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Let's focus on cosplayers that actually make their costumes instead of just buying them on Taobao.

>who are your favorite cosplayers?
>what recent costume has blown you away?
>who do you think is the most talented cosplayer?
>who are some lesser known skilled cosplayers?
>what new cosplay techniques do you want to try?
>if you could work as an apprentice under any talented cosplayer, who would you pick and why?

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Bonus question: should people who make their own cosplays have a special tag like #cosmakers to differentiate ourselves from generic cosplayers? Why or why not?

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Just like a designer who also models their own clothes is both a model and a designer, being a cosplayer and a creator makes you both those things so technically your not a “cosplayer” and more of a “cosplayer/creator”.
Instead of just classifying yourself as cosplayers I think your valid in adding a cosmaker tag otherwise you’re only showing off one aspect of your talents, the modelling part, and not the part of “I actually fully made this”
All tags end up being corrupted into being meaningless though, “eg-Lolita being tagged even when it’s got shit all to do with Lolita and not even a peti in sight) you’ll get an influx of people buying cosplays and changing 1-2 things like adding a ribbon or a button and calling themselves “cosmakers” too so whatever.

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I would give my left arm for an apprenticeship with J Hart except I kind of need it to sew. I really want to get good at making very structured garments, to me silhouette is one of the most important things I want to nail in cosplay and he's amazing at that. Also Cowbuttcrunchies, they're one of the biggest reasons I started cosplaying to begin with, but they're hobbyists so they have no use for an apprentice... There are so many more cosplayers whose work I love, I couldn't even start to list them all! I'll see if I can drop a few pics

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hot glue wizard

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same cosplayer, that fan in the back is entirely freehand hot glue and wooden skewers

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I love that she cosplayed a character who's two feet tall and decided the best way to look small was to build a 12ft tall robot

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Man I thought this was a painting from the thumbnail. Those colors and details are to die for.

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end dump, for now

she's very talented!

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I’m so excited for a thread like this. I’ve been cosmaking for 8 years and one of the most rewarding parts of the hobby is seeing yourself improve and grow, and the beautiful things you can do with your own two hands. It makes me kind of sad that a lot of that has been lost in today’s current community, and buying is the main route people take. Not that I have anything against people who do, I just personally have so much more appreciated for the countless hours and hard work that go into a single garment.

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I would love to follow people who make their own costumes! If you post your handle I'll definitely follow

I try to browse through cosplay progress tags to find seamster/seamstresses. It's usually very easy to tell who makes or buys their costumes.

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Thank you for this thread, OP. I was buying cosplays for the longest time (felt too scared to sew anything and thought I'd fuck up badly) but I realized that the hobby lacked substance for me if I just bought everything off taobao and threw it on.

I'm dedicating myself to make costumes from here on out, and this thread gives me inspiration to git gud and stop being a lazy fuck.

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Good luck anon, it won't be easy and you'll pick a lot of seams but the satisfaction of your pile of supplies turning into a garment is worth it

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absolutely beautiful! i also love cowbuttcrunchies. im also always super impressed by what henchmen studios does. i wish i knew more less well known cosplayers who make amazing things i know they're out there though

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its harder to find their non overwatch stuff and their website doesn't have a great gallery

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oh whoops it does have a gallery just slow to load i guess or not for all

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huge props to anyone who builds giant cosplays desu

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Is not making your own cosplays really that unpopular? I always thought that it was standard to do everything or almost everything yourself if you are an adult and cosplaying.

Anyways here are some of my favs. Sorry if they were already mentioned.


& unpictured

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Wow these are gorgeous! I hadn’t heard of them before so ty for sharing anon.

Yeah making cosplays is slowly becoming less popular even among cosplayers in their 20’s. It’s sad because the love and care that goes into making a cosplay is lost and now people favor waifu tiddy over accuracy and technique.

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If only she wasn't such a bitch

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This makes me so happy, because the original dress is so gorgeous and this replica is just perfect!

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Sam is one of, if not my absolute favorite cosplayers. Everything she makes is a work of art!

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Bless Kirilee for the stunning Flora!!

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As long as something like that stays low-key. I don't want costhots picking up on it.

I think a word to differentiate from cosplayers and people who make the cosplay and are into costuming would be great. There could be top cosmakers instead of "top cosplayers" aka the sex workers on patreon who put on a wig.

