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Post cute images of lolitas with their boyfriends matching or just being together and showing support.~ I saw the yuri thread and had to compete

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Why are straights like this

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this was my immediate thought

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I’m the one who posted the gushy thing on the feels thread about my bf and even I find this annoying

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Why do you keep making threads with the title in the name field?

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>I saw the yuri thread and had to compete
I'm all here for a straight couple pictures thread but I can see you already ruined the thread with this line

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Lmao this is wild

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The thread failed before it even started

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I remember this picture, this was some ddlg couple. We were talking about it a few months ago.

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No it wasn't, it was cadney and her bf at the time. It's really shitty that people keep reposting it desu

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>implying it's not cadney and her ex
how new are you, exactly?

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Old enough to not give a shit who these people are, I only saw it bc someone posted it with ddlg tags to the online communities page a few months ago

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isn't her ex-bf trans now?

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No offence but you're extremely naive. If you've posted to CoF before and had a cute coord, chances are your picture is on another website with ddlg tags or in someone's ageplay inspo folder. You also shouldn't believe anything you read on cgl.

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Why why why did you put compete!! This could've been a solid thread, but now we all seem like jackasses!!!

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Diff bf but yes

Lol it’s Cadney. She posted it on tumblr Year’s ago, it has been wildly used by other ppl.

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Ew boyfriends are gross

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Lmao fuck off

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Goddamn straight people I swear there’s no need to “”””compete””””””

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All that ~ soft lolita yuri kissu kissu tee hee ~ crap gave me major creeps but your reasons to make this thread are the cringiest.
Both threads are pure shit I hope they die soon.

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fuck off het, go "compete" with your straightness somewhere else

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I agree with >>10086335
But all you bizarre lesbians sperging out about this thread are even worse

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Everyone is cringe by default on 4chan. Including you

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Scrap this thread

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I don't see what's wrong with saying compete. It sounds like anon saw the yuri thread, thought it was cute, and wanted a straight thread of the same standard. Why are you all being so precious?

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This x 999999999

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The tone of OP's statement comes off as "I saw The Gays having fun and had to remind everyone else how completely Straight I am." It's just cringey and unnecessary.

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Sounds like you're just being sensitive t b h

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DDLG fetishists steal content with impunity. They reblog and add their own captions, they straight up repost, they use photos to illustrate fetish stories, and edit the images to better fit in with their fetish.

If there is a ddlg blog somewhere and they post a really nice lolita photo chances are it's been stolen.

Cadney is/was significant enough in the community (active on tumblr/insta, was a kawaii ambassador before she stepped down, and part of the group that helped bring lolita guests to Anime North and Fan Expo) hence the new comment from the other anon.

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2 images posted. Come on straights!

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I'm a lesbian but I do have a generic lolita romance folder. Someday I'll make a thread for all of them but I'll dump the straight images I have here as a gesture of goodwill. Or maybe to make a point of some sort, idk I'm really high right now

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Fuck a duck forgot to link

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Why are lesbians offended simply by the concept of girls with boyfriends? I don't care who you prefer to date, but acting like everything that straight people (or bi people in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex) is somehow an attack on gays is immature and makes your entire demographic look bad. If OP had started spamming the other thread with pictures of straight couples I would understand your annoyance, but this is just a separate thread that was just inspired by the concept of the other. You're a small percentage of the population and most things aren't made to cater to your preferences. Instead of complaining about this simple fact of reality, go back to a thread that you do like, or better yet, take this offended b.s. back to tumblr where it belongs.

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Buddy pls. You're making this lesbian here want to stop dumping. Don't do the bait

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because they are lonely, girlfriendless, and need to lash out at something

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>If OP had started spamming the other thread with pictures of straight couples I would understand your annoyance
Did you not see this exact thing happening in the other thread? lmao
Please stop pretending people are mad for no reason, no one would have been upset had OP not worded the post the way they did.

