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Stop with the trash meme coords
They never were funny

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Who the fuck would even hold the opinion in this trash ass meme in the first place?

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is it 2008?

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I liked them at first, but they've gone too far. There's that one girl who won't stop posting them.

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I’ve counted 80

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LH has gone to shit in the last week.

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>tfw you thought the NY Yankees coordinate was sorta cute
I know I have bad taste.

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meme dump

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>sax and pink
>ice cream
>Not like there aren't a million AP coords that already fit this cw/theme
>going with THAT junk instead
>thinking anyone will be impressed

Damn, it's so bad I actually suspect this person might be reverse trolling.

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I'm pretty sure I could coord something better jusr by going to lolibrary and sorting by "ice cream"

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i tried

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Much better

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this seems innocent without the context that the poster is a guy.

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oh my bad i didn’t look at his proflice but i guess that’s what that pic is lol

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Holy shit calm down. The lolita community and especially COF will lick your ass if you have decent coords and are black. If hers didn't get enough likes then either the coord was shit tier or the quality of the picture was bad.

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>I am fabulous, fuck them
>totally brings the subject up unprompted.


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Shes wearing one of the ugly bodyline dresses girl you ain't that special

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the picture was bad it was mostly pink haze over the whole thing.

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Black lolitas do it way better?... Damn, if she were a white girl whining about black lolitas, she would be ripped to pieces.
If they could get over their victim complex they would be happier.

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The shit vendetta chan said was out of line, but why is she talking about having to be above average when she's wearing a bodyline set the way it was sold to her?
That's like the Wal-Mart version of girls talking about how proud they are of their coord when they're just wearing a full AP set.

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It's so ironic that black people complain about light skinned Asians and Hispanics getting preferential treatment as if they don't give light skinned blacks preferential treatment. There are dark skinned Asians who get shat on for not fitting the pale Asian cutie stereotype and dark skinned Hispanics who are told that they're unattractive for being so dark, but go off sis.

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Bitch so pathetic. Her coord was very forgettable.

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>thinking 100 reacts is a lot
Shiet son. I've taken mirror selfies that get more reacts than that.

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I looked her up, her coords are not great nor bad, just very average... black lolitas go the extra mile and do it way beter... uh?
I know you're lurking, stop embarrassing other black lolitas, skin color has nothing to do here, your coords don't get recognition because your coording skills are meh. Also, stop being so thirsty for likes, it's kinda sad, you know.

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this guy just joined my comm and im honestly sort of weirded out. i want to believe that he's legitimately into the fashion but my sissy sirens are going off.

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>color me endeared
I would love to do a lolita makeover on a dude. as long as he was respectful and legitimately interested in being be-frilled.

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it's easy to think a complex is caught and cured over a short period like a cold.
help change the world, anon, that would make us happier.

I would like her to stop and take a step back. this will end up being a CakePopClara situation if she doesn't chill. she looks painfully basic in that coord and it wouldn't be an issue if she just ignored the trolls and took the crit.

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That beard Jesus

>> No.10102657

He’s a furry and trans great

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I’ve literally only seen one black Lolita do really well, and since when is wearing Lolita a competition? Like.......people get praised but if you don’t its because of your race? Tf?

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Kiwi is back with a new name

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But anon, white and asian girls have it so easy!!! so unfair :c

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You could make a lot of sissies really happy, anon.

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Now that she's referring to herself as a middle sister in Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion I swear to fucking god if she tries to gives me advice I will shoot someone

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i don't know what thread to put this in so i'm going to put it in here. thought it would be funny to /cgl/-ify the seal meme image so here y'all go

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i don't know what thread to put this in so i'm going to put it in here. thought it would be funny to /cgl/-ify the seal meme image so here y'all go
>re-upload because i missed some spots coloring

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A middle sister after... has it been a month yet? Cool. Looking forward to the screenshots, I guess.

