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Ok guys, she conquered the John and Denise Leigh issue, she's sponsored by Lolita Desu and now BB and B, and I think all of us can safely say whether you like her content or not she is a staple of lolita entertainment on Youtube. Can someone out there please make her an intro that is as cute as her set and coords?

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If it's too cute and too far from its original inspiration source then even more people will miss that it's suppose to be spitfire sarcasm.

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tint the background pink and use a cursive font?

i like her she's cute in her non-news videos. i think lwln is good for girls, like the ones in my comm, who are blissfully unaware /cgl/ exists and reminds them to not act a fool on the internet

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Tyler, your coords are tacky and your hair looks like maruchan instant ramen. Nobody actually likes your content. Your videos are poorly edited, your attitude is extremely annoying, your sound quality sounds like you use a toster oven as a mic. The only thing lower than your voice are your cheekbones and your subscriber to view ratio. You made a video shitting on John and and everyone watched it because it was fun to shit on John at the time. You haven't been nearly as popular since, and I don't think you ever will be. You will always rely on drama for views because you lack the talent or creativity to come up with your own video ideas. Stop trying to act like you are the savior of the Lolita community because you are not. You are just a bitchy girl with a dress and a less than impressive YouTube channel. You can't act like you are the queen of Lolita YouTube, and then ask gulls on 4chan to make an intro for your shitty YouTube channel because you lack the talent or skill to make it yourself. Shoo.

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Gee, I wonder who this could be

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I do actually hate the intro music. It's too loud compared to the rest of the audio. I wish she would change it to something more like last week tonight's intro, because I really can't stand this current music.

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I think not only the intro needs to be better but her stage set too. It’s very dated. She’s got decent lighting but her stage back drop is soo lacking and kinda ita. She could do a light curtain set up and improve it with also keeping up with the cute lolita elegant aesthetic ( pic for similar example). Or even get one of those roll down screens of various colors for the backdrop and change it to match her dress color scheme. Right now it just looks like a cheap bed sheet pinned to the wall with dollar store roses and bargain bin lace. She’s grown in popularity so her channel can have some decent investments into it to improve its look as well.

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Jeeze I hope you feel better now that you got that out of your system.

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Is there sand in your pee hole?
Is that why you're so upset?

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Just wanna say, Tyler if you're reading this you rock and you're the only good lolita YouTuber. Yeah your clip-on bangs kinda suck but the coords are solid and the content is top notch. Personally I'm tired of the news gimmick inflection but if it works, it works.

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The funniest thing about this thread is that Tyler is unlikely to give a rats ass about salty anons.
Also >>10100816 is one of the most pathetic things I've read on cgl in a while. I don't know if she talked about something stupid you did in an episode or if you're a YTer getting no views, but you need to get the beach out of your flaps.

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She stopped wearing the clip in bangs a while ago.

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No?? Didn't she just get new, better bangs?

I love her either way. Her content hits that sweet spot of similar humour which has me thinking we'd be great friends in real life. I wish her all the best of luck in her future projects.

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I was really happy about that. The clip in one's were just off from her natural color and texture enough to be noticeable. Like the uncanny valley for bangs.

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I agree. It could use a little upgrade. I like how she put the little pink Christmas tree in the corner during the holidays though.

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Spill the tea.

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I don't usually watch commentary channels, but this one gives me a sensible chuckle. The intro could use an update tho.

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No she grew hers out and is using her real hair.

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The fuck?

Tyler, ignore cuntanon and also OP.

I mean, you could even out the intro audio a bit (basically just turn it down a little) but that is a nitpick if I've EVER seen one.

Your set is also fine. People who only consume content and never create it don't really understand what a pain it is to assemble your set every time before you film. They think every youtuber has a an extra filming room of something.

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why does everyone assume tyler is going to see this dumpsterfire of a thread

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She's not lor, she'll see it.

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Except she doesn’t set that thing up every time she makes a video and it is perminant fixture in her home. The lights maybe. But not the back drop.
Because she comes here? I mean, she’s made mentions of this place before in her videos and isn’t very hush hush about being into reading about the drama.

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Many of the screencaps she uses in her videos were posted here on /cgl/ first. Random Anons have been embarrassed to recognize their shitty paint edits to cover up the names. Well, it's all anonymous, so such embarrassment is very personal. She hangs out here, simple as that.

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>19 posters
>23 posts
>Professor maths says : that's a difference of 4
>Exactly 4 replies to my post

Tyler, you're supposed to wait until there are a lot more posts before you start defending yourself. That way it's hard to detect.

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Sorry that multiple people don’t like your butt hurt anon. Maybe you need to take midol and a nap.

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Piss off. Tyler is clever and a good representative for lolita. You don't see many lolita's in the spotlight who coord well and don't do the ditzy cringe "lolitas are lovelies" persona most lolitas especially in sweet love to do.

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go home Kelly Eden, you're drunk.

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I love Tyler, she does a good job with what she has.

I do think an update to the intro would be dope, and a every so often refresh of her backdrop would be good too.

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You're adorable if you think I'd be stupid enough to actually imitate Tyler.
You just need to get the sand out of your asshole and calm down.

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I love Tyler and I get really excited when she posts a video. Her inflection could be better but that's such a nitpick and she honestly contributes so much to the community that I'd be really sad if she wasnt around.

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She needs a new act

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>inb4 but it's a meeeeemeee
You sound fucking dumb.

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And you sound autistic trying to point out their stupidity.
Way to go.

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Do you even know what autism is or do you just repeat shit you saw other anons post?

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I definitely agree that her backdrop could use some work. More than anything, I'd love to see her behind some sort of desk because that's such a staple of news shows. I understand maybe she wants her coord to be visible but if you have a schtick like the one she does she might as well fully commit.

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I prefer when she stands so we can see her outfits. But she does do the coord breakdown at the end so maybe a big pink desk would be cool.

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Lol, eat a dick. Someone else's besides John that is.

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God why are people so salty about Tyler? Did I miss something? Yeah she can be harsh sometimes but it's all satire...can people just not take a joke? Jesus Christ.

>> No.10101524

She's called out a few people's favorite cunts.

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>Tyler, your coords are tacky and your hair looks like maruchan instant ramen. Nobody actually likes your content. Your videos are poorly edited, your attitude is extremely annoying, your sound quality sounds like you use a toster oven as a mic.
>You will always rely on drama for views because you lack the talent or creativity to come up with your own video ideas.
I agree with this so hard

>> No.10101530

>You will always rely on drama for views because you lack the talent or creativity to come up with your own video ideas.
She's made several videos about things that aren't directly tied to any sort of drama, but stay salty I suppose. :^)

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i wish her lighting/backdrop were better something about the color is so cool toned everything is washed out

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Her entire show is a rip off of fake news segments that have been done to death and she does a shitty tina fey impersonation.

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You poor thing, who's holding a gun to your head and forcing you to watch her content? You must be in agony, I'm so sorry.

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Still salty eh Kelly?

>> No.10101586

That's the fucking joooooke

>> No.10101610

lol this really is a dead giveaway of samefagging

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Aside from the physical and coord insults I totally agree with you. She is just a drama vampire/shit stirrer and I can't stand how people ass pat her so much.

I don't care for the whole John/AM thing or whatever but she did get herself into it with the insults and that gets zero sympathy from me over her lawsuit/video deletion drama.

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I used to like her back before the John and Cathy Cat drama. Now I can't stand all her crazy followers that act like she's some sort of lolita queen. She made a handful of good videos with the lolita feminism ties, etc. but at this point she really is feeding off the others drama and the insults are more cringy than offensive. I know she does a bit of each thing in her episodes but I wish she'd do more coverage on the actual things happening in the fashion rather than the petty western drama on Rufflechat that no one will care about next week.