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That's a girl

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They try to look cute but all women are actually just horrific whores.

Real girls who go out in lolita are covered in tattoos and other disgusting shit.

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This is one of my fave pics, it makes my gay ass feel broody as hell. I hope that when I get married my wife will want kids, but I want to give birth to at least one

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It was targeted towards the people actually derailing the thread.
>no one would have been upset had OP not worded the post the way they did
Yeah, I'll admit that the wording was asking for trouble. OP may not have known that people would be provoked by it.

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Is it offensive that shes appropriating my culture?

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Is a silverback allowed to do humanface?

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Why are straight people offended by gay people wanting things for themselves once and a while? I don't care who you date, but acting like everything that gay people (or bi people in a relationship with someone of the same sex) are angry about is somehow an attack on straight people is immature and makes your entire demographic look bad. If someone had shitted up the thread without OP being a total cringefest I would understand your annoyance, but OP made it clear that this thread was created out of the weird need to assert their heterosexuality. You're a large percentage of the population so everything is made to cater to your preferences. Instead of throwing a shitfit because The Gays were being visibly gay, go back to a thread you do like, or better yet, take this offended b.s. back to facebook where it belongs.

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I think this one's a Meitu'd dude but it's hard to tell.

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The vast majority of homosexuals were molested as children and have mental issues. Lesbians are pretty much all just women who had bad experiences with men and are prejudice bigots.

It's very likely that homosexuality is not an illness in and of itself but is indicative of underlying mental illness.

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This ain't much of a contribution. Why not put the hot takes away and just enjoy the pics? Maybe post some of your own.

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I fucking love Fidel David's photoshoots, they have such a romantic yet fun feeling

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We aren’t on /b/ retard

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>Why are straight people offended by gay people wanting things for themselves once and a while?
Because many gay people get offended when straight people do the same.
>OP made it clear that this thread was created out of the weird need to assert their heterosexuality
She did no such thing.

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She, uh... Did say she made the thread to compete though. It was a pretty distasteful way to put it imo, less people would have cared if OP hadn't been such a tard. This is all pointless anyway though, at least post some straight or straight-couple-looking lolita pics if you're gonna circlejerk

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I'm the last person who did that, it was an accident, please don't think all dumb people hate the lebanese

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The two in the middle of this pic are the designers of L'espirit de la Noblesse, I think they're a straight married couple

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dont post pics of this abuser

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What did she do?

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>mentally I'll retard dates black
>black abuses her
>she cries for pity points and attention
Woah!! Is this science fiction?

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Can I get some context? I just found these pics on google, idk the people in them.

>> No.10086723 [DELETED] 

very funny. that boufriens in the pic is a predator who preyed on several girls in that comm. if you are a decent human you won't post pics with that person who was ugly anyway.

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Unfounded claims. This is Emmett Till all over again.

You, as a privileged person, cannot judge an underprivleged person.

>> No.10086728 [DELETED] 

What did he do?

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>You, as a privileged person, cannot judge an underprivleged person.
Yes she can. This is an absurd assertion.

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No you cant. Educate yourself.

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ooooor you could just go to warosu and read what it says there about it. theres even an obvious selfpost where the person in the pic admits to being abusive. but youre just here to troll so idk why im bothering

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If you're going to respond with "no u", at least make sure it makes sense.
>Why are straight people offended by gay people wanting things for themselves once and a while?
You have a separate thread to yourself on /cgl/ right now. You also have entire boards for yourself (/lgbt/, /u/, /y/).
>Acting like everything that gay people (or bi people in a relationship with someone of the same sex) are angry about is somehow an attack on straight people
How is being angry that a thread for pictures of straight couples exists not an attack on straight people? By doing this you're implying that it's fine to want to post or look at pictures of f/f couples, but doing the same for m/f is somehow offensive or cringey.
>OP made it clear that this thread was created out of the weird need to assert their heterosexuality
Not really, OP could have just been inspired by the concept of the other thread, and "competing" doesn't have to be a negative thing. It's not necessarily "asserting their heterosexuality" anymore than the other thread is "asserting their homosexuality".
>You're a large percentage of the population so everything is made to cater to your preferences.
More so than not, but gays are actually over-represented in media nowadays considering that they are only 3-5% of the population, but a much larger percentage of movie/TV characters.
>Instead of throwing a shitfit because The Gays were being visibly gay
Could I be annoyed because these people were attacking a harmless thread? Nope, it must be because they're gay.
>go back to a thread you do like
I am, but people took it upon themselves to derail it.

