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Let's discuss one of the most popular lolita brands ever. Talk coordinates, wishlist dresses, new releases, rereleases you want, favorite ads, etc

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
>What are your AP dream dresses?
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?

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Starting off by posting scans from the recent Spoon issue showing off their new releases

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doing a mini dump of old ap ads for nostalgia's sake

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I loved it when Maki showed in in AP ads.

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>>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
Yes, but I feel they're going downhill really quickly.
>>What are your AP dream dresses?
Sweetie Chandelier, Musee du Chocolat, Celestial, Milky Planet, among others.
>>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Not at all. I haven't bought anything from them in the past few years, though that's mostly because high waist cuts look bad on me. There's a few dresses (such as True Rose Story in black) I've liked but not enough to buy them on release. Nothing they've previewed looks very nice imo and I think I'll be sticking to buying Baby like I have for the last year.

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I like to look at their dresses, but i wouldn't wear most of them. I prefer a more classic style, which isn't really AP's focus most of the time.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
I don't have any dream dresses right now. I just got my big two, I'm content for the moment.

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I've not liked a lot of their more recent releases, but I'm primarily classic, so I don't think my opinion counts for much.

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
AP was my favorite brand for the longest time, but I don't know what to think of them now. Their designs now are often unflattering and overdone to the point where they look cheap. I miss food based prints.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
Honey Cake, Country of Sweets, Melty Chocolate, Pastel a la Mode, Miracle Candy, Romantic Frill, Halloween Treats, Dolly Dot, Memorial Cake

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Not really. It bothers me how now dresses have no extras to go along with them. Theres an OP, two JSKs, socks, a headbow and thats it. Older pieces used to get multiple versions of socks, a skirt, cutsews, there was more variety. Of course back then, prints were fewer. Now all they make is prints so its not special anymore. I really wish they would go back to making solids sometimes.

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>>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I like them for all they've done for the fashion, being there since pretty much the beginning and for all the influence they've had in the past. Even if they don't put much out that I'm into or that other gulls give the time of day, I still have mad respect for them. Weird dress cuts need to go though.
>>What are your AP dream dresses?
Belle Epoque Rose in navy was my dream dress for a long time, but it doesn't really fit with my current tastes and wardrobe. I still think it's gorgeous though it doesn't have a place for me anymore.
>>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Not really. I bought horror candy shop since I liked the motifs and the colour, but the cut is horribly unflattering and it feels cheaper than my new pieces from any other brand. All the manufacturing inconsistencies, cheap fabric and weird cuts do nothing for me.

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
It's hard to hate them - they're a pretty iconic sweet lolita brand and probably have produced the widest variety of sweet lolita dresses (much as they recycle things) as well as influencing what's been trendy - I would say they were solely responsible for OTT sweet, for example.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
I'm still a bit miffed Cinema Doll didn't get a US re-release. I like some of their older strawberry items as well - Milky Berry, Strawberry Chiffon and Fruity Cafe. I'm still looking for the OP or JSK of Fruity Cafe in black.

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Not really, but they have to cater to whoever has the largest buying power in order to survive so it's not like I can complain about that when I don't have enough earning power to change it.

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where the FUCK is my re-release

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looking at these two photos wow, risa is so thin even by japanese model standards.

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Is that Polka-Dot Love on the lower left? Mine looks so different.

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The penis castle

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I'm sure it's only the nail polish making me think this but this ad has this campy horror b-movie vibe that I love.

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Yep that’s Polkadot Love. How is yours different anon?

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
Absolutely, I'm a typical AP fangirl. I feel like their aesthetic fits mine the most. This doesn't mean I like everything they have released, but if it wasn't for AP I would've gotten bored of this fashion by now. BTSSB and Metajust never captured me as much. Also, I feel like only AP ever experiments.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
Honey Cake, Melty Ribbon Chocolate, Princess Rococo and Chess Emblem.

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Generally, yes. I wish they would release less prints overall, because adding something new to the shop every frickin Saturday is a lot. I don't like every print they release, but enough to make my wallet cry. Especially their non-prints are really nice lately. I hope they start releasing matching jewelry and socks again.
Overall I think AP is a fun brand to follow. They make a lot of events, special exclusive sets, customer interactions and the way the whole AP community is hyped about news is nice.

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I used to love Angelic Pretty so much but lately their releases have been shit. During the past ~5 years they've released only 4 dresses I've liked, while I own nearly 40 dresses and skirts from 2008-2013

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?

I do. It's hard not to like Angelic Pretty. They've been around so long, there's almost something for everyone. I'm not a fan of the super-sweet stuff, but anything with fantasy elements or horses I am all over.

>What are your AP dream dresses?

- Classic Fairy Tales (green)
- Castle Mirage (navy)
- Ribbon Berry Bunny (pink)

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?

I don't mind the direction, simply because I haven't gotten all the older releases I want yet, so 2018 being a complete strikout for me other than Holy Wolf isn't a huge issue. One AP dress at retail per year is about all I can internally justify to myself anyway.

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I do, I'm really fond of their solids and more structured pieces! They do solids so much different than other brands and I really appreciate that.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
Midnight doll, pure doll, and chiffon princess!

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I don't hate it. I was never fond of prints to begin with, but something about all over prints feels cheap to me. Their valentine print feels a lot truer to the AP aesthetic than that angel one they just dropped, and I hope they continue to make things like that! I also liked the solid series they just released, like topping sugar.

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
Yes, as others have said AP is really iconic.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
Melty Ribbon Chocolate, Cinema Doll, Katrina (first release), most of their strawberries prints.

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Nope. From the recent AP's fashion show I only liked the Imai Kira's collab and the valentine's one. In the past I'd be really excited about every single dress but yeah, maybe I'm growing older and getting tired of sweet lolita?

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And suddenly, in a stream of bright, happy pictures, the feel of whimsy and fun is gone.

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She’s copying the doll.
Risa is also modelling here >>10096324

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I don't wear sweet but that doesn't mean I don't like them. Sweet Lolitas look cute in it so can't hate.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
I don't have any AP DD's.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Feel like I have no say in this, being a gothic fag, but I do admit that I think their old school stuff was way cuter.

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Maybe it's just me, but did she lose weight the past few years? She looks a lot better in >>10096324 and >>10096325 imo. maybe it's the styling

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This picture makes me regret selling my polka dot love op. AP please go back to this

>> No.10096515

I wish so badly that these would be rereleased. Come one we even had Cat’s Tea Party, Honey Cake and Fantasic Dolly when???
Inb4 another HL release dammit

>> No.10096534

Honey Cake never because it sold so poorly on release. Fantastic Dolly? Maybe.