>> No.10101637

>drama vampire/shit stirrer
>feeds on cringy drama
Nayrt but I agree. When she's not blowing things well out of proportion while picking on individual people, she can be entertaining. The lolita history videos were good. But she seems to increasingly enjoy diving into dumb shit just for the attention. I know that whosit with the sailor dress had a meltdown today, but I already feel bad for how Tyler will inevitably humiliate her further and read far too many comments out loud.

>> No.10101645

It's clear to see she bases a lot of her content of stuff that starts/gets discussed on here. But I feel like she intentionally bases her salty delivery on the reality of this part of the community.

I mean seriously- the sodium levels in this thread alone could kill a horse.

I definitely think that she could have gone about things differently, but I'm glad she didn't stop doing what she's doing because of the lawsuit. Besides Lovely Lor and Deer Stalker she's the highest quality and most consistent content we've got.

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I actually really enjoy Tyler's content and it's one of so few things we have in the Western comm these days.


>> No.10101710

Nitpick but maybe if she straightened all of her hair instead of just her bangs and stopped making that stupid face every time she's on screen, she'd be fine

>> No.10101713

This is beyond nitpick, her hair is cute, her face is cute.

>> No.10101719

Meanwhile, Lolita Desu is shutting down..

>> No.10101755

BBandB Deco is sponsoring her now, she's upgraded.

>> No.10101791

You can't "ripoff" a whole genre, retard. Get a better excuse to complain.

>> No.10101796

It's so cute that her favourite accessory brand is sponsoring LWLN, definitely a great fit for her style and it looks as though she's been wearing their stuff for a number of years. Great to see vs having to shill a sponsor you don't care for.

>> No.10101808

Seeing her fangirl over the giveaway necklace was so heartwarming. There's something about her joy that's infectious.

>> No.10101889

I have to agree that the intro music is a little loud. Would also appreciate if Tyler would mention VM and/or JetJ releases, though I'd understand if she doesn't since she doesn't really like classic.

>> No.10102009

I actually find Tyler really cute when she gushes over her dresses and jewellery and stuff. You can just feel how much she treasures each piece and how happy the fashion makes her. It’s adorable.

>> No.10102014

Likely John’s wife or Kelly Eden. Take your pick. They’re equally terrible people for different reasons.

>> No.10102058

What genre exactly?

>> No.10102059

Parody/comedy style news

>> No.10102060

Non-salty Tyler is the cutest Tyler.

But who wants to watch another boring nice lolita go on youtube to talk about some event or haul every week? Tyler's channel is more interesting to watch than any of the other lolita youtubers out there.

>> No.10102063

Thank God someone gets it. It feels like half the gulls here want her to sit down in front of a camera, put on a fake smile and talk about hauls or her "too 10 anime for loli inspo desu uwu" sorry shes doing something new and y'all don't like change

>> No.10102066

Tyler’s content isn’t perfect by any means, but compared to the other lolita youtubers who all do the same shit and smile like robots, she is extremely refreshing. I want more diverse lolita content.

>> No.10102067

It's a gimmick that's been over done, anon. Its not a genre because more than one hack did it.

>> No.10102108

She's a treasure to talk to outside of the whole LWLN setting. If you're lucky enough to catch her at a con outside of a panel or whatever, when she doesn't feel like she has to be "on", she's super nice and she cares so much about the fashion.

>> No.10102195

See the thing is Tyler doesn’t owe you shit, at all. She doesn’t even act like a hero to the community or anything. So you can just fuck right off

>> No.10102199

Tyler is giving you bastards hours of free entertainment and making the drama easier to go through and you still expect more and more. How many of you actually sponsor the channel or hell if y’all think your hot shit then make something better. Nothing but a bunch of ‘give me give me’ babies.

>> No.10102205

>Stephen Colbert
>Samantha B

I'll give you all the others, but how very dare you

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I liked Tyler before, but then after reapeating the same sarcastic that it was funny the first 2 times over and over again and only hearing about internet drama or gossip like "oh that girl said the wrong name of the piece hahah", I couldn't avoid rolling my eyes.

I agree on that her hair looks like a maruchan ramen tho... But also, I feel a bit conflicted:


Isn't lolita to be always smiling and being cute and stuff? or what? next time you want a kardashian wearing lolita with their tacky personalities in a show and you would love it because "it's sooo refreshing"?

goddamm you all. I hate you.

>> No.10102237

You must be one of those "lolitas must be luvlies" types. Last time I checked, it was okay for lolitas to be human and have other emotions beyond "uguu look at this tea and macaron kawaiiiii".

I do agree that it does not need to go as far as Kardashian trash. There are much tackier lolitas in the community than Tyler, if you have checked Rufflechat anytime lately.

>> No.10102242

You must hate the daily show and other shows similar. Saying she is only a shit stirrer when really she's only reporting on things that, to be honest, are funny and ita. It let's others know how NOT to act.

Also it's not that shes a "refreshing" personality, it's that she feels real. We see so many personalities in both lolita and cosplay that act like they are ugu kawaii/I'm such a lovely~ and say shit like "be nice, they are new!" only to turn around and laugh at others later and she doesn't hide to roast someone who deserves it, she let's people know, "hey don't do this shit."

>> No.10102251

>Isn't lolita to be always smiling and being cute and stuff?

No retard. Lolita is just clothing.

>> No.10102267

i n s t a n t r am e n

>> No.10102308

I've debated making her one as practice in learning after effects!

I was thinking the classic spinning globe but in cute colors? With the background like wrapping ribbon.
The sound is fine right now (if generic) but the imagery feels dated.

>> No.10102322

>Isn't lolita to be always smiling and being cute and stuff?

if you’re going to larp, do some fucking research first

>> No.10102346

Take that weeb kibble and geddout

>> No.10102368

Leave the community, sis. No body wants to put on that fake ass kawaii persona like 2012 princess peachie anymore. Amino has plenty of anime RPs since that is clearly what you're looking for

>> No.10102524

>You must hate the daily show
Ntayrt but that shit shoulda died a long time ago. I seriously doubt people still watch the new host they got.

>> No.10102525

Stephen Colbert does late night talk show stuff now. Have you been living under a rock the past fucking decade?

>> No.10102530

>She's not like other youtubers
>caters to call out culture ie Kanye West talking over people to be cool because she's' not afraid to talk shit to people
I hate to break it to you, but no one is "real" in front of a camera.

>> No.10102552

i wished Tyler would do a special segment on whether men can be lolitas or not.

>> No.10102619

For free? Nah.

>> No.10102621

>You haven't been nearly as popular since, and I don't think you ever will be. You will always rely on drama for views because you lack the talent or creativity to come up with your own video ideas.
Oh my god, you're the same anon who has been sperging about her in the past yt threads and lolita generals, aren't you? Give it a rest and get your unjustified jealousy in check.

>> No.10102624

why? that's just going to cause drama like no matter what her opinion is

>> No.10102628

We know her answer. She's not dumb enough to start that much fire for no reason.

>> No.10102629

she's basically already done that. men can be great lolitas but sissies should be quarantined. I don't think a brolita inspo video is up her alley.

on another note: I like Tyler a lot. I realize her style isn't for everyone but I don't want her to change her persona because it's her. I enjoy her videos. Imagine if people kept telling MF to stop being a silly derp. Or, if folks tried to chastise Misako for liking that weird comedian with the jacked-up teeth, or for making the Most Embarrassing Behavior series.
I want 3-dimensional lolita personalities to watch, because I am a 3D person myself and I can't relate to a cardboard cutout covered in sparkles.

What I would like is for cameraperson/bf to reign in his input a bit. I was starting to get a little perturbed by his butting in and steering Tyler for unneeded clarifications during the Q&A video. sounded compulsive, so maybe it's a dysfunctional nerd tick of his ('tism), but I really wanted him to just let her answer naturally and at her own pace. She's not a ding dong.