I think it could gain traction and there could be a much needed divide between costhots and costume makers who cosplay. It could potentially get cosplay back to what it used to be.

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The rise in mainstream popularity and necessity to push out constant content for like Patreon and similar have contributed to buying vs. making. It'd be really tough for most people to have to sew and style from near scratch every week or month for financial gain and/or e-fame without burning out or making it a full-time job. Chinese labor is cheap but that's always been there for decades.

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that and people learning to buy from taobao and ali making it easier for people to get their hands on things for cheap

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I make my cosplays maybe 65% of the time. But I'm in my late 30s and have been doing this since my teens. Burnout sometimes hits, so I find it nice to buy things that I can wear for fun without stressing and breaking the bank. It's also not my only hobby so I pick and choose what I'd like to spend my time on. I really love the crafting aspect of it though, when I can control just how much detail goes into my favorite characters. Then there are the odd ones where I pick a portion of what I'd like to make myself, and commission the rest because fuck being unhappy with a final product due to lack of time or skill or my stress. If I'm happy wearing the final result, that's what really matters most to me.

I love watching the people that craft with leather the most. But I've got to save up a lot to get the tools I need to start making the things I'd like to make. GSTQ fashions is probably my favorite cosplayer to watch create. Also, fuck the person that stole a bunch of pieces from her shop.

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@PitchforkCosplay has an almost unbelievable level of craftsmanship and detail in her projects

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@WhiteMajesty does some of the prettiest Fire Emblem builds!

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@Squeakadeekn is super polished in everything they do as well

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Finally, @CosmicCoterie are basically the gods of Sailor Moon cosplay. Almost all fuku-makers I know are where they are because of their tutorials and patterns.

Will try to come back and post more cosmakers later!

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It’s also sometimes just cheaper to buy sometimes. Way back when your only options were

1. Pay a moderate amount of money to a shady eBay seller and get a satin monstrosity
2. Spend a lot of money to commission a costume from a reputable seller
3. Pay a decent amount of money AND dedicate time and effort to making a costume from scratch

But now you can get a passable costume off amazon prime in two days, and you can see reviews to make sure it’s legit and see how it fits. You can go to miscostumes, fanolusfriend or ezcostumes instead of setsunakou and limebarb. There’s more options now. People who back in the day were forced to make a cosplay and ended up developing a talent now can just buy it and move on.

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Now hang on a minute. I’m not here to start drama, but are we REALLY putting Kirilee on the same level as Major Sam here? Everyone in her home town knows that the only reason she got as far as she did is because she got her WCS partner, who’s an actual seamstress with credentials, to babysit her through it. I know both of them, and the only reason Kirilee got to where she was is because she got massive amounts of help and then dumped her partner because she wasn’t as ‘cos-famous’ (I.e. didn’t buy likes and is a plus-sized cosplayer).

I’m sorry but if you guys are honestly foolish enough to think this person is on the same skill level as the others in the collage, get your eyes checked.

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It's almost always cheaper to buy if you're not paying for western labor wages. I sort of wish this sort of resource was available a longer time ago, but it means even less people who might have developed their skills up to now. I would've bought my costumes in the past, but as a broke-ass college student then, I ignored the cost of labor hours onto myself and stuck with sewing my own cosplay (rather poorly out of T-shirts and shit).

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I was simply going by what I knew and from my understanding she made the costume herself. The construction seemed good and some of her photos she took during making it were helpful for understanding the process and gave me ideas to apply to my own costumes. That's why I included her.

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Yep, I agree on this. I make most of my stuff, mostly because I'm incredibly picky about details and fit, but if it's a casual, easy costume (like a seifuku or similar) without a lot of details and hard to screw up fit, it's easier to buy it. And even if the fit is messed up, I can always alter it to fit. I've only bought a few things but it gave me more time to work on stuff I can't buy as easily at the quality that I want.

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Not trying to make you feel bad, Anon, but honestly her sewing was beginner-tier without the help of her sewing partner, and her stuff is pretty basic. Major Sam, Helen Alice, all of them have deep, factual knowledge of how sewing actually works and understanding of undergarments, pinnings, so forth. But hey, you go ahead and like her, just don't bother learning half-assed tutorials from her because her understanding of construction is basic at best.

