day then?

>> No.10104281

honestly, i was kind of #istandwithvic (well, neutral more than anything/neutral leaning towards vic did nothing wrong) but after seeing that tweet and statement from funimation about having done an investigation & deciding to NEVER use vic mignogna in any of their future productions? the same vic mignogna who is probably easily in the top 5 in terms of popularity of anime english dub actors (and very like funimation's most popular/profitable voice actor)?

as soon as i saw that tweet from funimation all i could really think was, "oh shit i guess he must have done something pretty fucking bad then"

funimation stands to probably lose quite a bit over this and the fact that already they made a statement as bold as saying they'll never use him again speaks volumes.

but now that the big guy is out of the way will this pave the way to go after certain voice actors who have engaged in actual sexual acts with their underage fans?

>> No.10104298

it's only the most influential and popular anime ever made. nbd

>> No.10104326


It's clearly a matter of teens and a senpai flirting on one side and jealous people on the other side

>> No.10104336

Stop assuming everyone in the “not a screaming pedo-flinger” tribe is a man, jesus. Do you need my tits for proof?
It really doesn’t have to be anything more complicated than “us vs them” to BOTH sides.
>what attention?
Why does anyone post in the feels threads, in these threads? It’s so people reply to them. It’s communication. Humans are social animals. Sorry to be a “amateaur sociologist” (wtf even) but it’s really not that hard to understand if you would stop being a rigid willfully ignorant retard.

>> No.10104337

Are you the one whining about getting death threats in the last thread and when asked for caps of them you never responded? Huh.

>> No.10104442

I could give as crap about broly. This news is everywhere now. you don't need to be a fanboy or fangirl to see irrational behavior. I hope someone steps up and builds something to rehire some of these excommunicated people, across all the industries.

>> No.10104468

Okay, so let me get this straight.
This whole kick vic stuff is because of him kissing under aged girls, right?

>> No.10104491

How is it irrational to fire a creep?
Even if he didnt actually fuck kids he did sexually harrass many and is an overall entitled self important douche

>> No.10104492


>> No.10104505

None of the pro-Vic supporters know how employment works.

>> No.10104576

No evidence of creepy behavior. Just a tight knit clique of bullies convincing themselves that they were inappropriately groped. You think this is a game.

>> No.10104604

There is picture evidence and witnesses and statements + Funimation fired him and all the other VA's hate him for his general dickishness and creep behaviour.
Its not that deep, he wont voice animus anymore well boo hoo, he can go preach at jesuses home to other retards then, those kinds tend to love child molesters.

>> No.10104614

Turn it into the police. Get him arrested. Oh that's right, your definition of sexual assault doesn't cooberate with reality. And none of those videos or pictures hold up in court. If you actually had anything meaningful you would be able to press charges on this "predator".

>> No.10104624

Thats not my place.
You are clearly retarded, there are several stages of harrasment. I'm not gonna waste more time, it doesnt matter how many people have linked the other thread and asked you to read his ED, your gonna kiss his ass anyway.

>> No.10104625

Also this isnt a court you sperg, he got fired, rightfully so, act like a creepy asshole, lose your job.
He made his bed.

>> No.10104628


>> No.10104644

>tfw you're not white and Vic will never creep on you

>> No.10104671

>Creep = Sexual assaulter
Nice try

>> No.10104705

Harrasment, groping, assault. He should be arrested, not just fired. Come on, let's send him to jail. Put your money where your mouth is. Nah it's easier to call people retarded online and fuel your depression.

>Look at all the evidence I have, I could turn this in and get some sweet justice for the victims. But instead I'm going to make a catty video to entertain the seagulls. Because that's what I'm really about.

>> No.10104718

It's sad to see 4chan has fallen so far as to have people going to bat for fucking Vic of all people.

>> No.10104723

cuz ur brats

>> No.10104730

Victims? Werent they all LIARSSSSSS? Why are you defending him now them?

>> No.10104736

I cant go report some random person from a different country than me groping some girl years ago who i dont know who is and have the police take my report seriously without that persons account, thats not how the justice system works. Outed as an underage fag.

My mouth money is in Vic should be fired and people shouldnt associate with him, and that happened thankfully.

>> No.10104744

That was the worst rebuttal I've seen on this site lmfao.

>> No.10104750


>> No.10104751

It's sad, even /a/ has people calling him "based" despite the fact their normal reaction to anything related to dub shit is to automatically discard and ignore. Apparently owning the libs is more important than that now.

>> No.10104755

lets play a game, you post fat white dudes getting triggered and losing their shit. and I'll post pictures of fat white girls getting triggered and losing their shit

>> No.10104858

pro vic people don't know texas employment laws

>> No.10104862

I didn't say they were liars. Also I'm suggesting that if they really we're groped then they should go report it. Hundreds of testimony, even if you make an excuse why you can't, surely a handful can step up. If you actually do it, instead of making memes perhaps you might Garner tons more support. Progressive folks will stand by you, but most people haven't heard about this guy.

And imo 99.9% of these are huge misunderstandings. You want a real predator, look at Dan Schneider.

>> No.10104871

>tfw when you are white but you're also male so Vic isn't going to creep on you either

at least there's always chris patton...

>> No.10104889

They're confirmed to be liars and are panicking and having twitter metldowns at any questioning or criticism. I think it's hilarious Monica Rial's name is an anagram for liar.

>> No.10104932

Confirmed by who? And if you post a video mentioning sjws or npcs, I’m going to laugh in your anus-lipped face.

>> No.10104933
File: 383 KB, 1920x1920, 4AED220A-B89A-46B7-B547-A5DD8BB07010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10104939

Are you retarded? I'm not any of those anons, and I don't know if Vic groped or raped anybody, but he's definitely sexually harassed people and that alone should be enough to get him fired.

Imagine if somebody in your workplace started making creepy, sexual comments towards female coworkers, but not touching them or anything else. That would get them fired, but not arrested.

>> No.10104949

I don't deny that. However, He's not in a traditional work environment. Uhhg why are we so split on this thing? Like we can't even come to an understanding whatsoever.