>> No.10102649

Tyler I just want you to know that I love and appreciate you

>> No.10102662

I love Tyler. She is clearly playing a character. Why don't people understand that?

>> No.10102665

>she says things we think without sugarcoating

So basically you are all worshipping her like the lolita Trump.

Also no one said she should pretend to be nice?? Some of us are just sick of the cringe, and are saying we like her content when it's more actually lolita news, like that lolita feminism video, when she talks about new releases, etc. It wouldn't kill her to do more of that stuff and you know, actually lolita news instead of trying to insert herself into irrelevant drama that doesn't really affect her and isn't as important as say some brands or stores closing, new emerging designers, trends, where lolita is going, etc. Maybe giving some western lolita history?

Something that actually contributes to documenting the fashion as so much of our content gets purged off of sites like Tumblr and flicker, and let's be honest, LJ doesn't have long either.

>> No.10102698

She's shite character actor is the problem.

>> No.10102713

I think the key problem is that she doesn't have the funds/ability to do bigger, more involved projects. She hasn't even broken the "Keep the show alive" tier on her Patreon, and with Lolita Desu closing she's about to lose a sponsor. She probably sticks with drama because it's relatively easy to deal with and more frequent then stuff like trends and brand news.

I do think a "Future of Lolita" video would be cool though.

>> No.10102722

I wish Tyler would take over Lor's fixing your coords videos.

>> No.10102724

Wow, people sure like to demand a lot of shit from content creators they get to watch FOR FREE.

Tyler doesn't owe anybody anything. If you don't like the content she's producing, make some yourself.

Oh, that's right, y'all only like to bitch.

Actually, you know what, it's not even bitching. It's whining. Because Tyler's content isn't EXACTLY suited to your taste.

I know this place is full of petty fucking bullshit, but this is a new level of entitlement.

>> No.10102743

>I do think a "Future of Lolita" video would be cool though.
This would be cool in theory but I think Tyler is a little too short sighted when it comes to styles that aren't print heavy AP sweet. She doesn't seem to really know anything about the trends in other sub styles besides what's discussed here. What would she have to contribute to a future of lolita video besides the same "all brands that don't focus on prints and nothing else will die" shtick that she did when VM and excentrique announced their closure.

I think it'd be nice for her to make more varied lolita content that isn't just LWLN. Her 'out of character' videos are the best where she just talks about how much she loves her clothes. There's something very cute and almost wholesome about her fawning over her dresses. I'd like to hear more about her history in the fashion for example.

>> No.10102780

You know autism isn't an insult right? Or are you some midwestern asshat stuck in 2011 still.

>> No.10102783

The western comm is never going to have something good that lasts. Everything always ends in a dumpster fire the fans set themselves.

>> No.10102789

80% of the thread is supporting and encouraging her, who exactly is "y'all"?

>I know this place is full of petty fucking bullshit, but this is a new level of entitlement.
Then leave.

>> No.10102799

Been here a few years and I agree. We get the content we deserve :c

>> No.10102922

Oh look, it's Deneice and her ita army. There's no way in hell this many people "hate" Tylet and if anything, it's coming from the Leigh's shitty, sucking dick, ita, fatty chan army of "lolitas".

>> No.10102925

Spoonfeed me, anon. Who the fuck is Deneice? I need this tea today.

>> No.10102929

And if the damn popular lolitas don't fucking get to her. I was trying to talk to her and get to know her more but they blocked her when I noticed people were trying to talk to her at A-Kon's tea party last year. She was snatched by Katie's group. Tyler looked uncomfortable.

>> No.10102931

John Leigh's enabling wife.

>> No.10102939

All Colbert has done in the past 3 years is make middle aged liberal moms laugh at a bad Trump impression. He's lost all edge he had since switching to network.

>> No.10102949

Oh, gross.

>> No.10102969

If you can get to Atlanta, she's doing some tiny event that looks like it's going to be more chill

>> No.10103060

No one cares. If males can follow the fashion rules plus look decent, they can be lolitas. If not, they are itas. No special segments needed.

>> No.10103062
File: 662 KB, 759x1156, 1425473108063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>whether men can be lolitas or not
are you for real or just pretending to be retarded

>> No.10103097

Maybe it's some butthurt sissy, they get very upset when they're reminded they stand out like a sore thumb, reeking of male piss because daiperfags.

>> No.10103098

I only wear classic and very rarely goth, never sweet, and I enjoy Tyler's bashing of everything non-sweet. She's never going to be complementary about Jetj and VM, which is most of what's in my closet, and that's okay.

>> No.10103104

>lolita Trump
This is bait, but I would not be opposed to a God Emperor Warhammer 40k Tyler float like the Italians did of Trump recently.

If you want something to happen, how about doing it yourself, and you actually contribute instead of throwing a snowflake tantrum and trying to coerce others into catering to your needs and your feels?

>> No.10103110

I don't think whining in a thread on cgl is coercing Tyler but ok.

>> No.10103114

Nayrt but unless you truly believe all personalities in media are equally fake you’re being willfully obtuse.

>> No.10103713

>you truly believe all personalities in media are equally fake
No. It's the reason why reality tv isn't real. Because as soon as someone is aware they are being filmed, this changes how they act.

>> No.10103732

For things I would like to see in the series

I honestly would love to see Tyler do a segment where she does interviews with other Lolitas, both well known and not, and host wardrobe interviews so we can watch as both gush over the dresses.

>> No.10103742

Hold the fucking phone.
This bitch has a patreon when she has that giant closet?
The fuck out of here. How often does she sell a dress? Surely there's a better way to fund her show besides begging?

>> No.10103761

Pixie has also a patreon so does Kelly, Lor is begging for donations becouse her lolitareact videos are not monetised, none of them is poor and are asking for donations, it is something normal among youtubers.

>> No.10103798

Tyler has gotta be the last person who should be scrutinised for having a patreon. She just has it there for people who want to support the show because pretty much anything with lolita in the title gets demonetised.

Try comparing her to someone like Pixie for example
>doesn't keep to her schedule despite YT being her full time job
>can't handle shipping out shitty postcards because 300 dollars/month profit off them alone isn't enough incentive
>later proceeds to beg for donations because she's such a starving artist and her mental health is bad uwu how else can she keep adding more useless plastic junk to her hoard?

Out of all the people to criticise for having a patreon Tyler is hardly one of them. She only ever mentions it at the very end of her show once most people have clicked off anyway.

>> No.10103809

It may change how they act but there’s a huge difference between her acting slightly saltier than the average lolita for laughs and say, for example, pixielocks and other fake lifestylers putting on a whole different voice and attitude to appear cute and pure. I’m not even a huge fan of people who do that “I might dress cute but I cuss and yell and am mean!” shit but even when the camera’s on them, 9/10 times that’s at least close to their real personality (unfortunately) instead of an obvious character

>> No.10103923

What even? Are you upset when other YouTube channels have a patreon too? The money goes towards the show and gives her time to create it. Time is money in case you haven't realized this yet.

>> No.10104036

It's for the show and the show only, it's not like she's asking them to pay her rent. When people like the content that someone puts out, some of them want to give some money to help support that content. It's not rocket science.

>> No.10104098

>whole different voice and attitude
Nayrt but when T talks about her dresses you can hear her normal voice and see her normal attitude and both are very different from those associated with her LWLN persona. Of course, perhaps all these people will gradually converge with their personas.
>we shape our tools and our tools shape us

>> No.10104383

>it is something normal among youtubers
Yea but everyone is here crying that Tyler is **different**
She sounds pretty typical to me.

>Out of all the people to criticise for having a patreon Tyler is hardly one of them. She only ever mentions it at the very end of her show once most people have clicked off anyway
She clearly has money to burn and doesn't want to put it towards her show. How come she has to do it herself?
And since when is someone free from scrutiny? You sound like you're playing favorites.