>> No.10096538

I wouldn’t rule Honey Cake out for a rerelease, there’s no way AP doesn’t know how valuable it is now

>> No.10096550

Well they made a poll in the museum and Honey Cake was on the list, so maaaybeee they 'll consider. I've learned that nothing is impossible to rerelease.

>> No.10096558

Mine is faded and stretched out, and the cotton eyelet lace isn't as crisp. The lace and pattern in the ad make it look so vibrant compared to mine.

>> No.10096559

When did you sell yours? I've only seen a couple sell in the last while and it would be fun if I had yours.

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
i mostly wear classic/gothic but their beige and black/lavender colorways are a weakness
>What are your AP dream dresses?
none right now though im a little bummed i didnt know how much i wanted holy wolf until i saw people get theirs in the mail and it was sold out.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
i feel like i can't have a real opinion, i've inly owned some newer dresses though i like the chiffon prints i know a lot of other people feel otherwise though

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I made these awhile ago to show the difference between old AP and new AP. It's not just a print problem, its a design problem.

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I love love love love AP. It was the first brand I ever found and I fell in love immediately. The joy I felt when I finally got an Angelic Pretty piece after years of wanting one, was just inexplicable.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
Crystal Dream Carnival OP in Navy, Bonbon Bunny in white, Ribbon Berry Bunny in pink, and Be My Valentine which hasn't come out yet but I'm excitedly anticipating it!!
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Honestly no ): I finally was in a place to buy AP new this past year and it sucks because I love their older pieces and I hate chiffon in general. It's not as cheap as it could be, but I feel like their new dresses are so cheap compared to only a few years ago, and it makes me really sad!

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i know, but that image still feels relatively stiff and lifeless compared to some of the older ads. It's not Risa herself so much as the models' expressions and poses

>> No.10096576

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
Most of my wardrobe is angelic pretty because of my theme. I overall like various stuff that they release though, but it just doesnt match my aesthetic.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
I have all of my dream dresses at the moment, but i do want all the colorways of dreamy planetarium.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I dont hate it. I like a couple of their upcoming releases and I'm probably going to get them. Even though I'm not planning on buying older stuff, i do find myself liking alot more stuff before 2013-2014 than i do with newer releases.

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I’ve never been the biggest fan, I’m one of the few in the minority that prefers btssb. It’s probably because I got into lolita around the time that ott sweet was at its peak and I’ve never been a fan of how hyper sweet print dresses look. I know the older ones (2011-2014) have a genuine feel of quality but even with that knowledge they look so cheap to me. I really enjoy their older pieces, though, and there’s a few appliqué skirts I’ve collected that have slowly become my favorite bits of my wardrobe.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
I cant deny my ultimate soft spot for Honey Cake, and if they ever re-released Halloween treats or magic amulet in a normal waist cut I’d buy them in a heartbeat.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I’m mixed, I like some of the newer print designs more since I was never a big fan of stuff like toy parade, but from what I’ve seen the quality is going downhill fast, and if you asked me who made the newest releases, I would have said hands down it was some taobao brand, which is incredibly disappointing.

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Posting some older AP ads, here is one from GLB issue 2

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GLB issue 3

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GLB Issue 4

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GLB Issue 4

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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I love AP of course. They're not my all time favourite brand, and I do find them a tad overrated, but it's really hard to hate them. They're a huge part of the community and have so many great and iconic designs.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
Castle Mirage, Twinkle Carnival, Gloria, Radiant Candlelight, Chandelier print JSK, and Melty Royal Chocolate.

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I haven't been impressed with a number of more recent designs in the past couple of years, but they do still release some prints I love. I really liked Ghost Night Bride and Holy Wolf. Really disappointed with their most recent line up though.

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GLB issue 12

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GLB issue 12

>> No.10096617
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GLB issue 15

>> No.10096618
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GLB issue 16

>> No.10096621
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GLB issue 17

>> No.10096622
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GLB issue 18

>> No.10096623
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GLB issue 19

>> No.10096628
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GLB Issue 19

>> No.10096629
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GLB issue 20

>> No.10096632
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GLB issue 21

>> No.10096633
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GLB issue 21

>> No.10096634
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GLB issue 22

>> No.10096636
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GLB issue 27

I think this right here is when we can pinpoint the start of deco-lolita

>> No.10096637
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>> No.10096639
File: 2.58 MB, 2408x3480, kera-29-2001-AP (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An entirely blank AP ad in Kera 29 (2001)

>> No.10096643
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The jump from this to Spoon 2016...the times they are a-changing

>> No.10096655
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>> No.10096657
File: 259 KB, 472x700, tumblr_loge2rvvD71qgjjjyo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10096659
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>> No.10096668

Me and you both. I'm surprised there hasn't been a rerelease, but apparently it didn't sell well initially, I wonder if that has to do with it? I'd fight a bitch for the ivory.

>> No.10096673

I miss these kinds of photos so much! I hate the direction AP's photos have gone in.
I love seeing these fun, playful photos, with smiles and action where people actually look happy. I'm so over the broody moody Risa pouts.

>> No.10096685

I sold it in the past few months. What color is yours?

>> No.10096703 [DELETED] 

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I kind of do - to look at- even though I'm a gothic lolita. I perpetually hate their cuts, though. I think if AP didn't look so, well, childish with cuts, I'd buy more things like their college sets. They pay a lot of attention to the tiniest details (Like making sure a star themed dress has star buttons and starry lace and shooting star ties in back, that kind of thing) and I think that's why they're the most iconic brand and why taobao simply cannot replicate them in spirit.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
Antoinette Princess is probably my big one.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I do. I wasn't actually a big fan of their big 2012 sweet era. I thought it was too sugary and repetitive. When they started toning down a bit more with chiffons and slightly more dreamy pieces, I payed attention to them more. I think they'll continue to be on top because they're smart with watching the market, even non-lolita, with fashion fads and applying them to lolita.