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I always feel a bit nervous about self-promoting on here but as some people were specifically asking for less well known people to follow, if you search for "Maz's Costume/Crafting and Tutorial Page" on Facebook, I have all my hand-made costumes on there with detailed writeups, as well as a number of tutorials aimed at beginners, and links to my YouTube videos on how to get to grips with a sewing machine. I also sporadically stream over at http://www.twitch.tv/mazcosstuff, which is also my Instagram handle (I'm not very good at IG though haha).

I will never have a Patreon, Ko-fi or any form of paywall for my content, so take what you need and pass it on :)

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Wait, someone stole from her shop? Who the fuck? Also what's the point, wouldn't the pieces be recognized?

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Speaking of giant costumes, the egg sisters' Reinhardt is incredible
eh, giraffe_cos' work is cute but a bit basic, I wouldn't put her on the level of Heidi or Major Sam
Same, I like making impressive costumes but I also have some that are mostly thrifted, it just feels like a waste to spend $20 or $30 on materials and 10 hours of work on a pair of pants that I can pick up for $5. It's nice having simple and comfy costumes to wear on sundays!
You're not wrong, I followed her because of her amazing WCS progress but I'm a bit disappointed by her newer stuff, I guess this is why. It's just weird that she would dump giorgia for this when she's herself plus size and barely has 2k on instagram. I like her energy and her maximum poof petticoat but she's not what I expected.

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Spilling insider knowledge on Kirilee tea:
- She doesn't know how to sew above anything basic. Georgia helped her pattern almost all her WCS stuff
- She's super thirsty for fame and her more recent stuff (eg: her Ariel) really shows how basic her sewing is when she doesn't have anyone teeling her how to do stuff
- Her 'ultimate floof' petticoat that she sells for $100+ on Ebay as handmade is actually Aliexpress petticoats sewn on a new waistband

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>Her 'ultimate floof' petticoat that she sells for $100+ on Ebay as handmade is actually Aliexpress petticoats sewn on a new waistband
For real? That can't be above board, do you have evidence per chance?

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The original petticoat she made for WCS was ribbon edged and she handmade that with pre-cut tulle. But if you look on her ebay account, you can see it's not tulle but that plastic-y netting that cheap chinese pettis are made of. I know because I have the same ones for my loli dresses and I can spot them a mile away.

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Meant to say her Etsy, whups

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Well, I'm disappointed in her but I'm taking notes for when I need a petticoat like that

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Some of y’all have never touched a sewing machine in your lives and it shows.

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>literally the exact same skirt sewn on a new yoke and waistband
>doubled up for extra volume

I mean sure, if I was making a petti, I wouldn't have the hem at all different lengths pecause I would have made it myself, but do enlighten.

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I'm glad I am not the only one with thoughts like this.
I started following her after hearing she was the WCS winner because I like to support and follow cosplayers who are repping Aus. So far everything has been pretty mediocre from her, and honestly I wasn't even all that impressed with her Cure Flora.

She really shouldn't be trying to pump out tutorials with her obviously basic skills, I mean just look at these Ariel slippers, bad.

Girl, if you are reading this please focus on improving your skills rather than trying to educate others with your imperfect ones.

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If you want to follow a WCS contestant, just follow her ex partner. She might be fat but at least she has a degree in sewing.

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yeahhhhh those are pretty terrible. Giorgia definitely carried the team for the WCS.

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Thank you for not putting anything behind a paywall. I love seeing progress and tutorials, I miss the days when people shared them for free. I'm mostly an IG user, so I followed you there!

Yeah, it's on her FB with details on what to look for. That's what she's hoping is that they will be recognized and found.

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ok enough bagging on Kirilee here's more quality cosplays

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Giraffe_cos is a gull. It's probably a self-post kek.

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I'll keep an eye out then!

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How could I forget our queen Kamui Cosplay

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another seriously underrated cosplayer!

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>the dress I wish they'd put on Belle in the live action adaptation instead of that aliexpress bridesmaid monstrosity

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And like the actual queen she is old and outdated.

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Why? I think her current projects are just as good as her older ones. Nergigante last year was incredible.

>> No.10101927

How so? Her recent stuff is pretty awesome

>> No.10101930

LOL is she? that's probably how i follow her then. i just wanted to include her because even if her work is simple it's consistently clean.