>> No.10104952

Here you go anus-lip. Oh no, it's a girl! It's almost like women can believe Vic is being victimized so Monica Rial is a fucking snake that was conspiring to take his jobs. Professional victim.
She does some nice investigative work. There's never been solid evidence and it's mostly a bunch of salty fujoshi lmao.

>> No.10104974

>being a Vic stan on /cgl/ in the year of our lord 2019
Jesus Christ this thread is filled with newfags and reactionaries. You don’t have to be a tumblrfag to know Vic is trash. This has been going on since I was a kid. Almost all of my female con friends have had a bad experience with him. I’m amazed at the fact that A-kon and A-fest kept giving him guest spots and honestly I’m curious if they’ll follow the Anime Matsuri route.

Y’all faggots gotta stop assuming everyone who dislikes Vic is a SJW, it just reveals how new and retarded you are.

To the Kiwifags: Null is a pedophile too, not a great way to defend Vic with someone who also has a questionable history with teen girls.

>> No.10105006

Doesnt exist.

>> No.10105009


Some random horsey bitch on yt isnt gonna change the fact that some kids were harrassed.

>> No.10105080

Anyone who has a Kiwi Farms account is emotionally stunted.

>> No.10105157

>Uhhg why are we so split on this thing? Like we can't even come to an understanding whatsoever.

its probably because people have prejudices that make them change their understanding of certain terms. Its been like this since details first broke out. People, meaning spectators, have their motivations for their views.


yeah, still don't buy this shit either. Her work has been far more production oriented. They didn't overlap anywhere near enough for this to cross a suspension of disbelief just on the opportunity angle.

>> No.10105204

This Vic drama wouldn't have gotten nearly as huge if it wasn't because his fanboys/girls weren't so overly autistic. I just love how they go on about Monica (who I don't give a shit about but I don't think she deserves to get a million death threats every thirty seconds)
My personal favorite is this guy who's wearing a 'facts and logic' shirt yet looks like he's pumped up on roids and dwagon ball zee

>> No.10105206

I have no idea where that came from lmao, especially since Vic and Monica aren't the same fucking gender so which character job would she even take?

>> No.10105341

I think something must've changed, and it may not have anything to do with sexual stuff.

I think we'll probably find out through enough loose lips, but it'll probably be a while.

>> No.10105363



>> No.10105376


Is Vic going to find God like how Ed found God?

>> No.10105546

Bust out your bibles gulls, Vic's gonna find god with us.

>> No.10105552

>that fucking echo noise when god or whatever appears
Vic's bible reading is the funniest shit, him being a pedophile who handed this out to kids just adds to it.

>> No.10105613

Why are people screeching about Monica Rial, when there was a flurry of accusations before she said anything?

Is it just because she's the biggest named woman to take a stance?

>> No.10105617

Pretty much. The redpills are trying to say that she did it to get Vic's roles.

>> No.10105630

So some hacker now is claiming that Monica molested him or something at a con 7 years ago and has allegedly already filed a lawsuit

>> No.10105661

He was called out for being 20 7 years ago, and then said he actually RPs a hacker, which is some embarrassingly fake shit.

>> No.10105663

Man, I remember when Sankaku was just weird Japan news. When the fuck did it go all incel?

>> No.10105683


well, i don't think people would screech any less if it wasn't a woman... but yeah probably because among the names floating around that starting liking posts that were negative toward vic, she's one of the ones that has been around the longest, and probably has lots of work credits in the industry.

>> No.10105859

Church-anon was right in predicting how this was going to go. Watch out youth group, here Vic cums.

>> No.10105882

>using seiyuu for American VAs
but why?

>> No.10105945

Why is all the pro-Vic outrage directed at Monica and not at the writer of that ANN article?

>> No.10105966

Because she "stole his role"
lmao, but which role she "stole" is a mystery to all, even the ones claiming this.

>> No.10106086

These guys know Vic and Monica don't have the same vocal range at all, right? Unless they actually think Monica can do a good Edward Elric impression.

>> No.10106277

I guess they saw the potential for making money out of incels and alt right guys.

>> No.10106360

Because this is all some incel drama combined with the autism/genuinely underaged animu crowd.
These people need a female villain to latch on to because it simplifies a complex situation.

>> No.10106371

But Lynzee is a woman.

>> No.10106402

women can't be incels anon, it's too easy for them to get laid!

>> No.10106408

I'm not saying this to be mean, but you'd have to be completely out of the con scene to have not heard of this in passing. I kept my nose out of drama and didn't care much for dubs, but even I'd heard of him many times.

>> No.10106419

>Incel #1 gets a hold of this Vic story through Monica Rial's stupid fucking incendiary tweets
>Starts spreading this story everywhere he can
>It becomes Katamari Damacy, a rolling cluster of internet trash that continues to pick up other incels, autistic animu fans, and stupid YouTube whores as it rolls along

>> No.10106422

This is really a great study in the wishful thinking of animu fans, though. There's comments in that YouTube video that say there were no allegations before 2012.

>> No.10106431
File: 672 KB, 268x315, original.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like you could do 5 minutes of research to figure out that's not true. He's been banned from cons as early as '08. I hate when people from outside the con scene, or who are very new to it, try to butt in to create some lies so their fellow men don't get in shit.

It's funny how people preach that we should wait for the system to play out when men assault women, and we should stay neutral, but will also turn around and blindly support the dude even if there's evidence he's been a shitter in the past. So hypocritical. Keep seeing that shit on twitter, the small brained capital of the internet.

Reminds me of how everyone in the cartoon community knew about John K. being a pedo for a decade, and when normies finally found out, they denied it ever could have happened because he made a cartoon they liked.

>> No.10106432

Not sure why I got the double spaces between my sentences, please disregard that. Might be my laptop.

>> No.10106464

>Reminds me of how everyone in the cartoon community knew about John K. being a pedo for a decade, and when normies finally found out, they denied it ever could have happened because he made a cartoon they liked.