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Lmao honestly we’re sisters first before our races, this shit just adds into the stereotype that women are catty and can’t get along at all

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Why do black lolitas hate white/asian lolitas? I just don't get it. I constantly see them complain about it, but our community is super supportive of black girls online and we actively call out racism. Overall, there's a lot of race positivity in our community.
Wear the fashion for yourself, if you don't get likes and attention, who cares? Life isn't about social media. You can complain it's "because of your race" but desu if you do stuff for other peoples validation and attention you're just a shitter. Don't blame your race for the fact your stuff doesn't get enough attention to satisfy your ego.

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Tumblrinas and super SJW types hate Asians because they're light skinned, and therefore "not real PoC". Essentially they lump PoC with light skin whether you're asian, Hispanic, indigenous, etc. together to raise themselves up as the "true" PoC.

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I hate to put it this way, but they know most people who reblog their stuff are either whites pandering to them or just fellow black girls. They don't really gain traction like whites or asians and I think it's pretty obvious why. It's a Japanese (Asian) style that takes from European (almost entirely white) culture. I really don't think it's racist, it's just the nature of the fashion. I mean, when a white person gets into hip hop or tries to look like they're apart of that scene, they don't gain as much traction or are held as highly for similar reasons.

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No it's not bait. Tumblrinas genuinely think that way. There's a lot of art on tumblr of asian anime characters drawn as black or Hispanic because Asians "aren't dark enough" to be considered people of color.

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Inferiority complex and some racism.

>> No.10104318

Stop generalizing. It's like saying all lolitas are ageplayers/trannies/mentally ill because the biggest retards always have the loudest voice.

>> No.10104321

There’s currently a thread on the r/relationships subreddit where someone is seeking advice on their girlfriends new obsession with lolita and her inability to budget and afford it.

>> No.10104344

Wanna post caps? I’m not searching for that shit myself

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Cut the nonsense. Just because you see a handful of pissbaby black lolitas doesn't mean that the majority dislikes white/asian lolitas. The squeaky wheel gets the most attention.

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They both sound like idiots, honestly.

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This is one of my worst nightmares... my boyfriend being afraid to be seen with me and being embarrassed for me. But to be honest, I would understand it, which maybe is why I fear this so much. Not liking the aesthetic, not wanting to bother with negative attention or with all that attention in general... imo it's very understandable. I don't think OP is an idiot at all, especially he seems to acknowledge his girlfriend's issues. She's the ony who sounds pretty bad from this description... she either is clueless about her own boyfriend or she doesn't care about him enough to make him comfortable or have a serious talk with him. But seeing how she doesn't know how to manage her money, I'm more inclined to think it's the first option.

>> No.10104421

I'm black and i don't have hatred for white/basian lolitas. If anything, the hate for black lolitas comes more from outside the lolita community. I have personally felt unconfident in my own ability to pull off lolita when i first got into it because i didn't look like a pale doll. Perhaps many other black lolitas feel this way too and are likely projecting their own insecurities rather than any harms towards white/asian lolitas.

I just wish they would stop licking the ass of mediocre co-ords worn by a black lolitas and help them to improve. But also cof is filled with tasteless cunts so nevermind.

>> No.10104423

The post was removed :c

>> No.10104428

Most black girls in the fashion don't hate white/asian lolitas. I think people just want something to whine about and it's easy for black people to whine about "muh racism" so you get a lot of black girls who feel insecure about how they look doing just that for pity points.

It's like how some fatlitas whine about how dresses don't fit them (even though there is so much they can do about it these days) and they just want people to feel sorry for them.

It's stupid and rude imo.

>> No.10104434

OP is also an idiot though. He's 29 and incapable of having a mature conversation with his girlfriend who apparently lives with him, and incapable of being genuine and honest with her, which is just as much of a problem. He says he loves her but can't deal with her new lifestyle; well if she's so engrossed in it and wants to wear lolita all the time, and he can't deal with it to the point of cancelling plans but also doesn't want to tell her how to dress, he should just break up with her. It's as simple as that.
I don't know what your relationship is like but maybe you should have a talk with your own boyfriend. Why are you wasting time with someone who's embarrassed to be seen with you? Love yourself, anon.