>Time is money in case you haven't realized this yet
She can buy dresses without issue. This is a luxury fashion. If she actually wanted to do the show and actually gave a shit outside of getting efame, she'd fund her own fucking show. Sorry but fake news segments aren't expensive to film. Why else would there be so many.

My point is it's unnecessary and that's she's not all that different or special compared to every other YouTube fame whore.

Ya'll are so fucking sad worshipping this bitch. You've put her on a pedestal and you're white knighting her.

>> No.10104393

> How dare she take donations for her free content. Artists aren't really artists if they accept money for their work. She shouldn't get money at all if she isn't living in squalor

Anon are you 12

>> No.10104440

>taking donations when you already have money
Sounds like greed

>> No.10104441

If the content isn't free then maybe, but it is free and donating isn't mandatory. I don't see what the problem is.

>> No.10104445

Seems like you forget that equipment costs money. She definitely spent lots of money to fund her show, and also has money to buy dresses with because she works. She spent a long time memorizing her script before spending on a teleprompter for the show, probably with patreon money!
Like are you jealous that she has money to burn on some of your dream dresses or??

>> No.10104457

Oh its the anon who thinks everyone is obsessed with efame who posts on the internet. Got it.

>> No.10104459

>giant closet
>only 50 pieces collected over many years

t. bitter poorfag with a small closet who's bitter people want to donate to somebody they like

>> No.10104470

They've been shitting themselves everytime tyler is mentioned for the past months. I hate to fall into stupid shitposter catchphrases but this time it's really accurate: Imagine being this damn jelly.

Op, instead of obsessing over tyler and trying to convince cgl how she's a drama famewhore who totally will be forgotten soon, work on yourself.

>> No.10104473


Sorry no one likes you enough to want to throw their extra money at you?

Like why cry about what others do with their money. Why does it matter so much? This is a legitimate question that I'd like to know about all people who complain about people with patreons that aren't selling lewds. It's not like its go fund me and they are lying about needing it for their pet healthcare or some shit so why get so ruffled?

>> No.10104611

>using autism as an insult as if that makes you look better
even Tyler wouldn't approve of that.

>> No.10104619

>maybe if she straightened all of her hair
anon what do you have against curly hair

that said I don't mind her and I agree it could look better. hell even I can make my hair look better (without straightening it) and my hair is an even curlier mess than hers.

that aside I really wish she would show us actual full coords more often. I know part of her thing is the 'drama' but I wish she could show some actual Lolita content too besides a wardrobe video, 'drama' and the videos with Lor.

>> No.10104633

She is not a creative lolita, her coords are pretty basic and sets, we love her for the salt not coording skills

>> No.10104700

Sure but if she was actually passionate about it she'd sell off a couple dresses. But nah, just ask for money instead. >>10104445
>Like are you jealous that she has money to burn on some of your dream dresses or??
I don't even wear the same style as her. Most of her coords look washed out.

No, my job pays pretty well.

>work on yourself.
Got a promotion and pay increase a month ago. But you're soooooo right. I must be envious just because I don't care for someones shitty watered down content.
Am I jealous of Will Smith and Johnny Depp too because I say their movies suck and their acting is trash?? No. Pretty sure I just think they suck and have good reasons for my opinions.

>> No.10104704

>she's a lolita
>well her coords are pretty basic
>she's a lolita
>well we just like her salt

like, this is a fashion for a reason.
at the least she should be able to show us some full coords or worn outfits, even if they're just "basic" sets. otherwise, why give her so much more attention? just because she reports on ~drama~ with ~salt~? if she's going to do that, that's fine, but the least she can do is make some nice coords too.

like, /cgl/ complains about Lor's coords constantly, but at least Lor tries. meanwhile we barely even see Tyler's coords.

>> No.10104711


I personally like that she keeps her coords basic. It's nice to see someone who isn't obsessed with being whatever OTT flavor-of-the-month like everyone else

>> No.10104713

Her coords are fine. Nothing wrong with basic. If you want to look at coords go on CoF or Instagram or something, ffs.

>> No.10104742

Wow, you really are the same sperg who's been at it since last year and you still sound like a jelly teen. I can see how you totally not care. Seek help.

>> No.10104749

Nyart, they're possibly a butthurt sissy from the sounds of it.

>> No.10104759

and every time Lor tries she fails. Miserably.

Also are you fucking blind? Tyler shows outfits of her full coords at the end of each video and on her Instagram.

I'm absolutely sick of the concept that ""basic"" coords = bad. People are so fucking new here they've forgotten that you don't have to be OTT all the time to be a perfectly good or fashionable lolita, when in the same breath they can't stop complaining about lolita not being a costume.

Tyler's coordinates are fine, she clearly has her own personal tastes and style. Just because she isn't doing crying clown makeup and jumping on every trend that pops up and gets beaten like a dead horse doesn't make her a boring or a bad lolita. Christ.

Take your special snowflake-ism back to Tumblr, nobody wants it here.

>> No.10104847

This just hit me watching the Shane video.
What if another play on other channels. It reminds me of how Andrew gives his input from behind the camera now with Shane when before he was so silent.

Personally I don't mind it.

>> No.10104991

She posts very little on her instagram

>> No.10105336

Why would she show coords when that's not what her channel is about? I didn't subscribe to her to see her coords.

Lor on the other hand doesn't have a cohesive channel and does make videos about coordinates. Of course we're going to judge her ability to coord.

>> No.10105392

All the anons on 4channel need help. I guess you've never ventured outside of cgl. Otherwise you'd know this is common behavior on most boards. Especially those dedicated to shows of any kind.

I can't prove I'm a woman but I am. That won't change your mind however because I said mean things about your favorite snark princess.

You worship someone you don't even know.

>> No.10105827

You guys know you can support Tyler without shitting on her friends/mutuals (Lor) or people giving genuine criticism, right?

The amount of ass kissing and whiteknighting in this thread is disturbing, and I say that as a fan of hers. Even Tyler wouldn't appreciate that (especially not the shitting on Lor in favor of herself).

It's ok to criticise Tyler's channel and it's also ok to give opinions of what you'd like to see.

Personally I'd also like to see other types of Lolita content from her. Yes, she's known for LWLN. She's also a Lolita. She can do both, even if her coords are mostly basic and sets. Hell she has so much brand she could do details videos and I'd still watch them even if they weren't LWLN.

>> No.10105835

I’m just sick she’s not into gothic Lolita.

>> No.10105846

>The amount of ass kissing and whiteknighting in this thread is disturbing, and I say that as a fan of hers. Even Tyler wouldn't appreciate that (especially not the shitting on Lor in favor of herself).
Thank you jesus.
So many in this thread are blinded by their infatuation.

>> No.10105852

Oh fuck off, even the cunnifags on /tv/ aren't this obsessed. Playing the "ur a newfag" card doesn't help. And no, just because you're insane with jealousy, doesn't mean everyone here is.

>> No.10105856

She's a goth when she's out of Lolita, so she probably wants a different style to wear while in the fashion.

>> No.10106015

They are though.

>> No.10106082
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>> No.10106212

I bet you miss posting reaction gifs on livejournal.

>> No.10106219

I want to see her in a gothic Moitie coord.

>> No.10106238

You haven't been there lately then. That's old as fuck.

>> No.10106239

dont we all?

>> No.10107715

No, I never cared for that stuff. I was always disappointed that those some boring assholes all migrated to tumblr after I did and the site became nothing but fucking doctor who/supernatural/sherlock garbage.

>> No.10108434

It's a youtube channel. You are not forced to like/watch it. It is comedy and satire. It is free, you are not paying anything to watch it. Tyler does go over her coords towards the end of the videos. Its ok to be a fan of someone/something! OP was saying that she could use a new intro and this thread got side tracked.