That's a good comparison. The only reason that didn't reach this level of clusterfuck is that John K doesn't have the character advantage that Vic does. A lot of these anime fans seem to seriously blur the lines between him and Edward Elric or Broly, which is seriously fucked up because it's what Vic always banked on.
>When he talks, he sounds just like Ed and smiles at everyone in the room, how can he be bad?

>> No.10106491

I don't get these guys spamming Funi's Twitter with endless tweets like this. It's not gonna convince anybody to support Vic. It's only gonna make people think they're crazy spammers with nothing better to do with their life.

>> No.10106494

But it's okay and totally works when SJWs do it.

>> No.10106497

I fucking despise religion personally, but you people make me sick. Maybe you could use some religion yourself since you don't seem to have a moral compass of your own.

>> No.10106499

>If you don't support a rabid twitter mob you're an incel

>> No.10106504

God you're a dumb fucking cunt.
Decade old teenage girl gossip that Vic is "totally creepy" and him being kicked out of a con for being an asshole, aren't evidence he's a rapist.

Yes, its amazing how people want evidence and verifiable claims, aren't on board with a whisper campaign and anonymous accusations.
Your most damning claim is another VA saying he was mean to her once.

>> No.10106517
File: 9 KB, 401x367, 1471507026253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're obviously new here.

>> No.10106544
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1530778075808s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw this all started from gay ops on /cgl/, some fat roastie who wanted her fujo bait signed, jealous ass voice actors who wanted his job and fame, and degenerates from Channel Awesome who permit fucking little girls and boys

>> No.10106623

where is YOUR proof of that?

>> No.10106674

>I had no idea who this guy was before last week but he's being picked on by a woman so let me open my newfag incel mouth to chime in

The best part is that no matter how the mob cries, that nigga still won't get easy access to those greasy underage girls he craves.

>> No.10106690

who said that???

>> No.10106694

>Yes, its amazing how people want evidence and verifiable claims, aren't on board with a whisper campaign and anonymous accusations.
The accusations aren't anonymous. Most twitters have their personal stuff linked, photos, their name...Go back to /r9k/ or whatever and stop shitting up this board. You obviously don't know anything about vic besides the fact that he couldn't possibly be a meanie, women are just such cunts :( :(

>> No.10106890

What job you idiot bitch? Drink your bleach and shut up.

>> No.10106939

Sure is ironic that the guys who keep spamming "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! WHERE'S MAH EVIDENCE!?" have no evidence for their claims that Monica is stealing Vic's jobs.

>> No.10107125

There isn't just fight or flight. There's also freezing...

>> No.10107126

Oops meant to respond to this...

>> No.10107130
File: 48 KB, 667x500, spock-old[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The rare occasion I have seen a Vic "Public Disturbance" thread I've always questioned the validity of the accusations as lurker for say what the past 3 years. I don't know and have never written in any thread ton the subject til now. So what if we're being objective and logical. That does not make us a faggot Captain Kirk.

>> No.10107139
File: 1.56 MB, 1500x1500, 1445646919700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>every single post Funimation makes about the Broly movie is filled with losers defending Vic

Holy fucking shit I hate this god damn planet sometimes.

I don't fucking understand.

>> No.10107140

Same could be said for women and any other gender you wanna come up with.

Patrick Stewart will save it.

It may not be hearsy, but there's a level of burden of proof that is need to be met. And yes I did look it up plus the phrase anonymous sources. In fact I find this page to be reliable as to what needs to be done in the case of an anonymous source.


>> No.10107158

No. Sexual Assault is UNWANTED SEXUAL CONTACT. Being kissed on the cheek or forehead is NOT SEXUAL CONTACT. Being kissed on the mouth, being touched on the crotch or groped on your breasts or ass is. If we had it your way, then sexual assault would happen everytime someone bumps into you by accident.

>> No.10107293

>I'm a (presumed) adult that happily engages in ageism and shaming people for the stupid clothes they wear

>> No.10107369
File: 627 KB, 1125x1586, 57074D08-6C8D-4244-BF89-7BCC7DE316D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>claims to not be on anyone’s side because there’s not enough evidence
>believes some random “hacktivist” because he’s allegedly going to court against Jamie for raping him as a child (?) seven years ago.
>Dude was 21 7 years ago.
Vic fans are actually retarded.

>> No.10107381

it is retarded but, it this is why you don't make baseless accusations and conspire to destroy people that didn't sign your gay fanfiction anon

>> No.10107382

Is it conspiring if Vic’s behavior has been known about for almost 2 decades?
This isn’t about Vic’s dislike of Yaoi. This is about him consistently crossing boundaries.

>> No.10107420

>15 years of solid allegations against Vic

The majority of these people defending him were either in diapers or straight-up didn't exist when he started the saga of shit.
Also, the fm_alchemist LJ comm still exists, that's fucking weird.

>> No.10107423 [DELETED] 
File: 47 KB, 600x288, npcs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If celebrity=Christian, runscript BAD.EXEx
Boot program Brigading.exe

>> No.10107424


15 years without a single police report and the worst thing he's been accused of is being a little too touchy feely.

>> No.10107449
File: 136 KB, 960x570, large960_blur-e089d94caa7d48c68b1cdd62860bb704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>conspiring if Vic’s behavior has been known about for almost 2 decades?
>15 years of solid allegations against Vic
There isn't any. sorry. We are looking at all the same videos, pictures and evidence that you guys are showing us. We are trying to take it seriously. But we just aren't seeing it. He would have been arrested by now you guys.

Wanna know what's ironic here? This guy could very well be the most evil, calculated man on the planet. (I'm still not discounting that possibility.) But because there is only video evidence of Vic being really eloquent, passionate, and kind with the fans. In CONTRAST. There is only evidence of #kickvicers overreacting, name calling, blocking people. There's a video in which Sean Schemmel plays "Kip Mangina." Satire of course, but comes across as passive aggressive. He's calling fans assholes on Twitter now? Understandably since he's a VIP at Funimation. Still, these people aren't doing themselves any favors.