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i feel like the biggest problem in there is the spending so much on clothing she can't pay rent

>> No.10104462

This is made up specifically to post it here.

>> No.10104467

Black lolitas don’t won’t her either

>> No.10104476

>undiagnosed anxiety
Get a job, bitch

>> No.10104481

No, the bigger problem is she's spending money on clothes instead of getting treatment for her 'undiagnosed anxiety' so she can stop being so useless and get a job.

>> No.10104483

Sounds like an addiction t.b.h. He should try to help her instead of asking for advice on fucking reddit. And ofc she has to get a fucking job too.

>> No.10104513

I get that feeling too, especially because someone is clearly very desperate to get us talking about it. I’ve seen this post referenced in at least four threads now.

>> No.10104563

Assuming all the attention you get is due to pandering, and pandering alone, is just kinda negative isn't it? You're just assuming the worst in people. I can agree that there are a few people who are pandering but I've seen a lot of really nice looking black lolitas, and who have been rightfully popular for it. I feel like that's super insecure in a way, not because they might have a complex about their skin, but more like an insecurity about other people outside of your race.

Shouldn't have made it sound like I think all black lolitas think that. I was just annoyed by the post. Obviously not all, but I constantly see this attitude from some black lolitas online, who choose to bring others down instead of pulling themselves up. I don't want to assume that people are doing this because they secretly wish to be white or pale or anything. That's just too depressing, honestly. I hate that this discussion comes up so much because I feel like when black lolitas tell other black lolitas that white/asian lolitas are secretly really racist or that there's an inherent bias against black lolitas, it makes them feel worse. That kind of attitude likely has a way worse effect on other black lolitas than it does on anybody else.
Perhaps I'm rambling, thanks for your input.

>> No.10104583

Sorry maybe I didn't explain myself properly, I'm not having any issue with my boyfriend as of now, I've just always been very anxious about this and that reddit post nicely summarised my timeless fears, haha. And while I wouldn't call OP an idiot, communication is vital to a relationship and if your communication is bad, 99% someone is doing something wrong and your relationship will go to shit.

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Look she's already moving on to Wa

>> No.10104657

Haha, I just saw this and RUSHED over here to see if it had been posted yet. What a disaster.

>> No.10104664

It's a man, can we stop with this mental illness pandering nonsense.

>> No.10104675

That wig is trying to run away.

>> No.10104677

Why would anyone takes its advice seriously in big sisters

>> No.10104678

It's like there was genuine intent here to create the world's ugliest dress.

>> No.10104688

I'm not pandering, I just honestly can't tell. The boobs are surely fake but the pinky fingers are really short and I just give up with the forehead.

>> No.10104689

>more aggressive character is darker
$40 the artist is white and doing this for brownie points

>> No.10104716

>"Damn, if she were a white girl whining about black lolitas, she would be ripped to pieces."
>reverse racism is totally a thing u guys!!1!
i mean even i think she's overreacting and that coord is ita but come on anon

>> No.10104753

Why is the more aggressive character darker? That’s fucking racist

>> No.10104754

please give me more pictures of this horror

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File: 2.85 MB, 560x282, 57B3B172-B988-4448-9C8C-ED823F5BE8D0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10104917

I wish I could find the original post of this. Is it gone?

>> No.10104928

go home Jessica Soares/rotting doll, you're drunk

>> No.10105052

>self-diagnosed anxiety disorder
>can't make rent
>blows money she doesn't have
>wants to make it as social media influencer in the age of clickbait journos lay-offs
Bitch has 99 problems, and lolita isn't necessarily one, being a trainwreck is.

>> No.10105053

No one tell him the groups isn't called Big Sissies

>> No.10105073

It really does sound like her or her bf, I think you're onto something.

>> No.10105075

This. I recently saw fanart of the main characters from naruto being show on tumblrs spot light for black history month.
Why? Because all the characters were drawn as black. Even Sasuke.

