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It’s 2019, do you still wear replicas or are you completely against them. Are you one of those lolitas who beat someone down for buying something they wanted or are you one who defends them?

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replicas are garbage and steal from brands


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Shoe replicas are fine, design replicas are meh, print replicas are bad now that the market is flooded with rereleases.


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I know, it’s just fun to hear others opinions now

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Pretty sure the community has more or less reached a consensus on this. Most people are somewhere in between >>10095158 and >>10095159

You'll be hard pressed to find someone who supports full dress replicas these days, with the rise of rereleases and multiple taobao/indie brands that offer more forgiving sizing. Opinions on other forms of replicas are mixed, but shoe replicas are mostly a nonissue from what I've seen.

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There's a girl in my comm who constantly buys replicas off eBay because she is so unversed in the fashion she doesn't even know the originals. I barely consider her a lolita because of her lack of interest in the actual fashion but she's not a weirdo or a loud ita, just a boring idiot. Therefore nobody wants to fling the first stone. Like, there's no point in shaming her or calling her out because it's not going to make her do her research, she'll just bumble into another listing that looks pretty again and buy it because she has no fucking clue.

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How are shoe replicas fine but design replicas meh, the shoe design is a design just like any other?

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Shows you how biased lolitas are about certain things, they all wear replicas, even socks

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If you wanted a pat on the head for wearing replicas then this really isn't the place anon

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Because even brands replicate eachother with design knockoffs, and lolita shoes are pretty integral to the fashion and hard to obtain a similar look by getting normie shoes. Also asian shoe sizing is limiting for big feet-chans.

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Shoe replicas are presumably "fine" because whoever wrote that has replica shoes and is hoping people will agree with them.

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VW rhs go up to a Euro 44 (Chinese 45) and have larger sizes available in the mens styles

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nayrt but it's a basic shoe design. I don't really see them as replicas so much as same design.
Mary Janes are Mary Janes and Tea Parties are Tea Parties.
I feel the same way about relatively plain blouses.
A print is art. And replicas are art theft..
I personally prefer brand but it's difficult because most shoes are too big for me. Even euro size 33 from taobao still flop around for me.

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I personally don’t wear replicas of any kind (design or print), but I don’t judge other lolita who wear design replicas unless they’re shouting about how replicas are bad, while wearing Secret Shop tea parties or off brand lacy lace up OTKs. I don’t judge new lolitas for wearing design replicas, unless they know it’s a replica and don’t care.

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RHS are really only used for old school though. If you wanted to make a point, a better example would be Cotton Candy Feet, who also go to a size 44 EU.

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RHS seem like a good example for the point they were making since Vivienne Westwood is the original designer. CCF makes a slightly amped up tea party but they are still tea parties. A more appropriate example might be the cabriole leg shoes from Alice and the Pirates, although those don't seem to be that popular these days.

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Yes I judge you for your shoes and bag's, especially so for your dresses.

>shoe replicas are mostly a nonissue from what I've seen
This especially makes me mad. Why are APs glitter shoes and Baby's Lumiere shoes exempt from being "replicas"?

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nayrt, but I would say if the shoe has a unique heel or other designs on it, it's considered something that you shouldn't get a replica of. Heart buckles are not something unique. Bows on shoes are not something unique. Platform heels are not something unique.
Same for purses. You can't copyright the shape of a star, a strawberry, etc.
But something like usakumya is something unique to baby, and thus should be something that a replica of is bad.

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I feel like the only people who care about you wearing a replica are lolitas online and the ones in your comm. if you’re not part of a comm and don’t care about posting shit online then go on and enjoy your Replicas. It’s just fashion after all. It’s just dresses n stuff

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So bows and glitter and strap placement, plus heel design isn't unique? Come on.

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because shoes are really more design replica, and multiple brands have all taken from each other to the point where nothing is new or original. Unlike a print replica.

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I'm saying that the heels on the Cabriole are unique, and thus are something that you shouldn't buy a replica of.
But in the thousands and thousands of years of people wearing shoes, you really thing things like bows, cross straps, and platform heels were only invented by a lolita brand in the 1990/2000's?
Next you'll tell me that belled sleeves are a unique lolita design, too.

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>tfw i have extra wide duck feet and no shoes from any brand will ever fit them.
it sucks.

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I never said that each individual piece was invented by lolita brands. The placement and bow shape is unique. They are obviously replicating it.