Just a thought. I listen to this podcast called Talkin Toons hosted by V/A Rob Paulsen. And he frequently brings up that one of his favorite things about conventions is that he loves to "make the world" for his autistic fans. He goes in depth and talks about fans with autism that are 35+ years old, and come with their parents to conventions. This is the caliber of many who visit conventions. And autism tends to give someone childlike sensibilities.

We joke about 4chan posters being autistic all the time. But there is legitimate autism in convention settings. Rob Paulsen and other V/A are constantly meeting these sorts of fans. The way many V/A handle these types of fans are not dissimilar to the way a Pediatrician, Social Worker, EMT or a Kindergarten teacher would to a child. A voice, a hug, even a smile. That's what I'm seeing in Vic. I bet most of his interactions are with autistic fans. So he's dealing with autistic men and women. And more cerebral fans like /cgl/.

>> No.10107476

Sexual harassment isn’t illegal and you can’t be arrested for it, dumbass. I’ve had a friend who has had him whisper in her ear, about how we was VERY happy to meet her (and was generally uncomfortable to be around) when she was only sixteen. You can’t get arrested for that but you can get kicked out of cons for that. He skirts the line of legality.

>> No.10107483

>being a little touchy feely

That's an opinion, nigga, and you're welcome to it, but there's still 15 years of harassment out there.
John Lasseter was let go for less.

>> No.10107573

are there any adults in this thread?

>> No.10107576

Lasseter was grabbing asses and breasts. So try again.

>> No.10107603

I can buy him being a dick, but everything else smells of sour grapes and vindictiveness.

>> No.10107618

>when she was 16
she isn’t 16 anymore, anon. Learn how to read.

>> No.10107795

Some of these girls are saying that he did put his hands on their ass or get too close to their tiny tits. Why do you believe Lasseter's anonymous accusers and not Vic's named ones?

>> No.10107918

Out of curiosity. Does anyone think that Vic Mignopa is a closeted gay guy? He's got a lot of effeminate mannerisms that would suggest he might suck a dick or two.

>> No.10107927

I don't think you got the person's question and there are multiple ways to interpret it btw....

(IE Mature folk, actual grown people who've been around, rhetorical)

>> No.10107998

I, too, experienced a very creepy Vic spring from behind his table to whisper “I love you” into my 13 year old ear. It was extremely uncomfortable and unwanted.

>> No.10108044
File: 428 KB, 1165x1001, A5C5E05E-86C4-419F-BA7F-C4076C30A314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw this may make the anime community so fucking toxic that AX might pull a pensacon to save face
>mfw this actually happens

>> No.10108311

Someone on #StandwithVic swatted a voice actress.

>> No.10108466

>@kittygirl95 "I was at a con once and my friend said she might have seen Vic hug a girl a bit too hard."


>> No.10108477


Bitches are going to get Sued

>> No.10108717

>No lawsuit happens because Vic actually did all of this shit

>> No.10108857
File: 22 KB, 300x350, qZNUwDF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a repost from someone who faked it.


Busted door was from 2016.
To make matters worse, she's a Funimation Employee.

Better luck next time.

>> No.10108892

/v/ is making fun of us!

>> No.10108906

Of course, because some of you are acting cray cray and others are not practicing due diligence. Oh and BTW...

Welcome to your Gamergate Anime community. Have fun slogging at each other....


>> No.10108908

This, seems pretty crazy how hard people jumped on this

>> No.10108911

And the thread got deleted... THE WHOLE THREAD.

>> No.10108917

I didn't realize /cgl/ was this full of "people" willing to defend a homophobic rapist.

>> No.10108926

Make sure you can cash the checks you dish out.

>> No.10109030


Perhaps Reddit or Tumblr suit your interests instead?

>> No.10109130

I didn't realize how bad this board was. You people are fucking retards.

>> No.10109178

If you're leaving tell all your discord friends to fuck off as well.

>> No.10109238

It isnt... Its random GAMER BOIS MUH MANLY LOGIC WIMMEN ARE EVIL dude bros in their teens, who do a shit job at blending in

>> No.10109243 [DELETED] 
File: 465 KB, 633x836, 1550532971909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10109294

I think /pol/ and kiwifarms is more to your liking, not all chan boards are degenerate cesspools of neckbeards

>> No.10109369

You fags literally never left when tumblr raided us a decade ago. And now your own site is toast, so we're stuck with you. Fucking bullshit. At least you only stick to a handful of pseudo-containment boards.

>> No.10109380

i have never in my life used tumblr but o.k mr twitter

>> No.10109460

>implying that you were even using the internet a decade ago

>> No.10109581


Saw this recently. Opinions?

>> No.10109621

>The second situation happened at a separate convention a couple of years later. Rachel said she had agreed to stop by his room briefly. She said he invited her to sit down on the couch in the front room of the suite, and after a brief conversation she claims he knelt in front of her and began rubbing the backs of her thighs, and said: “Let me be sweet to you.”

That fucking massage pasta is real.

>> No.10109696

Wew lad, there is now a $100,000 GoFundMe in Vic's favor. jfc

>> No.10109770
File: 165 KB, 303x311, 1550455980134.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This shit has spun so far off course that it is now actually hilarious. I waited 15 years for this spectacle

>> No.10109839


already dont give a shit about what they think.