>> No.10105083

Honey this isn't a high school lit class, you don't gotta write a paper to say you're racist. And everyone here knows it's you poop-chan. We see you

>> No.10105089

Who actually gives a fuck if someone does this tho? it's like saying cosplayers have to be "the right skin tone". you've got to be a moron to believe that.

also i agree with >>10104689 and
>>10104753 it's usually white people that draw characters as black people and do weird color coding shit to make themselves seem ~inclusive~ uwu

the biggest issue i've ever seen with black people toward asain people is how asians have a long standing history of throwing black ppl under the bus to gain white favor, and a lot of asian countries have a lot of people who do black face, which is racist.

>> No.10105094

sorry to samefag but some insight on the drawing style and why i believe it's a white person, if you look closely at the way they're drawn, they have predominantly white features, which black artists tend to not do unless they're drawing white people. The art style is also very reminiscent of several very famous white tumblr artists who were known for "colorbending" and "genderbending" characters from a vast majority of shows

>> No.10105097

those shoes make me want to shoot myself in the head

>> No.10105118

this was stolen from facebook. why are people taking it personally and getting pissy?

>> No.10105121

i tried telling someone bodyline wasn't lolita and she threw a fit
these bodyline kids need to calm the fuck down

>> No.10105123

just report them.
don't get me started with that ddlg freak who has been trolling RC

>> No.10105124

>taking it personally
lol wat
People are simply pointing out it's a shit coord, because it is.

>> No.10105128

buncha dependapotamus' who can't afford rent and blow money they don't have on BTTSB's Usakumya backpacks. delusional weebs usually go after NSA dudes for this shit lmao

>> No.10105129

You know that girl from the SF AP location just got boycotted a couple years ago for blatantly saying black girls in the shop don't look good in lolita?

>> No.10105130

it is, but why get pissy about a meme? are you 12?

>> No.10105131

Lmao no one is more pissy than you, anon-chan. :^)

>> No.10105135

i reported them for fake name but i guess they're back with a new one

>> No.10105150

only the ugly and poorly dressed ones do because they need an excuse for why they never get any attention so they blame it on being black. likewise, only the hideous and poorly dressed white lolitas complain about virtue signaling when black girls get more attention than them

>> No.10105160

>stolen from FB
>Posted to a public group

>> No.10105224

using the word overall is enough to trigger you?

>> No.10106577

Is mandamanda on LM a con or comm reseller? I always see her buying the WW's lots but she never sells anything of it. I'd like to ask her if she'd be up to selling one of the items in the recent lot she bought but I don't want to support her if she's a rl scalper. Anyone in Florida know more?

>> No.10106948
File: 186 KB, 750x488, 22DC5E1F-5515-404E-8566-EB32F868F786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10106950

No but it just makes it keep sounding like a high school lit paper

>> No.10106951

i've read this 4 times now and i can't understand what's happening

>> No.10106954

>glossy shoes are slutty
>I was told this, do you agree
>I might maybe, MAYBE do an off shoulder ero coordinate should I?

>> No.10106955

She was not wearing a blouse, but was wearing glossy shoes. She may have overheard or had been told that someone had called her a slut. She asks what RC thinks of glossy shoes. She now is thinking of an ero coordinate with glossy shoes.

>> No.10106957

thanks for translating. did she really need to post this to rc tho?
my first thought was that scene in grease where the girl's shoes are too shiny and the boys can see her panties in the reflections of her shoes lol

>> No.10106966
File: 65 KB, 636x325, 066FAE30-1F10-4F13-B1E0-8206A53FBF28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kiwi in the comments, she’s not self are is she?

>> No.10106968

>self aware

>> No.10106970
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>> No.10106992


And no, KK seems not only very non-self-aware, but also confident and eerily impressed with themself. I'd go so far as to say that KK seems so indelibly cocky that I ALMOST wonder if the entire persona is some sort of massive trollish prank.

The attached lumbar cushion is somehow the least peculiar part of this

>> No.10107194

Ugh this woman, who’s in her 40s btw, is always making up weird scenarios in which everyone’s bullying her and she’s a poor victim. I’m not certain what happened but she’s probably on purpose misinterpreting an innocent comment.