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Print replicas are bad would never get one, shoes I get from wish and never thought about it as beeing theft.

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Just curious, what do you think of Bodyline's moitie ripoffs? When does a particular shape or design become generic enough that it's okay to replicate?

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>comparing paying $20-50 bucks on replica rhs vs paying $300+ on secondhand VW rhs

r u new

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ffs, there's shoes from the 16th and 17th century that have bows in the same placements.
But, yeah, sure. People likeMarie Antoinette and all her friends are dirty little replica-chans and not a source of inspiration for the fashion in general.
What a bunch of fucking itas. That's the real reason they were beheaded.

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Do you have a link to show me? Are they generic black platforms shoes? Because those have existed since the 1980's.

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why would you pay $300+ for used and most likely heavily damaged shoes (judging from the listings that come up on the japanese second-hand market) if you can order them directly from VW brand new for around $500?

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If Baby didn't want people making replicas, they'd offer their cabriole heels in extended sizes because I'd love to support them, but I'm a tall person with proportionate feet. You can help body size, but you can't help foot length.

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Annoyed fashion history anon here. The idea/design of RHS also originated from china. These are a pair of shoes from the 15th century. They were for footbound girls and gave them "the lotus walk" which is more or less the same, uneasy, rocking, walk that RHS shoes give you.

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lolitas who have bought replicas in the past but have changed their stance: what do you do with them? did you sell them? hide them away in shame? wear them casually? repurpose them?

I have a melty chocolate replica and a cat in window replica that i bought in 2011 from DoL and while I'd never buy another print replica, wear them to an event, or post coordinate photos online, they're still chilling in my closet and see some casual wear.

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And your argument is different from the comparison between a $400 dress and a $40 replica how exactly?

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Why not wear it, when you go out ( not to meets ) all people see is “cute dress” not “ oh shit is that a replica”

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im making mine into accessories for the real dress and couch cushions

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Once more before I go to sleep. They even had more or less the same kind of OTK's back in the 18th century.
Look at these socks and tell me that you can't see a lolita brand putting something like this out.
This is a fashion that's based on pre-existing fashion trends through out the centuries. A lot of their ideas are not new. I don't know how some of you people fail to realize that.

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I honestly think the heels of the Cabriole are "inspired" by Fluevog's Queen Transcendent shoes - Fannie Rosie wore a pair to a tea party in Montreal with one of the Baby designers in attendance (who loved her outfit), and the AatP ones came out about a year later.

That said, it's the same core idea with enough differences in execution (how the heel is specifically shaped) that it doesn't quite count as a replica, at least for trademark purposes.

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And that is exactly why I will continue to wear replicas without fear, because the rest of the world just see it as cute dress or a fucking costume. I live in a small ass town and is probably the only lolita around, no ones going to walk up to me and ask me if my dress is a replica or not. If I want to be bullied by other people about wearing replicas then I’d post my reps online and write “ this is a replica” , you don’t need to write that it’s a “replica” they won’t think twice about it. Ignorance is bliss. It’s none of their business, just let them enjoy looking at your cute ass coords, it doesn’t matter if it’s a replica or not. If they get mad at you for having a replica then fuck them, it’s your life and clothes not theirs , why the hell should they care, they’re not the ones wearing it. Hell. It’s just frilly dresses.

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This thread is basically tuning into "Nothing is true and everything is permitted'".
"All your fave designs are rip offs from somewhere else and wear whatever the fuck you'd like"

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Or really. Provide proof of the exact same shoes anon. I call bs. A replica is the same shoe. Not a variation of.

Have you ever considered asking? They already provide LL now for those with larger feet.

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One replica I have was my dream dress that will forever be unattainable unless they rerelease it. The other I bought just because it was $20.
The other I bought just because it’s an overpopular basic ass print dress and was only $50.

I think of them as just dresses just like any of my real brand and wear them as that .

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You said bow placement. Not "exact same shoes". Nice goal post moving.
The court would not have worn leather, let alone PLASTIC leather, because it was a considered po' man's shoe material.
But sure. I'll bite. (regarding bow placement because that was your original argument) Here's some shoes from the victorian and regency areas in a museum. Notice the bows places on the front of the shoe in the same spot as a tea parties' would be.

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>you don’t need to write that it’s a “replica” they won’t think twice about it
It's cute that you think no one can tell you're wearing replicas. Normies don't, obviously, but you don't need to announce that you're wearing a replica when you post online because we can already tell.