>> No.10101942

Is it bad I followed her for this awful show tutorial because I thought it was bad and wanted to see what other tutorials she thought she was all that over.

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Holy fuck the gradient dye on that is gorgeous!

She's so cute

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Followed you on twitch! I stream cosplay making as well. I wouldnt consider myself good but I've been creating my own cosplays for a decade now lol so I can at least say I sew lol I hope to see you stream cosplay eventually !

>> No.10102159

You just sound like a bitter asshole. Sorry not trying to start drama but that's pretty lame of you to say shes "old and outdated" when shes still out there killing it. What are you doing?

>> No.10102180

I’m interested in starting to stream my cosplay progress. Do you guys have any advice on starting a twitch or general streaming tips?

>> No.10102243

Do it a second time for the camera, don't stream your first attempt. It's reallY slow and boring if 80% of the stream is just measuring and pinning and studying the details. Stream watchers are generally younger folks with the attention span of small birds and if you don't have something substantial done by the end of a session…

>> No.10102255

Thanks for the follow! I'll be streaming some cosplay pretty soon, when I'm no longer just putting endless layers of PVA glue on bits of foam =_=

Okay, let me just say that I have a very low-tech streaming setup and I do not stream particularly frequently, so this is more me sharing what I do rather than saying "you should do this".

Firstly, you don't need loads of kit to get started - I am streaming using my laptop built in webcam and microphone most of the time. My laptop is just running OBS Studio with a transparent PNG of my reference art in the bottom corner overlaying my overall camera image. If you have too much setup before you stream or it's not very portable, then you end up spending more time faffing around with that than actually making your costume on stream, and obviously the costume ain't gonna make itself!

Sometimes, depending on what I'm doing, I'll plug in an external webcam that I can position somewhere to give a better view of what I'm doing, but it's usually balanced in some precarious area of my limited sewing space XD I find it challenging to have the setup some streamers have where one camera shows my face and the other what I'm doing, because I'm up and down all the time when I'm making cosplay - cutting stuff, moving around to pin things, taking something to the sewing machine etc. I think the dream setup would be to have a Logitech C920 plugged in somewhere up high with a USB extension lead to give an overall view of what I'm doing and a second more portable camera for closeups. I run twitch chat separately on the twitch app on my phone so I can have that nice and portable and not be twisting to look at the laptop screen.

I disagree with the user above about content as my viewers are usually other makers who are looking for something to watch when they're not streaming. I don't think it really matters too much what you're doing if you're able to talk about other stuff while you're doing it. 1/2

>> No.10102264

I'll freely stream tedious things like pattern cutting and pinning because it makes it a bit more fun when people are chatting to you while you do it. Wig work is fun to stream as well because again you can chat as you go - the verbal chat is the important thing IMO as people usually put a twitch stream on for background noise while they are doing something else and aren't always watching the stream. I don't think you need anything that substantial to show at the end - as long as it's starting to come together that's all that matters, it's not like you need a finished garment or whatever.

It's also not like you have to stream for hours as well, you can do a short stream of something specific if you want to.

I don't bother to save my streams as separate vods, like if I wanted to do a full tutorial I'd film that separately and upload to YouTube. It's just a fun way of sharing some of the making progress for anyone who's vaguely interested, as far as I'm concerned. You'd be surprised who tunes in, depending on your time zone!

Lastly, at the beginning I was really hesitant of streaming me doing anything with the sewing machine, I thought it would be hideous listening to the thumping of that for ages while trying to talk over the top of it, so I used to mute the whole stream on OBS while I did so - actually, there's no need, people mind that much less than complete silence! I now use a Logitech 820e headset when I'm streaming sewing as it's a headset designed for telephone use so it filters out the sewing machine noises XD

The only other consideration IMO is lighting and choice of fabrics - I can't stream working with black fabric in anything other than natural daylight, my existing webcams just don't have the Res to cope and you literally can't see anything I've drawn on the fabric. I took the lamp shade off my ceiling light in the sewing room!

Otherwise, just go for it, and take on board any technical comments and suggestions from twitch chat as you go!

>> No.10102266

>Maz's Costume/Crafting and Tutorial Page
Followed you on Facebook! That rainbow wig is gorgeous and now I want to try dying a wig myself.