>> No.10107198

I thought to myself that it sounds like something that didn't happen.

>> No.10107206
File: 246 KB, 750x904, 166D5C3E-C5E0-4427-91B5-E98E4F3FAFCA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From the rufflechat cultural appropriation thread

>> No.10107208
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>> No.10107214

People calling it the n word are ticking me off. It's not fucking Voldemort's name ffs just say it but don't use it other than to quote it. Back in LJ days debates like that would never happen and people crying about such things would be laughed about. When dkd this community become so fucking sensitive? We used to joke about using nigga,autistic,... but now eeeeeverything is racist,ableist or x-phobic

>> No.10107222
File: 40 KB, 500x960, 2A64D8AB-3100-4AC8-996F-0E89B8C3B8B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The admin of the anti-oppression Lolita group

>> No.10107223

I assume you’re white anon.

>> No.10107224

Most of us have matured since the days of LJ, and learned to listen to people when they say certain words have cruel sentiments woven into them.
We used to joke about that stuff because we were collectively dipshits. Minorities have been asking us to avoid certain words since forever, and it's a shame that you equate any effort to be a better person with being an overly sensitive crybaby.

>> No.10107233

hispanic but sure

people just can't take a joke anymore, everything is "oppressive" even when it isn't meant to be.
It's just a word,if you're offended over a word you need to grow up.

>> No.10107236

It’s not your word, who are you to tell black people how they should feel about a word actively used to demean them?

>> No.10107249

I assume you're racist

>> No.10107254

Muh slavery
Get over it

>> No.10107266

It's not anyone's word. Jesus Christ.

I don't care what color you are - you shouldn't be using it. It's not re-claiming. It's cringey. It's a harmful word. No one should be proliferating it.

>> No.10107282

Is that matisyahu

>> No.10107288

People were getting their knickers in a twist about black people seemingly bating white people.
I don't know man, this is giving them agency. It's still a slur at the end of the day, it's just not worth it. You won't change anyones mind so i just don't see the point if bothering to whinge about it. Just have some respect for others.

>> No.10107291

*hating, sorry, i'm on an ipad.

>> No.10107297

>believing any part of this post

the part that seems so unrealistic is him not discovering how expensive lolita dresses are until Christmas when he tried to buy her something and convinently flound “very expensive lolita dresses” waiting for him and not bullshit sites like milanoo or devilinspired

>> No.10107304

If she never sells any of it how is she a scammer?

>> No.10107396

as a black gull I love to say nigga to my fellow gulls

>> No.10107398

according to >>10107223, you are now white.

>> No.10107402

I didn't say she is a scammer? Read properly.

>> No.10107404

Very nice I can finally I can experince this "white privilege" that all these types of people talk about

>> No.10107416

She doesn’t speak the comm countrys language and admitted in the comments that she didn’t remember what was said and may have misheard. I wish she didn’t run to RC and make claims if she doesn’t remember what really happened, because now the comments are full of angry people going like
>omg what a dumb bitch who should I slap lol?!?!

Tbh I try to avoid this person at meets because I know this happened before where she misunderstood or misheard something someone said and immediately assumed they were bullying her but that person wasn’t even talking about her and was making a joke. Its easier not to talk with her and avoid this kind of accusations and drama.

>> No.10107877

Anon used con as in convention. She's asking if they scalp pieces from LM IRL since they don't do it online

>> No.10107988

so we're roleplaying black people now?

>> No.10108042

wow your mexican and racist against black ppl who's surprised

>> No.10108103

Are you retarded? I'm not mexican just because i'm hispanic kek.
I laugh at anyone thinking they're hot shit and untouchable little angels because they're "pee oh cee" including native americans,blacks and mexicans.

>> No.10108487

I saw this and thought Jojo Siwa

>> No.10108605 [DELETED] 

>only white people can be racist
Wonderbitch, is that you?

>> No.10108611

>only white people can be evil demons
Wonderbitch, is that you?

>> No.10108630

>Black people can't not be offended.
Sorry honey, not every black person is a crying baby like you.

