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Why do I never see anyone wear this irl?

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I think I'm the only person in my community who wears BOZ. In general, I'm surprised a lot of people don't wear it. Especially considering they do have a bigger range of both men's and women's sizing.

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Lapin Agill or nah? It's weirdly hard to find coord photos for

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I wear it from time to time. The sizing is a bit of a struggle for me since the releases I like tend to be on the smaller side. They have a lot of beautiful pieces that work well with layering.
>Roland is ugly and overrated tho.

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I assume it's because it's a more mature look that edges more into Aristo/Madame than Lolita. It's a shame it doesn't get more love.

I like the Roland and even I can agree it's overrated.

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Boz is a little harder to get as you probably need a shopping service. The shop staff did tell me that they were considering an international shop though at some point.
Also buttcape’s boz wardrobe is goals.

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This one’s a little too experimental for my taste but Kudos for being insane enough to wear 2 rolands at once.

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Also if you search the #atelierboz tag on insta or just boz on CoF you can find lots of people wearing it. Maybe not a full boz coord but items here and there at least.

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Roland? Ugly? Suck my ass

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Wow I honestly really like this concept! Though I guess in execution, the two halves of the coats were probably cinched in the back.

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Why does cgl always hate on popular things? It’s like HL and that bat headdress, so what if everyone has it? Doesn’t make it bad.
Roland is their bestseller for a reason.

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Haters see me Roland they hatin

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Captcha is pain, this’ll be the last one for now

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I agree that it’s a shame Boz doesn’t get more love, especially beyond the commonality of Rolands. Boz is my favourite brand by far, as an Aristocrat/Madame wearer myself. I love their timelessness, they have their aesthetic and have stuck to it.

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I live in Europe, you need a shopping service for everything besides AP and IW

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fuck, where’s her choker from?

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>more into Aristo/Madame than Lolita
I don't think so. Most of their dresses are actually shorter than usual.

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While I love the look of Boz on photos I usually end up disappointed with the quality in comparison for what I paid for. The cravats look like something from ebay, the blouses/shirts are non-breathing polyesters, the buttons tend to be awful. Often materials look cheap and when it looks decent the materials feel cheap. I used to have a H&M coat with better wool than my 400€ Boz coat. Now I only dare to buy the velvety items online because at least I'll be content with the material. While the cuts of the garments are gorgeous the construction of the jackets are cheap, there's zero stiffness to the lapels, collars and not even the slightest shoulder pads to keep the garment supported and shaped. When I wear (old) MmM I feel regal, when I wear Boz I feel like a knock-off.

Going to dump some from my folders.

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End dump.

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I have the opposite experience. I was surprised at how good the quality was when I went to their store. Do you have any pictures? Btw why did you expect polyester to be breathable?

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>love the Giulietta OP
>Dream dress for years
>Have a shitty manager at work
>Her name is Giulietta
>Not going to let it affect me, it's still my dream dress
>She gets worse and worse
>Not... Going.... To let it .... Affect me
>She only gets more and more horrible
>Still my dream dress...!
>I quit my job
>Fuck, every time I see it I just think of that bitch

I still want it, but ugh.

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I love this brand. One of my goals is to buy more Boz this year. It’s a shame it rarely pops up secondhand so hopefully they will re-release some of the more popular pieces so I can just buy them new

I’ve been really impressed with the pieces I’ve collected so far.

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You...you could give your dream dress a cute nickname anon! Like...Giu Chan!
Ok I’m kidding but seriously don’t let 1 shitty person ruin your DD for you, that’s giving her too much influence.

I had a coworker named Celeste that I hated, and now any print name with “Celestial” reminds me of that bitch.
Don’t be me anon, let’s move on.

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Does anyone know how long Boz reservations typically last?

I am interested in a dress on the site but there is not much available like the reservations close or sell out quickly

It's frustrating to see beautiful stuff that isn't available anymore

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Let's say the romaji spelling is the only correct name

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Haha you're cute anon. But unfortunately giu-chan sounds a bit like Jew-chan to me! I'm just going to have to search out more beautiful coords with the Giulietta OP so that the association maybe fiiiinally dies.

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My phone camera isn't good enough, I resell things I dislike and brand stores doesn't allow photos anyway. Generally I've been disappointed with all lolita/aristocrat brands after visiting brand stores, but Boz is the worst disappointment since I love the designs. I did not intend to word it like I expected synthetics to breathe, English is not my first language. Though in my experience synthetic georgettes and crepe are breathable in a way due to the weave allowing air to flow through

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NAYRT but if Giu-chan and the coord overload doesn't work, try Letta-Chan as a nickname alternative?

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If you're disappointed with all lolita brands you've seen irl, it sounds like your standards are too high. A lot of the cost goes to wages and stuff, not to the fabric. and things that aren't mass produced are also more expensive

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I want to buy my bf a Roland coat, but he is 6’4” (with a thin/athletic build). Would he fit in any of their sizes? If not, could I get him something from anywhere that isn’t F+F?

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I had a men’s Roland and my ex who was 6’4 could not wear it- his shoulders were too broad and the sleeves too short. The men’s Roland’s are good for very thin guys up to 6ft, IMO. The chest and shoulders will be the deal breakers.

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They release them in different sizes

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Their sizes are women’s, womens L, and Men’s size. Once or twice in the past they’ve released a men’s L size. Your best bet is to look at the garment measurements. However, it’s unlikely that at 6’4 a Roland would fit your bf. Even the women’s L size runs very petite.

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The men's size is not always the same. They release variations of that jacket all the time, sometimes the size is different but they still list it as just ''men's size''.

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If you want shoulder pads, sounds like you're the wrong shape for boz. Its cut and proportions are made for people (like myself) with very narrow shoulders. You can tell in most of the worn pictures here.

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While I agree that my standards might be too high for jfash, I've always been content with the velvet(een)s and corduroys. Though brands used to better in say 2006 when it came to fabric selection than nowadays.

Shoulder pads if anything makes garments smaller in regards to fabric, I wear a JP men's size S/M and have a shoulder width of 42-3 cm. My problem with Boz isn't sizing, but basic garment construction

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Everything cost less in 2006 and at the same time people had more money to spend

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Not always exactly, but there doesn’t tend to be a huge amount of difference between them from my experience. I have several men’s size Rolands. It’s the same with their women’s sizing

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I have no clue! It’s been up for about a week already. I think your SS should be able to tell you how long the reservation is open for!

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I’m assuming we are talking about the Carol OP, sorry, that’s what I meant when I said the reservation has been open for about a week, you may be talking about something else!

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I understand. I got an SS now just to be sure I get it lol

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