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Even if Baby/AatP made extended sizes, the Chinee would still make design replicas
>thinking online lolitas won’t be able to distinguish that you’re wearing a replica even without you mentioning it
I can tell you’re an ita

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Just like a few other anon, I have disgusting duck feet that would never fit in lil Asian sizes. Something that someone who's never had to shop in "wide" would never get.

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I mean the bat bag sorry should've clarified. They literally just copied it exactly.

>> No.10095316

What are your dream dresses? Any replica I’ve seen tend to be stuff that’s pretty easily acquired, hence the fat poor lazy replica owner stereotype.

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Ginger Doll Aatp

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Cross/double Strap shoes from the 1920's. Not nearly as old as victorian or or rococo, but old enough.
More from the same fashion magazine to tide you over as I sift through 500+ years of women's shoe fashions for bows on ankles.

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File: 69 KB, 400x395, 1920s-history-of-shoes-fashion-pin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Shoe replication is protected under copyright law (in the US at least, don't know about other countries). Shoes and non-printed clothing are useful articles, so their design can't be copyrighted. On the other hand, a print is original art and usually features the brand's name and logo so that's not okay to copy. Most fast fashion brands operate on this principle, so design knockoffs are everywhere. Maybe it's immoral, but it's a fact of fashion culture in general.

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There is one for sale on LM poor chan

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Nah senpai, not all replicas are created equally.
At least half the time, a minimally trained eye can easily tell the difference between a replica and an original piece in material quality alone. Lace is often a dead giveaway.

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I don't understand why anyone would bother with print replicas in this day and age. There's a million places to get brand secondhand so unless you're looking for something suuuuper rare you can just wait for it to pop up.

And isn't the whole point of lolita to wear expensive, high end clothing? Buying a replica kind of defeats that.

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Because they are either poorfags or hamplanets. Usually both. And they never listen to reason.

>> No.10095331

Now there is. But was it there back then when I wanted it? No. Either way I still got what I wanted and feel the same satisfaction as if I paid 1k for it.

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Goalpost moving? You deliberately misunderstood me. What do you think replica means?

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Only other Lolita can see that, not normies you see outside everyday.

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Baby copied that style heel though. Fluevog and another Japanese brand made similar shoes first.

This is why people are fine with shoe replicas, they aren't original enough designs to begin with

It's different if you copy brand logos and charms

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>The placement and bow shape is unique. They are obviously replicating it.
You wanna try that, again? The placement and bow shape are NOT unique, which is my whole argument. They've existed for centuries to decades.
Continuing posting historical lolita shoes.
A pair of shoes from 1908. Excuse the potato pic quality.
I'm not going to scour through the internet all night, but I may ask my friend who's majoring in historical fashion to point me in the right direction for shoes with bows on ankles.

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I have a pair of replica AP glitter shoes and a replica AP star bag and now kind of regret getting both. The star bag not so much because the star shape is generic enough, but I don't wear either to meets and have mostly relegated them to normie clothes if I wear them at all. I had briefly thought about getting a replica of one of my favourite prints to make things out of the fabric, but decided against it pretty quickly because I don't want to support replica makers at all.
There are some things that I think are generic enough designs to not really be an issue like said star bag, but I don't really want to be a part of it.
Since Lolita is a niche industry I want to be able to support it. Every dollar spent on a replica is a dollar that isn't rewarding designers for hard work and creativity. Indie brands are so accessible nowadays that someone's size isn't really an excuse to buy a replica, and I think that indie brands catering to people of larger sizes should be rewarded for that.

I try not to judge people too harshly if they own replicas, especially since I have shoe/bag replicas (although I now regret them), because maybe they feel differently and I don't want to be a total bitch, but it still isn't something I want to support.

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I bought a replica secondhand vs straight off of Taobao which made me feel better about not adding more money towards replica makers

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By that logic we aren't allowed to get any btssb shoes that are based on rhs, because they're just "amped up rhs"

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Looking at the purse, if the bodyline one excludes the cross pattern and candelabra (which is what marks it as MMM) on it, I wouldn't call it a replica.
But if they've excluded that cross, then you may as well call batman on Mana, because it's just a generic bat shape.
I'm also actually going to bed now. Sifting through actual vintage/historical shoes and vintage looking shoes and costume shoes is tiring.
I might try again if I'm not too drunk after the game tomorrow.
But hopefully my friend responds.