>> No.10108635 [DELETED] 


>> No.10108686

Did you get the cap where the person in question said that black people roll down the street and blast each other?

>> No.10108706

Jojo Si Wa would be kinda fun

>> No.10108716

first time in this thread I finally said yikes

>> No.10108780
File: 160 KB, 469x653, despitebeingonly13percentof.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You bet your bloomers

>> No.10108815

Jesus Christ. Please say this person is banned from RC

>> No.10109109

As a black lolita, this is so insulting. I didn't start wearing the fasion because I saw other black lolitas. I started because I genuinely enjoy it and seeing others wearing it made me so happy that I wanted to join in, too.

I mean, I see where she's coming from, but this attitude is cancerous and insulting.

>> No.10109113

>When dkd this community become so fucking sensitive? We used to joke about using nigga,autistic,...
Um... speak for yourself, anon. And I do have a bit of an issue with an annoying fuck who's obviously just wanting to use the word because they want to be a contrarian cringelord. But you sound like you were an edgelord back in the day and never really grew out of it.

>> No.10109114
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>> No.10109117

stay out of our fashion peasant. stick to what you do best. bling & cars.

>> No.10109121

>Black lolitas tend to do it way better
>posts a completely shit-tier coord
As a black person into J-fashion, this makes me cringe. What makes Lolita good is that actual ita trash isn't accepted, and that's because pale skin is already kind of a prerequisite. No one fawns over an ita just for being white. There are no popular white or Asian Lolitas who look like shit.
Most Asian fashion wasn't made with our skin tones in mind, so of course we have to work harder. If you have dark skin, you have to work around things to make the fashion suit you, but when you figure it out, that innovation is what makes your coord that much better. It's far more striking than the usual stuff. Done wrong, no one wants to see it. Done right, it's worth looking at. Racists will be mad either way, but that's not your problem.
She's 100% just mad because her coord is bad and she looks bad. She'd get maybe 2-5 more likes if she were white and wearing the same thing, but that's so disposable and lame.

>> No.10109124

You sound like edgy trailer trash, anon.

>> No.10109131

Nayrt but I wouldn't exactly call starting to whine and derail threads everytime someone drops typical chan language mature. Dumb "you sound like x" insults aren't mature either.

>> No.10109134

>took the crit
But this is the real problem. Trying to force your opinion on someone.

>> No.10109160

Having brown skin isn't a handicap. Coording isn't any harder. Most color palettes in lolita are easy to work with. If you are personally insecure about your skin that's a you problem. You probably believe that "x colors look bad on dark skin" meme and you're just projecting that onto all black lolitas.

>> No.10109162

go to lolita humor. some furry actually got destroyed because she said she's making a fucking furry coord.

>> No.10109171

Certain skintones work better with certain colors. This is a reality of life, lrn2colortheory.
For example, yellow and gold look better on brown skin than white skin. Jewel tones pop more, as well. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings.
There's a reason why a brand like AP or BTSSB typically won't have brown models, and it's because pake skin is traditionally part of their aesthetic.
I'm not insecure about my skin, I accept reality, embrace it and do what works for me instead of screeching about how life is so hard. It's the same as a tall, broad-shouldered, mature-faced white woman accepting she's not a 5'2, petite Asian girl. Living with your stats and working to your strengths is not insecurity, but the sort of delusion you're trying to push certainly is.

>> No.10109232

There are many different shades of each color. Everybody can find a shade of any color that will work for them. The idea that this is harder to do for brown skin is false and idiotic. If you can't coordinate with brown skin that's your problem. Japanese brands typically don't have brown models because Japanese people prefer pale skin. That cultural preference has no impact on how a brown lolita makes coords for herself. It doesn't make coording any more difficult. If you could dress yourself you would know this.