>> No.10096707


>> No.10096709

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I kind of do, to mostly look at, because I'm pretty content in being a gothic lolita. Most of their prints do nothing for me and I'm kind of grateful because it's impossible to keep up with buying releases. I personally hate their cuts and it's what keeps me from almost all their pieces, though. I think if AP didn't look so, well, childish with cuts, I'd buy more things like their college sets. Why pay for weird girlish cuts on a tartan JSK when I could get a more mature looking tartan from almost anyone else, for example. I do like that they pay a lot of attention to the tiniest details (Like making sure a star themed dress has star buttons and starry lace and shooting star ties in back, that kind of thing) and I think that's why they're the most iconic brand and why taobao simply cannot replicate them in spirit.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
Antoinette Princess is probably my big one.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I do. I wasn't actually a big fan of their big 2012 sweet era. I thought it was too sugary and repetitive. When they started toning down a bit more with chiffons and slightly more dreamy pieces, I payed attention to them more. I think they'll continue to be on top because they're smart with watching the market, even non-lolita, with fashion fads and applying them to lolita. I do hope they keep the quality up and eventually oversee more production in Japan in the future. Their quality is slipping and everyone is taking notice.

>> No.10096710

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I kind of do, to mostly look at, because I'm pretty content in being a gothic lolita. Most of their prints do nothing for me and I'm kind of grateful because it's impossible to keep up with buying releases. I personally hate their cuts and it's what keeps me from almost all their pieces, though. I think if AP didn't look so, well, childish with cuts, I'd buy more things like their college sets. Why pay for weird girlish cuts on a tartan JSK when I could get a more mature looking tartan from almost anyone else, for example. I do like that they pay a lot of attention to the tiniest details (Like making sure a star themed dress has star buttons and starry lace and shooting star ties in back, that kind of thing) and I think that's why they're the most iconic brand and why taobao simply cannot replicate them in spirit.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
Antoinette Princess is probably my big one.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I do. I wasn't actually a big fan of their big 2012 sweet era. I thought it was too sugary and repetitive. When they started toning down a bit more with chiffons and slightly more dreamy pieces, I payed attention to them more. I think they'll continue to be on top because they're smart with watching the market, even non-lolita, with fashion fads and applying them to lolita. I do hope they keep the quality up and eventually oversee more production in Japan in the future. Their quality is slipping.

>> No.10096711
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I miss it too, anon. The photos were colorful and exciting. I remember coming home from school and immediately checking all the AP Yaplogs to see if there were preview photos for a new collection up yet. And then discussing them with the angelicpoodle livejournal community. Good times.

>> No.10096715
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these are all photos for ants but still charming in their own way

>> No.10096721

Mine is the pink, bought last July.

>> No.10096723

Ummm I NEED those socks.

>> No.10096728
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>> No.10096729
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>> No.10096730
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>> No.10096731
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>> No.10096732
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>> No.10096738
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>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I do. It probably makes up about 85/90% of my wardrobe, my favourite time is probably in between 2006 and 2014, though the occasional later release catches my eye. I think I like it best because the style suits exactly what I like, and the dresses make me feel happy as well as nostalgic somehow? I also love the extra details, like custom lace and the more striking unique designs.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
Honey cake and Osanpo Candy Chan.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I'm unsure about it, the occasional release still catches my interest but the current more modern trends don't really suit my tastes and they don't excite me. It doesn't really make me think of AP when I look at the designs. The quality continues to decline and many designs are more minimal on lace and intricate details, using generic dot laces, no more built in petticoat layers and few actual cotton releases, instead more polyester blends. 3 out of 4 of dresses I got in 2017 and 2018 had flaws, mostly to do with shoddy sewing. I'm not sure but it feels like AP are doing more MTOs, special sets and rereleases of popular prints from the past few years to keep the market of people who want more of the classic iconic AP while they continue moving into new trends. I did order the brilliant colour dream marine MTO because I find it more exciting than the original release, but I am concerned about quality control issues.

>> No.10096740
File: 242 KB, 1059x1533, tumblr_nj1bxhOazN1qj1wzpo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10096756
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>> No.10096758
File: 304 KB, 600x800, tumblr_mlgds3EqxK1r6drupo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10096760
File: 403 KB, 1073x1536, tumblr_n78w1ofy331qj1wzpo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10096764

2006-2012 is best era AP

personally I do not like their new direction. Usually it's too busy of a print or the colors are dusty.

>> No.10096774
File: 125 KB, 586x1024, 2DDBD1C3-BC2D-4E18-9502-B1348DC50AB8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I have a love hate relationship with AP; when I first started wearing lolita 2009-2012 era AP was my main style. I changed styles to toned down sweet and classic a few years later.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
Shoulder Ribbon jsk (2005) in red is my main dream dress. Honey Cake round jsk in ivory is a wishlist dress of mine but I can live without it. I used to own the switching jsk set but it was way too small on my rib cage.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in? Absolutely not. The last decent series they had was Holiday Collection. They have consistently churned out awful designs in 2018. And so far their 2019 designs are not that great either.

>> No.10096787
File: 709 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190204-201909_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do you like AP
Yes, they're still one of my favorite brands. There are usually 4-5 dresses a year that really catch my attention, which isn't too bad.

Glass Bottle of Tears JSK, Wonder Cookie OP

>Do you like the brand's direction
I find it hard to see a real "direction". While they seem to have uninspiring prints, there's always nice ones as well in my opinion. Only thing I really dislike is the excessive use of synthetic fiber over cotton recently.

>what do you gulls think of the new SS collection?

>> No.10096788

I don't see a problem

>> No.10096800

Really? The new dresses are crowded, the designs are too busy, coupled with prints that are equally busy, and it just creates a mess that your eyes cannot settle on.

>> No.10096802

All of the dresses look fine to me. Are you sure this isn't a you problem?

>> No.10096803

Looking at these three ads in comparison to all of the old super fun OTT ads just makes me so sad. WTF happened??? There used to be crazy cute backgrouns, collages, props.

Now we just have Risa posing on blankish backgrounds.

>> No.10096806
File: 363 KB, 549x438, fancycandys.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what do you gulls think of the new SS collection?

The Fruity Lemon print is all I have hopes for. Fancy Candys print had potential but the dress looks straight up horrifically simple and cheap.

>> No.10096811

I'm glad you like the new direction AP is going in but plenty of other people share my sentiments about how busy and overdone the newer dresses are, on top of being lower in quality.

>> No.10096836

Why are you in this thread

>> No.10096838

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
As much as I'd hate to admit it, AP makes up more than half of my wardrobe.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
I recently got my dream AP piece (not top colorway though), but I have a few classics that I'm considering getting, such as Chess Chocolate, Fruits Parlor, and Sugar Pansy. I also wouldn't mind getting a fancy no-print JSK/OP, but I haven't liked any of the recent releases of them.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Kind of. I like that there are more "mature" pieces that are inspired by retro/larme. It's also nice to see more MTO/special sets even though they aren't really for me. I wish they would put out something more like the OTT era more than just what feels like once a year and stop with the sack dresses.