>> No.10108449

I agree with you, but if OP intended this entire thread to be about her intro and not turn into a discussion of her content then they’re very naive.

>> No.10108612

You're not OP, stop speaking for them.

They've run out of white knight fuel and are grasping at straws.

>> No.10108724

Me too but she really seems to hate moitie

>> No.10108772

nayrt, but i know i fucking do. along with searchable posts and threadable conversations.

>> No.10111607


>> No.10111996

God I want a recording of that panel with her and the con chair. The small clips lor had were horrifying.

>> No.10112011

It's really great how she describes that she told him everything was all right because he was creeping her out. People are always telling women to tell men when they're out of line, but that's just not realistic when you're alone with one of those, you already know that man's creepy but not how creepy, and he might retaliate in ways that are much worse and possibly violent. It's all so tiresome. Hope the French Canadians turn Creepy Clouseau into poutine.

>> No.10112096

Me too. I've been searching for a recording everywhere.

>> No.10112104

What a nightmare jeez.

>> No.10112113

Fucking horrifying

>> No.10112141

but the crickets though that was fucking gold

>> No.10112152

considering Tyler's hate for transvestites, I can't see it happening

>> No.10112155

Tyler doesn't hate transvesties/real brolitas, she hates sissies. And I don't think she'd avoid a brand because it's male known. I think it's more that she has the sweet lolita superiority complex that some have over classic and gothic Lolitas. It's annoying that she doesn't even try to cater towards those sects of the community.

>> No.10112157

she is actually really good about people's pronouns and has even said before she's fine with trans people, sissies aren't trans you dipshit

>> No.10112158

Literally every time she talks about Mana, she uses tranny as an insult.

>> No.10112160

I always got the impression she played up the "gothic is boring and made by a crossdresser, classic is for old ladies who dress like couches, sweet reigns supreme" thing for comedy purposes, I doubt it's her actual genuine opinion.

>> No.10112161

When the fuck has she even used the word tranny?

>> No.10112162

Do you seriously want me to dig through all 50 of her videos?
She used to say fuck and retard too, do you magically not remember that either?
I wasn't even saying anything bad about her for hating trannies, I was stating that, based on easy observation, she is not fucking likely to wear mmm

>> No.10112163

Tyler if you are reading any of this bullshit, I know I'm just an ugly couch-lita but I love your show and I look forward to watching every new episode, Even my boyfriend who knows only a little about the fashion enjoyed watching your most recent video about G Anime. The tea is hot and the coords are cute. Hope I can meet you one day!

>> No.10112168

>"gothic is boring and made by a crossdresser, classic is for old ladies who dress like couches, sweet reigns supreme"

Where is the lie tho?

>> No.10112177

Then go make videos that cater to classic and gothic lolitas anon. She doesn't have to cater to you or anyone. Y'all are so entitled.

Coords aren't even the main focus of her videos lmao

>> No.10112209

She doesn't cater to sweet, either. The show has nothing to do with her coords.

>> No.10112211

she talks about new releases sometimes but i'd hardly call that catering to sweet. people can look up new releases with their own time

>> No.10112294

Whoever told the con chair what she said when she was venting is an idiot.

>> No.10112320

That's one of the things that people really don't get. It's a persona. A character. Yeah, she sometimes skirts the line of what would be considered pc, but if ever Lor (who quite frankly is a bit of an sjw) can see past it, I can't understand why so many have their bloomers in a bunch.

I really don't think that Tyler's the type to boycott an entire brand and aesthetic because of something like that. She seems more motivated by injustices in the community to avoid/boycott something. Regardless of her persona on Youtube, I think she's overall a force for good.

>> No.10112514

I think it's less that she hates classic and gothic which is part of her persona that bothers people, and more the fact that she's biased towards AP sweet. I don't expect her to make videos catering to every substyle or person in the fashion's taste but for someone doing a news show she acted a bit dismissive of lolitas who are sad about their favourite brands closing shop because they weren't the brands she wears/cares about. It's the whole "who cares about VM/MM classics need to get with the times and wear prints like everyone else" tone she had that rubbed me the wrong way, even if it is a part of her act and not how she really feels.

Still, even then it was just one video and her channel is more entered around comm drama than the actual clothes so who cares about the individual tastes and opinions of one person. It's still better than Lor who tries to give coord advice but just applies the cookie cutter sweet formula to classic and gothic coords because she clearly doesn't know how to coord classic and gothic since it's not the style she wears.

The whole Mana tranny thing was obviously a joke, anyone who thinks she really hates Moitie because Mana is a dude is retarded.

>> No.10112646

I'm so glad she actually spilled all the beans. I like Lor but her video was just whining about something ambiguous and made the whole thing seem like not so bad at all.

>> No.10112654

I am a BABY bitch with my second fave brand beeing Meta and I do not really like most of AP, Tyler is obsesed with only AP, that is weird and somehow elitist, none of the lolitas I know is centered just on one brand, I for example own some AP, some Meta and some IW also, even if I prefer Baby.

>> No.10112708

>none of the lolitas I know is centered just on one brand

Then you don't know many sweet lolitas, do you? Most of them are AP whores.

>> No.10112721

she does only focus on sweet releases. she completely missed the momentous revival of Moitie. many iconic lolita brands have ended, and few ever get revitalized. Mana himself touring places like the US was unheard of even when Moitie was the prestige brand.

she only features AP releases regularly, even when they are underwhelming, if only to comment on how uninteresting they are.

i do not think she dislikes gothic loltia, she just has AP tunnel vision. that is fine imo, but it would also be cool of she broadened her coverage.


>> No.10112722

this word was a stowaway, disregard

>> No.10112724

>none of the lolitas I know is centered just on one brand

Moitie gulls are just mad that their status as obsessive brand-focused Mana clones has been usurped by obsessive brand-focused Misako clones.

>> No.10112823

That's still less insulting than the fat cunts on lolita updates who were rejoicing over VM's initial closure announcement. Considering we all have the inclination to lord our favorites over the others I think it's wiser for her to stick to her jurisdiction. If she tried to cover anything classic the way she covers AP and got it wrong in even the most minor way I'd be more peeved about it than all of her wallpaper and couch jokes combined.

>> No.10112863

I wonder if it was Lor.

>> No.10112901

I personally suspect it might have been the masquerade organizer who was commenting on Lor's video, but I wasn't there.

>> No.10112915

I have type one diabetes from organ failure I had as a kid
Every time Tyler cracks a diabetes joke, I flash back to middle school and wanna fucking kms lmao

>> No.10113040


>> No.10113054

>It's a persona. A character.
resident-Tyler-hater here. She's a shit actor. She can be larping in front of everyone but doesn't mean she's talented. She's a hack and a begger.

>> No.10113057

Fuck you, healthy, I'm allowed to share my feefees

>> No.10113062

I guess it would kind of suck to have an illness and have her crack a joke or two about it every video
Since you point it out, she really does make a lot of diabetes jokes, it isn't just every now and then
Maybe she got bullied by a diabetic in middle school? Hope that makes you feel better

>> No.10113068

please forget an insulin injection after using the word feefees

>> No.10113085

Wow, you are dumb as hell

>> No.10113133

Unless you've been able to rally the community, create Youtube content on the regular with consistent quality, and put yourself out there while addressing controversial issues, I don't think you or anyone has the right to judge her for being what you call a 'shit actor'.

>> No.10113137

ok ageplayer

>> No.10113141

If it's what she's interested in and the great majority of lolitas wear sweet and love AP, why should she have to report on everything that every brand is doing? Her show is about larger issues facing the community. The AP worship is filler. Plus it might feel disingenuous if she tried to cover all the happenings within the different styles when she's not interested in them.