>> No.10109241

>There are many different shades of each color. Everybody can find a shade of any color that will work for them.
This doesn't contradict anything I said. It sounds like you read my post and somehow got "Brown ppl can't wear some colors", but that's not the case, as I've stated repeatedly. Do better.
>If you can't coordinate with brown skin that's your problem.
Good thing I can, and you just somehow jumped to me saying it was impossible because I recognize color theory exists and that's triggering or something.
>Japanese brands typically don't have brown models because Japanese people prefer pale skin.
Except in the case of gyaru and some substyles. Face it, Lolita was made with a pale aesthetic in mind. That's not evil or sad, and it doesn't mean you have to be a skinny, short pale girl to wear it. It's just life, and it means you must refine the style to work on you.
>That cultural preference has no impact on how a brown lolita makes coords for herself.
This also doesn't contradict anything I said. I literally said we have to make coords for ourselves.
>It doesn't make coording any more difficult.
Not having as many reference points to base a look off of doesn't make coording difficult, especially for beginners? Okay, whatever you tell yourself.
>If you could dress yourself you would know this.
If you unironically disagree with anything I've said up til this point, it's clear you're the one who can't dress themselves. Either that, or you just can't read.

>> No.10109249

Again, if you can only make a good coord from copying Japanese models that's your problem. Most people know what looks good on them color and cut-wise and can easily use that knowledge when making lolita coordinates. Color theory doesn't magically make coording harder. Color theory actually aids you in putting a good look together. The "pale aesthetic" of lolita includes many colors that work on any skintone like navy, bordeaux, ivory, black, red, pink, etc. These are basic, common colors that look good on most people, including people with brown skin. You made a blanket statement about how hard it is for black lolitas to coordinate and that is simply untrue. Your victim complex is embarrassing. Everybody on the planet has to find a color palette that works for them. It's not that difficult.

>> No.10109257

>Again, if you can only make a good coord from copying Japanese models that's your problem
Nobody said that either, but following a fashion relies on having a point of reference for what it's "meant" to look like. If you resemble the existing template, it's simpler. If not, you innovate and pull it off on your own, and you look good. That's that.
If a message of "Lolita can work on anyone as long as they know what looks best on them, and work from there" is honestly what a victim complex sounds like to you, you surely have some issues to work out, and probably shouldn't be involving yourself in a fashion that has to do with rules and palettes.
It's clear that something in my post struck a nerve despite not actually being offensive, anti-black or shocking in content, and now you're projecting all this weird nonsense onto me.
It's embarrassing that someone in a community like this would actually balk at something so simple and start accusing anyone who says as much of being insecure or not knowing how to dress.
I hope you get over whatever problems are plaguing you, and that your coords improve even more. Have a good one.

>> No.10109262

Nayrt but the anon your arguing with does make a few good points.
You're trying to say that that anon is making a victim of themself and copying lolitas which really points to your reading comprehension looking like shit because obviously she means for inspiration not copying, you twat. Have you never looked up other lolitas to see how they coorded a dress?
It's very easy to find inspiration for coords when there are a lot of amazingly well coorded pale lolitas versus trying to look for actually amazing brown lolitas for inspiration.
Lolita is literally coordinating themes and colors and if you think brown looks amazing with every color, well that sounds like you have bad color matching skills.

>> No.10109287

Saying black lolitas have to "work harder" is the same argument that bodyline ita was using in the earlier screencap. If you honestly think it's harder to put together an outfit because of your skintone that's pathetic. I can easily judge if a dress is the right color for me or not, especially if it's one of the basic colors I mentioned earlier that look good on most people. Not to mention there are several photo archives of lolitas with dark skin wearing pretty much every color you can imagine that you can use for reference or inspiration. I personally don't need to see another black lolita in a navy dress to know it will look fine on me but if necessary I can find one. Unless you wear unsual colors--most lolita doesn't fall into this category--you shouldn't have a problem with coording. All the hardships you're bringing up are non-issues. It is actually harder for fat and tall lolitas because there are signifantly fewer clothes that fit them. Having brown skin is not a real problem because most colors look fine. If there's a color you don't like with your skintone you can probably find something in the same family of a different shade that will work. Or just avoid that one color. There are many others to choose from. If you're trying to wear neon green in a lolita coord you'll run into issues. But a basic coord with an ivory blouse and a bordeaux dress will look fine on most people, for example. Pale lolitas can't wear every shade of every color either. Some colors wash them out and they should avoid those. This is a "problem" that everyone has to deal with. You can keep baw-ing about how hard it is for us darkies if you want, though.