>> No.10096846

I made this thread and contributed most of the dumps you walnut

>> No.10096854


Oh man, these are giving me a bit of nostalgia. Thanks anon!

>> No.10096858
File: 530 KB, 1195x1920, tumblr_ok5sjf0Y2y1s9hxveo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No problem anon! I'll try to continue posting some ads and nostalgic coords

>> No.10096859
File: 175 KB, 658x455, tumblr_ojoww9iT4Q1s0s3nuo5_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I noticed the fashion show version of dreamy parfait is way more vivid than the released version

>> No.10096860
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>> No.10096862
File: 219 KB, 402x762, cf3d0964-340e-5d1f-b831-566e7a2dc66f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
They aren't my style, as I prefer goth and classic, but I wouldn't say I dislike them. Their releases are still fun to look at, and can look really cute on other girls.
>>What are your AP dream dresses?
I love a lot of their old school pieces, especially their velveteen dresses like pic related. As for their more modern releases, I'm quite fond of Vioretta and Holy Lacy Doll Long OP (both in black).
>>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
It seems like they're prioritizing quantity over quality, which is never a good thing. Their dresses are looking a lot less unique from each other in design and rely on prints in order to seem new. A lot of the prints themselves look overly busy. Their OTT sweet era prints were able to look fun and interesting without seeming cluttered.

>> No.10096863
File: 240 KB, 1280x1799, tumblr_nn1yf3gi7C1tt0xvxo2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10096872
File: 116 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ltv329LwmT1qgjjjyo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10096897

So you made an thread just to whine about current AP?

>> No.10096905

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I love it, I have 70+ AP main pieces
>What are your AP dream dresses?
I have most of my AP DDs, so I'd like to get Imai Kira screenprints and Sweetie Violet in multiple colorways
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Absolutely not. I thought I'd like Unbirthday(? not sure if that's the name) but after seeing how awful it looks in >>10096227 I'm just disappointed
Ironically the only thing I've liked from AP this year is the larme set.

>> No.10096910

>made an thread

>> No.10096923

Only a handful of comments I’ve made are about current AP. I’m mostly just sharing my favorite scans I’ve collected over the years and going on a nostalgia trip. Why are you in this thread?

>> No.10096924

god bless anon for these old images

>> No.10096928
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>> No.10096929
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>> No.10096974
File: 3.55 MB, 2845x2023, 20170529_164130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I really used to love AP and they are still one of my favorite brands, but I haven't been as captivated by anything new they have put out for a few years now. I got into lolita around 2004 but there weren't many ways to get new AP items back then. I always felt their prints were more creative than BTSSB and Meta's pieces looked cheaper/more basic back then.
>What are your AP dream dresses?
Twinkle mermaid in black with the monochrome print (I'd like to get the jsk first and eventually also the op and skirt. I've managed to somehow miss getting the jsk in black every time it has shown up or was outbid in the early years... this sort of turned into a twinkle mermaid mania for a while where I would buy the other colorways as place holders until I can get my dream one. I've got a small hoard for now), the swan lake op in all 3 colorways and the dollhouse op in the grey/black colorway (I've yet to find it with all the pieces included), the cosmetics print skirt, the Cinderella print in a few cuts and colorways and the pure heart set from 06.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Not particularly, but AP has always incorporated what was trendy into what they are releasing (think of all the shorter skirts, salopettes, casual sleeveless cutsews of 09 in their bright pastels, or the influx of jewel tones and browns/tans we started seeing just a few years later with all the chocolate prints). They have always been more experimental than other sweet brands and have evolved so much over time. I'm excited to see what they do next, even if what they release isn't for me.

>> No.10096975

I'm the original anon that was replying
I love AP. Not every print or dress ever but I really love them as they make most of my wardrobe.
Why'd you make this thread to bitch about a brand just cause you don't like the direction the fashion is going in?

>> No.10096982
File: 194 KB, 336x560, tumblr_mez3buMlP81r6drupo1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah and im the op of this thread. ive mostly been posting old scans for nostalgias sake. most people in this thread agree with me that they don't like the direction AP is going in. its nice to not feel alone and to get a chance to reminisce about the good old days. its not that deep.

i still deeply love AP, it composes of nearly 90% of my wardrobe, i hardly have any non-AP dresses. its because I love AP that im let down by their newer releases.

I'm not even bitching, I'm giving constructive criticism and there are releases coming up that i am interested in, like Fruity Lemon and Fancy Candys.

>> No.10096987


Ahhh good taste OP! I really love lemon dresses and I'm excited for Fruity Lemon!

>> No.10096988
File: 356 KB, 935x1578, tumblr_nu1siqMJmc1u2xc9yo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10096990
File: 837 KB, 1280x1353, tumblr_od4bk2jbJA1s9hxveo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love food motifs! Lemons are fun, BTSSB's cheerful lemon print wasn't quite it for me. Meta's was cute but it had weird cuts. I hope AP can pull through for me!

>> No.10096991
File: 520 KB, 1062x1533, tumblr_njukxvi2lJ1qj1wzpo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10096992
File: 536 KB, 1045x1538, tumblr_nj1cgzl7wt1qj1wzpo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AP releases a strawberry or cherry print every spring/summer and they all look so similar. I'm just excited for lemons since its something new.

>> No.10096994
File: 943 KB, 1076x1536, tumblr_o5rdksdRVR1qj1wzpo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10096995
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>> No.10096997
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>> No.10096998
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>> No.10097000
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>> No.10097002
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>> No.10097003
File: 366 KB, 1056x1536, tumblr_n47whtgk0X1qj1wzpo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10097005

tfw your self study japanese pays off and you realize you can read this almost completely if you actually focus and try

>> No.10097007
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>> No.10097008
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>> No.10097010
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>> No.10097011
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>What are your AP dream dresses?
Marshmallow Bunny 4 lyfe. Well, I already own a few of that print, but I've always got an eye out. I like some of the older solids in colors that didn't interest me at the time, but none of them are really dream dresses. I've loved some of the one-off runway dresses (pic related), but the only way to get my hands on those would be to stage some sort of daring heist on AP HQ.
>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
It's not for me. The gradients and ombres are fun, but the prints are getting noisier, the fabrics are getting crappier, the waists are getting higher, and the skirts are getting left out nearly all the time. Rose Museum is the last one I really liked. It seems like they've been releasing things nearly every week but so little of it seems memorable.