>> No.10095361

*excluded that cross and candelabra

>> No.10095369

Aside from the art theft aspect, poor-quality replicas lower public opinion of the real product. Example of this right here on cgl >>10094408

>> No.10095378

Jokes on her, she just needs to do more research, I preordered my nameless poem and it’s being rereleased AGAIN. A popular legit dress obv won’t be shitty quality

>> No.10095381

I’ve seen people on lolita amino drag a girl in brand because they thought she was wearing a replica. Dumbasses couldn’t tell the difference, they’d believe anything they read online.

>> No.10095394

For me, I have to buy shoe replicas because AP and Baby don't make a shoe in my size. It's not like I'm being them because I'm a cheap ass. I'm buying them becsuse I don't have many options

>> No.10095399

Patform shoes in particular have been around for a LONG time. My mother was into alt styles as a teen and when I started buying lolita platforms she gushed about how simmilar they were to what she wore. It's just a mary jane with a brick at the bottom ffs

>> No.10095400

Whether she needs to do more research or not, the fact is that the seller nearly lost a customer because someone made a bad-looking replica.

>> No.10095401

Yeah but they have BOWS on them!!!!! Its TOTALLY different, anon! A completely original design.

>> No.10095409

You're going off on a tangent. I was saying that particular arrangement and combination is unique. And literally none of those bows look like baby's.

>> No.10095412

The heel alone doesn't make a shoe a replica.

>> No.10095415

I just buy original taobao design shoes. Some of them even come in leather (though I doubt it's good quality, it's a step above pleather)

>> No.10095421

I would need a 4L, no joke.

>> No.10095435

Then buy custom shoes from TyakeTyoke if you want the cabriole leg. Just because you can't fit something doesn't mean you get a free pass to their design. You really think the designers would be happy to see you in knock off shoes?

>> No.10095477

Do we really need a second thread on this?

>> No.10095478

Damn straight we do

>> No.10095483

I had multiple Bodyline print replicas like the fruits parlor one and the kidsyoyo carnival replica, all bought and sold before replicas became taboo. they both were worth quite a bit at one point.

>> No.10095500

Princess Peachie sold all her replicas with no shame loool she stated them as replicas and sold them pretty expensive in my opinion. I would not sell them keep them or whatever but never sell them, in the past replicas were accepted is not a shame having them from back then but selling them now is like scalping

>> No.10095509

Sorry, I haven't seen a patent for cabriole heels.

>> No.10095539

I am against replicas. There is no good reason to purposefully buy one, as there are cheaper proper alternatives for brand and if you really want a certain dress you can just but the real deal and get it altered. But what do you do when you accidentally bought one? There are replicas nowadays that are hard to differ from the real deal, unless you look into small details. Small details that aren’t often shown on sellers photographs.

I have two dresses which were claimed to be from X brand, but ended up not having a tag inside them. (Moral of the story always ask for a proof photo of the tag! Even with taobao brands!) It was upon further inspection that I noticed minor little differences like slightly different buttons, different ribbons, different material for the ribbons, the inner lining/skirt would be of an inferior quality, etc. I think the people selling it really didn’t know it was a replica, they also sold it for a low price so it’s not a loss. But what do you do with it? I feel like if you would sell it, you just continue to be part of the problem of having these replicas circle around.

>> No.10095571

All I can picture now is Ezio in a replica jsk and headbow but I'm too lazy to shoop, thanks for the mental image anyway anon

>> No.10095577

It has the cross but not the candelabra obviously as that would tread on stealing a logo and trying to pass it off as the actual thing. Regardless that is one bag I hate seeing poorfags have replicas of. You do not love the brand if you stoop so low to own a Moitie replica.

>> No.10095580

Please, tyaketoke has had one like this for a while and JetJ literally has ones that are the same.

>> No.10095584

From what store, anon?

>> No.10095588

just donate it its not that hard anon

>> No.10095589

Donate it? To what?

>> No.10095622

Same MTOs do. I’m really sorry for all the girls who threw $1000+ on CTP before rerelease rush took place.

>> No.10095632

Okay, I'm honest here: I do wear replica socks from time to time. Socks get worn out easily and I don't want to buy second-hand socks either.

>> No.10095640

Repurpose it into something else or give it to a child to destroy with use.

What's your point? The cabriole leg isn't the only design aspect of the shoe.