>> No.10102276

Thank you! I used the Neon FW Ink range for the vibrant colours with also a very concentrated dye:surgical spirit ratio. It took quite a long time because I was a crazy and wanted to replicate the multiple layers of different gradients, so I had to do it with a paint brush rather than spray bottle and comb, but it paid off! It does make the wig a bit crunchy but careful combing, a few cold water douses and a round in a tub with a capful of fabric softener will help a lot! Good luck, it's really fun :D On the pinned post on my Facebook page you can find a link to some slides I made on the general FW ink technique. Give it a go, it really is good fun! :D

>> No.10102282

Honest question, sewing is a very visual and hands-on task, so how would one plausibly look away to a screen to read comments and reply without slowing down progress massively? Also most people do their pinning/sewing/ironing/references on different work stations, wouldn't the streamer have to constantly break away to check the stream? Would you need a set up that reads comments out loud?

>> No.10102325

NAYRT and I don’t stream so idk if this is accurate but theoretically twitch streamers could stick their laptop/monitor behind their sewing machine and just look up every once in a while to read comments. If they use a camera that isn’t their built-in webcam, they can set their camera up elsewhere for a good angle while still being able to read comments.
They could also rearrange their work space in more stream-friendly way so that they don’t need to move far away to work on a different part of their costume. (Ex moving their ironing board close to their desk)

>> No.10102348


I just have it on my phone. Sewing is stop start, especially the applique work I often do. Plenty of opportunities to glance at chat and it's not like I'm super famous and get tons of people in. I like it, it's pretty chill :D If I really wanted to I could put twitch chat onto my TV in the sewing room via Chrome cast and have it nice and big on there :3 People don't mind if you take a few mins to reply.

>> No.10102416
File: 233 KB, 640x785, 1C57A1CD-4C1A-4F9C-A0FE-C536B7D99C10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

@cifera i totally forgot about her and how much i loved her work. she’s been inactive for years but she’s opening commissions now to make cosplay for others since she doesn’t want to wear them herself anymore

>> No.10102417
File: 118 KB, 640x764, 9DF6B6E6-DEDB-4D1B-9A72-8C6F4084A16E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10102418
File: 147 KB, 640x615, 96FDA8E8-CB56-40FB-A6A4-B458A80D9EAD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10102420

I love Cifera so much! I always hoped she would come back to the scene, but I'm just happy she's doing commissions again.

>> No.10102608
File: 662 B, 44x38, 1451879940502.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Whoa I had forgotten about her too! I loved her cosplays, it's good to know she taking commissions at least.
Does anyone know why she stopped in the first place?

>> No.10102612

I think she said she just lost interest? Which is definitely fair. She was the only staple in the community who was't filled with drama back then, so I'll definitely miss her.

>> No.10102617

she made a post on insta about why she left, though its been deleted now i think i remember it being health and resulting body image issues which is sadbut im glad she is able to keep making stuff even if not for herself

>> No.10102636

Yes and no, cosplay itself has become more popular, but making your cosplay has not increased at the same rate.
At the same time it became easier to buy relatively nice cosplays for cheaper, And around the same time Instagram became the primary social media for cosplayers. IG’s algorithms prioritize quantity over quality, as well as novelty. Pervious platforms have a share function that allows truly great cosplay photos to have much higher reach.
> tl;dr Instagram rewards buying lots of shit instead of making it.

>> No.10102684

Idk what the criteria for "less known" is but here are some accounts with less than 5k.
>alpacaash (800+)
>xoxoindi_designs (wig styling, 4.8k)
>atelierlicorice (2k)
>elysiumsans (1.2k)
>kimidoricosplay (3.9k)
>tiffanydeancosplay (3.5k)

>> No.10102706

Has anyone here ever gotten a cosplay or even just costuming or tailor apprenticeship/internship? How do you even get those? Just email someone and try not to look desperate?

>> No.10102710

I remember that AtelierHeidi did an internship at GSTQ fashions but that's the only instance I've seen for cosplay specifically

>> No.10102734

You could probably find sewing internships at local theatres, small local brands, bridal shops, etc. I doubt there's cosplay specific internships anywhere outside of Asia though.

>> No.10102970

Check your local colleges. My community college has a sewing program and at the end of your chosen program they have alterations internships or various other sewing related internships. They also have a costuming internship through the sewing department. My local college also has a theater production program which can include internships as well as actual jobs. Local theaters often hire out of the schools.