>> No.10097014
File: 214 KB, 542x750, tumblr_mjru3twpet1rmzghao1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want a runaway dress too anon. Once upon a time they'd go up for auction I think. I have a vague memory of someone on egl finding the advertisement version of Pastel a la Mode on y!auctions.

>> No.10097017

How can you feel alone, when everyone in the general bitches about all the time.

Also, constructive criticism can only be voiced to AP, otherwise it’s not constructive.

>> No.10097019
File: 27 KB, 236x361, 75bfabfe34d54bb146a8f8691f9bc9e0--pretty-photos-angelic-pretty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't visit the general all the time and even then people here are talking about why they love AP, even if the new collections aren't to their taste.

Anon, if you want to make this thread more positive, please contribute, instead of interrogating me.

>> No.10097073


Holy shit, I remember this from when Tokyopop still had the English translated GLBs.

>> No.10097074

What are some nice ap socks I can add to my hunt list with both pink and sax on them together?

>> No.10097079

This was the first time I posted in this thread.

>> No.10097124

>This was the first time I posted in this thread.
Are you retarded? How does that change anything that she said? She wasn't implying you were the other anon in her post.

>> No.10097147

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
They are my favourite brand. I love early 2010s pastel vomit AP more than anything else.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
Toy Fantasy, Nakayoshi Bunny, Milky-chan Applique, Dreamy Baby Room, Cherry Berry Bunny

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Definitely not. There are only a handful of releases from the past 5 or 6 years that have caught my eye, and even then, none of those are high priority on my wishlist. Some of their recent prints have been promising (like the upcoming Be My Valentine dress), but they've been ruined for me with unflattering cuts or overcluttered designs.

>> No.10097228

Haven't bought AP for a few years, anyone got more deets on their quality decline? I'd love to see photos of the dodgy sewing.

I only have their older stuff and never had any issues with them apart from the lace running on fucking Cinema Doll.

>> No.10097258
File: 309 KB, 1144x1735, A461331B-5CD9-4DBB-916D-0143252E68FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?

Not really. I loved them when I first started lolita in 2006~7, but I think I just grew out of it. However, I'll always have a soft spot for some of their stuff, just came to terms with it not being for me.

>What are your AP dream dresses?

I've been lucky enough to get both, which are also the only AP releases I have. Victorian Tassel corset cut JSK in black and pic related.

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?

Yes and no. I think their quality has taken a huge dive over the years and a lot of the cuts are just bad, as well as the prints being awful compared to what they used to be. Every now and then they'll put out something particularly cute, though, like Diner Doll.

However, I do love the non-print pieces they're doing nowadays. If I felt the quality was better I'd be more inclined to get more, but they're so hit or miss to me. Pic related is gorgeous quality (though I'm not a fan of the lace used for the ruffly parts, but it's okay), but I bought the Antique Doll JSK, too and was so disappointed by it. The materials on it felt so cheap and it was seriously like a $60-70 dress I could have got off of Taobao, so the hit or miss has me hesitant to get more of their non-prints. I would like to get a tartan piece soon, though.

>> No.10097279

I don’t have any comparison photos offhand, but my only new release Angelic Pretty dress is Dreamy Parfait. While it’s light materials make it perfect for summer wear it feels very fragile. The print is on this sheer material and layered over white fabric to make it visible but personally I dislike that effect. I don’t sew so I can’t list the specifities but I just have a hard time imagining this dress lasting so long. I have many old AP pieces in my wardrobe that are 10 years old or older. This is so soft and fragile I can’t imagine it making it that far.

I’m glad that dress is good quality anon, the photos are misleading. I’ll admit that design piqued my interest a tiny bit but to me I just cannot consider it lolita. Looks more like AP-does-Gunne-Sax than anything else.

That was the first time I saw it to! It’s chsrming, I love the big hime bouffant style worn straight. The bright yellow wig even kind of works.

>> No.10097287

I just got Antique lacy doll during the sale and I thought the jsk was alright? My taobao purchases still pale in terms of construction and quality. But granted I didn’t pay the full price for it so ymmv

>> No.10097289

I agree with you that it's not really lolita, but it fits my style well and is just a lovely piece to get creative with. The materials they used for it are really unique- the body is like chiffon with a velvet pinstripe and it's all fully lined, so the dress is super heavy and very soft. The velvet used on the ribbons is nice and all the tiers and bodice have a lot of subtle cotton rose lace. I was impressed with it. It felt like a gamble after being let down so hard with Antique Doll but I was so in love with the design that I chose to risk it.

>> No.10097292

Maybe they improved it- I got an older release and felt let down all around, but I also don’t have much AP nor Taobao so I may not been up to speed on their quality. I can say the Taobao pieces I do have have been particularly good releases compared to what a lot of people think, so I may have higher hopes for TB all around/ skewed comparison. But my AP JSK just felt super thin- with light behind it you could see right through it and I felt the buttons and details used where just cheap feeling. The lace was soft, though, but could have benefited from a thicker lining.

>> No.10097308

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
Even though i am a moitiefag and love sheglit, i really do love some of their solids like romantic night princess and Vioretta. So basically most of their stuff that is heavy on tiered chiffon. I only own one dress from angelic pretty that is an old school style black floral op with a built in op. It's very easy to wear, i love it a lot.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
The dresses just mentioned. I wouldn't say they are my dream dresses, my life would be fine without them. But I like them a lot.

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I'm indifferent. I just wish they would chill with the high waist shit.

>> No.10097372

>old school style black floral op with a built in op
what does this mean?

>> No.10097418

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
It's my favorite brand. Because it at least used to be unique and iconic. You could always tell back then that it was AP.

>What are your AP dream dresses?

Puppet Circus and Dollhouse (grey x pink)

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?

No, like someone else mentioned they look like taobao and though there is nothing particularly wrong with taobao, I want AP and not taobao. The designs are faded and boring, the material shiny and boring. Sure some non-print dresses can be okay but I do feel the main reason I don't like AP anymore is that I think they are just so boring now. I miss the color, the kitsch, the sore but sweet thumb amongst all the other more toned down lolita brands.

>> No.10097420

They probably meant to say built in petticoat not op

>> No.10097423

I had a brain fart, i meant a built in petticoat. Whoops.

>> No.10097431

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I've always been very fond of AP. I'm an old-lita, I got into the fashion in '00, and even though I've never worn sweet I've always felt AP and Baby were kind of the 'face' of lolita fashion. They've always been the most bold, the most subversive, etc.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
I've never really had an AP dream dress since I don't wear sweet. But if I had to pick some favorites....
Prints: Fruits Parlor, Milky Planet, Fantastic Carnival, Dollhouse
Less printy: Shadow Dream Carnival, Cake Applique, Candy Pop, Fleur Hamming, Retro Dot

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
I have mixed feelings. It's unfortunate that their quality seems to be going downhill, and that many people don't like their new cuts.