>> No.10109865
File: 58 KB, 1280x720, Laugh and grow fat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Real Lawyer explains who Vic can go after and how it would go.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soO1PEsGayA [Remove]
1:11:00 introduction to a possible legal strategy
the list starts at 1:20:00 he names a person that goes through a list of what they could be sued for
1:22:30 MarzGurl
1:32:20 Anime News Network author/writer
1:35:30 Anime News Network Execs
1:48:00 Jamie Marchi and an unnamed group of VAs that tried to get Funimation to drop Vic months earlier.
1:55:00 Monica Rial
1:57:50 Funimation
2:02:20 SONY because they own Funimation
2:05:44 Rooster Teeth
2:07:35 Samantha Inoue-Harte (the chick who faked getting swatted and complained that Vic fucked her friend in her own hotel bed.)
2:21:00 i09 author and Gizmodo Exec
2:26:00 Christopher Sabat, Sean Schemmel even if they dont get sued they might be called in for deposition to talk about all the behind the scenes conversations and potential conspiracy by people who wanted to force out Vic even after an internal investigation said the allegations are inconclusive
2:29:00 This will cost Funimation and SONY a lot to defend so many people, so much that SONY could fire everyone and settle out of court.
2:40:30 summary
2:43:00 promoting the Vic gofundme called Vic Kicks Back and how much this will cost everyone

>> No.10110026

This shit right here is going to be the real entertainment. Everything before this was just the pre-show. I can’t wait to see this pan out

>> No.10110133

>Lawyer tells a man that he has a case and can sue, it will take only a mere $100k worth of shekels to do so
>Man agrees because it's everyone else's money
>Lawyers getting free publicity and money

The case will go nowhere, but this entire thing has become so fucking funny that it's crossed into entertainment. He should sue Twitter for a bajillion dollars and be represented by Larry H. Parker.

>> No.10110200

Because just after that he jumped in the freezing pool for laughs, spent 1 hour walking around in soaking wet in white boxers

>> No.10110232

This is obviously a quack lawyer who gets no fucking cases and spends all of his free time making youtube videos pretending he's a respected attorney.

>> No.10110255


This shit just keeps getting better and better. Vic gonna assfuck everyone in return and still be able to molest underage con attendees. gg.

>> No.10110280


No greasy underage girls for him anymore, not unless he starts a ministry. There's a lot of Saul Goodman-tier lawyers out there who are happy to take thousands of dollars on a case they know they'll lose. Vic could wind up paying for the opposing side's legal fees.

If I were Vic, I'd just start a church. He can infinitely collect money and get access to disenfranchised young peoplr. Screencap this because the fucker will probably do it.

>> No.10110282


Some dumbass lawyer could manager to counter-sue all the people for slander, emotional damages, etc...

>> No.10110288

You don’t get it. Vic is one person paying one lawyer to represent him. All those people need their own lawyers and will have to pay to be represented. Funi will have to foot the bill for the VAs under their employ, probably, and for themselves. You do the math. They (and especially their parent company who doesn’t give two fucks about some American Chinese cartoon dub actor) are going to want to make this go away as quickly and cheaply as possible, even if it seems Vic doesn’t have a chance at winning. He has a very good chance, actually, but the point of these things isn’t usually to take it to trial; by settling, Vic wins in the publc’s eye and clears his name.

I would give so much to be there for disclosure, if it even gets that far. Undoubtedly there will be a gag order and NDAs issued as part of the settlement.

>> No.10110290

>Funi will have to foot the bill for the VAs under their employ
Most of these VAs are freelancers and only do gigs for Funi, so they wouldn't have to foot the bill for them. Also
>wins in the publc's eye and clears his name
Winning the case isn't going to convince conventions that he isn't an asshole they don't want to invite. It's not going to mean Funimation would become obligated to hire Vic for gigs again. You don't get it at all if you think even winning this case will somehow erase what hundreds of convention organizers, voice actors, and his ex-fiance have said about him.

>> No.10110294

>Vic wins in the publc’s eye and clears his name.
And people stopped making OJ Simpson jokes after he won his court case. Sure.

>> No.10110295

I only care about the actual legal shit. Dont really care what happens to him outside of that, but I should also point out the damage several of the named parties have caused to the integrity of their case and also that Vic has his own share of supporters. Reality is usually disappointing

>> No.10110297

Horrible analogy for too many reasons to name, with the first being criminal vs civil charges. Civil court is the court of public eye, because it’s certainly not criminal justice

>> No.10110302

>I only care about the actual legal shit
Which is completely based on the speculation of a man who is as much of a lawyer as Dr. Oz is a doctor.
>the damage several of the named parties have caused to the integrity of their case
Cases. Just because Inoue-Harte fucked up doesn't mean every single case is cleared. You're going to have explain each and every individual grievance, and even if one of them has corroborated testimony, Vic is fucked.
>that Vic has his own share of supporters
And that doesn't mean anything in a court of law.

>> No.10110305

>Civil court is the court of public eye
Civil court doesn't force everybody to retract every single thing they said about Vic, anon. You don't understand law at all.

>> No.10110309

>implying my knowledge is based solely off this one video posted on a Nariobian birdwatching forum

This isn’t criminal court and these aren’t criminal charges. Vic will be the plaintiff and these other people the defendants. I cannot stress enough that this is CIVIL COURT and Vic is the one pursuing a case, with all attendant evidence for defamation of character. Stop for a second and really wrap your brain around that one. They will be defending themselves against Vic, not the other way around

Debateable at best

>> No.10110310

>Vic will be the plaintiff and these other people the defendants.
And once again, you're basing this all on speculation instead of actual word from either party. You can pretend to be a law professor all you want just because you watched some videos, but it's not going to change the fact that there are dozens of eyewitness testimonies against Vic. And that would be seen as evidence against his case.

>> No.10110311

And you’re not speculating based on the same information available as I am?

Have you ever even been through the civil court process? Child timesharing agreement, small claims, anything?

>> No.10110312

>Have you ever even been through the civil court process?
Have you?

>> No.10110314


>> No.10110315

Prove it. Where's your evidence?

>> No.10110316

Easily available through the county court system.

You didn’t answer, though.

>> No.10110318

>Easily available through the county court system.
Yeah, I can search "anon" on a court system and find out. Fuck off with your bullshit. This is like those casualgators going "Oh! Meyer's gonna win his lawsuit against Waid!" even when Antarctic Press said Waid did nothing.
>You didn’t answer, though.
I have eighty law degrees that I got from each time I fucked your mom.

>> No.10110319

You asked where it was, not that I produce it. And even if you had asked for that, I have no obligation to, and I’m not posting legal docs on some Bulgarian lace-making board just because some anon asked

>> No.10110321

>You asked where it was, not that I produce it.
No, I asked for proof. I didn't ask for its location. Your reading cognition is as bad as your understanding of basic law.