>> No.10095647

Nayart, but donate it to a charity store. I'm sure some normie would be happy to have it.

>> No.10095660

Where I live they won’t take weird clothing/costumes. They don’t really take clothing unless it has a tag and they know they can sell it. They pretty much say throw it away to everything, but I find that a waste of the money it costed.

>> No.10095663

That’s a good idea, my nieces might like it! Have to make it smaller though.

>> No.10095666

??? How are those okay and taobao ones aren't? Design replica haters are too brand focused. They need to look at the actual products and IP law

>> No.10095671

Print replicas are shit and should be banned, design replicas of other kinds are grey area.

>> No.10095672

That’s giving Fanny too much credit though, since other Japan brands have made that style of shoes before.

>> No.10095674

Because the shoe isn't exactly the same? Do you know what a replica is? See

>> No.10095678

OP, you just want an excuse to buy replicas. Go ahead and do it and waste your money. You'll just be a perma ita.

>> No.10095681


>> No.10095684

Discussion topic bitch! Who said I even wear replicas!?

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File: 158 KB, 318x322, tumblr_mq3xtofkJy1rgegwfo5_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Think that reaction tells us all we need to know...

>> No.10095709

Bold of you to assume I wear replicas

>> No.10095711

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

>> No.10095864

Where do you live that a charity clothing store won't take a dress? It's just a dress. Here in the US Goodwill will take anything.

>> No.10095878

I only have a pair of baby replica shoes from bodyline from my newbie days. I feel ashamed I even have them.
I don’t like replicas at all because of the grey area and it has gotten me into trouble in the past. I wish I could sell my replicas but I need to get some brand replacements for my coordinate before I do sell them.
Design or print, all replicas are bad.

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File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1446403794512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's just a dress
>implying replicas don't look like garbage-tier costumes

>> No.10095881

Goodwills and Salvation Armies take costumes, and sell them during Halloween season. They don’t even look at the bags you drop off there. Anon is probably talking about a consignment store or curated vintage store of some kind.

>> No.10095888

THANK YOU I've been annoyed by this misconception too so thank you for pointing it out

>> No.10095890

>implying goodwill keeps all the clothing donations they receive
man, do I have some news for you...

>> No.10095901

Try to be less transparent. You loved getting links in the last thread to your taobao stores.

>> No.10095909

Replica shoe-loving anon here. I've been buying antaina AP knock offs for years, because the once I treated myself to a pair of brand shoes, they fell apart after a few months and the cobbler couldn't even save them. In spite of this, I don't want to keep buying direct knock-offs, but they seem to be the only decent style of shoes for sweet I can find.
Is there anywhere that does original designs of sweet shoes that wear well and are comfortable? Preferably with a small heel, flat shoes hurt like hell.

>> No.10095940

Obv I’m trolling this place lmao

>> No.10095951

I’m actually allisonmyer

>> No.10095968

Similarly, AP teaparties didn't fit me right, replicas did.
I also bought replica boots that I couldn't find the real ones of. I tried.

>> No.10096091

Do replica makers also copy the brand tags on stuff they replicate?
I got a taobao dress second hand and i'm kind of suspicious of the quality despite the tag being there.

>> No.10096110


>> No.10096175

That's like giving Fanny too much credit though, it's not like other Japanese brands have never done those kinds of shoes before.

>> No.10096182

please post more shoe-chan

>> No.10096184

Lief, Jane Marple, Emily temple cute, Katie, plus you can just buy brand shoe clips and clip them on any shoe you want.

>> No.10096221

Fashion history anon, these are 16th century Spanish chopines (or perhaps even pattens, which were an overshoe that was worn on top of more delicate shoes). F. Classe made some based on this design as an historical exercise: http://www.raisedheels.com/blog/?p=1339

Shoes for bound feet would never have open toes. The reasons for this are probably obvious, but in addition to the ergonomics of bound feet themselves and the necessity of keeping them wrapped all the time, the toes of women with bound feet invariably had a terrible odor (some historical documents claim that men considered the stench an aphrodisiac!) and would often become gangrenous and fall off.

Here is more information on chopines and what it took to walk in them, for anyone who is curious: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/these-chopines-werent-made-for-walking/

>> No.10096229

Thanks anon. Must just be my paranoia again. Appreciated.