However, I think that this is all in response to the rise of indie and taobao brands. I think AP is trying to compete with that market so they're taking inspiration from their designs (which use a lot more sheer fabrics, high-wasted cuts, and huge prints than traditional lolita). They also see that buyers don't seem to care about quality since they're buying these other brands, so AP is sacrificing their quality for larger and more releases.

Also, I have to wonder about the "unflattering cuts" thing. Not to be all "back in my day" about it, but I remember when AP hiked their skirt lengths way up and then when they were releasing lots of salopettes. They got the same sort of complaints from western lolitas about how "unflattering" their new stuff was.

>> No.10097439
File: 120 KB, 356x500, 5718151829_788ef5467c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think back then there was still more variety. Like even if they released a salopette that you wouldn't look good in, you still had the option of getting a skirt, JSK, or OP. Now if you know you'd look bad in the high waisted JSK your options are....another highwaisted JSK or the high waisted OP.

>> No.10097440
File: 197 KB, 595x842, tumblr_onk7zdzjiT1qj1wzpo1_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Compare the variety here to this release

>> No.10097441

I'm a bit biased since I don't like to wear many of AP's print motifs.
Personally I find at least 1 dress designs per release unwearable in any setting that's not a photoshoot, or event only.

I don't hate OTT, but there's a time and a place, and it shouldn't set the standard for a daily coordinate.

>> No.10097447

For all the complaining about OTT tier AP, it was still very versatile. Sugary Carnival could be dressed to the nines or toned down for daily wear depending on how you decided to wear it.

I can't imagine wearing Shanghai Doll or even the new angel print in a casual setting. The new sheer fabric might make the dresses less prone to wrinkles but it makes them more fragile in my eyes.

>> No.10097455

I'm here because AP is my fav brand, and I prefer 2012 to now rather than the overly sweet toy prints of before. A lot of AP fans have grown older, like myself, and the prints now are easier to wear. My only complaints are the too big sizing and fraying.

>> No.10097458
File: 552 KB, 1280x903, tumblr_mvzvbh8nyO1qj1wzpo2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good for you, anon. I'm older but I really don't think the prints now are any easier to well. I'm glad you think that way. I hope you enjoy AP for many years to come.

>> No.10097460
File: 491 KB, 1280x924, tumblr_nadsmi58uA1qj1wzpo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10097463
File: 506 KB, 1047x1538, tumblr_nq0s6hK7EB1qj1wzpo2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10097465

Dunno what you're talking about, none of the people I've seen wearing Shanghai Doll look that dressed up in it. It looks super easy to wear, unless SC which needs a bunch of head bows and wrist cuffs. Most of recent AP can't even be made that OTT, unless they were intended to be big event dresses.

>> No.10097467
File: 987 KB, 2445x3439, mKYJQDH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10097470

This is exactly my problem with current AP. There are so many prints from the past few years that I would have bought if they had better cuts for the dresses or at least the option of a skirt. It's so depressing.

>> No.10097472
File: 106 KB, 480x640, 0903137_p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SC you can slap on with a cardigan and a plain headbow and be ready to go, it def doesn't "need" to be deco

but youre right, looking at it again shanghai doll was a bad example, its actually not that dressy

>> No.10097476

There was more variety within individual sets, but less variety over all. The period that a lot of gulls think of as peak AP (2010-2015ish?) was imo one of their weakest periods.

Their solids were great. But if you wanted printed dresses you had three options- Stuffed Animal Strawberries, Chocolate Drippy Donuts, or Melty Baby's First Toybox. And your choices were poof-monster or Salopette, or sometimes mini skirt. If you wanted something else (less poof, empire waist, mature sweet prints, whatever) you were shit out of luck.

>> No.10097484

Do you mean 2008-2012? Because 2010-2015 had plenty of mature prints. Actually, it doesn't even matter because pretty much everything you said was wrong regardless.

>> No.10097488
File: 200 KB, 521x720, tumblr_lqjr0hExIT1qcaxqio1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the salopette and mini skirt era was very short. and i don't think anything was released with ONLY salopette or OP as options. Plus like you said, if you didn't like prints that was ok, there were still a ton of solid or applique items available to you, because prints were only released ten times a year at most. now we don't really have solids anymore.

>> No.10097500
File: 1.29 MB, 1142x836, comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

comparison of some 2012 vs 2017 pieces.
If you like 2017 more, then that's fine, but after making this I feel disappointed

>> No.10097508

I hate even how AP takes the photos now. Dreamy Parfait looks terrible and washed out in the stock photo.

Bonbon bunny is super cute, its the best one. Suya Suya Toys had potential but missed the mark.

>> No.10097521

>I'd fight a bitch for the ivory.
Same or the yellow

>> No.10097534

The adds use to be so cute and fun and the models actually look HAPPY to be wearing the clothes...

>> No.10097550

>its because I love AP that im let down by their newer releases.
Sounds like you were just infatuated with them and you've finally grown out of the phase you went through like all the other gulls on this board that screach the typical "ap sucks now" meme
You're not alone because you've jumped on the bandwagon.

>> No.10097552

How could I have grown out of them if I've spent hundreds on curating a mostly AP wardrobe and have pieces I have owned from them for over 10 years, pieces that I still love and wear frequently? That isn't infatuation. I love the brand, I love the stuff they used to release, I'm sad because I would love to buy newer AP, and I would, but theres nothing that they've released that I've been interested in.

>> No.10097554

>stop interrogating me weeh
Yea ok. I'm the original anon that had a problem with her and I think she sounds like a crybaby bitch that can't stand her ground.

>> No.10097557

Sucks to be you

>> No.10097560

So how many AP pieces do you own, illiterate-chan?

>> No.10097562
File: 2.31 MB, 3024x3780, 746B8496-057D-4A5E-8A27-FBFF3A3D1F81.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do you like Angelic Pretty? Why or why not?
I’m not into wearing crazy ott sweet, or much sweet for that matter. When I was younger I was your typical AP fag. I mostly wear gothic and classic now, but I still have fun looking at AP coords.