>> No.10110325

Sure, anon

>> No.10110327
File: 97 KB, 585x591, 1549562479663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have eighty law degrees that I got from each time I fucked your mom.

>> No.10110336

>No law firm website, just a Facebook page
>Doesn’t list law specializations
>Never heard of Vic before this controversy
>Can’t even assist Vic because he’s in a different state
>”This money is going towards a legal team who CAN help Vic, I swear!”

Top kek. Anti SJW incels truly are the easiest idiots to scam.

>> No.10110356

>Most of these VAs are freelancers and only do gigs for Funi, so they wouldn't have to foot the bill for them
if you watched the vid it is explained that since most of the VAs get manager roles as directors or supervising other employees they are viewed as a "Principle Agent" of Funimation under Texas Law

>Winning the case isn't going to convince conventions that he isn't an asshole they don't want to invite.
maybe but it will make news sites think twice before posting random anonymous allegations without thoroughly vetting them like ANN
there was even some chick on youtube who tried to edit a video with Vic to make it look much worse than it was.

>You're going to have explain each and every individual grievance, and even if one of them has corroborated testimony, Vic is fucked.
did you even watch the vid?
The truth is not a defense to Tortious Interference

>dozens of eyewitness testimonies against Vic
A federal judge is going to want details like when, where, was it on tape, did you tell anyone, why didnt you tell anyone, why didnt you report it if it was so bad.

>even when Antarctic Press said Waid did nothing.
its been months and the case has not been dismissed yet

>”This money is going towards a legal team who CAN help Vic, I swear!”
you know he risks ethics violations if he tries to run a scam right?
also wire fraud is a serious crime that is easy to prove.

>> No.10110370

You guys fucked up. Turns out you can't do whatever you want and get away with it in your little nerd circle.

>> No.10110373

>you know he risks ethics violations if he tries to run a scam right?
No shit, Sherlock. It’s not as if he’s a credible lawyer with a successful firm, anyways. One google search shows that much.

>> No.10110385

So here’s the thing. This guy couldn’t comment on the case like this if he were involved. He’s not arguing Vic’s case. I’m not, either. I haven’t even watched the video. I looked at the facts, combined them with my existing legal knowledge and experience, and came to similar conclusions. He’s taking a legal strategy for a defamation case and applying it specifically to this situation. He’s breaking it down for people who aren’t well-versed in the law, and even then some of you dumbs-dumbs are still trying to argue like it’s criminal court.

Try to understand how this actually works, not how you wish it would

>> No.10110389
File: 272 KB, 593x756, Vic tweet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10110391


>> No.10110395

And that’s all fine and good, except the gofundme is still sketchy as fuck. It’s one thing to educate others on a hypothetical situation, and another to say “and with 100k we can make this real!!!!!” If Vic wants to pursue action in a scenario like the video suggested, he can get his own legal team - if RR Discord screenshots are to believed, he already has.
I have no doubts this man went to law school, but his online presence does nothing to make me take him seriously as a practicing lawyer with any real credibility.

>> No.10110396

>And I wish to continue

Unfortunately, he can't force anyone to hire him and he's done a great job pissing off everyone in that circle. These incels don't even watch or care about anime.

>> No.10110398

>if you watched the vid
>did you even watch the vid?
The vid's bullshit, dude. You're using the words of some failed lawyer to back up your already flimsy bullshit. Only a fraction of the VAs have staff roles at Funi. Thinking a federal judge is going to use your logic is baffling. Unless you think every sexual harassment case is thrown out of court.
>its been months and the case has not been dismissed yet
It's dead in the water. Only a retard thinks anything's going to develop from it.

>> No.10110401

>he can't force anyone to hire him and he's done a great job pissing off everyone in that circle
Funimation or SONY could clean house and fire people left and right after all this is over.
better to do that than risk another lawsuit
SONY doesn't exactly have a good track record of caring about employees

>These incels don't even watch or care about anime.
EVS and G+G already said they dont and are just hopping on for easy drama clicks
but i am surprised by how many smaller weeb channels are speaking out while the bigger shills are keeping their mouth shut.
Digibro got drunk and called on Vic a rapist and a possible danger to children (digi also like Lolicon)

>You're using the words of some failed lawyer to back up your already flimsy bullshit
he cites TX law
>Only a fraction of the VAs have staff roles at Funi.
and those VAs have already fucked themselves and are now putting Funi at risk for legal trouble.

>> No.10110402

Yeah, this lawyer is a fraud. https://twitter.com/NickRekieta/status/1098413487058022400

>> No.10110405

To be fair, that shit ain’t interesting to me so I don’t really care about that junk. The legal aspect is why I care, and I mean actual irl law shit, not wishful thinking TV drama fiction

>> No.10110406

>Funimation or SONY could clean house and fire people left and right after all this is over.
So by your logic, a company that would face a huge lawsuit over firing one guy would be okay firing dozens of people and risking dozens of lawsuits. Yeah, sure.

>> No.10110407

they could fire them or just let their contracts expire and not reup.

>> No.10110409

>and those VAs have already fucked themselves and are now putting Funi at risk for legal trouble.
How much are you going to suck this scam lawyer's dick, dude?

>> No.10110412

And why? That would lead to a much bigger outrage than simply kicking out a single voice actor.

>> No.10110414

Again, this specific lawyer doesn’t have any official say or capacity to this case. He isn’t wrong about the use of legal strategy. Once again, civil court. Vic is suing them. Do the math. Please just try to understand the reality of how law works

>> No.10110416

This was already explained upthread, try rereading it and then Googling if you don’t understand it

>> No.10110417

did he rape your dog or something?
he hasn't done or said anything that makes me believe hes a scam artist.

welcome to corporate america
it doesn't matter about outrage, if SONY, the multinational conglomerate, does the math and thinks it will be better for them to clean house and settle out of court then they will.

>> No.10110419

>Please just try to understand the reality of how law works
No, YOU understand the reality of how law works. You don't even know if Vic is suing anybody. We only know he's retained a law firm.

>> No.10110420

>does the math and thinks it will be better for them to clean house and settle out of court then they will.
And judging from most reports like io9 and ANN, they won't do that.