>> No.10103084

Tbh I think #cosmaker or something similar could work. As long as the tag has the word "maker" or "making" in it, there's no way for costhots to steal it since they can't use cookie cutter excuses like "cosplay is about embodying the character, not how you made the costume" or "cosplay just means costume play and doesn't require you to make anything".

>> No.10103094

Theatre is usually a good place to start! I went to school for theatre design that included some sewing classes and practicums in wardrobe.

I'm not sure where you're based or your skill level, but there are places like the Banff Centre for the Arts that offer practicums. They will post listings on their website and you submit an application/portfolio. Other options, at least in Canada, are summer Shakespeare festivals and typically offer positions in wardrobe.

>> No.10103095

Forgot to mention it before but it honestly never hurts to email them! You can express interest in working for them and ask if they offer programs or when they typically hire.

>> No.10103261

Small super local theaters and programs would probably bring you on without experience if you were willing to volunteer

>> No.10103279

I used to love Cifera and her cosplays until she made a whole "I'm gonna pick up this popular BL game everybody's hyping and live comment as I play it, to make fun of it and it's fanbase because it's totally dumb and cringey", and then she made 3 or 4 cosplays from it. I used to look up to her as have her as a cosplay inspo and that whole thing just left a bitter taste.

>> No.10103613

This behavior is so weird and I’ve seen other cosplayers make costumes from series that they supposedly hate. Why cosplay something if you don’t like the source material?

>> No.10103930

I mean I hate miku but I’m possibly going to cosplay her because I need to finish out a group or because some of her outfits are super detailed!

>> No.10104003

Yeah, exactly. I cosplayed from fucking Voltron because my friends were, and I also think Allura has a nice design. You don't have to be a fan of the source material to cosplay from it.

>> No.10104007


Maybe it's just their way of reacting to things but they enjoy them? To be fair I don't know this person or what they said exactly.

I thought it was dumb that KH3 had a full song in one world and another world has you running around doing miniquests for the princess. I still think it's dumb, but now I love the game because it's kinda OTT dumb, and I still love the Disney movies they're related to. Probably couldn't have figured that out from a reaction vid because I burst out with a "are you fucking kidding me!?! Why!?!" both times though.

Although, I guess if it was a cosplayer that was openly disdainful of the fandom and only did the cosplays for the followers it nets her, then yes, that would turn me off. I'm not into cosplayers, I just want to find other people that like the stuff that I like, not just pretend to like it for followers.

>> No.10104185

Yeah but in those cases you're cosplaying something despite the source because you like the design. It's in bad taste for Cifera to do this for the sole purpose of trashtalking the people in the fandom.

>> No.10104385

This was her humor guys. It's like a guilty pleasure - I can genuinly enjoy something while admitting that it's got dumb or ridiculous aspects. DMMD was pretty cringey, doesn't mean she didn't actually like it. I made fun of Homestuck (and still do) for years while actively cosplaying from it and being involved in the community because it's fanbase was awful and the series itself is immensely goofy and memey. I loved the hell out of Homestuck the whole time. Y'all taking it too seriously.

I was glad to see her opening up commissions again. Always really liked her work and her personality.

>> No.10104391

With Homestuck in particular it was customary for HS fans to make fun of HS, it wasn't to be mean, just a genuine fandom-wide in-joke

>> No.10104396

do I need to make all my cosplays to be considered a cosmaker? I mean, I have a fully selfmade costumes, partly comissioned ones (I'm more of a propmaker than a tailor) and basic stuff bought on taobao too
do I (and ppl like me) count?

>> No.10104413

Oh wait lol, this is DMMD? Yeah man, when that was big me and my friends got together to play it and just totally ripped it apart while playing. But hey, we still did a cosplay group, because just because we made fun of something doesn't mean we didn't like it. DMMD is a perfect mix of cringe and quality so I totally get her reaction.

>> No.10104424

Of course you count. Just don't label anything you didn't make under cosmaker.

>> No.10104429

Yeah, of course, I know plenty of crafters who have some store-bought cosplays just because it's easy to get a school uniform or a sports jersey ready-made and it's time consuming to make yourself something that won't be better than the store version. As long as you use the tags only on things you've made and you don't try and pass the store-bought ones as your work I don't see a problem with it. A chef doesn't stop being a chef if they decide to eat frozen pizza for dinner.