>What are your AP dream dresses?
Dream Dress for years was Twinkle Mermaid monochrome black jsk, and after 8 years I was finally able to hunt it down. I also really like the Romantic Rose Letter OPs in sax but it never seems to pop up when I’m looking to buy. Otherwise I’m kind of obsessed with Imai Kira prints. Other then Twinkle Mermaid, I also have Ballerina Print , Princess Silhouette, Cats Tea Party, Puppet Circus and Charlotte’s Bear. I’d love to get others like Favorite Room and Daydream Bed, but I don’t like high waist stuff and they didn’t come in a skirt version either. I also have an obsession with their carousel prints and own the Carnival OP. I’d like to find sax Sugary Carnival too. Like I said I don’t really care for sweet much, but I still like collecting some pieces on the rare occasion I go to a meetup or a convention.

>Do you like the direction the brand is going in?
Not really. I dislike the chiffon fad, I prefer cottons. There have been some prints I really liked in the past few years but never bought because all they release are high waist cuts, sack OPs with elbow length sleeves and almost never any skirt options. If it’s not going to flatter me, I’m not going to buy it regardless of how much I want the print. I fell in love with the new Imai Kira Unbirthday Print, but again, not fond of the cut and I’m not holding my breath to wait for a skirt version.

>> No.10097572
File: 2.46 MB, 1395x871, AP2008to2010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you like current AP why are you so bothered by what I'm saying? Be happy the brand is making what you love! I'm glad people are enjoying current AP. It is just frustrating to have to rely on the second hand market and it does kind of bum me out a little bit because theres only so many older dresses out there.

Anyway, theres a little print history for everyone. All AP prints in pink from 2008 to 2010. Not in any particular order and I left out doubles of JSKs.

>> No.10097576

It's annoying to hear the same regurgitated opinion on AP. Which is what you're doing.

>> No.10097577

Hot damn this is depressing.

Also, I'm not sure if it's just the petticoat they use for stock photos, but the newer AP releases don't seem to have the same full skirt volume that the older dresses had. Comparing the stock photo for Strawberry Parlour to something like Milky Pony Carnival, for example: Strawberry Parlour has a way nicer fluffy cupcake shape, while Milky Pony Carnival looks deflated and sad.

>> No.10097584

You're the one who keeps grilling me about it dude. If you're tiring of hearing about it, then stop talking about it. Contribute to the thread in other ways.

>> No.10097595 [DELETED] 
File: 536 KB, 741x553, AP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is 2011 to 2012, I still have a few more 2012 prints to include on the next one

>> No.10097597
File: 2.65 MB, 1500x959, AP2011to2012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn it wrong image

>> No.10097602

I miss the days of 2 jsk cuts. Switching cuts were the shit

>> No.10097609

Is it really a meme if it’s true though? AP nowadays is some hot fucking garbage and I say that as a diehard AP fan. I grew up loving their higher quality broadcloth/velvet releases. Now it’s just polyester and random all over prints. I get pandering to their main clientele, and it’s a good financial move obviously but it’s literally just the Chinese that like this. And we all know how shit their tastes are. You sound really asschapped by people having differing opinions anon.

>> No.10097625
File: 3.85 MB, 1996x900, AP 2013 2014 2015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is mostly 2014-2015. This got a little more difficult because a lot of prints don't come in pink anymore! Or it'll be lavender or mint with pink accents.

>> No.10097626
File: 150 KB, 533x584, LRM_EXPORT_301721713364361_20190205_160540719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>AP nowadays is some hot fucking garbage and I say that as a diehard AP fan
How can you be a diehard fan when you just said they make hot fucking garbage. Sounds pretty contradictory.

>weh I'm getting grilled
god you sound pathetic. Why you even here if you can't handle getting replied to?

This is only a handful of what I have taken for the purpose of this thread. I'm not doing an entire wardrobe post for you. But I already said MOST of my wardrobe is AP in >>10096975

So you sound pretty illiterate right now.

>newer AP releases don't seem to have the same full skirt volume that the older dresses had.
not true at all.

>> No.10097635

I made the thread to inspire discussion, not to start immature name calling and "well if you hate it so much just don't wear it you aren't a REAL AP fan!!!" that doesn't help anyone. No one has insulted people who like current AP, no one is even insulting the company itself, we're just mourning what once was and having a bit of nostalgic fun. Do you go into old school threads and say that they must not like lolita since they are into dated stuff?

Anyway good for you anon, you seem to have a decent sized AP wardrobe. I'll say it again, I'm glad you like their new stuff.

>> No.10097641

I called you illiterate because you said "screach." Do you really think that's how it's spelled?

>this is only a handful
>I'm not doing an entire wardrobe post
Sure Jan, convenient excuse. Have fun with your small shitty wardrobe.

>> No.10097644

>we're just mourning what once was and having a bit of nostalgic fun
Nah, what you're really doing is being over dramatic.

>trying to bait more photos

Of course that's not how it's spelled. Did you even read the tone of the post correctly? Doesn't seem like you know how to do that.

>> No.10097646

Please show me where I am being dramatic on this thread please. Because I think you're projecting.

>> No.10097648

I'm sure you said "an thread" on purpose too, right illiterate-chan?

So you don't have more dresses, got it. You could easily photograph whatever else is on that rack if you had any more

>> No.10097655

I don't really like AP. I don't hate it either, but a lot of it is pretty tacky. A lot of people can pull of the cute tacky aesthetic, but I think the other brands are more elegant. I think it's cool they're doing some different stuff like the wolf dress but as always the cuts are shitty.

>> No.10097657

>You could easily photograph whatever else is on that rack if you had any more
You can believe whatever the fuck you want but that doesn't make it true. I spoke facts in this thread as opposed to bullshit you're reaching for.
I said that most of my wardrobe is AP. I have other AP dresses that aren't hanging up right now.
I never said I had a ginormous wardrobe.
I have dresses from other brands that I'm not going to post because that would be off topic.
Damn are you a fucking tryhard or what.
Where's all your dresses? Oh... do you not wear the fashion or something?

>> No.10097660

Both of you anons, please stop, lets not do a dick measuring contest via wardrobe. It's immature and unnecessary.

>> No.10097663

The majority of my closet is AP so yeah, I’m a huge fan. Just because I think their current direction is hot garbage it doesn’t make me any less of a fan, so I’m not sure why you’re being so dense. I guess sorry that no one shares your enthusiasm for current AP anon.

>> No.10097664

you only have 10 AP main pieces and you're sucking their dick THIS hard? yikes anon

>> No.10097665

Yeah, I really wasn't trying to. There was an anon clamoring for contribution so I showed that I actually do buy newer AP dresses. But of course, if you're actually a lolita, the crossborders will come out of the woodwork to shit talk and generally be an all around contrarian so they can get more (You)'s.