>> No.10113158

I'm sorry that you've had to struggle with that. Especially if anyone bullied you about it in middle school. Fuck those people. But Tyler is not making fun of you or your condition. She's just using hyperbole in reference to the 'sweet' style. I think you need some counselling or something in regards to whatever bullying you experienced if it's still effecting your life to that degree. Again I say fuck those people. Anyone who attacks you -directly- for a health issue you can't help is an asshole.

>> No.10113342

Hey it was funny the first two times
The issue is that the idea that diabetes is caused from eating poorly, and she just keep reenforcing that incorrect information
(With which literally all diabetics are bullied with)
I got it because I was beaten so badly by a family friend, that some of my organs were damaged, my pancreas just never recovered
And the usual way of getting type 1 is literally just random failure of the pancreas, it happens in kids sometimes and is currently not well understood
Type one diabetics have significantly reduced life expectancies due to the health complications we get
I understand that people make hurtful jokes about tough subjects, and that's fun
The first couple of times
If Tyler kept repeating very similar jokes about asthma or cancer, I don't know, I think after about five times, people would think that's a little weird
So, I dunno, maybe we can have some empathy for sick people?

>> No.10113644

>That's still less insulting than the fat cunts on lolita updates who were rejoicing over VM's initial closure announcement
Ayrt and I totally agree with that, those girls were the fucking worst, fuck them. I guess Tyler's tone of voice just bothered me, since it seemed so dismissive and unsympathetic. I realise it's just part of her act but if AP announced closure and the gothics and classics started saying 'lol who cares they haven't been relevant since 2012 get with the times' I'm sure she'd be upset. Idk I don't even wear classic, but I felt immediately sad when I heard about their closure and felt sad for all the classics whose favourite brands were about to going under. If AP closed down I'd be sad too, even if I own like 2 dresses from them tops. Brands declining is a blow to the fashion as a whole regardless of your preferred style. Even then, she was still less insensitive than those fatty chans on LU who have never touched a brand piece in their life.

Like other anons have said she just has AP tunnel vision and an overwhelming love and sense of brand loyalty to them. She barely even covers BTSSB. Having said that, I don't think she should force herself to cover classic/gothic since she seems so detached from it and it'd just be exhausting to watch her get things wrong. Remember when Milkbox said that moitie puts out repeated, unexcited designs that she'd seen before when she was talking about the green sleeping garden rerelease? I'd hate to see Tyler make a fool of herself like that.

>> No.10114045

ok she's either doing something beneficial or she's acting. Which is it.

>> No.10114048

I agree with you entirely and Tyler is just trying to be an edgelord. Of course gulls will latch on and defend her because she behaves like your typical gull would, shitting on people cause its cool and accepted to and then turning around calling it acting like "oh I was just trolling" when she gets called out.

>> No.10114057

I don't know, I feel it's obvious she's not talking about you. She's not even talking about type 2 diabetics, really. I'm at high risk and more than one family member has type 2, and while the jokes may not be funny after a while, it's still common knowledge that eating more food than your pancreas can handle will kill it, and she's just poking fun at pastel sugary sweet sweets that she loves

>> No.10114406

I think it's totally clear what you're saying. I think people probably forget a lot about diseases that aren't visible, and that really sucks

When a robot comes here and talks about how he hates women, but isn;'t talking directly to you, are you okay with that because he didn't know that /you/ in particular would hear it?

>> No.10114413

I'm one of those people who do understand the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and someone can definitely make the argument that she shouldn't make fun of either condition, but it's highly likely that she's making fun of Type 2 which is very commonly related to diet and lifestyle (i.e. if you eat what's in the prints of many sweet style dresses). Diabetes is just one of those conditions that seems to be having something of a heyday as a punchline. Similar to how mental deficits or special needs used to be 'acceptable' to make fun of 10 years ago. Perhaps if it bothers you so much you should call her attention to it in the comments of the videos or something. I doubt there's a lack of empathy on her part.

>> No.10114418

Why would those two things be mutually exclusive? She made a video about how important it is for poc to be involved and accepted in lolita, while saying it in a salty parody of seagull-speak. People can send good messages while acting as a satirical character.

>> No.10114423

I personally would have some fucking perspective and understand it's a troll job or *gasp* a joke. the more you let it bother you the more power it has over you. There are better things to focus on if you want to stop that kind of shit. Insensitive assholes exist and always will, so to some extent you need to get over it

>> No.10114424

so make your own channel and talk about the brands you like

>> No.10114443

She makes fun of herself too though. If she only made fun of other people and didn't do that she probably wouldn't have so many fans

>> No.10114460

>it was funny the first two times
op does think Tyler is funny, and does have a sense of humor about her disease
>The issue is that the idea that diabetes is caused from eating poorly, and she just keep reenforcing that incorrect information
op explains what the issue is
>If Tyler kept repeating very similar jokes about asthma or cancer, I don't know, I think after about five times, people would think that's a little weird
op uses more commonly understood conditions to demonstrate the difference between how her condition and those conditions are treated by comparison

I like Tyler and think she's funny, but that doesn't mean that she can never be wrong about something
I hope she sees this thread and just quietly takes the info into consideration, I believe that she's a genuinely decent person and has done a lot for us and the cosplay community, I think she really just doesn't know any better about this particular thing right now

>> No.10114552

She makes fun of sack cuts or high waisted cuts for small boobs. Are we supposed to be offended about that now too? Like seriously, learn to take a joke.

>> No.10114569

Grow up

>> No.10114608

>revival of Moitie
Yeah now, with their logo cups and shit, they are fully revived...

>> No.10114620

Nayrt but are you seriously comparing having small boobs to being bullied over having a disease that can kill you?

>> No.10114653

Bullying is bullying. If it's wrong to bully you over having a condition you can't control, it's also wrong to bully someone over the size of their tits.

>> No.10114671

I really don't understand where she gets her confidence to shit on others' looks from, she's fucking ugly, her makeup and especially her ratty hair make her look dirty and unkempt and her coords are nothing special either.
People here might say the quality of her coords doesn't matter, because that's not what her channel is about, however, if she's not good herself, then what gives her the right to criticise others?

The comments are full of little kids praising her for being "savage" "Yasss, spill the tea!!!" and so on, pretty low class imo.
You don't need to be as overly sweet and pc as Lor, but she's just straight up a cunt; trying to mask this behind "it's satire" and "you just don't get it" is useless.

>> No.10114709

Oh yeah that argument is gonna go over great at Thanksgiving when someone says the turkey is a little dry and you double down with "it's because that bitch auntie Karen can't keep her hands steady because her stupid Parkinson's lol"

>> No.10114720

ugh the cgl mentality where everything not OTT is considered subpar irks me so much. It really says a lot about how anon views this fashion

>> No.10114722

This, I miss when OTT was just treated like a substyle like sailor or country

>> No.10114756

>cgl mentality
Don't you mean cof?

>> No.10114760

Yes, but newfag-chan saw one anon say that, that means all cgl has to have that mentality because we're all a hivemind.

>> No.10114762

You seemed to have missed it >>10114552
> learn to take a joke

>> No.10114765

I agree, both are wrong and not especially funny.

>> No.10114780

*learn to take the same joke over and over again from one of the only active personalities in your tiny community
Imagine if she kept joking about girls who suck dick for five dollars a pop, that would make /you/ feel bad

>> No.10114801

I know they are just silly (and very repetitive, much like the diabetes schtick) jokes about dresses being for flat-chested people but god I'm so weary of the implication that being flat-chested somehow makes someone not a real woman.

>> No.10114934

Wow to think cgl would have a fit over someone flinging insults.

>> No.10114980

Some of you need to go back to Facebook if you can't just laugh at things.. Small boobs/size jokes will come up with lolita considering sizing and people's weight tends to be a hot topic in the community.