>> No.10096303

i bought a bunch as a stupid 15 year old & have since resewn them into dress up clothes for my baby sister haha

>> No.10096305

Hard same, anon.
I recently unfollowed someone for posting a replica Moitie bag. Sad because I liked her simple aesthetic too. But if someone can spend so much on Chinese brands and other junk as wardrobe filler why not save that and buy the real deal?

I don’t get wanting so bad in the moment that you would settle for anything less than the genuine article.

>> No.10096334

I see people wearing their brand shoes for literally years and these look just fine. What’s with your walking habits, people?

>> No.10096338

iirc there was a gothic lolita who bought moitie heels that wrinkled and tore after the first wear

>> No.10096346

How frequently did they wear them? If they only wore them for meets it makes sense that they'd still look good after years, because most meets don't require a lot of walking and take place indoors. Which means less wear and dirt to deal with.

>> No.10096368

I honesty feel like you can get brand shoes with very minimal or even easily repairable shoes secondhand, especially on j auction sites, for much cheaper than buying secondhand replica shoes on lacemarket. I have multiple pairs of angelic pretty, btssb/aatp and innocent world shoes as well as some boots from Japanese auction sites in near perfect condition for anywhere between $12 to $50. Obviously $50 is more or less around the same for secondhand replicas on LM but it’s much more worth it to me to use that $50 for brand shoes that have a scuff or two.

For size reasons I definitely get it why people often choose the replicas first when it comes to shoes. However if you can fit the standard sizes and can hold off spending until you can do an order for a few items, I see no reason not to be thrifty and still have brand shoes. But to each their own I guess.

>> No.10096435

But the issue is that the brand quality is often worse than knock offs. This is a fashion not a costume, I don't just want to wear nice shoes twice a year.

>> No.10096442

You obviously have never bought brand shoes if you have this opinion.

>> No.10096489

I think Cotton Candy Feet is good, I haven't personal experience but I've seen a lot of good reviews.

>> No.10096574

Are you retarded?

>> No.10096753

I'm pretty pigeon-toed and it sometimes causes my feet to hit each other while I walk. I try to be careful about it when I'm out and about wearing lolita, but I do still end up with small scuffs on the inner side of my shoes' toes.

>> No.10096831

I'm the original anon who brought up the moitie bag and I agree with both of you guys. It's not that it's a generic bat shape that bothers me, but to see these girls who have full moitie coord head to toe and then a fucking bodyline knockoff just seems pathetic and sad to me.
>I don’t get wanting so bad in the moment that you would settle for anything less than the genuine article.
This. It's obviously not that they can't afford the real deal, it's that they weren't willing to put in the effort to find one. Since the candelabra version release everyone and their mom has the real one now. Imagine being stuck with the shitty knockoff because you couldn't forgo instant gratification. Every time I see someone with the bodyline version I pray to Mana for their sins and die a little inside. If they really loved Moitie the way a lot of us diehard fans do, they wouldn't be buying replica anything.

I don't really care how people spend their money, it's just that to me, replicas just reek of not caring enough to put effort and money into lolita. Shoes are a grey area, as the whole idea of settling for less, being impaitent or cheaping out isn't the motivation for it. Usually it's accessibly and quality concerns. I'd personally still never buy replica shoes, as I can find gothic shoes anywhere but I don't condemn people that do the way I condemn replicas of literally anything else. I especially can't stand people who willingly by replicas of a piece they really covet. It shows they don't really care for it or love the fashion. Unless you got scammed there is no excuse in my books.

>> No.10096914
File: 2.14 MB, 750x1334, 097A5DA4-F0EE-4DB4-B34D-96152BF43E7F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally drunk enough for this thread.

Just a reminder kiddos, Milanoo is alive and well I’m its most recent form: Wish

Why the fuck would you receive this...thing...and still review it 5/5 stars?!

>> No.10096917
File: 2.13 MB, 750x1334, 4C891F1D-0BDA-4153-B9DE-2AC51ED8E9C3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the Beauty which inspired the Beast

>> No.10096950

Wish is an absolute cancer and so are the imbeciles who rate everything 5 stars when the photo they post shows you how shit it is

On the other hand though, I buy shoes every now and again and if something doesn't appear quite like the photo (always some stock image and they won't post a real photo of the item) I bitch to Wish about it and they'll offer a refund.

>> No.10097101

I don't get why people don't just use aliexpress if they want cheap shit. The search function is heaps better, and there's plenty of reviews with pictures, plus no "free, just pay the exact value of the item in shipping" bullshit.