>> No.10097668

I never stated a number. Quit making shit up you tryhard faggot.

Anon, as soon as you start disliking something, that makes you less of a fan.

>> No.10097674

Yeah, I am that anon that asked you to contribute and I am the thread OP. I'm not the anon who asked you to show your wardrobe. I think arguing is stupid and I'd rather start some other AP discussion to end the thread before we start a new one.

>What print motif do you wish AP would do?

>> No.10097677

you never even answered the question, nobody asked you to post your wardrobe, they asked how many dresses you have

>> No.10097682

Yeah nah, I’m still a huge fan. I don’t like their current direction but I am still in love with AP’s releases up until 2016-2017. So again, why are you so dense?

>> No.10097691

how does everyone feel about old school AP? is there anything about their old pieces that make them discernible from other brands'?

>> No.10097699

I just really wish you guys would stop feeding the antagonistic anon; she's going to keep arguing and shitting up the thread as long as you do.

>> No.10097707

What years do you consider old school AP anon? I have a print from AP from 2007 but most people don't consider prints old school.

>> No.10097729

Pastel insects, like beetles

>> No.10097735

up till 2005 is OS, 2007-2008 is transitional and still has OS vibes

>> No.10097736

There is something distinctly girly and youthful about old AP pieces in contrast to Baby, which had a more princess-y aesthetic in my opinion. Their black and white pieces are tougher for me to distinguish. Some notable features of their older designs are scalloping and appliques.

>> No.10097737

I own two pre2002 ap OPs and they fit me better than any of my more modern AP. I think the style of them is just absolutely gorgeous and they literally don't make dresses like they used to. I'd highly suggest everyone buying at least one old AP piece just so they can see the quality difference throughout the years

>> No.10097751

If AP won't re-release honey cake I would love atleast some other kind of breakfast print. Waffles. crepes, eggs maybe a milk motif?

>> No.10097755

I'm really shocked AP has never done a neapolitan ice cream print. brown cream and pink go really well together.

>> No.10097768

A chicken print. No chicks, just hens and cocks.

>> No.10097776

>not true at all
Show me then. I genuinely would love to see examples of newer dresses having the same shape and volume as the ~2010 sweet era. Bad stock photos don't sell dresses, especially when the old stock photos were significantly nicer.

>> No.10097780

I can't post images anymore but I did a final timeline of 2017 to 2018 and the new stock photos really are weird and the poof is weirdly inconsistent.

>> No.10097783

I mean they made a chick bag already so why not an entire dress?

>> No.10097796

I want AP to do some kawaii puppy prints like Bulldogs and Bassets. Or maybe since they suck so much Chinese dick they should do a cute piggy print for the new year.

>> No.10097808

Can't wait to wear my cock dress to the family reunion

>> No.10097818

I would kill for a pig print.

>> No.10097824

Oh my gosh, could you imagine corgis in AP style? Fuck. Now I need a corgi print.

>> No.10097831

I'm referring to modern OTT, old OTT while...OTT, could still be toned down as you say

>> No.10097836

sweet cream house?

>> No.10097851

that print is super hideous to me and not at all what i have in mind :( i wish i could post images so i could show an example of what im thinking of

>> No.10097854

Aw! Sweet Cream House is adorable, that's what got me into sweet in the first place. It was cute without being childish, great color schemes to look a little more mature than their other prints I had seen

>> No.10097874

I like mature sweet prints too. I love Emily Temple Cute for this reason and they use biscuit and cookie motifs a lot, but Sweet Cream House is too cluttered and busy, not my taste at all.

>> No.10097964

Horror candy shop fits 3 pettis with no issue

>> No.10098032

unless you are fat

>> No.10098190


>> No.10098193

>Yeah nah
Hey, so are you ever coherent?

>> No.10098206

Yeah nah mate, it’s how we talk Down Under

>> No.10098226


>> No.10098229

Nyart but as a kiwi I burst into laughing at this. We literally have government funded safety campaigns with the slogan "yeah nah". I sometimes forget how absurd it sounds to people in other parts of the world.

>> No.10098376

Nah = no is also used pretty commonly in the states too.

>> No.10098401

Have anyone successfully coorded aqua princess in the black colourway? I love that purple accent but the few coords I've seen of it look a bit mall gothy

>> No.10098407

Yeah, but the question we all want to know is are you genuinely retarded?

>> No.10098421

How many AP stores exist currently? I had a nightmare the other night that all the AP stores were closing and I never got to visit one IRL.

>> No.10098706

Apparently I'm just not Australian.

>> No.10098799

I mean, I've heard this expression used in the west but honestly, when people say stuff like that out loud, I write off their opinion immediately as it sounds like the person isn't sure about what they're saying. Typing it out kind of confirms that for me.

>> No.10098828

>I write off their opinion immediately as it sounds like the person isn't sure about what they're saying.
I think you're misunderstanding what it means. It doesn't mean they're unsure at all. The yeah is thinking about it, but the Nah is the answer. It means flat out no. They've thought it through and are definitely sure.

Yeah? = I have considered and acknowledge your points, but Nah. = I still don't see it that way and disagree.
For example we had these anti binge drinking ads (our drinking culture is really bad lol) that went
>Have another beer anon
>Yeah nah
>Yeah nah?
>Yeah, I'm gonna enjoy my night with you guys, but Nah I'm not going to have another beer. I have an early start in the morning.

>> No.10098840

Eh it's not much different from
>Thanks I hate it

I used to live in NZ, the "Not Beersies" ads were my favourite, those were gloriously dumb

>> No.10102632

I love those kind of massive fluffy wigs! Where can i find fuzzy clip in twintails?

>> No.10102664

I've used full wigs as twintails before, just get 2 that are the same color as your base wig, flip the front halves under, and pin them in

>> No.10102676

the second one i doubt is a clip on twintail, its likely an entirely seperately wig, either half or full wig, worn ontop of another short wig or bang cips.

the first one might be all one wig just teased to give it the twintail shape

>> No.10102827

>The yeah is thinking about it, but the Nah is the answer.
This is so unnecessarily specific. I can't believe we got this deep into this shit.

>>Thanks I hate it
so, sarcasm.

>> No.10102948

Pretty much any black hairdresser/wig store will sell them, if you don't have one in your area look online. Usually they're drawstring rather than claw clips though as they're for using over actual hair, so if you're looking to put them on a wig you'll need to sew them to clips

>> No.10103026

Ozzy man is that you?

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