>> No.10114981

as a fellow non-voluptuous person, big agree.
im 30 and i feel like people infantilize me because of my height and body type (4'11'', 115 lbs, no significant tiddy). it effected me in the workplace and in casual life with people not taking me seriously, and before i got married was extremely cautious of dating men who were way too into the fact that i look young.
fucking long story short, the broadly accepted social emphasis that large breasts are what define your femininity is a bummer. but hey at least i can fit in most dresses without having boobloaf. small victories.

>> No.10115024

Just saying, despite the nature and intensity of the bullying, it's still wrong. If you're trying to look at it from the principle of things people can't control not being joke worthy they're in the same ballpark even if they're not exact equivalencies.

>> No.10115034

You don't have to wear a sack dress it an ugly wig if you don't want to
You do have to have your small tits and diabetes even if you don't want to
Occasionally joking about touchy or offensive subjects is funny
Repeatedly targeting a specific group/groups with the same joke isn't funny anymore
Does that clear things up?

>> No.10115037

As someone who's had a large chest since puberty, the other end isn't good either. I've always hated them as I enjoy running and activities where they get in the way, I'm starting to have back problems and shoulder pain from bras, and even with a binder I have boob loaf. There's definitely a happy medium when it comes to breast size, and I agree society puts too much value in them.

>> No.10115045

Just stop watching her videos then? Like if you think she's "targetting" people....

>> No.10115052

I get what you're saying, I do. I just don't feel like targeting is the right way to describe the jokes Tyler makes that you're so incensed by. The intent is not to harm. The intent is to amuse. Sure a repetitive joke about a health condition is not always funny or necessary, but I don't think it should be taken as seriously as someone who actually intends to harm or hurt. If she's repeatedly making these jokes out of spite or hatred towards these groups then there is a problem I take issue with. I just don't think she actually hates people with diabetes. I think she's repeating a slightly insensitive joke that could upset someone who is sensitive about they're condition and how it's portrayed. But I just can't get that mad at it because, for all intensive purposes, it's a joke. Not an attempt to slander or hurt.

>> No.10115736

Who died and put you in charge of deciding what's hurtful to groups you don't belong to?
Are you also one of those people who tells black people that they need to just calm down?

>> No.10115780

>intensive purposes
"intents and purposes"

>> No.10115793

It's clearly a joke, but it's the kind of unimaginative low blow that makes her seem kind of ignorant. It reminds me of that time she mocked people from a non-Anglophone country for not speaking English with perfect fluency even though afaik she herself doesn't speak any second languages at all, let alone fluently. When Stephen Colbert made jokes like this he was playing the character of an ignorant loudmouth American pundit and the jokes were actually at the expense of that character, not the people he was talking about. Tyler's LWLN character isn't that well defined and her real opinions bleed into it pretty often so when she says something insulting it's harder to tell what's just part of the character and what's her actual opinion.

>> No.10115882

>while saying it in a salty parody of seagull-speak
Pretty sure she's not "pretending" to go on 4chan(nel).
She's trash like anyone else who pays her is. She just doesn't give her face to do it. Instead she hides behind the "acting" moniker like she's fucking Jon Lovitz.

>> No.10115883

>anyone else who pays her is
Ha,true but what I meant was
>anyone else who posts here**

>> No.10115917

Including you?

>> No.10115959

I definitely see your point, her real self and 'character' aren't especially defined. Not many people get to see her outside LWLN though so we can't know for sure what she's like in real life. Is there anyone who went to G-anime and got to actually meet he to see what she's like in person?

>> No.10115962

Didn't go to G-anime, but she's in my comm and she's a lot nicer in person. She acknowledges everyone who talks to her and enjoys having casual conversations. She's more or less just another girl in the comm when she goes to meets.

>> No.10115968

I'm not saying it doesn't hurt or that it's not wrong. I'm saying we don't know her intent. I'm also saying choose your battles and if you're going to be upset, address it to the person who's upsetting you or channel it into making positive change for the people you feel you represent. I somewhat doubt you or anyone else has sent her any calm rational messages about these things instead of just calling her out on cgl.

>> No.10115995

Yes and you as well.

>> No.10116012

Please don't project your trashyness onto me and all of cgl.

>> No.10116024

>pretending this place isn't a huge shithole known for being a shithole
you're delusional.

>> No.10116094

ah yes, we shouldn't discuss the person/videos in the thread made about that person/their videos

people really ought to stop giving their opinions about Lor and her videos over in the Lovely Lor thread too

>> No.10116105

>I'm here to openly be an asshat, that means everyone here is too!

>> No.10116122

Didn't go to g-anime but I did get to chat with her at a kon. She's really nice in person and kept being shocked by all the attention she got. You can tell in her cross over videos with Lor too that she's very much a normal person

>> No.10116246

This place is known for housing asshats is the point. You don't seem special or different in any way.

>> No.10116258

Her coords are pretty good.

>> No.10116310

Nayrt but her coords are just sets. Not bad at all, but not imaginative. I don’t really care for sets and think they are perfectly fine. But who ever keeps saying that her coords are unimaginative obviously hasn’t been in the fashion long enough and only knows the OTT crap that is posted on CoF. Sets are a safe coord for lolitas who don’t want to play “ will this items pink match this other items pink?” I kinda gloss over her videos when they ramble on too much about something. Usually skim through the video to see if the subject changes and if it doesn’t I don’t watch it for more then maybe 5 mins. I do enjoy how she’s kinda like the TMZ of lolita. As much as we don’t want to admit, we like getting a recap on drama and like to laugh at others stupidity. She found something people like. Made it kinda cringy but comical. I am a patreoon for her. And feel my extra money is going to decent entertainment. But I do wish she would get a better set up. It’s pretty creepy basement photo shoot with a disposable camera vibes. But that’s the only real thing I want to see change as a paying client.

>> No.10116368

God. I agree with you entirely.

Also I keep seeing photos of her and it doesn't even look like shes wearing make up at cons? How can you wear lolita without even some light make up? She looks fucking garish.

>> No.10116372

Hah that's amazing. You're giving her money to improve her set and she still hasn't done that.
Has she got any new dresses?

>> No.10116375

Why do you think she's poor that she needs patreon money for dresses? 300 a month is nothing.

>> No.10116376

Then why won't she update her set with all that patreon cash.

>> No.10116379

To be fair on the patreon it says nothing about the set in the goals. Just what content she'll be making. If she said the money went to updating her set, that would be a problem though

>> No.10116380

Did you not watch the wardrobe videos?

>> No.10116381

Oh I see. She's just asking for money then.

No. I watched like two episodes of her boring show and I've hated her ever since.

>> No.10116383

>She's just asking for money then
Well yeah, almost every youtuber does it. No point in getting mad at her for doing it if everyone else does

>> No.10116495

Please. She's clearly had that collection looong before she started the channel. Sure she could have gotten a few of them over the past few years, but she has to have been collecting for a while. Plus she said her bf bought her several of them.

>> No.10116498

She'll probably read it all anyway, so it's more effective than bitching about Lor who won't.

>> No.10116499

I don’t give her money to update her set though. I give her money because I’m entertained by her content. That salt stick must be soo far up your ass that it’s sending an S.O.S to be retrieved.

>> No.10116516

She also give all updates for a dollar. She has higher tiers but she phrases them as jokes and clearly isn't trying to make a ton of money off of this. She makes ~$300/month before taxes etc. That's not buying her wardrobe.