>> No.10110421

Do you need to wait to be told everything explicitly or are you capable of putting shit together on your own?

>> No.10110423

Do you only know how to condescend and pretend you know anything, or are you going to grasp the reality of the situation instead of jump to conclusions?

>> No.10110425


>> No.10110426

Once again, sure is suspicious this "lawyer" doesn't have a law firm website or list his law specializations.

>> No.10110429

I have a firm grasp on the reality of the situation and the patience of a saint

>> No.10110430
File: 304 KB, 503x393, attentiongarfield.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have a firm grasp on the reality of the situation

>> No.10110438

>"I am not crazy" says the crazy person

>> No.10110443

>the use of legal strategy

It's fucking hilarious that these people are all waving their arms around like kids who just picked up their first law book and learned about torts.
>Muh defamation
>Muh libel

These kinds of cases are difficult to prove and even more difficult to claim meaningful damages from. You can have any legal strategy that you want, there's a glut of crooked lawyers arguing stupid shit at any given time to get easy money from idiots who are promised that they have a case.

I hope that Vic is just doing the GoFundMe for the money because if he was hoping to continue the lifestyle he's had for 15 years, siccing an army of incels (who either don't go to cons or don't watch anime) on his ex-employer/coworkers and everyone else who questions him isn't going to get it back. If anything, it just proves that he is the same egocentric asshole that he's always been. No organization with anything to lose is going to want him around because he's a walking liability. A lot of conventions didn't want him around even before this. Just look at the dumbfucks in the comments saying that Monica Rial and everyone else will go to jail for insulting Vic. They can't even grasp any of this shit, they think that the law is magical.

>> No.10110450

>meaningful damages

That’s probably the easiest part to prove in this particular case

>> No.10110454

>No organization with anything to lose is going to want him around because he's a walking liability.
so are the employees that are losing their shit on twitter

>A lot of conventions didn't want him around even before this
he has a large dedicated fanbase that buys tickets just to see him
even other VAs complained that his booth has lines far longer than theirs.

>look at the dumbfucks in the comments
Vic is going to use TX law not youtube comments.

>> No.10110457

Take a few minutes to set aside your legal strategy, learn the difference between civil and criminal charges, and get back to me thanks.

Also, no major con is going to want to get sued or bring in a trashy incel crowd because of Vic. But either way, this crooked lawyer and Vic get paid.

>> No.10110459

>Muh armchair lawyer

>> No.10110461

id rather listen to a real lawyer than you

>> No.10110464

>thinking Rekieta is a real lawyer

>> No.10110470

>He cant be a real lawyer cuz i said so
seriously what did Nick do to you?

>> No.10110474

>He can't be a real lawyer because there's no proof online of him handling any court cases or having any identifiable law firm website
Ftfy. Look, I get that this Gofundme scam is raking in thousands of dollars, but he's not gonna give you a share if you kiss his ass.

>> No.10110477

Kek. You gonna lose your shit this hard because anons are asking for credentials?

>> No.10110483

Yeah, pretty much. I’m interested in how this may pan out, but not really invested. Definitely curious to see where this specific case goes. That Amazon case has been a wild ride, too

>> No.10110485
File: 193 KB, 328x414, try again faggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Notices how the year authorized to practice is the same as his graduation on linkedin

>> No.10110489

>Legal answers 0
>Legal guides 0

>> No.10110490

And no evidence of him handling a single case.

>> No.10110496

Can’t speak for other anons, but I’m >>10110336
And I flat out said I thought he was authorized, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good lawyer.
He’s got a grand total of one endorsement on LinkedIn and his bio reads like a 15 year old wrote it. Law is all about the persuading people to be on your side, and all this dude has done from his web presence is persuade me to think that he couldn’t make it in the legal world so he uses his degree to shit his diaper about Es Jay Woos online.

>> No.10110501

that just means he doesn't contribute to the site
you really are autistic if you think he would commit wire fraud.

hes in a small town and said he mostly deals with
Traffic, Immigration, Social Security, Divorce & Family Law,
thats the kind of stuff that wont be talked about as its all private.

hes not even gonna use the money, its all going to Vic legal team

>> No.10110507

>you really are autistic if you think he would commit wire fraud.
Being skeptical isn't autistic. Unlike you, I don't blindly accept whatever bullshit a guy tries to sell me.

>> No.10110511

hi guys im raising money to give to vics legal team!
>what a scam this isn't real
yes its real Vic confirmed it in a post
>this guy is gonna run away with the money!
im a lawyer i cant do that i would be disbarred and gofundme would report me for wire fraud.
>but your not a real lawyer
independent sites list him as a real lawyer
>you have no experience
spent years in Law school and hes not taking on Vics case, hes just raising money for him and any that isn't used goes to charity
>everyone is getting scammed
>because i said so!

saying "i'm skeptical" isn't a shield when your being this autistic.

>> No.10110519

I waited since 2006 for this, this is the best long con I've ever lived through in the convention/cgl circuit

>> No.10110520

Why do you somehow believe going to law school is instant proof of pure intent? Do you trust anybody who says they're a lawyer? But you've run out of arguments and only know how to call people autistic, so you're clearly not smart enough to continue this argument.

>> No.10110524

have you ran out of goalposts to move?
you have still yet to explain how a guy raising money for Vic is a scam

>> No.10110528

>you have still yet to explain how a guy raising money for Vic is a scam
>a man who has shown no prior contact with Vic until very recently is organizing a fundraiser for him, even though Vic has more than enough money to fund a lawyer on his own (he was able to fund his non-profit Star Trek fanfilms for years)
>as >>10110336 said, no proof he's a man of his word
Hasn't your idolization of a crooked lawyer gone far enough? Or are you going to keep getting madder with each post until you cry?

>> No.10110530

In all fairness, I’m pretty sure STC was crowdfunded, as well

>> No.10110540

Rekieta could tell you to eat your own shit, and you'd gobble it up in one go, wouldn't you? This entire thread, you've proven you don't know how to think for yourself and can only blindly accept what people say just because they say they're a lawyer or say they're a doctor. Fuck, you're pathetic.