>> No.10109290

>Saying black lolitas have to "work harder"
Who said that, besides the ita who pulled the race card?
I'm starting to think you might be her trying to do a 180 since your outfit was trashed.

>> No.10109293

>Not having as many reference points to base a look off of doesn't make coording difficult, especially for beginners? Okay, whatever you tell yourself.

>Most Asian fashion wasn't made with our skin tones in mind, so of course we have to work harder.

Looks like you can't read.

>> No.10109297

>what is context
>first quote says nothing about working harder
You really must be the ita in question. Your Bodyline coord was bad, just let it go. Again, if you think brown looks amazing with every color, you can't into color matching.

>> No.10109300

nayrt, but I agree with them about colors suiting skintones. It's more about your undertone and what goes with it, not how brown you are. I think the only time there's awkwardness with brown skintones is with brown dresses that are very similar. Otherwise, there are yellows and pinks and greens and golds that look good on light skinned people, and there are those that look good on brown skinned people. It's all a matter of the different tones within the shade. For instance, I look great in mustard that's tinged more orange but sallow in mustard that's greener. The same can be done in any circumstance.

>> No.10109305

Anon's point was that coording is inherently more difficult for black lolitas due to our skintones (color balance and lack of inspiration), so we must work harder to overcome that. This is false and I already explained why. I am not the bodyline ita. But if thinking that makes you feel better you do you. The ita was wearing a black and white dress, which is easy to coord. Her coord is shit because of the quality of the dress and her inability to accessorize. She could look good if she tried. Her skintone is not an obstacle for her.

I agree. I never wear brown dresses but that doesn't make coording hard for me because I can wear many other colors instead. Every lolita has certain colors that may or may not work for them. This is not a black struggle.

>> No.10109307

That makes sense, but desu I think it also makes sense that when a designer is thinking of color schemes that look best on pale skin, more dresses will be put out that compliment it the most easily.
Undertones do matter for obvious reasons, but typically, shades that look good with lighter skin are a bit more common outside of substyles like classic and gothic. This isn't to say there aren't dark-skinned Lolitas that look good in sweet, but it's just not as common, and there's a lot of fuck-ups that happened just because the wearers didn't seem to take their skin tones into account.
It's one of those things everyone notices, but no one really wants to mention because it might come off as politically incorrect.

>> No.10109312

Part of the reason she looks bad is that she picked a bad-quality dress, didn't accessorize, and got a shitty brown wig that doesn't go with her skintone, likely because she saw someone paler than herself pull it off and thought "I can do it too, anything else is racist". The lack of color balance recognition directly contributes to a below average coord.
Encouraging that kind of mindset and reeeing at people for saying to work to their shades is backward.

>> No.10109326

Yes, the wig is bad too. She can get another brown wig of a different tone and shade that would complement her skin better. You can google for color inspo. Black women often wear wigs of many colors and there are a ton of resources out there for getting a good one that works. It's not hard. That's my point. Anyone who says coording is harder because they have dark skin simply doesn't know how to coord. It's an excuse.

>> No.10109329

Did you just skip over this part?
>got a shitty brown wig that doesn't go with her skintone, likely because she saw someone paler than herself pull it off and thought "I can do it too, anything else is racist"
The reason it looks bad is because she was too ignorant to take her skin into account and find what actually works. There's no running from that. If you personally would use "it's too hard" as an excuse not to try, that's your business.

>> No.10109347

That's a baseless assumption. Everybody should take their skintone into account when they buy wigs and clothes because everyone has different undertones that work with different colors. Does everyone do that? No. Just because this ita bought a shitty wig doesn't mean it's suddenly difficult for black lolitas in general to coord. That's absurd and you're ignoring my point. So let me spell it out for you. It is not more difficult for black lolitas to coord. That is the argument I've been refuting from the beginning.

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