>> No.10116592

Maybe Lor reads here to but she is to ugu kawaii to mention it looool

>> No.10116596

How old is she? She must have been into lolita for over 10 years judging that milky fawn is her dd and her taste in sweet border print AP

>> No.10116646
File: 48 KB, 400x600, 465021AE-0E34-4CE3-8D66-83AFCD501F05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well she’s got posts of herself in lolita on tumblr dating back to mid 2013. So I’m going to guess she’s been in the fashion for at least 7 years. Age I want to say 23-28 but she could be maybe 30 at most. She’s pretty self sufficient and seems like even outside of LWLN she’s got her shit together financially and educationally and has a pretty good job outside of YouTube. She has her own home and doesn’t seem to be like splitting rent with three or four other people. I think it’s just her and her boyfriend. It’s all surface surveying though but I do remember her saying that she went to college. Don’t know if that means graduating or dropping. She also said she’s been with her current boyfriend for about 7 years and her boyfriend before didn’t like her wearing lolita in one video. Pic is her from 2013 I found.

>> No.10116763

She is so cute here

>> No.10117481

So do you care if she uses your cash to buy dresses?

>> No.10117490

NAYRT but once you give your money to anything for a service/good/event do you care where the money goes?

>> No.10117498

Needs a keemstar parody intro

>> No.10117740

If the person already has money then yea

>> No.10117758

Ayrt no I don’t care. I didn’t give her money for the show. I have her money because I find her entertaining. She can do what she wants with it. When you work your job and get paid, does your job get mad at you for not using your money on something for work? No. It’s your money to do what you want with it. You are hell bent on this for no reason. I don’t know why you have such a beef with her making money from people. Are you jelly our just stupid?

>> No.10117761

Why? You got the service you paid for.

>> No.10117802

Well now wait a minute, I thought the money wasn't specifically going to her show?
Which is it.

>> No.10117807
File: 614 KB, 845x431, heres your host joel mchale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I have her money because I find her entertaining.
I know it's a typo but fucking lol.

Having a job and having a patreon are two different things. She should use the money from her job to fund her show to make it better.

>> No.10117810

Ok so now should she be spending her own money on the sets and still isn't allowed to use patreon money for clothes or something? How stupid is this whole arguement?

>> No.10117812

dude Talk Soup for lolitas done well would actually be an excellent idea though

>> No.10117919


It’s not. Anon is saying that they subscribe to her patron because they like what she does and are entertained. That doesn’t mean they are paying her for the show directly. Simply paying because they are amused. The same way you would tip a waiter/waitress for their service they gave you. That money you tip them doesn’t go into what they did for you, that money they get for giving you service you enjoyed. The more you tip means the more satisfied you where. Just like with subscribing. You can do the 1 dollar a month or more depending on what level you feel they are worth being “rewarded” in a sense.

>> No.10117924

The whole point of patreon is enabling creators to not have to work full time and thus have more time to devote to making the things their audience wants to see.

>> No.10117928

I am so fucking sick of americans, just fucking join civilized society, how fucking sad that you can't even wrap your head around what patreon is for because your country is such a shithole clown circus, you think it's offensive to use patreon for anything but begging for money for cancer treatment
Or maybe you should start actually funding art programs, and then it wouldn't be a foreign concept to you people that creators can have sponsors just because they're creators
See, in other countries, we have the luxury of just being able to appreciate something for what it is, we don't all have poison tap water and obese toddlers haunting our every thought

>> No.10117929

No it’s not. It’s designed to have those who like your work pay you out of gratification for your work be it a hobby or a job. There is no where in the code of ethics for patreon stating “ you must only make money off this site and are bound my contract as a Patreon employee”. It’s literally a place where people can subscribe to you and give you money for your content you provide or don’t. If you have a twitch stream and are affiliated with them that you have the subscribers there, does that mean you can’t have another job and must provide only content for twitch as your income? Nope not at all. People stream games out of their free time because they want to. Not because they where hired to do it. You have absolutely no clue how the internet and subscribers who pay work do you?

>> No.10117949
File: 505 KB, 489x603, 1544334838462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you sound bitter

>> No.10117968
File: 181 KB, 351x347, 4777AAFC-05C8-4006-81D0-E203EF93C1BB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You must be lovely at gatherings. I hope you got that salt out with this post because YIKES!

>> No.10117979
File: 19 KB, 250x333, 1541130713109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>neither of them even attempt to deny that Americans think they're only supposed to use patreon when they're dying
lmfao, well now /I'm/ dying

>> No.10117983

Maybe it’s because it’s not isolated to America? I’m the one that’s said some of the things pointing out how patreon is for people to give money to people simply because they like them. But you know, I CAN’T be American if I totally just subscribe to people because I like them. That’s inconvenient to people who love to say burgerland is full of ungiving fatties.

>> No.10117984

Nayrt, but aside from the sweeping generalizations, anon kind of has a point where the American continents are concerned. Working in the art industry here and originally coming from europe, there's a very different public perception towards art in general. Namely, people tend to believe they should be able to have it for free. Any amount of money is too much for them. I still remember the story I was told by fairly prolific canadian artist; they were actually told at a gallery opening by some retard that he shouldn't be getting paid for his art, and that he should get another job and not expect people to fund his "hobby", and that he should give his services away for free as a "public service" (???)
The instances of encountering simmilar mindsets is far more common in Canada; there just isn't much of a culture around art.

>> No.10117986
File: 6 KB, 248x237, 79533600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>poison tap water and obese toddlers haunting our every thought

>> No.10117993

Are you implying Tyler is an artist.

>> No.10117994

Yea if only we could actually get Joel McHale instead of some unknown unfunny jackass.

>> No.10117995

I thought it was for costhots and furries to make money as sex workers and peddlers legally?

>> No.10117997

>Patreon is for begging for cancer money
Ummm, I think you're thinking of GoFundMe and Facebook. But sperg more about Americans. Like we care.

>> No.10118004
File: 70 KB, 446x400, 1540872143302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I-I don't care! I'm just responding to tell you you're wrong for no reason
Oh please, just keep proving me right
See, I'm not saying I don't care, I care a lot, I fucking hate Americans

>> No.10118028


>> No.10118073

Thats pretty fucking obvious. here’s your (YOU). No one cares if you hate Americans. This isn’t the board for that. Go to pol where people will get a rise out of it.

>> No.10118117
File: 205 KB, 1093x1600, framed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everyone who disagrees with me is a random e celeb
this thread

>> No.10118255

Is that who I think it is?

>> No.10118271

Thank god anons are starting to be reasonable.

>> No.10118310

>cant stalk for shit

>> No.10118321

Is it Tyler in her younger days?

>> No.10118598

Doesn't look anything like her?

Looks like Sasha Grey honestly. But whatever.

>> No.10118620

Lol no. It's that one really well dressed chick in that eu comm or something.

>> No.10119000

Why is that relevant to this thread?

>> No.10119217

I was simply explaining it in terms the anon I was replying to would hopefully understand since they seemed to have a stupid idea that patreon money was only “allowed” to go toward making content. I agree with you. Of course you can do other things if you wish, but patreon enables creatives who would otherwise not have the time for creating to do so.

>> No.10122641

It's not about you, anon. It's called pastel vomit sweet and none of the purging ana chans rant about feeling personally attacked.

Agree. She makes fun of classic and it's pretty much all I wear. It's really not hard to have a sense of humor about it, we're all in a niche fashion, better have fun with it.

Jesus christ, she's not bullying you. Do you have BPD or something that you take every single thing so very personally?

>> No.10122643

There's a turboautist who started a thread about Tyler on KF that is mayby 5% warranted with the voice actor thing, and 95% grudge about John Leigh, pedo at large. Or autohebephile or however he'd excuse his forty year old married ass harassing underage girls. The OP is being called out by the members and I'm just wondering if it's John, or more likely John's wife, or the other little troll involved in hawking their shit. You'd think John's wife has her work cut out for her keeping the sleazy asshole in line. And the OP's arguments for Tyler and the BAM account being the same person are flimsy and largely unsubstantiated. OP is fishing for info while most people over there have never heard of Tyler.

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