>> No.10110544
File: 317 KB, 1350x445, Star Trek Continues fan production.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a man who has shown no prior contact with Vic until very recently is organizing a fundraiser for him
and? Vic calls him a friend in a twitter post and has given the green light to it
>Vic has more than enough money to fund a lawyer on his own (he was able to fund his non-profit Star Trek fanfilms for years)
see pic
why do you lie?

> idolization
Citation needed

>crooked lawyer
Citation Needed
again why lie?
what about 1 guy raising money for Vic gets you so angry?

>> No.10110573

NAYRT but Vic calling him a friend doesn’t really mean much. Being overly affectionate to people he doesn’t know is quite literally the basis to this entire shitshow.
The entire way this guy’s conducting himself seems like he cares a lot less for the cause and a lot more about his 15 minutes of fame as the lawyer who saved anime martyr Vic Mignogna, even if he isn’t scamming anyone.

>> No.10110581

fair enough
im just wondering why the other anon doesn't just say that instead of going crazy.

>> No.10110755

>what about 1 guy raising money for Vic gets you so angry?
What about one guy raising money for Vic leads you to gaslight people? You think everyone who challenges your view is crazy, almost as if you can't handle opposing views. Fragile much?

>> No.10110769

For the record, the idea that Vic can just sue and destroy Funi and ANN relies on the theory that
>Funimation never did any investigation and fired him because "lol whatever"
>he didn't admit to trying to cheat on his fiance in that io9 article
>that there is a decades long conspiracy to undermine Vic's name
And if you believe all three are actually happening just because some youtube videos told you to, you're retarded and need therapy.

>> No.10110772

what views where challenged?
the guy is raising money to give to Vics team because he thinks he might have a case.
yet your still saying its a scam

>> No.10110980

>>These incels don't even watch or care about anime.
Pot meet kettle. Trust me there are lot of incels into anime. A lot. about as much as gamers and sadly those that are into both are ousted in the anime community.

>> No.10111085

I watched Star Trek continues without knowing who Vic was. Heard about it from Todd on a podcast.

It was actually really good.

>> No.10111229

most of the incels are women too

>> No.10111477

You just confirmed you're from another board

>> No.10111512

I mean if you look up videos most of the stuff had been disproved

>> No.10111810

Did your parents drop you down a flight of stairs when you were born?

>> No.10111875
File: 83 KB, 671x427, 1499056875663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gulls are STILL arguing almost 300 posts after the bump limit was reached

>> No.10111894

>implying that most of the arguers are gulls
crossboarding shitposters get out

>> No.10111909

>They are going to want to make this go away as quickly and cheaply as possible
Yes, that's why they fucking dumped Vic

>> No.10111956

I've been in the con scene for over a decade (I'm talking like, Maguma/LRC/Miyu/RedDickies era for this board, do those names even mean anything here anymore?) and there's never NOT been a period of time where there WEREN'T persistent rumors of Vic being a handsy creep. Just because there's smoke doesn't mean there's fire, but a ceaseless billowing pillar of it's kind of a red flag. The guy's been around a lot of young girl fans all the way back to FMA and was probably shitcanned so quickly because he was given more than enough chances by the people above him in hopes that he'd stop. If he's gonna grope girls for a decade straight, walk away from accusation after accusation, and still not learn to just quit while he's ahead, he deserves everything that's built up and come his way. He no longer has the clout he once did when any young dumb dub anime fan would gladly die in his defense.

>> No.10112000

>First. Person. Testimony. Is. Acceptable. Evidence. In. Courts. Of. Law. And. Thus. Acceptable. For. The. Court. Of. Public. Opinion. Especially. When. Backed.

Tell that to Justice Kavanaugh.

>> No.10112005

>what is the censoring of Fire Attack in Smash Bros, changing the outcome of the Assassin's Creed DLC, the rumored change of the localization of the latest Catherine release, etc

>> No.10112062

If he is guilty, then I would argue that everyone of his coworkers who watched silently for a decade are also at fault

>> No.10112273

That was before Vic lawyered up tho. Now Sony is going to have to spent time, money, and effort on some minor American division and they are probably not going to be happy about that. Look at it more from a financial aspect than that they actually care about their employees or protecting them

>> No.10112328

>changing the outcome of the Assassin's Creed DLC
the AC game has branching dialogue paths where you can hook up with random characters.
the DLC robbed you of a branching path so i thinks that's why people got pissed.

>> No.10112345

Most of the VAs involved mentioned having their own lawyers long before Vic did, plus FUNi probably has a legal team, too.
Having a lawyer also doesn’t necessarily mean having a case. There’s no /public/ evidence. What the investigation found and has not come forward with but will in a lawsuit is a different matter.
At this point it’s way too early to tell either way, the only person who truly seems fucked over is the idiot who faked a SWAT attack.

>> No.10112402

The whole point is that it doesn’t matter if he has a case, the point is to make it go away by settling and then getting rid of everyone who was involved. Remember that this isn’t a criminal trial against Vic

>> No.10112684

Why is he surprised that Funi has a lawyer? Funi's part of an industry that complains about piracy and bootlegs all the time. Of course they would have a lawyer. A lawyer they've had for several years, in fact. If that's your case in favor of Vic, it's not going to hold up.
Yes, it does. If he doesn't have an actual case, no court's going to give a shit, and Sony/Funimation aren't going to care. By your logic, Sony would give money to anybody who bitches loudly enough about them.

>> No.10112686

>they are probably not going to be happy about that
You act as if Sony is going to single-mindedly focus on Vic if this lawsuit ever happens. That's now how companies work. If a company got pissed off every time they had to spend time and money on something, nothing would ever be done. If Vic lawyering was going to piss off Sony, wouldn't every actor who had a beef with Sony do that? Because Sony's done shit deals with actors before.

>> No.10112714

>Funis lawyer
he is a lawyer that specializes in "Technology, Intellectual Property, Entertainment"
that's why Rekieta is laughing about it
theres also this
damn thats shady

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