>> No.10104842

OP here. I agree with the other anons. I think that as long as you make a majority of your costumes, credit people when you commission pieces, and don't try to pass off bought costumes as your own, then it's fine to call yourself a cosmaker.
Every cosplayer is gonna have at least a couple of bought costume nowadays because like >>10104429 said, there are some things that are just better/cheaper to buy than make.

>> No.10107319

The day online stores stop selling already made cosplays we'll see a massive drop of cosplayers worldwide. Or they'll finally move their asses, start making their own cosplays and developing their skills.

It's a pity people are so lazy. Teenage years are the best for developing any kind of skill. Once you are an adult, it's harder to start learning something.

Most of the hate and drama in the cosplay world comes from people who literally do nothing, but want all the credit and fame for it. Making their own cosplays would suck their energy to bitch out. It would be a win/win situation.

Sorry for the rant, but I know too many people like this and I'm tired of them. This thread keeps my mood up.

>> No.10107343

I think everyone in this thread feels the same way. I hate seeing costhots like JNig and the girl pho photoshops her clothes to look like cosplays lauded as "omg such amazing cosplayers" when there are actually talented cosplayers that get ignored for cosplaying the same thing. It's frustrating and tiring to see the hobby that you put so much work and love into turn into a battle over who shows more skin for fame and money.

>> No.10107352

>there's no way for costhots to steal it
I mean you'd think so but I bet people who hot glue trims to a bikini or modify thrifted pieces/closet cosplay would tag themselves anyway because "I made it!!!! I didn't buy a finished product!!!" or because they styled the wig or something.

the best way to find quality content is probably to just find individual accounts to follow.

>> No.10107357

Some colleges do placements as part of their curriculum. For example, in Southern Ontario, Fanshawe College has a costuming diploma and the last entire semester is a practicum. But it does necessitate going to school and everything that entails.

However, I will add that as far as admission requirements go you either need a certain grade in a previous fashion/sewing diploma, or just a good enough portfolio/resume to get in.

>> No.10107464

I have 4 petticoats all of varying brands and poofs and they look incredibly similar. Your autism is showing

>> No.10107909

Countering this statement by letting you know she asked me personally where I got my petticoat from, and I have physically seen the petticoats at a convention and know they’re exactly the same as my cheap Ali one.

>> No.10109392

What’s the best way to counter costhots? Let’s face it, they’re not going anywhere especially because normies love them so more and more girls are becoming costhots.

>> No.10109454

Basically try to bring cosmakers into the spotlight. Costhots are currently the face of the community because they get the most attention from media, conventions, and financial supporters.

>Share makers' work on social media
>Request markers as cosplay guests at conventions. Demand good programming instead of the usual costhot "guest" with a booth.
>Support makers instead of costhots on patreon
>Call costhots what they are: either costhots or cosplay models

>> No.10109475
File: 184 KB, 950x534, 2014%2F10%2F01%2F60%2Fcostumethum.58b0c.jpg%2F950x534__filters%3Aquality%2890%29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I am done with low effort sex appeal pages. It just so lazy and so common. Sex has been injected into every aspect of life anyway, so they had to put it in a skilled hobby too. Yes we know people like sex, yes we know they like looking at girls and boys so they can think about having sex with them. But what we had here was a lovely marriage of skill and fandom and they are pretty much ruining what little respect the hobby had.

>> No.10109483
File: 334 KB, 800x600, dsc04031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something from what I consider the best era of cosplay. 2002-2007

We were learning to work with wigs, we were using ever more complicated fabrics, and make up was just ramping up.

People had sexy cosplays but it wasn't the ONLY thing they did. Looks mattered but it wasn't the be all end all of the cosplay. Closet cosplay was fine for Sunday but you didn't do a whole ass photoshoot for it because you didn't make it.

You made your own shit or you wore an anime shirt to express your love for a show. That was it.

>> No.10109487

Every time I scroll past this thread and see the OP pic I think "man that is a gorgeously constructed and crafted butt-ugly dress design."

>> No.10109553

Ignore/block so they're not cluttering up the tags and ruining your enjoyment, and actively promote artists you like. Through patreon, likes, share4share etc.

>> No.10109632

They kept showing on my Twitter feeds so I've muted every account that posts almost all boobs for the sake of boobs (or if the person's icon is literally their boobs). It has helped a lot.

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