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I go to the bathroom and by the time I get back things got really unfun here. I got lots more pics but I'm not feeling it any more. I guess when this and the yuri thread die I'll make a thread for all romantic or couple lolita images, all sexualities allowed, so I can dump my whole folder then. Peace

This is the same girl in two pics

This is two girls

I know someone posted brolitas in the girls thread but can we avoid doing the opposite here please? We can be better than that, it'll piss off the douchebags more

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>You, as a privileged person, cannot judge an underprivileged person.
If a so-called "privileged" person cannot judge an "underprivileged" person, but the "underprivileged" person can judge anyone they like, does that not make the "underprivileged" person privileged, and the "privileged" person underprivileged? What a fascinating paradox of idiocy!

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is she giving herself a rose? this is peak single

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the poor opressed straights :(

>> No.10086764 [DELETED] 

Will you both shut the ever loving fuck up?

>> No.10086765

they just like to coord the same pieces as ouji & as lolita, i don't think its supposed to be a couple's pic lol

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Every city in the world had parades where gays run around naked fucking each other in the streets. Is that what oppression looks like?

No. Real oppression is living life as a pedosexual. Imagine being hated just for loving other people...

>> No.10086774 [DELETED] 

Pedosexuality is far more prevalent in men than homosexuality. FACT.

If you come out as a pedosexual, just someone who's attracted to cute girls, you will lose your job, your family, your friends, the police will try and arrest you for committing no crime, everyone will want you dead.

Then homophiles go out and think they're oppressed because someone cringes when they tongue each others mouths in public.... its pathetic.

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You think that's bad? Imagine trying to explain to people that your boyfriend is a Giant Pacific Octopus!

>> No.10086783 [DELETED] 

What's wrong with being attracted to cute girls?

>> No.10086785 [DELETED] 

People would be more accepting of someone who was attracted to octopuses than someone attracted to beautiful young girls.

Despite the fact that primary sexual characteristics exist.
Despite the fact that most of human history was accepting of man-girl relationships.
Despite the fact that Mary from the Christian myth was 12-14 when she birthed jesus.
Despite the fact that marriage of girls younger than 10 was legal just 120 years ago.
Despite the fact that nude child magazines were sold in newsagents in the 70's...

We live in a society that is openly bigoted against a perfectly natural sexual orientation.

>> No.10086788 [DELETED] 

you need to get better at trolling, you're really bad at it. What's with these newfag attempts at trolls on /cgl/? Sad.

>> No.10086789 [DELETED] 

Stop avoiding the question.

WHY is pedosexuality wrong?

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Where is the boy in this picture?

>> No.10086903 [DELETED] 

? Explain

>> No.10086913 [DELETED] 


>> No.10087108 [DELETED] 

The whole "educate yourself" or "its not my job to educate you" thing makes me cringe, because how is someone going to learn if you refuse to explain what they did wrong AND it makes the group of people or cause you're representing seem rude and hostile.

>> No.10087128 [DELETED] 

No need for that, lolita fashion is literally a cultural appropriation stacked on top of cultural appropriation hundreds times over.

>> No.10087384

which dress is it?

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Portugal, CARALHO.
Av. Dos Aliados, Porto. A estatua chama-se Meninos - A Abundância.

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Tfw gf is not a Lolita