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Jeff Ito and Ryzen - anyone follow this story from the Midwest / Ohio / Illinois / Michigan area? Apparently both were dating multiple16 year olds or in some cases younger.

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when are we gunna get our Ryan thread because we all know kopf-cons in general are ran by pedophiles

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You're a fucking retard

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Number of rapes at ACen: hundreds.
Number of rapes at Anime Midwest: none.

These scumbags hate on Kopf because he's king scumbag and they don't want competition and so don't support his cons in order to act like they're not scumbags. Guess that backfired.

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aren't they literally all ran by the same people lmao

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Yes it's been proven Kopf runs ACen, Midwest, Ohayocon, and Anime Expo topkek

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These guys are f-----reaks.


Here's just the START


Recently, a lot of people in the anime con scene have been getting called out for being pedophiles and for all around awful behavior towards others. This is something I’ve been extremely hesitant about posting because of how scary it is, but it absolutely needs to be addressed.

I want to start this off by acknowledging the fact that Jeff has admitted to both Corinne and I that he has gone to court for having sex with an underage girl when he was 26.

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And Ryzen's


not much good for text but there's a video where he's texting "I'm happy with your age" to a high school sophmore

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Hi Ryan

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Reminder that there's literally nothing wrong with dating and fucking anyone over the age of 12 as long as they want it and you're not literally raping them (literally, not "statutory").
Yeah, it's illegal. But the law is retarded and so is anyone out here reeeing about this non-issue.

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based pedophile

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Also, reminder that "pedophilia" refers to doing shit with prepubescent children. Anything older is gonna be either hebephilia or ephebophilia. I know that's more thought than most of you want to devote to the matter, but using words properly fucking matters.

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ok pedo

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Do your research before you start a stupid thread

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/cgl/ is about discussing cosplay and lolita. Not hosting your personal fucking vendettas.

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Don’t post this shit on cgl. This belongs on lolcow.

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this is literally something a pedophile would say but okay go off

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see >>10101837

legal age of consent doesn't always mean they can sleep with whoever too. In Illinois it's 16, but if you sleep with anyone over 18 it's considered statutory. Don't be stupid

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You’re grandpa watches 18 year olds in pornos so he’s a pedo right.

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my grandpa is dead your point

also 18 is actually legal, so again, what's your point

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