>> No.10097116

>Why the fuck would you receive this...thing...and still review it 5/5 stars?!

I can't speak for Wish, but on other sites like aliexpress, they don't ask you to rate an item on how quality/wellmade it is, or how happy you are with your purchase. they ask you if the item is the same item in the picture. "yes" is 5 stars. They also ask you about shipping time and seller communication which factor into your review. So if your seller keeps you updated, ships an item quickly, and it arrives looking like the photo (even if it's very cheap and seams immediately start unraveling) the site assigns 5 stars to the review. i've seen people get away with fewer stars if the item arrives damaged or extremely lopsided, but it seems like these sites make it purposefully difficult to give items low ratings without forcing you to artificially ding the seller comm and shipping facets as well

>> No.10097408

I have those too and I think also feel bad about it, probably because that design feels pretty unique. I still think it's better to wear them then collect dust.

On the other hand, at an AP tea party I attended, several other girls mentioned that they were wearing SS. I dunno, I thought it was pretty bad. Like I wear my replica baby shoes as everyday wear but I would never wear a replica (including shoes) to a brand tea party.

>> No.10097419

There are literally not enough of those shoes in circulation to cover every big footed lolita's dogs though

>> No.10097424

Anybody that buys from wish deserves to be scammed desu.

>> No.10097426

Rhs are always in stock on the vivienne westwood websites, there's more than enough.

>> No.10097432

Yea lemme just hock out 500 big ones for a fuckin pair of shoes

>> No.10097433

Idk why anyone is shocked to learn that a fashion inspired by historical clothing looks like historical clothing

>> No.10097436

Yes save up for a few months and buy a lower tier designer piece. Wait for sales if you think you can find it on sale in your size but luxury fashion is a luxury for a reason.

>> No.10097446

You'd get a lot more wear out of them than you would get from 2 $300 jsks. It is mind-boggling that so many people spend so much money on dresses, then skimp on blouses and bargain hunt for the cheapest imaginable shoes.

>> No.10097791

More like brand quality is meh at best for its price, especially in regards to accessories. An outlet Michael Kors bag has better leather than pretty much all of lolita shoes/bags/etc., at around the same price, and that's already considered a pretty pleb tier brand. It's pretty obvious most lolitas know next to nothing about quality for mainstream "luxury" brands

>> No.10097792

>implying lolita is luxury fashion

Careful not to fall when you climb down off that high horse

>> No.10097800

It is a luxury fashion. Please consult a dictionary on how a word can be used in different contexts before whining. In this case it means not a need, as no one needs rocking horse shoes.

>> No.10097806


> luxury fashion is a luxury for a reason.
>In this case it means not a need

By your definition ALL fashions are luxury fashions then. I don't need any specific clothing, as long as my body is covered, so anything that I CHOOSE to wear is a luxury fashion, since I don't need it.

>> No.10097812

I feel like lolita falls more under specialty weae or if you wear it daily, niche alternative >>10097806
fashion. Luxury can mean anything depending on who you talk to, from high end design houses to slightly nicer than usual fast fashion garbage.

>> No.10097814

Did not mean to quote >>10097806 that second time, my bad.

>> No.10097913

So better buy cheap knock offs amiright?

>> No.10098045 [DELETED] 

Serious question here: can they fake a brand tags? It feels like I’ve heard somewhere about replicas having brand tag. It was slightly different to original one, but idk if one can tell the difference from picture. If it’s true, so that’s shit...

>> No.10098050

Yep, it's definitely happened. Another anon earlier in the thread said that the tags were for sale on taobao a while ago.
It's pretty bad stuff, it definitely pays to have a sharp eye for the little details like custom AP lace (which I think has been replicated), fabric quality, etc. But even that can be hard to tell from photos alone.

Does anyone remember the fake Usakumyas? I can't find a picture now but I'm almost certain there were fake usas complete with Btssb tags doing the rounds on Lacemarket or some other places. They weren't the shitty DOL ones either, they looked fairly close to the real deal.

>> No.10098849
File: 50 KB, 720x960, fakedoll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I own a Ginger Doll replica (pic related) and I almost never wear it. I bought it when I was new and stupid so I didn't realize it was replica. The only thing that's off about it is the cotton lace but just slightly. I feel shitty wearing it out knowing it's a replica but I'm not going to sell it either so it just sits in my closet.

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